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The holiday season is approaching and, as we mentioned last week, companies are hiring right now. Some are interviewing right now, although the employees won’t begin until after the first of the year. But other companies don’t have time to waste. They need new employees and they need them now. Whether you’re looking for some holiday money to buy gifts or just need to change jobs, we’ve made a list of companies hiring in 10 different industries.

Here are the companies hiring this week:

1. 7-Eleven
Industry: Retail
Sample job titles: Retail store manager, customer service liaison, sales associate

2. Thrivent Financial
Industry: Finance
Sample job titles: Financial advisor, teller

3. UT Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas
Industry: IT
Sample job titles: Business analyst supervisor, programmer analyst IV, website specialist

4. Life Care Centers of America
Industry: Health care
Sample job titles: Certified nursing assistant, NAC, CNA, MDS coordinator, licensed nurse, RN, LPN

5. Imagine Schools
Industry: Education
Sample job titles: 1st – 3rd grade teachers, charter school math specialist, counselor / behavior specialist

6. UPS Supply Chain Solutions
Industry: Transportation and delivery
Sample job titles: Distribution supervisor, international freight supervisor, SCS full-time delivery driver (Class “A” CDL with Haz-Mat)

7. Omnicare
Industry: Pharmaceutical
Sample job titles: Account manager, long-term care pharmacist, pharmacy order entry technician

8. Hanesbrands Inc
Industry: Sales
Sample job titles: Floor supervisor, assistant manager, field service merchandiser,

9. Humana
Industry: Consultant
Sample job titles: Clinical research consultant, business intelligence consultant

10. Hudson Legal
Industry: Legal
Sample job titles: Foreclosure paralegal, contract attorney, litigation associate

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