Companies hiring this week

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Hopefully your Thanksgiving went well and your jeans still fit. Or at least they last until January, when you make a resolution to lose weight and hit the gym more.

In the meantime, while everyone’s spending their time cybershopping for the perfect toaster for Grandma, you can continue your job hunt. Many job seekers have put their searches on hold during the holiday season, but they’re missing out. Companies are still in need of workers and plenty aren’t going to wait until January 2 to start hiring again. They need workers right now.

So here are 10 companies that are hiring workers this week:

1. Chipotle
Industry: Customer service
Sample job titles: Restaurant team member, restaurant hourly crew

2. Fifth Third Bank
Industry: Finance
Sample job titles: Payment processor, senior threat management analyst

3. TM Floyd Company
Industry: IT
Sample job titles: Senior system testing analyst, WebSphere portal administrator

4. HealthPort
Industry: Health care
Sample job titles: Medical records ROI specialist, medical records ROI specialist

5. Career Systems Development Corporation (CSD)
Industry: Education
Sample job titles: Residential living advisor, nursing-Education (CNA instructor/program coordinator)

6. UPS
Industry: Transportation and delivery
Sample job titles: Drivers, package handlers

7. Tenet Health Care Systems Inc
Industry: Pharmaceutical
Sample job titles: Pharmacist

8. Aarons Sales and Lease
Industry: Sales
Sample job titles: Customer service representative, manager trainee

9. Tata Consultancy Services
Industry: Consultant
Sample job titles: Business development manager, recruiting manager

10. Robert Half Legal
Industry: Legal
Sample job titles: Legal secretary, paralegal

(This post was edited to fix a your/you’re typo. Apologies to my many excellent English teachers over the years.)

  1. I can’t imagine companies rushing to hire during the holiday season. Maybe true for smaller companies. Such activities pretty much slow down in larger companies during these holidays.

    I didn’t put aside any time for Thanksgiving celebration, as I’ve been working hard to enable new jobs and opportunities via SharedMall. For the curious mind, you can check out SharedMall by clicking on my name.

  2. Many of my job interviews have come during the holiday season. If a company knows it has a need, the best time to bring someone on board likely is that January-February time frame when things tend to slow down.

    On the other hand, I did notice service-oriented players in the list. December is their busy period and current workers may like the extra hours but chafe when it cuts into flexibility. Having managed in that environment once, it is a good time to procure new employees and strive to keep them after the holidays and cut hours of the existing lagging employees.

  3. I have a background in secretarial, administrative, customer service, also a full office in my home and I am seeking either a full or part time position to work from my home.

    I have a resume for your view, at your request.

    I will await your reply.

    Thank you

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  10. It should be manditory for companies in the US to hire only in the US and illegal for them to ship jobs overseas.If they choose to ship jobs overseas then they must live there as well

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