Companies hiring this week

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And so we arrive at the last week of 2010. The economy continues to take baby steps toward a better state and hiring looks brighter than it did a year ago. If you’re comparing today’s outlook to 2008′s, things are much better. Still, anything less than a hiring boom feels frustratingly slow, I know.

While we can’t make everything better for all job seekers, we can try to make the search less painful. That’s why we’ve put together our list of companies hiring this week. Here are 10 companies that are looking for workers during this final stretch of 2010:

1. Family Dollar
Industry: Retail
Sample job titles: Store manager, assistant store manager, project manager

2. Morgan Stanley
Industry: Finance
Sample job titles: Voluntary corporate actions processor, private banker

3. Pitney Bowes
Industry: IT
Sample job titles: Senior project manager (enterprise e-business applications), information security specialist

4. UnitedHealth Group
Industry: Health care
Sample job titles: Director of provider healthcare (information technology solutions), healthcare analytics consultant

5. Pearson
Industry: Education
Sample job titles: Educational consultant, test center manager

6. Averitt Express
Industry: Transportation and delivery
Sample job titles: CDL truck driver

Industry: Biomedicine
Sample job titles: Senior systems administrator, senior program analyst

8. Comcast Cable
Industry: Sales
Sample job titles: Direct sales representative, regional account executive

9. FedEx
Industry: Consultant
Sample job titles: Senior marketing specialist, senior technical analyst

10. Kelly Law Registry
Industry: Legal
Sample job titles: Temporary legal assistant, fiduciary accountant

  1. I was let go from a company that was sold to a company I had previously worked for.Out of the 150 people who worked for this company 20 of us were not allowed to continue.Now this is sad.You go from hiring people to looking for a job.Now I was a supervisor at this job which by the way is in the waste business(trash business)I mean I appreciate the 320 the employment sends everyweek.Im not about to give up or out life has to go on.Im trying now to start cleaning home when people move out or this spring go back to cutting grass something I did when I was youngster.Now the drama of it all I have felony convictions,and for the last tens years I have did everything to turn thing around now this no job no money.So what do you do go back to the streets or just beg for the opportuity to when you look at all the people out of work and then you take an assentment of your background and say to yourself what do you now, become a preditor of the state and just be angry at how thing turn out,after you went to work everyday and never missed a day.Well Im done taking and crying because this really isnt helping me,I just want a job like everybody else to just staylegal.will some write back becuse Im reely getting tire of not having a job.any job will do.

    • Wow Wallace, for what it is worth, I admire your courage, your resolute will to overcome your past history, and your desire to continue… I know it may not be much, and you may not believe it, but I am going to keep you in my thoughts, and send prayers up, because someone like you, deserves a break.

  2. Sir – I wish to encourage your quest for employment. If I had a job opening in something that you could work at, I would hire you in a minute and I’m sure there are employees who are looking for a person with your work ethics and honesty. Good Luck to you!

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  7. I have been a stay at home mom and wife for 17 years i have had many diffrent jobs throughout the 17 years, and only 2 of them i really enjoyed 1 was in upholstrey and other was in nlabor and construction.I have not finished High School and I am 40 years old its hard trying to find work because of this I cant afford to pay to go back to school and I need help and I dont know how or where to go to get a grant to pay for me to get my GED if anyone knows where to get this kinda help please email me. I am a hard worker and i’ve got skills in almost every type of job out there and what I dont know I’m willing to learn and I’m very devoted to what i want..
    Thank You for reading

    • Try your local communty college or your local work force developement center. They may be able to point you in the right dirrection for help. Good luck.

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  9. After 18 years with the same company my Administrative Secretary position was eliminated in spring of 2009. Since then I have been going on interviews for anything from a clerk to receptionist to an administrative assistant. I still have not gotten hired. I have excellent references, skills and experience and am willing to learn more. I’m not sure if its my age, not enough schooling, etc. I just need a job at this point. I’m considering applying for factory work or retail. My confidence is sinking in finding a job doing the work I like to do.

  10. I relocated to Michigan in 2004 in order to care for my newborn and pre school aged grandchildren. I worked for the south carolina department of social services for over 11 years prior to this. About a year ago I had to start looking for a full time job. It took awhile but managed to get a job with a friend’s family’s company. After nearly a year that business went under and I’m back at it again. I have a Bachelor’s Degree but am open to working in factories, warehouses, anything!!!!

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