Companies hiring this week

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Last week when we posted our list of companies hiring, we were all bracing for a blizzard. Now, in the aftermath of the big game on Sunday, we’re stuck with pantries full of canned soup, jugs of water, and economy-sized jars of mayonnaise that we didn’t get to use during the storm. While you’re figuring out how to make a delicious stew from those items, feel free to check out this list of companies hiring this week. They’re ready to bring on new employees right now, and you could be one of them!

1. Sprint
Sample job titles: Retail store manager, lead retail consultant

2. Morgan Stanley
Industry: Finance
Sample job titles: Annuity planning associate, private banker

3. Dell Inc.
Sample job titles: Project manager, application development senior specialist

4. Maintenance Engineering
Industry: Business development
Sample job titles: Outside sales representative

5. RehabCare
Industry: Health services
Sample job titles: Physical therapist, occupational therapist

6. Cook Children’s Health Care System
Sample job titles: Social worker, vice president of development

7. Blue Rhino
Sample job titles: Delivery truck driver, bilingual customer care specialist

8. Waste Management Inc
Sample job titles: Territory sales manager, plant maintenance manager (recycling)

9. ConsultNet
Technology and consulting
Sample job titles: developer, systems engineer

10. Update Legal
Industry: Legal
Sample job titles: Admitted attorney fluent in Hebrew, legal recruiter

  1. Is there age discrimination still in the workplace? Do companies hire 50+ applicants as readily as a younger applicant. The reason I ask is if Congress changes the access to Social Security Benefits, what about the twenty years 50+ workers must endure the inability to be hired in their chosen field. And why is so much pressure placed on the 30+ 40+ somethings at a time when they are expected to raise healthy American families. I would like to see some stats on this.

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  3. Sir,
    I have 10 years experience in Supply chain logistics Warehousing,
    I looking job in the same field
    Kindly revert if you required the candidate for the same
    Rajiv Pal

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