Companies hiring this week

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It wouldn’t be Tuesday without a list of the companies hiring this week, now would it? No.

Good, I’m glad we agree.

So, unless you feel like talking about the new Britney Spears tour (yeah, me neither) or the cobra that escaped from the Bronx Zoo (ewwww, no, it gives me the shivers), let’s get right to the list of 10 companies that are hiring this week!

ITT Technical Institute
Industry: Education
Sample job titles: Sociology Instructor – Adjunct

Blue Rhino
Industry: Transportation
Sample job titles: Delivery truck driver

Westport One
Industry: Construction
Sample job titles: Corporate QC director

Kraft Foods
Industry: Sales
Sample job titles: Sales representative

Sovereign Bank
Sample job titles: Branch manager

Industry: Marketing
Sample job titles: Compliance senior auditor

Industry: Customer service
Sample job titles: Customer service technician

Morgan Stanley
Industry: Finance
Sample job titles: Private banker

Industry: Food service
Sample job titles: Crew member

Industry: Technology and consulting
Sample job titles: Technical engineer

  1. I’ve been researching job postings for administrative positions such as Administrative and/or Executive Assistants for the past year. The majority of postings have carbon-copy qualifications without any originality whatsoever. The potential candidate (s) that have submitted their resume, get short-listed, and then obtain an interview often find that the potential employer’s needs are very different from the posting. The hidden agenda becomes obvious when the qualified candidate “fits the position”, and then told, “we’ve changed a few things so now you will not become employed with our company”. This type of fraudulant advertising has become very commonplace, and after interviewing several women that have been subjected to this type of treatment, I am wondering why companies are allowed or resort to this form of degredation? I would certainly like to know if other people have experienced this, and what affect it has after the fact? Have companies forgotten the meaning of “protocol” and common sense?

    • I too have been experiencing the same. I am looking for a position in the same field as you and it is becoming somewhat discouraging when you know you meet the qualifications that are posted. I have been job searching for about four months now only to receive replies back saying that I don’t qualify. I don’t apply for positions which I know I don’t apply to me. These job posting need to be more specific and not follow some sort of generic job description template.

    • I too have to agree with both of you ladies in the administrative field. I’ve also been told that alot of companies list these positions for several reasons.(which I believe are truly unfair) Most of the employers have already decided on the candidates prior to posting and need to post as an equal opportunity employer and others are just fishing for opportunists for future positions.

  2. One thing that bothers me is I will see a posting and find that I can do all that would be required for the position but when it comes down to requirements, thats when I relized that I am not qualified. Companies have to realize that not everyone has a BA

  3. The only thing that has been bothering me is I am qualified for so many jobs that I have applied for and I know that my age is keeping me from getting the job. I am in my 50′s with years of experience and I am applying for jobs that I know I would be an excellent candidate for. I’m not even seeing a reply back from the companies. It’s sad that this is happening to so many women who have worked half of their lives and have so much to offer.

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