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In the last week we’ve told you about email etiquette, the importance of spelling, and why you should mind your wardrobe manners during the summer. That sounds like we’re total party killers, but we’re not, honestly! We’re just looking out for you and want you to land the jobs and get the promotions you deserve. ‘Cause, frankly, we like you and think you deserve it.

This brings us to our weekly list of companies hiring. 

Overland Solutions, Inc
Industry: Insurance
Sample job titles: Premium auditor, insurance inspectors

Rothstein Kass
Industry: Public accounting
Sample job titles: Audit senior associate, audit manager, financial services tax manager, tax senior associate

Banc Certified Merchant Services
Industry: Skilled labor
Sample job titles: Sales representatives

Go Wireless
Industry: Retail, wireless
Sample job titles: Sales associate, wireless consultant, area store manager, assistant store manager

Plymouth Auctioneering Services
Industry: Sales and entertainment
Sample job titles: Sales professional/international fine art sales associate

Summit Health
Industry: Health care
Sample job titles: Flu shot nurses, wellness iInstructors, medical directors

CapTech Consulting
Industry: IT consulting
Sample job titles: .Net developers, SharePoint architect, Microsoft Dynamics CRM developers.

Classified Ventures:,
Industry: Internet/media
Sample job titles: Software engineer, sales manager, account executive, field sales rep, Java developer

Industry: I.T. (government contracts)
Sample job titles: Oracle developer, senior test lead, program analysts, policy analysts, enterprise architect

Career Systems Development
Industry: Education
Sample job titles: Residential advisors, instructors, cooks, drivers, alcohol and drug counselors, counselors

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