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Today — Tuesday, June 14th — is an exciting day.

It’s Flag Day (this should help you get in the spirit) and it’s also the day before the Stanley Cup champion is decided (Go Bruins!). But, we hope you can tap into your excitement reserves and show some enthusiasm for our weekly list of companies hiring, below.

Industry: Insurance
Sample job titles: Claims representative, customer service representative, sales representative

Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Markets
Industry:  Grocery, retail
Sample job titles:  Team leader, customer assistant, store manager, production managers, kitchen table associates

Public Consulting Group
Industry: Public sector consulting
Sample job titles:  Business analyst, consultant, senior consultant, schools specialist, project manager, software engineer, program manager

Career Systems Development
Industry: Education
Sample job titles: Residential advisors, instructors, cooks, drivers, alcohol and drug counselors, counselor

Industry: Consulting
Sample job titles: Java technical architect, financial management analyst, Informatica developer, .Net support analyst

Summit Health
Industry: Health care
Sample job titles: Flu shot nurses, wellness iInstructors, medical directors

Industry: Electronics and electrical engineering
Sample job titles: Software engineer, product engineer, electrical engineer, mechanical engineer, energy engineer, quality engineer, biochemist, research scientist, clinical application specialists

Lowe’s Home Improvement
Industry: Retail (IT)
Sample job titles: Web Sphere, Developer, C+ Unix, senior system analyst

The Dow Chemical Company
Industry: Manufacturing
Sample job titles: Business analyst / IS, process automation engineer, analytical chemist, production manager, Improvement Engineer

Industry: Health care
Sample job titles: Software developer, implementation consultant
Location: Boston, New York, Raleigh, Chicago

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  1. there aren’t many ways to make a living these days,,,after many years of doing what I was trained to do ,,at one time when the kids were young i had four jobs,in the ninties,, now I can’t find even a part time job ,,what is a grown man to do? ( GO Back to school)? Who going to pay for it ? I have lost hope ,,someone tell me what to do with my life ?

    • I hear you. I went back to college after my kids were grown. It has been 8 years since I graduated and have not found a job. I have created my own business. Work all the time, finding work, doing the work. Not making a large enough income yet but I hope to. At least I feel like I am in control of my life more than someone else. I have found some of the places I interviewed for, the interviewers were a joke and did not know how to do an interview and I believe they based their decision solely on if they liked talking to you, nothing more than that. And they will never admit to it, but if you are past a certain age, they will not hire you.

      • you are right people hire who they like not the person with the best qualifications. It too me 37 years as a recruiter to figure that out

  2. I know what you mean. I have lost hope and feel like there is nothing out there. Everything I apply for says that there is someone else more qualified. I am still going to school for something that I cannot do. I am afraid of losing my house. My son keeps asking when I will go back to work. I have applied for jobs I am not qualified for but I do not qualify for unemployment, or disability. I am in over my head with car payments, house payments, I cannot afford all the “things” anymore.

    • I feel your pain. I decided to go back to college as well, kids are not grown yet however. It might turn out that I get smart and open my own business as well, since that is my major. I am tired of working for people who do not value a great emplpyee, who comes into work everyday, puts forth their best effort, and goes well beyond the call of duty just to get laid off. As if 6 years of someone’s life was nothing. Also, this Employment At Will needs to stop, and I am know my HR Rules. I assume it isn’t going to get better for most of us just yet, but this is not going to pay our bills, mortgage, and now the high gas prices. Maybe leaving the USA will be the only option anymore…thus living in a third world country we would learn to live off the earth, atleast have food, and not worry so freaken much everyday. Almost three years now for me, and yes I have applied to over hundreds of jobs. No one wants to pay, they expect you to live off minimum wage and feed a family of five? I am not ungratefull and unsatisfied as to why peeople who will walk, who opt out of being insane to find work, who have skills, and meet the Requirements of the job are still being turned down. Something is just not right. Ok enough of my thoughts, but somethings is going to have to be done for single mothers who are trying the best they can to keep it together for their children, not theirselves!

    • Three years ago, I decided to go back to school partime taking night classes. i was in a dead end job for 8 1/2 years. My supervisior at the last minute decided to change my work schedule the day before I started my classes. he told me that my school schedule was no concern of his and thats when I decided to leave my job.I’m two semesters away of receving my bachelor’s degree in business with an emphasis in human resource management. Since then my credit rating went into the toilet and I know some employers check credit reorts before they hire you.Its been an emotional rolleroaster ride for me, and their are days when I feel their is no hope.


  3. I fell your pain i lost my last full time job in november of 2008 .I have yet to fing a full time job .It appears companys dont want good workers anymore that come to work every day . I guess partly cause i’m over 50 and cant speak spanish.

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