10 companies hiring this week

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This week, a Mercer Workplace Survey revealed seemingly paradoxical findings, as Forbes reports: Workers believe the economy is improving (especially compared to their views three years ago), but they still have serious concerns about their current situation. Specifically, 36 percent of workers fear losing their jobs.

If they think the overall picture is rosier than it once was, how come they’re still concerned? Although analysts will have their says on what this all means, you might be able to boil it down to one thing: people are having difficulty finding jobs.

Even if you have a job, you probably know someone who doesn’t, and as long as the unemployment rate remains high, you’re going to be afraid of losing your job. If stock and real estate markets are up, you don’t feel as safe and secure as when you’re employed and aren’t worried about bringing home a paycheck. It’s simple and you can’t blame workers for being cautious in this economy.

With that in mind, we want to simplify your job search as much as possible. To do so, we pulled together a list of companies who are hiring right now. The following 10 companies have several openings and they need workers to help their businesses thrive in this economy. Take a look at this list of companies across several industries and states. You can click on the company names to see a complete list of openings.

Accountants International
Sample job titles: Tax accountant, accounts payable coordinator

CyberCoders Engineering
Sample job titles: Java software engineer, Microsoft administrator

Dr. Pepper Snapple Group
Sample job titles: Merchandiser, sales development representative

Kelly Law Registry
Sample job titles: Paralegal/legal assistant (junior level), claims attorney

Kool Smiles
Health care
Sample job titles: Dentist, Community Relations Specialist

La Petite Academy
Industry: Education
Sample job titles: Certified pre-K teacher, child care assistant director

Pepsi Beverages Company
Sample job titles: Product availability supervisor, vending/fountain equipment (field) technician

Sample job titles: Director / senior manager – laboratory/bioinformatics, vaccine, scientist modeling and simulation

Sample job titles: Marketing manager, marketing and sales sr. associate

Saia, Inc.
Sample job titles: Team drivers, diesel mechanic class A

  1. I am very organized and need a clerical position. I have taken many courses to upgrade my computer skills. I have been unemployed for about 4 years. I have a broken right hip. It does not keep me from work. I just cannot stand for long periods of time or lift heavy objects.

  2. I am going to ask, which of these companies will hair a deaf and disabled 54 yr old with no college? See, instead of college, I worked all my life, since 11 yrs. old., And had many injuries. And must go to doctors 1 to 3 times a week, and take pain meds to function from the pain of the illnesses no doctor can fix.

    I have found none so far.

    SS disability does everything to deny benefits, even lse records, change them, and doctors lie on their records. Maybe panhandling for those of us left with a broken nation. A am a 25 year veteran in the operation of a trucking company, but those are failing all over too. Soo we’ll have to pick up food at the train station distribution stations or something the way things are headed. I know what I am talking about. If you shut down the nations ability to use her natural resources before they are able to place people in other type jobs, the nation shuts down. A very common sense issue. It doen’t even take a college degree to figure that out.
    Make me wrong, please, and show me a job i can do on your weekly list.
    Beyond Desperate.

    • I can relate. 62; worked all my life; no college; out of work for 3 yrs. Even if I do manage to snag an interview, no one is likely to hire a 62-yr-old who walks with a cane. Who sez there’s no discrimination due to age or disability?!!

      • Take heart,there may be a future. I spent my life as a highly skilled proto-type machinist and now that I’m approaching 59 I run into rampent age discrimination and no means to fight it. I’m going a different route and am getting my license in health & life insurance. One can obtain a license in the state of California for about $400 and, with time and hard work, can lead to a 6 figure income as an independent contractor. As such one can work into old age and not worry about some college educated jerk with little managemant skills firing you. The only advantage I have is that I sold insurance previouly Ft and as a sideline while a machinist. Maybe this can help you conger up a different way to make a living. God bless & good luck! Bill

    • You are right about Social Security losing records. I think they want you to fill out their forms repeatedly to see if they can catch you in a lie or something. Who knows. I do know that you should appeal and keep appealing your disability claim, depending on what the disabling condition is, it is probably listed on their Appendix F of the Railroad Retirement Act. You can do research at any library that has the US Code books. When you are applying for disability it is almost like doctors don’t want you to have it, but when you get it, they will charge Medicare for just about anything.

      It’s sad. It took me five years to get approved for disability and during that time you are not allowed to do any work or they say you can work, you aren’t disabled.

      • I can agree with the you about soc sec i am 44 years old have tried to applied for soc sec 2 times but denied i have had 4 surgery to my eyes due to glucoma and also a diabetic. I think they give it to people who really don’t need it instead of giving it to people who dod need it.

  3. I am presetly seeking employment to work from home in the clercial field. My duites would be in the Data Entry, Typing, Filling, Mailouts,wordprocesssing,Keying information from reports, Stuffing Evenlopes etc. I have 25 years of office experience.I guarantee to have all work assignments completed and returned in a timely manner.I have my own office,ready and running and I can start ASAP!
    With my expereince I will be a great candiate!!

    Thank You.

    Emal: debbiejackson1@yahoo.com
    Telephone: (803) 834-5275- Home
    (803) 404-3352-Cell

    • Ms. Jackson you are what I’m looking for in my business and If you are coachable I will help you become financially independent on a part-time income if you don’t believe me contact me 214-793-6567 invest in yourself

    • Ms. Jackson, just a hint, if you are looking for a clerical position, please make sure you know how to spell. I saw 7 misspellings in your comment.
      Good luck in your job search.

  4. The problem, of course, is that these are mostly high skill jobs. What most of those who are unemployed need are administrative or service jobs. Those are also the jobs most at risk because lot of employers are trying to do more with less in those types of positions. I’m lucky in that I have highly marketable skills. Those who don’t are the ones I feel the most concerned for in this economy.

  5. I am disabled and would like to work from home. I have experience in accounting procedures. A/P, A/R bank reconcilliations. I also have experience in the trucking industry in dispatch, IFTA reports, billing and all other office experience needed in that field.

  6. I have been in sales throughout my entire career. I’ve done everything from pounding pavement and hitting doors to desking deals and training salespeople. In most cases where I have found myself lucky enough to have a jobI have led the board in sales, conscientiously work to serve the interests of my employer and offered above average and valuable input into my employers dynamic. Currently, I am seeking an opportunity to use the skills I have to the interests of my next employer.
    My resume is attached to this note
    If you feel that this could be use, please respond to me by e-mail a he following address:
    Richard Deaton

  7. I’m 53 and out of a job since May and can’t find anything. Even part time. I’m a good worker and I learn quickly. Always on time and easy to get along with. I don’t have some of the skills some have. I can’t afford to go to school. Savings is almost gone and I don’t know what I’ll do then. Any idea what to do. I really really need a job.

      • I am looking for customer service work that I can do from home. I have a full office set up and would appreciate any information you could give me. I have 15 years experience.

    • Linda may I help you,but the only thing is you will need to help others if I help you and I can help you,I know the market is tough that’s why I want to help you INTERESTED? e-mail me

      • I am a student and I have been looking for a job for about more than a year and find no luck. I responded to an advertisment on the internet about geting a degree on-line; at the time I have no money. About two weeks later I started school at a University for a gegree in healthcare administration; I have three more classes to go before graduation from a two years program. I have office experience, caregiver experience, and dependable. Alltogether I have been unemploy for almost three year and I am available for work either part-time or full-time.

    • try craigslist and go under gigs, you can call today and work tomorrow, but it is usually for a day or 2. I have been picking up quick cash here and there. But do demand half of the money half way through the day or up front if possible, stay safe, ok.

  8. I am a single mom looking for a job to work at home so I can take care of my child. I love to type, I am organized, detail oriented, reliable, and self starter.

    • Lorraine I think I can help,how would you like to be able to spend more than enough time to spend with your child and make to become financially independent e-mail me and let’s talk

  9. I am looking for a job in RENO in administrative/clerical area. I have extensive experience in this field,took several related classes. Proficient in MS Word, good with Math. My strong points: excepetionally organized, attention to detail, Good people skills.

    • Mr. Kannan: with skills like yours no matter where you are I can help you reach you goal and dreams and you have the skills to do it I like te fact that you are a leader and in the right vehicle you can go somewhere e-mail me and lets talk

  10. Seeking employment as a Quality Control test Technician with >10 yrs experience working with Power supplies.Or Utilizing new skills acquired as a office machine repair technician copiers printers Fax and Computers

    • Mr. Soto I can help I think get touch with me ASAP and let’s talk your skills if you know how to use them can make you very wealthy e-mail me

  11. I am homeless at this time..I am looking for a job but to no avail. I have done warehouse, mailclerk. forklift, good on computer.

    • Dude, dont feel bad, a lot of us are homeless and using other peoples computers. try craigslist, go under gigs, and try labor, you can get jobs on a day to day basis and make something for your pocket. Good luck, god will help you.

  12. I am seeking employment full time. I have a good resume and live on the east coast.

    Please email me at matthewh3000@yahoo.com and I will send my resume.

    Location: Charles Town, WV 25414

    Industrial Construction
    Residential/Commercial Management
    Property Preservations
    Equipment Operator
    Bachelors in Business Administration
    Website Designs
    Professional designs

    • Mattthew: There is someone that Live on the east coast in your area that will help you invest in yourself and become very successful and not have to depend on nobody again e-mail me and we will talk then.

  13. I WORKED FOR NAZARETH REGIONAL HIGH SCHOOL. I REPORTED A CASE OF ABUSE TO THE STATE, AND THEY TRIED TO FIRE ME, BUT I HAD A SEZURE DISORDER, and was give enough for COBRA and resigned. I wasn’t getting too many jobs as a sub, so I went to sub central. The NYCDOE did a background check and discovered I was terminated at the time of tenure due to medical illness. That was not the cause. I was not even terminated.
    After 2 years of them losing my records it showed up in medical. They asked for an investigation of any medical conditions in violation of the ADA. I was approved by a doctor, but they could not make a decision and my 2 Masters went down the drain and my license. My case was closed. The strange thing about was one year prior to an article appearing in the NY Daily News, the principal, who tried to get rid of me was fired.Everything I was suspicious of and reported was true. It has been 5 years. so please don’t talk to me about education

    • I know exactly what you mean, you try to do good and you are the bad guy. I went through similar situations at every job, I ever held. I try to do good and I am the bad guy.
      As for education, well I am a structural engineer, and I literally pick up shit for a living, most old houses that need cleaning contain much shit everywhere.
      that was not my dream 20 years ago when I went to college. I only got a 70,000 debt now and even with minimum wage, I have to pay it back, but I guess you knew that, right.

    • Dear Mr. Sullivan

      Pardon the intrusion into this discussion, but I happened to do a google search on you out of curiosity and hope that I found the right person. I was a student of yours at St. Finbar’s in Brooklyn, NY circa 1985-1986. Hopefully you’re the right “Mr. Sullivan.” If so, would love to catch up and know hoe you’re doing. Class of 1986 has a couple of reunions in 2009 and wished we had some of our teachers there. In any event, I hope you are well and look forward to hearing from you soon.

  14. I am 57 years old with 30 years of experience as a copy editor and have been unemployed for over a year. I’m completely out of resources and hope. Reading the previous posts makes me want to simply give up and die.

  15. I am a nurses aid/home health Aid lookin to take care of people in thier homes settings. I have about 18 years of experience and is very good at what I do….

  16. I am looking for a temporary job doing General Office/Administrative work the hours I am willing to work are Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays 11 a.m. or 12 p.m. to 6 p.m. or 8 p.m. Tuesdays and Thursdays 1:00 p.m. or 2:00 p.m. to 8 p.m. If interested please email me at the email address above.

  17. I am seeking part time bookkeeping job
    I have more than 20 years of experience in
    French( Sofidex Lyon ) and Ivory Coast and
    right now in World Federalist Movement in lexington avenue in New York.
    My cell : 347-982-1272

  18. i quit work in feb 2010 to take care of my mom who passed away in may from cancer i am an electrician i do commercial and industrial work i also am a machinist man there isnt anything going on i am a highly skilled worker 53 years old and i live in florida i would do anything for any job

    • It seems to me that the purpose of killing jobs now, is to kill us, you are the ideal candidate, like myself. The goal of this country at this moment is to end most of us over 40, educate the kids and let them take over, so that it is a brand new america over night. An american where all the working people are also the “brainwashed” kids.

      • You are partially correct. ‘They’ do not want the young to take over. ‘They’ are doing everything they can to make sure that the bright students are handicapped by a minimal education. ‘They’ also don’t want the young to have ‘real’ friends that they truly care about. ‘They’ have a vested interest in creating a social vacuum that keeps people apart — divide and conquer…hence the huge resourse put into long-distance communication in an instant–remove personal contact, remove personal feeling. How many friends do you have that stop over for a cup of coffee/tea on the spur of the moment?

  19. I took a look at the Pfizer list of jobs available and was a little suprised that well over half the of the jobs listed have “senior” in the title. There was one “entry” level job, for PhDs that had the salary listed as 25k. How the heck are you supposed to pay off a PhD with a 25k job? Is that why there is nobody in the company that are capable of moving into “senior” jobs?

    It just goes to show the management of American companies is really lousy.

  20. I should not have a difficult time looking for a job. But these stupid managers don’t know how to hire the right people and people like me suffer in the process. I don’t have that much experience because no one took a chance at me. So here I’am, posting this comment.

    • I know – I am the first woman on earth to build entire houses from ground up, with very minimal help. I also design the houses because I am an engineer, think I could get a job? No! Managers see a guy with a flanel shirt and a tape measure on his belt – no degree – and of course he gets the job. I am not looking for fame from my actions, just a dam job.

  21. I worked for AT&T Yellow Pages for 23 years doing face to face, B2B sales. From traditional print directory advertising to Search Engine placement on Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc. to selling websites and advertising on Yellowpages.com. I took an early retirement buy-out last year (3-09) because of the death spiral of the printed product: they wanted to reduce headcount so they paid 20 year + employees to retire. The problem is that I’m too young to retire (only 53) and I have 2 small kids at home (9 and 5). I have not been able to find a GOOD PAYING position with a stable, Fortune 500 company to this date. I’m very good at selling, computer savvy, have won many awards over the years, and AT&T offered us the best training from top motivators over my career span. I thought I would find another good position easily with my experience and vigor (I don’t look 53 at all). If you have a sales position for a well seasoned, experienced account executive who’ll show up for work EVERYDAY, make objective, and establish himself as a force to be reckoned with in your sales organization: give me a call (619)300-1153. I live in the San Diego area, would relocate for a WONDERFUL offer only.

    • @Alex Bernal …look at life alert reps in pompano beach florida. They easily make 60 K plus on commissions alone selling life alert products…

    • I love you fellow american, but you might be headed to india. How the hell this happened, I dont know, but now we are all going homeless and the 3rd world countries can all afford cell phones. I only got food stamps.

  22. I was recently laid off from my position as a medical transcriptionist and am currently in the market for transcription from home. If you know of anyone looking for a medical transcriber in the Philadelphia area, please let me know. I have a great deal of experience.

  23. I am seeking full or part time hours, with a company, that I can call a career and not just a job. I would like to work with the public, maybe in an office or hotel, because that is my idea of the perfect career. I have over fifteen years experience in customer service and cash handling skills. I have a professional resume, to submit upon request. I have a stable work history and a passion for people, but, also have the ability to supervise or train fellow peers.

    Thank you,

  24. The economy has hurt most American workers. I have a BA in communications and 25 years work experience and can’t find a job.
    Location: Louisville, KY

    • Allan,
      Sorry to hear about your situation. I have been out of work since May and since over 50 and difficulty finding opps, so I started my own company here in Louisville. What are your skillsets?

  25. Get some skills … I mean higher than manual, get high tech / computer skills; or learn a trade. Securitas and other security outfits are hiring. Do anything to earn a buck. Ask your state DES Dept. about job training programs.

    Pound on doors – get in to see the Boss, go face-to-face! Get ‘er done! Never give up.

    Been homeless & out of work too.

    • Give me a good reason NOT to give up. I’ve lost absolutely everything I worked so hard for — often two jobs — for the past 40 years. I recently sold my only vehicle in order to pay the rent. I am single, childless and not a homeowner, so the only social service I’m eligible for is Food Stamps, which will pay for Cheetos but not toilet paper. I haven’t gotten a dime of unemployment. I’ve used up my retirement account and now owe back taxes because of the penalties (the IRS just slapped a lien on my wages — WHAT wages?). No health insurance so no health care. My credit is permanently trashed. I’m highly qualified but, at 57, my applications and resumes don’t even make the first cut. Right now my anxiety level is so high I’m not sure I CAN work. What do I have to look forward to but a couple of decades or more of hardship and declining health? Why bother?

      • Sarah:
        Don’t give up, and don’t search for a job everyday. It is too depressing if you do that, and the dept of labour even says to take a day or so break each week. Remember it is at the time that you give up that something better is just around the corner. Toys R Us is hiring 45,000 people for the Christmas holidays. Not much but it will get you started working again if even for a month…you never know who you may meet in the store buying toys for their children,,,maybe your next boss. Also read self help books, go to the library and borrow books to encourage yourself and keep your self-esteem sharp. Good luck and GOD bless.

        • Ruth, thank you for taking the time to reply. I did stop looking for work for a month after having to sell my car — I was (and still am) so depressed about losing my independence. I haven’t been able to muster the energy to begin searching again, and now the rent is due. It doesn’t just seem hopeless; it is. Thank you for the encouragement, and I will take it to heart.

          A side note: I hope NO ONE is replying to the pitches from “Mr. Crownover” in this thread. He is quite obviously preying on desperate people, trying to lure them into what is probably a fraudulent scheme. It can only cost you money, so don’t do it.

    • Folks – I have read each and every comment. My heart goes out to all. Though we are living in such economically uncertain times, we must meet them with concrete goals and ideas. Don’t be afraid to lift yourself high and focus on your strenghths and yes do knock on doors, go to seminars, outings, parties, wherever there are people. Get the word out that you are available and do it with a smile even if you want to cry. Present yourself well in all situations with forthright honestly and have impeccable follow through. Yes, it is definately hard out there, but get up every day EARLY and have your DO list ready. I too am out of a paying gig, but decided to get into real estate and I am sure it will one day pay out with hard work and a concrete plan. Most of all, don’t do it alone – PRAY!!!

    • stop saying false things, my sister works with all those federally funded programs to educate and help the losers work. Not true, it is all a hoax, no one gets a job, and only 1 of every hundred is granted some type of training, and they dont get a job either. As for pounding on doors, you will get shot, and that is either begging or robbery.

  26. Hi, My name is Joe and I am seek work in the project management field. I have work construction for 18 yrs in residential and commercial in the state of VA, I don,t have a Degree but am will to go back and study for one, I would like to work for a company and take night classes.
    PS. I have been in construction a total of 30 yrs. and I do have a resume.

  27. I am looking for a job opportunity. I have been unmployed since last year. I have a Master’s degree in Accounting. I have more than 5 years experience in accounting and auditing. If anybody can help me out with a job, I would highly appreciate it.

  28. It is very sad to read all these stories about loss of no jobs. Just maybe you people will vote for a better party! Out with Obama the Spender and job robber. Go right!

  29. Hello I am a full time student and looking for a part time job

    I have some resturant experience as a hotess and I have worked at a gym as a personal trainer and receptionist
    and other clerical work as well i apprecitate the feedback for anyone looking for a hard working personal person I know how to
    Type, email, some excel, filing and answering phone calls.

  30. I have done physical therapy in India.i have experiece too from India but for florida i have 28 credit lack so i am studying for that .I am finding so job but i didnt find yet.Right now, I need any type of work whichever i get.

  31. I have years of Florida real estate paralegal experience as well as real estate title insurance experience, in short, very detailed minded with a great deal of office experience as well as being very well spoken. I am 53 yrs. old and looking for a part time or full time clerical position. As others mentioned, my savings is about gone and the market crash took the rest of it. Does anyone have any ideas? In the Daytona Beach, Florida area and there are not very many options here but I can’t move from here. Would love to be a personal assistant and work from home office.

    • Maureen:
      Take a look at the website Women for Hire, and specifically for a work from home company name Arise…also there is much there on that site regarding working from home…hang tough my dear.


  32. I have been in the automotive industry for over 25 years. Was laid off due to economy. I am ASE certified in several areas and can do most any mechanical work. This also includes tractor trailers. I consider myself to be highly qualified.Would like to stay in NW Indiana, but if the right job came along, relocating is not out of the question.

  33. I worked 18 years as Autocad Architectual Retail Store Designer and have been out of work for 2 years
    I don’t think the recession is over for this sector of employment I just wish I could find something to help out financial because unemployment also ran out and health insurance is another mortgage payment

    • Ron, with architectural and engineering being so closely linked to the “houseing market” we got hit first. My mom scares me and says it may be over for ever. someone decided that only doctors and all of their helpers aught to work. Heck even teachers are getting fired and tv has the nerve to talk about education. Maybe in another country, but not here. Seems to me it is the hoars and drug dealers that did not notice the recession.

  34. I am currently seeking to work from home to be able to take care of my one year old and I cant afford a daycare or a baby sitter . I have a bachelors degree in business Admnistration and management. Previously worked for a bank for 5 years . Any help will be appreciated.

  35. I have 20+ years experience providing a wide rangeof legal services to Florida corporations including contract review, human resources, dispute resolution, risk management and sales. If you know of any small to mid size Tampa FL corporations who could use an attorney, please let me know. Thank you.

    • Dear Wajid, there is no jobs for any of us. Take my advise, get rid of that Arab name, it is not going to help in your job search. Did you notice that I am mexican Norma now.

  36. It is depressing to have to add to the listings above, but I have tried so many other tactics without success that I thought I would try this method.
    I have been out of the work force since July ’08. I am looking for a position in the administrative/clerical fields. I am proficient in Data Entry, A/P, A/R, Customer Service. I am also approved by the state of NC to teach in a Childcare facility. Additionally I have management experience in running a movie theater. Right now I will accept a full or part-time position on 1st shift.
    I’ve tried the returning to school route but I cannot find an in-state college that can offer me a 100% tuition free program and I don’t have a spare cent to my name, I just cannot afford Financial Aid. My husband retired in September ’09 too early to qualify for SSI.
    Serious NC employers/hiring managers please contact me @ english4ever@embarqmail.com
    because if you want the job done right you need me. I will do all in my power to help your company move forward in the business world.
    Respectfully submitted
    R.D. Charles

    • You are not alone. I am sure that you are great at any job, it is why we became the best country on earth, because of people like you and I alike. I think we have 2 more years of waiting time. good luck, ok. Also, I am even more depressed to see this image of americans. We are all online begging for jobs, how pathetic. I have relatives in a third world country and all are employed. So what is going on?

  37. For those who are believers in God and Christ, I’d suggest you continue to pray for others who are suffering here and elsewhere as I will surely do after I send these words. Ask for His guidance and strength and you shall receive it. Works for me over time – every time. May God bless you all in your searches and in fulfilling your needs.

  38. iam a 39years old man. holder of part 111 city and guilds certificate in mechanical enginering. 10 years experience in project supervision.14years supervising machine, welding and plumbing workshops. looking for a permanent job.

  39. I am 40 years old, I have computer skills and also can speak to Enlish, Dari, Pashto , in my country Afghanistan there is no work so I want work outside of my country.
    I also have knowlege of gardening

  40. I am 40 years old , I am from Afghanistan, I have knowledge of computer skills, also like to travel outside of my country and work hard
    like gardening, driving and etc.

  41. I am seeking full or part time hours, with a company, that I can call a career and not just a job. I would like to work with the public, maybe in an office or hotel, because that is my idea of the perfect career. I have over five years experience in computer service and . I have a professional resume, to submit upon request. I have a stable work history and a passion for people, but, also have the ability to supervise or train fellow peers.

    Thank you,


  42. hi I am almost for done with a welding school and looking for entry level position , not many jobs in El Paso Tx would relocated if company offers per diem or help to relocate ,Im a good welder havent reach my peak but im getting there, looking for a shot

  43. I been out of work in 2 years….. How President Obama said? More job or NO more Job for American MAIN land ???????
    Almost homeless……

    • Only people like you and me can try to change things. tell every one you see to vote republican, or we could be screwed for longer than 2 more years. I decided to disown, after a few unkind words, anyone that even mentions the ‘d’ word. I am tough and I can be mean. I could not be angrier.

  44. I am an engineer seeking a full time position. My experience in product development,manufacturing and management.With my diverse background I would be a good candidate for your organization. I am willing to relocate.

    Thank you
    Errol Barrett

  45. I live in east florida, and am looking for 35 hours or full time in any financial, accounting or any other position. I have over 30yrs banking/sales/customer service experience, and have worked from entry to management positions.
    Please email me @ kdohmann@att.net

  46. Sent out numerous applications and resumes. Have over 20 years experience in Law Enforcement and Security. You name it when it comes to labor and warehouse work I pretty much have experience in it. I am a vetran and can’t even get a discouraging email saying unqualified or position already filled. I am at the point that I am willing to pull weeds for a living if it puts food on the table and pays the bills. If your interested in someone that is a fast learner or is drug free and shows up to work (ON TIME) everyday including weekends and holidays night or day and in the central florida area feel free to email me. dmxdragon2@yahoo.com

    • You are the exact description of the person that loses their job, just like me. It seems like the harder you work, the more everyone wants you out. Maybe we set high standards, and that is why, but I think it is a who you know world. God bless you and just vote republican, PLEASE!

  47. hi i recently had an interview and worried sick on how my interview went. They said i should hear something in a week now it has been 3 days should i email the person that performed the interview or wait this week out i am going crazy because i really need that job.

    • Try to wait, sometimes they don’t like when you push them like that…be positive, see yourself going to that job, performing your duties, coming home happy, getting paid…put yourself in the job in your mind…that’s what top athletes do…they see themselves holding the trophy…visualization helps…good luck

      • Thanks Ruth for the advice just wanted you to know i could not take it anymore and I called it was all positive and in so many words i have the position HR has to call to offer the job. They all liked me I am so happy. In reading some of the blogs I feel for all individuals that do not have a job currently. There is power in prayer.

  48. Wow! I was beginning to think I was the only one with a degree, 35+ years work experience, and looking for the job I want. Not sure if I feel better or worse about my situation. I have a job but not the one I want. Don’t get me wrong, I am grateful that I have a job, but now I have $35,000 in student loans.

    • Denise, don’t feel bad. :) You have a job. I have 30 yrs of work experience, unemployed 2 months so far in the state with the highest unemployment rate in the nation. Im 53, 2 university degrees, and my student loans are now over $130,000.

    • Denise I too have over 30 years experience in management. A year ago I acquired associates degrees in business management and accounting. I lost my job when the business I worked for closed 2 years ago. Now I have 35,000 in student loans coming due and every interview I have had has ended in “I’m sorry, but you are overqualified for our position.” I am ready to take my degrees, that I worked very hard for, off of my resume.

  49. I totally empathize with so many in our country. The one and only thing that will solve, or cure, our jobless economic problem is to VOTE in November! 545 politicians from the president on down to both houses of Congress ARE RESPONSIBLE for this mess we’re in. Vote all politicians who are for continued spending and more taxes OUT of office. Anybody with half a brain knows we cannot spend and tax our way out of a recession/depression. VOTE the bums out! Then…and only then…will we start to have better chances at getting decent jobs.

  50. To all that are on hard times if you truely look at what made American the Greatest is the people our country. We all solved the problems together as freinds and familys in this great land of ours and has never been the government. Not to many people know about the near deppression of 1946 when the men of WWII were returning home at this time. The solution to this problem was small government and reduce tax. Our country thrived up to 1980. And thier are many of us that is out there who remember this time. The government is to big again. I pray for all of those hurting that God will give you the answers you need. I am just one of millions who have a voice and if you take the time and look at our history you we get the answers to this problem. To any one that is looking for a Maintence position PGW of Crestline, Ohio are Taking app.

  51. To,
    The manager,

    Subject: Request for Welder post,

    Respected sir,
    After highly regards I am interested in applying in your esteemed organization for the above post.

    I am young, energetic and willing to work in your organization. I have an extra potential for the attainment of the knowledge as much as I may be allowed. I have great hands on working experience about Tig, Stick and Hot dip welding to working with different multinational companies. My 10 year experience showing in CV expresses my working experience and knowledge about different kind of welding techniques.

    My experience especially in the field of oil and gas construction industry for pipe lines very helpful for your organization, I understand the completion of work at time and willing to work with extra potential

    It is requested that your honor may be pleased to consider my application favorably and give chance to serve in your dynamic organization. I assure you that I will perform my duties to prove my self worthy and capable for the same

    Thanking you in anticipation.

    Yours truly,

    Muhammad Jameel.

  52. I,m geologist and I have 8 years experience as well site geologist and 2 years experince as reservoir geologist in an office.I like working abroad.could you help me?how can i get a job overseas?

  53. I been looking for a job for about two years now. In 2008 I went to a trade school for computers, and I am very strong with the knowledge that I have but Ive gotten a couple of interviews but I just can’t get a job. I know every thing from hardware issues, and software issues, virus, Microsoft Office, Data Entry, and Typing. I’m at the end of my ropes and I just don’t know what to do.

  54. Just recently laid off a week ago. I went through this 5 years ago with a company I worked for 15yrs. I am a licensed Insurance Agent for 25 years worked for big companies and agencies. Also have 10 yrs experience in Management. If anyone is looking for a skilled Insurance Representative (CSR) I am truly interested. Proficient in MS Word, Outlook,Power Point, basic excel and Applied systems. I also know Avaya System with call centers. BS in Psychology. Live on the East Coast in MD. Any help is greatly appreciated. Scared to lose my home and all I have worked for. Unemployment is not going to cut the bills. Please email me and I will send my resume.

  55. Reading all these posts, I am reminded of Frankiln Delano Roosevelt’s first inagural address. These words give me great strength:
    …These dark days shall be worth all they cost us if it teaches us not to be ministered unto, but to minister unto ourselves and our fellow man…

  56. I am A truck driver with a CDL class A. I am looking for a local position for I am limited on going over the road because my husbend is disabled. I have driven in SC, NC, Ga, and Burmingham, Al. I drove 48 to 53 foot trailers, Day cabs and sleeper tractors. I have 7 yrs experiance. I need a perminate job not a temp. or part time either. Thank you for your consederation.

  57. Reading all these posts from this site and from several other sites I have visited this past year, everyone has the same crises trying despirately to finding a job. It’s so scarey. We all have a war story to tell. I see mine in alot of the posts. I was laid off April 2009 and have been frantic looking for another job because it’s never been like this. And now I just turned 68 and need a job. Most of the jobs that are real and available of for people with a degree and under 40. The temp services interview me and I have good qualifications but nothing to offer me. I’ve worked in administrative positions all my working career but can not find a job. And I’m scared. I’ve looked into working from home but with all the scams it does it’s not worth the time reviewing anymore. I hope and pray (oh do I pray) something changes, for all of us. Good luck to all of you.

    • Attention everyone::: I don’t trust this “Mr. Crownover.” I think he is a scam artist and that isn’t his real name…..His responses are just like the comments made to customers on informercials…..A person with a degree and professional would have complete sentences and better language…I wouldn’t trust him with anything..no matter how desperate you are in looking for a job…he could be an identity thief and worse…I also agree with everyone that you will be discriminated against if you are over 40..I am past 40 and have run into problems with jobs and their response to me…Our country needs to make a complete turnaround….we Americans need to make a stand together against politicians and fight for our rights before they are completely taken away….Notice how they want tax increases, cut jobs…but they give themselves raises and other horrible things…why don’t they make cut their own incomes?? ha!!!…I think God needs to be brought back into everyday living….a lot of politicians have no conscience or respect for human rights…teachers are blamed for children failing when it is not always the teachers’ faults, it is the laziness and the parents allowing the children to be in charge…anyway….i think back in the 40s and earlier…people really cared for each other, people followed the golden rules, moral standards were higher…thus there were fewer children born to 13 year olds…..we need to fight for america and bring it back like it was but stronger so people can get jobs again and being run by everyday people….not overburdened with taxes, corporate and political greed….Everyone needs to pray whether you believe in God or not…the loss of prayer has also ruined this country..May God help restore us to our former glory but stronger than ever before against greed from political sources and gain…

  58. I am a 32 year old IT looking for new opportunities. I have been looking at jobs from on board cruise ships to casinos in Singapore. American, unfortunately only fluent in English. Willing to expatriate. Any ideas on leads? TMMamoru-at-Yahoo.com

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  60. My prayers go out to all of those who are unemployed or under employed. I thought that I was having problems getting a job, but nothing like some of you who have been employed for several years. I have a criminal history and bad credit that affects me getting hired. The govenor of WY will pardon a felony, but not a misdemeanor, that is what I have. Acquired my Class A CDL license with all endorsements including HazMat and I cant find a job because I have night blindness, so I couldnt get the appropriate training needed to be able to apply with any companies. Noone will give me a chance because most employers require 2 to 3 years experience, how am I going to get the experience? My heart and prayers go out to everyone on this site. Remember we ALL need to get out and vote and take back our country.

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  65. There should be a nationwide protest againt the United States for spending trillions of dollars in other countries why at least a billion Americans suffer daily without a job or no income at all. How can we take care our kids and family without no source of income?? The government have mostly done away a welfare,public housing,medicaid, and various other sources of aid to the working class. We must do something to fight against an evil system. This message is from freddy2bme@hotmail.com

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