New features on BrightFuse!

Pin It’s networking site BrightFuse has just launched several new, innovative features for users!

We’ve been brainstorming and listening to feedback, and have developed these new features to enhance your experience.

If you have a BrightFuse profile, log in and take a look at all of these new features! If you haven’t checked out BrightFuse yet, now’s the time to dive in and start networking!

The new features:
Mingle with Members
BrightFuse matches your profile with those of other BrightFuse professionals so that you can easily start networking with people who would probably be good contacts. We want to help you get started.
Where is it? Look for it in the Build Your Network box on your My Home page.

Company Pages & Ask-A-Question
Get first-hand information about companies from BrightFuse members. The all-new Ask- A-Question feature lets you ask the questions and get the answers you want directly from real employees on BrightFuse. Where are they? You’ll notice some companies are linked on member profiles; click to view their company page!

Send tokens of recognition to other BrightFuse members to break the ice or just for fun! Wish a friend a Happy Birthday or compliment another user’s great profile.
Where are they? Send kudos from member profiles. Look for the Send Kudos link on the left under their photo.


Earn honor badges by achieving BrightFuse goals! Have an Elite Profile? Referred 10 new members to BrightFuse? We want to reward our top members.
Where are they? Honor Badges are displayed on member profiles.

Group Wall Upgrade
Now the Wall can handle multiple conversations at once. Reply to individual posts and keep the discussion going.
Where is it? Look for the Reply to Post link after each new post on the Group Wall.

Group Moderator Status
Are you a group owner? We’ve added a Moderator status. You can now choose other members to help with the tasks of running the group, like accepting applicants and monitoring posts.
Where is it? Click on Manage Group Members on your group’s home page to choose moderators.

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