5 jobs that pay you to play on Facebook

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People love social media … and what’s not to love? Platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn provide an easy way to communicate, connect with long-lost friends and see what those exes are up to (you know you’ve peeked!).

With more than 500 million active users on Facebook (who, on average, create 90 pieces of content per month), 175 million people on Twitter (who send out 95 million tweets per day) and 100 million accounts on LinkedIn (and one million company pages), it’s safe to say that social networks have become a craze.

Unfortunately, though, employers don’t necessarily share this enthusiasm for social networking. A quick analysis of the volume of content produced on these platforms tells us that there’s a large probability some of it is produced during the workday — causing many employers to implement stricter social media policies.

According to a 2010 survey by Robert Half Technology, 38 percent of chief information officers reported that they tightened their social media rules last year, and a separate survey by the same group revealed that 55 percent of companies completely ban social networking on the job.

So what’s a Facebook-friendly employee to do? Instead of putting your job on the line by spending your days Tweeting from your phone, or watching your back hoping that you don’t get caught playing Mafia Wars, you might want to consider a job that practically forces you to be “LinkedIn” to social networks.

Check out the following jobs, all of which let you play on social media all day:

1. Social media strategist: Duh. This one is pretty obvious, but for that reason, we had to include it. Social media strategists work in-house for corporations, at public relations agencies, or as independent contractors to analyze and plan a company’s social media strategy. Tasks may include monitoring and increasing fan count and interaction, and creating content for various social media channels.

Average salary: Since the job is still relatively new, concrete salary information hasn’t exactly been nailed down. According to a report by Social Media Influence called “The State of Social Media Jobs,” social media strategists typically earn between $40,000 and $60,000 per year.

2. Recruiter: Social media is becoming a huge tool for recruiters, who often search LinkedIn and Facebook profiles in order to find suitable candidates for job openings. This practice is now so prevalent that a recent survey by OfficeTeam found that more than a third of HR managers feel that social media profiles will replace résumés in the future.

Average salary: According to CBsalary.com, recruiters earn an average annual salary of $61,343.

3. Game/application developer: Someone had to create Farmville. Product developers create and build the applications and games we love from the ground up.

Average salary: The SMI research reports that social media product developers earn an average annual salary of $75,000 – $100,000 per year.

4. Marketing/public relations manager: For companies that don’t have dedicated social media specialists, the job of representing a company in these areas usually falls on the shoulders of marketing and public relations teams.  

Average salary: Marketing managers earn an average of $108,580 per year, according to the BLS. Public relations managers, $89,430.

5. Customer service rep: Social media gives customers direct and immediate access to brands. Thus, consumers often post complaints, questions or compliments about a brand directly to its social media pages. Customer service reps must be on hand to swiftly respond to customer queries.

Average salary: According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, average hourly salary for customer service reps is $14.36.

Does your company allow you to Facebook at work? Would you be interested in a social media-friendly job? Let us know in the comments section, below.

  1. Being a Social Media Strategist is fun but like with all jobs there is a difference between socializing with close friends and with customers. This is a serious job that is fun and exciting but just remember it involves a lot of work.

    • I have worked in a customer care center for many years. I started out as a technical call center rep, takeing calls for connection and internet related issues. I worked my way up to Technical Manager in less than a year and from there I advanced to a New Account Specialist. I would definatly like more information on available jobs.

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    • Interested social media. I am looking for any opportunity to work from home and spend more time with my family. The opportunity sounds like it would be very interesting.

  3. I would love to be a social media rep for one of my favorite companies. I’m an author, so I have a lot of friends on Facebook and spend a lot of time interacting with people. I’ve friended a number of companies, like Kohl’s, Nabisco, Sears, B & H Photo and have used company pages to ask for assistance with customer service problems and to post reviews. I know social media works. I’ve bought things from special Facebook promotions by Home Depot and Betty Crocker that I probably wouldn’t have purchased otherwise.

    I have 15 years of customer service and sales experience. Would love to learn what training I would need to land a social media rep position.

  4. I am a disabled person at home with an interest in on-line social networking. I would like to try this to see whether I might be up to it. I am also involved and interested in health/holistic sites of my own including Twitter at: http://twitter.com/#!/dpenyige, and Facebook at: http://www.facebook.com/?ref=logo#!/pages/YoungCanada-essential-oils/196202623729711 , as well as the above mentioned youngCanada – essential oils site at: http://youngcanada.younglivingworld.com/
    where I showcase and sell therapeutic grade essential oils and oil enhanced producs and give as much advice and information to go clients a more informed essential oils choice.
    Please contact me through any of these sites or youngcanada.essentialoils@gmail.com
    Thank you, Diane Penyige

  5. I’m gamed! I’m permanently disabled; practically, am always on the computer, these days! If I can be of any service to any legit company/corporation, etc., feel free to get in touch. I’m open to a new career! Sounds interesting, and different!

  6. I’d love to have an online job, too! I’ve got customer service experience and am needing additional hours to supplement my current work.

  7. I have retires from att after 32yrs and 9 ,onths of customer service with ATT and 2 yrs at Sears and 1 year of sales associate so I have spent 34 yrs working with the public and now looking for a part time job to take up some of my time and I also love working and making new friends with the public if I could have more info I would love it

    Thanks for your time
    Theresa Jones

    • If you can’t even post a comment to the article without using proper grammar, it is highly unlikely that you will attain a social media job.

      • I am so amazed that so many people submit requests for information and have no skills at punctuation, spelling…even when to use a capital letter! Texting, certainly has destroyed our language skills!

      • …and your point is “What” Trish? So you working currently as a “Internet Spelling Tutor”?
        Go get a real job girl, and leave the critique to others that do it for a living – or – if someone really petitions you for the information.

        • Mike, I must say I agree with Trish. People have lost touch with the written English language, and it will eventually backfire on those who think it doesn’t matter.

  8. I would love to learn more about these legitimate opportunities. I have been unemployed for almost 4 years now and have been unable to find work. I have a total of 27 years in various office settings such as, a Freight forwarding company, CPA firm, Mortgage, Construction, Water Department, Casino., etc. I have all the skills needed with supervisory experience. Please send me more information! Thank You!!

    • How would I obtain more information about these jobs with Face Book? I have been unemployed since 2009 and have been applying for jobs and still looking.
      I am a very dedicated employee.

  9. I would love to hear more about positions available in social media I am currently unemployed & am very interested in learning more about this career.

    Thank you,

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  11. I would absoltutely LOVE one of these jobs! Please send or contact me with additional information. Sure would appreciate it!

  12. I agree in certain industries access to social networks shouldn’t be allowed during working hours as people often abuse it.
    However if used in a professional manner (and again for the right industry), they are amazing marketing tools that should never be forbidden but promoted within a company.
    Being a social media strategist would be quite a good job…

  13. Looking for a second income after 6 pm weekdays and both Saturday and Sunday. I’m interested in an online job where I can work from home. Please email details. Thank you.


  14. If you are familiar with social media platforms, what they are used for, why people use them, and why companies would be interested in providing a presence on them, all you need to do is google social media jobs in your city and you will begin to see what might be available. I’ve noticed more and more companies posting job ops in this manner. Just be sure that if you submit for a social media job, you do have a firm grasp of the various platforms, functionality and relevance they have so you can speak to them in an informed manner during phone/face-to-face interviews. Happy social media job hunting! :)

  15. My intrest is to work at home using my computer skills , I have worked for Royal Mail as a Data entry operator and for their customenr services .
    Also I have been a Custome Service Rep for The Number 118 118 , and would be intrested in any work from home that is financialy and personaly rewarding . Regards C pearson

  16. I am interested in getting an income working from home. I have an MBA and worked in IT Services Management for last 20 years. I would dreally like to get into social media. I do have Twitter, Linkedin and facebook accounts.

  17. I am interested in a full time customer service job. I am home during the day and also in the evenings. I am very flexible and am very interested in the job. Please get a hold of me about the details.

  18. I am very interested in learning more about these jobs, it would be perfect for me, I have alot of customer service experience, please send me information on how to apply.

  19. Please send me more information on how to find the Customer Service rep job working with social media! Would love to do that!

    • Have 10 years of experience in all facets of the cable industry. Started in production for 4 years then 6 yrears of sales. I would love to transition to a work from home career. Tell me how I can!


  20. I am very interested in an online position, especially from home. I was just recently laid off so this would be a perfect opportunity for me.

    Thank you.

  21. Hello! I am fluent in English, French , German languages, I have been working all my live with global 500 companies in Marketing, Public Relation’s, Global Business Developments. I am interested as independent contractors in any of the above trades.
    I am looking forward to hear from you.

    Best Regards,

  22. i would love to work online please send me more info,it would be a honor to work for yall…..thanks hope to hear from you

  23. Social media strategists sounds interesting. I would like to hear more about these jobs. I would be nice to get information on a “legit” position.

  24. hello really should do work online is something I’ve been doing for years thank you very much, I hope for his kindness

  25. Love the internet;love social networking. Have over 20 years experience as receptionist/ office assistant and am a published songwriter. Enjoy working with people. Have recently done work in focus groups and surveys online. LOTS of fun! Send more info, please!

  26. I would like more information about doing this work from home. Must be real not spam. I am a stay at home mom and I need to make extra money. Send me more information please, like who do I contact and how do I start?

  27. Sure, I’d definetely be interested in working online. I’d like to do the recruiting. I used to run a fan page on facebook for the Ghost Adventures so I think I’m pretty good at getting the “word” out there. I’d love to work online and the money is definetely needed! Thank you!

  28. I am very interested in a Customer Service Representative position. I am unemployed and online most of the day filling out applications and sending resumes; but in between doing that, I am on Facebook and Twitter.
    This would be like a dream come true job for me to be able to do this from home!
    Please contact me with more information as soon as you can!I can’t believe I actually found a work at home job that is legit! Hoorah!I hope you will consider me for a position. PLEASE!

  29. I have been unemployed since January and am looking for Customer Service work in the home. I have 8+ years in the CS Rep field. Please contact me with more information.

    Thank you!

  30. Have been and still in the Customer Service industry for the past 30 years as a HairStylist and would love to make some money online.

  31. I end up spending a great deal of time on facebook on a regular basis. I currently work about 25 hours a week for the local Sheriff Department and would welcome an opportunity to generate additional income working from home. Please, rush to me what ever information I need to get started.

    Thank you.

  32. Don’t we all love to work from home? I can live with the ease of not having to drive to work, not having to buy professional looking clothes, not having to leave home…I have a job, but if there are other EASY jobs out there, why not???

  33. I would appreciate a job working on line due to my son. I need to be home with him due medical problems. If there is ever a chance include me please. Thank You!

  34. do you guys really believe they are going to send you more information ?

    these are just suggestions, the rest you have to find out on your own.

  35. I am definitely interested in working in the social media arena. I’ve worked from home doing some black box testing for two companies in the past for a friend of mine.

  36. I have been involved with marketing since the beginning of the .com era. Social media marketing is part of the NOWrevolution and is vital for businesses to be involved with. I am a consultant with ExtremePR (www.facebook.com/ExtremePR) and would love to work full-time for a company within the Sacramento, CA metro area as a social media manager/strategist. You can also find my resume online at LinkedIn (http://www.linkedin.com/in/jennifermartin2009)
    I would appreciate any help with finding the right fit for me. Thank you!

  37. As a former journalist I am very interested in pursuing a career in communications. I am completing an updated degree and expect to graduate in May 2011.
    Social Media is a wonderful field, but we need to teach the public about the effects of negative comments on social networking sites and the impact on their future employment possibilities.
    We need to establish “Internet Etiquette”.

  38. As a college graduate, of a community that has lost it’s baseline. I need to work from home, or drive an hour to make minimum wage. I truly have the time to spend and the ability to do the job right.

  39. I am very interested in a work from home job as long as it is LEGITIMATE and it doesn’t cost me anything. Email me the information to get started.

  40. I am interested i want more details im a big lazy moron that never wants to leave the house and i love turning my life into an alternate facebook distorted reality

  41. I would be great for any of your social jobs. Facebook is up and running on my computer everyday 24/7. Please contact me on how I can get started. Thanks, Natalie

  42. I would love to have a job working with Facebook online. I have had a couple of ideas for games and wasn’t sure how to bring them out.

  43. I would enjoy working for Facebook as a recruitor or a social media strategist. Please send me information on these positions. Thanks

  44. Hi, i would love to work from home as a customer service representative agent.
    I do have a lot of experience in that field. Please contact me.

  45. I think it would be interesting,have played 5 different games.
    I won’t use anyone’s name, but I have a new person on my game
    who has made the game really fun to play,if he doesn’t work for
    Facebook he should, everyone likes him.

  46. Good day everyone; I am extremely interested in obtaining a social media job. I am a 49 year young Deaf Woman who is now retired from being a Paramedic/ Social Worker. I am always available and spend a great deal of my day on the computer. I have excellent public relations skills as well as being highly educated. PLease feel free to reply or contact me with further questions or concerns.
    Thank you so much for your time

  47. Hey…
    I am a university student that spends most of my leisure time on face book chatting allot and have concluded that chatting alone will not add any thing to my life so i be most grateful you can show me the directives to get a job on face book as i have read on net.

  48. Hello. My name is Steafh Alvarez and I am a student who is looking for a job in order to keep assisting to school. I do not have any experience when it comes on working in the internet. However, I have been dealing with customer service jobs since I was fifteen years old.
    Have enough knowlege, and know what is ethically right in the business and dealing with customers. I want to get the customer service job if anything.

    Please contact me in the e-mail that I typed. If you have any questions I’ll be glad to answer them.

  49. Dear Sir,
    Good Moring to you.
    We would love to work online.Coin is great with web sites and can take a laptop
    thats broke and fix from mother board up.Also desk tops.He knows how to do pic.Beautiful Pictures on web sites.
    Please email us would love to work long hours.
    Crystal & Colin Petch

  50. Hello Everyone ,
    Yes I would be honored to work online with the most reputable company known at this time. I would be interested in the customer service representative and then learn and work my way up from there .
    Please consider my offer of allegiance and honest , hardworking , service representative ready to work. So send the information I need and let’s become socilly acquainted .
    Yours truly,
    John W. Pierce

  51. Yes, I am interested in the positions of customer service and recruiter. Please send me more information on the positions. I need positions for work at home.
    I am on facebook and I enjoy games. I am also interested in game testing and web page testing. I have many contacts on facebook and I can do research. Please contact me at the email provided.

    Thank you,
    R Shell

  52. I am currently unemployed and would like more information on an online Customer Service Rep. position if at all possible. Thank you for your consideration in this matter.

  53. I’m a single mother of 3, got laid off from my job 4 weeks ago due to the economy. My friends call me the Facebook queen since I post things so often. I’d love to be able to get paid while doing what I love :)

  54. I may have read the article wrong because it sounded to me like these were merely suggestions for those interested in a social media-type job and not actually openings. Good luck to all of you seeking employment.

  55. Am I missing something? This isn’t a job offer or a help wanted ad, this is an article. An informative article. No one is going to offer you a job through the comments section of an article. And if they do, be very, very cautious because it’s probably a scam.

  56. I just moved to a new city and I am looking for something to do. Would LOVE to work online. I am a facebook junkie lol. Please consider me :)

  57. I would love to have more information about positions that will allow me to work from home on evenings and weekends. I’m interested in working part-time to supplement my current income.

  58. I’m in!! PLEASE may I sign up? The company I’m working for is gradually cutting me loose, and they DON’T desire having an active website (which I would gladly attend to if they wanted). S.O.S. I NEED work!!

    Thank you! Looking forward to hearing more about this soon!!


  59. I wanna work at home so I can sit on my lazy a** all day, eat junk food and play games on facebook. I’m obviously a well rounded individual with talent.

  60. Um…..DUH! This is an article written for informational purposes only. Why do you people think it’s some sort of advertisement for work? oh probably because most of you people posting looking for a job have an IQ in the negative range.

  61. Gostaria muito de estar envolvido em ser um desenvolvedor de jogos. I like to be on the computer, so why not have a little fun during your workday also. Eu gosto de estar no computador, então porque não se divertir um pouco durante a sua jornada de trabalho também. BSB,BRAZIL

  62. I would like to receive more information for online customer service for facebook. I’m on facebook everyday and have may friends there as well, I know what its like to have a problem and no one ( customer service rep) to help.

  63. I am interested in working from home. Please contact me with any information on how to apply for any of the 5 jobs listed for media work.

    Thank you,


  64. Yes, would be interested in working in customer service, 15 years of experience. Please contact me with details and how to apply. Thank you

  65. I would the idea of working from work or home, I am very much interested in the above positions that will be available. Thank you….

  66. I am really,looking forward to this job,since i am unemploeyed and,here where i live. There are not alot of job opurtunities so if this is legit im willling to work! thanky you,

  67. I am looking for any opportunity to work from home and spend more time with my family. Being recently forced into unemployment this is the first opportunity that I have had to work from home. The opportunity sounds like it would be very interesting.

  68. Im currently employed at a University and currently do Customer Relations. And I am also free weeneds and nights.

  69. Yeah, but I think you will have to apply for these jobs….they won’t simply contract you by reading your posts. You will need to click on the links and then apply through Careerbuilder.com.

    Good luck.

    • I would absoltutely LOVE one of these jobs! Please send or contact me with additional information. Sure would appreciate it

  70. Im on my computer on and off all day .I have a part time job ,i would still have alot of time to work online too .This sounds very interesting ,please send me more information .Thanks !!

  71. As a person who already works daily in marketing and social media, I find this article very interesting. I work for a radio station and people sometimes joke that I get paid to facebook. Facebook is just part of our marketing program. I can say that since we hooked up with Facebook and Twitter, our listener base has grown and we are becoming even more recognized than we were. But it is a lot of work. I dont spend my day chatting with friends on Facebook. I spend my day promotiing our company in every way possible. So if you are looking for a job that pays you to play Farmville, you are looking in the wrong direction. They dont care how many friends you have and how much you use Facebook. They care how you can best market and represent their company. Thats the bottom line here.

  72. I am interested in working on-line on the social media if you are looking for a hard worker. I have a working knowledge of Facebook and other medias. if you are interested, i am willing to do what it takes to make the company roster!

  73. I would love to learn more about the Customer Service Representative positions you have. I’m interested in a Customer Service Representative position. I am on facebook. I do enjoy playing a few of the games. I could learn about the rest of them fairly quickly, if need be. Please consider me for a position with your company. Thank You.

  74. I would LOVE to work in this field from my home or from a coorperate office. I enjoy social networking and researching and also enjoy most of the games online.

    • How would one get in contact with you? You must apply for these jobs. And these jobs aren’t to play online games. They are marketing positions for people with expierence in this type of field. Not for you famers and cityvillers. If you have what it takes to work long hours and love what you do, go for it.

  75. My daughter wants to earn her own spending money but, she is too young to work full-time. She spends every waking moment on FB or Youtube that she is not in school or participating in her choice of sports. I want her to be able to earn her own money I think it’s healthy but, I want it to be SAFE. Does anyone know of some type of on-line work that hires teens and that is safe? She like most teens, can navigate a laptop through the internet better than most adults. Why not allow kids to earn a little money while doing it? We all grow up and use them as adults in our careers at some point or another. Thanks for any suggestions.

  76. Mr. Smth Would be the perfect employee for this position that you are hiring for. Im 31 and im going to school fot electronis computer technolog and im maintaing a deans list ststus with 2 quaters . I would love to be a part of your revolution contact me at 313-740-0000. Thank you

  77. Pay me to work on the comp… PLEASE!!! I became disabled and can not work a normal job and have no skills after being a stay at home mom for many many years. My advancing age doesn’t help the situation. Right now my income is $0… I get by because of the kindness of friends and family. I understand people who want more time with their families or some extra spending money but heck what about those of us who would just like to survive? I have NO medical insurance I can’t even afford to by a cup of hot water if I needed it. Look at all sides if your hiring people and fill postions with people who NEED them to survive. Remember some of us will end up costing taxpayers because we can’t afford to take care of ourselves… Who do you really think should be hired? Of course if they don’t do the work then get rid of them but people who really NEED the job are more then likely to work hard to keep it!

    • I’m annoyed by everyone here who think jobs like this are fun and games and can be accomplished by unskilled workers – and no, using the Internet and posting to Facebook does not make you a skilled worker. You need to know how to make your employer MONEY utilizing technology. Do you? If you don’t, you have no value, and being unemployed is not a reason for someone to hire you!

  78. I was an OR RN before becoming disabled. My mind is very sharp and I’ve always been a people person.
    My husband was in the corporate world 28 years when he was downsized at age 55.
    It would be a dream come true for me if I could bring in an income. I’ve been told “I’d hire you in a heartbeat”as a sales person, anything involving relating with people.
    I’m a chameleon. I can easily adapt to anybody and any situation.
    I have a lifetime of experience that I’d like to share.
    I will apply directly.
    Thank-you for this valuable information.

  79. Let me know information on customer service rep. What are the qualifications for that position and do they train you for that position. Is it done from your home online?

  80. I would indeed be interested in working in the field of social networking. I love to network, and the idea of being able to use social media for a living would be fabulous. The prospect of working at home is also appealing. I’ve considered becoming a writer because of my creativity and interest in communicating with the general public. A position in marketing/public relations, or becoming a social media strategist would be very interesting and would help me express my creativity and ideas in a very modern media.

    My current employer has a social media policy that involves not participating during business hours, as it should be. I check in a few times a day, typically on my lunch break only.

    Social media has certainly changed the world as we know it. It’s time for the business world to adapt and develop.

  81. i have attempted to find legit.work at home jobs now for years.most r scams and i have all but given up.i think facebook is a great site and a trusted format.the gravy would b in earning income with it.i’m retired but strapped and the need for income is a great motivator.hoping to hear from u.thanku vincent

  82. Do you people seriously think that posting in this comments thread will get you more information? I can’t seem to find “Post up your interest and we’ll contact you” anywhere in this article. You need to do the research yourslef!
    And comments like “would b interested more info plz” are sure as hell NOT going to get you hired, but they will get you noticed for your poor grammar and complete lack of professionalism…
    Seriously, learn to spell, speak and read. THEN, look these jobs up on your own.

  83. I very much like to work on the interwebs. I buleve that http’s and the emails are the future tecknology. I recently traded in my Commodore at the swap meet for a bag phone. Can someone please call me and tell me more about the job working on the wide world of interwebs?

  84. I got a Facebook account. I use to have a myspace until I got kicked off for publishing the nakeds of me. I might get on the new one they invented. What’s it called again…Twitties?

  85. i have attempted to find legit work at home jobs now for years. Most are scams and am looking real online job. i think facebook is a great site and can help to find legit company and real job. I have practical expereinced 14 yrs in the field of promotional and give away items and trade (buy and sell). Please inform me what kind of qualification need for this customer service job and if possible provide me details informations by email. thanks for your kind attention.

  86. would love to work from home, but realisticly, can that happen? i’ve taught myself everything i know on computers and would love to learn more AND be able to put that knowledge into something where i could earn a living.
    more info please.

  87. AbSoLuTeLy an opportunity to work from home doing something that you enjoy doing each day? wHy NoT ? as an avid FB user I am able to see how things on the site are or are not working, so to report issues and/or provide customer care which is so important and will remain to be no matter how the world changes… I’m AbSoLuTeLy interested :)

  88. I would be interested in applying for a position as Customer Service Rep. Will use the link and the proper channels~and some good old fashioned decent English language skills. Thanks for posting this.

  89. Estoy interesada en el puesto de Marketing/Gerente de relaciones públicas. Ya que tengo un bachillerato en Mercadeo y cuento con la experiencia en Investigación del Mercado.

    Esperando su pronta respuesta

  90. I;m a union painter that has been layed off for 5 months. I’d like a job social net working on the internet in some way. There are millions of us that are union members that are on Facebook. So, let me represent the union member of america that keep our systems running. Or sometyhing like that. I’m open, Make me an offer and give me some direction.

  91. I am interested in one of the Customer service rep jobs as part-time, evening work. Weekends too. Thanks for the opportunity.

  92. I am also interested in on working online through the social networks by how I am playing mostly all of the games on that site and also by being on the computer.I am also very good with computers and gaming and I am jobless.So let me know more about this.

  93. Please consider me for the position as a customer service representative. I have lots of time, I need a job and have years of experience interacting with so many people, all of whom are so very precious! What a great opportunity to be of service to others while simultaneously enjoying the benefit of some needed income! Thanks in advance for your kind consideration!

  94. Many of you wouldn’t get a job for the simple fact that you do not know how to spell or use correct punctuation. Do you realize how ignorant you are presenting yourselves to be by not performing a simple function like capitalizing your “I”‘s or not putting periods at the end of your sentences? You may want to consider brushing up on your English/grammar skills before applying for a job. Otherwise, you’ll just be embarrassing yourselves. I certainly wouldn’t hire 80% of you.

  95. I was a realtor for over 18 years. I have quite a bit of experience with customer service. I currently own a Grooming business with my husband. I would like more information regarding the online jobs.

    Thank You

  96. I am interested in the Social Media Representative positions posted on MSN .
    Please send more information .
    Thank You

  97. hi,i’m unempolyed,and Im interested in working from home. I have alot of computer experience.I would love to get some more infomation on about working on-line for FACEBOOK.Please consider me for the position as a customer service representative.i would really love to get paid to do something that i do all day.

  98. I am an properties manager and have free time and sit at my desk 4-6 hrs a day in intervals. i answer phones, fax, email and cell phone including pc. send me info about your opportunities, thank you for your time reading and responding to my comment. kind regards, robert

  99. would love to work online as I am a Marketing Rep for a company right now and have the knowledge and know how for this type of job.

  100. I would sincerly enjoy a job on here.Do to the fact that I do spend at least 30 percent of my day, each day of the week on Facebook. I work at a hotel, plus I do several other odd jobs to make ends meet. Its getting very tough, & if I could do networking & customer service at home, I wouldnt have to waste moey on Gasoline. So this would be the perfect job for me.

  101. I know there’s lots of unemployed people these days, but be very careful when you run across these articles. Don’t let the word Facebook make you assume you’ll be working for Facebook. I fell into a trap due to one of these deceiving high dollar making adds. Was ripped off through their hidden charges. Don’t trust anything you see on the internet. You need a job, go to your employment agencies where you can communicate with a real, true to life person.


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  104. I would love more information on this work. Please send more information.

    Sence i play most of all the games and chat of facebook most of the day. when not at school or work… thank you for your time.

  105. All of you people trying to “apply” for a job online here are too fucking stupid to even HAVE a job…ANY job. Get off of Facebook and at least PRETEND that you are still worthy to walk amongst the rest of humanity. Read some of the postz you ppl have left. Do you REALLY think anyone will hire someone who can’t even SPELL or uze proper grammar, for an ONLINE job which entailz um, WRITING AND SPELLING on a constant basis? Get real ppl. Get off your ass, go outside (itz still there ya know) and get a fucking job…Jeezes H. on a rubber crutch, humanity iz fucking DOOMED.

  106. I would reallywoul like to apply for the customer service rep position.I have 20 years experience.Please let me now where I can apply.

  107. Unfortunately our company does not allow us to access Facebook at work. But I do love Facebook and play at home. Its an amazing tool for companies to advertised. I can definitely see myself working from home and be part of this phenomenon.. Thanks

  108. Hi,

    This is really interesting. I would like to know more in details. Yes i have access to FB. Working online would be a great for me.

    Thanks & Regards,

  109. I am interested in the on-line position, I have MS but am able to work at home on the computer daily for as long as needed! Thank you for your consideration!

  110. Hi
    Im very interested in the above offered opportunity’s and would love to learn more.
    Thank you I look forward to hearing from you.

  111. Im older, more experienced and know more than the younger age group by comparison.. Im up to date on social skills and much more.. Im 55 and have a Business Degree. Thats all you need to know..Linda Simmons

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    Hoe anybody will help me.

  113. Im very interested in the above offered opportunity’s and would love to learn more. I have been unemployed for over 5 years now and having trouble finding work. I just graduated from College with my Associates of Arts in Elementary Education.

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  116. All these stupid people think they are going to receive further info and/or a job offer. That is quite sad. You are too stupid to hold a job.

  117. Right at the moment Facebook games suck, so if any of you can make a change for the better, more power to you. Cityville started out fun but now that I am at the top they take the gifts you earn and make it impossible to expand your property. FACEBOOK NEEDS ALL THE HELP THEY CAN GET!!!!!

    • You’re playing Cityville, and are apparently at the top of the game…umm, get a freaking life! If you apply yourself half as much as you do wasting your time playing a FB game into getting a grown up job and you’ll be just fine. Good luck with that.

  118. I’m amazed…and appaled at the amount of idiots that think playing Farmville on Facebook would make them qualified enough to “work on the internet.”

  119. This site has really given me my chuckle for the day.

    First, there’s the morons who can’t identify the most obvious of scams, the foreign lottery. Oh, yes, you are very qualified for a social media career in the wild, wild west of the web.

    Then there’s those who share their dirty laundy – wheelchairs, fatherless children and all – thinking that being pitiful is the way to impress employers.

    Of course, throw in those with incorrect spelling and grammar – yes, employers are lining up to hire people like you, since you’ll definitely convey a positive, professional image on their behalf!

    Let’s not forget the clueless, who think online work is fun and games, and that this, plus at-home work, is their ticket to riches! After all, employers don’t care if you do something that makes money for them or not. They’re hiring for the hell of it.

    It’s actually refreshing to read the few posts containing the thoughtful comments of educated posters who can succinctly explain their qualifications. (Look that last word up if you don’t know what it means.)

    Let’s not forget, after all, this isn’t a site to apply for jobs anyhow!

  120. ya’ll dumb or what this is not real. like i’m serious, even a 12 year old know this is fake. wow people grow upp ! you belive everything huh!? well just to tell you’ your wasting your time on finding something that doesn’t work for CRAP ! Anyways good luck with nothing.

  121. Ok, Lets be honest here..WHO WOULDN’T like to sit at home on the couch..surfing Facebook/the internet and get paid to do it….How many people really get the opoortunity and can make a living wage doing that..I would say not many..As my old pappy used to say “if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is”…..so, all of you people need go back to the real world!

  122. Being a single father with custody of my son working on line would be verry Convenient. Its really odd as much as there is to do on line you think there would be alot of jobs dealing with it (work from home).

  123. OK. First, let’s ignore the fact that the headline is completely misleading. (Does anyone actually think that Marketing Managers “play” online all day while getting paid more than a $100,000 a year?) People really need to read the article before commenting!

    This article, while interesting and informative, is NOT an offer of employment. It’s not even a request for applications. It’s an article… written by a journalist… about jobs. And, nowhere in the article does it say that any of these careers are work-at-home jobs.

  124. Yes, I would love to have a job that would not get in the way of me working on my AAS of Information Technology from ITT Tech. I would like to know more and put my name in the hat.



  125. Sometimes these companies advertise work from home opportunities:
    Blue Cross Blue Shield (bcbsfl.com) this is the Florida website. You can find your local online site.
    HSN.com (this is the home shopping site)


  126. I am very interested in learning more about these jobs. I love doing research and communicating with the general public.

  127. yes i would really like to be part of the game developer programs, I dont necessarilly have the ability to create but do have some great ideas of some new games and I am a fast learner especially when it come to computers.

  128. I play at least 22 to 30 hours a week on Facebook including game time. I know some say sad and get a life, but it is fun to me. I have also been looking for a job to do from home on the computer and though they all sound good having tried a lot of them myself are not. To me this is just another wish it could happen deal. I would to see something like this work for me and be able to tell the world, (This Works). Thank You for your time.

  129. I would love an oppurtunity with social media jobs, and to be able to work from home. My youngest is 8 and I would like to spend more time with him and the family as my job career has kept me away over the years.

    Thank You

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  132. I would have an interest in working in the capacity of Public Relations/Marketing Manager or Customer Service, call center and online response system via CSR. I’ve been volunteering in non profit organizations delivering fundraiser guidance using social media, radio, banners and other insta sign systems. I’ve also had several years in CSR teams as a team lead, and supervisor in technical db systems as well as help desk response systems.

  133. To whom it may concern,

    Yes I am interested in the above positions, namely social media strategist, customer service rep, and marketing manager. Please send additional info on how to apply. Thank you.

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