Are you the next public announcer for the Chicago Cubs?

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Have you ever been made fun of for just how seriously you take the phrase “Cubs: It’s a way of life?”

Do you tear up a little every time you hear Jimmy Buffet’s rendition of “Go Cubs Go” (Which you happen to hear every time your cell phone rings)?

Do you get upset when people mispronounce Kosuke Fukudome (And then proceed to correct them with perfect enunciation)?

If you’ve answered an enthusiastic “yes” to all of the above, then do we have a job for you: Ladies and gentlemen, the Chicago Cubs and are looking for baseball’s next great public announcer. That’s right, it could actually be your job to announce the Cubs’ starting lineup at Wrigley Field this season.

The perfect applicant has an encyclopedic knowledge of baseball, great vocal talent and won’t mind being at every Cubs home game this season. Prior experience working as a public announcer in a collegiate or professional sports environment, or on radio or TV is preferred. The paid position also requires the person to make various media and special events appearances throughout the year.

If this sounds like the job you were born to do,  then you’ve got until March 7th to get your application in. A short video audition is also required, details of which can be found at Selected finalists will be asked to participate in a live audition at Wrigley Field on March 14th, and the team will make its decision by March 25th.

Or, in words that all Cubs fans will appreciate:

“Baseball season’s (almost) underway

Well you better get ready for a brand new day (job).”

Good luck!

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