The Best Metros for Job Growth

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Where you live affects every aspect of your life. The cost of your rent or mortgage. Whether you drive everywhere, take a bus or walk. How much you pay for groceries. The availability of jobs. You could say that location really is everything.

Today the Bureau of Labor Statistics released its employment findings for metropolitan areas for April. Many metros have worse unemployment figures than they did a year ago, which is news we don’t like. However, some metros show a year-over-year increase, and that’s the kind of news worth celebrating. If for no other reason, the findings are worth noting because many Americans have been out of jobs for several months and doubt there is any way they will ever find a job.

Now, we’re not saying every job seeker needs to pack up and move to Manhattan, Kan. right now. Though, Kansas is a lovely state and I’m sure they’d like to have you. But, if your job search has left you feeling like no one is hiring for the job you want or are suited for, looking to a new location might be the way to go.

Relocating isn’t an option for everyone. It costs money, it’s inconvenient, it’s a risk. Last December we discussed the topic, weighing the pros and cons of moving to look for work. But for some people it’s the best option.

Whether you want to relocate or you just like to know what’s going on in the cities around you, here are the metros with “the largest over-the-year increases in employment” according to the BLS based on the number of jobs added.

1. Washington-Arlington-Alexandria, D.C.-Va.-Md.-W.Va.
2.Kennewick-Pasco-Richland, Wash.
3.McAllen-Edinburg-Mission, Texas
4. Ocean City, N.J.
5.Elkhart-Goshen, Ind.

However, based on percentage increases, the top metros are:

1. Ocean City, N.J.
2.Kennewick-Pasco-Richland, Wash.
3. Jacksonville, N.C.
4. Manhattan, Kan.
5. St. Joseph, Mo.-Kan.

You’ll notice that these metros aren’t the biggest, most recognizable names in the country, save for the Washington, D.C. area. Perhaps because people don’t think to look to smaller regions because they assume bigger cities offer more opportunities. Whatever the reason, the latest data shows that the metros to watch might not be the ones job seekers have been thinking about.

  1. I can understand that the Washington area is a great place to look for jobs because of the federal government, but Ocean City? Don’t get me wrong its a nice place but I wonder what is driving their job growth?

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  5. Tourist & hospitality industry, better beaches,tax incentives and proximity to larger metro areas. That’s what drives ocean city.

  6. you’re right to be suspicious of ocean city
    where m***a-types, strip-clubs and loan-sharks from Atlantic City proliferate
    better off re-locating to DC least their crimes are white-collar!

  7. After DC at #1 there’s some winners on that list!

    2. Kennewick-Richland-Pasco, WA – Nuclear waste cleanup driving growth. Historically highest cancer rate in nation.

    3. McAllen TX area – Border Patrol staffing up for war with drug cartels

    4. Ocean City, NJ – low paying tourism jobs in businesses that prefer immigrants they can short change on pay and work excessive hours.

    5. Elkhart IN – Isn’t that where the President and every Republican running for president goes to show they care about unemployed people? Did 5 people get hired for something skewing the stats upward?

      • 5. Elkhart IN – Isn’t that where the President and every Republican running for president goes to show they care about unemployed people? Did 5 people get hired for something skewing the stats upward?>>>

        Elkhart/Goshen is the RV capital of the world. When the recession hit, this place was the first to feel the pain as RV sales came to a screeching halt.

        Recently, however, there have been numerous worker call-backs as well as Navistar Truck company buying the closed Monaco Coach RV plant, where they are now building the electric service vehicles for Fed-Ex. The “Help Wanted” section has gone from only a partial column of 5-6 jobs, to five full “Help Wanted” columns today – many managerial jobs included. Even the Temp Staffing agencies are busy.

        As with any automotive-related industry, growth at the top means dozens upon dozens of smaller shops will be back to work – upholstery shops – seat frame makers – shrink wrap businesses – window makers – fiberglass suppliers etc. And that’s why Elkhart/Goshen has seen the comeback from the dark days of 2008.

        We supply raw materials to the RV industry and others, and our commission checks are now double what they were just 18 months ago.

        And when Think! – the new electric car factory from Denmark ramps up, employment will only get better here.

    • @Anne,

      Unfortunately, you are putting out bum dope about the Kennewick-Pasco-Richland (Tri-Cities) area. If you look at the National Cancer Institute maps, you will find that your statements are false. Start with the page:
      then go through white male-white female-black male-black female to see where bad areas are for cancer…and that area of Washington is not bad at all. I’d hate to live in some areas of the east, midwest, and south.

      • From having grown-up in the Tri-Cities area (I’ve resided in all three cities…) I can empahatically agree that cancer is everywhere in this region. Too many people have died, are dying, or are sick. Hanford does play a large role in this. WAKE-UP!

  8. As I think the best place for employment is going to Afghanistan & working for Afghan companies not the US military or Nato forces, only Afghan companies because they lack knowledge & that’s been the only obstacle for their growth, there are Hundreds of Local companies looking for professionals in different positions. They pay montly wage of from $6000 to $10,000 (depends on quality & job position) plus they pay a % of any business you bring to the company. So why not contact afghan companies instead.

    • Like your comment about the Afghan jobs. I have sent my resume out to several contractors for positions over there. Nothing has bitten. Nothing. I have a BS and Masters Degree and need to make some serious $. If you have the right ingredients to snag one of these gems, I’m all ears.

  9. ANN.

    I love it Ann….the real facts get published…and while it sounds a little negative…you will never see the truth in the real media since all the ‘feel good about yourself’ and ‘good vibrations’ people on the planet wont create any new jobs…


    MBA and BBA out of work for 4+ years now and counting…no govt help received here yet…In fact, the govt is stealing my remaining retirement money as they tax me a 10% penalty on my withdrawals to eat!….

    I’m also over 50 and a white US citizen and dont speak spanish…a realllllly bad combination right now!

    • you are so right Ann. The truth, actual facts, seldom sees the light of day. Let me close with a little “Food for Thought” people in a position to help the country have got so Greedy that they stopped listening to the ” Voice of their Conscience” I hope it returns to our society.God Help America and hurry please!

    • Maybe you should learn Spanish. You seem like the type to throw out the phrase “learn to speak English”. Perhaps you will find out how difficult it really is. Maybe you could also take 3 low paying jobs like cleaning hotel rooms like many of those Spanish speaking women have to do!

      • I do know Spanish and I have applied to positions of hotel room cleaner and every other position open in the hotel industry and guess what? They informed me that I was not qualified.

  10. many Americans have been out of jobs for several months? Try several YEARS! What is it with AOL articles concerning employment, unemployment, and this current administration? I have never seen the truth more bent on a regular basis…

    • Yeah you are right! I have been out of work 3 years… October of 2007. I don’t blame Obama. I know who was pres when the economy nosedived. Tax breaks for the wealthy my a$$.. Let em expire.

      • Same here.
        I had two part time jobs – lost the first one March of 2008 and the second one October of 2008 – and I know exactly who was President at the time. Both companies hung on as long as they could – hanging for two years on a thread, hoping the leaders would do something… but nothing came. The tax cuts were supposed to prevent this, but they only aided the corporate executives to make investments where the growth is: Chinese companies.

  11. I’ve been looking for a job in the DC metro area for over a year and a half with no luck. It doesn’t help that there are a ton of new jobs if there are also a plethora of people trying to get them. There are plenty of jobs to apply to, but good luck getting any response – especially with government jobs that end up being mysteriously cancelled once the posting closes.

    • The jobs don’t “mysteriously” close after being posted. Most likely they are filled by other “internal” employees looking to move up in salary grade. The Gov is required to post the positions externally for 2 weeks, as most private sector companies are, but the reality for the “outsider” is there never really was an opening….

    • The only way to land a Federal Government job right now is if you have military preference. It’s not even worth it in my experience to waste the time applying. More often than not if you don’t have prior military experience you won’t be considered. I’ve been receiving high qualification numbers for over two years and have yet to even get an interview – and I have prior Federal experience!

      • Military preference isn’t even enough to snag a govt job. I have veteran’s preferance and am qualifying for the positions, but it stops there!

  12. Anne, ditto and lol! Its so true what you’ve said. To anyone who might be thinkng about relocating to one of these job growth “gems” – think twice. I’ve been to South Texas (Mcallen)several times in the last 6 months and trust me, nothing special, dry, hot, you better be bilingual, and Border Patrol is crawling everywhere…

  13. The only reason why the unemployment has dropped is due to the fact that an individuals unemployment has ran out. The Media takes the percentages and makes it look like the economy is getting better. YEA right, I have been unemployed for over a year now. I have put in over 300 applications. Does the government even care about the Aviation. It all started with the Banking Industry and the Aviation. It all trickled down. The only ones that are still not having to worry about money is the GOVERNMENT AND THE RICH… WE MIDDLE CLASS PEOPLE ARE PAYING THE PRICE………..

    • This is so true, the labor dept. does not look at all the people that have exhausted their UI benefits and are no longer on the list so they say that the unemployment numbers are going down.thus giving false hope to the American people. Then you have the president (Oboooma) that is taking credit for the so called rate drop in unmeployment, saying his plan is working.
      And all this time the middle-class is diapearing little by little. I to know the pains the unemployed are going though, I to have been unemployed for over a year and have emailed a snail mailed many resumes and applications and as of yet no takers. As for the government, they only care about themselves.

  14. This article illustrates how desperate the federal government is to put a positive spin on the labor market. Since when does a community of 15,738 permanent residents qualify as a metropolitan area?

    Ocean City is a sweet little town. However, nothing about it is metropolitan. Job opportunities? Taffy pulling, clam frying. When I was a regular visitor, there were no bars due to its roots as a vacation spot for good Methodists. So forget bar-tending!

    At least the South Texas cities qualify as an Metropolitan Statistical Area. But one very important fact is this: Its median household income is the lowest within the 50 states at $24,863. No wonder there is job growth. More illegal aliens per capita!!! Jobs: tomato picking and grapefruit pulling. Don’t think they want an Ivy League educated architect for that sort of work.

    • Well, to be fair, this report was not about happiness and high wages, it was about which cities made the turnaround, and is now up from AGONIZING PAIN to SERIOUS PAIN.

      Be thankful that the 5 year nosedive of LOST jobs has finally turned a corner and is now going the opposite direction — and some people ARE indeed FINDING jobs – with still many more to go. It takes time.

      Even once the unemployment eases, we may never see the good pay/high benefits we had in the past, because we have a republican party that is pushing for the elimination of benefits, unions, and good wages for teachers, police, mayors, state employees and federal employees. We have to pay for those tax cuts somehow. Since government is slashing wages and benefits – then private industry doesn’t have to compete to pay for those things either.

      Keep people hungry and numerous, and they’ll take any job – even low paying ones without benefits. They learned that from Mexico; land of no labor unions.

      The best thing you can do is hope you have a wealthy relative that can lend you money to open your own business – but it better be a BIG business to be able to compete with all the big box-monopolies we let merge together in the past 10 years. And then look to merger or expand as quickly as you can. The game is capitalism.

  15. I can agree with all comments i read today..I
    ve experienced and observe a little of all those listed..As person that was blacklisted for six years out of well paying industry and was never made whole, i can assert with absolute truth the the bad can always get worst. The only thing you can depend on is yourself and you can’t effectively do that if you give up or almost give up…The best to all of you and dare to dream for yourselves.

  16. I agree with all of these great comments. I’ve been off work for a year now also and have sent out hundreds of resume’s, had a few interviews…nothing. It’s especially hard since I am a 61 year old woman. Lots of experience and good skills but the competition is too much. Also, the positions I am qualified for are now paying $10.00/hour. 1/2 of what I was making last year! How are we supposed to survive on that?

  17. Ocean City, N.J.? Huh? I live 30 mins from there. If you want a job on the boardwalk flipping burgers, or frying dough, fine, you can make $8 an hour and they’ll tell you to hit the bricks in August.
    No. This entire county has been hit tremendously hard by the economy. Jobs? Everyone I know has either lost their job, is underemployed (think professionals working in Haunted Houses on the boardwalk. How’s that for scary?), or terrified they will be next. Look elsewhere.

  18. I feel you I been unemployed for one year and also have a bachelor degree, no one seems to be hiring, this really sucks.

  19. I am sorry so many seem to be having a hard time finding work. Have you thought it might be your attitude. Such negativity. I have been laid off or fired seven times in the last five years. Got laid off end of Feburary. So relieved to be out of stressful job working way too many hours for crappy wages. Less than two weeks later, I got called for a contact position that I am still in. It will last for a few more months. Since I said that I would accept long term temp work, I get calls all the time and have people waiting for this assignment to end. Might not hurt that I have a BS, MBA and CPA also. Will soon be 60. But, with more than 30 years experience, statistically, I am over qualified. Making more doing contract work. Only difference is less benefits. Have any of you thought about it?

    • Regarding contract work: for older workers, this may be the only way to go.

      I found it interesting that employers have a two different mindsets when it comes to outsourcing versus hiring:

      -when looking to hire, they seem to have a “profile” in mind, and that often includes younger, although they won’t (legally can’t) cite this as the decline reason.
      -the same companies want all the experience in the world when they seek to outsource. In those situations, purchasing agents Want to hear you have 20, 30 years experience or more.

      Personally, I prefer being an independent contractor serving clients, rather than having one boss.
      Know that there is a dark cloud to that silver lining, however: many companies take advantage of service providers by stringing them along for payment. In such situations, of course the strapped companies prefer to outsource: they “pay when paid” (or, payment terms will state 30 days, 60 days, more, and you have to accept in order to get the work), whereas they would have to come up with payroll weekly if they hired. I have one client who owes me six grand since June.

      When you’ve been unemployed for a while and are just starting out in your business, chances are your war chest is pretty bare, and such delays hurt, a lot. Be prepared to factor in spending 30% of your time (or more) chasing work, 20% of your time chasing payment, and the remaining 50% is for producing the deliverables. Admin/accounting stuff you do with the remaining 10% of your work schedule (and yes, I can count, it adds up to 110%, which is what you have to be prepared to spend if you want your independent contractor business to grow).

  20. I think professional staffing folks will have to remember or to teach their 20-something HR grunts an extremely important lesson. Before calling a potential C-level candidate for an interview–be prepared to reply to that individual in a timely manner. Someday, the candidate could be your boss, my boss or a member of our board. Yes, the job market may be bleak, but it’s no time to ignore brand, our reputation in the community or the tenure of our own skin.

  21. Regarding the Elkhart/Goshen job market…about a year ago, that was the worst county in the nation for high unemployment rate. Hardly an economic boon. Instead, according to the BLS, the unemployment rate dropped from 18.4% to 14.1%. If you consider a 14.1% unemployment rate a healthy and growing economy, then by all means, move to this area and look for work. Those who are trying to sell their houses in this area will thank you.

    And to the person who says that the unemployment rate is skewed, because people have stopped looking for work, you may want to research how the unemployment rate is actually calculated. It is scientifically accurate and is not based upon who collects unemployment; rather who is looking for work.

    • I guess everyone forgets the rest of the story in Elkhart. The motor home builder closed. It was reopened by another company. They rehire the same people for the same job they were doing before at lower wages and no benefits. Experts call that job growth.

  22. M. Gagne – You are absolutely correct. I admire your spirit GREATLY!.

    Your/Ones *attitude* greatly helps in finding work as well as alternative solutions. If one focuses solely on the full-time full benefits package in this day and age, you miss out on sharpening your communication skills.

    Get off your degrees and get back into life.

    Reading all of these misery loves company comments remind me why I rarely read on line comments. Ugh!

    Good Luck everyone. Keep searching!

  23. Manhattan, Kansas is awesome, not only does it have Kansas State University, a college town feel, great food, it has great schools as well as Tuttle Creek Lake an excellent attraction. Go KSU basketball, top 5 next year!

  24. Hurry up and retire so I can get your crappy temp jobs. I’m a 20 something single mother with a mortgage make way for a new breed. How do you like my negativity now!

  25. Hi,out there.I’ve been out of work over one and half years. Lucky I foun some work for short term part time, doing Marketing Sign Waving it only paid $7.oo hr. And still to keep my unemployment funds. I had to claim my wages each week. Now when when I go to get a app to fill out for work, they tell me that, we are not hiaring due to the economy is bad now.And I heard today on the news that the Whit House but an stop on the The Unemployment Extendtins. Due they know what this will do to the people out there who been out of work for over two or three years, and the JOBS they had are not their no moor, the JOBS either closed or lost their company due to the ECONOMIC SYSTEM NOW THAT WE LIVE IN TO DAY.I beleive that the GOVNERMENT can give out money to the BIG COMPANYS that the GOVNERMENT CAN CREAT JOBS FOR THE UNITED STATES PEOPLE THAT OR OUT OF WORK AND OR ALL MOST HOME LESS!!!!.

  26. For the positive people out there, I do like the idea of contract work….definitely will consider it. For the negative ones, yes it’s highly unfair that the government can bail out big business and forget about the back bone of this country; the middle class. Because if there are no jobs for the middle class; that doesn’t leave a lot of people the government can tax. But for the realist, just hold on as the winds of change are blowing….you’ll see. Good luck to all of us.

  27. So companies aren’t hiring; go to work for yourself. There are many opportunities as an independent contractor. If you want to have a future, then create one for yourself. Start a business. America is the best country in the world. Quit bitching because your handout ran out.

  28. For all the people complaining, I agree with the comments about having a negative attitude. Though it is hard, I think it’s a must to keep positive.
    Also, reading some of the comments and I won’t be specific, but seriously… spelling. I am not grammar police, but if you are going to post a comment that is long, attempt to spell and use the correct grammar. Makes me not surprised to hear of being unemployed.

  29. If the spelling and sentence structure in your resume is as atrocious as it is in your post, then I can understand the reader filing it in the circular file. Learn to spell and compose a rational non-whiney post. Exhibit an optimistic attitude, get a clean shave, a fresh conservative haircut, shine your shoes, and wear clean clothing commensurate with the position that you’re applying for. Then just maybe your “luck” will take a turn for the better.

  30. My two cents.

    I’ve been out of work 8 months and I live in NJ. If any real work in Ocean City I would have found them and applied. This artical is so wrong!

  31. your right, and you sound like i did. but now i don’t see things changing for the middle class ( middle victums ) nor the poor.

  32. Hello from Manhattan, Kansas. The unemployment rate is pretty low and there are jobs available, but most are low paying service jobs. So if you want to work at McDonalds or Wal-Mart, come on over!

    On the other extreme you have the cities largest employer, Kansas State, but unless you are an academic even it’s number of professional level jobs is limited.

    As someone with a college degree who has returned to the area I can tell you that there is a shortage of good paying professional jobs. Before you start accusing me of being a snob, I am working one of those low paying service jobs while hoping something better comes along.

    There are large number of K-State grads who would like to stay in the area but can’t because of the lack of professional level jobs. If you are interested in starting a company and need a bunch of young college grads you should look at Manhattan.

    One of the bright spots on Manhattan’s job future is that it is becoming a hub for bio-research. A major lab is relocating in Manhattan and other labs and pharmaceutical companies are following.

  33. LOL! I got a good laugh at the “Elkhart-Goshen” being on that list. Sure the President has been here twice and everyone else likes to point to us with pity. Yes, business has picked up some (the RV business since there is STILL not much else, no matter the promises of diversification). When a city hits ROCK BOTTOM, there is nowhere else to go but up. It does not mean that it deserves to be on the “best metros for job growth”. With thousands of jobs lost in a single year, we get the good news this month that a new company will be hiring 30 people over the next three years. Is that growth to get excited over? I think not.

  34. what a crock of shit! i live in goshen/elkhart indiana and there are no jobs!!!! sunday paper has but half a page at most, online is nothing either. the unemployment website has a job posting website and its patheric too. this article is lies….bring the jobs please!!!!!! stop with the lies

  35. elkhart goshen indiana has no jobs the unemployment rate is still over 14%. myself and my fiancee among many others i know are still without work and not getting hired. unemployment ran out now so will have to get public aid. the job postings are so few its pathetic. most are scams and want money and hten you have truck driving jobs that want experienced people..or a few manager positions that want very exxperienced people. the market is flooded to the make with applicants and few jobs…this article is so wrong! one day jobs are abundant hten the next they say they were wrong..they don’t know. its very very bad and i fear for my family and i and everyone else out of work. Also it doesn’t help that there are so many illegals in goshen.elkhart – they have forged id’s and blend right in..last job i had intil they closed last year was full of them, they would screw up and get caught then fired..should have called ICE on tjhen and deport them…free up good middle class jobs..there are so many illegals i bet that 80% you see is one..come and kick them out WE NEED A ARIZONA LAW and find them illegal aliens and free up jobs for legal americans!!!

    • Companies are leaving Arizona now because of the law – the law would make their products too expensive to sell and too hostile to hispanic employees so they are seeking new areas with a similar and abundant workforce —- Elkhart/Goshen and locations in Texas. Profits before people – and kill off any unions that may still exist.

  36. Oklahoma City is a nice, growing metro to live and work in. We continue to grow with new neighborhoods and shoping centers going up everyday. We have the NBA in our city now and are proud to welcome our great NBA team the OKC Thunder. We have a great interstate system that helps with rush hour traffic. Rush hour can get rough but w we have traffic problems in every growing metro. We are known for our shopping and resteraunts. We have Bricktown, a great place to spend Friday night. With lots of resteraunts and bars that line the canal. Bricktown is just east of Downtown and is rated as one of the best entertainment areas in the world. OKC always has concerts going on, die to us having one of the top rated arenas in the country. I would say that if you are looking for a nice, growing, safe place to lice with a great job market come to OKC We will not let you down. You will love it here. Only a three hour drive to Dallas and 1 1/2 hours from Tulsa.

  37. My two cents:

    There are no job opportunities in the D.C./Arlington/Alexandria/Maryland metro area.

    I’ve lived here for a year and a half and cannot get work. It isn’t because I’m some lazy bum with a bad attitude (which, by the way, those of you telling people on here they can’t get work because they have a “negative” attitude is the most ludicrous thing I have ever read. It’s OKAY to feel upset, frustrated, and despaired about living through such difficult times. Heaven forbid anyone leave a comment saying how rough things are.). Matter of fact, I have a Bachelor’s, a Master’s in Public Administration (where I graduated first in my class), and a plethora of professional experience with fortune 500 companies.

    I think there’s an idea that because this is the federal government center of the country, there are jobs. Trying to get a job in the federal government is like anywhere else — only plan on getting an interview if your uncle/godfather/insert-rich-friend-here who is the director of the particular area you’re looking into. Unless you’ve got an inside connection and a GOOD one at that, forget it. I ended up taking an *unpaid* internship with a government institution (and just three years ago I was managing platinum accounts at a major computer company) in an attempt to get my foot in the door in any way possible. That was 15 months ago and I’m still no closer to employment than I was the day I arrived.

    I have applied for over 500 government jobs and haven’t been called on one single interview and I’m no high school grad with a joke of a resume. And for all the judgmental people out there — yes, I can spell and use correct grammar … not that I would judge people who occasionally misspell a word on a comment board on the internet. Chill out some of you.

    Basically, if you want a government job, D.C. isn’t where you’re going to find it … unless you can get a recommendation from the President himself.

  38. These ‘facts’ aren’t as positive as they might appear. Having lived in ‘Saint Joseph’ most of my sixty years the ‘available work’ has NEVER, EVER been anything close to satisfactory. In fact, I’d rate it as ‘at the very bottom’ (if not lower, if that could be possible). Given that, adding even ‘ONE’ job in a town this size (ie., these days) could explain why the city is in the ‘top metro/percentage wise’ increases.
    The town, in it’s hay day (in the 1800′s) was the true ‘dropping off point’ for settlers moving West (NOT Saint Louis). A Missouri State Mental Hospital was built here at that time due to a LARGE outbreak of Syphillis with many of the patients remaining in town to receive ongoing care…and, pitifully, that fact may help explain why some ‘long term’ residents of this city remain ‘indigent’ (for the use of a ‘nicer’ term). The city has also been ‘brought up’ in a vaccum as it was nearly completely controlled by only a few, VERY FEW, wealthy families…who are only now starting to move away (THANK GOD). In other words, the towns growth was stifled by the few wealthy families so they might maintain their feudal society (NOT a good thing). What should/could have been Saint Joseph is now Kansas City, MO., not that it’s much better…only on a grander scale.
    Overall, Saint Joseph is known as a ‘retirement town’…not because it’s a great place to retire, but because it’s residents are mostly aged. There is a plethora of low paying, non-growth jobs in Saint Joseph with costs remaining pretty much what they are around the rest of the nation…so, the residents don’t have the money to afford much (which makes them appear ‘cheap’). The schools are ‘fair’ at best (though the school superintendent wishes everyone would cowtow and believe differently) and the services (police, fire, etc are above average).
    A few years back someone was selling t-shirts that, on the front read, “The best way to see Saint Jsseph”…and on the back…”is in your rear view mirror”. That pretty much sums it up.

  39. i am living in jamaica and there is no jobs here i graduated from colledge four years now and no job so i dont know where to find one i just tired of this world

  40. The article fails to address several facts: Mission, Edinburg and McAllen are all on the Texas / Mexico border and have experienced a lot of crime and chaos due to their proximity to drug lords and their gangs.

    More importantly 16 of the 53 jobs listed were for “Home Based” business. 14 were MLM’s that require considerable personal investment (AVON) and the rest were for insurance companies/financial advisors. I do not know the process for becoming an insurance sales person, but I’m guessing it does not include free certification or start up, not to mention the lack of benefits.

    If this is true of one area, I bet it is true of others. More research should go into employment articles, better yet, more truth.

  41. My fellow Americans. Many of you have such poor writing and communication skills, per your comments:that it is no wonder you are unemployed. I know things are difficult, I just lost my job. Please though, learn to spell and use grammar properly for your own sakes.

  42. I moved from san antonio to mcallen 5 yrs ago and havent seen the crime people talk about, its no more than any growing city and i would say it is less. I have seen it boom with new businesses and healthcare and retail .

  43. I think it is time for that top one percent that is holding 24 percent of the wealth to cut loose with some of their money to help create jobs for the middle class. It is to their benefit to keep the middle class going or there will be no insulation between them and the working poor. Can you say class wars?

    • The main reason the ‘wealthy’ (who create most jobs through investments in small business) are not ‘using’ their wealth to do so is the lack of certainty created by this administration.

      A stifling business environment, little help on the Yuan exchange horizon, higher healthcare costs under ‘reform’, and the threat of higher taxes on the ‘wealthy’ all are significant factors in the lack of small (and medium and large) business investment.

  44. I have a full time job and a part time job. I could work even more hours if I wanted to at the part time job. If you don’t have a job, you’re probably not looking very hard. I’m not highly skilled or overly educated. Maybe you’re being too picky. Whatever it is, get off your duff and look around and quit complaining. The economy is bad, but it’s getting better every day, as opposed to a couple of years ago, when it was getting worse every day.
    We’ve turned the corner on the Bush recession, the worst in history after the Great Depression. Complaining about the government and blaming the other party isn’t going to put any money in anyone’s pocket, except for political ad makers. If you don’t do that, then you’d best look for something else.

  45. I feel for a lot of you, especially the ones that did not vote for this liberal administration and their hope and change. For those of you who did vote for this administation, well I have a bit of advice and it goes like this…”you may get what you want but you may not want what you get”. At least under the Bush administration the unemployment numbers were under 5%. Do you miss him yet?

  46. Jacksonville, NC – Ever consider employment rates may be on the rise because there is a MAJOR military base located here? Just a thought.

  47. I know that a lot of “numbers” are being thrown around in this discussion. If you were to ask me, take a look at the welfare numbers from the time before the “Great Resession” and now. When the unemployment numbers drop people will go on welfare. Add the two and you can get a better picture. Add the U6 and get an even BIGGER picture of what is going on.

    We can blame Bush, we can blame Obama, but we can blame wall street and the banks for not loaning money out to companies that enable them to hire people! All around it becomes one big circle-jerk.

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  55. I see alot of dispair and anxiety in many of your comments. I have been in construction for over 28 years. I have been out of work for almost 2 years and have recently decided to go to college for a degree in MIS. I am hoping to secure a job with in my choosen degree after I graduate in a year and a half. But after reading the bleak stories from many of you that have several degree’s I’m not so sure that is going to happen. But one thing I bare in mind when reading all of the comments is that my family is counting on me. Don’t give up, keep hammering away at it! Also, is there any advice as to how to approach a contract job or even an intership for some one in my position that would be useful. Any advice would be appreciated. By the way Missouri is no better off then any other state.

    Thank you for your help.

  56. @suspicious

    HA! These numbers might be a little suspect but it sounds like youve been watching a little too much boardwalk empire and have never been to Ocean City, NJ before. People who are actually from the northeast know Atlantic City is a far far away place despite the only 10-ish mile distance. The only crimes being committed in OC are that too many rich people own houses in one of the most beautiful family friendly (its a dry town) beach islands in the country, and spend less than a week a year in them. I wouldnt be caught dead walking the streets of DC at night, unless I wanted to be… dead that is.

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