PARADE’s what people earn: Labor edition

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Special contribution from PARADE

Here’s what real people from across the country earn in industries far and wide. See how your paycheck matches up – or maybe get some ideas for your dream job.

Matthew Renner, 51*
Rifle, Colorado




Ian Baker, 28
Catering chef
Wilmington, Delaware




Carl Panzieri, 58
Plumbing contractor
Auburn, New Hampshire



Andrea Adams-Britt, 36
Pastry chef
Lee’s Summit, Missouri




Jay Wood, 40
State certified exterminator
Eldon, Missouri




Kenny Dale, 32
Tank mechanic
Willow Grove, Pennsylvania




David Kiernan, 52
Furniture maker
Clayville, Rhode Island




Lori Jacobson, 62
Food stylist
Albuquerque, New Mexico




*Photos courtesy of survey participants and coordinated by Tyler Pappas for JTP | Fifth

Is your job listed here? How does your salary stack up? Tell us in the comments section.

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