Who’s Hiring This Week?

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For the past several months we’ve been highlighting available positions in different regions of the country every Tuesday. Although we mostly write about job and workplace advice, we realize many of you are also looking for jobs for a variety of reasons.

We also read all of the feedback you give us. You liked seeing a list of companies hiring but some people didn’t like waiting a few weeks until it was their location’s turn again. We adapt and are willing to try new things all the time. So we’re trying something a little different today. These are 10 companies hiring right now, and they have a significant amount of available positions–many across the country. With this method we hope to make finding a job easier for everyone, so that someone on the West coast doesn’t have to wait until next week because we’re only featuring Southern jobs this week.

Here are 10 companies that are looking to hire right now. Click on the company names to see a full list of their available positions across the country.

Brown Mackie College
Industry: Education
Sample job titles: IT instructor, student accounting advisor


The Nielsen Company
Industry: Data and research
Sample job titles: Business analyst, senior software developer

General Mills
Industry: Manufacturing
Sample job titles: Manager of social media, reliability engineer

Pitney Bowes
Industry: Business communications
Sample job titles: Competitive sales specialist, customer service associate



JPMorgan Chase & Co.
Industry: Finance
Sample job titles: Financial advisor associate, information risk analyst


URS Corporation
Industry: Construction and engineering
Sample job titles: Maintenance test pilot, contracts administrator

Furniture Row Companies
Industry: Furniture retail
Sample job titles: Sales manager trainee, warehouse team member


Averitt Express
Industry: Transportation
Sample job titles: CDL-A dedicated truck driver, part-time dock associates


Industry: Biotechnology/ pharmacy
Sample job titles: Principal investigator, paramedic, associate director of clinical data management

Saks Fifth Avenue
Industry: Retail
Sample job titles: Sales consultant, manager of database marketing, marketing director

We’ll be tweaking these companies hiring lists over time, so your feedback is always welcome.

  1. Is there a website that specializes in entry/mid-level jobs? Most of the job boards out there are advertised upon by headhunters whom companies do not want to pay to find these lower-paying positions. I keep getting told that I don’t have enough of the right “kind” of experience to qualify for the jobs for which I’m applying (19 years of mainframe applications programming doesn’t seem to equate to anything on SQL Server of VB.NET).

    • With that skill set, you are better off researching companies with those systems. The job boards can be effective and beneficial. However, with your skill set, researching companies will be more efficient. There are good blogs and VB.net sites with resources so look those up as well. Dice.com is also a good resource. Go to their home page and then the resource tab.


    • he problem is, these sort of jobs are outsourced to India. The government is even easing the process for tese people to get visas to come do these job. Nineteen years experience? Companies also don’t like hiring people your age. Pretty much, with outsourcing to China and India, American businesses have pretty much made the point. DO NOT APPLY. Some have even said if you are unempyoed, don’t bother to apply. So much for jobs in America for Americans!

  2. I work with people who have suffered traumatic brain injuries but are ready to go back to work in a limited capacity. Are there any sites that specialize in entry-level positions? These people are not developmentally disabled, they have had a brain injury from which they are recovering. Thank you.

      • Try Craigs list? Gimme a break. Try mental health organizations. Also, this is a common injurie from Iraq and Afganistan due to IED’s, etc. You may touch base withj the rehab folks at the Veterans Hospital. They may have resources that can help you.

      • This is a board to help, not get free advertisement for your stupid website. Just due to the fact you constantly appear in here is why I will never look at your site. It just doesn’t seem legit….

    • Nancy, it may helpful to search various government offices of disability, Walgreen’s and local disability networks.

      Good luck to you! I know it is hard work. Have these clients had neuropsych evaluations that might predict where they might be best suited to work? After my brain tumor, I was tempted to accept a lower position. But I discovered I was actully better suited for higher positions because it was easier to focus on the big picture, establish policy, etc. Lower positions tend to involve more detail. That was my situation anyway. Hope that helps.

    • Have you checked with the Brain Injury Resource Center? They are an advocacy group and have a really good website. I too am a brain injury survivor looking to reenter the work force. It might just come down to applying for very simple positions that provide a consistent schedule. The brain injury doesn’t have to be part of the equation.The center I reffered to has some great tools for helping a person figure out their strenghts and weaknesses. This info could help one figure out exactly what kind of postion he/she would do well in.

  3. I went to school an I am a Certified Medical Assistant.
    I got no hands on traing

    I need what is called an externship so that I can get hands on traing with taking blood pressure and pulses

    Who can help me and where

    • Hi Janet,
      I agree with Mari. What kind of school does not teach a student how to do vitals or hands on is definitely not professional.I would report this to the state board. You can go to nursing homes,or go to your family physician’s office and ask for help. Knowing how to take vitals is very important in any job relating to the medical field. If you go by the school where you were taught, and you do not receive any adequate training, report them because it appears that the instructor(s 0could use some training. This school is a rip-off, and just think of all of the new students who will go through the same as you. When I read your comment, I thought,”This is the most ridiculous thing I have heard!” Keep us informed,and good luck!

    • Try volunteering with a free clinic for several months. They often hire their externs too. Also, check with the school you graduated from and see if they have externships they can help place you with, otherwise I suggest volunteering.

    • It could be that your grammar is not so good. If you have to write things, they want it grammatically correct and readable, even though one can hardly read a doctor’s hand writing. Try volunteering at hospitals. The Veterans Hospitals and clinics will gladly accept you.

    • I believe you mean an internship. You might try a localfree clinic in your area. They are always looking for interns and volunteers. It is a win for everyone, you get experience and they get free labor.
      Good luck

    • I received my Degree as a Medical Assistant as well. The college I attended taught us a wide area of things. Blood pressures, injections, lab analysis, physical examinations, drawing blood, and many other things. Our externship was part of our clinicals. We had to complete and pass this as well as the book work before we could even graduate. I wouldn’t be very confident in the school that I attended if I were you and I would go online and look at other programs and what their requirements are. Maybe you can go to the red cross or your local hospital as a volunteer.

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  5. Janet… What school did you get your certificate? If a school can not provide externship opportunities, there not worth a d**. I would put pressure on head of department and head career counselors. It their program is worth anything, then they should have connections to free clinics, government, agencies, VA, americorp, etc. for their students to get simple experience. That’s their job. Otherwise, their edu programs are a farse and should be reported to regulating agencies.

  6. I have lived in Utah for almost 5 years, and no one will give you the time of day here, when it comes to training you on the job, to be sucessful in your career knowing you have over 15 years of Banking and Lending: Processing, Documentation, Servicing of Consumer, Commercial and Mortgage Lending and from a FSR I to a Personal Banker III and even if you even if you have Admin, HR, Operations behind you and a resume wih many accomplishments all over it and you can’t even get your foot in the door and if you get your foot in the door they set you up to fail because they just don’t want to train you and be sucessful in your career and grow with the company.

    • Reneigh,
      I couldn’t agree with you more. I have lived her for much longer. Out of 5 children, 3 do not want to live here because of the lack of career opportunity. Unless you have family members that can get you in or “Church members” that can advocate for you it is very difficult. Salt Lake City is overun with call centers and “median” type jobs to keep employees on a mid range pay scale. I wish I had an answer for you…. Park City maybe an option, network within certain groups to get an “in”. But you are correct, once you are in there are no mentors only “kingdom builders”. Good Luck!

  7. I am 50 and have been out of work 1 year. I know that looks bad but nobody will give me a chance. I don’t have any major health problems, but have back problem if I stand, so I have to sit on a job…I can’t do alot of filing with the standing. I did that with last job, but I was working in a 1 person office so I could use my chair to file and got the job done. I never call in sick and don’t use personal calls on the job but that does not seem to matter if your 50. I remember when I was younger, the 50 yr old employees told me to beware. I have yet to meet one employer and go on an interview…I truly feel if they met me, they might give me a chance.

  8. I graduated with a bachelors in Accounting. I am also finishing my masters in Taxation. The problem is I am 53 years old female. What can I do to get an accounting job.

    • Have you tried a temp agency, like Robert Half & Associates? They have an accounting field, and it would be good to get your foot in the door that way. One of our setbacks (even me included) is that companies discriminate against us because we are over 40 years old. They don’t want to pay for the experience we have. This is why recruiters want us to trim down our resumes to one page, showing the last ten years of employment (believe me, I used to work in HR and I was recently laid off). With a temp agency, they can go to bat for you to companies who are looking, and you can gain your experience that way. Good luck!

  9. I am looking for a position as a corporate paralegal. I have paralegal experience in no-fault and asbestos litigation. Please advise.

    • Lisa,
      I have gone back to school for paralegal. I did this for one semester,’I was told by my Professor if you are not good in data base and know all your computer skills, you will not get hired.

      But, try Lawcrossings.com or there is a web site for attorneys that Paralegals use also…
      I do not have that information, try some of the colleges, give them a call & let themknowwhat you are up against.

      I just lost my job and had to take a job that pays very little

      hope this helps

  10. I am a paralegal and also have a BA in politcal science, I find job announcements but they require experience. How can I find a job?

  11. This is all well and good, but were are the jobs and staffing co thats located in Nebraska.
    Their not doing any hiring here…NO…. their not trying to hire people to work here…

    With the jobs you have listed. Their located in other states. Who can afford to travel to and interview and relocate…Then they say go to college get a degree,but then your in debth b/c you have no job while in school and when you get out of school.You have no money to pay back loans..Your credit gets bad….

    You have people now with degrees and no job in the field…….and they don’t have a job at all……all this is crazy…Then the government programs they are offering is out of money….

    Staffing co has a 6 mos stipulation on the length of time your off work before they will hire you for work.Staffing co were designed for people who can not find a job , to get a job..

    These same folks that works in these Companies are telling these staffing co not to hire people if they have been off work 6 mos to a year ….and They call it..


    Now were is the jobs at….

    • I don’t know if the jobs you would like to have require correct spelling but if so, you should learn that “where” is spelled with an “h”. The first rule of job hunting is to make sure your written communications are impeccable. This job market is so competitive that if a position you want comes down to you and another person that spells or speaks better it may go to them because the person they hire is a reflection of the company.

    • The staffing companies are just being greedy with the 6 mo unemployed requirement. They get a huge tax break on their payroll taxes for ‘hiring’ someone with this qualification. Since the staffing company is who sends you your paycheck, they get the tax break, not the business where you go to work everyday. So they make more money off you if you have been out of work more than 6 months versus someone who just lost their job. Happy job hunting!

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  13. Do u know of any travel nursing jobs in Wasington DC? I love traveling and would like to be in the DC or virginia region!!

    Thx Cristy

  14. I am a Certified Medical Assistant,with over 5 years of experience and still cannot find a job. I currently work as a Home Health Aide and am awaiting an exam date for My Certified Nursing Assistant. Can someone please help me,need advice ASAP

  15. I have operated equipment for 20 years. Everything fell out out of the bottom 2 yrs ago in southern, Co. I have had to travel with my camper from job to job every 3 to 5 months. Does ANY ONE..know of a *good* company hiring long term? Looking in TX, UT, CO, NV, N.M. Help I am starving! Operated excavators, dozers, loaders, motor graders, My specialty is *blue top* I can read grade, transem and blue prints.

    • Terry,
      there are alot of construction jobs in Minnesota…
      work on roads ,build all these buildings that no onewill llive in…

      Try Mortenson &Co…I do not have the number, look them up onthe computer

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  17. You know it is easy to give some people advice on what to do. Ubtil youi then live there life and experience it. Some people do not have it good then other do in life. Celebrities live and look down on people and then some of you get hired because a freind knows somebody. Then you got people who purposly make someone lose thewre job thinking that they are just giving jobs away. The reality is we are failing and we better make sure we do not end up in ruins. Because people have not yet decided to give up. When that happens, there will no longer be commerce, it will be just do what you have to to survive. We need to pull together as a nation and get it back or we are lost.

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  19. to careerbuilder,

    how am i supposed to apply for the said vacant position while the on-line application form that i am going to fill up is for the local employment only, could it be possible to the hiring employers that they provide us international forms of job application while your website careerbuilder known internationally. thanks

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  21. I too, am certified medical assistant and cannot find a job anywhere on an entry level. I need to keep up with the blood pressure and pulse experience. Help

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  24. what lines of work are best for someone who has only a 2 month externship level, a high school graduate, completion of secondary education(Illionis School of Health careers), who is a registered medical assistant with a cpr and amt(rma) certification, and has no employment experience…

    • Myra if you can handle it go to the Abortion Clinic in your area….they also pay more because of the job. I was in the same situation and they gave me the experience to be able to get another job as a RMA. It sucked for a year though.

  25. Iam phoreign physician from cuban i used to be family doctor and emergency doctor, i have been studing and i’ll take toefl test next saturday, i can work as medical asistant or some thing related with medical campus,what shoul i do???

  26. I have tried calling the Texas Worforce Commission for information about unemployment benefits but can not get hold of anyone and I hope some one knows the answer to my question.

    If I take a contract job I know my benefits will stop because I’ll be making more than the benefits I get. But what happens after my contract is over? Can I apply for benefits again until I find a permanent job or my benefits run out? Or as soon as I take the contract job my benefits stop? Thank you in advance.

    • Your UE benefits will stop while you work. When the contract ends you could apply for benefits again and they would recalculate your benefits based on the fiscal quarter (1 quarter=3 months)that is relavant to your new UE case. Whatever is left in your account would then be distributed weekly to you.
      Remember that as a true independent contractor you would receive a 1099 for your work instead of a W2 and UE insurance is not taken out and paid (as well as all other taxes). This would affect a claim for benefits 5 fiscal quarters in the future. Here’s a link to the Texas Unemployment Handbook: http://www.twc.state.tx.us/ui/bnfts/bi-99.pdf
      There is a benefit estimator on this page: http://www.twc.state.tx.us/ui/uiclaim.html You can use this to estimate your benefits if the contract lasted, for example, 6 months (2 fiscal quarters) or whatever scenario you put in. I hope this helps, good luck!

  27. I’m glad CB started doing this general listing of hiring companies. It appears that I may need to relocate to another state. At least I can get an better idea of which companies have openings. Great idea.

  28. I am a 58 year old woman with over 30 years working in an office environment. I spent 9 years at my first job and 15 years at my second job. I have 1 year in my last job and I had to relocate from Massachusetts to Florida and I am now unemployed. I never take a day off unless it is scheduled and I never, ever take unscheduled Fridays or Mondays unless it’s an emergency. I am looking for a stable, local job. I was a Group Leader, Office Manager, HR Rep and an Intake Specialist working with Dept of Transitional Assistant to help welfare recipients become self-sufficient by training them in different skills for permanent employment. I’ve worked for a Telecommunication company and a Training Resouce company. HELP!!! I am at the end of my rope! You can reach me at 413/241-0158

  29. To Appaloosa-

    Where have you been? Since when is mid 40′s old and being brutally honest probably hasn’t served you that well either..Your grammar and word usage isn’t perfect, to say the least..before you start giving out advice on the level you’re giving it, try a bit of self examination first..

  30. I’m a 59 year old who was laid-off after 34 yrs. with the same company due to their decision close the manufacturing division of the company. Am I wasting my time job searching due to my age? I in inventory control/costing.

    • Marty,
      I am 62 and it is difficult for us Boomers…

      No One wants to hire us, because we do not have the knowledge, or the know how…

      Keep trying

      Alot of this is discrimination, and these companies do no realize and will do anything to get out of it..

      I was justlaid off yet found a small part time job

      • I am in the same boat; 60 yrs young and worked all my life . 3 years ago i was injured on the job of a company I had worked for 17 yrs and was in management. got dropped because doctors would not release me to do the same job (standing) 8 hrs a day.Now I work for a call center ,the worst kind of work ever, because I need some work and I am still trying to get a better job but at 60 no one wants to even talk to me.

  31. Tim,

    for a mainfrmae DB position, try Chris Rosser, Linkedin, position is in St. Louis, sorry if this is a duplicate, not sure the first comment took

  32. I earned a Bachelor’s of Science in Information Technology with a Minor in Marketing one year ago. I have sent out hundreds of resumes over the past year and the companies I do hear from claim to want more “real world experience”. How am I supposed to get experience if no one is hiring entry-level? My second problem is that I live in Miami and almost every company won’t look at you if your not fluent Spanish. I took two semesters of Spanish and lets just say, my GPA went down. From my current situation, any information on potential job prospects would be very much appreciated.

    • Mike,
      go to ESA, it is all about science,engineering, space , IT…lookthe website up on the computer…or teach a class in acommunity ED school.

      There are alot of jobs out there , the emp;loyers do not want to hire…because theBanks are sitting on the Money

  33. That article is stupid to Not post the city and state of these companies. A waste of time to go through that only to find they are no where near you.

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  35. I am filipina who are still working here in dubai as a butcher,2 years ago I got the position as a trainee supervisor at the age of 32 years old ,as of now I am working in one of the well known company here and almost 4 years working and willingly to go and work into another country. Any information can help me to find another job is highly appreciated. thanks in advance.

  36. I am very interested to work as a store/casino greeter, security officer, retail store floor/stocking cerical job. My experiences in jobs I have performed in the past should make it pretty simple for me to adapt to a job in these fields. I have worked as a school/community health educator, CVD prevention program worker, diabetes prevention educator, security officer, janitorial services, plus others. I wish someone in the Rio Rancho, Albuquerque and/or Bernalillo area would consider me for employment. A response to this matter asap is appreciated. I have applied for many jobs at Wal Mart, Sandia Casino, Santa Ana Casino, K Mart, Home Depot, with no results, what can I do to get into jobs at these places. HELP!!

  37. Iam a 30 year professional sworn translator in Ennglish and German – Spanish and a translator in French and Portuguese with multiple specialties,living in Argentina. I would be interested in contacting companies requiring outsourcing translation contracts abroad.

    Should any company be interested, please let meknow .

  38. I am a chartered banker with several years of experience in branch banking and credit administration.I have MBA, B.SC Banking and finance and member of Association of Business Executives,London.I am looking for job and I’m based in Houston, Texas.

  39. Every time I have a home phone interview,They ask me why I was let go,and I tell them I was fired after 17 yrs.of that company It seems like it was a bad thing and never calls me back.I feel that they seems to judge me on that I have worked hard all my 35 yrs of my life and seem to find a job in the manufacturing Industry

  40. I’m in the same situation as Mike. Graduated in May 2009 with a Bachelor’s in Journalism (Public Relations) and a minor in Business. I live in North Carolina let’s just say there isn’t much going on the PR world here. No one and I mean no one wants to hire entry level unless it’s one of those pyramid sales companies….feeling a little stuck any leads would be helpful.

  41. i`m 41years male and white i`m overqualified. police for 18 years(detective) security grades, boduguarding name it i`v done but no work in S.A have kids and wife working now for r5ooo a month need better life. pls help will move to another country.

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