Your favorite job-search advice in 2010

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The end of each year brings with it lists. Every newspaper, magazine, blog, TV show and critics group can’t help but compile a list of favorites. Inevitably, it all comes down to taste. No two lists of the year’s best films are identical because no two critics have the exact same viewpoint. While those lists are fun to read, the more interesting reflection on the year  comes in the form of quantifiable lists that reflect performance. What movies sold the most tickets? Which news story dominated coverage this year?

In that spirit, we put together a list of the blog posts and articles that attracted you, our wonderful readers, in 2010. The following posts and articles received the most attention this year. Check out what your favorite job search advice was, broken down by topic:

What the workplace will look like in the future
Some of the most popular stories had to do with the jobs of tomorrow. The recession eliminated many positions and sent workers back to the classroom to learn new skills or brush up on old ones. Therefore, workers don’t want to be caught by surprise again. They want to be ahead of the trends, and these articles give a glimpse of where tomorrow’s jobs will be.

The future’s 15 most wanted workers

Where will the jobs be this decade?

10 jobs we’ll miss when they’re gone

Need a job? 10 hot industries to watch

Money, money, money, money… mooooney
What motivates us more than a paycheck? Sure, we want to help humanity and make the world a better place, but none of that is possible if we can’t afford food, shelter and clothing. Money’s always important to workers and seeing as wallets took–and continue to take–big hits from the economy, people are anxious to see where the dollars are.

25 best-paying jobs for women

A few things you should know about minimum wage

8 ways to earn extra cash

America’s fastest growing salaries

What America Earns: Snooki made only $2,200 last year

Like it or not, résumés are part of every job search. That one page is a necessary evil you can’t avoid. They continue to be causes of pain and annoyance for job seekers, and these stories made it a little easier to write the kind of résumé that will get you hired.

6 things you should probably remove from your résumé

10 things to never put on your résumé

Acing the interview
Interviews, like résumés, are unavoidable. You can complain about them or you can learn how to conquer them and beat the other job seekers. Knowing what to say, what not to say, and how to project yourself can make employers realize you’re the candidate to hire.

8 things that can kill your job chances

5 rules for asking better interview questions

7 questions that make interviewers unhappy

Want a job? Don’t ask these questions

10 hiring manager deal breakers

Finding the right job
Ultimately, what everyone wants is a job he or she loves. Or at least likes. Or at least doesn’t hate. Finding the job that doesn’t bore you, makes use of your talents, and suits your schedule isn’t easy. Not surprisingly, workers were eager to see where and how they could find the gig that fits their needs.

The best companies for working moms


What kind of job market can the class of 2010 expect?

Best cities for 2010 grads

10 jobs that defy 9-to-5

Help wanted: 7 industries that need workers now

  1. Your post dealing with the 15 future most wanted jobs is right on track. What’s interesting, is that here in Hawaii the nursing profession is not seeing such a shortage as in other areas of the country. Despite the obvious shortage of nursing training institutions here in Hawaii there seems to be an overabundance of new nursing graduates as compared to nursing opportunities. Having said that, I still believe being an RN is one the best career opportunities for any young person today! Being in the career advice business I very much appreciate your post and all the information that it does contain. Have a great day.

  2. I love those advertisements that talk about the high demand for tech skills and how how employers can’t find those skills.

    Those are plenty of 40 somethings in this country who have excellent tech skills but companies will not hire them. In fact they won’t even look at them. Too much experience and education is just as bad as not having enough experience and education.

    • Sammy is right, trying being in your 50′s having helped larger companies setup these wonderful backbones we still use. Companies wont touch me, they see that history and know, I remember the 250K contract and the 100K bonus for completing it early.
      College grads work for about a tenth of that, set in the office and wait for the clock to chime 5 bells, doing a good job.

  3. Beware of jobs posted on Careerbuilder for executive positions and jobs. The positions are listed by AMC. These positions DO NOT EXIST. I went yesterday to my “initial interview”, and discovered that it is a marketing firm, wanting $5K to $6K upfront as a “retainer” with no guarentee of placement, but an additional $3K on the back end if placed. If no placement occurs, you loose your retaining fee.

    While I agree that seeking employment is a full time job in and of itself and that you are marketing yourself as a product…recruiting firms that claim high percentage placement rates SHOULD NOT charge such fee’s. If they are so successful, then they should not fear the risk..after all its thier successes they sell to us…so work on contingency…earn your fee’s by placing in us positions.


  4. Stop with all the websites geared to women, do you research and you will find out the unemploynment rate for men is much higher. The pandering toward females is tirin.

  5. hi all,
    happy so much to see like this advice,
    but i’ll be more happy if you can helpe me find the suitable job for me.
    I’m Osama from Egypt and i have 4 years experience till know from LG in purchasing field , and 1 year customer care from Xerox.
    if so i hope you will support me,

    thanks and best regards

  6. Sorry, just carpetbomb your resume no matter what teh experts advise on “customization,” targetting etc– it is a waste your time for nothing.
    Just carpetbomb to as many jobs as you can and someone will like you. Use discretion of course. Make sure you are at least a 50% fit– e.g. don’t apply to be a medical technician if you never even went to school for it, or apply to be a paralegal if you never worked in the field…

    If you carpetbomb everywhere, somewhere, someone will ike you and call you inf or an interview where your charm can do its thing. To get your foot in the door.

    Seriously, it works!!!!!!

    • Hey Sal,

      I’m just starting my job search and agree with your concept of carpetbombing. The biggest issue I have is having to fill out all the personal info. on each companies website. Is there any form of workaround on this that you are aware of? It takes about 25 to 30 minutes on each site.

      Thanks, Rick.

  7. I will be graduating in Spring 2011, and I’ve already started applying to jobs and submitting my profile for a lot of companies. Do you have any advice for those companies that want you to fill out/submit your profile online? Do they actually read those or do they just do a search for key words?


  8. Is this article tellinbg us that the Technology ( material science, bio tech, IT) industries will die or are already dead in US? Non of these industries are listed in 10 hot industries of next decade or top jobs !

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  17. Hi, great post! I’ve just bumped into it and found it concrete and useful, very straight to the point. With your tips and some tricks I’ve heard during the webinars organized by I’m sure I’ll easily go through job search. Thanks once again!

  18. Hi, very useful post. I’ve just bumped into it and found it concrete and useful, very straight to the point. With your tips and some tricks I’ve heard during the webinars organized by I’m sure I’ll easily go through job search. Thanks once again!

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