8 things that can kill your job chances

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body languageIn her new book “What Your Body Says,” Sharon Saylor writes, “The most influential part of communication is your nonverbal. Your nonverbal can actually destroy or produce the results you want, such as inspiring employees to do better work, calming angry customers, creating fans in the marketplace and closing sales.”

And according to a new CareerBuilder survey, your body language can also hurt your chances of landing a job … especially a lack of eye contact.

In the survey of more than 2,500 hiring managers, 67 percent said that failure to make eye contact would make them less likely to hire a job candidate. Other nonverbals that hiring managers cited as negative included these seven things:

  • Lack of smile – 38 percent
  • Fidgeting too much – 33 percent
  • Bad posture – 33 percent
  • Handshake that is too weak – 26 percent
  • Crossing arms over their chest – 21 percent
  • Playing with their hair or touching their face – 21 percent
  • Using too many hand gestures – 9 percent

“In a highly competitive job market, job seekers need to set themselves apart in the interview stage,” said Rosemary Haefner, vice president of human resources for CareerBuilder. “All that pressure, though, may have some job seekers making body language mistakes that don’t convey a confident message. To avoid these faux pas, and ensure you’re remembered for the right reasons, try practicing ahead of time in front of a mirror or family and friends.”

Haefner offers the following tips to avoid body language missteps during an interview:

  • Keep calm. To make the best impression and avoid nervous body language, take measures to stay as calm as possible before the interview. Leave the house with plenty of time to get to the interview, avoid caffeine if possible and take deep, calming breaths.
  • Practice makes perfect. The old adage proves true in this case, as you’ll feel more comfortable the more you prepare for the interview, and in turn, it will help decrease your anxiety. Rehearse ahead of time with friends or family, do your homework on the company and be prepared for common interview questions.
  • See for yourself. Viewing yourself while speaking can help you notice what body language mistakes you might be making without realizing. Look in a mirror while practicing interview responses or videotape yourself to figure out your typical physical movements, and whether or not you need to change them.

Saylor, who is a certified group dynamics and behavioral coach, says it is possible to change your behavior and be conscious of what messages you’re sending with your own body. Her book gives the reader tips on overcoming many communication roadblocks including how to project confidence, how to look intelligent, how to eliminate verbal pauses, and how to use your posture to show confidence.

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  1. In other words:

    The top 1 killer of job interviews is….FEAR.

    Fear of rejection, fear of taking chances, fear of being somebody, fear of being recognized, fear of not being qualified, the list goes on.

    The #1 way to beat fear is to recognize it and do exactly the opposite of what it wants you to do.

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  4. Some good GENERAL advice but sometimes it’s ok to be a bit animated – to show some passion for the job. I work in a creative environment. Sometimes it’s good to have dilated pupils. :)

    Research the company and if possible the person conducting the interview. Prepare – prepare – prepare.

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  7. It’s such a shame that so many asinine managers focus so much on such irrelevant arbitrary things to make their decisions, rather than things that actually matter like ability to do the job!

    • No truer words said. Todays HRs are nothing more than asinine, arrogant morons sitting behind their little desks weilding the power to save or destroy the unemployed American worker. Most REVEL in the fact they can cause harm to people. Millions upon millions of good solid workers are being beaten down, abused and discriminated against by employers. Any idiot that follows these so-called job getting rules, is setting themselves up for failure. That is that last thing I would be looking for are the anal asinine things they have in this article. What makes a good worker is HIS/HER experience, not how they look or talk or how they sit, facial expressons or ASSUMING what they will want for wages or any of these ridiculas “Signs” these dopey HR poeple look for. If I owned a business, those types of HR people would be out the door and fast!!! Someday soon they will be faced with THEMSELVES when they are out of a job.See how they like it.

  8. What about when the hiring manager says, “I thought you would have been blonde?” I’m 5’11 thin model like built of mixed ethnicity?

    How do I deal with in your face racism? I have 2 degrees with excellent references.

    I would love to hear feedback.

    • Actually Janet it might not be racism at all but sexism. It sounds like he was hoping for a dumb blonde but instead he got you and he was disappointed, that doesn’t justify his comment but would make more sense. You sound like an intelligent person; I’m guessing he didn’t hire you, his loss. On the other hand you wouldn’t want to work for him either. But there is another possibility, without having heard everything that went on in the interview, I personally would have been surprised by you height and my even comment on it. It doesn’t mean I don’t like tall women; I’m 6’2” myself, but merely not expecting someone tall. So maybe because of the sound of your name or your voice if he had talked to you on the phone he was expecting you to be a blonde and meant no disrespect. You might want to consider that just because you are of mixed ethnicity does not make everyone a racist. I have a beautiful six year old granddaughter that is the same way and I worry about how people will treat her but all I can really do is stand by incase it happens and support her to define herself.

    • Janet: If they expected only blondes to apply, it must have been for a reason…and unless you’re applying to the Swedish Bikini Team, you don’t want to work for them anyway. Keep fishin’!

  9. These is more nonsense why a job candidate fails to secure a job. The problem is the employers. The employers lie and waste time. Either there is a job available or not. Most employers interview either to justify the human resources department or for various office managers to fill time. Neither seeks to hire. Thus, no matter what a job candidate does will ever suffice to obtain a job.

    The whole process should take about 45-minutes or less, one interview, and no need for endless meetings with various company people. The department that needs a person should interview the person. The company lies about the specific interviewer being away from his or her desk, in a meeting, out to lunch, or out of town are the usual signs that a company supposedly hiring is wasting someone’s time let alone being rude toward a job candidate.

    The interviewers are unprepared, as some never read the resume. The job for which the candidate came for the interview is magically changed, which makes the interview a waste of time. The bold face lies by companies are the reason for hiring problems, not whether a resume is printed on fancy paper, a candidate asks some absurd question to show interest, and or answers some asinine question.


    The whole interview process is a sham, as the companies lie like crazy because of being cowards to hire and being liars to admit there are no jobs available. All that is available is just time needed by the HR department’s to justify its budget and or to fill time by some useless manager who does not have the brains to order toiler paper when needed without having to consult 50-people.

    The reasons I just asserted are why a candidate does not land a job, not some concocted nonsense under the catagory of “things” or any other inane title that just dissimulates employer prevarication.

      • Wow, sortof bitter aren’t you? Put yourself in the manager’s position. I get it, looking for work is a full time job itself. But managers aren’t just doping people around for no reason, they’re trying to find the right match. In this troubled economy, theres plenty of people to choose from.

    • I agree with some of what you’re saying. At job fairs, for example, many times employers have no intention of hiring. They are there because it’s a public relations tool.

      What is often a waste of time are posted positions on job boards. Many times an inside candidate has been selected but they are made to post the position to the public so they can say they there was a fair process but they already know who is getting the job.

    • What I just read was about someone who is under-qualified to get a position of hire pay. Most states are going to right to work state. This means that they don’t have to hire just anyone (minorities first)
      I also read some of the worst grammer a second grader could write. Use spelling and grammer check in Microsoft Word.

    • to response to Aug 16,2010 barry i am going though the same thing 3 interviews and no answer. the first interview was a test which I could understand the second and third was sear waste of my time.

  10. Amen to the comment about starting to look for what matters…THE ABILITY TO DO THE JOB!! I guess as long as you can fool the interviewer you’re good to go??? Unbelievable.

  11. You sound like a person who has been on many job interviews and been turned down many times. You might consider your attitude and being a major problem. If you were as perfect as you think you are you would be King of America.

    Good luck in your future job searches.

    • Maybe Denny you should re-read his comment “I MAKE MISTAKES FOR IF I WERE PERFECT” then you might even understand what he is taking about. Not everybody get the perfect job, I have worked for several employers that treat their employees like crap. I have also been on several job interviews where I discovered that they really didn’t have a job opening they were just taking resumes and app’s for the very reasons that Barry stated. Even had one employer tell me there were going to be some people coming in to fill out an application and I should put them on his desk when I get them, so I did. I asked if we were hiring and he said no and not to tell anyone. It turned out that a local assistance program requires that recipients have to do a job search and they will check to make sure they did. So to program coordinator called on business’ to provide the requirement full well knowing that there really isn’t any jobs available. It’s only in case there was a government audit they could say they did their job. The point is if an employer is taking app’s they should have a job opening and not lie about it getting peoples hopes up for a job that doesn’t exist.

      • wow, why is everyone on this guy’s case? It sounds as if he has made some horrible discoveries about the people behind the scenes and it’s NOT pretty. I also applaud his courage for just telling it the way he sees it. I am having trouble finding a job as well. Being older, I seem to have hit a bump in the road and it is super scary. My husband is critically ill and in the hospital and I have two sons. I am desperate for a job but can’t seem to land anything better than a minimum wage job. I have skills and I am going to school part time but it’s amazing how difficult it has been lately. Anyway, I just want to say that I don’t think Bob (Barry?) is bitter…I think he’s a bit fed up, but he is telling his side of it. Why judge him like that?

  12. Just roll with it. Possibly by saying, no…I’m not a blonde but I am what you are looking for! Then go into your 1 minute sales pitch of yourself! Good luck!

  13. My comment was meant for Janet. I hit reply next to her letter, but this site does not recognize replies to letters. C’mon guys….let us reply next to the appropriate letter!

    • Actually, we’ve actually just implemented threaded comments to make having conversations in replies easier. Although it doesn’t retroactively thread comments, from now on it should allow for specific replies.

      Hopefully it makes commenting easier for everyone!

  14. Of course the problem is the ability of people to master these not-so-secret-secrets and fool the interviewer into thinking they’re a credible candidate. I interview people a minimum of three (3) times to clear through those whose only talent is making a good first impression.

    This article is helpful for those interviewing for positions working with the PUBLIC, but fails to relate to various arenas where much of this would be irrelevant ( i.e.-creative jobs, jobs not connected to the public, contractual work, etc.)

  15. …Showing up drunk lowers your chances even further, and managers are often not impessed by your ability to “Bring the Party”.

  16. these 8 reasons are bull,if your not a boot licker or your speak your mind you can lose your job because companies want yes men or yes people,management are people with no common sence they’re not the one’s in the trenches,they’re the ones who hide in they’re cubicles and do nothing and take all the credit they are worthless.

  17. My comments for Janet,Don’tget affectedby face racism.Just do your best in any interviewyou’ll be having in the near future.There are a lot of well deserved people who failed in interviews.Eventually they end up having what they need if the job is really meant for them.Goodluck!

  18. are you that fuckin retarded no body is king of america its ubserd couse every country has different laws thats what makes places unique an i dont really agree with you about “attitude problem” if you dont even know a person and what the person said that is a fact there are jod interviewers that do that so shags ya life

  19. Please!!, Since I arrived to this country I’ve made the course of more of 30 interviews. Interviewers sometimes analyze such details that blind them the good qualities of a applicant, such as the experience and background. Due to the company I used to work, my ex-manager interviewed many participants and she hired the wrong one TWO TIMES!!!. Interviewers should be more objective, or just hire someone instead of posting a job. So they won’t make you waist your time.

  20. Unless socalled “body language” is somehow a requirement of the job then I doubt that it is revelent as a positive indicator of future performance. Employers that use such esoteric and often subjectively misinterpreted methods to supplement their judgement of applicants most likely will pass over qualified and socially competent people for the ones that they believe will fall in line with company objectives.

    When human resource personnel favor the subjective(their feelings) over an objective(known) assessment then the job applicant is better off dismissing the process as poor and waiting for an employer that recognizes merit in job performance over social environment. I qualify this, of course, by recognizing that applicants social graces must be accounted for but trying to diciper body language seems a poor means to find out one’s confidence level. I believe Albert Eistein had poor body language but much confidence in himself and his ability.

    Best luck to all seekers and creatures!

  21. Barry I definitely agree with a lot of things you posted, however if you were an employer would you just take one interview with one person and make a decision as to hire them??? There may be or not be other people in line to be interviewed but there is always someone else if its not you…. I run a small business and although we don’t have the funds to hire someone else but in time we will definitely need an extra helping hand so when I do decide to hire someone, I will definitely be wanting to talk to more than one person and pick someone. Its just like when you buy a car, you don’t look at one car and have the sales person fill your head with things, you look at different options and you pick the right one for your style, liking, budget…

  22. I gave up on the interview sham-scam long ago, and being 55 makes the process worthless anyhow. They always seem to find ways to disqualify me “gee, you do have some interesting experience and skills” (in other words, too old) or “why do you want to leave California (just what is wrong with wanting to move, and what does this have to do with my qualifications anyhow?), or “tell me about your last boss” (no, I won’t; that is not why I’m here, and it is none of your damn business) but the one I hate most is “it just didn’t seem like a good fit.” As if they’re trying on shoes? Just look at my qualifications, and give me a yes or no. If you don’t like how I look or I’m too old for you, just tell me, and I’ll go. You’ve wasted my time anyhow if all you care about is hiring young people, which is pretty much the case these days. It’s just so much easier to retire at 55 and be done with it. Life is just too short to deal with cognitive dissonance, and that is what job interviews have become.

    • I’m job-seeking for the first time in eight years but have no choice: can’t afford to retire at only 54. Besides, I have alot left to offer my next employer, and I’ll use the interview to emphasize my experience and skills acquired over the years. The workforce is aging and being over 40 isn’t the ‘buzz-killer’ that it used to be.

  23. @ Kevin @ Employee Revolution, wow just couldn’t stop laughing after reading you’re post. I kept having flash backs to Donnie Darko and Kitty Farmer, the evil school teacher:
    DONNIE: I just don’t get this. Everything can’t be lumped into two categories. That’s too simple.
    MS. FARMER: The Lifeline is divided that way.
    DONNIE:Well, life isn’t that simple. So what if Ling Ling kept the cash and returned the wallet? That has nothing to do with either fear or love.
    MS. FARMER: (impatient) Fear and love are the deepest of human emotions.
    DONNIE: Well, yeah… OK, but you’re not listening to me. There are other things that need to be taken into account here. Like the whole spectrum of human emotion. You’re just lumping everything into these two categories… and, like, denying everything else.

    Ms. Farmer stares at Donnie vehemently. She can’t believe what
    she’s hearing.
    DONNIE: People aren’t that simple.
    MS. FARMER: (not knowing how to argue with him) If you don’t complete the assignment,you’ll get a zero for the day.

    Sounds like corporate management to me! : D

  24. I agree with Barry. Most of the time the job is given through personal reference. The hiring process is BS. I’ve submitted resumes for jobs that have identical descriptions to my qualifications only to be notified that there are better qualified candidates. I am not saying that I haven’t benefited from this unfair practice, but most of the nice paying jobs I’ve gotten, I’ve gotten because I knew someone that worked there already. It really doesn’t matter how you do at an interview, they are just a formality. Just like it doesn’t matter sending resumes on-line. You want to know how you land the job? Social networking!!! Connections!!!

  25. Exactly! Maybe if it weren’t for all of these asinine articles telling interviewers all this irrelevant crap to look for, they would focus more on your intelligence and work ethic. I’m personally sick of all this pop psychology and its religion-like stance of telling people what to believe. I’m 47 now and have had quite a few interviews over the years and, let me tell you, quite a few interviewERs would did not pass muster in this interviewEE’s opinion! Maybe THEY need to be the ones looking for work! (BTW, my field is higher education.)

  26. Barry when I read that comment It all sounded so very familar.All those things happen, and more.I agree about waisting peoples time and gas too, and they sometimes just can’t bring themselves to decide though. You may be the best choice so far ,;but they want to see every choice they can possibly interview every single person on this side of the Mississippi.They give a new meaning to “picky-picky” and the best of the best of the Best.

  27. You know, I keep seeing these articles about what everyone is doing wrong and why they aren’t getting the job. It honestly makes me mad. Do you want to know the biggest factor in unemployment? Let me give you a hint. It starts with an e. It’s called the economy. Let’s explore that possibility. But no, you want me to believe the economy has nothing to do with it. Oh and more great news to add: Obtaining a job also has nothing to do with the fact you’ve busted your ass in college, made good grades, updated your resume 50 million times, kissed ass, applied for jobs every day and every week just to receive rejection e-mail after e-mail, and went to job fairs for a year and a half. No, it’s all about your smile and bad posture despite job insecurity and lay-off percentages. Gee. Thanks for the advice. Not. Can I have your job?

    • So the economy sucks; can you do anything about it? No. We can’t change what happens, but we can control how we react to the change. I’m out of work for the first time in over a decade, and I’m determined to re-enter the workforce…by updating resumes, updating skillsets, networking, interviewing…whatever it takes. Get discouraged, then get past it and get back to it. “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take”.

  28. Barry your an idiot…stop being the self absorb punk…so what you want to send in your resume to the company and they will just hire you…steups…and what you think the manager have nothing better to do than sit in the interviewing boards…every manager I know never wants to be there…and what company interviews people and have no opening they are idiots as well so you should work them…Enjoy your job hunt punk…

    • Wow, you had resort to name calling to post a non-comment. The question is what kind of job did you daddy buy you that you weren’t qualified for? Maybe if you had to get a job on your own based on real abilities you wouldn’t be so hostile towards others that struggle with it.

  29. It’s ridiculous we need to play these games. The person doing the hiring should themselves be qualified enough to know that people get nervous when they go for an interview. We have resorted to such an archaic process of selection. Like we’re cavemen smelling fear. The bottom line should be, is this person qualified for the job. I much rather have an employee that can do the job that an incompetent calm person who can B.S. through an interview.

  30. Way to go Barry. I am in total agreement with you. And what about all the background check bs that they put us through. Hey if you don’t F…ing trust me then don’t hire me. Do I get to run a check on your company? How do I know you won’t screw me out of my pension or some other benefit.

    I think that companies that treat people like this are screwing themselves as well as the interviewee. I sincerely hope that one day companies will finally put their employees first and start treating them like they’re the most important part of the company because they are. Without your employees you’ve got squat. In fact I’m going to be so bold as to say that companies need to start treating all people as part of the company. Are you reading this BP, Blue Cross, GE? Companies need to spend some time in church and learn some morals. Yea like that’ll ever happen.l

    Many companies in Japan have entire generations of families working for them because they know how to treat there workers. Companies like this are few and far between here in the US but I am hoping that one day it will be the norm. Untill then, I just play the interview game because I have to, but the company is not going to get 110% percet out of me until I feel proud to work there.

  31. Chicken shit employers just loving playing on people’s fears is all….word to the wise, if they dont so much as like your face they’ll call it anything they please. FUCK YOU COCKSUCKER FUCKIN EMPLOYERS

  32. I guess it all depends what kind of job your applying for. I’ve yet to go to an interview that was a traditional one on one interview. I’ve been to group interviews that were like classroom with one interviewer talking to a whole group. I’ve been to interviews that they gave me a tour of the workplace and showed me my work area for the job I was applying for while interviewing me. I’ve been to job interviews were they just had me fill out paperwork, and they told me where to show up on my first day. I’ve been to jobs were they train you for a week AND then tell you if you got the job after that week was over. I’ve done interviews over the phone. Hell, I had one interview where the interviewer took me out to the break room and he ate his lunch in front of me the whole time. I’ve never sat in an office across from some body’s desk and had a one-on-one conversation (I have done this applying for college though)

    Also my experience is most HR people hate their jobs. By that I mean you can tell that having to take time to interview somebody is a inconvenience them, and they’re just as eager to get the interview done and over with as I was. It’s like yeah, let me ask you these generic questions, yeah you got the job, show up on Monday. Goodbye.

    I’ve also noticed that most employers don’t even bother calling to set up an interview unless your the candidate they plan on giving the job to in the first place. I’ve gotten every job I’ve interviewed for and all the jobs I got turned down on I just got a phone call or letter in the mail saying “we appreciate you applying for our company, but we decided to go with someone else. But we will keep your application on file in case something else opens up.”

  33. gee berry, guess ur not working with those coments, your never going to get hired, … you probley worked at a chip factory, because u seems to have several chips still on your shoulders

  34. Hey wait? What about being overqualified? 15 years with ( insert big company name) , went to ( insert ivy league school name).


    I am so sick of the b.s. from any company that will do that. It’s total crap about “Oh, you’re too good for us” that pisses me off.

  35. LOL… mister or ms hiring manager if i even think im being stereo typed like that i will stand up and walk away. just as i would if ya offer 9.00 hr for an 18.00 hr position. yea im sure you’ll get some younge dummy who thinks it has to be that way just dont let em talk to me. and oh yea i do speak spanish so i will tell your employees from across the boarder they are being underpaid

  36. Wow, Barry. It’s no wonder you can’t land a job. Entitled much? You certainly need anger management training, if anybody ever did. According to Barry, all intervies for a position should end after the first candidate who even remotely appears qualified is interviewed. No need to look at all potential candidates. First person scheduled to be interviewed should be hired. Thank you, Barry. I will be sure to be first in line, if your style of hiring is ever incorporated into the majority of HR departments.

    p.s. BWAHAHAHAAA! You twit…

  37. I do agree with Barry on a couple of things. It’s REALLY irritating to go to an interview and have to sit there while the person with whom you are meeting reads your resume because they’ve not taken the time to do so before the interview. That’s pretty insulting and it’s difficult for me to remain positive for the duration of the meeting. I do it, ( I give GREAT interview) but it’s hard.

    One of the questions they’re sure to ask is, “What do you know about our company?” If I hadn’t done my research, like they didn’t, and couldn’t answer that question, you bet your bippy I’m not getting the job. But it’s ok if the employer knows nothing about YOU. Sighhhhhhh, whatever.

    My other big complaint is when they don’t have the courtesy to get back with you. A job interview is stressful, expenisve, and time-consuming. You hire a sitter, shine your shoes, iron a shirt, drive 20 miles, fill out the application, answer their often STUPID questions (and believe me, some of the stupidest questions I’ve ever been asked were in job interviews)….and then they don’t even have the common courtesy to get back with you. After you’ve invested HOURS in this process, they can’t take 30 seconds to drop you an email, a voice mail, SOMETHING to say, “Thanks for coming in but we went with another candidate.” To me, that’s incredibly rude.

    I think a lot of hiring managers have been at their jobs for too long. They forget what it’s like to be the one sitting on the other side of that desk, doing your very best to impress them, while in their eyes, you are just another drone.

  38. The problem here is that today’s younger workforce comes in with the mentality that they are entitled! As if they deserve that 6 week vacation and super bonus that I worked my ass off to get. Bitter? Yes! I am! Sorry, Mr./Ms. 23 Year-Old, I may be one decade older, but at least I wasn’t raised as a douche.

    Give it 10 years and you’ll see what I mean.

    • I think we feel entitled because we were told that going to college would get us good jobs. We graduate and have nothing and have to pay back loans, apply for the same jobs we had as high school students, move back in with our parents, or go back to school.

  39. I thought the most appropriate answer to this stupid remark would be to give an equally stupid rely like”I didn’t think you were looking for someone dumb”.

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  41. I think Barry has hit the mark; I too have been on numerous interviews for which the job has changed or, hell, the interviewer once asked which job I was applying for! I mean come on; have the decency to AT LEAST GLANCE at my application before we sit down to talk!

    @ denny, you sound like one of those “hiring managers” that Barry speaks so highly of… you might be a little frustrated too if you were competing with 20 million other Americans for the “10,000 jobs the private sector added last month”. Moreover, if you even read his comment, he said he wasn’t perfect; as my 9th grade English teacher used to love to say “engage the brain before the mouth” or keyboard in this case.

  42. @Janet Gia
    If they said that in your face, you could be able to pursue a discrimination suit…… based on ethnicity (race)….

  43. Barry

    You need to get some mental health counseling. Employers interview to see if an employee will fit in after first determining that he/she has the necessary skills from his/her resume. It is an important part of the hiring process and if you have not had much success in interviews it is because your attitude is obvious to the interviewer. Once the interviewer has “written you off” based on the first impression then you are probably right about the rest of the interview but that is to be expected.

    • Tom I think you have no idea what it’s like in the real world. Most employers don’t give a rat’s ass about anything except get someone who will kiss their ass and doesn’t make any waves. Their skill is only based upon whether or not they know how to keep their knees form getting hurt or dirty and how to cover-up anything that nobody above them wants to see. I tried to get a supervisor to get some other employees to do their jobs; it prevented a lot of us from being able to complete our tasks. So one day a regional director (second from the top in power) was in our store, a customer came up to me and began to complain about the other employees. I wasn’t a supervisor and was tired of getting complaints about something I had no control over. So, I directed him to the Reg. Dir. and away he went a few minutes later the one’s that weren’t doing their jobs were really pissed. Within about four months they all were looking for new jobs. The problem had been going on for about two years and finally ended but the supervisor that wasn’t doing his job got a promotion. The point is you don’t know anything about people’s attitudes, I would have to wonder if the company knew that the employees attitude was being lazy was cool would they have still hired them and if they knew the supervisor was the real problem would they have given him a promotion? After having seen this same kind of thing play out many times the answer is yes, because after all they “fit in.”

  44. Barry is right: The recommendations in this article are superfluous trimmings to the interview, but the reality is – Can this person do the job?

    The article offers good suggestions for somebody applying for a job at McDonalds, but not for jobs requiring more skills.

  45. Barry:
    I dont think you have a bad attitude, it might have just been shaped that way by how you have been treated. I pretty much agree with everything what you said. How about being told you are the number one candidate for a job and then next week the company says they are focusing on other projects and they would understand if you look for work elsewhere. Then you see the same job posted and being updated everyday on a job website. This obviously shows a lack of backbone and goes right along with what Barry said about employers being cowards to say what is really happening as in “we are not interested in you” .

  46. Sounds like you have a chip on your shoulder. No one wants to hire any one is overly sensitive or is looking for problems where none exist. Did it occur to you that the person interviewing may have thought that you might be a model, and therefore yhought you might be blond? Looking at every social interaction for a whiff of rascism only makes you a racist too. Try and lighten up a little!

  47. Well Janet I can tell you that you guys of “mixed ethnicity” practice more racism than anybody. You can deny it all you want but you DO feel superior to just about everybody and especially blacks.

    But to help you out, I personally know that white boys hate black women and I make it a point to stay thin and beautiful. So when I walk into an interview and it is a white male, the first thing I check out is their eye contact. A pathetic racist CANNOT, make direct eye contact with you. If that devil looks away before I even sit down, I walk out of the office immediately (without a word) and make it a point to have a great rest of the day.

    But out of fairness, their have been white men that have not been able to keep their eyes off me. I then turn on the professionalism and give my very best interview.

    Janet, I have turned down jobs (truth). White women routinely move me on to the final interview. I usually get hired IF I really want to.

    Janet, honey, It Is A GOD THING. You have to take Him with you, give it your very best shot and let the chips fall where they may. PRAY, PRACTICE, CLOSE.

    I have a B.A. degree, I am 5’5 and 120 lbs. I sit here as the Director of Marketing and Sales for a major player in corporate America.

    If you think that being “mixed” gives you some edge over others, then you are just as sick as the basic bigot in America today. You deserve every wake up call you get. Come off the delusion.

    Now go get the damn job, girl!!!

  48. Couldn’t help wondering if you are in Canada or USA? The Canadian Charter of Rights is really touchy about the rights of others in the workplace. A comment like “I thought you would be blonde ” here results in serious legal conequences to the employer!

    I have been an employer in the automtive feild for a number of years and find that females in general are better in customer service and client relations that even I as the owner could not compete with their inter-personel skills at resolving issues with clients.

    This statement alone in Canada can be the subject of a lengthly lawsuit because by stating it I show a preferance fo female employees which in turn goes directly against The Canadian Charter of Rights.

    I am really sorry to hear that whenever you live, hair color determines if you are a successful in a job interveiw

    • Rick I think you missed it completely; the implication is he thought she was going to be a blonde not that blondes do better or are better but simply that he expected one.

  49. isn’t it enough that hiring managers are in a position to play God? I’ve been job hunting for nearly a year and have gotten only ONE interview! I’m at a point where i’d be willing to sweep hair in a barber shop!! WHO DO I HAVE TO LET SLEEP WITH ME BEFORE I CAN GO BACK TO WORK??

  50. I’m not hiring anyone for anything, but if I was, the first thing I would do when sorting through resumes would be to eliminate anyone named Barry. Talk about a Negative Nelly….WOW!

  51. I’ve been in managment for years and I always like people with a personality and a sense of humor. You might try somthing whitty like ” I tried going blond but everyone thought I was stupid.” of course unless the one hireing you is blond!

  52. Barry’s right. Interviewers are rude and often times they do not read the resume. I had the only person interviewing for a job tell me that she didn’t know she had an interview (then she had my resume with her–that she also did not read) Not so sure about the comment about interviewing just to fill time. Nonetheless, if the head of the tech department likes a candidate, why should he then go through another interview with some human resources employee, answering goofy questions and being judged for things that have nothing to do with the job. After all is said and done, most jobs are obtained through a connection. Sorry to have to tell you that.

  53. Barry is right on. ALot of jobs are phoney and recognizing that fact makes it easier on the job seeker. Just go in and talk and find out what you can. The B+++Chs with the jobs and money know sh+T.

    If the job interview is too long they are just F+King idiots.

    USA is stuffed up big time and the poorer then it was before because congress weaken the banking regulations. Then TARP to keep the people who lost 10 years worth of profits in a job and it didnt fix the economy.

    It was simple. The banks that failed should of been replaced with a new banks . GOOOD BYE and Kick in the pants to hurry them along.

    The Top management needed to go . Simply anyone earning over 100k in the banks needed to get the boot. When bankrupcy is declared the contracts are void.

    They didnt have to pay a cent to anyone.
    The US got ripped off. The big hole should of swallowed up all who created it.

    Instead the banks get a helping hand to go on with there stupid ways. They still sacked thousands of people.

    Whats worse is the people who fought for this country and others who worked so hard get shafted.

    THe ones who are cowards and steal and rip off get it all.

  54. Barry, thank you. I’ve been unemployed/underemployed since IT went bust in 2002, and I’ve struggled to make my friends/family realize that 90% of the jobs out there aren’t real jobs but FISHING EXPEDITIONS.

    The few interviews I’ve gotten are similar to what you described – not who I was told I’d be interviewing with “Sorry they’re in a meeting”, not what they posted, or they wanted someone with ALL the things they listed – no they will not train, no they expect you do to “everything right the first time the first day” (quotes for a Reason!!!!). No if you can’t to everything (no matter how obscure the piece of software they posted – or God forbid if it’s their own software they won’t train you on!) they smile condescendingly and your interview ends within 5 min of that moment. They expect you to be psychic and know everything before you get there!

    I hate to say it but it’s only going to get worse – so long as the option exists to send jobs overseas and get tax breaks to do so, companies can and will explore options overseas (I wonder if THEY get training on proprietary software?). The days are gone when you fight for a college degree, bust your arse and you’ll find a good job. Now, you get the degree and tens of thousands of student loans, to work for 9/hr at WALMART or McDonalds because those are the only jobs available.

    God bless America. =/

  55. Barry – what’s your problem? I’m a hiring manager and frequently use interviews to narrow down my pool then bring in my top candidates to speak with other VPs, just to get a good feel for their perspectives. It’s no wonder you’ve been on so many interviews and can’t find a job. A good interviewer like myself can spot someone like you a mile away – BEFORE interviewing you. Perhaps that’s why everyone is “out to lunch” or “in a meeting” when you inquire about positions. I would instruct my admin. to tell you the same if you approached us looking for work, as I don’t want people like you with a poison attitude in my department.

    • Wow, you must be one of the perfect ones a god amongst men. BS, if you are interviewing at that level then you never really see anybody but the better paid ass kissers. People like you are the reason for the problem in the first place, just another greedy bastard. Assuming you are telling the truth you would have no idea what really goes on in HR because you’re too busy sucking up to your VP buddies. But my guess is you are a liar and just stuck on yourself. The name you gave says it all “Academic Socialite.

      • Well said Bob..Unfortunatly Arrogant YESMEN/WOMEN or the perverbial Ass Kisser, Suck Up, Brown Noser one who has his/her head so far up the bosses ass, they don’t know where they begin or end. And YES they ARE the PAnd untill the american worker stands up for himself and send a message to Washington via marches, shutdowns protests on a mega scale these types of atrocities will continue. Companies are breaking every labor law on the books and getting away with it. This government and bussinesses are broken, corrupted and getting away with murder. The WHOLESALE MURDER of the Hard Working AMERICAN WORKER!!!

  56. Barry’s comment may sound cynical;but there is alot of truth there,I agree the
    interview process MOST of the time is 85% b.s.!! I think we can all agree the competion is very stiff for jobs in almost every field. Some of us are TOO damn intelligent for our own good!! I’ve concluded we all have to suck it up and “play the game” at times…thanks for the perspective and for “keepin it real”, Barry!

  57. Barry is right, I don’t see him being “bitter”, and I highly doubt his post links him with real life- I see his frustration. I’ve been on interviews that the interviewer is very inexperienced in giving them. I’ve got turned down by many jobs because I’m too experienced, or not enough. It’s more of luck to get hired, at least it seems that way where I live.

    Seems like nowadays, it’s not the education, experience, knowledge, good work ethic and personality that gets you hired. I’ve been to many places that’s in my field of work and the employees don’t know squat and have the lousiest of attitudes. Funny at times how I can figure their problems out for them. Even networking does not always work. If you aren’t blue enough, pink enough, short enough, tall enough, then it just may cost you a job.

  58. RE: “I thought you would be blonde”-that comment is a blatant violation of labor law. It is considered discriminatory because it implies that the only/main reason he was interviewing you was because he thought you were blonde/caucasian. You may have a good civil case against them if they did not offer you the job/hire you.

  59. I like what Barry said. There is a good amount of truth to that. I have felt the same way. I can use some of these tips but if the interviewer is looking for a perfect kiss-arse then it is time for me to move on. The reason I got out of bed and to this job interview was for the job. I always ask how many people are in line for the job I am seeking. And yes I am employed and I run my own busienss on the side. I don’t think Barry is bitter, just tired of the games. I guess most of you get a job on the first try. Good for you.

  60. well ther are othe rthings that will kill your job chances, like showing up for the interview wearing shorts and a tanktop , asking if you can get off early in the summertime soyou can go to the lake, asking how long lunch is and if there is a bar close by,asking if there are any hot single gals who work here, wearing a shirt or blouse that shows off your tattoos, and talking about reality shows you cant miss, you wont get the job

  61. Barry, Your comments are why I would not hire you. The tone and the attitude you project to the employer can indicate how you would be as an employee. The employer owes you nothing other than the paycheck you will get after you perform your job. My guess from reading your comments is that you would not be an ideal employee.

  62. Please. Although there may be some truth in the body language stuff, if you’ve got a stellar background and suit the needs of the job to a tea, you might get the job. The trick is to get an interview. I’ve gotten 3 interviews as a result of over 2000 resumes in 2 years. And i have a great resume.

  63. Barry,

    I can understand your tirade after numerous unsuccessful job interviews but you must be missing something in your qualifications or experience. I’m not saying that you are un-qualified; yet, your are just not considered as an attractive candidate enough. Go over your qualifications again and see if there are any diplomas or certificates you could include or goto school and get them.

    • I got one for you. I once applied for a Director of Security position at a manufacturing plant that was forming its own security force. It was a midsize company, about 500 employees all together; the security was going to be about 50 people. Perimeter fence, three entries (personal, parking and dock) and two buildings (the plant, storage and offices) very basic security. Twenty four hours in three shifts you can’t get much simpler than that. My references’ nine years in the military, six years in law enforcement, multiple security jobs with some of the top security companies in the country. I got divorced and had custody of my two children and needed to cut back on my work load to raise my kids (they didn’t know about the divorce or my kids). They told me at the time I was only one of two candidates for the job and they only had one more to look at but that I was their top candidate. They said they would call the following week and let me know “one way or the other” (this was a Thursday) they had the final candidate interview on Friday. I never heard from them again. I had another interview about two weeks later and that company was on my way back home so I stopped by to see what was up. They said they had filled the position about a month before hand. So, what do you think the reason they gave me an interview in the first place was and why wasn’t I hired? I could tell you the answer but I’m sure I would catch a lot of flak for it.

  64. I agree, it is totally asinine to hire a person based on body language as opposed to their capability of doing their job, their experience, and their education. Maybe they have poor eye contact because they have low self confidence? Maybe they were abused as children? Maybe they have done so well under someone that they got their recognition and retribution stole right out from underneath them? These are all things that affect the psyche on a sub-conscious level that in return, affect socializing skills. Any “Educated” person in a Managerial position ought to know this.

    Autistic children have a short attention span and virtually no eye contact, yet everything they touch turns to gold.

    I am (supposedly) Bi-Polar myself. I graduated a year a-head of my class with 6 college credits in the tech field without ever going to college. My “I.Q.” exceeds 200. Guess what though.. I am an unfortunate American whom was raised by a middle-class family, so furthering my education… hell, even getting a job has been a major career in itself. I worked for one place from the age of 17 to 21. I Lost my job in 08 (21 years old) when the stock market crashed. I landscaped in one of the most prestige areas in the United States of America, Acadia National Park. I also had two convenient store jobs at the same time WHILE I LOBSTER FISHED! I need to work… no… I WANT to work, I WANT to perform a job to the best of my ability. Why cant I get a chance? Is it because I am too hyper? I have great Eye contact (and am often complimented on my “Gorgeous Blue Eyes”), I don’t cross my arms, I don’t bite my nails, I don’t “Blink” repeatedly, I may fidget a tad… but its only because something is bugging me and I have to fix it. It doesn’t take away from my efficiency. It doesn’t change what I have done, and/or can do.

    What’s the big Idea with all of this tedious bs? 95% of Americans work jobs they don’t like/want. Everyone want’s someone elses’ job. Example-

    Girl A wanted to be a librarian her whole life. She loves to read, write, and organize. She doesn’t care about the money, rather her own comfort. She tried to get a job at her local library. At the same time, Girl B wanted to be a chemist, got her degree and the “whole nine” in the field of chemistry. Both girls apply at the library for this job. Mean-while, a new chemical laboratory is being build near by for Lockheed Martin. Girl B scores Librarian job, Girl A has no where to go except the unemployment office until the new lab opens up. The new lab opens up, Girl A immediately applies and get’s a Low Level Chemist Apprentice position. Girl B, who took girl a’s job, now goes to the Chem Lab since it is open and applies for a new position because she “just isn’t a librarian”. Whoopsy, sorry Girl B, your position has been filled. You have the qualifications, but the other employee is doing just as well as necessary.

    Now you have two people doing jobs they don’t want to do. Eventually, their attention to detail for these positions they are working begin to diminish and things just do not get done as they should.

    This is the scenario all of the United States. I have Idea’s to fix it, but Politics and Bureaucracy just will not let people be happy and live by common sense.

  65. I have been in the employment field for 30 years and I myself am female….but I am tomboyish looking, the figure of an “apple” but very smart and have a pretty face. I am also large chested. Let me tell you how to win the “bigiotists” game (sometimes it is also a test to see how YOU would conduct yourself aroung men who would find you very appealing)…
    The next time this happens…look him dead in the eye and say “well, it looks like you have been missing a whole lot of beauty that is around you. Let me show the even greater beauty of my credentails that makes me the perfect package for your company”.
    I suggset you get the book “THe Art Of War For Women” by Chin-Ning Chu based on the book of “the Art of War” written by Sun Tzu.

    YOU NEED TO KNOW YOURSELF inside and out to be able to handle this discriminatory world. You are at a triple disadvantage because of your brains and beauty. Your trouble in the future will also include women. Learn to fine yourself without responding to their quirps. I used to have to deal with you look like Dolly Parton all the time….I would say “now if I just had her money”. Learn to show self confidence no matter what is dished out at you and learn to fight your battles to win the wars. Wisdom and experience help here too.
    Be nobody’s victim by acting like a victim.
    I hope this helps…Good luck!

  66. Barry… Do you currently have a job? If not, I’m not surprised. If so, I wouldn’t expect to keep it very long. With an attitude like that, I wouldn’t hire you!

  67. Well, I guess I should have read the last post stating that replies aren’t posted next to the post. I totally agree with anonymous, hiring managers and ceo’s focus WAY too much on futile acts instead of finding the most qualified person for the job. By the way…the most qualified person for the job isn’t always the little college boy/girl. ANYONE can get a degree…it’s easy, just memorize things right before a test. I could do that with mcat’s if I wanted, but what’s the point? I’d just be ONE more of about a million doctors that don’t know anything…same with everywhere else. It’s not what you know it’s WHO you know. That’s the sad truth.

  68. Cut Barry some slack – he’s like millions of other unemployed citizens.

    Very frustrating time in our country. This is a DEPRESSION folks, not a “Great Recession.”

    MILLIONS are unemployed.

    It’s a serious issue, regardless the scant coverage corporate-owned media outlets give it.

  69. When papers advertise, specifically in Tampa, Florida, that you should look a specific way and be thin, “Put your best face and body forward” article in the Tampa Tribune, I think that says it all!

    Ok, maybe you just don’ t like laundering money so you have an attitude!

    Ok of course I seem to be in the numbers game, fax number game, name game, address number game for interviews.

    OK, maybe you just get TRAINED here, literally on Sunday morning with toots of a train. I suppose that is what happens to a widowed PGA pro’s wife when you are in the State of Florida, the home of the PGA! And you wonder why Elin Woods is out of site here in Florida?

    OK, truly it is somewhat of a Barbie and Ken, black or white, workforce but also the politics of the state, your politics and last but not least, your mommy or siblings, shouldn’t have the right to decide what job you get or if you obtain employment at all, the religion train of them all!

  70. Barry — amazing comments and true on so many levels. We get thousands and thousands of words with suggestions for the job-seeker, but we see very very little about simple dignity, respect, and consideration on the part of the interviewers. We frequently see quotes from “experts” who write books full of reworded common-sense suggestions for interviewees — maybe you should put together a book for employers.

  71. I agree that there are problems with the interviewers – how many interviews with how many different people are really required? I’ve already met with at least 3 different people, make a decision or stop wasting people’s time.

  72. The biggest advantage to job seekers is to know your current or last job inside out and backwards, and have the ability to articulate this to your prospective employer. Other than that its just the vibes man!!!
    And don’t forget to keep lookin’ out the window for a job. Ha Ha Ha.

  73. Barry-

    As a supervisor who does have the task of interviewing potentials for open positions, I can tell you that there is good reason to interview more than 1 candidate for an open position and to get input from others on the decision. There is a lot to consider in choosing what you hope will be a long term employee, like ability to do the job, ability to take direction, desire and enough humility to continue learning, the ability to be part of a team, and respect those they work with and work beside, etc….With the attitude you displayed in your comments, I wonder how you would interview? Even if you interviewed pretty well verbally, your body language would likely give away your disdain for management.

    I really do mean for this to be constructive, but if I saw this kind of attitude while interviewing you, I would interview and likely select another. I wouldn’t want the stress of supervising someone who could become disrespectful and insuboordinate-it takes a toll on the morale of staff and the integrity of the work produced. Please give some consideration to this and I wish you a lot of luck in your search for stable employment.

    • Now it’s pass the buck time, I think it’s great that you are able to tell yourself how good of a job you do. I don’t think the problem is in Barry’s inability to mask his dislike for management but in management’s ability to honestly and fairly consider people for position they are applying for. A little more than twenty years ago I was managing a carwash, I had three employees besides myself. When I took over the management of it there was one person that had a family emergency in another state to take care of (a death in the family). She was gone when I took over, the person I was replacing said he promised her job back when she returned, I said not a problem but she never came back. One guy quit to go to school in a different state, not a problem. Another guy quit because I wouldn’t let him wear hit 6” knife on his belt while he was working. I hired replacements for them all after a while I couldn’t do all the work by myself. The guy that went to school dropped out after about two months and moved back to town but never came by to see if he could get his job back. The one with the death in the family was arrested for multiple counts of DUI in the other state and was in jail for six months. When she got out she moved back to town but also never came back to see about her job. The guy with the knife was arrested for burglary and also spent six months in jail when he got out never came back looking for a job. They all had bad attitudes towards work but when they were working they did a good job. The problem was they all filed for unemployment and got it. No one ever called me to ask why they were not work there any longer or if they were able to get their jobs back. If they had they either could have been working or had not gotten unemployment. Most people wouldn’t hire any of them to work even at a carwash. I would have excepted them back had they asked because I knew they would work hard despite their attitudes and that was important to me. I didn’t find out about any of this information until after it was too late and I ran into each of them in town. I didn’t find out about the unemployment until the owner came by and told me he was looking for a replacement for me because of the unemployment. I built up business there by 60% from the previous manager (it went from about $30,000 a month to almost $65,000 a month in gross receipts). But instead of a pay raise from $6 an hour to $8 an hour that I asked for I get fired. So if you wonder why people have a bad attitude you might want to consider that every time you pass a person over that you think has a bad attitude it’s because they were f%$ked over by someone like you.

  74. I’m surprised that none of the list of seven things included penmanship. I used to work for a company years ago and one of the first things we noticed when screening applicants was penmanship. I have a friend who has a masters degree in early childhood education. She’s a brilliant and inovative teacher, absolutely loves kids, but has the worst handwriting. Since graduating she hasn’t been able to find a permanent teaching job. Although the would be employers might not admit it, I think they judge upon body image, too, such as being overweight, which is also my friend’s problem.

  75. Barry, while you may have had some negative interview experiences I’m spending time with job applicants to try to detect (and avoid) exactly your attitude and approach. It’s NOT just job knowledge or skill; it’s patience, consideration, energy level (higher not always better), flexibility, and a dozen other characteristics that I’m observing. I’ll spend 8 hours per day with this potential co0worker — about as much waking time as I spend with my spouse. I better make sure we’re a good fit on a variety of levels. Is 45 minutes the right amount of time to know this …. perhaps, perhaps not.

    Are all employers wrong or are you the problem?

  76. The interview process is not fun, everyone knows that. I have helped conduct a few and here is what I can say about being on the other side of the chair: For every posted job opening we have a flood of resumes. we weed through those and pick interview candidates. With very rare exceptions EVERYONE we interview could do the job. By the time I interview you I know you are qualified, I want a professional, a person who is a team player. In this job market we can be picky, and Barry, the better you understand that the better off you will be.

  77. Wow you sound like a cancer that most companies try to avoid. This is why a company does interviews and takes resumes. They look for the fit in the company. You seem like a bitter person that might pass that on to other employees. I would take a less qualified happy worker then a pissed off over qualiifed person (at least in your mind).
    Hope you have a good day

  78. Barry – I’m newly unemployed and was told by a relative the exact same thing you are saying. It’s very discouraging that in many instances I am applying for jobs that don’t exist. They are posted only to look like the business is doing well or to keep the hr dept. busy. I understand your frustration and hope I can keep a positive attitude.

  79. Right On Barry!!!

    There is a lack of respect from employers. I have been in IT for over 15 years this industry has become addicted to using contracts. The ONLY winner is the contracting agency/agent. How? It works like this…

    The agency dupes the company into believing they have no liability with hiring a “bad” employee…that this person can be terminated without teh company being liabile for wrongful dismisal, etc. The agent also misrepresetes that ‘their agency screens all applicants and finds only the very best qualified/skilled candidates’ which is also a lie and here’s how this one works: The company pays say $60K for the position – The agency finds candidates that have some skills/experience that can be shown to be what the company is looking for. Now the agent asks each candidate what they are looking for in compensation and the job goes to the lowest bidder. If on person says they will take $20/hr. the agent will see if another candidate will take $15/hr. — This way the agency will make $20,000 – $25,000 for SOMEONE ELSE DOING THE WORK. And not necessarily the best candidate gets the job.

    I’m sure there may be some responses to this that “at least they get hired’ or ‘hey, this is America and stealing money and taking advantage of others is the American way’ or some other misguided blather.

    IT contracting is bad for the employee and bad for business. Companies should take time to hire the right candidate as a FTE, pay them fairly and have an employee that is correctly skilled and is a part of the company. Recuriting agencies should be run out of town….or maybe better yet – OUTSOURCED!

  80. Barry is soooo right!!! and maybe he is a litlle frustrated but I don’t judge him because I’m there and I have had the same experiences…. for example the infamous YOU ARE OVERQUALIFIED….blah, blah, blah, etc. or you are our candidate and the salary for this position is: 2 pennies and a peanut, welcome!!! hey I even got a YOU ARE OVERWEIGHT!…so nice of them! Anyways there is always hope, I continue my studies to update and keep looking…

  81. Ahh! i forgot to say that …yes! the enterviewers sock big time! like never in their life have been trained to perform an employment interview.

  82. Barry, if you want to know why you can’t get hired, I suggest you re-read your post and pretend that you are a hiring manager.

    These people are not wasting your time – you’re wasting theirs. What they’ve done is taken some time out of their busy schedules to give you an opportunity to show them not only why you’re the most qualified, but also why you’ll be a good fit for their company. I wouldn’t hire you to wash my car with that sort of attitude on display in your post. It’s pretty arrogant for somebody with hat in hand.

    The employer is cutting you a break just by calling you for an interview. So what if they haven’t read your resume? They could just as easily have tossed it in the trash. Instead, they were nice enough to give you a shot – which you apparently see as an imposition on your valuable time. They don’t owe you anything. If you want to get work, you better stop acting like they do and get your act together.

  83. Barry, Im either going to assume you are either unemployed or soon will be with an attitude like that. Speaking as a hiring manager in my company I will explain a few things to you. First, interviews are tedious and we do not like to give them. There are usually many things that we have to get done and interviewing is usually taking away from the time we have to do things. So no we do not interview just for omething to do. When you are in an interview you have to realize with the unemployment rate we usually have a minimum of 30 qualified candidates for one job opening. So when we tell you that we have other candidates to interview, we do, and you did not sell yourself well enough for me to make the decision before I talk to the others. However, if someone comes in and absolutely owns an interview, they will be hired on the spot. Understand that it is a hirers market, and right now we have the ability to sit back and make decisions, because there are many people looking to work for us. We are going to hire the best person for each job because that is what helps our company continue to grow. An entitled attitude is not going to land you employment, and if you want to work for any company, you will go through whatever hiring process they have, because many times it is a way to determine how serious you are for the job. Good luck in the future.

    For the rest of you who do not understand how the things in this article can lose you a job, let me clarify. We expect some nervousness because most of us had to interview to get our current job, and we remember being nervous for that interview. A little nervousness can actually be a good thing, as it makes us realize that you are taking the interview seriously. However, we are also looking for someone with confidence in themselves. A confident person will usually be smeone that will grow with the company, and the person that will advance in their career. This is not to be confused with cockiness, which are usually people who cannot work in teams to get a job done. So don’t overdue it either. Once again, unfortunately it is a hirers market, and we have the ability to be really picky.

  84. Janet-If the hiring manager is making such an irresponsible statement as that, it may not be a company you want to be at. I probably would have ended the interview right there, stating I don’t feel it would be a good fit for me.

  85. Barry, I don’t agree with everything you say but being a Hiring Manager myself, I do understand your some of your frustrations. I have to interview 20 people a year. I have done it every year for the passed 3 years. In these 3 years, we have had 1 position open. Out of the 60+ people that I have had interviews with, I have had a 2nd interview with 5. I have to make sure I interview at least 5 African Americans and 8 “ethnic” people. (Ethnic being asian or hispanic descent)
    After my 2nd interview it goes to Human Resources and then back to me. Out of the 8, 3 were African American and 2 were “ethnic”. When the applications ended up on my desk there were only 3 that were “APPROVED” and they were all white. I thought it was wrong because my personal opinion was that those 3 were actually the weakest.

    If I do not interview 20 people a year, I lose my bonus at the end of the year. I also get a “Performance Note” put in my file. I always have to come up with more excuses why I can’t hire people. Some people I have no problem denying them employment but most of these people are genuine people. I feel like a dick when lying to them about work but that is what my company wants me to do.

  86. A friend and I were just discussing the other day on how so many job interviewers aren’t really familiar with the details and responsibilities for the position for which they’re interviewing. Consequently, they don’t know the right questions to ask. And such pompous jerks! I’ve been in enough job interviews to see large egos that have to make up for ignorance. We both agreed that the world is run by egotistical, insecure incompetents.

  87. Three months ago during the interview the employer passed gas as he changed positions in his chair. I pretended not to hear the sound and I did not change any facial expression.
    The interview ended a few minutes after and I knew the job was now out of the question.

  88. I conduct interviews for my company. Everyone comes into an interview saying the same things: I like dealing with customers, I am a team player, etc etc etc. The real information comes from their body language in response to your questions. Nervousness is easy to recognize, but failure to make eye contact and physically “withdrawing” usually means the person isn’t being completely truthful. This article is good, follow the advice and it will increase your chances of landing a job.

  89. Our society is stupid. I merely want to do a job and get a paycheck. These days one has to put on an act to impress a bunch of people you would never dream of associating with unless you were paid too!!! So acting is a requirement to get a paycheck along with studying and then breaking ones ass to please the employer!!!!

  90. It’s sad that the Job Requirements aren’t first qualification! If an employ is judged more on personal social correctness, companies may miss some of the most productive workers!
    I doubt if any of the history’s most creative inventers & talents could pass Miss Manor’s interview let alone most of Computer Geek!

  91. He doesn’t sound bitter, a tad annoyed perhaps, but not bitter. I have been on interveiws where the job was nothing more than being a busser at a restaurant. It is a no brainer really. Either you think that I am physically capable of being on time and doing the job to the letter or you don’t. If you have to confer with eight other people and then call me back for two more interviews then it stands to reason something is wrong. I did not get the job. But it took 3 interviews for the morons to come up with that. What I found even more interesting was that a hostess there (an old friend) told me that they never hired any new bussers. They just interviewed a lot.

  92. Barry, you are probably right on with 98% of your comments. Job hunting is frustrating but you can eliminate some of this by your first comment in an interview. After saying your hello’s, open with “I am ready to start working immediately, can you tell me when this position is starting?” If it is down the road, you can opt out of the interview politely by telling the interviewer that you appreciate his/her time but you are looking to begin working (date) and would rather not waste his/her or your time. If the job is available immediately, then state your qualifications and get on with the interview. Let go of the aggrevation of past interviews and look forward to interviewing for the position right for your qualifications. I wish you good luck.

  93. I guess being charasmatic and showing blind confidence in something you absolutely know nothing about will get you hired before the ones that have experience, skill, and abilities will?
    No wonder why when you ask someone a question like a doctor, manager of a store, or company associate and the like nowadays they either don’t have a clue or can’t give an answer right away. I guesss that’s why America had to be bailed out and CEO’s that totally sunk companies got bonuses; because they were charasmatic and showed blind confidence in something they knew absolutely nothing about and it’s still that way.!

    A long time ago they based hiring on whether you had skill or experience.
    Now it’s; Sure he/she doesn’t know squat or have any abilities–but I like em’,(or they’re related somehow) I think we can ‘train’ them, no matter how long it will take or even if they ever catch on…I like em’, that’s what counts so let’s hire em’…….

  94. Barry isn’t bitter, he’s frustrated. I think similar things when I see ridiculous articles like this. “How to Be Perfect to Land a Job.” Some say to be sure and smile like this one and some say don’t smile too much or you’ll come across as insincere. It’s a game to try and be perfect during the interview(s) while the interviewer puts your qualifications on the backburner to weigh your social dexterity, whether they like what you’re wearing, whether you’re making enough eye contact, too much eye contact or have a handshake that gives them the fuzzies. It’s all ridiculous. If our resumes were impressive enough to get us an interview, we’re likely qualified for the job despite our human imperfections. Maybe interviewers could have some compassion for the fact that yes, interviewees are nervous. No one is at their best when they’re nervous. But we’re still qualified to do the job you need covered.

    I had an interview recently and the girl stood behind me while I was taking an Excel test and was pointing out things before I even had a chance to cover them. Then she tells me I’m pretty and goes into her tale of juggling a job there while she works at Hooters. Was she professional? No. Was she a good interviewer? No. Was her company perfect? No. And yet I get a rejection email from her before I even finish the drive home. On another interview, the guy wanted to prove I really went to the school listed on my resume so he nagged me about the only person he knew who also went to the school. I didn’t know her and told him so, but he kept pressing me until I remembered the girl had a brother, so I mentioned him. The interviewer called the girl at her job to verify that she had a brother. It turns out her brother died a few years earlier and so the interviewer and I enjoyed the taste of his feet in both our mouths. It was awful. So why do we never read articles giving tips to interviewers? Because they can act however they want while we come up with new ways to achieve the perfect smile/serious expression ratio for next time.

  95. you can do all the right things and not get hired.there are many cultures that use hand movements that cause non ethnic populations to view that as reactive. in the end all hiring is subjective……………ask hiring personnell

  96. So, today, it’s the handshake that determines whether one gets a job. Ten years ago, it was the size of the “bullets” on your resume. How ridiculous.

    As others said: Today’s human resourses “hiring managers” are the biggest obstacle to a smart person geting a job.

    Thirty years ago, straight out of college with a Math degree, during a recession, I mailed out a resume to a New York Insurance company. Within a week, I was interviewed, and was working three days after the interview.

    There were no “telephone interviews”, no lengthy discussions with human resource “professionals” about company benefits, or any nonsense. Times have changed, huh?

  97. I agree with Barry, most of the decisions are made without consideration of relevant fact, only two importent criteria is required

    1. Candidate must be able to perform the job functions
    2. cost of the candidate.

    all other questions , discussions and procedures are inserted to fill the time of all managers involved.

    90% of the questions i will put in foolish category
    verification process is a crape be it references or credit check
    out of last ten interviews I can not find one which went as per plan without changing the list of interviewers

    for the interview of senior position of Director, management scheduled it for two full days , couple of presentations to senior management and then , they selected candidate for position of manager at half of the price of budget for Director ( because candidate was not having any other option),
    though new hire will function and do the job of director , employer will not have to pay for director’s salary,clear case of exploitation at the start of employment, How long this candidate will sustain this job?

  98. Barry,
    I agree with you. Back in the day, you used to walk into an interview, the person talk with you for awhile, ask you if you want the job and presto, you were starting the next day. None of this bullhockey about other candidates etc., etc. Just if you fit, you were in.
    Now they have all these quotas and mandates and minorities and such. Just alot of BS for we are still looking.
    Thanks for all this to our Muslim Community Organizer in the White House. Bring back Clinton. Sex in the WH and jobs and great economy.

  99. Another article I read on MSN had talked to some hiring mangers and talked about why they did not hire some people for example one did not hire a woman because the perfume she wore was the same as his ex wife event though he himself said she was more than qualified . To me that is just flat out stupid I mean did he think his ex wife was the only woman in the world that had that perfume.

  100. If you look at the idiots across the country that are running things it should become obvious as to why you have to act in order to obtain most positions.

  101. After my person-to-person interviews I always send a thank you e-mail the same day of the interview to the interviewer(s) to refresh in their memories why I would make an exceptional employee with their company in a brief 1 to 2 paragraph e-mail. I have found serious potential employers usually contact me within 3 days after the job interview to avoid losing me as a potential employee.

  102. Janet
    Ask that twerp…if I were blonde would you hire me. I think whoever he was, is a sexual harassment complaint in waiting. Steer clear and keep looking.

  103. Even though Barry may seem “bitter” he’s right! When you go in for a job interview, dressed to the hilt, all of your research done, so that it reflects that you do know S*&t about the company, plus your credentials suit that position to a T ( or even 90% to a T) and finally you give a good handshake, make eye contact and don’t “slouch” during the interview, then by all means, YOU SHOULD AT LEAST BE CALLED BACK FOR A SECOND INTERVIEW OR AT LEAST YOUR RESUME BE GIVEN A SECOND LOOK. It is true! I have been told over the phone many times by a lower hiring manager that my credentials look great and I go in for an interview, pass that one and they say – ” everything looks great, we’ll be in touch,”and then no second interview. What the heck is that!!. I don’t have time to be run around either. Overall a good article being a communications major who studied Non Verbal communications.

  104. The very least an employer could do, after the interview process ends and
    the candidate has been chosen, is send a nice brief letter to all the candidates
    who applied, thanking them for their time and informing them that the job has
    been filled. If the employer does not do this it shows lack of respect for the
    human race and my advise is not to do business with them if they do not have
    the common courtesy to respond.

  105. With only two exceptions, I have recieved offers after every interview I’ve ever attended. I did so following the advice above along with doing a bit of reserarch to find what the company / organization did, then tailioring my answers to those needs. Most of the high falutin’ jargon will not help you as much as common sense in showing the interviewer that you have the right attitude.
    Body image matters – if you’re out of work get yourself in shape – it doesn’t require a gym membership – pushups situps running will all work. You must communicate that you CAN do the job- everybody wants the job….

  106. Barry I agree with you that most of the companies you interviewes with lied to you. None of them told you what a horrible attitude you had, None of them told you you are a jumped up pain with an unjustified sense of importance.None of them told you that they would laughing about your interview with the department heads not consulting. Barry be humble they dont have to hire you. The person talking to you has a job which means he has one thing you dont. If your this belligerent in an interview you must be horrible to work with and worse you have no respect for anyone yet demand it be shown to you. Good luck getting hired doubt any job you get will last very long though

  107. Barry has it right !! if the interviewer has to talk to other people within the company or the candidate has to go through 3-4 interviews GUESS WHAT
    those are the limp d’s that should be looking for a job.

    Human Resource departments are waste of company money & time. Department managers should hire the candidate that will be working in his department.

  108. Jen, you sound like a sad and lonely person that needs to find fault in others. Perhaps a look in the mirror is in order for oyu. Barry brings up many excellent points. Perhaps goign back to school might also be good therapy for YOU!

  109. The microscope under which modern human resources professionals are placing candidates seems like, on paper and in statistics, the right thing to do. Nothing could be further from the truth and many very valuable contributors are being overlooked these days by the “science” of the new hiring practices. In an attempt to replace sound judgment and instinct with objective criteria the human resources profession has literally “missed the boat”. Until this search for the perfect hire for every position has been abandoned and the hiring managers and professionals learn how to use their experience, insight, and instincts as an important part of the hiring process, we are all doomed to suffer as candidates in a failed and flawed methodology.

  110. To: Janet Gia. When you hear that particular comment, do not show that you are offended; it may well be a test to see if such a comment can make you lose your cool. Simply smile and say “I don’t mean to disappooint, but I am just me, all the time.” Then go on to say “I feel that I am emminently qualified for this position, or I would not have submitted my resume. Let’s discuss how I can benefit your company.”

  111. The the first time I went to an interview it was for a job as a table server I was just looking to get an interview and I applied for 3 job choices the called me on the 3 job choice, I was asked the normal questions and when I was asked why I had chosen the job I told them that I was more looking for a Hosts job and that I had put an application in, but never got called I guess she must have liked how the interview went she called the restaurant manager and told them she had a great candidate for the job. I was hired the very same day I started working the next day. Another job was for a department store they where hiring for the holidays I asked if there was a chance for getting a permanent job with them after the holidays and I was told no so I just told them well I’m sorry for waisting your time but if its not permanent I don’t want it thank for your time, she was shocked I guess they never had that happen before.

  112. Barry should be bitter given the practices he brings up. I’ve been interviewed by HR people who have openly admitted to me that they know NOTHING about the job they’re interviewing me for, yet they’re going to decide who moves on to talk to someone who actually understands the job description. Out of 10 previous interviews, 8 interviewers had not read my resume before the interview and I was just sprung on them by HR. Three called me by the wrong name. One HR person apparently planned to do the same, never scheduled a formal meeting time with the manager, and when I travelled to the “interview” (one hour travel time), was told the manager was in a meeting and thus we would not be meeting today. In fact, the HR person went on to admit that the manager still wasn’t sure what the duties would be, making the idea of conducting a candidate search silly and a meeting with HR useless as they didn’t know what the job was. Needless to say, HR never scheduled a follow-up appointment with the manager in a meeting.

    What goes on is that many times the manager has a candidate in mind, yet is required to interview five or six people. Thus, they interview more people just to say they searched and hire the person they wanted to hire in the first place. I had an HR person fail to hang up properly when leaving me a voice mail message, and I heard them talking about a job and tell someone else to call up and bring in candidate X, candidate Y and “any four other people”.

    The article above is an insult to management science and a clear sign that people might be good at their job but that doesn’t mean they have any knowledge of managing people and usually no training in conducting interviews or selecting candidates and are using “superstitious” or magical thinking because it’s quantifiable rather than dealing with the subjective data of a person’s past career experience and qualifications.

    HR are the gatekeepers of the company and a company is only has good as its people. The business world would do well to leave selection criteria up to those who truly understand the position, and the interviewing to those who both understand the need to be filled and have been trained in interview techniques and candidate selection procedures with peer-reviewed, published, proven results. Making hiring decisions by using someone with no knowledge of the job to filter candidates then leaving the hiring decision up to people who choose the candidate with the prettiest smile or firmest handshake rather than using interview techniques that divulge a candidate’s core competencies, problem solving techniques, response to challenges, etc. is a recipe for potential disaster. Companies succeed or fail based on creativity, flexibility, problem-solving and persistence, not on firm handshakes and straight teeth.

  113. Barry, I agree with 95% of what you said. Four things I want to point out in addition to what you stated:

    1. Some companies already know who they are going to hire before they even post the position. Their company policies require them to post announcements (internally, externally or both). To prevent others from qualifying or to limit the number of people they have to “interview,” they write the job description to mirror “token” candidate’s resume. Consequently, the hiring manager has justification for shutting others out because they may not have met one tiny requirement that probably only two other people on the planet may have.

    2. Departments waste money in order to keep it. Each of you who has been in the corporate environment knows that if your department or group has funds budgeted for a certain purpose and you don’t use it, you stand a good chance of losing it. So to keep their “travel” budget, companies will bring in candidates to interview and then use the “travel” budget to pay their expenses. In the end, they end up choosing someone right down the hall for the position. But they also justify the same or greater amount for “travel” in their budgets for the coming year. I know about this type of arrangement from personal experience with a former manager.

    3. Most hiring managers and interviewers don’t know what the hell to ask or how to ask it. Most are more concerned about giving the impression that they have it all together. Having worked closely in the past with several managers who were in positions to interview candidates, I can say that about 30 percent of the candidates’ time were used to talk about them. This has been true in my personal interviewing experiences as well. When being interviewed by men, one of the first questions that comes up is “Do you workout?” or “Did you play football in college?” or “Did you see that game(football) Monday night?” I do have a muscular/athletic build similar to most football players; however, I’ve not played the sport a day in my life…and only watch it for the commercials during the Superbowl. But anyway, it’s such silly and time-wasting questions that leave candidates wonder about the interviewer’s priorities. One last example: I interviewed for a job as I was graduating from college and it just so happens that the interviewer was both an alum of my school and he had the same major. He claimed to be extremely busy and only had about an hour to talk with me. Then why, Mr. Engineering Manager, did you spend 30 minutes of that hour talking about how things “used to be” when you were in college? Why is it that when I tried to real you back in to talk about what I could bring to your company, you looked and sounded clueless.

    4. If I didn’t get the job, let me know something via phone, e-mail, etc. in a reasonable amount of time. Don’t string me along for weeks or months–especially when I leave you voice and e-mails regularly, but get no response. I’ve literally had to show up at a place of employment to get an answer from Human Resources regarding whether or not I was still being considered for a job. In that situation, the hiring manager was embarrassed and “coached” by one of the VP’s on the importance of getting back to people when they leave you voice and e-mails.

  114. Too many people are enamoured to their limited skills and think they are good. One can only be good through relevant experience, documented record of accomplishments and successes (publications, new corporate goals or products). Nice smile, nice threads, nice anatomy, national origins or pedigree is immaterial…

    Prospective employers want professional people who can get the job done, and not have to be babysat. Professionalism includes no bad-mounthing of fellow employees, no surfing of the internet, proper communications, and political correctness.

    Remember that a commitment by an employer to hire a candidate is not just salary, it includes 1) medical and dental benefits, 2) training expenses and 3) legal expenses….

    More companies need CEOs who are fair, and not accepting of crybabies….Running a company is not a social welfare project, one has to make money…

  115. Well nuts. All this time I put my trust in the false belief that experience, education and hard work would land me that job. Thanks for clearing that up for me. Next time, I will resist the urge to flip them off during the interview. Oh, and Janet? Hopefully you ended the interview two seconds after the blonde comment came out of his mouth. That is the stuff that lawsuits are made of. Keep up the good fight because there are companies out there that recognize talent. Not many of them at this point, but they are out there. Call this economy what it is: Natural Selection. The idiots are not getting the jobs for once and companies that treat people as they have you will run their course to the bankruptcy courts soon enough for their troubles run much deeper than allowing for comments like that to come out in an interview.

  116. I completely agree with Barry. Looking for a job is hard enough without having employers making it harder. Some of the experiences describe by Barry are happening to a lot of people & it’s a shame. Common courtesy from these employers is something that is not being practice.

  117. how about applying fir positions that dont rely on looks? you said it yourself, “model thin”…means you know you use your looks for personal gain. Stop being vain, cover up, and get a job that respects you.

  118. @Janet Gia: To even think that would happen proves that you have severe insecurity issues…First of all IT IS ILLEGAL to discriminate based on race…
    If you have problems getting jobs, try taking that chip off of your shoulder.
    People can sense inferiority complex and pent up anger a mile away.

  119. To Barry… maybe your attitude is why you haven’t gotten a job offer. When someone interviews at my company, it is 1-2 hours with 3 people for a “crappy” job. HR does the first and if HR likes them, on to the VP of the department, and if that is passed, THEN I can meet the person who might work for me. I may or may not have been given the resume in advance but I don’t need it. I know the skills needed and have been right every time. I look for confidence, a positive friendly attitude, desire, eye contact, a smile and a good handshake. I can teach our product but attitude is everything.

    • Hey Julie, are you still doing those porn videos? Sense when is there a “VP” of a department or does that stand for the “Visually Perfect” person of the department? A VP as in Vice President is an executive position and I doubt doing any interviews unless they are for someone directly below them in the food chain which is not where most jobs are at. Of course unless you’re at a small company where the secretary is the VP of HR then all bets are off. All you self-righteous so called managers and HR personal need to wake up if you don’t know what you are doing go somewhere else to screw thing up.

  120. If you are qualified for the job, it may just be as simple as whether or not you clicked with your interviewer. As people in general, we tend to overlook a multitude of sins if we like the person. And it helps to take a read on your interviewer. Are they younger than you? Is it a man or a woman? What is their demeanor? I had a female boss who told me a couple of years after she’d hired me that several of the candidates before me had “intimidated” her. Not sure what that meant . . . but every job I’ve ever been hired on, I knew the interviewer liked me before I even left the room.

    IMHO, qualified and likeable are a hard combination to beat: man or woman.

  121. I couldn’t agree more. You took the words right out of my mouth. Yes, employers are being extremely anal because they can. It seems if we are not perfect – we don’t stand a chance. How sad for a potentially great employee to not be given a chance.

  122. Some of these reasons are really stupid. How ridiculous, you didn’t hire someone because their handshake was not firm enough? Maybe the handshake was brief because the interviewer’s hand was all sweaty and disgusting feeling! I personally think shaking hands is gross, do you ever notice the number of people who don’t wash their hands after going to the bathroom?
    I once found out I didn’t get a job because I comiserated with the interviewer when she complained of a cold. (Had a friend in the same company) The interviewer said I was morose because I said colds were a bummer. I guess I should have said “Quitcherbitchin’ and buck up!”
    There are so many articles about how to interview, how to do a cover letter, how to write a resume, but it’s all really a crapshoot. Maybe, the interviewer likes a short resume or maybe it’s a long resume they like. All interviewers are different. One may not like you because he has arthritis and your handshake was too firm and hurt!
    Perhaps, in the job you are applying for, getting along with people or smiling are a non-issue as you will be working by yourself. Perhaps, it’s the interviewers who need some lessons in assessing people? I’ve had some really lame interviewers over the years who’ve asked some really inadequate and ineffective questions.

  123. Janet, I would say one of two things: (1) It was a meaningless comment coming from an anxious interviewer and she put her foot in her mouth with a tactless and offensive statement, but she could still be a good manager in other circumstances, or (2) Her comment is predictive of lots of unpleasant experiences to follow if you land a job there and accept it. Since you probably can’t know in advance which one is true, I think if I were you I would keep looking for other job opportunities!

    To those of you who think “ability to the do the job” doesn’t involve interpersonal skill and emotional intelligence about navigating the job search process, you are sabotaging your job search chances by thinking these things aren’t woven together in the hiring manager’s decision-making – they are.

  124. #1 thing of concern is the ability to do the job; who cares about the handshake unless it’s a marketing job? Would you rather hire a person who can do the job or the person who has firm handshake??

    Smile does help but too much/no smile can hurt but at the same time you want to show that you’re serious about the job..but again go to #1.

    Main thing is to prepare, prepare, prepare ..for the interview; answer questions in a calm manner and be honest if you don’t know sometihng but are willing to learn/research. Don’t be flustered if you don’t know the answer and make up excuses.

    KNOW EVERYTHING ON YOUR RESUME, even the phony interests that you might have put up on resume.

    Hope that helps….by no means I am an expert; trial and error and learn from your mistake if you make any and practice for an answer next time.

  125. “Don’t be flustered if you don’t know the answer and make up excuses.”

    I meant don’t make up excuses. Normally the interviewer can see right through the interviewee(sp?)!!

  126. I agree with you totally! A lot of the employers are full of s__t and they do waste your time!

    Good Luck with the Witch Hunt!

  127. Barry…I couldn’t agree with you more.

    I was actually stupid enough to travel several states away from our residence and interview for a job that wasn’t really there! The employer wanted the experience but didn’t want to pay practically anything. It was a huge waste of time. Most everything is pre determined before the “interview.”

  128. Barry,

    The frustration you are feeling is coming through loud and clear and hopefully, it’s not coming through that way when you are interviewing.

    The ability to do the job is the major criteria an employer is looking for but if that is all they are hiring for then they could make a decision off of a resume alone – a resume and a background check to confirm education and dates of employment.

    The interview is to see how well you would fit in the company and how well you would work with the other people in the department. So ability is the first criteria but your personality and attitude matters as well.

    As far as crappy jobs go, in this climate, there is even competition for the crappiest of crap jobs.

  129. @Barry

    I agree with you 100%. Interviewing should not be something that is perception based. These articles are biased in favor of corporations. The real story is hiring people out of work and not making excuses as to why a totally qualified person may be perceived to lose an opportunity.

    At a certain point, this neurotic fixation with with the interview quirks and not the candidate will anger people to the point of blacklisting companies who simply don’t hire or are too difficult to please. You either have a job or you don’t and if someone spends their time and money to interview, the interviewing company should have the balls enough to tell them if if their interested or not.

    Lack of eye contact will never be a measure of skill, character or capability. There are plenty of thieves in this world that will look you straight in the face and rob you naked. The corollary is too much eye contact.

    Just admit that the hiring person can make any excuse to not hire someone which is simply bias and discrimmination. Older people who are more experienced and qualified in some cases simply don’t get hired because of their age. That’s just wrong. Fact is, you can find fault with anyone and articles like these supply excuses for inexcusable behavior on the part of corporations “so-called” hiring.

    I for one am fed up with the planted and deliberate lies. Printing this garbage and sanctioning it as a viable means to hiring someone is simply discrimmination and cowardly. Fess up, either you want to hire someone or you don’t. It’s just that simple. The point that people realize this is when they get hired… it’s not a voo doo process.

    You know if you’re going to be hired or not. It could be raining, snowing… no haircut, missing cufflinks, forgot to shave, etc. If the employer wants you… there are no real excuses in the world to stop them from making an offer. So, why are there excuses for the opposite?

  130. This article was written because the author needs to justify her job. The 8 reasons listed are nonsense and completely subjective.
    *Lack of smile… who decides what degree? Lack of smile or a grinning fool?
    *Fidgeting too much…how much fidgeting is just right?
    *Bad posture…is it a non-ergonomic chair? What? Did they put their feet on the desk?
    *Handshake that is too weak…completely subjective. Bone crusher or arthritic hand?
    *Crossing arms over their chest…completely stupid statement.
    *Playing with their hair or touching their face…doesn’t everyone? Who writes this drivel?
    *Using too many hand gestures…just how many hand gestures are the right amount?

    I have been on both sides of the hiring desk and this is all a bunch on crap. Just put your best self forward and don’t worry about ANY of this silliness. If these are the criteria on which you would be hired then you probably don’t want to work for that company. Well wishes to the job seekers.

  131. Hi, Barry. A lot of people will react to your tone, and not react to the things you have to say. While I don’t agree with all you’ve posted, I do agree with a great deal of the intent. As someone who has sat on both sides of the interview desk, for more times than I can count, I submit that: (1) most interviewers have NOT read the resume of a candidate, out of laziness or not being required to do so; (2) most interviewers would rather not even be in the interview, but must do so because HR could not find anyone else to do it; (3) most interviewers are utterly unqualified to make a competent and rational analysis to choose among candidates; (4) most interviewers are not required to even complete a basic candidate evaluation after an interview, and are thus at a loss to remember what distinguishes one candidate from a another; (5) most interviewers are forced to make hiring decisions based more on office politics than on the qualifications of a candidate; (6) most interviewers go into an interview with a personal agenda that has more to do with their own corporate benefit than the benefit of the team or the company. CONCLUSION: The list goes on, but a reader gets the point. The real problem with the hiring process is shared equally between unprepared candidates and incompetent interviewers. Of course, there are almost no books or consultants telliing that to corporate america.

  132. I dont agree with the article. It is too general. Perhaps the real reason why people dont get hired is because they are unattractive. I am a hiring manager and I have hired 6 people this year alone and everytime I have hired someone, it was because they were the most attractive candidate. For example, when hiring a bank teller i had a choice of the homely “mommy” with no make up, or the older woman with 10 years of cash handling, or 21 year old blond attractive college student with 6 months of cash handling- My panel and I chose the attractive student. Becfore I am labled as a womanizer or a sexist- the same was true with male candidates- We had a choice of an overweight man in his 40s with a tupee and 18 years of sales and a good suit and a tie, an older woman (whom smelled of cigarettes) and a former manager of abercrombie and fitch who looked like a male model but had a wrinkled shirt and tie with 2 years of sales(whom arrived 15 mins late)-we picked the attractive but late abercrombie guy in the wrinled shirt. I am pleased to say, that our choices after 6 months have been good ones as the attractive people we hired are our top producers. I know I am not the only one who only hires “good-looking” employees.

  133. Better yet Barry, why should you have to work at all? You are obviously brilliant and quite able to see through all the smokescreens these HR hucksters are attempting to push on you. Just bask in the glory of being “Barry” and we will all pay you for blessing us with your presence.

    I can’t imagine the nightmare of having you as an employee.

  134. People tend to be more nervous on interviews now because they know they may not get another chance to interview for a job for a very long time. The pressure is on them and they tend to do more things that make them look nervous.

  135. Whoa, Barry. You sound very angry. I have had the opportunity to be on both sides of the hiring process, and I have experienced very little of what you have said. Perhaps your anger has nothing to do with the hiring/interview process and has more to do with your own personal stuff. It might do well to find a professional career counselor to help you with both of these issues. Good luck.

  136. I, for one, miss the good ole days when you didn’t NEED to be interviewed for indentured slavery. It now seems that the slave drivers are seeking the so-called and ever elusive “perfect” slave for the work! REALLY!?!? it is just a damn job, and ALL jobs suck, I don’t care if you love your work or not, unless your doing for yourself, (and even then) there are going to be many times you would wish you didn’t HAVE TO, but you do, which is slavery by another name. To those idiot interveiwers out there, QUIT taking your miniscule amount of ‘power’ so damn seriously, when your dead it doesn’t count for squat anyways, and besides, those that have you fooled enough to believe they will absolutely LOVE their job, are just better at lying than the rest.

    Here’s a great quote for you folks out there that might want to attack the messenger; ” What you own, ends up owning YOU.”

  137. Barry! All quite true, facts are facts …not ‘expert’ dictacts all any H.R. person needs to do is look at your ordered job experience and you are “OVER-QUALIFIED” College-Degree or not, young or old, yet as youth we were told, “You NEED more experience.”

  138. Wow Barry. It sounds like you have had a hard time finding a job.

    Please take some time to re-evaluate how you are presenting yourself in interviews. Apparently, you are doing something right since you are getting interviews (only about 1% of resumes submitted get an interview). Be careful that you are not being too negative or arrogant during the interview. Rarely, does any job, even fast food jobs, hire on the first interview.

    Good lucky with your job search.

    • Actually fast food jobs should hire the first person that fills out an app. Anything else and they are just wasting time because they have nothing else to do and they are just looking for boot lickers.

  139. Re: Barry’s Comment.

    It sounds as if you are speaking of large corporations with large human resources departments with large amounts of paperwork and large amounts of reasons to justify their existence. As someone whom for the last fifteen years has been interviewing people in the hospitality and service industries, always with the ability to hire on the spot (usually as the G.M.), let me say that I agree with a large portion of you commentary. Finding a job is a difficult job.

    The mind works instinctively and most often I have decided, as an interviewer, within three minutes whether to continue the interview or not. A person’s body language and other forms of non-verbal communication tell me virtually everything I need to know. A candidate’s confidence, ability to be poised in what most consider an anxiety-ridden situation (the interview) and attitude will predicate whether or not I continue on. No one wants to be saddled with a negative person for eight plus hours a day and so a positive presence goes a long way.

    True enough that most interviewers haven’t a clue as to what they’re doing and the process can be very frustrating on both sides of the desk (not long ago I needed ONE bartender in Los Angeles and posted an ad on Craigslist. I received over 500 resumes in less that 24 hours. If you don’t think that there was a serious weeding out process involved, you’d be sadly mistaken). Barry, let me suggest this; you cannot change what the interviewer does or how she or he does it. The best that you can do is put the odds in your favor to get the job offer. Let me suggest the following and maybe something might help:

    –Ensure your resume is professional but (slightly) stands out from the pack.
    –Confirm appointment times.
    –BE ON TIME (I will not conduct an interview if the candidate is even one minute late). Remember, this is you putting your best foot forward.
    –STAY POSITIVE AT ALL TIMES. Let them discover the bad stuff about you after you’ve secured the job because certainly the reverse will be true.
    –Greet everyone around you (secretaries, vendors, customers, etc.) warmly and sincerely because you never know who will have input in the hiring decision and someone is always watching you. Smile and have a solid handshake. For the employer, this is as much a process of elimination as it is securing the right candidate.
    –Be attentive, relaxed and put the interviewer at ease. Give them a reason to want to continue speaking to you.
    –LISTEN!!!! By listening, you will respond appropriately.
    –Answer direct questions directly and accurately. (ex. if asked “Specifically, what tools do you use to keep yourself organized?” don’t answer “generally.” They asked for specifics and that’s what they are listening for.) Don’t be tangential.
    –Don’t lie. Certainly learn to frame the truth in a more favorable light but lies are too easily caught in this day and age and nothing with eliminate you faster than getting caught in a lie.
    –Ask specific JOB-RELATED (not company-related) questions. Don’t ask about salary, hours, parking, etc. since no one has offered you a job yet.
    –Send a follow-up thank you LETTER (yes, that means breaking out the writing paper, a pen, an envelope and a stamp), not an email. Remember, it’s all about separating yourself from the countless others vying for the same job.

    I hope that some of this helped and good luck in your quest. Stay positive!!

  140. From personal experience (two ways that go a step further than this article):
    Finding a job is always tough for some an easy for others.
    One thing that can dramatically change your chances of landing the job you want is being the type of person you would want to become acquainted with. It’s impossible to find a person that gets along with everybody based on their resume. What companies are looking for is people that work well together and share tasks (use Teamwork) to get the job done. The reason for this is because in order for a business to be profitable it cannot hire a new employee for every task. What employers really want is someone that they like that can get the job done. This is not an easy task so rather that go with people that are simply qualified for the job their looking for people that they like. Here’s why: If I the employer hires someone to do one job, and the workload changes, and they want that someone to fit in working somewhere else on different tasks with different people without conflict. The idea is that if the interviewer likes you, others will like you too.
    One more thing is to be persistent sometimes you can get someone to hire you be simply being there at the moment when they really need someone, or when someone that is already working there is taking unpaid vacations, or calling in on the date you showed up looking for a job.
    It took me three years of showing up looking for a job to land the one I have now, and I’m not doing what I was applying for. I hope this helps.

  141. That is somewhere you wouldn’t want to work anyway. I know it’s rough – as a gay man, I’ve encountered it too. I wish the world would improve and it is – so hang in there. The perfect job is around the corner. :)

  142. Ah, Yes! “Work ethics” of the employed middle Managers. My very 1st Job interview, after being employed for near 20 years for same employer and being promised re-employment. HE forgot. FORGOT? Then when subordinate called him at home, said he was tired and decided he’d sleep in. But, we see being able to spend others money ‘TRUMPS’ honest work ethic everytime all the Glittering Generalities of “EXPERTS” won’t touch that holy Ground. Looking foe employment is much harder work, then >The Vacation of Employment<!

  143. I agree with Anonimous, I have had so many interview experiences where they throw at you stupid questions like What are your weaknesses? or tricky questions. To me, this type of interviews just want to prove you have good sales skills rather than proving your qualifications to the actual job you will be performing. I am a entry level accountant and I have proved being capable of performing new tasks and being a fast learner, regardless of having answered those stupid question good or wrong.

  144. I agree with you @ Barry. I was on an interview at a small hospital, I was 15min. early, I report to work 15mins. early always. Well I had to wait for 30min for some woman who wasnt the person to interview me, while waiting I over heard the office people talking very badly about some of the applicants… wtf…I started to leave then…and should have. I think I spoke with about 5 different ppl before meeting the person to interview me. Well I didnt get the job, but I was more then qualified to work the wanna be telemetry unit they had there, I mean coming from an ICU in a larger hospital. But the good part is….I get TWO emails turning me down for ONE job… One was in my email when I got home, the other came a month later. ??? But the position has been posted for about 3m, and still is, nearly a year later lol.
    Found a better job, closer to home, making more money!! Met with two ppl, took about an hour, no waiting for anyone, Hired on the spot. I WIN, their lost. :D

  145. Last week I was hired (!) after a mere two months of searching craigslist and maybe 15 interviews.

    The beauty of the interviewing process is that you’re able to learn from your mistakes in one interview, and take that knowledge and preparedness to the next, an each is a clean slate. There is no pre-conceived judgement on you as a person unless you’re providing them with the ammunition to do so. A poorly structured resume. Misspelled words in the cover letter or inability to construct a proper intelligent sentence. Then if your qualifications are impressive enough to land you an interview, *then* I believe it is entirely appropriate for a hiring manager to base their decision on chemistry between the two of you and even these involuntary gestures that give us away. I agree that in the end, its about the ability to do the job, but lets face it, we all could do most jobs out there if we were properly trained and educated.

    I actually began to *enjoy* the interviewing process and learned a lot about myself these past couple months. Or maybe it wasn’t something that wasn’t even apart of me before, but all of the uncomfortable moments and stupid answers I gave in interviews forced me to step outside myself and think about what I must look like. They didn’t know I recently lost 50 lbs and still feel chubby and very insecure. They don’t know I have been shy my whole life and probably won’t be a water cooler chit chatter. Maybe even a little attitude on occasion, I don’t like to be bothered much when I’m working.

    In the end, I began even surprising myself during my final interviews and walked away from each one feeling awesome about myself. Now, I’ve proudly been modeling this chip on my shoulder knowing I can walk into a place and get hired based on confidence and a calm demeanor as much as my 8 years experience would. I would know, the guy who hired me told me that is precisely why he liked me, a calm demeanor. He even used the word “confidence” to describe me.

    And Barry, while you might be using one or two examples of experiences you’ve endured, I highly doubt companies choose to waste their time and money throwing out fake job listings, sorting through hundreds of resumes, and interviewing people just so they can test the waters and see what’ll happen when there is no real job available. Like they’re all going into the next room and laughing through a glass wall at you. Good luck, but like the others suggest, maybe its your attitude thats really preventing you from getting an offer.

  146. “8 things that can kill your job chances”? Try just TWO. You are unemployed (for too long)and too OLD (, if over 45 …it was 50). Then if you can do the “Job” better & much quicker, but DON’T have a college degree, you are ‘LABELED’ “OVER-QUALIFIED”?

  147. This is horribly true. I have been both interviewee and interviewer… In so many jobs that work with people, your non-verbal communication tells about your attitude. If you can’t make eye-contact and establish a connection in the first 30 min I am talking to you, why would I think you could do it in the 2 minutes you have with a customer? I can teach you how to do the job, but you have to show me a hardworking, eager attitude.

    And I agree with Mr. 29: Janet, just go for it! “Haha, yes, I do get that a lot. But I have some great skills that are not so obvious, allow me to ellaborate…”

  148. Employers too frequently focus on ALL the wrong things… for instance…. the managing partner at a firm where I was newly hired bragged to me that he proudly eats dog. Yes… dog. He said this to me knowing that I am vegetarian and then took that as a reason to get rid of me during my probation period. Tell me that’s fair ??? Not fair, but he remains a total A**.

  149. Next time… know that I have to say… “save the bark and tail for me”… or do I ? Should I remain true to myself.. then how am I going to put food on my table?

  150. All any hiring manager/H.R. needs do to dismiss your Employment Application is look at how long you’ve reported working. Easy “Age Discrinination” needs no degree, stamp as “OVER-QUALIFIED”!

  151. While reading over some of the answers, I realized that some of the problem may just be you and not the employer! I cannot believe how many people don’t know how to spell or use punctuation!! Take an English class, please!

  152. what you could do is to record all your interviews and then talk with your lawyer to protect your rights. Companies break the “hiring” laws more times than not and they try to always cover their “asses” by following improper interview techniques. Why do think professional sports people and other high income earners have lawyers to protect their interests. Basically, think smart if you can so you stay in the game.

  153. I work as a Dispatcher/Receptionist ( 2p-10p) and during business hours (8a-5p) I am responsible for giving out applications. If there are no openings I tell the people up front but I also give them the option to fill one out or not.I don’t believe in wasting their time or mine by explaining certain parts of the application to them.

    I am writing a 2 books about the profession I am in and interviews will be part of the book. If I were in charge of making the final decision on the hiring process there are things I see every day that would cause me NOT to hire them but I have found out over the past year and a half that some of these not-so-perfect-people have made some of the best employees we have had.

    So don’t judge a book by it’s cover. It also depends on the Company and the image they want to put fore. But all and all I’ve seen some of the most “visually
    undesireable” people do the best job of everyone!

  154. @Barry: Well, the world now realizes why you won’t be hired anywhere anytime soon. Maybe you should consider going into business for yourself…

    @Janet: The interviewer’s racist/sexist remark would make me reconsider if this was the person/company I’d want to work for. It would also motivate me to drop a letter to his superiors to explain exactly why I wasn’t taking any job offer from them. He is definitely not someone that should be in the position to interview others, and hopefully input from a prospective candidate would lead them to see that.

  155. I agree with a lot of this. But usually there is a string of candidates at the companies I have applied with. Why bring it ten people if you know you are not really that interested in them?

  156. I disagree with the poster barry.

    I am an employer and I must state that finding a good employee is hard. Out of hundreds of applicants, how are we to know that the applicant in front of us is the right person? 45 minutes? Can you honestly know someone in just 45 minutes? And no, just like no one should buy a product without knowing their options, so shouldn’t an employer have to hire a person without first reviewing multiple candidates. As for resumes, a person is lucky if an employer spends more than 3 minutes on reading the resume. Its true because after reading 50+, they all start to look the same.

    Confidence is definitely important but so is the ability to perform the job. Character and integrity are very important. Do you do what you say you’ll do? Prompt and punctual? Are you reliable or are you a liability?

    Think of employees as a product and the employers as a buyer. How many people do you think are ready to just drop 16,000 dollars without first thinking about their choice? Thats the cost of a minimum wage employee for a year. Do you have 16,000 to hand someone right now? It comes down to trust.

    Can the employee do the job? do it right? will they follow instructions and can they work independently? can they work as a team? can they be honest? are they punctual? will they create a liability or will they bring the company to a greater height? do they actually care or is it really just the pay they’re after? will they work hard?

    knowing about the company helps. it show you did your homework and that they don’t have to teach you all the ropes. companies are looking for people to help support and run their business, not people they’ll have to babysit.

    call and follow up. It shows you’re serious. 100 applicants, how many do you think call back? for those who don’t, why didn’t they? are they really serious? maybe they’ll just work for a bit and quit the next moment they can. Think of a job as relationship. If you were in a relationship and the person just quit on you after a couple weeks, after you’ve invested so much time and effort into them, wouldn’t you be pissed? so how do you avoid that? by taking your time when hiring.

    Think about it.

    • You sound like you really care about your business, that’s great. But you’re still waiting for them to call you; it’s supposed to be the other way around. If you are looking for an employee then look for one they are not going to just jump into your lap. You’re the one that’s supposed to do the work not everyone else. If all you’re paying is minimum wage then the job is a no brainer and doesn’t even require a high school diploma. What’s worse is people can’t even support themselves on that and you’re worried about dropping $16k on them for a year’s work. You are not paying them all that right away so you are not losing anything and if they don’t work out you just have to call the next person. It sounds like you are making more out of your problem than it needs to be, like you are afraid to interview people or afraid of hiring the wrong person. If you are having problems managing your business maybe you should hire someone to do that for you, oh yeah I forgot you’re afraid to interview people.

  157. Barry,
    I agree with you. In this terrible economic time, a lot of jobs will be posted, u will get the interview, then the job mysteriously is eliminated. In reality, there probably wasn’t REALLY a job to begin with, managers likely have to adhere to some unknown company policy. Regardless, a candidate can’t do anything about it, just smile, shake hands, and interview to the best of your ability. Everyone goes through it, it’s just part of the hiring game.
    I myself have been job searching for a LONG time…you just have to keep your head up and keep plugging away.
    Good luck to you Barry on your job search.
    I pray the economy turns around, and everyone who needs a job (including myself), gets one.

  158. AMEN! That’s really easy to say but have you been looking for a job for 15 months. Are you pennies away from losing your home? Do you know you are not being called back for jobs because your credit score now SUCKS and what you didn’t lose when the stock market crashed is nohealth issue that you now gone because you are trying to starve off the wolves? Does your loved one have a medical issue you can no longer pay for because cobra ran out? Don’t appear nervous my butt………………really hard to convey when you are watching everything self destruct. I have a masters degree and have been gainfully employed for 32 years…………..now I can’t even get an interview…




  160. Barry is exactly RIGHT ON about this article!! He’s a realists like myself and sees what is EXACTLY there. These idiots will only hire you if they know they can get along with you and that you won’t be a problem for them in the future, whether it be financial or occupational. Some people are just automatically appealing through personality or appearance. Being an “asset” to the company is just a big line of HORSE S.H.I.T.!!!! My boss hired a relative of his and gave her a 50% raise after a couple months. 50%???!!!! She couldn’t do her job for S.H.I.T., always argued when she was wrong about something and, basically walked around like she could do no wrong.
    Also, notice that when a WOMAN writes one of these ignorant articles it’s always, ALWAYS, ALWAYS, pandering to the employer. I’ve read articles such as these regarding the workplace written by males and, fortunately they cut out all the a$$ kissing B.S. and state what’s REALLY going!!!
    Oh and, SCREW YOU KEVIN AND NAOMI!!!! You couldn’t come up with an original thought or opinion if the was a shotgun being held to you dumb A$$e$!

  161. it is so shameful that all this minor unimportant things are more important than are you qualified or not to do the work. You are overqualified is even more absurd

  162. Keep the Faith guys!!

    I have been living the Nightmare of unemployment, job searching, interviewing, and I even got turned down after 3 call back interviews with the SAME PERSON.

    Seriously, does it really take you 4 times to meet me, in order to make your
    decision? The “unfortunately we have decided…” E-MAIL I got from this potential job was really the back breaker for me.

    I thought I was going to “lose it”.

    But I sucked it up, and the next day I got right back on Career Builder, and I kept sending out resumes, and 2 weeks later…

    I got an OFFER and I START TOMORROW!!


    The feeling that the Job Search is O-V-E-R is literally just as, and possibly more exciting than the fact that the new job and pay checks are Starting…

    I will be saying a Prayer for all of you Job Seekers.

    If you have a roof and a meal tonight you are Blessed beyond belief. As SO MANY on this Earth cannot say the same thing.

    Remember That.

    Good Luck, find your God, and keep the Faith!

    • Congratulations Hi Red!

      I was unemployed for almost a year and recently found work. It is truly a relief. As frustrating as it gets, the one thing we, as job seekers, can never do is give up!

      Congrats again!

  163. I get really tired of trying to be perfect for people. I am not perfect and neither are the people who interview! Yeh! I know! Times are tough and competition is intense but can’t we get back to more basics????? How to dress, how to smile, don’t use too many hand gestures, don’t look the wrong way…come on!!!! Management will not be happy until robots DO take over….unfortunately for management…they will be replaced by them too!

  164. Barry,

    Clearly you are not meant to work in Corporate America and do not understand that the crappy job you are applying for has over three hundred people applying for the same job. The individual with experience, positive attitude and education and flexibility will win the job. Almost every job requires more than one interview Barry. Hiring managers do take lunches, have meetings and run their business. If you want to find a job, it would behoove you to take a look in the mirror and reflect on why you don’t have one. The answer is looking right at you.

  165. I agree with Barry. How can you not? If youre that idiotic to not be seeing that what he says is true, than youre one of the rats running through the maze trying to please them, though THEY know theres no end. I can say this because working close with my ex-bosses, I KNOW what they used to do. Some of them would skim through resumes and and say “nope” and not call people in because of the way they wrote, the way their name sounded, mocking them for where they previously worked… just stupid stuff. And as Barry mentioned, its not that the basic person couldnt do the job. One of my ex-bosses let a perfect opportunity slip through her hands. This girl was beautiful, attractive and business attire, was a UF college student, kind, had experience in the field and everything but didnt want her because 1, I was attracted to her (and rumor was my boss liked me) and 2, I think my boss felt overwhelmed by her that she was attractive and had more potential. Never even looked at her resume.

    BUT…. I DO agree with this site that these things DO have an effect on if you are hired or not. No doubt. If you see the person is trying their best to get that job, that should be enough. If they dont qualify after working there, just fire them, but atleast you gave them a chance. Not everyone is going to be a “perfect person” and a lot dont know HOW. But what are you gonna do, not hire them?! PEOPLE NEED JOBS.. give them a break!

  166. Barry, I am a HR executive in charge of interviewing. We have to, and want to, go to great lengths to be fair, objective and thorough. What we run up against (fortunately not as frequent as one would expect), are bitter, arrogant entitlement-minded brainiacs like you who know nothing, absolutely NOTHING about the proper way to conduct an interview, but you want to tell employers how to do something we do every day. It is the procedures and practices we conduct practically every day in our career. But, you know better, doncha?

    Do you have any knowledge about EEO considerations, job specifications, requisitions, panel interview scheduling, set-list interview questions, candidate courtesy and/or local, state and federal laws regarding hiring??? I think NOT!

    The reason we take the time to conduct proper interviews is that if we don’t we risk litigation, wasted selection committee members’ time…or worse yet hiring a slack-jawed slug like you.

    I’d better go so you can brush up on your rants for the next poor unsuspecting employer whose valuable time you will soon squander spewing your non-sensical rubbish. Too bad the unemployment benefits period just got extended. Shutting down the money trough would make ego-bloated trolls like you straighten up and fly right, or starve!

    Learn how to interview properly, get a lobotomy and become a productive member of the working-class, you incompetent peckerhead.

  167. Two years ago my boss hired someone who looked great on paper, gave a fantastic interview, and seemed energetic and adaptable. He thought she would be a breath of fresh air.

    WRONG!!! There are only 12 people in our work environment and we rotate through different facilities. A day does not go by where someone sends me a complaint of how condescending and rude she is to lower level staff and even towards her supervisors. She has told me and other co-wokers to our faces that our facility is substandard, we are unprofessional, and that we dont know anything. This is comparison to her former workplace.

    At meetings, when its her turn to answer questions posed by our boss, she “excuses” herself to answer phone calls. At the end of the meetings, she goes on of how it was all a waste of her time.

    I’ve brought these and other situations up with her, using stupid “sandwich” techniques (you know give them positive than the negative) in both professional and casual settings outside of work, to no avail.

    SO employers please, make sure the person you hire will deliver and be a true asset to the work place and not the company ASS-h*le.

  168. Yes Barry, you seem to have a chip on your shoulder. You seem very bold, but that “boldness” scares people to hire you as you will be viewed as a high-maintenance employee that will cause nothing but problems. You most likely have shown your “god complex” in the interview. Companies want a semi moldable person to fit into their culture, not have someone rebel against it. Start your own company and be your own boss and you can do what you want, until then, realize it’s you, not them.

  169. Denny,

    Barry has a great attitude, he’s cutting through the BS and focusing on what’s most important, honesty and being real, employment goes both ways. Employees respect that. Barry is just the kind of person I would hire, so long as he produces results and my guess is he does.

  170. Beware of someone who does all of this good stuff in the interview. The best con men can appear great with just a little effort. Do the background check. In the interviews, ask a lot of questions and see if the answers remain intelligent and responsible. If you can get them to talk enough, they(the con men and the BS guys) will usually trip themselves up eventually. I have seen many times that people have been praised for their interview and then to be the very worse possible hire. Less than 50% of those hired will be good for the job.

  171. This is helpful and useful information. We should always employ good and positive body language, either in a job interview, or in any person-to-person relationship exchange.

    Another tip: Go to the job interview with the mind-set and goal of showing the interviewer / prospective company / “This Is How I Can Be A Beneficial Resource To You and This Company”

    In everything, approach everyone with this attitude: “I Can Be A Positive Resource To You In This Way ……”
    Sharon Roni Ellis

  172. I have done many interviews. And the “crap” about having other people to talk to is true – only an idiot would interview just one person for a position. And multiple interviews are a great idea – then the interviewers can compare notes and see if the interviewee was honest. As for not calling to let you know k- I used to call every candidate back either way but then when placing a call to let someone know she did not get the job I could here her screaming and cheering when she was told it was me on the phone then I told her she was not hired and it was very emotinal for her. I have found that a better way is to tell the candidates at the end of the interview to call me on a particular day during a certain time slot so that I can let them know what my decision was. Hiring someone into your business that you worked very very hard all of your life to build is a huge decision. You are probably going to allow this person to represent you to your customers or handle your finances or…. the list goes on and on. I am sick of people who have the attitude that I “owe” them a job just because I said I am hiring and they happened to apply. A bad hiring decision can be very expensive in money, time, and customers.

    • While I can agree & understand what you are saying; I still don’t understand. I have been job hunting for almost two (2) years. I’ve been on several interviews & I feel like the interviewer also plays a part. I once had to wait over thirty (30) minutes befoe the interviewer arrived. Once I was also part of an interview that included EVERYONE who applied for the position; & if that wasn’t bad enough they wanted you to show them paperwork they never asked for in the beginning. Everyone also wants you to drive- why I can’t even tell myself, & I can’t drive. On my last interview I was asked to call back “in a couple of days”, & when I did I was still being asked the same questions with some “Why didn’t yous”, & ended with “I’ll call you when I’ve made my decision”. I know I’m not as young as I used to be but does that really mean I’m ready to be put out to pasture? Why do some people think/feel/ & believe that? Also why do some people feel that just because you have medical issues that you cnn’t do anything but sit around & feel sorry for yourself? I believe that’s why so many people are depressed now noone is willing to give them a chance to encourage their own self.

  173. I am going to have to agree with Barry about those cowards. If you can’t handle the truth then you must be one of those cowards.

    These are the stupidest reasons I have ever read: * Lack of smile – 38 percent
    * Fidgeting too much – 33 percent
    * Bad posture – 33 percent
    * Handshake that is too weak – 26 percent
    * Crossing arms over their chest – 21 percent
    * Playing with their hair or touching their face – 21 percent
    * Using too many hand gestures – 9 percent

    Focus on if the person can do the job.

    • Unless they are lying on their resume, everyone called into an interview has the qualifications to do the job. The interview is to get you to elaborate on your qualifications and to see if you are a good fit with the company.

      If you can do the job but no one wants to work with you because you are such a jerk then you weren’t a good hire, no matter how competent you are.

      It cost thousands of dollars to hire and train someone so companies want to make that investment worthwhile.

  174. I keep hearing about how hard it is to get a job, but here in Texas I’m just not seeing it. There are “help wanted” signs all over the dang place. I’ve been offered about 12 different tech or accounting jobs over the last year and turned them all down because I’m doing fine where I’m at. Is Texas just doing that much better than every state, or what?

  175. Well, No, Barry.
    Spmetimes it’s not about YOU.
    People who need to fill a position do need to talk to several applicants to see who is the most palatable and talented, and to see who they’d actually like to associate with on an everyday basis. You apparently didn’t make the cut a few times, and I can understand your frustration. However I can also understand from your tone that the liner notes from your interviews might include the term ‘walking hemmeroid’. Your ‘I’ count in your post here is through the roof and again, sometimes it’s NOT all about you.
    FInd something you’re good at and start your own business. That’ll ‘learn’ you!

  176. One time i had an interview with a company named GCA services(custodial). Here comes the long awaited day of my interview, so I show up for the meeting in Birmingham Michigan and meet with a man named Patrick. I get through the interview and i get the job. Yay! But then the wierd part comes. He stands up to shake my hand ….. and he has this HUGE hump in his pants lol. i guess he was more excited about the job than i was.

  177. Wow Barry. With your forthright honesty, it is inconceivable that you should have had any difficulty at all obtaining a job. I agree that to have any introspection into the situation is a waste of time, until everyone else realizes it is all their fault.

  178. Janet,
    you can say something like “Oh and I thought you would be a big handsome black man” (if he’s white, of course). or “I was a blonde, but dyed it, so people wouldn’t think I was dumb”

  179. The problem is the real 20% unemployment rate; not candidates, their smiles or a lack thereof.

    Before we even begin blaming the 800 candidates for a single job, we should ask ourselves who does this article help when no one is hiring?

  180. Its also true most of the idiots who interview would ask stupid questions and waste your time why?
    1) the job is only for one or limited persons and was filled quiclky, so they are wasting your time , to satisfied their ego, and to have some fun scutnising you.
    2) or they just want to get someone better than those whom they hired, its like fishing for a bigger catch
    3) some postings are bogus , there is no jobs, all they want to do is kill their time or entertain themselves.
    4) some small companies, they want to act like big Corporate giants, would post a requirement for a airline pilot, or some chief financial executive when all they actually need is a runner boy.

    Bye the way i never went to job interview for myself, but i have assisted other employers finding job positions.

  181. Gee angry much? Yes I agree the companies do make candidates interview for jobs that have been either changed or are no longer available and then the candidate must undergo an interrogation by committee. Face it…either you have to deal with the nonsense or create your own job and neither of these choices seems like a good idea in these economic times.

  182. I believe that as long as i can get into the interview .. I usually can stand a good shot at the job… Problem i see in the company i work for now is they are mainly looking for the younger folks … old duffers like myself at 50 usually have a tougher time … with the state of the job market currently its tough to get a job doing anything .. Have faith these are good suggestions .. but the bottom line is the person that is interviewing you either likes you or they dont so just keep applying someting will happen …

  183. What about going to an interview, when the person doing the interview does not
    know how to interview and asking ridulous questions that dont apply to the job
    you are applying for.

  184. I totally agree….I just want a job..it takes about 5 minutes to find out if you like me for the the job or not!!! We are grown people….i’d rather hear at that moment if you think i’m right for your job or to fit into the “click” at your at your place of business! Please …to all employers out there…drop all these foolish antics in your Co. policies!! You are probably missing out on the best people out there….thats why you have to hire constantly…You have to take some responsability for your lack of judgement!!!

    • It takes longer than 5 minutes. I have interviewed people and you’d be surprised what people reveal after they have gotten a bit more comfortable with you. If I’d have stopped at 5 minutes, I would have made at least a couple of really bad hiring decisions.

  185. Barry,
    It sounds like you need to quit pouting and sucking your thumb. If you are so distraught with the interview process, and feel you are above it……Start your own damn company and shut up!

  186. Many of the “I can do the job answers” without social skills indicate exactly that.No social skills. You need to work with people, people.

  187. After nearly 15 years of interviewing candidates for my small business which deals with Fortune 500 clients, there are many things that are determined in an interview process…..one of the most important things is to determine if you are a radical person that could poison the rest of the team you would be working with. A single bad hire with an attitude can destroy and otherwise enjoyable working environment and devastate morale. Thats is one of many reasons you are interviewed by multiple people.

  188. Honestly, some of what Barry has said is true. Although he posted it with anger intended, the interviewer is afraid of hiring the wrong person because of their managers afriad they hired the wrong person and so on. If you hire the wrong person and have to end up firing them or they steal then your manager will have your butt regardless of your pay. This is in all job places and that is why some interviewers are like that. But besides this, yes the job interview shouldn’t be about how you sit or how much you move your hands, it should be about you as a person and what you will bring to the company other than another candidate. This in my opinion, is the most important aspect when it comes to a candidate. As said from a wise friend of mine “You can go to harvard and get a doctorate in anything and be a complete jerk and get no where, but you can go to the university of retards and get a good degree but have a great spirit and personality, thats what lands you the job.” So if you take anything from this post is that the Ethics of job hiring are in the toilet and its because of this that jobs are almost unobtainable without the right amount of support and money.

  189. Hi Janet. How brave of you to post what is the real reason you lose a job. These items listed here can help, of course and everyone should pay attention to them. But understand that the HR representative that is screening you has a list of things to screen you for. Whether these job boards want to admit it or not, the two things that actually help you lose a job is ethnicity and age. When going on a job interview, be OBSERVANT. (If you can) if the company is all white and young, and you’re of another ethnicity, you wont be hired. If it’s white and middle aged, you wont be hired, no matter how “qualified” you are. I worked for a department where the manager was Ivy league, white, middle aged and he only hired (20ish) young white girls. Upper management hired me, and he always ignored anything and everything I had to say or contribute and finally was able to lay me off because I came in a minute (yes a minute) late and the company was going through a merger. So lets cut the bull and get down to reality. These items are important too when in an interview, but nothing beats the company make up.

  190. To Janet Gia –
    Employers really look for 2 things: your ability to do the job, and your ability to not make their job any harder (this usually translates into people skills). Your resume and the content of your interview responses are evidence for the first. How you handle yourself in general tells them the answer for the second, like this article’s subject.
    But for your example that you gave, I guess you’d have to decide whether the person is really a racist, or someone who needs to be educated out of their stereotypes, or someone who thought that their comment was only an innocent ice-breaker. Your call.
    In any event, your responsibility is to conduct yourself with dignity and integrity. Even someone lacking those attributes can recognize and respect them in another person. I remember a great line about Frederick Douglass, in which the writer said that Douglass did not run away from slavery, but turned his back on it. Your interviewer may note that you may be a positive influence in that workplace.
    Best wishes for your success!

  191. barry , as an employer we will decide how long the interview lasts ,how many call backs there will be, whether it is or is not worth the managers time,and ANY OTHER BUNCH OF CRAP we deem necc. to try to find the best employee we can. its an employers market you can blame your goverment for that; we try an be carful not to let people with bad attitudes slip by ,its a weeding out proccess ,so were not stuck working with people like you everyday

  192. Dear Anonymous,

    Aside from proficiency in the workplace, chemistry with co-workers is critical to productivity. You may be the most talented of the potential employees, but if nobody wants to work with you, overall morale and productivity decreases. I’m sure that you have all worked with someone in the past, or possibly currently, that makes you wish you’d stayed home. That type of workplace atmosphere doesn’t foster creativity or desire to put your best effort into your work. If proper chemistry is achieved, people can define themselves by what they do, and not simply get paid for their time.

    I’d rather have a group of motivated workers that desire to do a good job than talented iindividuals that constantly stir up trouble.

    Just my views.

  193. A huge tip for interviews is to always end on a question. Doing this makes it seem like your the one running the interview and seeing if the job is good enough or even worth it.

  194. Living in WI over these past eighteen years of the state’s inception of WI’s Open Circuit Courts website has ruined any chances of me ever developing a career.

    It’s easier for someone from a another country and develop a career than to try to develop a career. It’s seems somewhat Unconstitutional. The website is used for all forms of discrimination and harassment by all walks of life.

    I don’t think that is or was the intention of the developers of the WI justice system to have the website used for these purposes but it is just the way it is in this state but it’s what is happening. They say that a fine will be imposed for using the website to discriminate but who enforces it? No one!

  195. Yes, Barry is bitter and has every right to be given how employers are treating candidates these days.

    I once interviewed a few candidates for a position and it came down to a tough choice. Do I pick the more experienced candidate or the more technical candidate? Since it was a group decision I got together with 2 of the other interviewers to discuss our options. During the meeting they decided to choose the more technical candidate. The reason for their decision, she was cute and had big boobs. I was floored. Not only was I shocked at how they decided but that they would openly discuss their reasoning. I told the hiring manager what transpired but nothing ever happened and it bothers me to this day.

  196. Do interviewers waste time? Occasionally, I have 38 years in one industry alone and had an interviewer call me in response to my Resume. After talking about how well my experience matched just what they were looking for and telling me I would be an excellent candidate for the position (over 1 hour on the phone) he said” We are really looking for people that plan to put 20-25 years into our company. Are you ready for that kind of commitment?”

    Do the math BEFORE you call me…even if I had started in my industry immediatly out of High School at age 18 I would be 56 years old today! Commit to another 20-25 years not on your life at 78 I plan on being retired, or at the most doing what I want for myself, not putting 50-60 hours a week in for someone else.

    This was indeed a waste of his company’s time and although it did “stroke my ego” it was actually a waste of my time as well.

  197. Your body language list is right on but there are 2 more, a comfortable amount of eye contact and keep your hands visable.

    8 Real Requirements In the Central California California Job Market from an observant retired teacher….
    1. speak Spainish, 2. be eligible for the govt. to pay part of your pay because you are in a “program” 3. be related to someone who’s hiring, 4. be transfering from a great job 5. not be a 25 to 40 year old white male with no disabilities and no job (doesn’t get the employer any perks for the hire) 6. not be under educated 7. not be over educated 8. be the youngest person for the job.

  198. Barry I agree with your comment a hundred percent! Last Monday was my thirteenth interview for a bank; I’ve looked professional and have the skills to be a bank teller, but the employers were the unprofessiona ones. The lady who interviewed me at the last one was so high on caffeine that she was flicking her pen at me the entire time! Thank you for expressing those thoughts because that’s exactly how I feel, ahaha. :)

  199. Barry,
    Mad much?
    Maybe the reason you don’t get hired is because potential employers are somehow picking up on this deep seeded anger you have… I don’t know just a thought, you know, you mask it so well :-)

  200. Lisa wrote: “And Barry, while you might be using one or two examples of experiences you’ve endured, I highly doubt companies choose to waste their time and money throwing out fake job listings, sorting through hundreds of resumes, and interviewing people just so they can test the waters and see what’ll happen when there is no real job available. Like they’re all going into the next room and laughing through a glass wall at you.”

    Lisa, I hate to disrupt your innocence, but this type of thing does happen. I once worked at the corporate HQ of a major U.S. retailer whose initials are BBB. The company routinely posted job openings like clockwork. Many of these positions were already filled! I investigated (especially because I saw my job pop up once!) and learned some of the reasons for this: in some instances, they’re playing with the titles or other wording of the description to see which gets the most responses, in other instances they’re trying to gauge what the current market salary was for different positions (requiring applicants to include salary requirements). In other instances, they were just building a “library” of interested candidates should a position open up (one department had an awful director who lost 6 of his 15 people in 6 months, more than one of which simply walked out the door and didn’t come back). I’ve seen positions be interviewed for and no one ever hired, but I didn’t get much info on what was going on there. I have reason to suspect that a “net” was being cast trying to find someone who didn’t know their own worth and had an asking price far below current market rate. If they find someone willing to work for a low salary, they create/fill the position, if not, they don’t add that position. I did see someone create a position once and fill it with someone who worked for a startup before and ended up taking the job at 40% below market rate yet perform above-average. Of course, once he found out he was the only one working for below-market rates and caught the same bad director lying to him by claiming he was working at market rates and everyone else was getting paid what he was, he too quit with no notice.

    Some one you down on Barry should remember the words of George Bernard Shaw: “The power of accurate vision is often labeled ‘cynicism’ by those who fail to possess it.”

    I love the woman above who brags about her hiring process: first HR interviews, then VP, finally her. So first someone who knows nothing about the job filters the candidates, then someone who won’t work the person (and might not know the job either), then finally her. She brags she often hasn’t seen the resume but she can tell all she needs to know anyway. This is magical thinking. Everyone in the world ought to be required to spend some time at a race track; they’d learn many useful things. You see the same type of self-delusion: hey, the last two horses that won had the most recent workout! That must be the answer! They then blindly bet every horse with the most recent workout, forget their losses and remember their winnings, and without any statistical proof their method works will argue it ferociously without even knowing if they’re ahead or behind.

    I’ve seen lists like this article before, and it reminds me of something. I read an interview with the great engineer/entrepeneur Nolan Bushnell (founder of Atari and involved in creating Chuck E. Cheese, among other things). He talked about how he asks engineering applicants how to change a wall socket, because so few have real practical knowledge. He goes on to list all the traits of a great engineer. Why? Because he’s BEEN an engineer. Joel Sploskly (sp) the software entrepreneur was at a presentation and spoke about how he doesn’t worry about the specific qualifications of his programmers because computing trends change. Instead, he looks for whether they’re constantly learning, have experience with one of the new technologies to show curiosity, etc. He was followed by a head hunter who got up and said he’s seen what people are looking for at the moment so candidates should have 3 years of Java, 2 years of this, etc. Why the difference? Splosky has been a good programmer and thus knows what qualities a good programmer should possess. The head hunter has no idea.

    People who actually understand a position and have excelled in that position when asked about candidates will give you a list of what makes a GOOD candidate. Talk to someone who doesn’t understand the position, and they instinctually rattle off a list of what makes a POOR candidate, and often those reasons are superficial or like the head hunter a current snapshot. When you see reasons being given like the article above, it’s clear it’s been compiled by someone who doesn’t understand what makes a good candidate, so a variety of silly superficial reasons are listed instead. As someone else pointed out, these can be reasons managers tell themselves after the fact to justify hiring the person who was the prettiest, youngest, or liked the same sports team.

    You’re also seeing attacks on Barry by people who have a job or in a position to hire. They want to believe that they’re entirely self-made, there was no luck or randomness involved, their race or look or age had nothing to do with it, so as to inflate their accomplishment and their own ego. The flip side is that anyone without the current success must be totally to blame – they must be terrible people, the homeless person must really want to be homeless or just lazy, etc. That’s why Barry has to be attacked. You also see the elevation of the hiring process to Einsteinian levels by those who are feeling guilty at the suggestion that subjective reasons might have been involved.

    Many objective studies have shown that what many people are saying here is indeed the case. One study sent out identical resumes to hundreds of companies. The only difference was some had “WASP” names like “G. Warren Worthington III” and the others had ethnic names like Darrell and Lakisha. Result? Even though the companies were all listed as being equal opportunity employers, the WASP resumes got calls to schedule interviews at DOUBLE the amount the ethnic names did. There’s no explanation other than subjective, possibly subconscious, biases. If even your name is a factor, how much more so your physical presence? Instead of defending hiring and HR, employers would do much better to examine studies like this and attempt to objectify the process.

    Another smaller study had a list of names of companies desperate for experienced engineering candidates with many years experience leading large-scale projects. Resumes were created and given impeccable credentials: Harvard and MIT degrees, etc. I believe only 3 of the 19 resumes got requests for an interview. Another related study fed “perfect” resumes into computer resume systems and found that only 20% of them popped out the other end, showing that even ideal candidates had a good chance of never having a human see their resume. Again: doesn’t this show that hiring practices are in chaos? One professor of management science had the courage to publish an article labeling all HR generalists “dinosaurs” and requesting they all be fired, but so far the traditional hiring practices continue to be un-scientific, employing non-statistically significant, non-peer-reviewed practices that often amount to pseudoscience and magical thinking. For instance, credit reports continue to be used to filter candidates, while (as of three years ago) only one statistically significant study had been done, finding that poor credit scorers turned out to be slightly BETTER employees (of course – they need the money!) Meanwhile, HR continues to defy mathematics and employ “whatever sounds good” to try to make a hard job easy by creating irrelevent metrics to filter out candidates to avoid having to do things like actually read resumes.

    The best interview I ever had, for the most successful global shipping company in the world, resulted from the interviewer personally reading ALL resumes himself (no HR) and hand-selecting all candidates to be interviewed. He also had my resume MEMORIZED enough to ask interject questions on trivial matters without glancing at the resume. As I mentioned before, in my last 10 interviews, 8 interviewers had not seen my resume before and 3 referred to me by the wrong name at least once. Even though I didn’t get this job, I had no regrets, knowing for sure the interviewer was fully knowledgeable on both me and the duties of the job.

    • Joseph, I have said some of these same things over the years. I’m a little younger than you I’m 54 and have tried to get people to understand how messed up the job market is. I have been unemployed now for over two years and prospects are not looking good. Unemployment ran out so I am stuck trying to live off my VA disability but it barely covers rent and utilities. I’m supposed to pay child support but have no money for it. I used to put in about 10 applications a week but cut back because it was getting to hard to get around, I ride the bus and it takes forever to get anywhere. When unemployment ran out I quit trying. People just don’t understand the hardships that go on because some employer needs to feel power over others’ lives. In the last two years I had maybe a handful of interviews including one I just got up and walked out of because he started asking stupid questions that had nothing to do with the job. The interviewer ask me what I was doing I turned and asked him “Were you going to hire me?” He looked at me and said no, so I left. It was a retail job at a store I used to shop at but I won’t anymore and I tell everyone I know that they shouldn’t shop there either, some don’t and some stopped. What a shame that employers can’t be as honest as the people they are trying to hire.

      • Joseph, good response. I have seen and been through enough bad HR hiring prctices to make you angry and nasty. These people, employers, demand honesty from prospective jobseekers. In return you get all the cliches’, lies,deceptions and worst the wasting of your time and money, in gas, applying for nonexsistant job openings that are flaunted in front of the desperate jobseeker. Jobs that never are filled, jobs that are posted in papers, on company websites all lies.
        we have been through all of this way too many times. Also companies that lead you on, do the criminal background and driving record check and drug, all were clean by the way and for all sense and purposes say your hired. Then leave you hanging for two weeks. Then you call them, and get all the cliches’ they all use, “so and so is in a “MEETING”, “NOT IN HIS OFFICE” TRANSFER YOU TO A VOICEMAIL. And when you do get through, they dance around and say the job is on hold, no date as to when it will be available. But they did not have the professional courtesy to even call and let us know. All this after prying into very private info and turning down two ther job offers, now lost and still jobless!! It is a scam, sham and a national disgrace the way companies are treating the jobseeker! There must be more severs laws against this type of deceptive lieing behaviour. Honesty goes both ways..BOTH WAYS!!!

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  203. Unfortunately, all the research shows that interviews are horrible predictors of job performance. When things like body language and untrained or unprepared interviewers come into play, the interviews become even less reliable.

    In addition, years of experience is another horrible predictor of job performance.

    It reminds me of a story about two workers up for a promotion. One with two years of experience the other with 10 years experience. The employee with two years of experience gets the promotion. The other employee is furious and complains to the boss citing their superior experience. The boss replies ” You haven’t had 10 years of experience. You’ve had 1 year of experience ten times”.

    Yet we have to play by the rules that govern the system. So the best we can do is to be ourselves and put our best foot forward. Any advice on how to do so should be welcomed.

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  215. I’ve conducted over 200 interviews and I can tell you that even though these things are important they are trivial and any good interviewer will understand that job interviews can be high pressure situations.

    Focus one key issue and these issues will take care of themselves.

    * Don’t show up for the interview if you can’t explain to yourself why you know you are qualified for the job and why you want it. Don’t let recruiters send you for interviews if you can’t do this. Ask questions until you can be sure you can do this. *

    This is really what the interviewer is trying to establish and most questions will trying to get you to explain that.

    This will be established in the first 10 minutes of the interview, and it will be very clear if this is the case.

    If you do this then the interview becomes very different. It becomes about you interviewing the company to see if they are right for you and under that mind-set you will be relaxed and confident. Just the kind of person they’ll want to have working there.

    If you can’t, why did you go to an interview for a job you’re not qualified for? You just wasted time and money that you could have spent looking for a job you are qualified for.

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  226. Wow that was unusual. I just wrote an incredibly long comment but
    after I clicked submit my comment didn’t appear.
    Grrrr… well I’m not writing all that over again.
    Anyhow, just wanted to say excellent blog!

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