What’s Your Most Embarrassing Interview Moment?

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monkey-embarrassing-momentWe’ve all had embarrassing moments. (I’m going to keep it professional and not share mine with you here, but I assure you, it’s one for the books.)

Anyway,  as I was saying, we’ve all had embarrassing moments. For some people, it unfortunately happened in the worst place possible: the interview.

If you’re sick of recounting your embarrassing interview moment in exchange for nothing more than a bunch of laughs from your friends and family, now you can tell it for a good reason: You might be able to win an 8-GB iPod Nano with built-in video camera.

BriteTab, a resume writing service, just launched InterviewFollies.com, a site that encourages users to post their embarrassing or funny job interview moment that they may have experienced, seen or heard about. Just by sharing your story, you’ll have the chance to win an iPod Nano with built-in video camera. Plus, you can promote your story however you want — through your Facebook page, Twitter account or your personal blog.

Visitors to the site will be able to vote for their favorite stories; the person behind the story that received the most votes win. There is a winner every two weeks for six weeks, which means you can submit your story up to three times for a chance to win.

From all of the things I’ve heard from hiring managers, I have about 100 stories I could enter in this contest. But, I’ll leave it you guys.

Before you share your embarrassing interview moment on InterviewFollies, share with us here. You won’t win an iPod Nano, but maybe if you’re story is funny enough, we can use it an upcoming article.

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  1. Without a doubt my most embarrassing interview moment was when the senior recruiter and I both realized that the position description I had applied/interviewed for was completely wrong. Some type of mix up in the process by a Jr-level recruiter. We wasted a whole hour. Perhaps she was just trying to let me down easy?


  2. Without a doubt my most embarrassing moment
    interviewing came years ago when I had just gotten out of the military. I used to drive a
    truck in the military so when I got out I applied
    for a job as a honeydipper, driving a sanitary
    waste truck. The interview went o.k. so it came
    time to show my potential boss I could drive his
    truck– no problem. So then we went to a customer’s house and he proceeded to show me how
    to hook up the hoses and open up the septic tank
    and drop the hoses in. Then he started to show me a valve on the truck and how to turn it and
    when I looked up I realized I should not have
    taken the other end of the hose out of the
    septic waste because it changed the pressure
    of the hose on his end by the truck. The hose
    blew off covering him from head to toe in
    septic waste.
    While trying hard not to laugh I was hard
    pressed to ask for a ride back to his shop….

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  4. With a fresh degree in business administration, I was set to wow them all. I had an interview with a marketing firm in the city, and I had answers to difficult questions practiced and prepared, and I was dressed for success. I came out of the interview feeling pretty good about it until I looked in a mirror – a full length one. There for all to see except me was the shredded mess of what was that very morning an expensive pair of dark hosiery. My legs looked like they had been attacked by a bengal tiger. I don’t know when or how that happened, but it was definitely before the interview. And I thought the interviewer kept looking at me because he liked what I wore. Nope, didn’t get that job.

  5. My most embarrassing interview was with Pfizer, Inc. My interview was for a desktop support position and I was grilled by three people about everything having to do with network administration. Terrible interview…the worst.

  6. I was interviewing at a law firm in DC and was meeting with two partners at the same time(who I later learned where pranksters). They asked me to take a seat on the leather couch in one partner’s office. I proceeded to sink deep into the couch and could barely see over my knees. Ha ha. I adjusted to sit at the edge of the couch (a struggle) and proceeded with the interview.

    @steve – I had a similar experience when the interviewer started asking me questions way over my head, one after another (“Did you ever do x?” No. “Know anyone about Y?” Sorry, no). Turns out he thought I was a recent MBA grad, when I was only a freshman looking for a summer job.

  7. I had moved to the States recently and was looking for work. I answered an ad for a Spanish-English person to work in a law-related field, about which I had no experience (I guess they called me because I was bilingual). I thought the interview would be with one person, but I almost fainted when I waked into the room and there were 5 unsmiling men, well-dressed men in their early 60s with whom I had to interview. In my so-so English I not only answered with opinions, not facts, but let it show that I had not idea what the job was about, which didn’t please my interviewers. I could sense their frustration in their faces after some 10 minutes and couldn’t wait to leave the room. That was 26 years ago, my English is better and I learned my lesson: keep the opinions to yourself and go prepared.

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  10. I am an older job seeker, accomplished in my field. I was a little tired when I went to an interview. It was out in the country, a bit of a drive, the panel made me very comfortable. For whatever reason, I found myself doing what one should never do, I rambled. I told a story about my past experience, and though it related to the question, it went on too long. I then Forgot! the original question. There was the moment when I paused, and I knew that the panelists knew I was lost. When I said, What was the original question again? I knew it was over. Though they were diplomatic and kind. I am sure I confirmed in their minds that I was someone a little past their prime. Argh! But it was funny, too, only because I have never done that before or since. Perhaps that was the value of it. It turned out the pay was pitiful at this agency so I made better peace with it. :P

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