Job seekers most common (and unusual) interview mistakes

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About this time last year, I was on the way to my first interview for a job I really wanted. I left my house, walked 10 minutes to the nearest subway station, reached into my purse to get my subway pass … and realized I’d forgotten my wallet.

As I literally ran back to my house in my freshly dry-cleaned interview outfit, I remember thinking that now, not only was I running late, I was also going to show up anxious, out of breath and sweating  like I’d come from a last chance workout with Bob Harper.

When I finally checked in at the reception desk five minutes late, I was told that someone would be with me shortly. After about 20 minutes someone came down — to tell me that the hiring manager had just fallen ill and had to go home for the day. The interview would have to be rescheduled.

Normally I might have been disappointed, but in this case, I was thrilled. Long story short, in my second chance at a first interview I was prompt and sweat free, and the hiring manager was healthy (and is now my boss here at CareerBuilder. Hi Kate! )

True story, the point of which is that, whether you’re being interviewed for a job or you’re the one doing the interviewing, we’re all human and sometimes things just go wrong. Wallets are forgotten, people get sick and everyone just needs a second chance.

Except for some people. While it’s true that many mistakes fall under the “we’re all human” clause, others are so avoidable it seems as if people are going out of their way to sabotage themselves. Mistakes like the ones below, which hiring managers gave as real examples in CareerBuilder’s annual “Interview Mistakes” survey:

  • Candidate threw his beer can in the outside trashcan before coming into the reception office.
  • Candidate hugged hiring manager at the end of the interview.
  • Candidate ate all the candy from the candy bowl while trying to answer questions.
  • Candidate constantly bad mouthed spouse.
  • Candidate blew her nose and lined up the used tissues on the table in front of her.
  • Candidate brought a copy of their college diploma that had obviously been white-outed and their name added.
  • Candidate wore a hat that said “take this job and shove it.”
  • Candidate talked about how an affair cost him a previous job.
  • Candidate provided a detailed listing of how previous employer made them mad.
  • Candidate had a friend come in and ask “HOW MUCH LONGER?”

While common sense should steer most job seekers far from any of the above, there are plenty of less-extreme mistakes that many hiring managers say candidates make on a regular basis. Here are the most frequent:

  • Answering a cell phone or texting during the interview — 71 percent
  • Dressing inappropriately — 69 percent
  • Appearing disinterested — 69 percent
  • Appearing arrogant — 66 percent
  • Speaking negatively about a current or previous employer — 63 percent
  • Chewing gum — 59 percent
  • Not providing specific answers — 35 percent
  • Not asking good questions — 32 percent

Yet even in the absence of any of the above mistakes, interviews can still be tough. To ensure yours is a success, Rosemary Heafner, CareerBuilder’s vice president of human resources offers the following tips:

  • Keep it upbeat: No matter how long you’ve been searching for a job, or how bad your morning was, leave any negativity or frustration at the door. The hiring manager may be your boss one day, and he or she will be much more likely to want to work with you if you have a positive, engaging attitude. In other words, leave your “Take this job and shove it” hat at home.
  • Prepare, prepare, prepare: Researching the company beforehand, memorizing the names and titles of the people you will be interviewing with and figuring out the best way to get to the office will all prevent you from embarrassing situations later. (i.e. when the receptionist asks you who you’re there to see and you can’t remember the person’s name).
  • Keep it professional, not personal: Most interviews start out with something to the effect of “Tell me about yourself.” That’s not an open invitation to spew about your discontent with your spouse, as one hiring manager mentioned above. Refrain from discussing over-the-top personal issues and focus on the position and selling yourself.
  • Practice does make perfect: Nerves are normal during an interview, so help calm them ahead of time by practicing. Go over common interview questions with a friend or family member, write your answers down, or practice in front of a mirror so you can see your body language.
  • Honesty is the best policy: If you’re stumped by an interview question, don’t try to make something up. Admit that you may not know the answer, but then explain how you would go about finding a solution, proving your resourcefulness.

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  1. Sometimes no matter how good you are in an interview it still doesn’t matter. I was recently interviewed for a position that I was extremely qualified for, and the woman interviewing me was not only arrogant and condescending but much younger than me, and thinner. I am convinced that I was not hired simply because of my age and my weight because I know for a fact that I was more qualified than the other candidate. This kind of discrimination happens on a daily basis and there is no evidence or way to fight it. I can only imagine how it feels to know you are qualified for a job, to know you are the perfect candidate and to simply not get it because of your race. It feels horrible to be discriminated against because of age and weight, so the bottom line is many times you don’t blow the interview….there are too many employers who still discriminate in their hiring practices, and we all know that.

    • Karen, I honestly understand what you are saying. I graduated from Southern Illinois University in Carbondale, Il. with two Bachelors, was on National Honor Society, at the time I was going to college I was a single mom raising 8 biological children plus my nieces son who was born drug addicted. I did really good in school and after graduation I began my job hunting. I sent off resume after resume, did phone interviews etc. I was then about 560 pounds which should not have made a difference but it most certainly did. I did this phone interview with a company and was told that based on my resume, grades and experience she felt she could hire me right there. She went on to say that I would need to go in for an in person interview. Well when I got there the lady who did the interview of the phone was there and literally asked in a tone of voice that was totally shocking to me. She said “are you the same person with all the degrees and 3.9 GPA. I answered yes I am. She said she had pictured me so differently and she would be contacting me for another interview. I knew it was because of my weight so I thanked her and left. There is so much discrimination going on because of ones weight and it is almost impossible to prove. I think it is the most sad thing in the world other than child abuse. I now weigh 137 pounds thanks to my gastric by-pass and have a job that I absolutely adore. I am sorry there are such bigots in the world but they will learn sooner or later…God Bless YOU

        • I now weigh 137 pounds thanks to my gastric by-pass and have a job that I absolutely adore. I am sorry there are such bigots in the world but they will learn sooner or later…God Bless YOU

          Jim, don’t be an arse. Sometimes people can’t help it and even if they could we’re all human beings with rights to do as we please. Also as quoted from her above, she did lose the weight.

          • JM is more than an arse. I think he must have a low self esteem himself to make such a statement. I bet you is must be a helluva ugly unattractive with a halitotic breat.

            • Herm, Low self esteem?

              Come on, what esteem drives someone to eat until they are 560 pounds? That is obviously not a healthy person that anyone would want to risk hiring. They couldn’t even sit in the office chair.

              Over eating like that is an addiction. No different that herion. I am glad to see she got help and will now live long enough to really enjoy her new job.

                • You are not being discriminated against. Being overweight is not a protected status. Thus i can flat out tell you…i am not going to hire you because you are fat. You can sue me…but it would be thrown with no basis. It may be rude but it is not illegal at all. Business is not just about who has a degree, but also how will they represent the company. Overweight people have a major negative stima, and thus companies will hire accordingly. Doesnt mean its right, just means its out there. You wouldnt go into a job interview with bad clothes on, so you shouldnt go into an interview with something negative like being overwieght. Think about it like this, an employer can typically invest less and get more return on a healthier, (and yes weight doesnt mean you are healthy or unhealthy, but any excess weight doesnt help) individual. There are less health insurance costs, you will not be out of work due to long term health problems, and you will usually live longer.

                  • it is never okay to descriminate because of wieght. If someone who is 560 lbs can physically do work, then they physically qualify. Wieght is not a liability. workers that have inconsistent work historys or bad customer service skills are liability. discrimnate all you want but you can never present a valid excuse for it. FYI almost everyone cusomer doesnt care who serves them. looks and appereance are only considered in advertiment.

                  • Well, look at it like this.
                    1) Fast food is a VERY profitable industry. In the US, there is barely a person who has not made a purchase of some kind from just a McDonalds (not counting the more than 20 other fast food chains out there) in their life.
                    2) Fast food is generally made with 3 main ingredients; fat, salt, and sugar. In nature, these ingredients are rare, or they were at least a century ago. A century for a species is nothing; our bodies are still hardwired to crave these three substances, as by nature, they are still rare. Human industry has changed that.
                    3) Living in a constricted, urban environment is not the best thing for a species who, only two centuries ago, got from point a to point b under their own power on a daily basis, unless they were incredibly wealthy.
                    4) With the constant demand we put on ourselves to work harder, or longer hours, with more commuting, and less pay, the leftover time for sleep, healthy eating, and exercise is minimal; most adults with a “9 to 5″ don’t even get the recommended 8 hours of sleep a night.

                    Exhaustion, when not cured with sleep, causes a person to eat more.
                    Not having time to prepare a good, healthy meal means we rely on fast food more.
                    The cost of everything going up with the average paycheck not keeping pace means we have less to spend.
                    In some cases, sadly, a week of meals from a fast food restaurant is cheaper than a week’s healthy eating.

                    With all these factors, how can employers be so foolish and blind as to discriminate based on the percentage of excess materials our fat cells have stored? Soon, we’re probably going to be a nation, nay a WORLD of fat people.
                    And then we’re all too fat to run away, fight back, or take care of ourselves, our technology will fail us and nature will wipe out our sorry species.

                    • Weight is absolutely a liability. As is any other chronic disease.

                      While your brain is my primary concern when I hire, I will usually choose the person I think will miss less time, require less health-related allowances, and provide less HR issues – all things being equal.

                    • What a crock. More liberal BS blaming the fast food industry and failing to recognize any personal responsibility. If a company can refuse to hire you or fire you for smoking, they certainly can for weighing over 550 lbs.

              • We all have some control over our destiny. Being fat is one that usually if you keep your mouth closed, and do not let food or drink other than water go in it, that is a solvable delimna

            • uhh….if you had actually read her whole comment, it says she lost it with the help of gastric bypass surgery.

              also, losing that much weight is totally doable over time with determination and discipline, so even if she had lost it without the bypass, it would not be a farce.

              • I have a long-time companion who is a school teacher of about 30 years, 56 years old now – who once weighed 558 pounds. Has gastric by-pass, too – now normal weight, very healthy – but does go to the gym 5 days a week. This surgery is life-saving for some people.

            • All of you shut up! Kathy i am so happy with you! good for you and everyone else shut up i am a kid that wants to be a Lawyer and yes i know you cant sue for calling people fat BUT you can sue under a “Hate” crime (Which will happen if you call someone fat and tell them they cant get the job because of that) SO READ THE FINE PRINT JERKS! oh btw if i were you guys i would take a look at yourselves before you judge because you might be somthing else worse than fat like a pervert,child offender,homocidal maniac,etc,etc so just because someone is fat dose NOT give you the right to judge!(Pretty good for a kid huh?)

              • You show that kids should be seen and not heard… I’m currently studying to be an attoney at OU. Your little ideals of a lawsuit would go nowhere. FYI… You can’t look at a person and tell if they’re a child molester/homicidal maniac/pervert. You can however… look at a person… recognize obesity… and with a little common sense you’ll notice that’s a liability…

            • Reading does not, a genius make. Did you know the average American has a reading level no higher than a 6th grade level?

              …Shit, I’ve been a genius since I was born, then! I was reading at a High School Senior’s level (12th grade) in the 6th grade, and was college level in high school!

        • JM,

          That was very rude of you to say lose weight. Who are you to judge.
          You’re probably one of those type that preferr to hire someone beautiful who couldn’t do the job effectively.
          You are judging the book by its cover before reading its content. Not all good looking, thin people are ideal employees. With her credentials, I would have hired her on the spot. This is not a beauty pageant interview my friend.

          • 99 percent of fat people are fat because of choices they make on a day to day level. Those choices do indeed tell us something about who they are. It’s not about being unattractive or attractive. It’s about showing shortsideness, greed, and a disturbing lack of of concern for the unnatural amount of weight with which you’ll burdern our health care system.

            • I strongly disagree.

              If you eat a cookie one day, does that mean you will spiral downward and be fat forever, eating your own weight in Ben & Jerry’s ice cream on a daily basis?
              If you eat junk food your entire life, for whatever circumstance, but then get on the treadmill one day and burn some calories, does it make you a health nut?

              So while you could argue it’s 99%, and their choices are made on a daily basis, riddle me this, “J”; How does someone, who has lived a normal life (not sat around eating from morning until night) and grown up on mostly (85% of meals had in lifetime) home-cooked fare end up to be 280 pounds? Is it “a choice”?

              • Firstly… home-cooked doesn’t mean healthy… and I strongly agree that most overweight people are overweight due to poor decision making. Obesity shows, in most instances, that you don’t get off your ass and you overeat.

            • See my name? Yeah thats right Lawyer Kid, i may not know everything about law but what i do know is taht if i would do a LOUSY time protecting you in court! Maybe she saw her father and mother get killed,raped,shot,etc hmm!Maybe you should just sit down and go back to work or whatever you do.I just hope that your kid dose not turn out fat because you will eat these words

          • He’s probably the type that has a blow-up girlfriend, pays for his sex (prostitutes), and probably lives in his mom’s basement.

          • Hits a little too close to home, perhaps ??? Morbid obesity is a situation that is medically treatable. To CHOOSE not do so, implies a HUGE “I don’t give a shit” attitude, and is a liability to any potential employer, just like drug addictions, or whatever. It’s not easy, but you must respect yourself enough to simply get it done. Yes, it is a matter of degree, but get a clue. Period.

        • how do you guys know that the person who wrote that wasnt promoting gastric bypass surgery. you probably dont know if there a girl or if they really lost weight.

      • I commend you for having the confidence you had in that sort of situation. It is discrimination. However, put yourself in the employer’s place. When an employer sees a morbidly obese individual, the first thing that goes through their head is “How could someone have so little self respect to let themselves go like that?”. This is the equivalent of coming to an interview dressed like a prostitute. In both situations, it shows little self respect and neither will normally get the job.

        Now, I understand that there are different situations for everything. Maybe the obese woman has a glandular problem. Of course, maybe the woman dressed like a prostitute doesn’t know any better due to poverty or ignorance. This unfortunately does not change the end result.

        In order to get the job, you have to gear yourself the way society wants you to be. This means obese individuals need to lose weight, people that are ignorant need to study, people that are sloppy need to clean up. You can be as non-conforming as you like, but in the end, you will end up like all the other non-conformists.


        Congrats on the weight loss. You have shown society that you won’t let a thing like obesity ruin your life. Other people could learn from your example.

        • You can find this happening everywhere. Yes we need to conduct ourselves in the proper manner in order to get a job, but things we CAN NOT HELP will sometimes be held against us. I have bartended for 15 yrs. Was a manager for the bar on top of that. I applied for another job when my bar closed and was given 2 phone interviews, told I had the job and could I come in the next day and talk face to face about when to start. When I showed up he took one look at me and said “Oh crap!” Then told me he would call me the next day he was busy. I looked around and saw that all the girls working there were probably college age while I was 35. It did not matter that they could not take a simple order, just that they were young and giggly. It was not even a weight or clothing matter. I could hold my own there. It was all my age. He never did call me back and would not even take my calls when I tried to contact him.

          • Well, good thing that you didn’t get the job then. If it was your age that turned him off, then he is an idiot. I am assuming he knew that you had tended bar for 15 years. What did the guy think? That you were tending bar since you were 5?

              • It makes the point somewhat unbelievable. If a hiring manager had reviewed the person’s experience, then the manager probably had some reasonable idea as to the age of the applicant. My guess is that something OTHER than age was the problem with the face-to-face. But it is more comfortable to argue that you were denied the job for “age” reasons.

                I have no problem believing the stories of the morbidly obese. Obesity doesn’t show on a resume. Age is fairly transparent.

            • Sometimes employers make weight an issue when it really isnt even important. Sometimes idiots think they’re going to hire someone that’s going to be a free and easy piece of ass and don’t care about good for the company, they just care about their so-called status (perceived or real) and whether or not the cute girl is going to screw them. And 9 times out of 10 these are the men with impotency problems and bad tupees

              I am a heavy girl, although not morbidly obese, and could/should lose a few pounds. I have a very rewarding job & have won many achievement awards and receive excellent pay. I have worked with very heavy people who were lazy and acted as if the world owed them. I also worked with skinny people with the same attitude. There are good workers and bad workers regardless of looks & weight. I’ve seen managers with hygiene issues (who were incompetent too) last for years before managers had sense to get rid of them.

        • You stupid dick! You think poor people are stupid huh? A poor woman just naturally dresses like a prostitute because she doesn’t know any better…because of poverty. What a jerk!!

          • gnicko-

            You did very little to proove your case that poor people aren’t dumb. I grew up very poor and have educated myself because a large number of people living in poverty are in fact uneducated. I am not living in povery anymore. Next time you want to proove a point try atticulating rather than sounding like a fool by name-calling. It’s embarrassing.

            • Heather, I agree with you that there is an unfair assumption that poor people are less intelligent, though often if undereducated it is a result of the environment or the fact that they often have to sacrifice in other areas of their lives to take care of themselves or their family. It is more an issue of lack of opportunity rather than level of intelligence. Of course it is much easier for a rich kid to grow up and attend college and not have to work one or more jobs at the same time. With that said, while it may be more difficult for someone with lower income to achieve the same goal, it is not impossible, as you have shown. However, you need to check your spelling if you want to be taken seriously in the argument of intellect.

          • I’m poor. I don’t dress like a whore. In complete opposite I dress very conservatively; I keep myself covered. T-shirts, jeans; that’s my casual day-to-day wear.

            If the interviewer says casual, I pick a nice t-shirt with a cute/unoffensive slogan (Like the one I have with cat paws from the left side running over to the right shoulder) that fits well, is fairly new, and clean, a good pair of jeans, and throw on whichever pair of sneakers completes the look and doesn’t look like a dog chewed on them.

            If they say office casual, I can do that too; clean white blouse (sleeve length varies with the weather), a nice skirt or work-appropriate slacks, ‘flats’ (I’m almost 6 feet tall; no heels for me!) and maybe do a little something with my hair, or a touch of makeup.

            But yet, even with what qualifications I have, a pretty good portfolio, and being polite, well mannered, and appropriate in an interview, people won’t hire me. Perhaps it has do do with not yet being 21 (although I interviewed with places claiming the minimum hiring age was 18)?

          • Actually, I never called anyone stupid. I called them ignorant. Ignorant means lack of knowledge, as in, they didn’t know any better. I never thought the impoverished were ever stupid although, if you are poor, you are tipping the scale in that direction. Hurry up and get rich so you don’t give the rest of the people in your tax bracket a bad name.

      • 9 kids and 560 pounds!!! Are you idding me???

        Seriously, in this day and age of employer healthcare costs why would any sane employer hire you?

        • You are an idiot Jimmy! She went to college and earned her degrees. She could have sat at home on welfare and collected a huge check for all those kids but she did not! I applaud her for her efforts. She wanted to make a better life for her and her kids and not sponge off of other people. There should be more people like her in this world and less of people like you!

          • Has our society become so pitiful that a person is to be applauded as some sort of hero simply because they choose not to be a freeloading deadbeat?

            • Thank you Jon. The bar has become very low nowadays. Being morbidly overweight, which is a scientifically addressable problem, shows a lack of self-respect and discipline (in 95+%, or whatever, of cases) – similar to hardcore alcoholism, or other self-destructive habits. W

          • If she had eight children, chances are pretty good that all of her education was paid for by Uncle Sam. So let’s not act like she’s some saint for taking care of children, which SHE had.

        • Harsh, man. Too harsh. Who the F*%$ are you to make those kind of judgments? Her weight is no more than an eyesore to you and the number of children she has…so what? Your concern because? Wow I get so disillusioned trying to think that people ARE basically good, PRAYING that people are basically good, then I read this blather. Sigh.

          • It is damn harsh and cruel, but sadly the reality is that most employers wouldn’t hired old, overweighted, or disabled workers. For that reason, the employers wanted workers that can do the job quickly and harder and expecting them to be healthy.

            • Well well guys I have a cooworker that is big and she has been a good worker for 10 years, clients do make negative coments,but she is ok.
              but I also met a big girl who in two jobs she had, broke two chairs and was compensated on both jobs an now she does not need to work due to her weight. think about those employers!!
              point is..weight is not a problem,what is seen in an interview is
              Lets be constructive.Positive attitud is all you need

        • Jimmy if you had a job you would know the cost is not determined by the number of people in your family. Its usually employee, employee & spouse, employee & children or family. Duh

          • Ronnie,
            You really should be a licensed consultant or a subject matter expert before you advise about health insurance. You are correct about those specific rating classes. The real issue is the fact that the rates for an entire group are based on the pooling of previous claims or the “claims experience” for that group. It is an average of the cost to pay out the claims for ALL members of the group. One individual’s high medical loss ratio (or increased medical cost per dollar of premium) can increase the premium contribution for the employer and for the entire group.
            A lot of companies are switching from traditional insurance to SELF FUNDED insurance. In these SELF FUNDED plans the employers are taking on more risk by paying their own claims. They have to be proactive on the front end (Healthy Hiring, No Smoking on Company Property, Gyms onsite….etc) to avoid back-end claims.
            Employers can’t pre-screen for or see if someone has a costly medical condition that will raise the company’s expenses. Unfortunately they can see the increased expenses associated with obesity.

            All health insurance companies are moving to “health and wellness” programs (Gym memberships, Smoking cessation and Nutrition classes) because the weight epidemic has become one of the leading factors in INCREASED medical cost in this country!
            If she was thin but came in to the interview looking pale, anemic, vomited, coughing with an oxygen tank….but was extremely qualified what is a SELF-FUNDED employer supposed to do. They are seeing the same increased cost when they interview anyone who is suffering from obesity.
            I’m not judging anyone…(Congrats for losing the weight and bless you for providing for 9 children)…just stating the facts of health insurance and offering an employer’s viewpoint.
            Race discrimination whole other unjustified tragedy that pisses me off!

        • What a cuel thing to say. I agree with the rest of the readers on this one. At least she is doing something to better her life. And did you miss the part about her losing weight? Good for her!!!!!

          • my apologies on the typo – What a cruel thing to say. I agree with the rest of the readers on this one. At least she is doing something to better her life. And did you miss the part about her losing weight? Good for her!!!!!

        • No one wants a 560 pound person to represent their company and the health risks that this person brings to the job. I once had a 350 pound admin fall through the floor, (oK she just got her foot stuck).

        • i think this is the closest anyone has come to the real issue. I believe that an employer not wanting to hire someone with an extreme weight problem is one purely based on her health and physical capabilities. It’s an issue If you can’t get in and out of doors, cubicals, cars, desks, chairs, with the same amount and ease and time as everyone else in the office. In the future to the employer you could be a fire hazard, a law-suit,a costly remodel, etc. Mentally you may be a very gifted individual, but you have let your body become almost useless (in a work enviornment). Maybe pick a job where you could work from home.
          What I am appalled with is the fact that the plight of a fat person trying to get hired is being viewed as comparable to the suffering of racial descrimination.
          That is just absird. People are born black, black for life, and there is no “cure” or fix or possible end to it. Their children will be black and their ancestors were black. For hundresds of years, in America alone, they have suffered the indignity of racism and who knows how many more years it will go on…I feel no sympathy for fat people compared to other people who really know what discrimination feels like…
          I could tell you plenty of stories about how I’ve been disriminated against because I’m a women, or even worse, a “dumb blonde”… but no one would cry for me… because there are thousands if not millions of people in this world who are actually suffering from discrimination.
          If you can afford to feed yourself and nine children you can’t be that desperately poor and in need of a job anyway right?? I can barely afford to feed my 125lb self.

          • maybe thats why your only 125 because you cant afford to feed yourself. Its funny how you make sure to put your weight in there. so what if she has 9 kids I dont care if she has 20 as long as she takes care of them. some people want big familys just like some people want small familys and others dont want any kids thats whats great about being a american you have a choice. Im so sick of people trying to push there choices on others as if everyone needs to think the way they do about things. I agree that 560 pounds would be a health concern but there are a lot of places that will turn ppl away for just being 200 pds or chuppy which is not a health concern. and as far as her kids are concerned mind your own buisness and get a life. maybe if you had one you wouldnt feel compaled to talk about everyone elses so much

      • I know it seems callous, and even discriminatory, but these people are well within their right to not hire you because of your weight/ appearance, as far as I am concerned. Health issues, professional appearance, and physical ability to perform your job all are relevant when you are extremely overweight. Now, noone is saying you arent qualified to do the job, but your qualifications don’t mean anything, if you’re calling in sick, on extended disability because of your weight. These are things you can take control of by losing the weight, and makling yourself a better candidate, just like post secondary education has done for you already.

        It seems cold, I know, but suck it up, buttercup. Stop blaming others for your own problems. The weight cost you the job, then lose the weight. Simple as that.

        None of this matters as much, as the fact that you will likely die from the massive amount of weight you are carrying around. Get healthy, live free. Take better care of yourself, and you’ll find life becomes easier.

        God Bless, and good luck.


        • What? Calling in sick because of weight? Are you serious? So you imagine her calling and saying, I am sick today because I am overweight? You are an idot. Hey, maybe you can call in sick and tell them it is because you are an idiot.

          • I agree with Jimmy and Johnny because I was has and employer in which the second in charge manager was a guy who weighed most likely almost 600 pounds. I took him 15 minutes to walk 200 feet, while walking up three short flights of stairs he had to stop every five steps and huff and puff, a heart attack or sroke waiting to happen. People like that have no pride or self control in themselves to let them get like that in the first place. They Were not born that way.

              • Oh my goodness! How can people be so totally illiterate? Not only can some of you not even construct a simple (one subject, one verb) sentence, but your spelling is atrocious! Surely I would hire an efficient, intelligent, competent overweight person before I would hire in imbecile.

                  • I thought i was reading an intelligent discussion until i read you ripping Joey apart for his poor grammar. The last I knew, this feedback mechanism has no spell check. As the mother of an dyslexiic son, I know first hand how my son struggles to express himself in writing. It has no reflection on his intelligence but your reaction, Jill (along with your typo) reflects your poor intellect, and appaling lack of humanity.

                    The subject is discrimination not grammar. The poster was trying to communicate his experience. Why did you feel the need to mock him? His contribution is valuable. It does take an extremely obese person longer to move, it is well known there are mobility problems. And as far as the original story goes, we are talking about someone who would need signficant accomodations. I don’t know of any chair or desk that would accomodate someone at the size, for starters. How about the bathroom? That might be an issue as well. At 560 pounds it would be hard if not impossible to be very mobile at all, and unfortunately there are liabilities for any employer at that level of obesity, sadly regardless of the cause.

                    I am no skinny mini. I’ve struggled with weight problems all my life. However, it has always been within acceptable means (ie I fit in an airline seat). I feel for this talented, educated woman. But life isn’t always fair. And Jill, you should apologize. Your comments harsh, off-topic and out of line.

        • The (ignorant) belief that because someone is overweight/has kids means that they will take more time off work shows how people can always find ways to justify their prejudices. People used to say the same thing about smokers but in reality they were proven via numerous studies to take less time off from work for sickness or missed days than non-smokers. The fact that she was overweight and had 8 kids but still showed up for class to complete two degrees should tell you all you need to know about what kind of employee she will be. As a manager for going on 15 years I do look at the way someone presents themselves but have found that if I do my job and ask the right questions I can tell whether the person will be a good fit or not regardless of weight, age etc.

          • FYI, being overweight/obese DOES contribute to health problems. And perhaps weight did contribute to not getting a job, but it might not have been. QUALIFICATION IS NOT EVERYTHING. With multiple people trying for the same job, companies want someone who not only has the right experience, but also fits with their already established team. They could be judging your personality as much as anything else at an interview.

          • I do not see where this woman posts the name of the college she attended, how long it took her to obtain her degree, nor whether she attended an accredited or non-accredited college. All of these things are important. I am guessing by the number of spelling errors that she did not attend an accredited college. The time it took her to attend and graduate is not as important as the other questions I raised because many people are now considered non-traditional students due to family or work obligations and may attend only part time.

            Some people seem to have posted that this woman is to be congratulated because she is able to feed her children. Just because she attended school does not mean she is supporting/feeding these children. There may be child support, family help, or government programs involved. I do, however applaud her for trying to better her lot in life as well as losing the weight.

        • I could not possibly have said it better myself (which is rare, sad but true). I am the ultimate political independent, but having said that, do side with the “left” on most issues nowadays, but holy crap… People need to get a clue. It’s commonsense. It’s a medically treatable situation that someone chooses to not address properly. Period. The owner is not in the charity business, living off the basket…

        • Could not have said it better myself. Please see reply which accidentally got posted below. Addressable medical condition that someone CHOOSES not to deal with, which is a large liability. Period.

      • I think it all comes down to attitude. I was working for the same company for almost 20 years when it went under so I became unemployed. All of my friends were running around like chickens with their heads cut off and when they asked me why I wasn’t, I explained that with my faith background, I knew that something better was right around the corner, I just didn’t know what that was right at the moment. While at my previous job I had three hernia surgeries which really put my body through the wringer! I gained all sorts of weight each and every time going under the knife and still have complications from the last surgery. Life sucks…you move on! Well, within 1 month of being unemployed, I was offered a job and I didn’t even try for it……I was also the heaviest that I had ever been in my life!

        Shortly after having that job, it also took a nose dive which is sad because it was a good product, it was just expensive and with the current economy, most people weren’t going to spend that kind of money for something….even if it was good for their health. Money! Money! Money! Then, at the last possible moment when I thought I would start getting into trouble with money, it happened again. I saw a job posting and I took the attitude that I was going to try for this one and get it….I did lose 20 lbs within that time, but still, heavy – 20lbs is still heavy and I was morbidly obese, quite frankly! Well….what happened….among all the other people that had come in, it was me! Attitude!

        What happened after that? The boss was an ass and it turned out to be a very negative place to work because of the owner’s attitude and talking down to everyone and just berating people right in front of the customers! A very bad practice for any company! Your employees are your bloodlines….if you can’t get blood to and from the heart of your operation, then you will die….eventually! Well, after having that job for only 2 months, I found something better….again, while still being Morbidly Obese!

        I interviewed for a job that I didn’t know about until 14 hours the night before and was there 8AM sharp and looking as good at I could in my Obese state! Again, I was the first person there and aced the face to face! People know if you are phony or you lack the confidence to back up your experience! What happened? The next day they had already called all of my references and offered me a job, paying me more, and I would be close enough to work that I could walk. This in part also helped me lose another 40 lbs in the last 4 months….and I’m still going down! So, when it was time to go to my previous boss, I was excited to be able to turn in my resignation letter, to which I don’t think he normally ever got because he didn’t know what it was at first, but when he asked me why, I had to tell him! As much as I would have loved to tell him to take his job and shove it, I told him what he needed to hear to make his business better! Then, within a month, as it took me that long to write, rewrite, and to get my own emotional parts of it out, I gave him a letter stating what the problem was and what he needed to do to nurture and care for his buisness and his employees! Would he use it? I’m not sure, but with it out on paper and out of my soul, I could move on! I had enough love and admiration for my old boss to let him know what was wrong and how he could fix it!

        The bottom line is….attitude is key! Love and respect the process! Walk in with confidence and it won’t matter what you look like, as long as you project that you are what they are looking for and need! Go get ‘em, Tiger!

        May the bright blessings of the universe prevail!

        • I also forgot to mention that I am 40 years old….yes old and morbidly Obese and was still able to get get 3 jobs, one of which I didn’t even try for! You can do it!

        • I agree with everything you said wholeheartedly (it’s why I can do a hundred or so one arm pushups). The key element you are missing, is that in 2011, obesity, especially MORBID obesity, is a MEDICALLY TREATABLE condition. It is a liability to any employer, and to throw gasoline on the fire, is a CHOSEN one, that simply sends a message of …. “I don’t give a crap”. Attitude is critical, but where the rubber hits the road, it’s not about thinking about it. It’s called ACTION, and goes beyond luck. You have fortunately succeeded despite your liabilities, but please don’t blow sunshine up people’s asses… Sorry. If you want lies and misdirection, you’ve gotta talk to somebody else. God Bless, and I wish you continued success. Ramp it up a notch, or two !!!

          • I’m sorry – I keep seeinbg all these posts about “Choice” and no self-respect. A ‘TREATABLE SITUATION’ and no excuses. Until you have walked in someone else’s shoes – you do not understand their struggles or choices. I am almost 6′ tall and 39 years old. I have been slim (not bone skinny) all my life, very active,and I love sports. I have 2 wonderful children and have led a very full and active life.

            I started experiencing problems with my ankles 5 years ago, thought it was due to sports injuries. Next thing I know – I have stress fractures in both ankles and have to wear braces/boots for 9 weeks on both feet. This slows a person down quick. Then my knees start going out ( now remember – I’m almost 6′ and had weighed b/t 155-165 for years) my doctor cannot find the reason for the medical issues and recommends time off – give things time to heal. I ran a business,coached basketball in a rec league, took care of 2 kids, the home, the yard, and a husband. Yeah right – time off….

            The medication had steroids in them. I gain 10, 15, 20 pounds. This is not me – MAKING A CHOICE. Now after several doctors, the new reason for ‘MY’ issues is my weight (which I gained b/c of medications). I finally find an Ortho who listens- he does the right blood work and finds out that I have RA. I have stress fractures in both of my ankles – my leg muscles are atrophying – and the bones from my knees down are deteriating. With the medications I continue to gain weight. My husband decides he just doesn’t want to be married any longer. There goes the medical insurance and he destroyed my business to make sure I would not have the money to fight him in court. He also has our home in foreclosure – so now I’m unemplyed – NO insurance – and without a home soon.

            I’m telling you this – b/c NONE of it was my choice! NO INSURANCE means no way to pay medical bills. I need a specialists and cannot get the help – b/c I cannot afford it. The medications put my weight from 160 – 270 in 8 months. If I come off the meds – I cannot function. At times it’s all I can do to get out of bed – walking hurts so bad. Sometimes near to impossible. But for you people who keep making rude and disrespectful comments – all you’d see is an obese person who ‘got’ herself fat.

            I’m up to 300 pounds. I’m miserable – and it’s NOT MY CHOICE! I’m not a couch potatoe – we don’t have tv.(I can’t afford it) I walk as much as I can each day – I am back in school and will graduate this May with a degree in Office Administration and a certification in Medical Assisting – Translation. I have worked in Administration all my life (though now with the economy – I needed the degree). I am preparing for a time later in my life – that I can work from home doing billing/coding – if that need arises. But at this moment – I still want to work in the public sector.

            Yet I cannot find a job. I have 20 years work experience, great references, a 3.97 GPA, and NOTHING……..I know what it takes to run a business, successfully. I’m professional, I love people, and I have a positive attitude. I’m reliable, respectful, and trustworthy. I believe in teamwork committment. Yet NONE of this matters anymore. ALL someone wants to se is my weight.

            So tell me – SMART ONES – why am I less of a person?

            Why do I deserve YOUR attitude/hatefullness/disrespect. I have struggled – keep my faith – raised my children. I do not party or use drugs. My children come first and I do all that I can to help others in our community. I film my kids ballgames – provide pictures for all the players, make senior portraits, provide pictures for the school, volunteer in concession, and participate in fund raisers. (I’m not perfect – but I try to be a good person and help others whenever possible. I treat everyone with respect)

            Why do you believe I deserve to NOT have a job – where I can support my children- pay my electric bill – have insurance to provide medical care for my family – buy groceries so that my children can eat. (By the way – they are 6’4″ – 165 lbs. and 5′ 11″ -135 lbs.)

            B/c I now weigh 300 pounds? Yes – you would make fun of me, you would say that I do not respect myself or I would not be this size. That it was MY decision. You can judge me. I can not stop you . Just like I can not stop you from being ignorant.

            This is not my decision – and without a job – I cannot get insurance – and without insurance, I cannot get the medical care I need so that I may change this situation. So for those of you who keep spouting off – it’s medically possible to treat obesity- please tell me how to treat something with NO insurance and no income. I have yet to find anything FREE in this world except people with hate in their heart and too much time on their hands.

            I hope God touches your heart and can give you peace in your life. I will keep you in my prayers.

      • Why do I denote a bit of hyperbole in your post? 8 home-bred kids plus a drug-addicted tag along? Plus single mom, plus the MASSIVE challenges of being significantly obese (just the physical stress of moving about makes one wonder).

        If you are so corporally gifted, and I truly mean no sarcasm- why did you have 8 kids without a supporting spouse? How did you support yourself and all these crumb-crunchers, while engaged in your studies? from a more prurient view, as you suggest you are a single mother- your sperm donor must be one hunk- able to get you impregnated, with your self-defined overzealous girth, must require a man with EXTENSIVE capability! you must be an amazing woman.

        Too bad you gave in to all the apparent peer pressure- now you’re just one of the many skinny bimbos who are judged on appearance, rather than ability. Too bad, tootz!

        • I debated on whether or not to comment on your post; alas, I decided to. I will assume that you are a man and have absolutely no clue about women. If I am mistaken – my sincere apologies.

          Did it ever once occur to you that this single mother with 8 biological children who also stepped up to raise her niece’s poor child (who did not ask to be addicted to drugs or born to a drug addict mother – and could have very well ended up in the system of no one wants me) did have a spouse? Did it occur to you that the “sperm-donor”, as you so affectionaly call him, could have been deceased? Maybe there was an accident. Rather than being condescending maybe you should have simply asked in a polite manner what happened.

          With regard to her weight, are you aware that women gain weight during pregnancy? It’s entirely possible that her children are all very close in age and she was simply unable to lose the weight in between pregnancies. Personally, my children are 13 months apart. I gained 40 lbs with my first and 15 lbs with my second. I was not able to lose the weight from my first before finding out I was pregnant again.

          You may say maybe she should have stopped having children. Maybe she did not plan on her husband/boyfriend/etc. not being able to be there.

          It is really none of your business why she has 8 children, how she got pregnant with them, or any thing else you so callously questioned.

          The fact of the matter is this; she is a single mom of 8 children, she stepped up and took in one more child that did not belong to her because it was not only better than the alternative, but it was the right thing to do, she has an education, not only does she have an education – she maintained a higher GPA than most, and lastly, she has two bachelors.

          She lost the weight and is now employed. She did what she had to do to get what she knew she needed.

          Instead of condemning her – you should be applauding her.

          I can not help but think that a the people who are acting so ignorant on here, writing negative things about such a positive situation, are nothing more than bullies – or people who feel so badly about themselves that saying hurtful or condescending things makes them feel better.

          • I have been reading responses. It is interesting that men are the ones being negative about a woman with 8 children and being obese. How many men step up to the plate? They usually hit the home run and keep running. Look at stats women tend to be smarter even though men make more money this is a fact. This woman is getting bashed for nothing by men who are negative and judge people. When is the last time you accomplish something or did something for someone else?

        • I am going to agree with Billy Baloney on this one. If she is so smart with a high GPA and two bachelor’s degrees, you would think she would be smart enough not to have child after child. That’s just irresponsible, if you ask me.

          • have you ever thought of the possibility that she may belong to a religion that does not believe in birth control? put that with the fact that her husband/boyfriend may have either been killed or decided that he didnt want the responsibility after the fact and that could be why she has 8 kids. why is it such a bad thing to have so many children if you are loving and supporting them in some way? she has a job and an education, obviously she wants to do the best she can for her kids. besides the amish have TONS of kids all the time. its not really that new at least she doesnt have as many children as the duggar family.

        • Billy, I do believe that you are trying to live up to your name. God made each one of us a unique individual, with our own values and vices. One item that is overlooked here? This woman stood up, took responsibility for not only her own life, but those children as well. She clearly demonstrated a great capacity for love, and she sought her own solutions. I say KUDOS!!! As to how many children she has, as long as she loves each child, it doesn’t matter if it’s one or ten. SHE is the one taking care of these children, and raising them. With all the children lost in the maze of today’s foster care system, I admire the way she has kept her family together. SHE is supporting these children, not the state. And I admire her for the weight loss, and the courage to keep up, face the vagaries in her life, and the solutions she worked out for herself. Now….to be on the “flip side”….how many MEN are out there, taking care of not only their own kids, but nieces/nephews, and dealing with these struggles? And you do not know how many “fathers” are involved, as well. Judge not, brother….unless you know all the facts, and the circumstances involved.

          I do apologize for coming off as harsh….it’s just the “momma” in me. I tried to teach my sons….”If you can’t say something nice, just don’t say anything at all.”

        • Thank you, Ann, for commenting. That is exactly what jumped out at me when I read the original post. I was wondering how someone with two degrees could have such abysmal spelling and grammar. That is probably the first red flag for potential employers. It is also something that would not be apparent during a phone interview. Perhaps the woman had to fill out paperwork when she arrived for her face to face interview. Sometimes people make themselves feel better about not getting the position they apply for by believing some type of discrimination was the number one factor. You may have degrees coming out your ears, but if you can’t string together a coherent paragraph with correct grammar and spelling you are doomed.

      • Well unfortunately, the weight thing would be a factor in whether i hire a person or not. My wife and I have a very successful business and we are in the publics eye all the time. No one can say they wouldn’t much rather have a pretty, young, outgoing woman trying to sell them something rather then an over weight, woman trying to sell them something. One of our first employees was obese, she would help customers but still didnt have the sales because of her looks. Our next employee was skinny, young and decent looking. Not quite as out going as the obese one, but many double the sales. Why? because she was pleasant to look at. It is a simple fact proven over and over. Guys want to talk to pretty woman, and Ladies want to talk to attractive guys. Is it discrimination for me to hire only decent looking people? I say no way. Why should i hire an obese person when i know it’s going to hurt sales? Why would anyone do that? I am not going to lose money for my family and business because YOU are fat. Will never happen, sorry to the people that fall in that category, but it is what happens and always will.

      • Karen,

        I find it hard to believe that you “know for a fact” that you were more qualified than all the other applicants. How could you possibly know that? FYI, I’m 5 foot 10 and weigh over 250 lbs. By definition obese to severely obese. I beat out multiple applicants when I got my job. You have no idea how qualified or not your competition is on a job. Maybe you just got beat by someone better for the job. That happens more than people get discriminated for being overweight.

        • I agree. One can never assume that they are the most qualified for any position. There may have been someone who was equally or even more qualified. Maybe it came down to more frivolous things such as weight. Though it is not always an indicator of good health, statistically, the employer would be taking less of a gamble to hire an equally qualified, thinner counterpart. While it may seem unfair, that’s just another example of how everyone needs to work that much harder, especially in today’s job market, to make themselves the most appealing option for any employer.

        • Joe, that is so true. No company makes it a point to confide in who applies for the job for which you are applying, NOR do they tell the applicants’ qualifications. That is neither ethical nor legal.

      • 560 lbs damn woman i wouldnt hire you at that weight either, let alone want to give you health insurance. obese people show a complete lack of self control and willpower ( its pretty pathetic to resort to surgury to control your appetite ) stop eating those bon bons and go for a jog for christs sake

      • 560 lbs damn woman i wouldnt hire you at that weight either, let alone want to give you health insurance. obese people show a complete lack of self control and willpower ( its pretty pathetic to resort to surgury to control your appetite ) stop eating those bon bons and go for a jog for christs sake

      • Maybe you should lose weight? whats wrong with that? if you know your’re a fat slob, you already know that your appearance also counts towards your interview process grade! same way if you smell, or are a bad dresser? or have horrible teeth? wake up people! it’s not discrimination! it’s your own fault for not taking care of your appearance!

      • I think the fact that people who are obese are not hired is very sad. However, from a strictly risk analysis based standpoint, people who are obese tend to be less productive by not being able to navigate as well as someone who is of regular size. Obese people also tend to have more health related issues which not only means more health care related costs to the employer but also more time or issues that lead to a lack of productivity or overall time off of work. While everything I said above is true and detrimental to a company, this is not always true. But from a hiring perspective, I could see why a hiring manager might not want to take that risky plunge. If they did in fact hire this person and it blew up in their face, they might be the one without the job. And also on who’s dime did the lady have the gastic bypass surgery? I bet once she got hired by her new company, she made a nice sized insurance claim that the company had to eat a portion of. Didn’t think of that one did you? Hiring for a position is a priviledge not a right and you could not get hired for any reason. But my whole point is from a risk tolerance standpoint, which really is the only thing I can base off of when I immediately meet you…

      • If you are so educated and 560lbs then you clearly do not deserve the grades. I am sure you seduced your teachers into 2BS degrees…which explains 8 children.
        You are all fools and deserve to stay out of work if you beloved the comments above.

      • don’t worry about what they say . bitches gonna bitch, haters gonna hate . but i’m really proud of you that you did amazing in school, have a good support system for your kids and lost the weight .
        plus, that dumbass who didn’t hire you is probably regretting it now .

      • This is all hilarious. Sad part is I was jobless for like 3 months…no degree…28 years old, still partied when I was jobless, but then I got a call for an interview after a long night of partying and going to sleep at 6am. The phone call woke me up and I was still drunk. Went into the interview probably wreaking of alcohol even though I showered and everything. The difference is, I know how to talk to people, I have confidence, I take care of myself by going to the gym and staying healthy, etc, etc. These are qualities employers look for in a candidate because they want a good representative of their company. I am not in any way shape or form an alcoholic or a wild individual, but I just think it’s funny that I got a job on the sole basis of looks and being able to have the right answers and zero degree. Perfect example of what can come out of taking care of yourself. I have nothing against overweight people as I have family members who are overweight, but if “society gets down on you soooo bad” then do something about it. The only thing any of us controls is ourselves and overweight individuals end up “accepting” being overweight because they are too lazy and have a lack of determination to lose weight. What employer wants to hire a lazy individual with a lack of determination? And what does any candidate bring to the table in terms of promoting a company when they can’t “promote” themselves?

      • You got two Bachelor’s Degrees and did really “good” in school? You might want to say that you did “well” in school next time. Not sure its the employer. It might be you.

      • Wow… You guys have really started something. I have a different perspective. I am a 36 year old woman. I am normal weight. Actually, most people would consider me to be extremely athletic. I run marathons every now and then (remember your reaction at this moment about what I just wrote). My mother is obese. In fact lots of family members are on the heavier side. I have never descriminated against “thicklettes” (forgive me, that’s my term of endearment for my mom). However, I have experienced discrimination from heavy people for being thin. How many times do we say that a woman is successful because she’s pretty? Is that fair or even realistic? It is painful to work hard and to have your success dismissed because you are thin or pretty or not get credit or opportunities for being obese and unattractive. We do it to each other. I am super thrilled to know that she is living a healthy lifestyle and is happy with her work. And to all the men that made negative comments, you don’t have a say about this. This is our issue. Save your opinions for a radio call-in show.

    • I understand your comment and concern, but hold the phone.
      Just because you are more qualified does not mean it was discrimination when you are not hired. Was the less qualified canidate cheaper ? Didn’t need relocation ? etc etc. In my field lots of people are highly qualified, but lack people skills and other key aspects to being well rounded. Maybe the other canidate had a specific skill they wanted ? It could be discremination, however sometimes the answer lies somewhere in the middle.

      • It is not illegal to discriminate because of age or weight.

        The “age” discrimination only kicks in if you’re over 40.

        And weight is not a protected class. If a lawyer takes your “weight discrimination” claim, he/she only wants your money.

          • Equal employment opportunity (EEO) laws prohibit specific types of employment discrimination. These laws prohibit discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, or status as an individual with a disability or protected veteran.

            From the Department of Labor website.

            • Regardless, discrimination is still happening in this country. The employer has right to choose whomever they want to hire. Also, employer are smart enough not to say to applicants; “Hey, you’re too fat to work for us!” or “I won”t hire Lard Asses because they can’t bend down to pick up the pencils!” Otherwise, employers will be sued for discrimination.

              That goes the same for job termination. In the State of Texas, what we have is called “At-Will” meaning that employers can fire us without any reasons.

          • I’m a lawyer. Being overweight is NOT a protected class . Indeed, a 6’7″ 260 lb man lost his job that required him to use a lift cage to reach his work as an electrician. The cage wasn’t rated for his weight that was otherwise proportionate.

            I tend to agree that somebody that weighs over 450 lbs has ‘problems’ that I wouldn’t want at my office.

            Back to the thread, we had a lawyer that asked at the interview if we drug tested. “No, but thanks for dropping by.”

      • It doesn’t matter because soon enough you will be knowingly discriminated against because of your health. Bad habits/ hobbies or interests, being overwieght and maybe even family history WILL be considered in the hiring and firing process. With the Obamacare, you will be penalized for not living a healthy lifestyle. Also, your credit history is usually one of tthe areas hiring managers look at too. If you have bad credit, they consider you a theft risk and would rather hire someone else with better credit. This goes against the desire of the job seeker though since the lack of employment might of contributed to the poor credit rating in the first place.

    • As a new executive director of a nonprofit, I actually welcome having experienced, knowledgeable people around me, and I expect that they will oftentimes know more than I do on a given subject. BUT a new hire should be able to work with others, including me, and be able to be patient with the implementation of new ideas, because organizational change is often a slow process, even when the idea for change is good. Make sure you give examples of being a team player and of being patient. Hang in there — there are people who will welcome your smarts.

      As to being overweight (or older, or disabled, etc.), I review the physical requirements of the job (if there are any) and ask the prospect if he/she is confident in being able to meet these requirements with reasonable or no accommodation. I am not allowed by law to ask about your health. However, if you think the interviewer may be wondering about your health, you can certainly volunteer information about your health status, if it is favorable.

    • Maybe your ego got in the way. Do you know the other people that where interviewed? Just because you where qualified doesn’t mean there wasn’t someone more qualified and fit the position better than you.

    • To the heavy lady
      Have you ever considered that there may be a chance that you were not what they were looking for?
      And if you know if you are fat, why don’t you lose some weight?
      Maybe your insecurities about interviewing with a younger woman who is obviously more successful and attractive than you caused you to blow the interview?
      Just food for thought (no pun intended)

    • I’ve been on so many of these interviews. I’ve been on 2nd and 3rd interviews only to not get the job. Sometimes I feel like how can they find someone better than me for this particular position since it’s a perfect fit. However, I recently had the chance to see the other person (s) for other positions I applied for. Some of the reasons I didn’t get the job wasn’t simply my qualifications, but other people were in worse circumstances, such as I have a job (but am underemployed I think), while they have no job or were just laid off, or their department is shutting down and they’ll need a job soon. I think its a bunch of BS, but in all actuality I think people don’t always look for the best candidate, but people they feel somewhat less threatened by or a little less brainier. If I was a hiring manager, I want people to come in just as smart, or smarter than me to support me. So Karen, I feel your pain and I totally hate the interview and job hiring process. It’s totally unfair and in some discriminatory. Who cares if your overweight. I know plenty of overweight people that are smart as heck and will go to bat for you any day. This is just a sickening process, and as I approach 40, it gets even worse. Hopefully I’ll be out of this rat race in a few yrs doing my own thing. I’ll bring in all kinds of people as long as they’re good hard working people.

    • Don’t fight what you feel is holding you back. You can’t be younger but you can appear younger with a more youthful hairstyle and clothing; not crazy hip; professional but more youthful. Also, lose weight. If you know it is holding you back, make a point of getting more healthy and lose those extra pounds. You can do something about this. Like you’ve said, you can’t prove this kind of discrimination but you do sense it, so don’t fight it; do something about it. Good luck!

    • What if the young person doing the hiring just felt you were not the person for the job, no matter how much of an expert you feel you are? It is possible they wanted someone they could train, direct, mold to their needs, not an expert. Work is a privilege, not an entitlement.

    • Karen: I have to say I have not only run into the position of having an interview, knowing I am not so model skinny, but my age, too. Lord knows I have enough experience to be hired somewhere other than a gas station!! I am also going back to school to become more employable, but I got a feeling it will be for naught, but I am enjoying it anyways. It gives me purpose right now and keeping me from being totally depressed.

    • I know what you mean Karen; I have that NWM problem (Normal White Male).

      Working in law enforcement for the federal government. I blow people away with my background, training, knowledge, experience, and being in TOP physical shape….and absolutely LOVE it when right in front of me; someone with literally 1/2 of all of aforementioned abilities gets the ‘job’…due to her race and sec. So I know kind of how you feel…

      For anyone who doesn’t know; the top ‘person’ in a cities federal agency gets bonuses each year for the number of minorities, number of females, etc.

      So YES Karen, I know exactly what you mean Madam.

      - Mke

      • Mike,
        Did you ever consider that perhaps you didn’t get the job because of your inability to use correct basic grammar and spelling? I would assume that the type of position you applied for required filling out reports and other paperwork. Experience and appearance can all be negated by the lack of basic skills.

        • Kayte,

          You have now criticized two people for their poor grammar and spelling, neither of which has spelled anything incorrectly as far as I can see. Maybe I missed a typo but there does not seem to be any egregious spelling mistakes in their posts.

          • Really, Kim? Perhaps you may want to look into a remedial English class as well. What qualifies as an egregious error? It is either correct, or it is not. Employers expect their prospective employees to use correct grammar and spelling.
            I will help you with just a few of the errors that you didn’t notice.
            “…I did really good in school” (well)
            “…the lady who did the interview of the phone…” (on or over)
            “..ones weight…” (one’s)
            “…most sad…” (saddest)
            “…sec…” (sex)
            “…cities…” (city’s)

            You may think these errors are petty, but these are the kinds of things that can be deal-breakers. You cannot fall back on the discrimination excuse if you have failed in simple areas like correct grammar and spelling.

      • It’s funny, Mike. You KNOW you are the most qualified and are so much better than the minorities who get the job. Well, I’m a black female and if it makes you feel better to think that I’m ‘underqualified’ or some ‘affirmative action’ hire, then so be it.

        However, you should know that I’ve been at the top of my class since high school (and I went to a high school that was routinely rated on of the best in the country). I’m on top of my game, extremely professional and routinely blow people away with samples of my work.

        It cuts both ways. So for every job you don’t get because you have the misfortune of being a ‘normal white male’ as you call it, there are jobs I know I haven’t gotten because of the color of my skin. In one example, I had three phone interviews, the recruiter had loved the samples of work I submitted and had begun speaking to me as if I already had the job.

        When she saw me, she was stunned. The interview lasted all of 10 minutes. She spoke quickly and never made eye contact. But, do you know what I did? I kept it moving. I didn’t throw a pity party for little black me. It was her loss; she knew what I could do and chose to place race over ability.

        • Good for you, Karyn! Once again, this comes down to people assuming they are “more qualified” than others. Statistically, white men make more money for the same job with the same qualifications as women or men of any other race. As you also mentioned, it is still very evident the amount of discrimination that comes with the hiring process. My boyfriend is black and has experienced this as well. He has gone into places that had signs posted that they were hiring to ask for an application only to be told they weren’t hiring anymore “but he could still fill out an application if he wanted to.” As an experiment we would have a white (also male) friend go in to ask for an application the same day and magically they would be hiring again.

    • Good luck, first off Southern Illinois University!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHHAHHAHAHAHAAHA. second off obese people HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHHAHAHHAAHAHHAAHAHHAAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. third off 8 biological children.

    • You’re absolutely right !!! I wish the so called “experts” would cease from posting blogs that promote a template style way to land a job. There is no such thing. Discrimination is subtle & it just exists. People do bring their personal agendas with them when they’re making hiring decisions.

    • Best to try to look your best. Dress so you look professional and able to do the job. If you look down in the dumps, it will go against you.

    • I hear what you are saying Karen. Two things come to mind on hiring a person that is obese that may be going through the thoughts of the employer. One is related health issues and will the company need to pick up some of the tab through the company’s health plan? The second thought is if there are components of the job that require any physical exertion that could endanger the prospective candidate? The second question is not a normal one for an office job, but I happen to work in the field end of things, and while I started as a young 120 pounder out of college, I now am 250 and desperately trying to lose the weight in order to keep my job. That being said, yes there is severe discrimination regarding weight in this world and I want to congratulate you on your terrific weight loss. Just don’t let it come back on like I did. I am lucky, there are people at work that are rooting for me in the weight loss department and I now belong to a gym and go at least 3 times a week. Keep up the good work! Tammy

    • Hi Karen, I’m an underweight all my life and could never keep my ideal weitht of 134 so I have to settle for 120s at 5′ 8, 56yrs and have felt discrimination on account of that. I want you to know that we all appreciate an intelligent, honest, sincere person to be with, than a shinny, brainless airhead,arrogant at all, and just a plain miserable person to work with. Besides, God dislikes people whom “walk with their noses up in the air”. If I was an employer I’d hire you on the spot especially that sincerity you posses, is a winner to all. God Bless you in your efforts. Just have faith and He will do. Thankyou for your touching letter and wish the best for ya.

    • OMG!!!!!! I know exactly how you feel; In my 3 years of unemployment I have been to many interviews that I was qualified for. I felt if I wasnt a 20 something or skinny as a pencil I wasnt “qualified”. I am still unfortunately still on the job hunt.

    • Kate, you obviously aren’t more qualified for the position if they chose the other canidate. You may have appeared more qualified on paper than her but looks go a long way in business.

      Go join a gym and get some work done instead of bitching about it.

      In other words…. DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT

    • I feel that same way. I tried out for something and I was completely qualified but I was not picked. I feel that I was not picked simply because the person did not like me. I was trying out for Girls Ensemble and I sing better than most people who were chosen. My friend got chosen and I am sooooo happy for her but no offense I do sing better.

    • Hi – unfortunately the way some one looks can help or hurt a job interview. I am considered attractive, blond, thin, and women interviewers HATE me! If I’m being interviewed by a man and know I’m qualified I usually get the job. Where this is switched is in retail or sales. Attractive people are seen by companies as a bonus whether the interviewer is male or female. I worked in women’s retail and the women were great (boss, other employees, and customers)- outside of that women tend to be catty. I was really shocked but I have accepted it and realize I have better chances with male interviewers. Also interviewers are just people too with their own hang-ups while touting they are looking for “experience.” So if you can tell a woman interviewer is arrogant – compliment her and be very humble – although you may decide you don’t want the job anyway if she is some one you’d have to work closely with.

    • that is so true and even if your not descriminated against during an interview then theres a chance that you can be descriminated while employed it happens way to many times. i know some good christian people that have gotten fired just because of personal feelings, looking for a different job, or even your religous beliefs. it is so sad but no matter what laws they put in place there will always descrimination because the employer will always have the upper hand.and i know this because this has happened to me and some of my friends.

    • Hi Karen,

      My name is Darryl and I couldn’t agree with you more. It’s horrible the way these hiring officials select their candidates and there is nothing that we can do nor prove. It’s down right discrimination (I’ve seen and heard it with my own eyes and ears). Here’s an example of what happened to me, an interviewee peeped out to get a look at who I was and then decided to conduct the interview 25 minutes after the scheduled time. And not to mention the illegal questions that are asked and the age factor. The President and other Government Officials address many important issues that we face as Americans, maybe when some of these issues are resolved, they’ll look into this important one as well.

    • Very surprised to see all the positive and negative comments due to Karen’s post (by the way, congratulations on the weight loss as I’m sure you went through a lot during/after the surgery).
      I have been rejected from jobs that I was fully qualified for and over qualified as I have been told this in the interview. This is just as bad! It also doesn’t help that I am not bilingual-by this, I mean speak Spanish. I reside in CA, which is now a 90% Spanish speaking state (or seems to be). If you are not a Spanish speaker, then you might as well line up for Unemployment. I know many people that are unemployed where this is the case and have been asked if they speak a “second language” during the interview and when they state “no”, the interview is over. By the way, this wasn’t the case in the actual job posting or mentioned to me/applicant over the phone or by the recruiter, etc. I also feel this is a form of discrimination! I have been looking for work for over a year now and don’t have money for Spanish classes or Rosetta Stone. Food and shelter take a priority over Spanish as it should. So, it doesn’t really matter if you are thin or fat in my case, if you don’t know the Spanish, you are fully screwed!

    • @Karen.

      I am curious to know how you “know for a fact that I was more qualified than the other candidate”? From your post, I gather that you may have been the one that was arrogant. Your arrogance may have caused the employer to come off as condescending to you. I am not saying you shouldn’t walk into a interview feeling confident, but you come across as being more cocky and it seems you felt entitled to this position before you even entered the interview. The only way you could know that you were “more qualified than the other candidate” is if you looked at her credentials or listened in on her interview. The fact that the woman interviewing you was younger and thinner should bare no relevance on whether you got the job or not. It appears that you unfairly judged her upon entering the room. The fact that this woman keeps in shape and concerns herself with her health is somehow a characteristic flaw to you. I could care less about your age or how much you weigh, but it seems it may have been your attitude that caused you to not get the job, not your appearance. You hold it against the woman that got the job and justify it by lashing out at her for being younger. For all you know she had the same, if not better qualifications than you, and you must consider that a very important part of hiring someone is for the employer to assess how that person will get along with the rest of the employees. Perhaps you came across as someone that would not mesh well with the others. Also, there is a huge difference between someone being overweight and someone being of a particular race. If you don’t get the position you are applying for than you dust yourself off and continue to pursue other opening with other companies. You don’t go onto blogs and complain in order to receive some sympathy from others. I find it a pathetic display from some of you to justify not being hired because of appearance or any thing else. Now, I am not so naive to realize that discrimination does not occur, but instead of crying about it you should butch up and continue to be persistent until you find a job. Not everyone out there discriminates and you just need to keep at it until you find the right fit for you. There is a major difference between your story and the stories from people that had the phone interviews, but got turned down upon meeting the employer. Those situations are appalling and they have the right to be upset and possibly take legal action. Some of the people here strike me as the type that will sue McDonald’s for getting burnt by the cup of coffee. There are no shortcuts, so quit whining!! I assume I am about to get bashed for what I wrote, so go ahead, let’s have it….

    • I’m sure as the only peson to apply for that job, your observation must be correct. Certainly nobody was more qualified than you were…

    • Come on, Karen. You’ve got it all figured out, don’t you? Is it possible you’re not as qualified as you imagine? Or the other person not as unqualified? Or that as a woman obsessed with her fatness you carry yourself in a certain way that might turn off an interviewer? Or somebody reading a post? We know you don’t know what you are talking about because you state it unequivically. Maybe just didn’t hire you for just such a reason.

    • What about discrimination against African-American women who choose to wear there natural hair in an afro, braids or twists styles – no weave?

    • I had one of those interviews myself. The interviewer was very pretty, but condescending and arrogant. Not pretty on the inside. you know what I mean. Seemingly bored with my presence, and very personal irrelevant questioning, buoyed by many, many interruptions while I was talking, and I soon realized that it was going to be me, not her, that would decide this particular hiring issue, and when I let her know that she wasn’t up on her ethics in her treatment of potential employees, she blew. She really blew up. How dare me, you know, that sort of attitude. This charade evidently worked for her in the past, but only got a raised eyebrow from me. The left one, at that. And only partway.
      So she went on her programmed tirade about all us “loser” interviewees, and I told her to calm down before she had a stroke and walked with a limp from now on, and that it wasn’t the end of the world as we know it if they didn’t have the luck to have me. Now red faced and clearly agitated, she TOOK A POKE AT ME with her finger to my chest! I was a little taken aback, but my martial arts training kicked in without any hesitating (brown belt), and I wrist-locked her all the way to the floor, and kept her down there. She looked kind of pitiful down there, but I couldn’t take the chance on letting her up until I drew up the ground rules about any further attacks. We continued our discussion about her hiring practices, and she seemed genuinely interested in my point of view at this point. All this in self defense, mind you, but she kept her distance after I let her up.
      The point here, is that this interview started with her in the driver’s seat, she misused her position and bullied, really, and it ended with her on the floor, face down, with my foot pressing down on the back of her neck. Every time she raised her voice, I just bent her wrist tighter. No marks, no broken bones, just extreme pain that subsides when I decided to let up. In short, she ended up in the trunk because of her treatment of others. It’s not far from the driver’s seat to the trunk, if you really think about it.
      Of course, I didn’t want the job very soon after the interview started, and she should have swallowed that fact with at least a modicum of dignity. At least one, anyway. In the end, I was the one who was asking all the questions. The last one I asked her was “if your ego was any bigger, would it have it’s own weather system?”
      She sees me sometimes on the street and she crosses to the other side of the road. That’s good for her, so she doesn’t have to smell the bad breath she said I had in the interview.

    • Karen:

      Its not always about weight. In this present economic culture – anyone “over qualified” will find themselves unemployed. Myself and many once head hunted friends are all out of work. We’ve been told that we would be a “threat” if hired as we could do the hiring manager’s job as well as the position advertised for.

      Now as to the weight issue, its a health risk for companies-higher insurance premiums and the fact is over weight (technically, obese versus over weight) have a higher absentee rate. Not everyone can handle being obese and remaining healthy. THAT being said, it doesn’t make it right not to hire someone simply due to weight. The number of women specifically discriminated due to weight & age is insane. As, well socially – its ok for a man to get old & fat… but women are meant to remain built like 19yr old college girls (before children).

      Good luck, and take care.

    • People don’t hire the most qualified all the time. Some times people bring luggage with experience. People also look for how a person will fit with their environment. Its called the warm fuzzy feeling, knowing that someone will fit in and work out offering more than just numbers. You have to like who you hire. You don’t just hire the resume.

    • Discrimination is in all forms. Some discriminate blacks or blonds because of the mentallity that they are dump or stupid. However all am asking all employers is is please:
      -Do not waste ones time during interviews when you know you are not going to employ them anyway.
      -Do not also raise false hopes in them of employing them.
      -Lastly do not employ them because they were bright anyway and beat all the other candidates, but cause them pure hell on earth during the time they are working for you to prove a point.

    • I have to agree with you. When I started my business 10 years ago my brothers wife ( who is a doctor) told me “Don’t hire over weight people.” I didn’t listen to her and I hired people who I thought would be the best for my business. Ten years later and I have a multi million dollar business, I employee over 50 people. My best employees are the people who are over weight. They work harder, take less breaks, and they are alot more loyal. So I say give me over weight people, and I’ll take the money to the bank!

    • heeey…ummm i wouldent try to take it personal. unless ur obese most people dont care about how others look its only when ur wieght impares u at work is when they have a problem. u can ask any ” hott girl” if they dont mind having a heavy less prettier girl around. all it does is make them better lookin. i just wouldent let ur weight stop u from thinking its the only thing stopin u from getting a job. like i said if your obese? than i understand both sides, i myself wouldent wanna work around and obese person as hard as it is to high school my best friend was chubbier and not as good lookin as me. mainly cuz i felt confortable around him like i didnt have to always look GREAT! pretty people dont like pretty people. trust me hahaha.

    • I think its hilarious that everyone commented on Kathy being over weight and that whole topic for pretty much all of the comments to this discussion. And yes obesity should be a factor when hiring. Just like I wouldn’t hire a beautiful lady with no brains… Unless she was doing work that didn’t involve a degree or major responsibilities.

    • Sometimes it really doesn’t matter what race or age or weight you are. When qualified interviewers are doing an interview process, they look at many things such as your experience, references, where you live (will they be reliable or are they going to always be held up in traffic, as well as how well the candidate would fit in with the other employees already there. Some work places only want certain type of people (what you might consider snob like perhaps they would look at is as if that was their personality type) and if you didn’t give off that vibe or answer the questions the way they wanted them answered and another person did, they would obviously be more desirable. It’s best just to give everyone the benefit of the doubt and just assume that you didnt have the personality type they were looking for!

    • It could be right, but sometimes it is just in your mind.people want the job done by experts to save time and money regardless who they are,if a machine does the job effeciently they would buy it.

  2. Actually interview has become more like an acting to get a job & website like CareerBuilder always talks in favor of employers and to the person who are looking for jobs. it is more hypocracy than reality.
    In this article they mentioned about honesty, can you define what is honesty. in Corporate America where dirty politics, bureaucracy, red taping, scape goating, back stabbing etc…….. is happening and then your hiring manger talks about honesty, that make me laugh hell out of it. are they honest when they fire you or lay you off.


    • I completely agree. The workplace also became a political arena. If boss is incompetent, he will surround himself with incompetent people who will try to keep their posts by playing dirty politics and this is happening everywhere. There is very few people of substance who work hard and honest and I still did not meet them.

      • I have found this to be true. Incompetent people will surround themselves with other incompetent people. It is basic human nature. No one desires to feel stupid or be questioned in regards to his/her abilities. When I find myself asking why someone so ignorant has a supervisor or management job, or continues to be promoted, I remember the Peter Principle.

        It is frustrating that people who do not do the work, are slobs, are bullies, or are completely incompetent continue to get jobs that educated, nicely dressed, and hard-working people do not. I try to tell myself and others searching for jobs that the right one will come along if you work at it. Jobs rarely just fall in your lap. Looking for a job is more work than having one.

        Discrimination comes in all forms. Some interviewers have no sense and will actually tell a disabled person that the disability is the reason she/he isn’t being hired. Other odd discriminations I’ve seen: years ago I was told that I had to wear makeup and heels, not flat dress shoes, to work even though it was an office that did not see customers. I see people with jobs that don’t wash their clothes or themselves and wonder how they keep their jobs. To note, I’ve seen plenty of obese people that are very clean and dress nicely and have seen plenty of thin people that smell to no end in corporate and government jobs.

        It is important to have a positive attitude, look professional in your dress and body language, as well as, have the skills and the experience level the employer is looking for.

  3. Be ware of interviewers that make you feel too comfortable. and too friendly.
    you have a tendancy to follow their cue and give relaxed anwers that makes you look unprofecional.

  4. Sizism is the new class of discrimination that I taught a seminar on for Diversity Training at an university and is true. Unfortunately, as my classmate adivsed me of who works in Human Resources, is not a protected class, therefore people have the right to discriminate for superficial reasons not based on ability, but perception.

    I too was promised a job until I showed up for the interview. I’ve been diagnosed with Sjogrens Syndrome, Hypermobility, and Fibromylagia on top of surviving a major car crash with 3 surgeries on my leg. I’ve gained a lot of weight over the years and now at a whopping 360 lbs (today) and may be down to 340 or less in a few weeks or less pending if I’m flared up or not or on Prednisone as I had to take another pack as of yesterday.

    I’ve been passed up for promotion but the brain child for the “tall blond blue eyed” co-worker and was shocked to find out that I was bleeding to death hemoragghing for 4 months with no medical benefits because the law firm I worked for stated that they did not have medical insurance and would have to pay personally $300/mnth for coverage because they only had 6-8 employees, but later found out they were paying for her medical coverage 3 years later when I got her a job at a major utility in the legal department I was working for. I was crushed and hurt.

    I also know I do more work and make less money than anyone and am now 40 years old and have yet to make over $40K regardless of the years of experience and educational experience. Size does matter and it shouldn’t. I’m fine as long as I do the “dirty work” while others shine and take the credit. I know that’s why my job was restructured and have been unemployed now for 2 years. But MY GOD shall supply all of my needs, exceedingly abudantly above all riches. I’m now in grad school for I/O Psychology and do plan on pulling the veil off of this topic matter in the near future!

  5. I’m very impressed with how well all these respondents write! Virtually every online discussion elsewhere is riddled with all sorts of wild mistakes in grammar, spelling, punctuation, and so on. It’s a wonderful experience to see that we still have people who can write well!

    • Susan, I couldn’t agree more… it has been really refreshing to see a great post among those filled with spam and random rants. I’ll share my own experience.

      Similar to the bar story, I worked many years serving and bartending. I took a hiatus to focus on my primary job as it was paying me the most. When I went back into the restaurant world, I was met with hesitation as they saw a 26 year old among 18-21 year-olds applying. Regardless of the experience, I felt it was age related and a subsequent visit where I noticed the some of the other younger applicants working only fortified that assumption.

      Some good came out of it though. Another bar hired me and one night the owner of the original place I applied at came in for a drink. He hung around until closing and seeing the more customer friendly attitude I presented to all the patrons, he couldn’t hold back but ask if I could apply at his place because everyone he had hired had no sense of guest satisfaction and was ultimately driving business away. As much as I wanted to tell him off a storm, I remained classy and said, “I did sir but didn’t make the cut. May I contact a cab for you while I close the bar?” Felt good, but not at anyone’s expense.

  6. What about a past history? Would you hire an X-con? Who may have changed, would you take the chance and hire a person with past history?

    • Depending on the crime nature. If whomever was a child molester NO! Hell NO! Thieves are same as liars so NO. Non child support loser job seekers necessitating sustenance via court system or self support deserving a chance at life, YES oh YES. NO MURERERS, No tax evasion losers. Put it this way…a person of merit with the incentive to work, hell yes lets help the man in need. It is a good deed before God above to help one another especially in need. Not all can be functional after prison I imagine especially the mentally deranged man never be allowed to work in a free society. But help the man whom wants and deserves to change especially when young and a frest start in life is most president.

  7. After reading all this “crap” about how to do this and how to do that from people that don’t have a clue is no wonder people don’t want to work.

  8. Jobs are a joke. Anyone that enjoys being a tool to others deserves to have some tools inserted into their rear end painfully. It’s all one big circus, so fuck you, business people, I truly despise your lifestyle, and enjoy mocking it. FukUall

    • FukUall you must be unemployed. With that attitude why would anyone want to employ you. I certainly wouldn’t want to be your co-worker.

        • Hey now, just me…I happen to be 55 years old AND self employed as a successsful business owner. Watch those wise cracks about us self-employed folks ;).

        • yeah i hate being self employeed, (insert sarcasm) in this day and age let the people that dont want to work stay at home, our tax dollars will not continue to assist them after the next election. some people are just not motivated to take care of themselves. Thats why the working wage avgs around 7.50 an hr in most states, Cali excluded,,, at any wage some people are truly useless. I am simply stating the facts. I love to accomplish things and earn money with my ideas. i agree the FUKUALL post is not right in the head,. this is a serious topic and i recognize he//she antisocial rhetoric, enjoy life in the gutter kid. woz

  9. I agree with Susan. Most of the respondents seem to be quite thoughtful and intelligent. Certainly there are the JMs and Steves of the world that prove that there is sliding scale of intelligence among the human race. As someone who has hired many, I try to discover the performance that this person is going to provide for me and not their age, race, waistline, sexuality, or any other factor that’s not going to help me make my goals.

  10. This works both ways. As an interviewee, I traveled out-of-state four hours one way from my home for a job I truly wanted. I had the background and experience necessary (20 years experience but still young enough for an entire career.)

    The interviewer asked me nothing related to the job, instead discussing with me in depth what my firearm of preference was. ( the job was law enforcement related) He thanked me for making the trip assuring me that I would hear from him soon. I waited a week and contacted him via e-mail for a status. Instead of a call or an e-mail explaining the decision, I received a REPLY to my e-mail of one line stating “Your application is no longer being considered.” After prodding a bit for a reason, I received a second response stating that there were many candidates and that my application would be kept on file.

    Had the interview been across the street, it may not have hurt so much, but the eight hour total travel time for a fifteen minute interview was unprofessional at best.

    • Unfortunately, some employers have no idea how to conduct an interview, and some are just as nervous about it as you are. I would suggest going into an interview prepared with a few points you would like to make about yourself, and back them up with examples. Then, if you haven’t had a chance to make those points in the interview, add them in at the end. I also would make it clear that you are very excited about this position, and would be ready and able to relocate for it. With two equally-qualified candidates, I might be swayed by the one who wants it more.

  11. Get a job to pay for the life you’ll never have, the family you never wanted, the car that you’ll always be making payments on. Be safe, cozy, comfortable, ahhhhh, it’s all okay, nothing to think about, nothing to worry about, I got nothing to live for anyways, every day is just another day.

  12. Although the tips above were quite amusing, often, none of those things really matter.

    Often companies do not hire candidates, they hire people they know. That means people they ACTUALLY know or people who look the same as other people they’ve known. That means both physically and based on credentials.

    Which is why (when I looked for a job), on paper I looked like someone a lot of legal firms knew. My resume read like a well educated, preppy, Caucasian young woman. So often I received several interviews.

    However, when I, as an African-American, young woman would walk through the door their faces would show exactly what they were thinking. “I thought you were white.” It happened so often, I wanted to make a joke of it.

    But instead of complaining about who will or will not hire you, maybe you should look into hiring yourself? Find something you are talented in and find a way to become an entrepreneur.

    • I agree. Most of the time it is who you know not what you know. My husband is in the construction industry and has 35 years experirnce in custom cabinet building and installing. He isn’t near enough to retirement to retire but can’t find a job. I believe the jobs he interviews for are already promised and these are for legal puposes.

    • In corporate America, it seems more the case that companies hire to fill specific demographic needs. If a certain location is looking for a gender or ethnic quota to fill, that’s who gets the job. You should be honest about your nationality; it could work to your advantage.

    • “African-American”??? Were you born in Africa, immigrated to the U.S., then obtained U.S. citizenship? If so, you are American. If not, you are still American if you were born here. I am so sick of hyphenations such as these. The only one that makes ANY sense would be “Native-American” for Native American Indians (which is actually part of my family background). Otherwise, we are ALL AMERICANS!!!

  13. I can speak from experience as someone who used to conduct interviews that descrimination does in fact happen, even though you may not consciously be doing it. We, as humans, are naturally drawn to people we find physically appealing. When you enter the interview and are clean, smell good, are dressed attractively and professionally, greet the interview with a confident white teethed smile… these are ALL ques to your health and sexual well being. Of course interviewers are gonna respond to them, its basic human nature and no amount of complaining about how unfair it is will change it. You cant “train” people not respond.

    So sadly, the only real advice I can give to people is this: “Put as much effort into your personal health and appearance as you do your education and experience!” If you spent 4+ years going to college for a degree you should spend just as much time staying in shape and developing social skills. You will find it much easier to get a job if you are fit, slim and attractive then you will otherwise.

    Barring that you could always try to get a national policy passed that requires all interviews be conducted by proxy with no knowledge of the Age, Race, Gender, or size of either the person being interviewed or the person conducting the interview.

    • Although this is true, it is not right. Just because someone is overweight does not mean they are not qualified to do the job. It does not mean they would not put 100% effort into it. They could be the best employee you have ever had.

      • I would say maybe a year or so ago a girl came to work for our company which by the way is very physically demanding. Yes, she was obese and probably around my age. Mid 20s, early 30s. Needless to say, she was a very nice girl and in my opinion a pretty decent worker. I have to admit, I had my doubts about her handling the physical demands of the job but she proved my preconceived notions wrong. However, she was late a few times and to my knowledge pulled a no call no show claiming confusion about the schedule. Then she revealed to everyone and I mean everyone that she was trying to become a candidate for gastric bypass. The doctor actually wanted her to lose weight to become a candidate and guess what? She lost a little bit of weight. Of course management got wind of her plans to have surgery and seeing she wasn’t employeed with us for very long I don’t think they saw gastric bypass in their crystal ball as far as costs go. Which obviously would result in MFLA/LOA. So what did they do? Well, she put the nails in her own coffin by being late yet again, so they let her go. I think she was late in total twice and had that one no call no show. I definetly think her weight/surgery played a role in their decision and if you ask me, honestly yes I think there was a little behind the scenes disrcimination. But, I don’t have tunnel vision and I can look at things from both perspectives. The company is going to have to pay her while she’s on LOA. If you were an employer what is more appealing? The “skinny” girl with no VISIBLE health problems or the obese girl with some obvious health problems? I’m not skinny myself but I’m no where near obese. Oh and by the way, obese people can disriminate towards “skinny” people too. If you don’t want people talking about your weight then don’t talk about their weight. Some people are naturally skinny and others work out immensley to feel great about themselves and give themselves a confidence boost. So DON”T judge them because you FEEL judged. Every person is in control over their own weight. It’s mind over matter. You have to be strong enough mentally and have self discipline and dedication to yourself. The girl in my story actually lost some weight and I thought to myself, if she can lose a little, she can push herself to lose more right? I know, easier said than done but she HAS to start somewhere.The other thing I want to say is that, if you don’t have some type of disfigurement holding you back like a missing limb or burnt body part then do something about it! I even know a few people with permanent disfigurements and missing limbs and did they let it hold them back? NO. Stop sulking and listening to what people say and thing about you. Do yourself a huge favor and stop victimizing yourselves. You know you’re obese and if someone wants to call you fat just say, “thanks for noticing, I forgot this morning” and order your coffee and bagel and go on with your day. We were all given 100 years to live so use them wisely and grow some very thick skin because you will always have critics. The End.

        • There are issues with being overweight, but there are issues with being the so called ideal weight. The person with the ideal weight could have an eating disorder, the overweight person same thing just on the opposite end.

          But people never think or realize when they make hurtful comments that there’s another actual real human being on the other end who has feelings. They always say they were just trying to help. Help them what? Be ‘normal’, conform to society’s idea of normal? And society’s perception of what is normal goes through changes. We judge people by their looks, we all do to some extent, and it’s normal. It’s actually a form of self-preservation. We gravitate to people who are more like us, because internally we feel that these are the people that will protect us. Does not make it right, and every person on here can help to make a change. Instead of making snap judgments get to know someone, and if you’re getting to know them on the phone or other electronic means don’t formulate a picture in your mind, be open to who they are not so much what they look like. There life just as yours has many, many layers.

          I used to be slender, one female boss I had hated me for it and made my life a living hell. But now due to medication that I must take I’ve gained about 50lbs and due to my situation exercise is difficult, I do it and I watch what I eat but the pounds are probably here to stay. There have been times when I’ve considered going off the meds, and then I remember what hell my life was like before and that’s a place I don’t want to be. There are as many reasons for a person being overweight as there are people.

          And let us not forget that the rate of obesity is rising steadily in the US in children and adults. We are a country that has access to fresh food of all types, more so than any other country, we have as many gyms as coffee shops and we have places where one can exercise for free, a walk around the block doesn’t cost anything. But we keep gaining weight.

          Discrimination on weight happens going both ways. And there’s many other types of discrimination other than those covered by law, one’s that are based on a person’s appearance. Not everyone has perfect teeth, dental care is far more expensive then medical. Not everyone has access or appropriate taste in clothing but this can be taught. And in Santa Cruz, CA it is against the law to not hire someone based on physical appearance. So if someone comes in looking goth with purple streaked hair and 15 facial piercings and tats you cannot not hire them based on their appearance. Do I think that’s wrong? Yes to a degree, it all depends on the job.

          And for the poster who was talking about the obese girl and her going in for the bypass surgery and her being fired because the company would have to pay for FMLA and such, that only kicks in after you’ve worked at the company for a year.

    • Sadly, looks are everything when looking for a job. I was once in charge of hiring for a small hotel in a little tourism-centered town. I needed a hotel maid. I passed on many candidates my boss liked, including the cute little 19 year old with the perfect manicure and no experience, the grandmother who said she would need a lot of days off at the drop of a hat if her daughter needed a sitter and the woman who brought her 4 children to the interview and said she thought we should meet because she would be bringing them to work most days.
      Instead, I hired a woman who was, at that point, homeless. My boss was livid but it was my call. She had 15 years of experience and glowing references. With the job, she cleaned up, got a place to stay and started putting her life together. Sounds good, right?
      The day I quit, she was fired for “failing to meet company standards”. What a crock.

    • First impressions mean more than I have seen addressed on this discussion. I was an interviewer on a hiring team for a warehousing position. We consciously interviewed young and old, male and female, etc. for the position. One gentleman arrived for the interview in a suit and carrying a briefcase. Though he was qualified I could not get past the idea of a warehouse person in a suit and carrying a briefcase. One lady came dressed to kill. Make-up and clothing like she was on her way to a New Years party. Though she was attractive and personable, once again I could not get past the idea of someone in a dusty work environment dressed like that. The person who got the job was female, mid to late 30s or early 40s. (We didn’t even look at her age) She arrived in casual clothing that may have been more upscale than needed at the job, but at the same time she could have gone from the interview to the job without changing.

  14. i had a guy come in and ask for a job as a truck driver.
    when i asked him how many years of experience he had he didn’t know

    • I get the privilege of interviewing candidates for some of the temporary positions in the laboratory that I work in. The ability of someone to fit in and to be molded into what we need is important. It doesn’t require any previous work experience so it’s a good way for someone fresh out of college to get some industry experience and perfect his or her techniques. It’s not about discrimination in this case, it’s about what we need to get the job done.

  15. For the most part, I’ve found the comments thus far, endearing and intelligently written. How refreshing in this day and age.

    I had no idea how fortunate I was in being able to say that I’ve never had a job interview in which the job wasn’t offered to me. I cannot imagine how devastating it would feel to have my qualifications overshadowed by my appearance.

    Your comments are an inspiration to me though. I’ve not put myself first in some time due to prolonged illness of immediate in-laws. Were I to need to interview somewhere right now, I would potentially fall into the same situation some of you have experienced. I do appreciate your sharing your insights into age and appearance discrimination. This has been very eye=opening.

    May your honor in sharing your stories come back in good fortunes to you all.

  16. I really appreciate all of your comments. This is so sad. Why are we doing this to ourselves? I looked for a job for over 6 months. I have an IQ of 165 and have excelled at most of my jobs. I’m not being arrogant, nor judgemental. I am now making min. wage. I provide excellent customer service and am extremely logicial. Can’t stand it .


    • At the risk of sounding undereducated, or overeducated, or malnourished, or God-forbid morbidly-obese, I have to agree with FuckUAll. I have a degree withvery high honors and my jobs have been taken away by 1. FREE graduate students 2. No Child Left Behind, leaving Paraprofessionals in the dust and 3.Genetic, Inherited Mental Health Issues. I found it very interesting that a co-worker took DAYS off for diabetic related problems, but if I hadn’t eaten in a week or my meds/moods were off, etc. it didn’t matter, I would get scorned and ridiculed. Ignorance has left us with a narrow scope of what an illness or disability actually is, and I would venture to say that discrimination based on mental illness is no more taboo than obesity. So hey. Hook me up with that gas station, dude!!

      • Ok Jeni, so you don’t consider diabetes a valid medical illness.Sorry, but you do sound uneducated. Before spouting off on an illness you obviously know nothing about, I highly suggest you look it up. As a diabetic, I find your statement about your co-worker absolutely deplorable.

        • PS, could it be that the attitude you show on here about medical and mental illness shows thru to your fellow co-workers…negativity towards others in the workplace does come thru, even if you try to hide it…try more positivity and understanding for the challenges your co-workers face, THAT will be noticed too you know.

        • No, not at all, I’m sorry you read that wrong. I, infact, am NOT uneducated, but AM highly tired since I have bipolar I and don’t get much sleep. Or food. Your take on my IQ after one paragraph IS questionable, however. My concern was that while she took time after time after time off (even one day where I was invited to a party at her place) she was pitied because she was seemingly understood. When I needed time I was shunned for taking time off because nobody did exactly what you suggested for me. Although I have-I know about diabetes-but what do you know about MI? If you knew ANYTHING you would have known to be compassionate, not critical. Now who’s stupid??

            • Me too!
              More than ever, as I am now 18 moths older than when i went out for surgery and lost my position.

              I am a Registered Nurse, and have tried all types and ways of applications, in person, online, medical, stores, office.
              Getting QUITE paranoid now, personal? age? physical history? All the mentioned?
              I took more classes last year to broaden my knowledge.

              While I enjoy the younger population, I felt uncomfortable, once when I was interviewed, while I dressed professionally, the interviewer, almost a third my age, had no medical knowledge, face peircings, and wore a sweatshirt.

          • why are you so negative? steph was just giving advice. i agree with steph 100%. and why are you bragging about having a degree. there are plenty of successful people without degrees.

          • Jeni -

            I have personal experience with family members who had diabetes as well as friends and an ex who are Bi-Polar. I can honestly tell you that diabetes does not cause me to fear for my life if insulin is not taken by that person. However, Bi-Polar individuals sometimes decide they no longer need their medications so they stop taking them. This ALWAYS leads to extremely eratic behavior and sometimes violent behavior. No, mental illness is not treated the same as “other” illnesses because many people do not understand it. I also understand that many highly intelligent people are prone to Bi-Polar disease but that does not make it easier for the general public to understand. There is no easy way around this subject. Bi-Polar individuals are prone to extreme mood swings…either highly elated, or deeply depressed, as I am sure you are aware. These are issues that can be regulated through medication but make it difficult for employers to deal with if left untreated or improperly treated, however unfair that may be.

            Continue working with your doctors for propery medications. I don’t think you have to disclose this illness to your potential employers and they will never find out as long as the illness is under control through medication. Good luck in your career search!

  18. You know it’s to funny, I don’t steal, or cheat, rob etc…why is honor, being nice, polite, seen as weakness? why can’t i be nice, polite etc.. and still express my feelings

    • Because the people you want to hire you have done all of those things and worse.

      Be realistic. The work world is not the girl or boy scouts of America. In many respects it is very cutthroat.

      You have a choice, deal with the world as it is and try to help it become what you want it to be. Or complain about why it isn’t how you want it.
      The latter gets you nowhere.

      • it is a proven fact that in our society bosses see kinder gentler people as being less qualified than more their more arrogant counterparts when, in fact, the opposite is true. kinder people have been proven to perform better. but thats the american way, biggest a-hole wins!

  19. It all boils down to the LCD. You can have a Masters degree and if the HR person feels you wont be a good fit, then your done right before the interview starts. Fisrt impressions are key, but feel that most of the questions asked during the interview process has nothing to do with the job your are applying for, especially the “let me give you a scenario” questions……

  20. Trust me when I say. You may think you are the most qualified for the position with all of your degrees, experiences, etc.

    But people also want to see what you will add to the company. Your resume got you the interview, who you are will get you the position.

    Appearance matters. Tall people get positions more quicly than shorter people. Thin women get positions more quickly than fat women. Beautiful people get hired more quickly than unattractive people.

    Branding is important. Being overweight is more than an aesthetic problem, it is also a productivity problem. Someone who is overweight is more prone to physical ailments. Thus it cuts into the bottom line. You may be obese, never sick, and at work all the time, but companies play the odds.

    Every company has a profit motive. Either you will add to the profit or take away from it.

    Life is tough. Not everyone will want to hire you. You have to actively seek the ones who will. That means networking, pavement pounding, and getting yourself into the position of being indisposable. But you either make things happen for yourself, or you sit on the sidelines whining.

  21. I’m a satirical musician and I have an a steady revenue of money. But that’s not what I give two shits about. I also steal things from companys or stores that they don’t need but I need.

    • fukuall, i’m sure u are not really a musician, more likely u are a useless, spoiled rich little momma’s boy, or daddy’s girl, hmmmmm which are you ??????steady source of income??? means its NOT REALLY HIS MONEY. why, in fact, can u tell us …those who actually care about finding a decent job, why are you here??? you are only here to make fun and act as a retard. I know my statements are not the best either, but come on man, you are a very rude individual, and i;m actually feeling like i just lost brain cells wasting time typing this about an idiot like you.

    • FukUall how do you know the store doesn’t need the item you shoplift? You have a steady source of income, why do you need to steal? Do you get an adrenaline rush from ‘getting away with it’? It is because of shoplifters, the stores have to inflate prices the way they do.
      You obviously don’t need or want a job, but most people in the world aren’t as fortunate as you. Most of us have morals and values that we like to uphold and don’t break the law to get things we need or want. We work for our money and try to teach our children to do the same.
      If you have so much money that you apparently don’t need or use, due to stealing things you need, then why don’t you start handing it out to the homeless shelters or food pantrys? Maybe you could change someones life.

  22. I know about the cutt thoat business, the state turned my dept over to the county and I had to interview for my job that I had held for almost 12 years. When I interviewed I said nice things about my supervisor and my coworkers and still did not get the job with the county. I have had 2 interviews over the last 6 months and got neither job, though I have been applying. I am going back to school now.

  23. I know like it’s like to be discriminated against because of race! As an extremely qualified middle aged white American male with a masters degree and 20 years experience (and physically fit; not fat), 3 of my last 4 interviews ended in rejection.

    Insiders at 2 of them told me (1) they wanted a woman and (2) they wanted a minority (preferably black). In the 3rd interview, the interviewer (for a government job no less) told me they would only hire a Hispanic that speaks Spanish. I found out that all 3 candidates that were selected before me were nowhere near as qualified or educated.

    Discrimination is alive and well in the US. And who’d thought it would be against the stereotype that supposedly started discrimination and racism in the first place… the white American male?

    • It is amazing how all these employers have hidden agendas for hiring…I have all the certifications for my positions and the education and I was terminated with “we no longer need your services” I am told that a consultant who works with the agency needs a full time permanent position and they will be getting my job…I went on an interview last week and made the top of a short list…they interviewed 7 candidates (3 were added to the process because of an owed favor) the job was offered to someone who did not meet minimum requirements and falsified their resume. You better be self-motivated when trying to work for local,state, federal government…It can really be about who you know not what you know.

    • Often we gain empathy for others when we experience what they have gone through.

      Welcome to the world of those discriminated against for years.

      Now can we get a level playing field?

    • your a fool. i’m sure no hiring manager would actually admit that to an interview. women and minorities have been and still are discriminated against so much that focing employers to hire them is the only way that they have any chance of getting a decent job. your a middle class white male. you deserve to be given the hardest time possible because you have lived the easiest life possible and been given evry opportunity at yu fingertips. your ignorance and predjudice is dangerous.

  24. I believe that the reason I have not been hired is because of my bad credit rating, I am an honest person who does not steal from stores or any of the places I have worked at not even so much as a pen.

    • I know! And what kind of crap is that? My car insurance rates even went up because of it, even though absolutely no accidents! It’s as if only the “perfect people” are welcome. As if people can hear when I ask, “Can I help you?” that I’m facing bankruptcy. And so what if they do? Chances are, so are they!!

    • Debra – Jeni
      I’m facing the same thing; bad credit, and my car insurance goes up too; one ticket in 20 years and I have to pay almost 100 dollars a month for state minimum! Debra, I too am honest and not a theif. I sometimes think that if I was would I be stupid enough to not steal enough so that my bills don’t get paid? oh well; I’m so tempted to point that out during job interviews but on the off chance that they won’t check my credit, I don’t. Divorce, illness, unemployment have all contributed to my poor credit. I’m just asking for a chance so I can clean it up. I’m sorry that you are both dealing with this, but in some ways it helps to know others who are qualified for good jobs but don’t get it because of their credit are out there.

      • Klum,
        Thanks so much for you post, because I am getting hit all the way around myself! What are you supposed to do when the illness has caused the credit? It seems as if I’m walking in with a strike painted on both sides of me.

    • It’s only in the States (that I know of), that employers check your credit rating. It’s the most ridiculous, invasive stupidity I have ever heard of. They certainly don’t do that in Canada, because they don’t get your SSN until they hire you. I don’t offer my SSN to potential employers but I am lucky in that, being newly immigrated here from Canada, I don’t have one to offer. Another bonus is that, when I explain that I don’t have one (it’s on order), I can offer that the security screening through the FBI and HLS far outstrips any security check they are capable of performing as private corporations.

      Regarding car insurance, again… wtf? I love being here, but this country lacks some basic intelligence in the practices that are implemented. My poor husband has to hear me rant about the lack of common sense I am finding around every corner. lol Canada has its own set of unique weirdness, but we sure don’t have anything like these two examples. lol

    • I can not believe that companies are making decisions based on credit scores. It should not make a difference. My husband and I had perfect credit scores, until we both lost ours jobs. We are both baby-boomers, we had savings and investments. It has all gotten eaten up trying to pay our mortgage (in a house we can’t sell because of the housing bubble down fall), pay our taxes, just simply keeping the lights on and groceries on the table. We have not had a permanent position since 2007….the same goes for my husband.

      Yes, we are the people who did everything right to plan for our future. We want to work not a hand out, but what we get is we’re too over qualified. Talk about being discriminated. We are not over weight, we don’t look “old” for our age, and when we are together as a couple (“we’re picture perfect….according to our friends”). But what companies want is cheap labor….they don’t want to pay for EXPERIENCE.

  25. WOW!
    No wonder there are so many people unemployed. It’s everyone elses problem and there are so many others in the world that getting to YES is impossible unless you have an eternity for interviewing. GEEZ. Yes discriminations exist. I happen to be a hiring manager within a unprotected class of people. My experiences with unemployment include dozens upon dozens of interviews that did not go my way. And, yes many were because of my station in life.
    If I thought it was impossible I would be unemployed right now, but I don’t. I wouldn’t want to work in a place or with a group that would discriminate against anyone based solely on appearance, race, sex, size, religion, orientation and so on. These interviews are just practice for the next one and should be seen as experience. HINT: experience makes for good interviewees. No one should ever sit through an interview that makes them uncomfortable. Get up and walk out – what have you got to loose? Your dignity!
    Now, as a hiring manager here is my take on these interviews. We hire people. People come in all types. People succeed or fail in interviews based on the qualities of both parties (the applicant and the interviewer). If you speak to my questions with a knowledge base and can fit into the group I need you for, you move on to the next step. If your answers, your body language and your background are not really what we need and I can rarely share that ideal with a candidate – I do send nice rejection letters via your choice of snail or email. I alwaye ask.
    I sometimes hire people who fit an ideal we are trying to create. This person does not currently fit in, but this person’s attitude and capabilities are where we want to take the organization. We are always looking for ways to grow the talent and if we have to bring in someone who will upset the apple cart so be it. As managers we took a job that requires us to grow the business, but now that we have taken the job we have to do the job. I cannot tell you how many people I manage do not get this no matter how many times or different ways I say it.
    It’s just not about you. It’s just not about you. Your EGO is getting in the way of your success in finding the right job for you. If you are uncomfortable shame on them. Get up and walk out in the middle, but be sure you speak your mind. They will be listening and they will be mindful the next time. This time it’s to late for you and them. Do it once. It felt great to control the result half way through the interview.
    If I were to discriminate and make someone uncomfortable, my company would have my job. Almost all companies have discrimination policies and someone getting up and walking out is a no no for a hiring managers career. You will have an impact if you act on your impulses. The manager will wonder if your going to file an EEOC against his company and name him/her. Even if you don’t file you win. He/she will think twice about his/her actions during all interviews from there on out. Guaranteed.
    Don’t let anyone else control the interview for you. You are interviewing them just as much as they are interviewing you. Make sure you keep your dignity and make sure they know you know. Anyone who can hold their own in an interview is someone hiring managers will remember and respect. Heck, anyone who can meet the requirements of the role we need to fill and command respect in an interview already has the job. When can you start is my next question and I have hired peole like this on the spot.

    • One of the posters who claims to be a hiring manager stated the following: If your answers, your body language and your background are not really what we need and I can rarely share that ideal with a candidate – I do send nice rejection letters via your choice of snail or email. I alwaye ask.
      My question is, why can’t you share what you are really looking for with a candidate? Why can’t you put it in the “ad” for the job? You might find you get more people who “fit” your position. How can an applicant know if it is worthwhile to apply, and jump through all the hoops that are put in front of us, if we don’t know exactly what you are looking for?

  26. Wow, I’m dissapointed in many of these posts. I kmow that when people interview for the job that they feel they’re perfect and don’t get it, it’s nautural to conclude it was due to some bias on the part of the hiring manager. While that can be true, I believe it is most often some other factor.

    I’ve rejected candidates that looked great on paper, but were just the wrong fit for our corporate culture, (we have an upbeat, can do culture and if you don’t display those traits in an interview, a job offer is not likely to be forthcoming).

    There is a multitude of legitimate possibilities of why you might not have got an offer, but dwelling on them, regardless of whether they were right or wrong will not benefit you professionally or personally. Maybe you were the best candidate, hiring managers are human and as such are capable of mistakes, but put it behind you before your next interview. I’ve never hired someone who displayed any negative in their attitude and it’s one of the easiest traits to spot.

    • Jim, you are absolutely correct. I’ve read through all of the serious, well-written comments posted here, and many of them assume the hiring manager is being discriminatory, either consciously or unconsciously. From my experience, it’s a matter of whether the candidate’s overall “package” is appropriate for the job at hand. By package I mean qualifications, personality, outlook, values, beliefs, and yes, physical appearance.

      Again, If a candidate is not hired is doesn’t mean they have negative traits or that the hiring manager was being discriminatory, it again, simply means that the overall package did not fit the given job (i.e., a marketing job might require a more outgoing or physically fit person because that person will need to travel alot and have alot of energy, while a shy or obese person might be better suited for a job that doesn’t require as much mobility or travel, such as a desk job). That said, the same company may have another opening that is appropriate for the candidate. A rejected candidate should follow-up with the hiring manager for other openings, accordingly.

  27. I am very concerned for the future. I am working for a company that is on it’s last legs.

    Other places I have worked for don’t exist anymore.

    What can I use for company reference?

  28. How about ignoring signs that the manager is a uncaring, brutal butt-head with a reputation for running a sweatshop.

  29. I kinda get FukUall’s attuide after awhile searching for a job becomes a pain. I apply to job after job online and go around to business after business to try and get anything and either don’t hear back from them or are told they are not hiring. Out of the 30 jobs I applied for I got two interviews, but i try not to let it get me down and I keep on looking hoping to find something.

  30. A young man, unemployed for years, wanted a job in my husband’s company as a computer technician, and requested a telephone interview. His spouse called instead on the interviwe day and told my husband that they had to meet friends at a bowling alley that evening, and told my spouse to call the followning Sunday at the same time. You can guess that no further communication took place.

  31. In this age of technology, many factors come into play on being hired. Your credit score, age, facebook or other social network sites, weight, race and family status all are factors that shouldn’t come into view for many positions, but do. I was interviewed for a position and was told I was perfect for the position, just had to wait for the background check. Here I was thinking that they meant references and criminal background. They meant credit score. At that time, my spouse had finally quit being self-employed and we were paying off all his debts for which he had used my name for most of them and lowered my score. That ended the job for me. So keep in mind that all factors are now being considered regardlessly.

  32. I am an HR Manager. I can tell you that I do not discriminate against applicants that are overweight. As a result I have many excellent employees with a weight problem. I do not find them to be lacking in self-respect either. Those applicants that think good looks and a nice suit can get a job will be dissappointed when walking into my office. They actually need qualifications.

    • I know someone who gets “exhausted” applying for jobs ONLINE!! Imagine if this person had to get up and go apply in person. Would she/he need to use a wheelchair or the electric cart? Sad thing is, this person is young, healthy and intelligent, but shows no motivation to really do anything.

    • Joan,
      I’ve been unemployed for over a year now. I’ve had maybe 3-4 interviews and have signed up with many employment agencies, in which one I’ve had the opportunity to work a short term temp data entry position which was supposed to be 3 months but turned out to be 2 weeks (in the financial field). When do the employers look at your background? Is it after they’ve interviewed you or when they give you the job offer? My credit is pretty bad. I went to a different employment agency and filled out paperwork and interviewed with the representative and she said it looked like there was a job that I was suited for but they first had to do a background check with references. Then a week later I called and they said the position went to another candidate. This position was not in the financial arena…so I wonder if they considered me a high risk because of my credit?

  33. Had my zipper down for an interview once and got the job. I think it must be good luck to have the ol fly down. I will do it for every interview I have now.

    I informed the interviewers of this later and we all had a good chuckle.

  34. Kathy, I to am very concerned about the future, We all are. Even though the Co’s I worked for dont exist any more I can only write the truth. The world is changing at an alarming rate. Jobs are being lost every day in this country. Jobs are hard to find, I’m 58 and even with all the experience I have, it is hard.

  35. I enjoyed reading everyone’s post. As an RN, I don’t run into hiring problems you all are describing in the business sector. But, I have witnessed first hand the frustrations I am reading about. My husband transitioned out of the military and received a Bachelor degree in Business. He was filed with the feeling of success and promise as he began his job search. I tried to be supportive, but I knew he would not be as successful as he imagined in his mind. He had the degree, the look, the personality, the prestige of a military background….what he lacked was confidence. Instead of learning from each interview experience, he allowed it to break him down. When he finally realized that he must approach his job search differently, he was successful. He landed a security management job. It is not his dream job by far, but he is going back to school and exercising regularly again.
    Discriminating laws are in place because we can’t play nicely when left unsupervised. You can’t force someone to hire you like you can’t force someone to be your friend. Good for the hiring companies not to hire you for what ever reason they choose. If you were the owner of those companies, you would then complain that you were forced to hire someone you did not “like” for the fear of being sued for physical discrimination. It’s life, and you move on to the next one.
    Thank you for the article. It is meant to inspire and I thought it gave useful tips that I can use for my next interview.
    Good luck to all.

    (And to all the Steves, JMs and FUCKUALLs in the world, Im not mad at you. I have tolerance for ignorance. And you are a vital component to society. You keep a lot of people employed: mental health workers, police officers, etc)

    • MO:

      What a great post! Thanks for injecting a note of realism & sanity by introducing such a novel concept: That when someone (like your husband) is initially unsuccessful in finding a job, maybe it is time to consider making some changes in their resume, education, training, employment goals, and overall approach to the job search to become more attractive to prospective employers, instead of expecting employers to change to suit THEM!

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  37. My father was 14 when his dad died, just before the Great Depression. He had to go to work full time and worked for the same company for 51 years. He progressed little because he had no formal education. When my brother asked him for advice on getting a job, my dad said, “How would I know? I’ve only had one job and my mother got it for me.”

    As bad as things are now, it was worse in 1930, but my father sucked it up and made sure his sons got useful college degrees (engineering), above any of his personal dreams.

    I sure do miss him.

  38. Somebody ought to write a piece on interviewer mistakes. How about these (true incidents):
    – my interview was in afternoon in another city which cost me $30.00 in commutations costs (given it’s a buyers market, companies do not pay interview expenses anymore). I show up 10 minutes early, interviewer was out sick; no one gave me the common courtesy of letting me know.

    – I’m a senior forced to go back to work due to economic conditions. Interviewer asks me where I want to be 10-15 years from now. How about “Alive”.

    – Had to take an online psychological test as first part of screening. Company has a branch office 20 minutes from my residence, however, they made me drive two hrs one way to corporate HQ, again at my expense, to take the test which was on line on the companies intranet. Never heard from them again.

    I’m thinking of writing a book re: my experiences instead of going back to work.

    • Senior job hunters can’t make themselves chronologically younger. They can only present themselves in the best possible light; education, experience, appearance, suitability for the position they are applying for and an enthusiasm and willingness to work. (The same as any applicant of any age.) The rest is up to the hiring employer. What we’re seeing in the political world with regard to possibly raising the age for receiving Social Security benefits certainly brings up more issues; the need for the economy to improve, more jobs for all ages and employers who are willing to hire a qualified senior worker. It’s very discouraging to be a senior looking for work and know that I’m discriminated against because of my age.

  39. I “created” my own job and held it for fifteen years. So your customers are your employer now, they may be more difficult people than any normal boss, and changing all the time. Each year my time was spent more on things I am not good at, at the expense of things I was…don’t just go thinking that working on your own is going to be some picnic as if you are not qualified for it, you’ll suck there just as much as at any job you shouldn’t have. I made good money for a while but anyhow I’ve recently gone back to get a regular job now and I believe I’ll live longer for it.

    I picked my new company carefully. I did not apply anywhere I didn’t feel I’d be a good fit based on my research (easy to do these days). I went in there with honesty, real expectations and ready to work. I start next week.

    A few other comments:

    If a bar feels they have patrons that want to look at 20 yr. old girls, then they have a right to hire them. They don’t have to hire the wrong people, at the expense of their business, based on someone else’s ideal of fairness. And if you weigh 500 pound, have ten kids, and are single…most folks are going to be figuring you have a judgement problem, and if you can’t show you can run your own life first, they are not going to be crawling over each other to bring you in to help run their business.

    If you are the “wrong” race, or age? I have been places I couldn’t get anywhere because I wasn’t old enough (or wise, or street-smart, as it was). My wife once interviewed at the phone company, where every single person in the office was a black female, including the interviewer. She didn’t get the job and obviously wouldn’t have fit in anyway. So, she just kept moving. You don’t have time to make the world into what you want it to be when you’re looking for a job…just keep moving.

  40. Wow, entertaining and at times saddening. Clearly educated writers to the not so educated. Nonetheless, we all have/had something in common; you’re hiring? Discrimination comes in all shapes and sizes. I’m happy for those that can lose weight, update wardrobe and perhaps color hair. However, for those who can’t grow taller overnight, round out their eyes oh yes bleach skin (my favorite) you have to be on your A game and even then you still don’t have a chance.

    Let’s face it folks, you must look good if not great, speak well and have energy. Regardless, of your field or business we are all sales people working for companies that are selling themsleves. So the “look the part” whatever that is a reality if not for you than for the employer and they must protect their image. And yes, even if it means passing on a we’ll educated with experience candidate.


  41. I work in an HR dept of a governmental agency. We had jobs open (due to retirements) in the public works dept. We GOT over 1100 applications. 800 of those applicants passed the initial tests,and were asked to come in to test for the written exam. We did tests for five days straight, 40 people to the room, an overflow room, both morning and afternoon. We had 68 people who had the absolute perfect score on the written test. These perfect scores were sorted by the date that the applications came in, the earliest log in date came first on the eligible list. We had people who were 18 years old, all the way to 60+ (although we cannot ask the age), men, women, black, white, yellow, and all other colors of the rainbow. All of this was for a grand total of four openings, and as people tried out for the jobs, and stayed, or left, we ended up hiring through #8 on the eligible list. The eligible list expires after one calendar year, and we have to start over. I felt sorry for so many of the people taking the test, this recession has been extremely hard for so many people.

    • Great post Glenda. Those numbers are staggering. My grandparents are hyper-conservative types and always ask me why i cant just get a government job. Why cant i just be part of big government? I think ill email them your comment.

  42. A Couple of weeks after what I believed to be a successful initial phone interview with a prospective employer, I called to find out if I was “still in the running” for the position. My voice mails went unanswered so I figured they were not interested in me.

    At the same time, somehow / someway I overlooked an email that was sent to me from the assistant HR Director informing me that I was scheduled for an interview in Atlanta – I never saw the email until a few weeks later when I was browsing through old emails!!! Naturally I was in total shock and beside myself! I immediately emailed the Asst. HR Director, too late… They already hired someone else.

    Why in the world the Asst. HR Director didn’t call me to follow up the email is beyond me? I do check my emails often but simply overlooked that particular email!

    I wanted to pass this along as advice to other job seekers. Check all avenues of communication regularly!

    Successful Job Seeking Everyone,


  43. KG I really appreciate your input here. You should go into an interview with the mindset that you are interviewing them as much as they you. You need to be just as sure you want the job there. I have not had many professional interviews.
    I stayed out of job market to raise 3 children (My husband being the wage earner). When I went back it was part time mother’s hours (retail). I had my first ‘interview’ over 20 years ago. Got the job. Company relocated my position across the country. Second interview with new company. I had the skills (rusty from years after college). Was I nervous, yes. But I made sure I came armed with what I COULD offer other than ‘skills’ I have been employed at same company for going on 13 years.

    I fear in my profession more and more jobs are being outsourced. I am now well over 40yrs old and somewhat overweight. If I have to go looking I will keep all of this in mind. Look professional; including white teeth and dressing FOR the job. I will keep in mind if I am uncomfortable, I have the right and the obligation to walk out.

  44. When I hire there are many things I consider. I’m not a fan of hiring people with children. I’ve had several employees call out frequently because they were unable to find a sitter or that the child was sick. When an employee calls out it requires that the rest of the team pick up the slack. If a potential employee shows up in jeans or is chewing gum… I’m quick to cancel the interview. If you’re not worried about your first impression you don’t want the job. When I find out that a potential employee uses mass transit ti is a turn off. My current employees use “my bus was late” as a frequent excuse. Transit isn’t a deal breaker though. Someone who has too much experience might inflate my payroll. I’m given so much to run my operations with and if I have an employee making more per hour on average I will have fewer people on the floor. Someone who is overwieght is a concern. I’ve had employees who have knee and back problems that limit their performance. I also have the need to hire minorities for certain positions. Many of the customers my store has are African-American(65%) Our store also has a high theft rate 4x the national average requiring my store to have a heavy security presence. While my security has legitimate reasons for observing people in our store (some who are frequent shoplifters) the patrons will cry discrimination immediately. Management is then needed and the security is then has to be removed from the situation. In this case in order to prevent a discrimination claim someone of the same ethnicity is needed to observe the store. Gender is also a consideration as men can’t enter women fitting rooms and bathrooms. If I have a white male on staff then I need an African-American female. The white male applicant might be more qualified but doesn’t suit my needs.

    • I kind of understand your situation. I work in a gender prefered kind of business, but when I am seeking more females than males, I put that in the job post so people aren’t waisting their time. If I need one or two males I put that in. Sometimes you can tell theethnicity of the person by calling or by their name. My thing is, if someone is qualified, you shouldn’t turn them down because of the color of their skin, if you planned on hiring a caucasian woman, and you bring in an african american male for the interview, that is pointless.

  45. Ask questions, intelligent questions and show some interest in the company do research on the company to gain knowledge about it.

  46. Keep in mind this job market- employers are more willing to wait for that “perfect” candidate simply because of the supply of candidates. These days many more candidates can be considered overqualified or not-qualified due to qualities not related to skills, i.e. culture compatibility, salary, etc. In other words, it’s very competitive. Good luck!

  47. I too have gone the gamut of looking for a job,going through job interviews one after another, the frustrations,and depression following the numerous rejections. One interview lasted 5 minutes, and ended with “We will call you”. I left there knowing I did not get the job, one week later I received a call letting me know I was hired. I have since realized, a 5 minute interview can tell alot about an interviewee. It is really how well you can “sell” yourself to that company. By the way, I am well over 50 years old, still too young to retire, and am considered to be obese. If you give out negativity, you will not be hired.

  48. I was once asked at an interview, “What kind of person would my wife discribe me to be?” I told them, “A lazy bum.” Needles to say I didn’t get the job, but it was honest, and unbelievably incredibly funny. Maybe this was a good thing, because almost three years later the plant closed down.

    • I hope you got a good chuckle out of your answer because that was an unbelievably foolish answer. The interviewer obviously wanted you to give the answer that the person who knows you best would give. Hiring a lazy bum was not what they had in mind. I assume that you have been working somewhere else during those three years? If not, the joke was on you.

  49. I once interviewed for a job I wanted very badly. I was a college student, poor as a college student, but I must say pretty darn good in sales. I didn’t have the money to go buy a new suit for the interview, so I wore the best suit I had. It was very cool, bought for going out ( in the early 90′s), but unfortunately not interview worthy. Sadly, the interviewer pointed out DURING THE INTERVIEW how much he hated my jacket. Silly me for thinking I could get away with wearing a red and black vertical striped jacket. Most men only notice my eyes. Nope, didn’t get the job.

    Dress for the job you want, but for the most part, stick with conservative solids, black or navy, and for goodness sake, IRON. ;)

  50. I think the article was helpful, but what about when the interviewer is innapropriate. I work with a company under a director who was consistently 30 or more minutes late for interviews she scheduled. Then consitently wouldn’t show and I would have to do them on the fly. I felt horrible for the people seeking jobs. If she would do the interview, it would take much much longer than needed, she would promis things that were not possible and hire the person with them thinking they were getting all sorts of beneifits, and it wasn’t true.
    Aboutthe discrimination to be hired in my company you have to meet with my department manager initially, then with the big GM. If you don’t have the right “Look” then you don’t get the job. It is really frustrating because someone doesn’t get the job because they have a breakout, or they aren’t the right weight, or they aren’t visually appealing enough for the GM. To all of those out there who feel like they have been discriminated against, you’re probably right, and it is sad.

  51. Best/Worst Answers To Questions I Have Asked While Interviewing Someone

    I have interviewed a LOT of people, and here are a few classics:

    Q: What did your former co-workers think of you?
    A: “They all said I was lazy, but I just have my own pace.”

    Q: What are your goals for the next 5 years?
    A: “I just wanna stay out of prison.”

    Q: Are there any questions you would like to ask me?
    A: “Yeah, do you guys pay for rehab?”

    Q: Are there any restrictions you have as far as hours or days you cannot work?
    A: “No, not at all….except for nights and weekends.”

    ALL ARE TRUE AND WERE SAID TO ME!!! Can you believe that!?!?!?

  52. I am retired so I have seen a lot of people in a lot of different jobs. Some were very good at their jobs and some were so totally bad that you wondered why they were promoted to that position. It boggles the mind.
    I have come to realize that a lot of it is just being in the right place at the right time. Its luck. Good luck to you all.

  53. I think the biggest reason companies do not hire people is age. I am a young looking 60 year old woman who cannot get a job. I have been on several interviews that hvae gone very well. I have had hiring managers call me after reading my resume and say they cannot wait to meet me. Let me tell you, as soon as they ask for your driver’s license they know how old you are. They have ways of finding out in this day and age anything they want to know.
    I cannot even get a job in a call center. I even ask at one interview if theyhire more experience workers and the hiring manager said well all I can say is look around. It is so unfair. Do you honestly think going to the EEOC and filing a complaint is the answer? Do you want to work where they do not want you?
    If you think for one minute your job is safe forever, think again. Age discrimination is the major reason people do not get hired and it is the hardest thing to prove. All they have to do is interview a few older applicants. That seems to be good enough for the EEOC. I owned a compnay at one point and I appreciated al of my emloyees, bot hyoung and old. It is ridiculous that the hiring managers use their position to have so much power over peoples’ lives. Just because a person is a seasoned worker, it does not mean he or she cannnot contribute to society. We are ayounger than our parents were at our age and are willing to work for many years. We do not call off, we appreciate our jobs and when we come to work we are who we are.

  54. employers interview and don’t hire for many reasons . People are not perfect but they put a front on like they are. Being to vain about your self is a turn off . Being to arrogant and to confident is also a turn off.
    Lieing on a application is a turn off , believe it or not people they do employment back ground checks . Resume fraud is what they look at they do not trust us as people they look into personal inforamtion as well like credit , personal information like criminal history, place of residence ( meaning if you were evicted more then once or moved around alot and not settled roots in a community). Volunteering information. If you were sued for any reason, For insurace fraud and for to many work man comp’s files and compaints .

    They look at how many times you were accident pron and if you are a good driver by contacting the dmv.

    Employers are not taking chances in a tough enconomy. They don’t trust you have to build your trust with them.

    I been let down many times when i thought a job interview went well but in my mind it did but in the employers it didn’t. Also disability plays a role to like if you need accomadations for work light light duty or needing help with the work. If you can not work alone that is a issue for a employer.

    If your disabled and lie on a application u will be disqualified not many employers like to deal with the disabled it is a stereo type that we are not able to do the work and a liability to the company if we become hurt or the community does not accept them.

    Employers also look at medical history to . If you show signs of mental illness that is a flag you as a person are not getting a job. We are suppose to be protected under the disability act but not all employers see it that way. If you do not see E.O.E on a bottom of a application and you have issues with what i listed you will not get employed . EE0 ratings on a application does not garentee a job you may get interviewed but it does not mean anything . You have to impress but not over do it to get a job in this hard and trying enconomy.

    Patience is worth gold in this world if you have no patience you will be left out in the cold. I think that all the time when i look for a job.

    Best of luck readers on finding work!

    • I am assuming you are hring manager. Just how much pratice does it take. First of all the EEOC does not help.You can be a model citizen, excellent health , great references and have all the experience in the world. It does not matter. Older job seekers do not have to lie about their work history. I would like to know just how the potential companies you would like to work for have access to peoples medical records and disability information. If they cannot ask people about their health and anything personal , how is it you can say that.
      The simple jobs that the younger workers will not keep older workers cannot even get. What is the difference if a company has jobs that turn around quicker than they hire in these younger people

  55. Interviews can be can tough. “Don’t act desperate” even if you haven’t worked in 6+ months… Don’t over/under dress… Required skills list are getting longer and longer… Double standards, you have to be perfect but they don’t.

    Everyone is so opinionated any more… Heck I remember one interview I had, was lucky to get out of there without getting into a fist fight with the guy.

  56. Dear Sir or Madam, Thanks for posting these work related true life experiences. Some were very proactive, positive and showed class especially by the person who was not hired as a server in the restaurant business. Her class made the point when the manager or owner came to the bar where she worked and requested that she apply at his place. She obviously has a gift which will always make people like her a cut above most. Some of the comments made are negative for sure and could be legit!! Some are comedic, but still make the point. The comment about poverty and ignorance was tragic and painful, but unfortunately that mindset exists in society. I am one of those thousands upon thousands that are currently unemployed. Sure frustration and anger comes easily sometimes. I am sixty two, (62) and in good health. I am white haired, and have lost a lot of teeth since losing healthcare coverage in 2001. I am a poor Jew from the Deep South. I am well educated and have good people skills as well as a knack for being a team player. I am not looking for special or preferential treatment, but expect equal treatment. I am very good at verbal expression or technical writing. However I am still unemployed!!! I have applied at several different state websites, as well as in the private sector. Still there has been no luck for me or minions of others amongst the unemployed or under-employed. I don’t know the answer. I do know one has to stay positive, love his or herself and love God. Sooner or later something good will happen!!

    • Hope is always there and you never should give up. I realize that someone somewhere will hire me to do something eventually. I am not a person who will move in with her children. I raised very successful kids. But I want to support myself. So staying positive is all anyone can do. It is just a shame that there are not more companies that value the older workers’ wisdom and experience.
      All I can tell other people is keepyour chin up, maybe the job that is right for us has just not presented itself yet.

  57. A very good point was made in an earlier response – the best and easiest jobs to acquire are the ones gotten because of WHO you know, not because of WHAT you know.

  58. Seriously. Poor judgement in having 8 kids. The world’s population is growing at an alarming rate, one we cannot support too much longer, but wow, you went and had 8 kids anyway. The weight issue IS a problem. Not only for your health, but to your employers bottom line, sick days, health costs, etc, etc. You may not like to admit it, and call me name and avoid the question, but the FACTS are there. Don’t any of you watch The Biggest Loser? Where did common sense go? Jimmy got it right.

  59. There is a girl named Susan Jones from Northport, AL who is remembered as the worst female adult bully in the world with no mind and a dark past. It is a shame Hospice Complete ever had her as a volunteer coordinator but what’s important is they canned her and she got what she deserved from no mind of ethics, decency or regard for anything or others and hypocrisy and posing at worst. Hope she has changed and has basic, proper people skills, ethics, and professional conduct these days.

  60. I was caught up in the recession in April of 2009 and was unemployed for five months
    During that time I esteem suffered greatly going from job fair to job fair or being Interview by much younger people who had no idea about the real value of a work ethic. Finally I went to a job placement company and they found me a job with a company that no one really wanted to work for. The company has a lot of internal issues and doesn’t pay what it needs to for its employs to survive. So it hires people that ether live with their parents or have no education. I would like to leave the company and find a good job but it seems that companies still not willing to hire, does anyone have any suggestions.

  61. Let’s face it: interview is a crapshoot. I do “project rescue” type of work I can say that considering all the people hired for different positions and projects, nobody has a clue how to properly interview a person, because in 50% of cases they end up with somebody completely unqualified to get the job done.

    They might as well pick up resumes at random and the end result woudl be the same – or even better since that way there would at least be a chance to select a qualified person rather than focusing on somebody’s smile or handshake for a nuclear scientist job in the back office room…

  62. I enjoyed reading this discussion. I was exposed to a large variety of views and opoinions, some I agreed with, some I did not. Either way, I learned so, thank you.

  63. I had an employer look me up & down before getting blunt w/ me: “Are you sure you’re even in good enough shape to be doing this kind of work?” My profession: IT Systems Administrator. What I don’t tell people is that I practice yoga so that I can bend @ the knees & most people I work with, don’t. They moan, fart, creek & complain when they have to get under a work station to trouble shoot cable connections etc. Yes, I dared to say it! I knew I guy who was so heavy, he blew one out is back side when he put pressure on his large belly to bend & get under a desk. I’m aware I have two visible things going against me @ interviews: I’m over 40 & slightly overweight, but I’m well qualified & have the experience, so I’m told that I “couldn’t possibly be happy w/ the salary they are offering”. Oh give me a break! Their measly salary is better than zero!

  64. i want to comment on the woman who got an interview but didnt get hired,she thinks, because she showed up too fat. i do think its sad that so much is based on appearance but in this type of society thats what you have t odeal with. especially if the job is high profile and/or working with the public.. and im sorry if this hurts your feelings but when people see someone who is fat it may remind them of the fact that this person refuses to take care of themself. fatness, acne, a sloppy haircut, etc… all say that you dont honor your “temple”, yourself, and that your health is at a low point right now and though some of us are way to busy to take the time to care about that, we HAVE to!! plus most of the fat people i know have so many health issues that stem from being fat that its too much for thier jobs and companies to deal with! ( health issues including depression, which negativvely affects EVERYTHING!!) so think about how a prospective employer might feel about your ability to perform and keep up with the job when you walk in llike that. i also know that some people work very hard at keeping their wieght down so on your next job interview mention (only mention)your struggle with your weight and what you do to combat it. that may help you by showing that your not letting it get worse but that you are working hard. hard work thats what it comes down to, thats what they want and fat doesnt say “im a hard worker!”

  65. Your fat your skinny your tall your short your black your white REALLY! It’s hard for everyone- EVERY SINGLE JOB OPENING IS A RAT RACE.

  66. I’m still waiting to figure out why on earth anyone would justify eliminating an interviewee based on some of the listed “interview killers.” Example: As a former manager, with four degrees, who hired (and was interviewed by) numerous individuals at all levels of the employment process, it still baffles me to see things said such as that a person crossing/folding his/her arms during an interview should eliminate them. My career was spent having to interact effectively with people (managing, raising large amounts of money) and it never occurred to me that a person meant anything in particular by crossing their arms, at least not until a bunch of (I’ve found not very intellectually superior) human resources people and others found thaey could use it as an amateuirish psychologiist’s excuse for some other reason (legal or illegal) for not hiring a person.
    Finally, I disagree with the prior comment that he/she is impressed by the communications abilty of the comments sent in here on this topic. Perhaps proof reading is no longer expected in e-mails. But many of these comments have just the kind of errors that would disqualify the writers for being considered for a job (mis-spellings, errors in subject-verb agreement, sentences too long to be easily readable, etc.; an occasional mistake is forgivable, and even chuckle inducing: the nurse whose husband got his bachelor’s degree and was “filed” with enthusiasm ). But I do concur with the writer who thanked the several human resources officers’ insightful comments, and who reflect a degree of intellectual ability distinctly higher than most of the persons I have met in their field (a sentiment almost universally held by non-HR people).

  67. Here’s a thought that I don’t see anyone talking about.

    I’m in my 50′s. I was a Plant Manager for a company for 11 years.
    I was replaced by the owners son-in-law fresh out of school. (engineering degree). I don’t have a degree. The co. went bankrupt 1- 1/2 years latter.

    Here’s what I’m getting at. I applied for job after job and was not getting anywhere. I decided that I would like to go back to my maintanance background and started applying for these types of jobs. I actualy like the hands on better than shuffleing paper and emails sitting at a desk. I needed work and was willing to deal with the pay cut. Same results, even though I had 20 years exp.

    This is what I did. I dumbed down my resume’.

    Rather than calling myself a Plant Manager, I claimed to be the Shop Leader. My desciption of my duties was basicaly the same. I sent out the altered resume’ and started getting responses. Two weeks later I had a job as a maintanence man. The company noticed my leadership qualities and now I am the Prodution Manager. I have been there the last 6 years. These last 6 years have seen cuts in employees by almost half. I’m still there!

    What I am getting at is that if you have years of experiance and are over qualified for the job you are applying for they may not even consider you. All of us just want a chance to work and pay our bills. Yes I took a major pay cut but I got the job and worked my way up.

    Don’t just think that you have all these qualifications so you should get the job. Employers see that you were at the top and assume you will want top money. Or as soon as somthing eles comes along you will bale. They can hire someone with less experiance for less money. They do not want to hire someone that will quit in the next 6 months because they found something better. Then they have to do it all over again.

    Just thought this might help someone else get a job. If you are dumb enough to think that you should get the pay you were getting 10 years ago GOOD LUCK!

  68. How can I have proper anwser about Interview question, I always review review question in Internet, but no answers, I know you going to ask me what kaind of job I’m looking, well always I had worked in Clerical support, Shipping and receiving clerk, multiple task. Could you please provide me a good anwserThaks. Jose

  69. Simple truth… may have just been one of three people interviewed before the interviewer had coffee.
    There are so many reasons to be descriminated against, It happens.
    But although it may seem the standard… is not the whole.
    I am a very qualified, highly educated and heavily Tattoed individual.
    Have I been descriminated for my Tatoo’s? Yes. For my Age? Yes For other reasons? I am sure.
    But I didnt let those events rule my determination to find those who could see past my appearance.
    I am well employed with just such a company.
    They do exist.
    Look past those that cant see past you, never give up, improve all that you can, and seek out those who need your skills and help find alternatives to your “shortcomings”
    These people are rare…..but they do exist!
    Good Luck.

  70. I have to agree, it’s always the biggest egotistical a-hole who wins – The ability to be loud, phony, and extroverted is viewed as being more capable. I’ve been told in several interviews I seem too shy i.e. -polite, for the position but in every other way qualified (and by the way I’m skinny and pretty). Maybe in sales but accounts payable?- I guess I really have to know how to project my personality to my spreadsheets. What they are looking for is someone they can sit around and back-stab their co-workers with and I’m way too “nice” for that which they can tell. It’s all about alliances has nothing to do with hard-work. These people want someone like them, and eventually they all gravitate towards each other and push out the nice normal people; then what you end up with is a shitty place to work filled with a bunch of catty, jealous overly-competitive a-holes who spend more time gossiping and filling their egos than doing any real productive work. So if you’re like me and too “shy” (in actuality too nice) for the position – feel lucky you found out now than a year in to the position that your just too kind-hearted to work with a bunch overly-competitive self-inflated a-holes! Also saw a study recently based on shyness where despite intelligence or competence level those with the loudest personalities and people skills (meaning the people with the manipulative ability to step on others) end up at the top. Maybe that’s why we’re all getting screwed in this economy. What happened to pay it forward? I’m for bringing back kindness and modesty -The meek might inherit the earth – but definitely not the business world! Oh well eventually they’ll feel it too – it’s all about shooting themselves in the foot (we are the feet of the business world aren’t we?)

    • Unfortunately, e, we will all be doing the same thing by 2015. The inflationary monetary policy moves of western central banks, combined with Chinese currency manipulation will likely result in economic conditions much worse than the current situation. America’s trend toward service and away from manufacturing will likely be viewed by future historians as a huge “effin” mistake. I graduated second in my class and will be lucky if i’m stitching logos on sneekers for well-to-do Chinese patrons in 10 years. If we don’t sweat shop our way out of this mess, my prediction is WWIII happens before 30% unemplyment. Stock up on canned food and weapons. And stay positive while interviewing.


      • wow – that kind of makes it hard to stay positive – but I agree…. when a part-time retail job paying minimum wage is bringing people on 3 hour group “auditions” and an interview “process” involving 3 call-backs, it’s a symptom that the service sector just isn’t enough. We need manufacturing jobs and office jobs back from India and China that pay people enough to feed their families (or in my case to even have kids or keep the lights on) – that time is fading for many in my generation and for everyone who has been sacrificing and hoping for the economy to improve and wages to rise. And yes I believe the dollar is in grave danger of crashing when oil is converted into foreign currency. This means a complete economic melt-down for everyone. The cost of doing business in America is having the largest consumer base on earth. If you want to have consumers then you need to have employees in America- because we are the consumers. That’s how an economy functions. It should be a circular relationship. Pay employees and collectively we pay it back. And as we all feel it, the more they cut employees and wages, the worse the economy does. And ultimately the worse the world does. Wide open trade policies are going to ultimately destroy the world economy, which in fact may lead to war for resources. We have a chance to bring jobs back but in a much greener way. America used to pay it forward…now we just borrow. It’s all about out-sourcing, mismanagement, and greed. Our government needs to take ownership of the federal bank, crack down on all subsidies both corporate and welfare, stop borrowing money from China, create a flat-tax with no loopholes, and stop allowing the out-sourcing of our jobs. Won’t be an easy transition…but if not – I guess we can learn Chinese and check out Craig’s List in China? I hear they’re hiring …

  71. Kathy: Two degrees and (8) + (1) kids? What about all the misspelling? I have worked for (30+) years and during the last (15) have been overweight. I am a sucessful professional who is now retired and financially stable. I only have one degree and (2) children. I had a positive attitude and the desire to be successfull. It just doesn’t make sense, are you sure your story is true????

  72. Regarding the bias faced in the workplace by overweight people…it is unfortunate, but true. We are a society in which appearances are key. Many years ago, I applied to a personnel agency about a job they listed. The counselor told me point blank that I was quite qualified, but he knew that the client would not consider someone who looked like I did for a front desk position. He wouldn’t even send me on an inverview. I was crushed.

    At the time, I was in my 20′s and about 35 pounds overweight – not morbidly obese, but surely not a super model either. That happened many years, and many jobs, ago. It still smarts.

    Whether or not anyone believes it is true or agrees with it, appearances can stand against you. And it doesn’t just have to be weight…an ill-placed tatoo or two can be a death knell in many employment situations. Odd hair, bad teeth, a crooked smile…the list is endless.

    The point is that no one is a good fit for everyone. We all have something that works against us in one way or another. Some things we can work on and improve, some things we are stuck with and have to learn to work with or around. The trick is to find your strengths and optimize them – it may take time and a whole lot of patience, but you can find the company or person who appreciates and will use your strengths without worrying about your “flaws.

    • Well said Vickylynne!!
      I have always interviewed in longsleeved shirts. However, I am always honest about my tattoo’s.
      Yes I have lost many opportunities over them. Even though they are tasteful in nature.
      I am a professional in dispatch and operations in Transportation.
      I wear long sleeves to work no matter the time of year.
      I have now been in my current job for some time and the issue has relaxed.
      It is a lifestyle choice I cannot change. But I learned to deal with it and not use it as an excuse.
      When finally presented with the opportunity, I was able to show that I was so much more than……My Tattoo’s!

  73. I have aids! and i got hired and infected everyone in the store! haha. lighten up, besides if you spent half as much time you did on here writing comments and responses to people you dont know, you could have had 3-4 jobs by now.

    • If you had any sense of maturity, you’d have chosen a different name.

      Seeing as you don’t, however, the name is perfectly appropriate for someone your age range of 9-12.

  74. I for one simply can’t believe this story about the fat lady raising all of these kids and her neighbors or relatives crack baby to boot. That was a total of 9 kids here folks, NINE. Who on Earth is going to have time to raise all of those kids properly and go to school and find the time to eat that many twinkies. If anyone had that many kids they would be skinny from all the running they had to do with those kids. This story is fake. I call BS and HOAX on this one. Use your common sense people. Who would honestly hire that lady anyway. She cant possibly be away from all those kids for more than two hours, not to mention the fridge or a good shower.

  75. I applaud all of you with great attitudes and good work ethics regardless of your weight. And I’m pleased some of you have been successful in getting the job you really want. Weight is a difficult challenge if it has gotten away from you. And that means 10#, 50# or 100#. I am involved with a healthy, nutritional weight management program that can help all who are ready to make a choice. It’s easy, safe, convenient and cost effective if you are ready. Contact me on Facebook or at for a free chat. It will change your life.

  76. I have read the many comments posted here and for the most part, they were well written. Unfortunately, most missed the point. The fact is: people are by nature, prejudicial. They base their feelings, likes, dislikes and beliefs on their own personal experiences. If you think I’m wrong, how many of your friends are truly different from yourselves. First impressions are very critical and are often correct. The human being makes over 100 assumptions in the first three seconds of meeting someone new and they are all based on a persons personal experiences. Add to the fact that it is an employers marketplace. Companies can afford to be choosey. they are looking for the complete person. They want well rounded employees, not just pertinent experience. As a person who has been looking for steady work for almost two years, I have finally had to change career paths and lower my personal standards in order to find employment. I applaud all the people who just refuse to give up looking and pray that they find what they are looking for. I understand the frustration of sending out 100′s of resumes with absolutely no responses. keep thinking positive and acting in a positive manner and good things will come your way……….eventually.

    • Employers are looking for the type of people who have a perfect track record. Employers are looking for the type of people who have never commited a felony. Employers want someone who has good references, and no unexplained gaps inbetween past jobs. Employers want someone who is intelligent, but not more intelligent than they are. Employers want someone who has never been late to work before, ever. Employers want someone who shows very little signs of having their own beliefs, or personality. You know what employers really want? Robots.

  77. What the hell has happened to this country? Everyone wants to feel good even when they’re in the wrong… When people say who are you to judge? I’m an American damn it and I will ultimately pay for the mistakes of my countrymen. So if you’re fat, stupid, lazy, I have to financialy carry your sorry ass on my back paying for your mistakes with hard earned tax money.. Thanks alot you sorry piece of shit, I hope that all of you ultra liberal “no one’s wrong and it’s never their fault” ass holes are alive to see what happens when this country bankrupts and you’re the ones that are too weak to fight so you’re killed… I will be there to do what should have been done to you along time ago you worthless motherfuckers
    I hope you all die death to America !!

    • Folks, this is what happens when you let the military take over the country.

      This guy’s right, it will be a bloodbath when the country goes bankrupt and the rulers unleash their private mercenary force (the US military) on excess US civilians, i.e. the weak and the poor.

      Of course, the Nazis tried this too, and they were destroyed in short order.

    • Wow, I agree with what you said. Just remember, you can’t get people to like you by talking smack about them. I suppose you’re perfect, right?

      • Yeah, the Nazis were eliminated in short order–almost 10 years and 6 million Jews and dissidentst later, not to mention all the members of the armed forces killed trying to defeat them.

        I am convinced the only thing stopping our government from pulling something equally nefarious in the name of the “social good” is the private ownership of firearms. Be very afraid if the leftists succeed in convincing the American public that the 2nd Ammendment is not foundational to our freedoms.

        But back to the point of the the post about being obese–it is not discrimination if what you feel you are being discriminated about can be changed. Obviously weight is something that can be altered. Age, sex, race—those are things over which an individual has no choice, and thus may not be discriminated against.

        I read one post about somebody who felt they were discriminated because of their language–they spoke only spanish. Ummmm…if you can’t communicate with your customers and management, what use are you to the company? Oh, and by the way, if you can’t speak english, who typed your response?

        I have turned people away due to body piercings, tattoos, and inappropriate hairstyles. I don’t have to hire your “personal statement” to the world.

        I have turned people away because they could not physically do the job. If you are 98 lbs, and can’t carry a 5 gallon bucket of water, how are you going to carry your end of a sofa up three flights of stairs? And if you are 560lbs and can’t walk from the front of my store to my office without sweating profusely and being completely out of breath, how are you going to keep up with the pace of my business?

        I am not going to “take a chance” on you only to get slapped with a workman’s comp case when you get hurt, or call in sick because you are flat out too tired from the previous day’s exertion. If you don’t look like you can handle the job, you’d better be willing to prove it with prior work experience or a demonstration. Otherwise, the job goes to the person who is truly “more highly’ qualified.

        • “short order” compared to the 1000 year reich Hitler bragged about creating.

          So, do you think personal arms will defend you from airborne assassin drones and neutron bombs?

          Do you think the military will be shy about using force against civilians because of the second amendment? Well, that didn’t work for striking miners in the past. The military was going to bomb them but the weather intervened. The miners then turned in their guns and surrendered.

  78. People get over it. People judge everybody everyday. I personally do not want a 500lb woman in my office. Scares away the customers. However an intelligent woman with a nice rack attracts business. Truth hurts, I didnt make the rules. Who would insure a woman that weighs 500 lbs.

    • No, people like YOU judge other people everyday, and people like you are shallow, empty, and lacking in purpose. Why don’t you go ahead and jump off a cliff, and make the world a better place? You think you can handle that, dumb-ass?

      • Well well well Ryan, look who’s judging now? And with an extra dose of vulgarity and disrespect thrown in?

        I don’t necessarily agree with the comment he made, but if you are going to lambaste somone for judging people, you probably ought not judge them while doing it. Pretty tough to do, huh?

  79. I have 15 years of IT experience and now I am on Dialysis trying to get a job. It is a life threating disability.
    Like Susan on “Desperate Housewives”, I get treated 3 times a week and have to leave the job early. Not easy, when you are trying to get a job and you have a disability.
    I would rather be fat and trying to loose the weight than having a diability because there are very few people who would not give up their kidney to save a person.
    Sure, a job’s policy indicates accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities, but only when your hired and not going through the interview process.

    • Now your situation IS heartbreaking. Through no fault of your own, you have a situation that is tough to hire you with. You are the reason Social Security and Welfare was designed for–to take care of those who can not take care of themselves–not those who choose to accept the handout rather than trying to make a better life for themselves through hard work and determination.

      I genuinely feel for you, and pray that you find something soon….

  80. CP is very wise. Saw the writing on the wall and made the right move. More people should heed his advice.
    I see up to 100 people daily seeking work, expecting high wages, and totally ignorant about what’s been happening for the last 4 yrs.
    Do the research. Keep yourself informed.
    Blow off the idiots who think they have something worthwhile to say.

  81. Honesty is NOT the best policy. I was taken out of the running for a position I really wanted because, when asked why I was considering leaving my current position, I told the truth…that my supervisor was a religious fanatic who told me that, if I didn’t marry the man I was living with soon, he would no longer be able to speak to me…the implication that I would no longer have a job was clear. The interviewer kept coming back to my statement, telling me that I could get a lot of money if I sued. My response was that everyone is entitled to their beliefs and I didn’t feel I could fault my supervisor for his honesty. I thought this pointed to my integrity, but I was wrong. He told the agency that sent me for the interview that I kept talking about my personal life, while it was he who kept going back to it. The agency told me never to tell that story again, to make something up, instead. Go figure.

    • I agree with you that “Honesty is Not the Best Policy” when trying to get hired. So, what’s wrong with this picture? (sarcasm)

  82. Karen, unlike the others I will respond to your situation. It is an unfortunate reality that there are so called professionals out there who discriminate, but it goes beyond that. This economy is hard on everyone including the companys who are hiring. While it sounds cruel, unfair, and I damn sure don’t agree, companies do consider the cost of hiring someone in your situation. Keep in mind, you have a good bit of control over your destiny. You can choose to remain as you are and hope you come across an employer who can see through your appearance and hire you. Or, you can try to fit into the mold that society has set for you. I wish I could offer you a magic solution, but bigotry will never go away, it just increases it’s target base. Often times it’s the people who have experianced decrimination who are keeping bigotry alive.

  83. Hi, Kaitlin, as a paid professional writer, you must be aware of the common rules of grammar. It surprises me, therefore, to see you use “their” as a plural form for “he or she”. For example, you wrote, “Candidate brought a copy of their college diploma that had obviously been white-outed and their name added.” Wouldn’t that properly be, “Candidate brought a copy of his/her college diploma. . . .and his/her name added.”? Seriously, why do even professional writers make this mistake EVERY DAY??? A single person is never a “they”!

    • While a it is true that a single person is never a “they”, it has been standard english to use the plural “their” as a substitute for “his/her” for DECADES. It reads easier, flows better, and looks better. AND you obviously knew what the writer meant. It is accepted by the Modern Language Association, and is taught by English departments and teachers EVERYWHERE. While it may be more technically correct to use “his/her”, are you seriously saying that you would prefer to read that over “their”?

      What gripes me is journalist’s use of “plead” instead of the proper past tense of “pleaded”. It is now common use, but it is nonetheless wrong. As is the use of “leaped” instead of “lept”.

      My point is instead of getting caught up in supposed violations of the English language, why don’t we focus on solving world hunger or something of real benefit?

      • JAFO, “Their” or “They” has never been standard english, used in the singular.Just because many people use it doesn’t make it correct. It just means that many people are incorrect in their usage of proper english.
        If you want something that reads more easily, flows better, and looks better, than “his/her”, the grammatically correct response (which always trumps political correctness) is, and has ALWAYS been, to use “his”. It reads as easily as “their”, flows as well, and is more easily written than “their”. When a person’s gender is either unknown or could be either gender, the rule is that the masculine pronoun takes the subjective.


  85. I remember when I was in my 20′s, every interview I went into I had to overcome the 5’11, blonde, bimbo thing. Now I’m going to have to overcome the middle aged and need to lose 40lbs thing (I’m working on it). Also, I spent the last 10yrs. taking care of elderly mother, I’ve never married, or had children, so (according to the way people look at me) there must be something deep and dark hiding in the closest! God forbid anyone find out I have 6 rescue dogs and 11 cats!!

    No matter what your size, age, disability or living situation you will have to overcome some type of prejudice. Don’t let it effect the way you interview. Understand the situation and work with it. I would bring it up and confront it. Very politely. Starting conversation with “I understand why you might be concerned….” and then I deal with it.

    I interviewed and hired for18years in previous career. The people I most remembered were those that were energized, confident, polite. They knew how to conduct themselves and came to the interview prepared. This includes, ready to meet any hiring concerns I might have had; whether, I stated them or not. Successful candidates knew how to read the situation, not let it deter them. They let it work to their advantage. Three of the best Supervisors I ever hired: one was severly obese, one well into her sixties, one commented on how she handled her previous bosses sexual harassment. Very professtionally, I might add: then ended the interview with a porfolio of her accomplishments….I was impressed. She knew her previous ex-boss was going to destroy her when I called, so she took care of it beforehand. Didn’t drone on about it. Stated it, explained how she handled the situation and went on with the interview. I never called for references, just hired her. Within 2 years, she was District Sales Manager over major metro area.

    After years of being out of the work force, it’s my turn to interview now. I have a name written on a sticky note by my keyboard. It’s Viva. A women I had the pleasure of working for while at a Fortune 100 company. She was 6’1″ (when it wasn’t cool to be so), at least 70 to 80 lbs overweight, had areas of her hair that were thining or balding, what was there was a kind of orangey red thing. Her age? Probably, late 50′s early 60′s. In a strongly driven marketing company, you tend to see a lot of beauty and youth even in their management. You don’t find many unattractive people.

    Viva was a Director when I was hired, a Vice President (well into $7 figures) by the time I left. Viva was aware of the prejudices others had toward her, but she didn’t let it stop her intelligence, vibrancy, or determination from shining through. Eventually, all people acknowledged was her magic. Her being Viva. I plan on mentally carrying her with me when I start interviewing…now that wide hips, reading glasses and middle age are part of my package. In fact I plan on carrying with me the memory of many more of the “magic ones” I call them. Those that were able to cut through all the obstacles before them (be it age, weight, not the best interview clothes…etc.) until all you saw as an interviewer was magic.

    To all those wonderful comments I’ve just read: My heart breaks for you. I was shocked to read some of the jerks you’ve all had to deal with in interviews. Then I remembered some of the jerks I’ve met along the way. I’ll spare you the stories. Don’t let those bad experiences become your dialogue regarding interviews. Push forward. It’s their loss. Remember your Viva. If there wasn’t one, then pick up a book on a great leader and hold on to those qualities. The four really GREAT bosses I had, were worth going through the 5 jerk bosses. Life has something great in store for all of us. Remember, one of the nice things about getting older is you finally realize: God is watching and paybacks a bitch! Be it one year, two or 15 years…it all works out.

    Best of Luck and prayers to all the searching job seekers (including me) ,

  86. I am in an interesting position: old enough to retire, but this is not for me because I expect to be a productive member of society forever! I am well educated (2 masters degrees), but age seems to be a limiting factor when looking for a position that will put my education and experience to good use. While volunteering is satisfying and intellectually stimulating, it would be great to be able to spend ALL my time doing what I love for a reasonable salary. By the way, I am physically fit, enthusiastic, and energetic, but my length of experience and perhaps appearance, indicate my age even when I do not actively call attention to it. Solutions???

  87. Wow. Amazing. After two comments about weight, initiated pages of pointless rantings. Going back to the original article; thank you Kaitlin Madden, for writing a clever and helpful clip.

  88. There is plenty of research indicating that first impressions are notoriously inaccurate when evaluating people for productivity and character, yet it is still the typical idiot hiring manager’s method of choice: another in a long list of factors as to why our empire is crumbling.


    It looks like in the future “television bimbo newscaster” will continue to be a highly competitive and lucrative field, especially in the business, political and financial sectors.

    • Damn straight! If someone is stupid enough to judge me based on my “first impression”, they don’t belong in the “hiring” dept.

  89. I am so impressed by Elaine’s post! With unfortunately experiencing the worst being like Susan Jones in life from Northport, AL who is a curse to be born bc of her totally unacceptable attempts at backstabbing yet failing, always criticizing irrationally and excessively at anyone for nothing, being totally negative and ungrateful for any good, making illegal and unreasonable demands and going nuts over any minute, trivial crap unneccessarily as a micromanager and doing the stupidest which could easily be used against her like revealing to others she a past alcoholic, openly gossiping negatively with suspicion and revealing to someone else whom she sickly mistreated of she acting out bc she upset with her boss and apologizing to the one she mistreated and promised all be well. Unfortunately, she broke her promise and acted out worse and BAM Susan Jones got canned and is always remembered as the clear worst, indecent liar, hypocrite, violent abnormal crazy paranoid, delusional delinquent and psycho with major issues herself clearly and her irrationally finding fault with others, blaming and acting out prove herself as the clear worst, one-sided deceptive enemy in world to trash and not regard! She invites the worst karma! I and others will be prepared best for later if we ever encountered one who the lowest like her and best she is exposed to world for everyone’s well-being!~

  90. I lost my manufacturing job two years ago due to the economic downturn. For the first year of my unexpected unemployment I searched dilligently for a full time job. I couldn’t find anything in the rural area I live in, so, I enrolled in a technical college to become a Medical Assistant. I graduated with many awards and a 4.0 GPA. In addition to becoming certified as an MA, I obtained certification as an EKG Tech and as a Phlebotomy Tech. In the months since my graduation I have sent out countless resumes and filled out numerous job applications. I have had three interviews, and, in each interview my age was pointed out by the interviewer (I’m 40 but look much younger). One interviewer suggested that I was “a little too old to be entering into a new career field”. Another interviewer asked me “So, your application says you attended ******** High School. What year did you graduate?”. When I answered her question, she told me that the Dr. she represented was just out of college and looking for someone closer to his own age group to “gel” with. I’m 5′ 10′, slim, a former model, and, I dressed appropriately for each interview. I have a professionally prepared resume and a nice portfolio. I am just wondering if the age discrimination I have experienced is equally common for men?

    • Age discrinination against hiring people over 40 is against the law.

      On these facts, I think you have may have a case, if the statute of limitations has not run in your jurisdiction. Call a lawyer.

  91. I am a pharmaceutical sales representative. I am a size eight and attractive. Before I became a pharmaceutical sale representative I was the host of a health segment on a television show and a personal trainer. I can tell you that there are plenty of thin people who eat like they have a bottomless pit for a stomach and never gain an ounce. There are people who work out and eat healthy and have a hard time taking off weight.

    As a sales rep I take lunches into offices and feed a lot of people. Everyone is different in terms of how their bodies metabolize food. There are skinny women in some offices that never miss a meal or treat and do not exercise. So, should they get a pass to be accepted just because they are thin?

    As far as societal standards are concerned, I am happy that there are magazines and commercials and movies with more plus size role models. I love the Dove accept your body campaign. The campaign for girls being happy with who they are and the impact they can have by accepting themselves is another good campaign.

    I takes a lot of negative energy to discriminate against people because they do not fit some idealism of what is ‘so called’ accepted by society. We can do better by accepting people (especially those who are working towards improving their selves) and the impact they can have in the workplace.

    They comment from the hiring manager above that states, you should walk out of an interview that makes you feel uncomfortable, is not the best advice. Many hiring managers talk to each other and are connected to each other on social media networks. You do not want to take a chance on someone talking about your abrupt exit from and interview. Also, some interviewers will deliberately make you feel uncomfortable to see how you respond to pressure. You will often experience a good cop bad cop interview setting.

    Life is not always fair and it does not necessarily get easier. When you finally get a job you forget about all the junk you experienced during your job search journey.

    Grow from the journey.

  92. Discrimination is still alive and well. Size, Sex, Race, and others.

    I too have gone into interviews in the past with more experience and I would come out on the short end. It was funny because they only needed 2-3 yrs experience and I had 5-7 and their reason is not enough experience????

    I’ll never forget being interviewed by an Asian guy I could barely understand who was the lead.
    I interviewed with the manager that day and it went well.

    But the Asian guy kept me from the job because he made it seem like I didn’t know how to solve programming problems simply because I asked a question for clarity because of his english was so broken.

    Keep in mind many of the jobs require “good” communications and presentation skills.

    I already worked under a guy where after his meetings everyone came to me for explanation.

    I have 10+ yrs of experience in programming. I don’t apply for jobs without having experience. Recruiters try to get me for ColdFusion and JAVA, but I don’t entertain them because when I go for ASP.NET C#/VB they seem to want to say I have no experience despite plenty of proven experience.

    I’ll never forget a contract job for the government where they were using C++ Builder. I had the most experience than anyone on the team including the lead. I know this from the interview as well as conversation before the interview with the team.

    Still wouldn’t bring me on board.
    They always are impressed with my resume and I answer all the questions.
    I dress in suit, tie, dress shoes, etc… When I get a job they have to tell me it is okay to dress down, so I know that isn’t the issue. Lol.

    You love my resume.
    You love my phone interview.
    I give a good interview, but that is where it ends.

    My issue is not weight, but race and it is too bad a few bad seeds of continued discrimination is spoiling it for us all.

  93. A pilot interviewing at United Airlines came into the room, sat down, and put his feet up on the interviewer’s desk!

    He wasn’t hired.



  95. My 8 yr. old daughter came up to me one day and said” Mom, If a black dog was in the middle of a black road and a man with a black car went around him safely , with no headlights , streetlights , and the moon wasn’t shining, how did he do it?” I sat there for at least 5 minutes then said, “He saw his eyes?” Then with a huge smile she said “nope!” ” I don’t know how?” At that moment I felt stupider than pre-schooler. Then she said” Who said it was night time the moon doesn’t shine in the day does it!” Then she walked away probably felt like Albert Einstein. Just to remind you, she only in the 3RD GRADE! How amazing is that?!?!

  96. I’m amazed how easily this discussion got hijacked by the “equal rights for the obese” debate (a.k.a. “Whose problem should it be that I’m extremely overweight?”). Seriously, there are like a thousand comments, and most of them are not even related to the article. Once again my faith in humanity is crippled by internet comments.

    On point though, the principal job of any interviewer is to discriminate on non-protected grounds. ” Discriminate” is a fancy word for decide, and if you go to an interview sloppy or unprepared, it demonstrates conveniently to a hiring manager that you are not a good person for the job.

    Your job as an interviewee is twofold: 1) Show them why they want to hire you, and 2) Do not give them any reason not to hire you. Unfortunately for many, how you look is an easy way for someone to be decided against. I know it’s mean. I know it can be expensive to buy nice clothes (especially if you don’t have a job). I know it’s hard to get in shape (and impossible for a few). But it is a basic principle of marketing that if you’re going to sell any product, make it pretty.

  97. People – stick to the primary subject, which is about jobs and not only avoiding the pitfalls, but certainly raising above it. There’s no doubt that THERE WILL ALWAYS be bigots – we all KNOW this, it’s reality. Bigotry in not confined to just employment, but some neighbors, banks, restaurants, country clubs, retailers, schools, justice systerm, housing, etc.

  98. What a bunch of crap. I can’t stand how fake people expect me to be. Like I really need their job bad enough to pretend that my current or former employer was just fine and dandy. If my potential employer expects everything to be so cool and collected, he / she has no concept of reality, and I do not want to work for someone like that in the first place. 3 Cheers to the guy who wore the hat “take this job and shove it”. That is so awesome!

  99. Some interviewers are awful and have no respect at all. Uh, the person you’re interviewing may be your future boss.

    It’s remarkable some of the questions asked. On more than a few occasions interviewers have asked inappropriate questions (some of you think it’s okay to ask about hobbies and such if it’s not on a resume). Sometimes I think, “Is this a trick question? Am I supposed to say, “I can’t answer that”?

    And then there are really ridiculous behavioral questions. “What do you do if something really bad happens? You know, really bad–how do you react?” The interviewer further prodded me, “Do you cry?” What?!

    Then I had an interviewer who kept saying how good he was at his job, how on the ball, how he knew everything, “so you gotta be quick, quick.” Someone needs to give some of these people role playing and Best Hiring Practices training.

    Do you really need all those behavioral questions? In all my time in recruiting, I could tell in just going through a resume with the candidate, no behavioral questions, how good he/she would be at his/her job.

    Finally, could all those people who like to ask “What’s a weakness of yours” stop using that question? If a person asks me that question, I know that’s a place where I don’t want to work. Totally uncreative.

    • I totally agree with you. Many of the questions employers will ask you are designed to make you either a) Tell the truth and look bad (whoops I almost forgot I’m not perfect) or b) Lie about yourself out of fear you will not be hired.
      So stupid.

  100. Having been responsible to interview staff for my department, I can add a few to the list:
    -chewing gum and then refusing to spit it out when asked
    -calling the agency founder two days after the infterview to complain that she did not hear back from me, when I explained I would be making a decision at the end of the month (three weeks from the interview date)
    -telling me she would not work with parents (our agency provides therapeutic services for children and their parents)
    -demanding relocation money during the first (and only) interview…not something most non-profit agencies are able to provide
    -being dishonest about criminal histories

    and my personal favorite:
    -incorrectly spelling their own first name on their resume!!!!!

  101. Anyone else think Kathryns a liar? how did she have 8 kids and be 560 lbs. whod have sex with that ? yukkkkkkkk!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and no way she lost the weight cuz of surgery and even so she was a fat pig to be there in the firsst place!!!!!

  102. I am sitting here after reading this in AWE of the ingorance and rudeness of some people. I think a woman raising 9 children with that degree and education is to be commended, no matter what her wait, and clearly is NOT lazy. Telling the original commentor to lose weight, is SO disgusting it almost doesn’t deserve mentioning.

    Since we have no idea why some people are overweight it is not our job to judge. What if the person was in fact pregrnant, or had a major disease or disorder that caused the obesity. then again I am judging you as a major asshole, but know nothing about.

    At my company ther are MANY people overweight and the company offers many incentives to lead a healthier life. Including, weight watchers onsite, lower health insurance rates for those that are in better shape. free or reduced gym membership and many other incentives. I think this is such a great idea. Then you are hiriing talent and skills, NOT the beautiful people just for their looks. It certainly makes for a company full of highly skilled people, versus beautiful unqualified ones.

    I am SO sick of people thinking it is okay to be rude to, make fun of, bully or otherwise discriminate against fat people. Your outside does not reflect your inside and there are many many overweight people that are still active and healthy. A family member of mine died in a tragic car accident last year, and he was a very large man. You know, he did not have ONE health problem, he swam laps several times a week, adn took good care of himself, he had a good heart, and no disease at all.

    So there you go, you bigots al there should SHUT UP and start treating all people with dignity and respect, not just the ones you deam worthy, it is stupid ignorant and makes you look like fools! Too bad you none of you will read this and think about what asses you are, you will just name call me, but that’s okay I have plenty of love in my life, your is NOT needed.

    • Don’t feed the troll. The only reason that was posted in the first place was to take the attention away from the real discussion, which was obviously starting to tilt in our favor.

  103. I interviewed for an entry-level job in 2007, and I accidentally left a thumb drive with my portfolio on it in the conference room where they interviewed me. I left the interview, got in my car, and was not a mile way when I realized I had forgotten the thumb drive. I went back and went into the conference room to look for my thumb drive…and interrupted a meeting of about 10 people. Not good. They all stared at me in silence as I stooped underneath someone’s chair to pick up my thumb drive.

    I thought I had blown it, but I was lucky: I got the job, and I still work there.

  104. After reading all these comments I find it funny how some people can joke about a person weight, to me it isn’t funny; no one can pass judgement unless you have walked in thier shoes. You all are dumb, stupid, and should be a shame.

  105. Years ago, my nephew (kind of a clean freak) had a job interview but he didn’t have any clean socks except for a pair of mickey mouse socks. Heaven forbid that he put on a pair of dirty socks, so he wore the mickry mouse socks.. The interviewer thought (in part) that if he had the confidence to wear them he was worth hiring. Twenty years later he still works for them and also lives in Orlando, Florida.

  106. hey for all of you guys who are being mean stop it just stop it is not right what if it were you in this situation you would want support and hey i am 16 and 230 pound and i have lost soooooo mush i look great. BE NICE

  107. On the topic of INTERVIEW MISTAKES.

    I used to work in education and human services, working with low-income populations. The two worst ones I saw, that decided me on the spot not to hire the candidate were

    1) the woman who repeated over and over that she badly needed the job and her WHOLE church group was praying for her that she would get the job. They’ve got a prayer chain going, they’re just praying and praying. (Unfortunately for her, God did not weigh in on the process and we went with another, less-prayed-for candidate.)

    2) The man who answered every question about how he would deal with our target populations in various circumstances by stating upfront that the first thing he would do would be to essentially “dumb down” any communications, explanations, etc., because “those people” are all ignorant, uneducated, and unable to deal with complexity.

    Keeping your contempt for others (and your sense of being favored by the Deity) under wraps at LEAST until your hired, is an excellent interview strategy.

  108. I suppose what intrigues me about this lengthy thread is that every one of the posters here is accepting the truth about “KATHY’s” statement.
    C’mon, people. Are you really buying the “8 kids plus my nephew, single mom, 2 degrees @ a 3.9 plus 560 lbs”?????
    Somehow this aggregation just doesn’t compute. I have a smiley feeling that “Kathy” set all of you up, and you willingly bought into it. Kind of like those Obama fright letters that the Tea Party likes to spread around.
    Let’s first contemplate the requirements of raising 9 children. Have any of you done this? Half of this? So now, let’s take that ridiculously difficult scenario and add 560 lbs to it. Are you kidding? A normal healthy woman would be exhausted. And THEN???? Simultaneously Kathy takes her show on the road and goes to college??? Two Degrees?? 3.9 GPA???
    You can swallow all this if you choose, but I ain’t buying any bridges from this lady. I think she is living in la la land or just having a laugh at your collective expense

    • My apologies

      In reviewing the responses a bit further, I see that there are indeed a few more skeptics besides myself out there who are not taking the bait on “Kathy’s” tale of woe. My compliments, folks.

  109. The worst interview mistake I ever saw was a candidate who chewed tobacco in the lobby and used the wastebasket next to the receptionist’s desk as a spitoon.

  110. agree with #117 Rich. total BS folks do you have no common sense? I have 3 BS, an MD and operate a rental business in addition in a college community IN CARBONDALE IL, no less.

    I have NEVER MET ANYONE who even graduated from a legitimate U (and SIU is a fine school) with 8 kids, and whatever else she said, MUCH LESS one who wieghs 560.

    Just another whacked out lefty pulling you guys ( and gals) chain.

    However, I DO have some land in New Orleans to sell you if any of you are interested….LOL

  111. Interesting postings! First off on the weight issue: my weight was 450lbs. I was able to do the job, unlike many I was built like a football player, very solid (I had been
    ‘extremely morbidly obese” my entire adult life and simply “obese” since age 7). Fact is I could not perform like others. I was unhappy with myself and as my age increased the problems did as well. I really do not know what the answer is, but to some extent it should be tollerated! I also went on to have GB and now my weight is 150lbs. standing 5’11″. I had my surgery ten years ago and things changed for me 100%. Now, on another note, for all of you judging overweight people, what about sick people in general? I had developed a major health problem (not related to weight loss surgery), which caused me to call out often, come in late and basically not be a “reliable” employee (which I agreed with), but I desprately wanted to continue working as it was the only “normal ” thing left in my life…made me feel like I was still living! looking around me I found/saw a card I could play. I noticed there where other’s who had similiar issues, the late arrivals, no shows etc. They would be the working MOMS! Everyone seemed to bend over backwards for them. They are a liability, much like someone overweight. So, I made up having a child or two. I did not come out and say I had children, but when one of my clients assumed I had a family I went with it. My boss caught wind and pulled me aside to tell me she was also a Mom and whatever I needed…well things would work out! So, fat, ugly, stupid, fit, smart, thin…… is not fair!!!!

  112. I have to say that it is a good thing that many of the people who have commented are reading up on good interview tactics, because you probably need it based on what has transpired on this discussion board. It is astonishing to see how the board ebbed into a rude and ignorant lashing about weight rather than a fruitful discussion about the content of the article.

    • well, fact is to have a “fruitful” discusion everyone has to be honest…and that isn’t going to happen. Not that I sit in judgement of anyone, but being obese myself…if your 560lbs. it would be nealy a miracle to have 8 biological children!! We also have to stop assuming…when she states she had 8children people assume she raised them, like most working Moms do! Give credit where credit is due…thanks to all the Nannies, babysitters, Grandparent’s, childcare workers etc, job well done!

  113. “KATHY | Jan 23, 2011
    …I was a single mom raising 8 biological children plus my nieces son who was born drug addicted….” 8?!?!!!! Holy cr#p! Who was desperate enough to bang your 560 lbs body more than once?

  114. Unless you have been an employer and have had experience the demand of what the public expects from your business then you have no true experience. The public does judge a business from the looks of the staff, it unfortunate but true. An employer cannot pay the bills and keep business running if this factor happens.
    We are all in control of habits we hold including over eating. Statiscally it is normally a sign of other lying issues in a persons life. It is a risk to health care and typically harder to manuver around a larger person. I know because I am an employer and I am also over weight.

  115. wow. I stumbled upon this by accident and decided to read it, I’m in tears of laughter at some of the comments. this is priceless.. keep it coming! I think my favorite is the one about “poor people dress like prostitutes because they don’t know any better, because of poverty”

  116. After having found a job after 11 months of looking I thought this article would offer some great tips/suggestions that I could use. Nope, just people being mean.

  117. My husband and I have our own small business. I am obese, and if I were hiring people for my business….I would not hire myself either! Yes I, obese myself(nope..not bringing up my associated problems/demons, I know I have things to work on, thanks), would discriminate too, because I understand all too easy that, well….it is easy to not be as productive as a smaller…’lighter on their feet’ person. I tire easily, I can’t stand for long periods of time, my endurance is terrible…I would not hire myself based on knowing productivity would probably be an issue, plus of course more risks of downtime due to possible health complications and other issues causing work-related issues.

    Besides the potential productivity loss in the office (or general labor, or any role), professional image is VERY important for any business that deals with any sort of public relations or business to business….quite frankly that is just how people are, to consider people of certain size, looks, not be as pleasant to look at, and that does negatively affect how potential clients view the business. Harsh..but it is fact, and obese does not look professional unless you are a chef…in that case..being fat could mean you are a great cook!

    Business hiring based on looks, while sad and hard on those who otherwise could be perfect for the job, is just being practical for the needs of the business, and the needs of the business always comes before the needs of the employees. Losing potential clients= No business=no need for employees anyways. In an economy where there are many potential workers to choose from..companies can be picky in order to get what best fits their skills and looks.

    It’s not always looks though..there could a number of reasons a big person was overlooked in hiring, so don’t just play the poor me discriminated because of looks card-

    In my business….we’d always pick a thin person over a hefty person just for the fact that thin people are less likely to fall off ladders or through a client’s roof, and are physically able to move much quicker and get into the tight spaces that is part of our business…a fat person simply can not fit into crawlspaces that we service, without getting stuck and needing rescued that is. So..we do hire with our business needs in mind, and I don’t see what is wrong with that-it’s common sense to not want to have to cut our employees out of wherever they got stuck, then use our insurance paying the damages!

    Keep that in mind for any of you flat out outraged that a fat person is passed over for a skinny person…as they just simply may not suit the needs of the business in a number of ways. Medical chopper crews are required to maintain weight limits….just so they don’t go over flight and fuel capacity; businesses with strict uniforms often have size limits too, as it could be very impractical and expensive to alter uniforms for the sake of one person. Safety gear needed for certain jobs simply may not come in a size to fit a large person, and so on. OSHA ratings alone is something to consider for equipment usage. There could be a number of reasons that size of a person could be a very big issue…and it may be simpler to just hire someone else, not personal..just business practical.

  118. It really is sad that people involve themselves in others businees! While I don’t really think this is the best story for the article, everyone is so judgemental to this women. Who really cares if it is true or not. The point being made was she didn’t get the job based on her appreace. You know it happens, you also know it shouldn’t. People should hire others blindfolded, based on how qualified they are. And everyone that said such raw comments, would you like to say that to her face or do you hide behind you computer to feel better about yourself. Just so stupid this is where we are as people. Really, an employer’s risk, won’t come to work, might raise cost of insure? Right?! Get over yourself!

  119. Way back when…I went to an interview, and the person ahead of me was taking calls during their interview….calls that sounded as if they were coming from other potential jobs…great way to show how interested you are in ‘that’ particular position when devoting interview time to other businesses lol.

  120. I’ve just read lot of these comments and can’t find the one from the older male who mentioned he would like to write a book about all of his job searching experiences. You should go for it! I’m always reading about the mistakes of the job candidates but I’ve seen unbelievable behavior from the interviewers as well! Many are very unprofessional. During my last interview at a psychiatrist’s office, the psychiatrist and his employee were actually arguing about the job duties and hours in front of me! An actual psychiatrist did this! Many more interesting stories too but I’m sure you get the point!
    On another subject I would also like to add that it is really sad that staying home to raise kids is not only condidered a gap in employment but also not taken seriously as the multi-faceted, multi-tasking job that it is. I’m so tired of reading articles where one is encouraged strongly to list in detail all volunteer work. Yes, my volunteer work added up to maybe 20 hours a month and was “not at home” but my parenting work was way more important, and was sometimes 16 hour days. Managing a household and raising happy, healthy, exercised, well-rounded kids is not something I will ever make an exuse for. I have 17 photo albums, a huge memory book, boxes full of homemade crafts and have learned more than I ever have at a “real” job to discard it as a “gap”. It was work. It was real. I have the kids to prove it. Wake up, employers! There are not many harder jobs in the world and I will NEVER make up an exuse for “staying home” (or at the park, playground, beach, or apple orchard). I should note that the jobs I have been applying for are in the field I was in before having a family and are in human services so there are no technical skills to catch up on which may be a problem for some job seekers.

  121. I have the privilege to have worked for the past 25 years in different position in the public and private sector. As I have aged and gain some weight, I can not help think that employers are selecting younger, leaner, and less experienced because they feel those people are more manageable. I dont think that age, weight and most or least experience has to do with anything. Why would I think that? Because I have found more companies selecting people they like or connect with rather than any formal education or chacteristics including those like myself is a former Air Force Veteran and hispanic with a Bachelors in Business Administration with a major in Finance.
    Government intervention for workplace regulations against discriminations in any of these matters for not being hired is a federal offence – but very few people go after those companies violating those laws because when appealled and taken to higher courts the expense would outweigh the final outcome, but there will be a day that more people filing suit and closing these companies down on violations of federal workers legal rights and regulations to protect a U.S. Labor Worker. All people have to have posted in the job sight their Legal Labor Laws and EEOC …. eventhough these laws are really only made available to the rich… That needs to change.

  122. I was once interviewed for a management position at a software development company. I was 31 at the time with plenty of experience managing people, projects, etc. The interviewer asked me before we began the interviewing process to take two scholastic exams (math and software knowlege skills) which upon earning a certain score would lend me a chance to talk to her further. I passed both exams with flying colors which allowed a chance to talk to the interviewer. We spent about 20 minutes talking and then she told me that I just simply did not look the part of a manager they were looking for. She said they were looking to someone older, perhaps in his 40′s and early 50′s to commend attention of his employees. That left me in a state of shock because I never expected them to be so blunt. I received a rejection letter several days later.

  123. About 15 years ago, I was looking to switch jobs as my new boss was driving everyone in the dept absolutely bunkers. I normally can take a lot of bs but this time he took the cake.

    So, I go on this job interview and we talk about my career path and what I would like to be doing in life. The guy who interviews me is the head of IT at this company. We go on for about 15 minutes reviwing my resume and what I know, and then he says to me that he really has little time because their current major project is overdue but they are having all sort of problems with the software. So, I tell him that I would like to help troubleshooting the issue. He agrees and he takes me to their development lab. I spent about 30 minutes and found the problem which had them perplexed for quite some time.

    The guy is really impressed with me, he introduces me to all major players in the dept and tells them that I am the one who had fixed the problem. We then go back to the interview room and he asks me why I really want to switch jobs being an ace and all, and I tell him the truth. He then starts to go off about me being disloyal to my current employer and how I can just switch jobs because of someone I am not happy about and he literally ran me off their building.

    That experience sure taught me a lesson to keep my mouth shut.

  124. About 11 years ago I went to a interview and thought I did well. I was hired. Then a week later my boss had me look for some paperwork on his desk. I see a letter to the big boss stating he cannot work with unqualified people who apply because the pay is low. It seems that only three of us interviewed and the first two turned down the job. I was not his best choice and he needed someone right away. I copied that letter and kept it in my desk to motivate me and show him I was not a mistake. Five years and many co-workers later, I would be promoted by him and run my department. I am still in charge and he wants me to continue my education and take his position one day with his recommendation. I never told him about the letter. I just give 100 percent to my employer and good things happen. God wanted me here for a reason.

  125. I read only half of the posts here and decided to write a comment.
    I cannot believe I live in a world with so many insensitive, unloving people. No wonder our world is in the state that it is in. So many of you feel you have the right to express such cruel judgments just because you can. Can you even imagine how deeply these words can hurt someone for life? You condemn this person so harshly and then you justify what the punishment should be for this woman (why she should not have been hired). The judgments you so freely extend to her, will someday be the same judgment that comes upon you. You project upon her your own self-loathing that you feel within yourselves.
    God help all of you who are so unwilling to offer kind, gentle words of encouragement and strength.
    It is heartbreaking that we live in a society that is more willing of offer words of judgment, condemnation and punishment. A society of people with a belief system based upon exclusion rather than inclusion.
    This world is judged and governed only by the “Rules Established by God”. One can live out their whole earthly life denying the truth of God and lack awareness of His power. But, fortunately we have a loving God that will bring all of us to a place where we acknowledge Him and His truth.

  126. I have just one question.

    All the people coming on here how many are gainfully employed, and how many are searching?

    If you are gainfully employed I hope your managers do not know you are waisting your time writing these in some cases pathetic comments.

    As for overweight/obesity there is such a thing called the EEOC you can complain to about what you think the reasons you were not hired for in the first place.
    Then there is the whole issue that if you want to sue then you had better make sure theat the company has Employment Practices Liability Insurance.
    Both of these examples have the rules and terms that employers be they potential or current live by.

  127. I was a really fat guy for a long time. Then I took control of my life. You can too. The comedian, Ron White, said “You can’t fix stupid.” But guess what, you can fix fat! I did. It’s all about attitude.

  128. I worked full time to put myself through college. After 7 years and graduating with both a BA and a Master’s degree I had put on over 70 lbs of weight. I am not as heavy as many at 200 lbs for my height, but I know that some employers will turn me down because of my appearance. I was a high school athlete and weighed 125 lbs when I started college, and my grandfather who raised me died. I was left homeless. I had a 3.9 GPA and was able to get into college, but I had to struggle to buy food. I was lucky enough to get some scholarships and I kept a 3.5 GPA all through college. I ate cafeteria food that could be covered by student loans. All of you who want to judge without knowing the struggle other people go through should be grateful your life has been so easy. I am still searching for a full time job above minimum wage almost a year after graduating.

  129. 560 lb? If she was so smart & qualified, how is it that she let herself balloon up to a 1/4 ton? Hiring a person that obese is irresponsible with respect to the best interests of the company & their other employees.

  130. The job interview process is a bunch of nonsense. Here are ten real reasons about what transpires and why the interviewers waste time about nothing:

    The 10-reasons for not being hired are the usual nonsense reasons given why a job candidate fails to secure a job. Yes, there are Philistines who have no manners. However, the problem is the employers. The employers lie and waste time. Either there is a job available or not. Most employers interview either to justify the human resources department or for various office managers to fill time. Neither seeks to hire. Thus, no matter what a job candidate does will ever suffice to obtain a job.

    The whole process should take about 45-minutes or less, one interview, and no need for endless meetings with various company people. The department that needs a person should interview the person. The company lies about the specific interviewer being away from his or her desk, in a meeting, out to lunch, or out of town are the usual signs that a company supposedly hiring is wasting someone’s time let alone being rude toward a job candidate.

    The interviewers are unprepared, as some never read the resume. The job for which the candidate came for the interview is magically changed, which makes the interview a waste of time. The bold face lies by companies are the reason for hiring problems, not whether a resume is printed on fancy paper, a candidate asks some absurd question to show interest, and or answers some asinine question posed by the interviewers.

    To employers, here are the answers. I seek a job with your company because:











    The whole interview process is a sham. The companies lie like crazy because of being cowards to hire and or being liars to admit there are no jobs available. All that is available is just time needed by the HR department to justify its budget and or to fill time by some useless manager who does not have the brains to order toiler paper when needed without having to consult 50-people.

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  135. I know some fat people who are the sweetest, most hardworking, honest, down to earth people you’d ever meet. They were raised by good hardworking people that taught them to live by the golden rule. They have gotten far in life with their good attitudes. Most of the posters on here were probably never raised to have morals or ethics or they wouldn’t be so quick to judge, call names, and spew hate.

    I am not sure why most of you people are so mean. My ‘obese’ friends would give you the shirt off their backs. I can’t say that about most people, especially not most of the people posting on here. Would you ever go up to your plump grandmother and say such things? No? Then why do strangers deserve it?

    Instead of getting all worked up over other peoples weight issues… Concentrate on yourself. Everyone has their vices… Some people cheat on their husbands or wives, some people drink, some people do drugs, some people do reckless things, some people gamble… And you people act like being fat is the worst thing a person can do.

    “He who is without sin may cast the first stone”

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  147. Hi, very useful post. I’ve just bumped into it and found it concrete and useful, very straight to the point. With your tips and some tricks I’ve heard during the webinars organized by I’m sure I’ll easily go through next job interview. Thanks once again!

  148. I agree with most of what Bond said. All I need is a job. I’m capable of performing said job, I’m on time, get along with everyone what else is there? Give me a chance to prove it.

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