Justin’s 5 Favorite Comments of the Week

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We had a lot of people come out of the woodwork this week and tell us that CareerBuilder.com is working for them – with people getting calls for interviews, and job offers and sharing their excitement about these new career opportunities. As I tweeted the other day, when you share those stories with me – honestly, they make my day. Of course, when you have problems and need to vent I’m here for that too.

Let’s get to my favorite commenters of the week, shall we?


Derrick sent us a tweet to let us know that CareerBuilder.com works – so for those of you that ask us if it does, here’s just one person letting you know it does. Congrats Derrick on getting the heads up about another opportunity!


Megan and I chatted it up because she said she loved wearing orange. Of course we’re a bit partial to that color as well. Funny enough, she had just signed up with CB.com the day before to start her post-grad job search. We wish her the best of luck, and she knows that she can reach out to us (or to you, fellow fans) on our Facebook page.




Speaking of help, Louis stopped by our page and wanted feedback from our community about state employment agencies and employment-related educational grants. While we can provide information, I always feel that it’s best to let other people who have been in those shoes give their advice and experience, which Janie did. We want our page to be a community where every job seeker can come to ask advice and to give support to others, no matter where they are at in their career.




This was a great post from Josh and Laura Pearse. They came to the page to let us know that CareerBuilder.com helped Laura land a great job that she loves and that they are doing great. I wish Laura the best of luck in her new position, and best wishes to them both.




This post deflated my spirits. Actually, this was my initial reaction to it:

Caron was viewing potential candidates on CareerBuilder.com and found a great profile of someone she felt was promising, but once she got to the résumé portion, it simply said “Hire me please.” Now, I’d like to think that we’ve taught you better than that. I can understand exasperation and desperation in the job search – we’ve all been there. But you have to keep that positive front up, especially in your communications with potential employers. This candidate potentially shot himself or herself in the foot right as she got it in the door.

This is why you have to continually update and tweak your résumé to ensure you’re always improving yourself, in case recruiters and employers are viewing it.

So if you have this in your résumé now, here’s the link to go and fix it. I beg of you.

Until next week, loyal followers when we introduce our new call for questions!


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