33 .gifs to describe your workday

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Like any normal, red-blooded human, we love .gifs. When words fail us here at The Work Buzz, we often turn to the beauty of the .gif. Sites like RealityTVGifs, Buzzfeed, onlylolgifs, Gawker, and just about any tumblr are our primary go-to.

And seeing as we know more than anyone the emotional roller coaster that is a workday, we present to you 33 .gifs to get you through the workday:

How you feel on payday.

How you feel a week after payday.

Co-worker asks, “What time did this meeting start?”

Co-worker suggests having another meeting to recap this meeting.

The many faces you make during a brainstorming session.

You’re in a groove and crossing task after task off your to-do list.

Someone schedules an 8.00 a.m. meeting on Monday

Someone has the nerve to tell you “Happy Monday!” before you’ve had coffee.

The coffee machine is broken.

The boss says you can leave early.

The boss orders birthday cake from the expensive bakery.

“Word crashed and didn’t save my document????”

When the entire office’s Internet and email are down.

You got promoted; your work enemy didn’t.

“Who just signed a new client? Me!”

 Your boss keeps calling you the wrong name.

You and a co-worker find out you’re getting bonuses.

Your performance review went much better than expected.

Someone gives you completely useless feedback.

Your gossipy co-worker tries to involve you in office politics.

Yet another email about the office potluck.

You need to find the right. gif to email a co-worker.

It’s the Wednesday before Thanksgiving.

You’re pretty sure two of your co-workers are flirting with each other.

How a group project is supposed to go…

…but how it really ends up for you.

 You aced the presentation you spent months agonizing over.

Your co-worker gives way too much information about his personal life.

 Your favorite co-worker gives her two weeks’ notice.

When you’re told to be on your best behavior because important people are visiting the office.

“Wait, we have Monday off? Three-day weekend?”

It’s Friday evening after a long week and you go home…

…and lay on the couch to watch TV.

Let us know which .gifs you’re sending to your co-workers.

  1. @Kate_Newman @RachelGold1 @say328 – love it! And I’ve definitely headed someone for getting in the way of me and my coffee.

  2. @Kate_Newman it’s amazing how well GIF’s are able to describe all the emotions of work life! #teamgoldman CC: @parismackey @say328

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