New office trend: Men in shorts?

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For most of my career, summer is a season where I am always envious of the dress code for my female co-workers. While men in the office might have one day a week to wear jeans, most dress codes give women the option of wearing skirts or skorts every day.

But the New York Times has a profile about an emerging trend at the office: Men wearing shorts. Check out the article and the associated photos for more details.

Office dress codes continue to evolve and change in interesting ways and are definitely no longer “one size fits all.”  This Financial Post article makes the argument that dress codes are part of the larger branding and “personality” of a company.

  1. Men in shorts….
    •It depends on how short the shorts are.
    If they are 3 inches [or more] above the knee, they are wayyy too short.
    •They have to be at least 1 inch below the knee. Then, it’s all up to them to match their colors.

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