Video: Workplace wardrobe tips, interview attire explained

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Recently we partnered with The Everygirl and Banana Republic to talk about workplace fashion tips and how to create style within your work wardrobe without breaking the bank.

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If you missed any of the videos, check them out below.

Interview attire:

Timeless style & money saving tips:

The Dos and Don’ts for workplace fashion:

Watch the rest of the series on YouTube.

    • @vperrigan Great question! The first video recommends that for women, a pencil skirt or slim-fit pants worn with a nice blouse make an ideal interview outfit. Cropped, skinny pants could easily create a professional appearance if they’re appropriate for the company you’re interviewing with.
      No matter what, you want your interview outfit to make you feel comfortable and confident, and show your potential employer that you have good judgment and are professional.

  1. I don’t think skinny, cropped pants would be a wise choice for an interview.  Once you’ve secured the job, I think it would be fine, but NOT for an interview.  Much too trendy and not nearly classic nor professional enough.  I’d recommend a straight leg for a pant – well-tailored, of course.  Err on the side of being conservative when interviewing.  No one is ever passed over for looking “too professional.”

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