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You know you’ve thought it. Like that time your neighbor drove up in a brand-spanking-new car. Or when your co-worker waltzed into the office with a designer purse. Meanwhile, you’re still driving your car from 1997 and clothes shopping at Target. You’re thinking, “I’d love to know what that person gets paid.”

Every April, Parade magazine feeds our curiousity when it publishes its “What People Earn” issue, which looks into the salaries of everyday and famous Americans. We talked about their annual issue a few weeks ago.

We’ve teamed up with our friends at Parade to give you more on this very topic. Every week, TheWorkBuzz will feature 10 real people across the country, what they earn and link to jobs similar to theirs. Take a look at this week’s list. C’mon, you know you want to know.


Beyonce, 27


New York, N.Y.

$80 million

darin-anstineDarin Anstine, 44

Fire chief

Fountain, Colo.


ann-sinAnn Sin, 34

Math teacher

Clovis, Calif.


kathleen-masonKathleen Mason, 44


Midland, Ga.


alex-rodriguezAlex Rodriguez, 33
Baseball player
New York, N.Y.
$34 million

susan-meisnerSusan Meisner, 44

Port-of-entry inspector

Lenore, Idaho


alvaro-de-molinaAlvaro de Molina, 51


Charlotte, N.C.

$11.6 million

josh-gropperJoshua Gropper, 43

Trial attorney

New York, N.Y.


brian-k-davisBrian Davis, 39

Pharmaceutical sales rep

Katy, Tex.


eileen-colemanEileen Coleman, 35

Website manager

Port Republic, Md.



 Photography coordinated by J. Tyler Pappas Creative; Galley/Getty (Beyonce); Getty Images (Rodriguez)

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