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Photography coordinated by J. Tyler Pappas Creative; Catermole/Getty (Aniston)It’s time for our weekly installment from Parade Magazine looking at the real salaries of regular Joes and Janes like you and me … plus a few celebs.

From the MRI technician in Baton Rouge, La. to the auto salesman in Abbington, Ill., meet this week’s 10 workers. Click on their job titles to find similar jobs posted on CareerBuilder.

jimmy-jamieJimmy Jamie, 26
Home-health-care CEO
Charleston, W.Va.
$2.2 million



laurie-metoyerLaurie Metoyer, 37
MRI technician
Baton Rouge, La.



ronald-curellRonald Curell, 57
Mayville, Mich.



heather-kreiterHeather Kreiter, 35
Trading-card illustrator
Hermitage, Pa.



carol-tonerCarol Toner, 65
Accounting manager
Woodville, Ohio



Catermole/Getty (Aniston)Jennifer Aniston, 40
Los Angeles, Calif.
$27 million



michael-olsonMichael Olson, 44
Probation officer
Flagstaff, Ariz.



deni-scrudatoDeni Scrudato, 56
City commissioner
Traverse City, Mich.



pradeep-dasPradeep Das, 58
Library director
Ellenwood, Ga.



rick-sandovalRick Sandoval, 46
Auto salesperson
Abingdon, Ill.




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Photography coordinated by J. Tyler Pappas Creative; Catermole/Getty (Aniston)
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