Play Retail Bingo to get you through the day

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Everyone knows retail workers are busy during the hectic holiday season, but don’t mistakenly think they get to sit back and relax until next fall comes around. CareerBuilder’s  2013 Job Forecast found that employers intend to hire full-time, permanent employees for sales and customer service, two areas where retail workers are often able to use their skills. In other words, these workers are in demand year-round and there’s no time to rest.

We know retail workers have quirky (and sometimes frustrating) encounters during the average workday. And chances are you’re supposed to keep a smile on your face when you’re around customers. So we thought we’d create this Bingo card for retail workers to quietly keep track of the interesting/confusing/strange/funny moments of their day.

Feel free to print it out and see how long it takes you to get 5 in a row. (Click the card below for the full size.)

CareerBuilder retail bingo card


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