Don’t Say That To Your Boss; Say This Instead

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Our friends over at The Hiring Site recently gave bosses tips on how best to provide feedback to employees in “Say This, Not That: 5 Ways to Give Feedback That Gets Results.” Author Mary Lorenz tells employers that generic feedback doesn’t help anyone.

“The only way you can expect your employees to get better at what they do is to give them constructive, candid and timely feedback. But, again, giving feedback is a skill that requires practice – and carefully chosen words,” she says.

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For example, she explains that “good job,” while being nice to hear, doesn’t do much for your development. When your boss points out one or two actions that you performed successfully or even ones you didn’t do well, you can take that feedback and learn.

That list got us thinking: What should we, the employees, not say? And what can we say instead to get the message  across? No one wants a list of forbidden phrases or words — you’re not children, after all. We just wanted to give you guidance so you can choose your words carefully when communicating with your boss. You want your boss to understand what you need and want because that would help your job performance.  And you don’t want to offend him or her. So you’re left scratching your head because you have a lot to say but you don’t know how to say it.

Here are our suggestions for how to get your message across with tact:

1. Don’t say: “You give the worst feedback. Ever.”

Do say: “Can you tell me one or two things I didn’t do as well as you’d hoped? I’d like to know how I could’ve done better.”

Why: Showing that you’re interested in hearing the truth and improving yourself gives your boss the signal that you can handle constructive criticism. It also increases the chances that you’ll receive similar helpful feedback in the future. It also prevents you from hearing empty praise, only to realize later that the boss was lying and that he’s not pleased with your work.

2. Don’t say: “Um – sure, I get it.”

Do say: “I don’t quite understand what our goals are. Can you give some more details?”

Why: Some bosses aren’t skilled at giving clear instructions. They know what they want, but putting their thoughts into words  is difficult. Rather than play along, ask them to provide specifics so you know what you’re aiming for. You might feel awkward at first, but it will pay off in the end when you’ve done your job well. Otherwise you’ll fail to do what the boss wanted and she’ll wonder how you misinterpreted her directions.

3. Don’t say: “I want your job.”

Do say: “In your opinion, am I on the right path to move up in this company? If you were me, what areas would you be focusing on?”

Why: If you want to advance in your profession, you’ll eventually have to do the job that your boss is doing, even if only for a brief period of time in order to move up. You don’t want your boss to think you’re his enemy and are taking a page from “Julius Caesar.” Be honest about wanting to advance — ambition is nothing to hide. If your boss knows you’re taking your job seriously, he’ll give you more responsibility to help you achieve that goal. He might even be an ally who will put in a good word for you when some new opportunity is available.

4. Don’t say: “This will never work.”

Do say: “I’d like to let you know what concerns I have about this [project/idea/initiative].

Why: “Bring me solutions, not problems” is an old but true workplace cliché. Most of the time. But when you’re the person in charge of a plan and you know more about it than anyone, you also have insights no one else does. That means your concerns are worth hearing. Don’t whine and don’t be overly dramatic. Tell your boss why you’re concerned and what your options are so that she can make an informed decision and a negative outcome won’t come as a cruel surprise.

What else would you add to the list? As employees we know that it’s easy to say what you think the boss wants to hear, not what needs to be said. But your job and your relationship with the boss can depend on saying the right thing. If you’ve found the right way to have honest and effective communication with your boss, let us know.

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  1. I fin the article written by Kailin Madden, “Do Accents Make Workers Seem Less Credible,” offensive and discriminatory. I ahve an accent and yes I have been here for over 10 years and still have my accent. My accent does not determine or tell my values or my credibility. As a director in my profession, I managed 30staff members (Americans) and they often have poor written communication skills and write sentences like a first grader. As an immigrant, I am highly educated and received my graduate and undergraduate degree from one of the best college in this country, yet I still have my accent. Thus, accent does not determine one’s credibility or work ethics.To the author- have you traveled around US (New Orleans, Texas, most Southern states), most residents in the Southern States have accents- does it mean that they are less credible?

    • American basher-we really don’t need your kind of people who take advantage of the benefits our country offers, makes their living here, and then proceeds to make negative comments about”Americans”. Why don’t you get off your high horse, and go back to whatever country you’re from-I’m sure they’re looking for a few ex patriots to improve their lot in life. Don’t you feel obligated to take what you learned here, and go back home to help your nations citizens become just as great as you seem to think you are? Just wondering. A Proud to be American-American. Love America, or leave it! No ones holding you hostage here!

      • Or maybe, as Americans, we should focus on education and start putting effort into our own existance. I am astounded daily at the lack of writing skills, grammar, and personal effort I find in some of the people who make more money than I do. And I have a Wiscinsin accent. But I work in the south, so they don’t trust me, either…

        • Start spelling Wisconsin right. Please. I’m from Wisconsin. Don’t make ‘us’ look stupid. I know it was probably only a typo, but, please be careful when you type. Thanks.

          • I got my boss a copy of this hilarious politically incorrect cookbook for our secret santa this year.. I won’t tell you the name of it here cause some of you will freak, but if you google “whipped and beaten culinary works” you can find it.. check it out and tell me if you think i was wrong.. but don’t go unless you have a good sense of humor or don’t get offended easily.

            • I’ve heard of this publication many times and find it amusing how everyone who talks about it, has to warn the reader not to go there if they don’t have a sense of humor. LOL It’s unreal how many people DON’T have a sense of humor. I often wonder how boring their lives must be.

              That said, I wonder if there are many people who try to find the book or actually buy the book to see what all the “hoopla” is about, only to gasp when they see the content.
              I think everyone should have a semester of learning how to enjoy life and laugh at yourself and the things around you. Life has a lot of fun to offer if people weren’t so stiff lipped.

              As for the article, it’s what to say or not say to your boss. If you legally work for a living here, and I’m not saying that any poster doesn’t, it’s just a helpful hint on how not to get your butt fired! lol

          • She didn’t misspell Wisconsin, she was making a joke of the accent and wanted it to be readily available to the reader. I am POSITIVE she knew how to spell her home state, she wanted it to look how it sounds when she says it. That is all… no worries she wasn’t making people from Wisconsin look stupid.

          • What I’m curious about is simply noted in the second word from MAR-RIT-tez’s, American bashing, you see No-one is perfect…not even you. Where did she actually buy her diplomas, which island?

        • Dear Jenn-
          You say”Or maybe, as Americans, we should focus on education and start putting effort into our own existance. I am astounded daily at the lack of writing skills, grammar, and personal effort I find in some of the people who make more money than I do. And I have a Wiscinsin accent. But I work in the south, so they don’t trust me, either…”

          PLEASE LEARN TO SPELL EXISTENCE AND WISCONSIN. I too am astounded daily at the lack of writing skills and grammar of my fellow Americans. No matter where they hail from. You should be embarrassed.

          • Lynne:
            Oh, dear. Once again we have the pot calling the kettle black. Referring to your second to the last sentence wherein you chastise Jenn’s spelling and grammar, were you taught that leaving a preposition at the end of a sentence is appropriate English? There are differing opinions, but I was taught that the most difficult language in the world to master is English. Let’s all give each other a break, get back on topic, continue the conversation, and listern to the messages without shooting the messengers. At least people are trying to do their best with what they have, and definitely deserve to be heard without being mocked. As you can see by your own example, we all are capable of making mistakes. Wouldn’t you agree?

            • I too, am astounded at the lack of spelling and grammar skills. Many people try to state their case, but it gets lost when the words are not spelled correctly and the wrong word is used entirely. For example: “your” instead of “you’re”, “there” instead of “their” or “they’re”. Regarding the preposition at the end of the sentence comment; many of the English language grammar rules have been loosened a bit. Language is ever evolving and changing. Just read the transcripts from the 1700s & 1800s. Very different indeed. And, consider the modern words that have been added to the dictionary in the last 10 years. There are some very good pocket size grammar books that you can order from book club. Every person should have one tucked inside their desk drawer, either at home or work. You never know when you may need it !!

            • Most difficult language is english? since when hahaha You amaricans are great in telling stories far away from the truth. Go get ur people, and ask them a few easy questions about different countries in the world.. Guess what they got no clue. Stop talking about superior Americans and grammar skills haha learn about the world. People of a first world country should at least care about the rest of the world instead of ignoring it.
              beste Grüße aus Deutschland ihr spacken ;)

              • Stop crying because Americans are ignoring you. I could give a rat’s ass about you or your country. I have my own life and my own country to worry about. Why don’t you worry about your own and stay out of our bussiness. How will Americans knowing about you and your country possibly make your life better. Why does the world always bash America yet look to America to fix their problems?

                • haha thats what iam talking about, you dont get it at all. Its not all about you, thats y america isnt the center of the world. But iam sure you guys will wake up one day, turn around and guess what. Nobody will be there ^^

                  • Chris,

                    We, as Americans have “woken up” many times to find no one is there. I do understand that many countries around the world do play a part on the world stage but, even the most active of these countries pale in comparrison to the over all participation of the US often all by our lonesome.

                    Now do I think that we are always right? Of course not. I even will go so far as to say that there should be somethings that we should keep our big fat noses out of. Is American society the benchmark of how the world should be? Again I would have to say, of course not. Our society is decadent, self-absorbed and down right oblivious as a whole to the goings on in other countries.

                    However, the one thing you or any one else can’t say, argue with or deny is the fact that if the US hadn’t stuck its decadent, self absorbed and oblivious nose into the affairs of the world, you probably wouldn’t have the freedom to post what you did. Think about that the next time you fire up the Internet, access an American website and enjoy the freedom to do so. Don’t for a second believe that your country gave you that freedom.


                    • Thumper, thanks for saying what a lot of people from overseas tend to forget. America has saved more countries from complete annihilation than anyone else cares to think about, yet they’re always bashing America for stepping in where we don’t belong. It’s about freedom, and the fact that we’re one of the few countries who are willing to stand up and fight for it, for others as well as for ourselves.

                • Mike, though I agree with the spirit of your post , “I could give a rat’s ass about you or your country” would be correctly worded as “I could not give a rat’s ass about you or your country”. Of course, most likely you “could care less”.

                • You could probably give a “rats ass” about your own countrymen, let alone some other country’s people. I agree that we should stop helping others, and start helping our own, but it would seem by your comments, the only person you care about, is yourself.
                  Has it ever occured to you, that other Americans are in the same boat as you are? I am, for one, but I don’t run around the boards (since we both seem to be able to afford internet services), telling the world of my woes. I’m moving on to a better pasture, which takes work and determination.

                  Once again, a bit of a sense of humor goes a long way. If you could find some humor in your life, and a reason to smile, you might also find ways to “help” your situation. Gloom and doom never amounted to much, as I was taught.

              • You may sit here and chastise us about our spelling and grammar, sir. But I would like to add that you oviously have no clue about such topics due to the fact that in your own infinite wisdom, you forgot to use proper punctuation. Deustchlanders have no business involving themselves in American business. Why is it, that I, living in a “First World” country shoudl have to worry about others who cannot or refuse to, bring up their own standards and take care of their own problems. As the other gentleman stated ” I could give a rats ass” about you or anyone else. I have four children and have a low paying job, the job market here in the U.S. is very slim pickings right now, but I still manage to hold my own. I agree that compassion for others is important, but, we have our own problems to deal with here first and foremost. So why not remove yourself from the high horse your currently seated upon, and mind you own business, thank you. –Proud Amderican Patriot

                • Americans who think that they don’t need to care about any other country are narrow minded and consumed with the daily spittle from network tv. They think that all their problems and solutions stem from within their borders. America is not the world my friends. You SHOULD give a rat’s ass about what’s going on in other countries… Face it, bad grammar is perhaps the least of your problems – at most a symptom of your sloppiness and the urgency of your greed to be rich tomorrow, blinding you to the real sources of your problems. While you don’t give a rat’s ass, other countries are educating their children to lead the world of today and tomorrow.
                  Challenge yourself to be the best, don’t take it for granted. If you are not advancing then you are falling behind. Good luck with that next job, y’hear!

                  • Really? America has saved half the world over the last 200 years. You are welcom, I meen welcum, oops i mean welcome, oops capital I. How is that English Professors.

                    • Saved the world is a matter of opinion. Don’t forget the European countries that have saved us as well. There is also a point to be made of our narrow points of view and that we, as Americans, are the world’s police force; not by their choice but by ours. Can anyone say manifest destiny and Monroe Doctrine?

                      But alas, all countries have done good and done bad. America is no different. It is time for American’s to realize that we are not the best in the world; educational rankings attest to this fact. We’ve just happened to have spent the most money on our military and are very eager to flex that muscle.

                  • Well put. Education, healthcare, environmental issues….we are sorely lacking in all of these areas. It is a disgrace to be 24th in the world in education……there are poor countries that educate their children better than we do. If America wasn’t so consumed with paying for wars we don’t belong in and focused more on education we may actually stand a chance in the future…its sad what we hold as important these days.

                • The last time I checked..unless you are an American Indian or an Eskimo…your family is also NON-AMERICAN….we all came from somewhere else…get over yourself.

                • Em, My ancestors were German and Dutch– honest , hard workers who fought to keep this a great country. My father went to Europe during WWII and we believe in our allies. Don’t you?

              • You are by far the most complete and idiotic, gross, ego-tistical, american basher I have ever come across. Forget about spelling and grammer for a few seconds and lets concentrate on your bashing of (americans) and your commenting that we ignore other countries. First of all we are the first to jump into action whenever another country needs help. Take Haiti for instance. We(americans) have sent billions in aid, such as food, medicine, doctors, peace-keepers, tents, blankets, heavy equipment to rebuild parts of the country. The list i’m sure can go on and on. And as for the neighbors of ours to the south from Mexico, can you please have your drug dealeers stop coming to our country and shooting up the place. You sure wouldn’t like it if we sent troops down there to stop it. A few examples to remind you of what I’m talking about. Does San Diego ring a bell. How about Texas. See, your not without blame. Can’t you stop everything that goes on in your country? That’s a big fat NO! Just like we can’t control every experience that you encounter in ours. So please stop referring to (Americans) wHeN you bash someone. Also when the next jerk from another country reads this and wants to bash (americans) some more, would you please tell me which country you are from, so we can go over your faults one by one.Yeah, I said your fault because obviously every thing that goes on in country is the fault of each individual. Am I right? Remember that when you start bashing ( aMericans). Would everyone like to spell check and proof read my text now.

                • Jake, I like your style. Not only do you stand up to the “america bashers”, but you present examples proving your premise. I would add to your comments about Haiti; that many, of the European Union countries made promises of aid money, that they failed miserably to fulfill. The Germans benefited from America led generosity and “nation building” after World War II. The French prejudice against the Americans is another example of “no good deed going unpunished”.

                  Ronald Reagan captured the essence of America with the phrase “a shining city on hill”. Our Founding Fathers gave us great and noble ideals, based on Christ’s teaching, and that has been a strong force in thegreatness of America. We’re not perfect – we are after all human, with all the prejudices, misconceptions, blunders and failures that implies. I contend however; that the moral fiber of America has made it much more of a blessing than a curse to the nations of this world. Even if Americans were perfect humans, and America as a nation conducted perfect policy, there would still be many America hates that would love to bash it.

                • Mexico would never send drug dealers to the United States if there weren’t any consumers. And, why do ou keep saying America? America is not a country, is a whole continent.

                  • Sorry anout the bad grammar, “American” is not my first language but “Mexican.”
                    And yes, I am just one of those wetbacks who was born in the U.S. and went back to Mexico. By the way (just in case) Is not Mexican, is Spanish and is not American, Is English.

                  • I believe that America is *two* continents, plus Central America. “United Statseans” sounds funny, though, and “United States of Americans” is a bit long, so I think that, seeing how many people in the U.S. speak Spanish (or are learning it), it sounds much more fluent (rhythmically speaking) to say we are “estado unidenses.” I hope I spelled that right and, with any luck, there shall be no grammatical errors in this post.

                  • FYI- The United States of America is a country. North America is a Continent, which includes Canada, the U.S., your beloved Mexico and a few other Spanish speaking counrties.

              • Chris, you seem to think you are actually more superior than “Americans”, but you are stereotyping by saying that all Americans think that they have the best country and are ignorant of the world. You seem to actually be exemplifying the same things that you are criticizing Americans for. I am an American, and I have traveled quite a bit for my age (21). I see good things and bad things about every place I visit. One of the biggest things I have learned from traveling is NOT to stereotype, but to judge only when I meet an individual. From what I have learned through personal experience, I would describe your comments as quite ignorant. Maybe you should get to know more Americans as individuals.

              • The last time we worried about Deutschland, Chris, we were destroying it. But thanks for your concern. By the way, don’t get all high and mighty about your own language; English is primarily a Germanic language to begin with, so they’re both relatively equal to each other.

            • I am actually afraid to write anything on this post as I fear I will be chastised for my poor typing skills or my failure to use the english language in a proper format.

              I do have a very funny story to share with everyone though, I will post it here for all to read.

              We are so advanced these days that we have spell check and grammar check built into our computers. I use this all of the time when available because of my typing skills, it weeds out the typo’s, it also makes me read everything a second time. I was on a project once where the man in charge of the project thought he was the most brilliant person on the planet, he wasn’t, but he didn’t realize this. He was sending out emails left and right abut various items of interest. His first few emails had a few spelling mistakes (Not Typo’s). I thought he must not have his spell check on prior to sending. After a week his spelling became more and more atrocious to the point where it was almost very difficult to read because of the annoying spelling mistakes on very easy words. I had finally had enough, these emails were going to 50 different personnel at various locations throughout the world. Early the next morning I went over to his office and asked him if he had a minute to discuss some issues to which he replied “Certainly, come in and sit down.” I proceeded to tell him about the spelling mistakes and I asked if he had spell check on. He said he was having trouble with it that the spell check was saying words were misspelled and they were not misspelled so what he was doing was adding those words to the dictionary so spell check could learn the proper spelling!

              • I didn’t see spell check on this board, but even if it’s there, it doesn’t catch everything and especially misses a lot of grammar mistakes.

                And if I have a few mistakes, please, those of you who are above mistakes, forgive me as I have 2nd degree burns on my right hand from burnt sugar. It’ll heal in a few days, but some attitudes are forever.

              • Hey Jeff,

                Thanks for the funny story. It was nice that you wanted to help this person in your company. lol We really have to be careful where we click. I haven’t seen that window pop up in quite awhile (to add a word) but it was a problem for me in the past too. That feature is only good if you are a highly educated professional in a field that uses jargon that isn’t included in the dictionary on your program. Then you need to go to your professional dictionary before you click that “add” button– saving yourself lots of embarrassment.

                By the way I thought I would add, in case someone is reading this that red squiggly lines are there when words are misspelled or mistyped. I never ignore those red lines, but I do actually admire people who are not so encumbered by trying to be perfect. Maybe they live longer.

            • LOL! There are so many “grammar police” on the boards these days, yet so many mistakes made by the very “police” correcting everyone else.
              Maybe just read through the mistakes as if you were smart enough to figure out what the writer meant?

              This isn’t a thesis, dissertation or job application for pete’s sake. What would you care if they made that mistake on an important paper or not? It’s not your embarrassment. It’s theirs.

              And I don’t see a spell check on this board?
              Am I missing it?

            • We got off on an interesting rabbit trail. I would like to make one more additional comment on the topic of English. When we refer to “English”, in the context of this discussion we actually mean the American form of the language. The amazing thing about the American language is that it’s many languages put together and ranges from a new emerging written form of the language called “texting” to the most formal language that none of us could really communicate with here. lol Please, don’t try to impose a very formal language on casual writing forums or you will put all of us to sleep. Some people will only read the Kind James Bible. Do we communicate that way? NO!

              Yes, we should all learn to express ourselves in the written language but are you going to tell the person you trust with your life, such as a pilot, to take time to improve their writing?

              Are you asleep yet? lol

            • AlaskaGranny, you are correct: English is the most difficult language to master. It is because of all the words that happen to sound the same, yet are spelled differently and mean different things– as well as the words that are always spelled the same but used differently according to circumstance and/or intention. But if you really want to try a difficult language, perhaps you should look at languages such as Aleut and Inuktitut, which have far more than one word for “snow”.

              There is crunchy snow, loose powdery snow, hard-packed snow, snow that is like pellets of ice, etc, etc, etc, etc. Oh, and then there are all the words for the many different kinds of “ice”…….

          • Dear Lynne — Speaking of spelling and grammar, did you forget that it is poor grammar to end a sentence with a preposition? ie “where they hail from”

            • The “never end a sentence with a preposition” rule crept into English when Latin rules were imposed on English to provide structure and order to a complicated and evolving language. In Latin, it makes sense to not end a sentence with a preposition, as it creates confusion for the reader. In English, there’s no reason to adopt that rule, as it’s not an impediment to understanding the sentence.

              It’s good to know the rules, but it’s better to understand the spirit of their intent. That’s when you begin to really enjoy the language. Remember, people own the language; it’s constantly evolving. Grammar texts, dictionaries, and the like are merely scrambling to keep up and record.

              (Did you spot the error in the last sentence? More important: Did it prevent you from following the point, whether you agree with it or not?)

            • Not ending a sentence with a preposition reminds me of a comedian;I think it was Dave Chapelle. What are you looking at, bitch? Never end a sentence with a prepostition!

          • I wonder if you have anything to add, other than negative feedback about how a person spell’s or express themselves in writing?
            Try to be a bit nicer in what you say, and people like myself will not think your an asshole, looking for mistakes people make. Constructively add to what people have to say is all I am saying. A persons confidence or lack of can make or break you.

        • I think that we all need to keep out cridasimes to ourselves when it comes to writting and puncatuate. Some people, no matter how good their education is, just are not good at somethings, and if you understand what that person is trying to say, why the heck does it matter how they write????
          We Americans are sometimes the most proud people, and there is really nothing that sets us apart from the rest of the world, the only difference is that we have been blessed.

          My last word is grow up people!! Stop looking at what others are doing wrong and focus on what you have to correct in yourself!

          I know that I have misspellings and grammer that is not correct and that is something that I struggle with.

          • Joy, You can battle what you may lack in spelling and grammer. Do you have Microsoft Office? Get into the habbit of writing it in Microsoft Word, do your corrections there and simply copy and paste your comments. I dont always have the time to do this myself, but when time is not an issue, it will actually help improve your writing skills.

            Sincerely, Matthew

            • Oh, is that how you became so “perfect”? Well, in my opinion, you are no better than the rest, because using Word, or any other program, to type and correct to post on a message board, just shows you can’t spell either. :D

              In my opinion, you spend a lot of unneccesarily WASTED time, trying to prove you are better than others, when in fact, telling others why and how you “look” so “perfect”, makes you look even less intelligent.

              Now “ya’ll” go on “policing” the board. I’m “fixin” to go over to town, and get me some eggs and bacon.
              Have a nice day!

              Spoken like a true Southerner, which by the way, I am! ;)

          • Amen! Opinions are like arm pits, everyone has a couple and most of them stink. Why don’t we all put on our big boy and big girl undies and concentrate on our own self development. – I can’t believe I even took the time out of my life to reply to this garbage!

          • I don’t recommend what I did to improve my writing and speaking skills– go to college for too many years. lol

            We all have important talents and skills and need to respect each other. I have great respect for people who immigrate to the US, learn the language and work among us. They are what this country is founded on. Maybe we should all be learning to read and write the American Indian languages. lol

        • The word is “existence”, not “existance”. I wouldn’t have corrected it if the writer hadn’t complained about the “lack of writing skills” of some people!

        • American education was developed to improve the skills of the work force. The problem is that not all of the workforce is paperwork, paperwork is supposed to be secondaryin most businesses. Over the last 30 years we have trained supervisors, told our children only to work for possitive reinforcement and sponcered service oriented carreers. We have every few products. America was made great by hard working doers. Many greats in history had problems spelling, it did not stop them from being great. Yet education has been shoved down the throat of our great nation until underachievers are so depressed that the only avenues left are welfare, minimun wage and substance abuse. Not to mention the high rate of suicide in young adults. The result is hard workers of other countries are kicking our backsides, because they know the truth. Profits are in product, and products come from all levels of education. I personally think as a country we need to give more support to the adverage joe and not their spelling habbits. We can not support

      • Don’t forget that we live in a world where every country needs from others. Just take a look how many American factories are in Asia taking advantage of the low pay rates, or how many in Mexico paying to an employee 7 dlls per day or less. Accents –foreing or regional– do not make a person better or worst.

      • No just Americans have poor written communication skills. Spanish grammar is a headache. I don’t know what country are you originally from but after 10 years of have lived in this country I would ask you: do you still have a “perfect” grammar and/or do you speak “perfectly” in your first language? –if you do, I will bow. I have lived here for almost 5 years. I earned a graduate degree in my native country and to keep a high written and communication skill level in my first language let me tell you it is a pain. =)

        • Dear IHM:
          Let’s set your record straight. First, you said you have been in this country 10 years. Ok, a few lines later you have been here 5 years. So what is the actual time here in this country? Second, your writing skills need a blast of English Pro’s to be sure. Third, most people write the way they talk instead of writting proper English sentance structure. You have to drop your heritage accent and learn proper translations from your country to ours. Sounds like a refresher course at a local college/high school. I do give you credit however for learning our language and not forcing your language heritage upon us so we need to give you a pass. The problem is that this country has become so overly politically correct that we have lost our own identity. Granted there is nothing wrong with learning a second language, but not as a mandatory decree.

          • Duke 2007- You obviously aren’t paying much attention to the conversation if you didn’t realize that IHM was refering to Marites when he made the comment about being here for 10 years.

            • Annoyed:
              Thanks for setting it straight. I did glaze over that all important word “you”. After looking at all the comments regarding English I guess I got a bit crosseyed.

      • Dear Nancy Harman, Americans like you are exactly the reason why Americans like me are embarrassed to live in this country. Why don’t YOU pull your head out of your ass long enough to get some oxygen to your brain. This might help you think before you speak.

      • For someone who is so “brilliant”, you really need to proof read your work. “Fin”
        is spelled “Find” and “ahve” is not a word in the English language. Perhaps the people you manage know that you were an affirmative action pick and have no respect for you. Americans are tired of that sort of nonsense in the work place–and pay back can really stink. And frankly, you deserve no respect when you cannot give it. You should kiss the ground you walk on and thank an American soldier for your freedom to bash us. Typical ungrateful foreigner.

        “I fin the article written by Kailin Madden, “Do Accents Make Workers Seem Less Credible,” offensive and discriminatory. I ahve an accent and yes I have been here for over 10 years and still have my accent. My accent does not determine or tell my values or my credibility. As a director in my profession, I managed 30staff members (Americans)

        • Donna,

          You are sounding so culture ignorant. You’re sounding racist, jaleous of immigrant, perhaps dream deferred that are blamed on foreigners. Speaking of spelling and accent, you should be able to discern accent from speaking proper Engliish. Next, you do not realize how easily typos can take place while typing; after all, who cares about using a spell check during a reply. Most importantly is to get one’s point across the content. I would advise you to spend timeaway in another culture, if you have not been exposed to any other besides yours.

          • “You are sounding so culture ignorant. You’re sounding racist, jaleous of immigrant, perhaps dream deferred that are blamed on foreigners. Speaking of spelling and accent, you should be able to discern accent from speaking proper Engliish. Next, you do not realize how easily typos can take place while typing; after all, who cares about using a spell check during a reply. Most importantly is to get one’s point across the content. I would advise you to spend timeaway in another culture, if you have not been exposed to any other besides yours.”

            Mariana racist is not the proper term in this instance unless you’re from mars, the term would be ‘colorist’ because were all humans! :P. also what you said here was a VERY ‘racist’ thing to say only a ‘racist’ cries ‘racisim!’ when someone disagres with them. Also I do agree about the spell check thing but bashing anybody will not help you’re case. Now can people get on subject please?

      • Nancy,
        Although I agree with you in principle. I suggest you take an english course before you respond to an immigrant who implies most Americans are undereducated.

      • Thank you for your comment. It looks to me like you have never travelled out of this country. I think you need some orietation on how to deal with people instead of writing them off as nonentity. America is no longer a lone world. Learn to accept and interact positively with whoever come your way in life because you don’t know where you might need their help on your way up or down..

      • I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard, ‘go back to where you came from’ since my family immigrated here from The Netherlands. I don’t have an accent but my very wise father told me that when you hear an accent, chances are that person knows at least one more language than you do. If the best you’ve got is the above comment, you’re truly pitiful. Learn to appreciate constructive criticism and ignore the rest.

      • To those who cannot take criticism. Maybe you should check how many COLLEGE grads spell poorly and squeaked through school. to get that degree.

        I put up with lousy graduates who work for state and federal divisions in my work daily (I also have a degree and work in environmental science) who have never worked in the field but think they know it all and cannot understand plain written reports.

        What this means is that our education systems are crap and emphasis is placed on mandated reports and paperwork and not the education of children.

        One of the best places to look for under-educated and followers of political crap is the unions.

        Don’t like the fact that someone is saying unions are crap, too bad, you have no clue what they do behind the union members back then.

      • Spoken like a true “Born in the USA” American. Did absolutely nothing to achieve their citizenship, yet quick to criticize anyone who has actually EARNED it!! Why America- love it or leave it? Why not -America, let’s make it the best it can be? I’m glad our founding fathers did not have the love it or leave it attitude!! HAHAHAHA!!

      • Nancy, you are an embarrassment to us all. Truly. You had nothing intelligent to contribute, you just attacked someone who simply wanted to say an accent should not reflect ability to do a job, and you said all kinds of foolish nasty things because you are afraid of anything you don’t understand.
        I am from a long line of Americans, and proud of it. But I am appalled by the ignorance and foolishness of people like Nancy, in this example.
        I would normally try to explain to Nancy why it is a bad idea to automatically get angry at foreigners (i.e. it breeds further hate and misunderstanding, it shows a true lack of perspective, it makes the rest of us look ignorant as well, etc.) but I suspect that Nancy is the type that is afraid of the world, has never traveled, has no interest in learning anything that can’t be found easily on the television, and she probably has allowed someone else to make up her mind for her (presumably someone on Fox News).
        I love this country, but people like Nancy diminish my hope for our future.
        I suspect Nancy doesn’t trust anyone who doesn’t look and think just like her.

        My apologies to Marites for the stupid remarks of our fellow citizen, Nancy. She speaks for herself, not for me.

      • You guys have it all wrong. Listen, the very best leaders don’t spell or write correctly. They are very good leaders in todays business.
        They are not english teacher, they are smart working law biding leaders and are the best. That is why this country is in a mess today because you guys that think you are smarter than the system. NO JOBS!!!!!!!
        We had excess amount of jobs when regular leader ran the worker place.
        Spelling,CORRECT ENGLISH, and Degrees does not get it done. They just love vto spend money that don’t belong to them and get on the phone and out source all the work. This is not very smart at all. You are smart at using the phone.

    • @Marites

      Man up, princess.

      You can’t legislate human nature.

      Oh and you’re sharing your high education in the wrong article, knucklehead. Maybe that’s why you have no credibility?

      • Well “said”, Deano. Your obviously, and intentionally, bad spelling makes the point quite well. I can tell EXACTLY what you said, and yet you spelled 3 of the 4 words badly. English is a tough language to do correctly–I teach 4th graders–so if everyone will slow down an extra 10 seconds, proofread what they wrote, and fix it, we all will look a lot smarter. The ways we use our language (both good and bad) show how learned we are. Unfortunately, many Americans choose to look and sound stupid (uneducated) either because they don’t care or because they don’t know any better. It IS our language…..let’s try to use it correctly!!

        • superchess, two exclamation points at the end of your response is unnecessary. Do you draw little heart shapes in place of superscript dots when you print lower case “i’s” and “j’s”?

    • To Marites,

      The article was not saying that accents make people less credible, it said does it make them appear less credible. I am a student and this past term I had a teacher who was in school for his PhD in Education. He is very intelligent and had a n accent, he is from a Greek islan called Cyrus. His accent made it sound as though he did not know whta he was talking about because his words sounded as though they were different then what he was actually saying. He is educated and I knew that but it took me a little while to understand his accent. Accents do make people sound less credible but as long as you have the education and you are doing your job well it does not matter because it is obvious you know what you are doing. I have a voice that sounds like I am 13 but I am 22, I guess you can say that is an accent, it makes me sound less intelligent although I am very smart. I know once I get through school and get into my career field (Corporate Law), which requires a great deal of talking, I know i will do well and will show people just how smart I am. That article was more of a wake-up call for other people to stop assuming things about people based on how they sound and instead base it on their actions and resume’.

      Sandra D. – FL

      • Hi the island cals not Cyrus – but Cyprus. It is an independent state with greek population. But since 1974 the nort part has been occupid by the turkish )muslims) and U.S has done no steps to to leave them back home…

        • Funny how ppl can take any topic under the sun, and blame it on Muslims. Guess its a “sign of the times”.
          Im sure they had something to do with my car breaking down this AM; darn!!

    • @Marites

      you “fin” and you “ahve”. Look at yourself before criticizing others….because I could say the same thing about you that you have said about others judging by the spelling in your comment.

    • I hate to break it to you, but the notion that listening to someone speak your own language with a foreign accent makes them less credible is true of all langauges and all nations. It is purely psychological and something you would learn in any book on persuasion theory.

      • I think that very few people understood the point of the article and then deviated from the subject by focusing on what they perceive to be others’ stupidity and on grammatical and typographical errors.

        All the article said was that people with accents were PERCEIVED to be less credible. This is most likely true in any language and in any country. My mother is an immigrant who still speaks with an accent but her english is excellent. When she first started working, it was in a factory and she had to help the North American born workers fill out their unemployment forms because they were unable to understand them. One person told her “I speak better English than you do.” Her response was “No, you speak English without an accent but you do not speak better English than me.”

        And before somebody jumps all over me for the “better than me” part – that is in fact proper English. It irritates me when people automatically put in the pronoun “I” when it clearly doesn’t belong.

        A person’s ability to write English correctly is not necessarily indicative of their intelligence. Some people are better at math and science, others at reading and writing. In addition, whether or not English is their second or third language is a factor. Before you criticize someone for not speaking or writing perfect English when it is their second language, stop and ask yourself just how many languages you speak – if it’s only 1 then you have no right to criticize.

        • To mb – you say “And before somebody jumps all over me for the “better than me” part – that is in fact proper English. It irritates me when people automatically put in the pronoun “I” when it clearly doesn’t belong.”

          Me is not properly used in your sentence. If you were to continue the sentence on, it would read “better than me do.” This is why, at least in this particular instance, the correct pronoun to use would be “I”. Also, when I was taught grammar back in the “good old days”, we were told never to begin a sentence with “and” or “but”. Those words would more properly be used after a semi-colon in a compound sentence. Perhaps it would be wise to check with some old grammar books before preaching to others. I also think it would be beneficial if our English teachers were still teaching children how to diagram a sentence. While it seemed a silly practice to me at the time, I have since learned that it does, indeed, help one to understand the full effect of their words and the proper placement of same.

    • why does everyone find the need to argue about this. The article was intended to help people look past minuscule setbacks and appreciate people for their intellect. no body is perfect, no country is perfect. You cant go on a ranting spree about other peoples’ or countries’ flaws when you are not perfect. I currently live in Australia but I have an American accent. Do people find it funny when I pronounce words differently? of course! But at the end of the day it does not in any way lower my credibility. I love it over here and I like the opportunities that I have. You cannot generalize a whole country based on some experiences that you have encountered. In a day I come across some very intellectual people and some absolutely stupid tools, but that doesn’t mean that all Australians are the same. My English isn’t perfect and I doubt it will ever be. For me English is a second language but I don’t reckon I am that bad. At the end of the day, its good that you think u are excellent at English, but that in no way excuses your need to deduce all Americans as being stupid or ignorant.

    • With the education and position you claim, you should do something about your written language…….you may not only have an accent but you also write as an uneducated person.

      You also have a chip on your shoulders that could not possibly let you succeed at anything you would do in this country……think about working in a more confortable environment if you are not happy where you are….

      Take it from a Legal Allien….who made it in this country.

      • it’s comfortable, not confortable. And Americans should learn a few things about other countries, because when you are ignorant on top of thinking highly of yourself you become despicable.

    • The article didn’t say that those with accents are NOT credible. The author was trying to say that people naturally discount what is being said because of an accent. I feel when you hear some one with an accent it makes you think “uneducated” because you were taught to speak a certain way and that is the “right way.” So naturally you think when a person is speaking with an accent they’re speaking “wrong” so they’re not credible. Then being an adult you rationalize, hey they have an accent. Any one who’s taken a class in foreign language should know how hard it is to translate in your mind from one language to another. I barely even speak my own language properly! I don’t think the article was bashing non-Americans. It was, to me, just bringing to light a question “hey, do I discredit some of my colleagues who speak english as their second language” then I said yeah sometimes I do, which is wrong I should change that!

      People need to lighten up. Not everything is about hate and putting people down. Its about recognizing faults within ourselves and correcting them

    • I find it absolutely hilarious how so many of these “top educated” people can’t seem to take the time to review their posts before submitting them, therefore, leaving record amounts of typos. It’s hard to believe you’re so educated when you can’t even spell words correctly. Way to go!

    • My only hope is that you are not in a position of higher learning or academia. I am not sure what you have been doing in this country for the past 10 years, but it has not been learning proper sentance structure or English skills. You may still have your accent and there is nothing wrong with that but do give us a breather with your writting skills, grammer, and spelling. I am sure that if I was to relocate to your homeland, I would have to learn your language, grammer, and proper writing skills. There would be no exception and grace period. When I was in China for an extended period of time I found that most Chinese children learn English by going to school on Saturday. In retrospect,before you bash someone’s article about heritages, accents, and impediments, please get out the dictionary and word book.

    • Marites,
      You have a graduate’s degree and are managing 1st graders? Maybe that is all you can handle? Your accent does not make you less credible, it is your attitude. You thought you were so right you did not proof read your post before submitting it. There are many things that make a person seem less credible the trick is to be capable enough overcome those misconceptions.

    • Marites,
      If you attended the best College in the country and are putting down your employees for their lack of precision and sentence structure. Why then have you omitted one letter in a work-(lack of spelling skills), reversed letters in another word-(inability to type accurately and not rechecking your work), plus leave the first graders alone, my son knows to put spaces between his words.

    • Please, please go home !! We do not need visitors and, with your attitude, you will always be a visitor in your heart which means this will never be “home to you. Plus I’ll bet none of your relatives have ever gone into our military to help provide us our freedom so you’re here on a free ride then have the nerve to have a cocky attitude. Please, please go back !!

      I’ve worked with immigrants who manage others under me and they have a I’m-better-than-you attitude, immediately create hostile work places (which are illegal in this country!), and are generally a pain in the ass because of their culture and cocky attitudes. The meals (?) you cook in the microwave smell the entire office up for days! Please, please go home !!

      On the other hand, I’ve worked with associates from other cultures who join OUR culture immediately, are a pleasure to be around, and, accent or not, are much respected.; however, with your attitude, I doubt you’ll make friends or have employees under (or over) you that truly respect you ACCENT OR NOT. Please, please go home !!

      AGAIN, PLEASE, PLEASE GO HOME and enjoy living under the conditions which drove you to leave your country.

      BTW: Did you ever think: You weren’t happy at home, you’re not happy here — maybe you’re just not a happy sort of person?? We don’t want you or need you here. Please, please go home !!

    • Typically, people that learn a second language over the age of 12 years will have an accent. Also, a significant fraction of American native speakers do not command the language very well. Furthermore, most people make wild generalizations based on insufficient or faulty iinformation. Moral: Learn to read, write and cyphe, and don’t be the first to cast the stone.

    • The Key word is “SEEM”. The title doesn’t say “…….. MAKE them Less Credible”. You really took issue with MAKING them ……. It seems that such ad educated person would realize anytine the word seem is used; it means appear. And everyone knows that many times appearances are decieving.

      I once worked for a company that had taken on a new supervisor (from another country). His accent was so strong, it was painful to understand him, and communicate with him and visa-versa. And, because that was a FACT it made it seem as if he had a problem understanding in general thus making him appear less capable. But as we all discovered about two and a half months later after he really understood our operations that he was an exceptionally brilliant man. In fact so much so that he turned our whole company around making our production faster, more efficient, run smoother and therefore producing happier employees in the process.

      So – back to the original question: “Did his accent make him SEEM less capable?” YES?? But was he actually less capable OF COURSE NOT.

      Your point was well taken, and hopefully mine was too.

      Signed – Thee Motivator

    • I have to agree with you. My husband has a very heavy accent and well educated from the best universities in the countries. Very few americans have a clue about what it really takes to come from another country and be successful here. All the opportunites are here and only a few Americans take advantage of it. So when others come from another country waiting years and the costs in legal fees etc. They take advantage of the opportunities that are available to everyone here. Yet somehow it is ironic how critical Americans can be that were born here and passed on those opportnities as they chose not to take advantage of them. Again success come from individual hard work not the country you are from.

    • You made a point of stating you were “highly educated”, but I think you skipped the class on spelling. Three typos in the first three sentences. Not very impressive.

    • My grandmother had an accent until the day she died. She lived in this country 65 years. However, she also spoke English acceptionally well even with an accent. I don’t have a problem with anyone who has an accent. My problem comes when they speak with an accent and don’t speak English well enough to make themselves understood. Our local Walmart has a customer service manager that can barely speak English.While our community has a large Latino population, there are also a number of Anglo, African American, Asian and Indian customers that frequent the store. This manager needs to be able to make herself understood to everyone that walks in that Walmart. Especially when it comes to explaining store policies.

    • I agree with your comments that many Americans require remedial writing skills. However, like many people, I am a product of the American public school system, all the way from kindergarten through four years at a public university. I’ll go one-on-one with you any day in any writing assignment of your choice. Well, we’ve both talked the talk. Now, let’s see how well we both walk the walk. Are you up for it, Marites?

    • Marites*****************
      Did you EVEN read your own text???? For someone that claims they have Higher Learning, your grammar, spelling, and English is HORRIBLE. It is like a childs vocabulary! The written word has nothing to do with your accent.

    • I counted two grammatical errors in your email and this was not counting numerous typographical errors. So maybe you should look at your own writing before you start dissing Americans’ grammatical errors.

    • So your an educated imigrant who thinks your better then Americans. Take you pathetic ass back to your homeland. You rag on the grammar but I think it’s because of you non-American accent. LOSER!

    • everyone who speaks has an accent, it’s simply an aspect of biology and environment. it may be influenced by culture or nationality, but it exist. my hybrid accent is the result of being born in one country, living in another for an extended period,and my schooling.

    • Well Marites, how you made it to the position of director is probably a mystery to all of us, but in the meantime, why not learn how to PROOFREAD your work before you hit SUBMITl

    • Ok look accents are like a “limp.” You see most of america’s youth today walking around with their pants at their ankles cuasing them to walk with a “limp.” But lets face it most of us have grown up now and no longer “sagg” our pants. And we walk like regular people now. The deal is if you’ve been in this country for over ten years and still have an accent, i’m guessing she wasnt talking about the local accent, then you just plain and simple DON”T CARE. If it made that much of a differance to you and offended you that much wouldnt you try to change it? You cant migrate to a country, fail to speak the laguage right and then proceed to chastise its citecens for viocing their opinions. I’ll bet you didnt even know we have the right to do that here. your lucky this is a forum, in other countrys they would kill you if you spoke there language with an accent. Here is proof. I have a friend who has a friend. These friends went to mexico for vacation. Well the mexican cartell was kind enough to stop the bus, pull everyone from the bus, and physically abuse the passengers of this bus. The two friends were Mexican Spanish speakers. The one lived in mexico, the other the states. The mexican native told the other do not open your mouth they will hear your accent and kill you. Because she had been in america for three years(i hope your reading this Marites)and therefore did not speak the language as the locals would. So moral of the story, accents change, and are removable. Its up to you.

    • Marites – For someone who is so highly educated and is slamming on his American employee’s for their lack of writing skills, you have more than a few grammatical mistakes of your own. Stop whining and appreciate what you have. I have a southern accent and I make it work. What’s the point of denying who you are. Embrace it. And the American bashing only makes you look bad.

    • @ Marites ( the first note on the page)

      For someone who is so intelligent and highly educated you seem to have a lot of spelling errors in one tiny paragraph you wrote on this blog. I’ve found that people who are quick to voice their accomplishments/ Intelligence to others seem to be the lesser of the intellectuals out there. Or is that old habits from “your country” kicking in ha ha. Or maybe your accent comes out even in your typing. HA HA Sorry I had too. :) I know I’m a jerk.

    • Marites, you may be highly educated but you should learn to proof-read before you post. The many typos and mispelled words make you seem either lazy or not as highly educated as you claim.

    • For a guy that makes such a big deal of American writing style you might want to run a spell check next time your criticize us. On the 2nd line of your note you spelled “have” wrong.

      You are so full of yourself,

    • Your comment on americans who write sentances like first graders you are putting down them due to punctuation. Todays internet proves my point most spelling and punctuation is frivelious it’s the point the author is trying to make thats important not weather he spelled a particular word correct or missed punctuation. LOL and all the other one letter word sentances are easy to understand. I dont care where your from and where you went to school I only care that the work get done and done right. If you want to curse scream I dont care if a solid work ethic is backing up. Six years SEAL Teams and over 200 college credits and I still could care less about my spelling it’s the point thats important.

      • Paul, actually doing your job correctLY is all about the quality of your work. The “correctness” of your grammar and spelling are a component of that quality. Yada yada, SEAL team, yada yada, you come off like an ignorant ass who can’t even spell “sentence”, let alone form one properly. The fact that you don’t care just means you are stupid in addition to being ignorant. The fact that you happily say so means you have no idea how stupid you sound. Truly pathetic display there, mate.

    • Marites-
      Just let me give you this example. Every morning when you are in the elevator going up to your office, someone in a green shirt with a company logo gets on the elevator and begins talking on a cell phone. The person gets angry, yells and uses a lot of profanity. It is a different person every day. After a while you will begin to avoid people with that color shirt with that company’s logo (or at least expect them to be stupid and obnoxious). This is a completely normal human reaction and defense mechanism. Another human tendency is to remember negative experiences, I. E. you probably don’t remember any favoritism you received because of your accent. This principle kicks in when you or I (Texas Drawl) speak. Many yankees automatically assume I am a gun toting, ignorant WASP. I laugh at them and usually try to engage them in some conversation that will point out their foolish mistake. This same principle applies to people with purple hair, tatoos, piercings, pants falling down, excessive cleavage showing, and everything else commonly associated with rebellion, ignorance or metal defects. I reserve the right to trust, befriend or do business with whomever I want. If you don’t want to put up with the discrimination, remove the indicators that draws it to you, DUH !!!

    • Yes, you are brilliant. I found 4 spelling errors and several punctuation errors in your short paragraph.
      You? criticize those who work for you?
      I couldn’t give a damn if you have an accent, as long as you speak English.
      I really have a problem with anyone that needs to criticize others to justify their self.
      I am actually proud of you, your subordinates write sentences like first graders, but even with your “accent” have improved yourself to at least four or five grades beyond them in sentence quality. I would be interested to know which institution provided your “degrees”.

    • @ Marites – Apparently your degrees at excellent “American” Colleges haven’t helped your spelling or grammer. You can have an IQ of 140, but when you misspell words and use poor grammer – you are viewed as just another idiot –American or foreign!

    • Please find a dictionary and look up the definition of the word “seems”. Then re-read the article. The author is not saying an accent makes anyone less qualified, only that it may SEEM so to some; just as poor spelling and grammar makes others SEEM less qualified to you. It is about an impression or opinion someone forms, not the fact of anyone’s qualifications or competence.


    • Marites,

      Were you glad that America accepted you as an immigrant and american people welcome you.? There are countries who don’t accept immigrants. So better not demeaned Americans, if not for America you are still in your country struggling to make your dreams come true. Be happy tha you have better position in your work place and by the way check your grammar and spellling as well before you judge others in their writing and communcation skills. Moreover I have an accents too because I came here as an immigrant,my co workers and american friends love it. They completely understood me and there was no problem. My advice don’t feel insecure about your accent and since you are here in America embrace it instead of fretting and making negative comments to the country and people who gave you a chance and opportunities to grow as person.

    • Marites, no one gets more bashing about an accent than a Bostonian. No matter how many movies Ben Affleck makes, we are destined to be defined by our accents. LOL


    • Marites makes some good points. Too bad that the people most in need of the message missed it. Yes, Marites, people that are not from the South quite often hear the Southern accent and immediately think “Moron” or “hick,” and much worse things. On the other hand, Southerners will hear a Northern accent and immediately think “Carpetbagger” (yes, even in this day) or “know-it-all-Yankee.” I will say that I am annoyed when a person’s accent renders them nearly unintelligible and they act as though it is my fault somehow. Personally, I don’t care what a person’s accent is as long as they are able to speak clearly and be understood.
      People of the Nancy Harman ilk are twits and properly ignored. Unless she is a Native American, she’s from immigrant stock as well and probably doesn’t know it. “America – Love it or leave it” is just so ridiculous. Ignore it as well. But,
      Marmites, all of this hoo-haa about finding things “offensive and discriminatory” has just gotten out of hand. Grow a thicker skin and pay the ingoramuses no mind. It’s not as though YOU personally were singled out.

    • Unfortunately its not just grammar and spelling. Its also common knowledge that a 5th grader anywhere except in America already knows. Geography, Math, Science you name it! The worst thing is we boast about how great we are! I find it interesting how this guy made a comment about grammar and spelling and some people are unable to withhold their Xenophobia and racist comments. If Lincoln and Dr. King are looking down on us I feel ashamed to be an American and what we stand for. Every one hates the U.S., we continue to breed hate in foreign people with our ethnocentrist mentality. Wake up America, we are a multi-cultural nation, and yes foreigners will always write better English than us. :D :D :D

  2. Is this advice about really helping people or bashing those who hold less than right wing views? Most of the comments in this blog can only be put forward by arrogant people who are currently employed and who lack any sense of the suffering going on for the unemployed or underemployed. for example if you are underemployed you do not need less than minimum wage.

    • How, I wonder , did the Unions/German workers communicate to the Corporate /Management heads and get superb wages and 6 weeks paid vacation time? Were they , I wonder, sheepish? If so, is this how the worker receives excellent wages, superb family valued vacations, and health insurance even if layed off? It appears that the German worker is very productive, yet works , as do most Europeans and Japanese, fewer hours than average American workers. I suspect that communication to the boss has precious little to do with it than the structure of the sociio/political/ economic structure.

      • Stop wondering and stop feeling sorry for yourself and anything around you…

        Think on the following formula for success at whatever it is that you would do :

        “…..Love what you do …….then go out and sell that Love….”

        from a Legal Allien to you as a friend……!

      • I agree with Rex on most points about the economic, social and political structures and values we hold in the wider culture of America that also determine much about who succeeds and who doesn’t/who is taken seriously and who isn’t. These broad rules and assumptions influence individual choices and behaviors and effect individual outcomes to large degree. My cousins in Europe treat each other as colleagues/co-workers much better than we do here, complete with realistic time off, pay you can live on and save up with, social services and town services that aren’t STIGMATIZED as earmarks for lazy people, etc. They don’t hate Americans either – they actually admire our youthful enthusiasm about new ideas, our inventiveness, our arts/culture, and our drive. They just don’t understand why so many of us are GREEDY and use money to define power, success, and WORTH as a person.

  3. Marites… Lets break down your paragraph and see you perfection…
    -”I fin” instead of I find.
    -”ahave” instead of have
    -”I managed 30staff members (Americans) and they often have”- Since you are using present tense the proper word is manage, and there is a space between between thirty and staff.
    -”one of the best college in this country”- Apearantly they forget to teach plural form.
    -and I may be wrong on this one but Southern States is only capitalized when you are talking about the hardware store.
    Im glad that I could help prove your point of how professional you are, with your many spelling and grammer errors. But what would I know? Im just a ignorant Hillbilly American from West Virginia.

  4. @ Marites

    It makes me in a way upset that you represent us (immigrants) with so much pride. I have an accent and I am also going to school, but in reality who cares? If you are so proud of your skills and profession and if you think that americans have poor communication skills, maybe you should go back to your Country and contribute to your country. If you complain about the things that this country gives you, which is a job for example, maybe you should look back and start being more greatful. As I said above, I’m an immigrant, but I love it here and I am so greatful to be here and I am also glad to work with (Americans) that are good people and kind and don’t care about my accent.

  5. @ All Posters,
    While Marites may argue her point with a little arrogance, let’s face it, her points are not completely invalid. I think the heavy reliance on Spellcheck , calculator tools etc have created a society that just is not as gramatically sound, or mathematically soound (with the basics ) as our forefathers were….Would her feedback about alot of Americans be easier to take if she were born and raised here? Perhaps! I believe that is what your issue is with her…
    Let’s face it , we live in a Country where many , many people believe that dinosaurs and humans cohabitated 5,000 years ago…..OK, I’m sorry , but that’s sad!…..I am born and raised here and very proud to be an American; but, if you can’t look in the mirror and ever see your faults, either individually or collectively, then you’ll never improve as a person. That is what we should all strive for rather than ‘copping’ an attitude toward people who point out the truth…

    • Well if that were the case you would realize diansors and man are still alive today the alligator, horshoe crad the chambered nautlis are all examples of diansors still alive today so you statement is not only stupid it’s not thought out and you have multiple mispellings which I do also but I don’t care because if you can understand me from a one letter phrase you can under stand my spelling

    • Wow, if you people would take 5 mins and look at what you’re writing to each other, you would realize, as James said, you all sound like children, as well as totally ignorant.
      If what Marites said offended you, she may have a point. Many Americans are so stuck up on the fact that these ‘lesser’ people are taking all their jobs and money..ect. That they dont understand that with all the energy put into complaining about the system, they could put that time and effort into better education and triaing and get the jobs they want instead.
      If the immigrants whom applied for these jobs were not more qualified in the first place, they would not get the jobs. Simple as that.
      I’m not saying that Americans are stupid either, they aren’t, but swallow your pride, because unless your enlisting in the Army, pride alone will not get you finacially well-off.

      • You sir, are an idiot. You honestly think for one minute that immigrants into this country are acquiring those jobs solely on academia? You think they are awarded those jobs because they are more highly educated? I agree, no matter the nationality, that Americans as a whole are not more educated than everyone else in the world simply because they are naturalized Americans.

        You need to remember where you are presently located, where you work, and where you are probably typing from on this blog. I love my country, truly I do, but this country has been compromised by “bleeding heart liberals” so much that we have in fact lost our identity. SOME of those jobs are going out to immigrants solely for the reason that they are in fact immigrants. The E.E.O.C. and other organizations make sure that happens.

        As someone else here stated, no one her is holding you hostage, if you don’t like it…..G.T.F.O.

        Just another dumb hillbilly from the south with an IVY league education….so what do I know anyway?

        BTW….Por mi anutha drank two. Flame on Y’ALL.

        • @Jimmy: Quote: “SOME of those jobs are going out to immigrants solely for the reason that they are in fact immigrants. The E.E.O.C. and other organizations make sure that happens.”

          - How do you know that? What are your sources?
          Maybe those organizations do so on basis of “race”, but not immigrant status.

          When I was on a visa, and was applying for a green card, my employer in fact advertised in the paper for U.S. citizens to get my job, if possible. Only if there were no suitable U.S. citizen candidates found for my job, would someone like me be allowed to get a green card. This is standard procedure for legal immigrants. IL-legal, on the other hand, is a whole different story, which I am completely against.

          I did everything by the book. If someone doesn’t like the process, they are free to call their Senator about it :)

          That being said, the original poster was out of line with the anti-American comments. They should have stuck with presenting their positive qualities rather than attacking others.

      • U.S. has been totally devided on the cheeep labour power of the imigrants since ever.
        What is so supprising?
        And when anybody lost its job and cant gaet a new one – why do not take its suitcase nad move anywhere else? not even within U.S. you can move to Mexico, Caribean.. But you must have been able to speak spanish.. what you are not.. Or move to Eurpe, Dubai, Africa.. Or even to China… well better not to China because people really work when they say that they work – not as you used to to say that you “work” when you dont in fact..

  6. This article was about better ways of communicating with your higher ups. Something we all could improve on. I have worked for bosses that were so immature they threw temper trantrums and threw all the files on our desks on the floor so all the paperwork became mixed up and confused. Then this same SOB wanted a better functioning department. That is when I quit. I am not earning a a salary to be abused. Those who stayed were cowed and subservient people. They were miserable and working 60+ hours a week for little pay. So learn good communication skills or you might possibly be that boss who brings the company down.

  7. Dear DC823, I totally agree with you and my advice to Marites is go back to Arabian peninsula.
    Dear DC823, Apparently not Apearantly.

  8. Marites … you should do spell checks before you send out Anti-American crap. I’m sure the education system in your country is much lower than ours. Go back to where you came from.

    • Rear Richard – it would mean that there no schools in the country – but I can make you sure that there are schools in any country.
      America is no longer what it used to be…

    • You all sound retarded. Everyone in the world, may it be states of the United States, or country’s of the world. Everyone has an accent, every single living person. And you sit here and preach about it being a bad thing. No matter where you go, you will always hear a different accent. And okay maybe people not from the United States are smarter, who really cares? Honestly, why? Why do people base them upon there smartness, instead of there personality, or there honestly to another person. Maybe everyone is smart, one way or another, because what someone studies, may be different to someone else, so therefore, every person in this world should be equal. What does it matter if your rich or poor, clever or dull, smart or dumb. Give him/her your kindness and you shall recieve his/hers.

  9. My God, what has this to do with job? I am American, born and raised, spending most of my time on ground to play. What has this to do with my job that don’t exist? And why is that I can spell and grammar and choose not to? What the fuck, y’all? Get with the fuckin’ program, all y’all. FUCK (in all caps, as if it ain’t obvious)!

  10. Marites and the rest of you are all arrogant people. I am the son of immigrants, who were successful in their careers and have retired well off. Some of us Americans deserve to be bashed because there are a lot of idiots in America (take the Tea Party). Why don’t we focus on coming together as a community natives* and immigrants to improve the lives of all people in America.

    *Unless you’re a Native American, your family was immigrants somewhere in the past. Even if you’re Native American your ancestors most likely immigrated over a “Land Bridge” thousands of years ago.

    • Ler, ah, I think the guy that posted has more of a race issue

      13.Richard | Dec 28, 2010

      Marites … you should do spell checks before you send out Anti-American crap. I’m sure the education system in your country is much lower than ours. Go back to where you came from.

      Mine is more a commentary

          • Okay, LER let’s try this one more time. Reread Tom’s post and see that he is suggesting that all americans living on the continent of North America should come together and drop their barriers of communication to improve our society.

  11. whoa!!..sure there is a lot of conflict going on in here in regards of what Marites have said.Please people,let’s be real and honest for once…First,don’t be so naive people,we all know that any kid in south america or Europe has a way better education that our kids here in the US, most of the US kids cannot point Brasil or Argentina on a map,and their grammar is horrible..Let’s face it,the education system in the US. is horrible but is not the kids nor graduates to blame,they’ve learn what they’ve been teach..
    In the other hand,Marites is not being anti American,she’s just making an honest and accurate point that most americans have a relatively lower education level compared to someone that speaks and writes at least two languages,but is the education system to blame on that..
    Sorry if my grammar kinda sucks.
    God bless the USA, and the Immigrants that help move this nation forward.

  12. Accent’s are entirely over rated. I have to admit, was entertained reading everyone’s comments. But why all the anger? I feel as if the bashing is prey tell sign of insecurities. There is room for all.
    But remember, after all….. Everyones ancester’s /family came to the the good ol USA from some other country. Trying to improve their lives. They all had accent’s. English, Scottish, Irish…etc.etc… So what the heck is everyone squealing about?? Actually you basically sound very narrow minded if you are prejudiced against any ones accent, skin color, or religion. How ridiculous to write an article about accent’s….here in the USA when there is nothing but accent’s. I did not see that article, not sure of the context, but I love accent’s…. variety is the spice of life.
    (No my grammer is not perfect but this is not an English class either.)

  13. Welcome to America. What Marites dont understand is,we as Americans dont really care about your education or your accent. This whole country is built on accents. The North has there way of talking, the south the same, west coast and we all know about the east coast accent. Now do you really think your accent matters to us. If you are a good person is what matters in this country. Treat me good Ill treat you better, Treat me bad Ill treat you worst

  14. All of you picking apart the grammar of immigrants on here are probably the same people who are the first to bitch how immigrants don’t even try to speak English. Correct grammar or not, at least they are trying.

  15. Everyone sounds correct or incorrect, the difference is only in degrees; that is, a degree of ‘enlightenment’. For an enlightened ‘being’ the world around is spontaneously ‘perfect’ and beautiful, only because he/she is reflecting his/her ‘Self’ which is perfect, beautiful, blissful, etc. For the rest, people superimpose their respective ‘imperfections’ to everything (and everyone) that one interacts with and reap the resulting images of ‘imperfections’ into their ‘thoughts’, words and deeds. Even then, a person with love inside treats others with compassion irrespective of the imperfections ‘perceived’ of the other, knowing fully well about his/her imperfections. The book titled, ‘Nonviolent Communication’ by Marshall B. Rosenberg may be of help to further clarify the concepts. Cheers.

  16. Hi – it is strange to read here the written clashes about who is and who is not an imigrant – because evry American (except so called Indians) are originally imigrats… :-)))))))
    It is also very strange for me that the only people from U.S ” can / are allowed to” – be called Americans… If you take a look in the map – there are much more countries in the american continent except U.S. Im pretty sure it will be very suprising for U.S. citizens (Americans) but it is really thruth.
    For me as a european citizen is it really funny…
    P.S. also good to mention that U.S. is no longer the super power no. 1 – u.S. has been very succesfully loosing its economical and political power since the end of 1990´s . Today is China number one – the U.S. debt banker – owns more than 40 percent of emitted U.S. goverment obligations… So it means if China would stopped finance U.S. – U.S would turn into bankopt in a couple of days… U.S has no longer money and will not have – those political “dances” we can see evry day on TV is just PR not to loose its long time prestige.. century (future) power are countries known as B.R.I.C – Brazil, Russia, India and China. Second class countries as Saudi Arabia, Uniterd arab emirates,than is gap, than European Union, than a very long gap, Unitid States, Mexico, Argentina, Venezuela, kazakhstan, Azerbayjan, South Korea and then the other like Japan with its debt of 215 percent of GDP…

  17. One word that was never mentioned in this article or much anywhere else is the word “Please”. I know that sounds Old Fashioned and out of place but I know it works for me and my kids who have both excelled in their professions with this not so common Courtesy.

    Another term that helps is Thank You. As a Manager I find that I get a lot more support and better response from people that work with me using these words and I know I’m much more likely to make doing something I do not have to a priority if given this same courtesy.

    Using Please and Thank You go a long way. Also asking for something rather than telling you expect something that you may not necessarily be due (in the opinion of the person you want it from) will get you more than you think. In short using Please and Thank You and asking rather than telling will get you so much more and raise your level of priority to your boss and your customers.

    It was a lesson I learned years ago.

    Just a thought.

    And one comment to those writing in and making comments about others. You really could have more of an impression if the person reading it wasn’t going after your spelling. If you could please use the spell check button (to the right of center on the Google Tool Bar) you would have more impact.

    I personally use it frequently to add to the value of what I’m trying to get across. If I didn’t you’d probably think I was an idiot that couldn’t spell and blow off what i was saying.

    Thank you for your time reading this. Please feel free to pass this on.

  18. Until this thread has a client-side spellchecker available, none of you have any credibility. Ironic?

    To the original question, yes I have witnessed a lack of respect on an individual based on accent. Even a colleague from the same country without the accent seemed to offer a subtle resentment toward the guy.

    Unfortunately this matter is purely subjective. Was I the only one to notice this? Or was I imagining it. Was it just coincidence he was laid off during a series of RIFs while others were not? He was brighter and more effective in my opinion, but then again, that is just my opinion.

  19. So much America bashing…. We may not be the future economic power thanks to our govt spending, regulations and decreased productivity; however, we still have flocks of immigrants coming to USA looking for a better life and economic opportunity. We still have a better standard of living than most countries (my opinion is that our indulgence as a society is one cause of our economic downfall) and we are still one of the most generous societies in the world. When other countries face hardships, Americans are generous in the aid they are willing to provide. I am proud to be American. An accent has little to do with job opportunity here – I am sick of people always trying to play the race card. I am also sick of hearing people bash corporate America. Corporations are made up of people. These people and companies rely on other people to produce, market, etc. and bosses and workers are part of our communities and provide jobs and economic security. Improve yourselves – your personal self as well as your job skills and you will have opportunities to advance. In America, you are not required to hold a certain position, if you are unhappy, look for other opportunities instead of complaining. If your accent, fluency or grammer is something you think is holding you back, work on it. Workers need to realize, it is a tough job market now, no one owes you anything beyond what your agreement with your employer was when you were hired, and no one should expect a free ride in any country. When my great grandparent came to USA from Italy they learned to speak English. They dedicated themselves to become Americans. Anyone wanting opportunities in the USA should learn to speak the language and dedicate themselves to respecting and learning our countries culture, not trying to change our official language or culture. There is a process to become a legal immigrant and it should be respected and adhered to. Illegal immigration should not be tolerated, ever. I am a self employed dairy farmer. My industry typically relies on immigrant workers. We are small and do all the work ourselves, however, if I were looking to hire an employee, there would be no difference in what I offered to pay based on race. There would be no difference in my decision to hire based on race. I would base my choice on perceived ability, experience and desire to meet my needs as an employer. I would not hire someone I thought was illegal, but if they presented the proper documents, I would consider hiring them. Accent is not a factor, however, I would need to feel confident that we could communicate well with each other in English. My cows are important to me and I do not want misunderstandings due to language barriers affecting my herd’s health or my business. I would probably have more Mexican applicants than English (most English do not want to do hard physical labor or get dirty or smelly for $9.00 / hr milking cows) so, statistically, I would probably be inclined to hire an immigrant worker, as long as I felt they were here legally. I am not racist, but illegal immigrants are a destruction to our society and national security. There are lots of opportunities out there, but you have to be willing to work for them or take risks. No free rides.

    • Tanstaafl! But, one big bug benefits much more than us little bugs. Even if it’s belly must consume more, what makes the one more important than the many? Why shouldn’t the small bugs eat the larger?

  20. The article is correct, since ir recommends to avoid any foreign accent as to improve credibility and be a little bit better professional. However just consider that the USA accent (America is a much bigger concept that just USA) is negative to develope your career out of the US. I am a spaniard, and happy to live and work in my country (Europe). Yous should work very hard to avoid reminiscences from your anglo-saxon accent when willing to gain credibility. And please take in mind that roughly 500 million people speak spanish .
    Good luck, guys.

      • Ler:
        I spent 10 minutes reading the whole thread. There is one thing I noticed from your comments. They all bash at people. You attack their ideas instead of trying to learn from them. This threads are so people can share their perspectives of the articles and other matters without the fear of getting attacked. You attack miniscule details, either on spelling or some other petite subject. So please, make all of us a favor and try to share ideas and discuss in a positive way.
        Thank you.

    • Unbelieveable, what was the topic about? Oh that’s right, accents. I live in Vermont and we definitely have an accent. And we don’t care. Do we need perfect english to communicate or perform better? No, we just need to know what we are talking about when we open the mouth. Some of you are proving your incredible skills on bastardizing the english language. Who cares? I have had many bosses, not many of whom I liked. Dont’ have to. Just do your job the best you can, and hope the mexicans don’t take it. And the official language here is english, I want all the street signs to be in english. Did our forefathers write the constitution in spanish? Or should we learn chineese so we can speak to them properly when they take over?

  21. The essay is great and have many useful tips. I personally use it frequently to add to the value of what I’m trying to get across.
    Thanks for the great author !!

  22. This page is freaking hilarious. Least it passed by my few pointless minute’s I have in a day. Was that proper English, or what weirdo’s……. And I graduated with a D-. Take that Einstien’s.

  23. i find that alot of people dont know proper usage of the english language and we have foreigners saying theyre better at it but makes me wonder how well they use their native language… and yes im no better but it does boil my blood when i see people that cant even spell cities states or common names and instead of asking how to spell them right which is something we should do when we dont know how to do something, they just write it down misspelled and let it be…its not education thats the factor here its lazyness. back to the topic

  24. Why not just stick with the message, who cares who is smarter or dumber. we are all unique and important in the eyes of GOD. Just think about it, you got what I need and I got what you need. We are one Big family my brothers and sisters. Now take that!

    • Great reply.The writer has evoked different reactions depending on how the reader’s understanding and feeling of the message. Each one is entitled
      to his/her own opinion.I can’t be too hard on spellings and typos because it does happen that speed and wrong clicks on the button put out the wrong spelling and spaces and marks. I certainly would be more careful if I was writing my resume on line. Nevertheless RESPECT for other people especially those we think ,speak and act differently from us is basic for a peaceful co-existence ,more so in a diverse society. May the New Year fill us with more understanding and compassion .


  25. Hi, all

    Actually this increased my view and it’s important that you focus what exactly your boss telling you or requesting you. But what did not get is ; is this happen when you are at your job or in the process of getting job?

    Because, i can see here everyone has own idea and to visualize this we need to be respectful, commitment, transparency and creative so that we earn more in tomorrow’s life.

    Thank you,


  26. my accent is the worst ,in between Boston-park the carrr and New York city and Im american. But when I travel ppl love it!I get hey where you from, and I say I m from rhodiling like we always say it. what you got a problem w/ dat

  27. Don’t worry so much about your accent. It may turn out that the interviewer has an accent, and Murphy says that his/her accent will be your old one…good ole’ Murph. It’s alway more important, “What you say” than how you say it.

  28. There are many things one shouldn’t tell your boss, but they are all conditional on what type of person he/she is. I’ve had a boss who was occassionally told to,”Go away and let me do my job!” He would have a bad day and would come into the shop and chew asses until he felt better, then leave, come back again, leave, come back, etc. Finally, someone would tell him to go away or they were quitting on the spot and then, only then, would he go away and let ‘em do their job. Then I’ve had bosses who never even went into the shop. They used underlings to chew ass. In that case, you never got to tell ‘em to go away. But to stand there and take crap from someone who doesn’t know what you are doing is also crap. More bosses need the poop beaten out of them by employees on the spot, not later. It gets the point across better.

  29. I admit that i always had a problem with the way the younger black generation (on active duty US Army) always felt a distinct need to change the way everyone talks by sticking with improper grammar too the point nobody will listen too you if you speak normally, and as a matter of fact lets calling it a new language. Ebonics. Happybirfday everyone! YEAH…beleeedat dog.

    • Yo Yo Ta. Sssssuppp with dis shih? Eeeeezbonzics? Whoch choo toksin bout beyotch. Allda bruthas and street hos beez unzastanzin ma drift. Yoos is probasy mono lingual. You gossa beez lunzin a secon langage ho.

      • Ta, It realy is a sad statement of our youth. We have many races here in our human resources department. We train from every race and most strive to listen and speak intelligently. The black youths we work with refuse to let go of the sreet culture to the point that we now have been counseled with sensetivty training so that we do not alienate them here. What a load of crap. I have worked in three countries over my 30 plus years and the first thing I was trained to do was speak the language so it can be understood. Ebonics is now being taught to the government employees so they can understand this street dialect. Utter crap.

  30. Hrmmmm… am I being Punk’d?

    This entire discussion has devolved into some ridiculous Grammar Nazi v. Holier Than Thou battle of the false pride brigade. I find it astonishing and sad that most people completely overlooked Marites lack of understanding of the written article in the first place.

    Some of you all claim to have been college educated, but I think most of you are lying.

  31. Wow.

    The lack of humility, compassion, and understanding in this entire article is astounding.

    Is this actually how most people feel? No wonder we’re ultimately going to lose as a species.

    It’s pathetic.

  32. WHO CARES?? What a waste of time critiquing every word the person before you types! I don’t think that’s the point. Go spend some time with your families!

  33. I’m from the south, born, bred, and remain living.

    YA’LL are crazy ( and yes that is intentional).

    This continued bantering reminds me of the right and left wing politics that now rule this nation. You’re running off at the mouth about insignificant points from another person’s conversation with no regard to the content of the actual message. The bantering continues and no resolve is obtained.

    I suspect somone will pick up on the fact that I said YA’LL and pick that apart.


    Will see that I am from the south and make some assumption I believe my views are becasue I am from the south.

    WRONG in both cases (at least taken as pure context).

    At leats you provide some entertainment…..

  34. Look. We are ALL immigrants as we all came out of Africa long ago. The reason we are here is because we have too much time on our hands and we read this crap because we all are thinking we are better than the last writer. Not true. We ALL are morons for being on this site after the first comment from the immigrant racist from South of our border. Yes YOU are racists and you actually belong back in the third world from which you crawled out of and most likely illegally, and you know who you are.

  35. Who ever wrote this article is a “Yes” person. Boss’ don’t want to asked questions or be questioned. I you ask your boss questions on an assignment that he or she has given you they feel that you can’t handle the assignment, and will be watching you. Or boss’s will assign someone else and put you on a lesser task where you don’t have to ask to many questions. What you are not saying is this is a reflection on you and can determind what kind of a pay increase you will get when it comes time for increases. Who ever wrote this article is giving bad advice.

    • I don’t think so. Put yourself in the place of the boss. You would like to run your business the way you want, but people are bucking you all over the place. What happened to personal responsibility and dependability. What happened to good work ethic. We work to make money, so we should WORK, means 8 hours a day, no phone calls, texting, smoke breaks, etc. On the other hand, good managers and good bosses are extremely hard to find, for almost the same reasons.

  36. I to love my country
    But however as I observe each work day I can see all sides of the issues. Since America allows everyone to come into our country we have become over crowded and stepping over each other for a job. America has abandoned thier own people and have begun to denie the natrual born americans the same opportunies given to non-americans. We educate non-americans on our weakness so that they may go back to where they came from and plot against us. They get thier american education for free and we have to struggle for an education or do with out so that non-americans may have what ever they want. But it is our own fault for putting up with it, Americans do not stand up for our own rights. We have given up and just go with the flow because it’s easier. Goverment does not care about it’s people it’s lining thier pockets they are after.

    • I agree. Why is it that we are in America, but have to press 2 for English?

      Why is it that so many people loose out on job opportunities because they only speak one language?

      If i went to another country, i would have to learn to speak and write accordingly.

  37. I just had to give my 2 cents worth after reading the comments given. When I look at all the mistakes from potentiall employees, I have to consider that if you are not literate enough to have conversations and write simple letters then I have to consider that you cannot take control of a multi-million dollar operation only if you are responsible for a small amount. And if you remember the adage: “I before E except after C or when sounded like A as in neighbor or weigh.” I fiind that weird. English is very complicated but easy to learn.

  38. Cna yuo raed tihs?

    Olny 55 plepoe out of 100 can. i cdnuolt blveiee taht I cluod aulaclty uesdnatnrd waht I was rdanieg. The phaonmneal pweor of the hmuan mnid, aoccdrnig to a rscheearch at Cmabrigde Uinervtisy, it dseno’t mtaetr in waht oerdr the ltteres in a wrod are, the olny iproamtnt tihng is taht the frsit and lsat ltteer be in the rghit pclae. The rset can be a taotl mses and you can sitll raed it whotuit a pboerlm. Tihs is bcuseae the huamn mnid deos not raed ervey lteter by istlef, but the wrod as a wlohe. Azanmig huh? yaeh and I awlyas tghuhot slpeling was ipmorantt! if you can raed tihs forwrad it

  39. All,
    Didn’t this blog start from “Don’t Say That To Your Boss; Say This Instead “. No matter the race, accent or gender apparently we all get off track, yes I am talking to you.

    A third of the way through this, my thoughts were derailed by the lack of focus on the subject, people do the same as work. I must say that yes it is frustrating when words are misspelled, so what. It is important to remember all of us do it and some people simply spell better or use spell check more than others? As a reminder this is a commentary blog not an essay. In any event some individuals are uneducated and less fortunate and if you are educated you’re not special. Unlike you I am realistic and look at the bigger picture. While an education is important if an individual doesn’t have one does it make them have less worth or credibility? Does it matter, really? For those that had good positive comments, thank you and I am sure that you typically are liked and successful. For those that can’t stay on track take your can of shut up juice and (I will keep this clean) and shut the hell up. No need to comment on my post, this is the first and last time I will be in this blog, keep focusing on those that will reply it is not worth my time. Thank you and GOD BLESS AMERICA! I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.

  40. People with accents are funny to make fun of. For example, middle eastern accents are funny to make fun of because it seems I’ve been conditioned from characters like Apu from the simpsons. Now, whenever I need to say something stupid, I just say it in a middle eastern accent and it causes me to laugh to myself. Some of you are giving me the impression that I am making mistakes and should feel bad about myself. Fascinating. What’s more interesting, is how many of you seem to care to point out spelling errors in an attempt to support your argument which is solely based on opinions and defending your dignities.

    More on topic, never tell your boss that another employee is a f***ing moron or throw yogurt and yell death threats. It may or may not get you fired.

  41. So, besides being completely off-topic…

    From one person at the top of the post saying that he didn’t agree that accents should affect credibility, this was changed into a ‘flame-fest’ full of grammar and everybody correcting eachother. How about i type with no commas no punctuation and bad speling? yes… speling..
    this isn’t a spelling bee.
    “Go back to your own country if you don’t spell and act like an american..”
    Way to stand infront of the crowd as an example.. This is the exact reason that so many people have a bad view on the American population. His message was simple in saying that at times he feels the ridicule of his accent and he doesn’t agree that the article he read. So he should go back to ‘his-own-country’ because he doesn’t have the same belief as ‘Americans’. I’m born and raised American. But I am never one to tell someone to go back to their country over not believing or practicing what i do… or my ‘accent’. Lol.. go back to your country.. wow.. i can hear your southern accent as you say that :) have a nice day! enjoy correcting my typos! omgeez

  42. For those of you that are positive, Congratulations! You are true Americans. All others need to go back to your farms or maybe to school for higher level education. Your lack of confidence in self makes you trash and put others down.
    I was not born in the USA, however, I would fight for this country. I love and enjoy my Spanish/Caribbean culture. I also respect and love this America because it provides opportunities for those who are willing to work hard.
    Instead of trashing each other because of our differences in cultures we should focus more on providing support to our soldiers whose daily sacrifices promote our freedoms.
    America is a United Nation of cultures and for that it should be embraced. For those who have accents, whether southern, caribbean, european, or whatever focus on building your skill and doing your job right. The accent should be the least of your worries because at the end of the day it is your knowledge that counts.

  43. Feedback? What’s feedback? Have had an evaluation in 2 years. Never told anything good job, bad job and when problems are attempted to be addressed with management I’m threatened by being put on probation. What the hell kind of treatment is that. They know we need our jobs in this tough economy so they threaten. That’s how they manage employees where I work.

  44. LER – You are hysterical! The “but God isn’t real” comment was especially poignant.

    I find great humor in the fact that people on here are bashing one another over GRAMMAR (notice there is no “E” in the word) while displaying their own weak grasp of the concept.

  45. Sometimes bosses just need a little love and logic. They’re not stupid, but oftentimes need help making decisions. I always brainstorm, come up with two or three (at most) options and then ask them to pick one. This allows you, as the person in the “trenches” of the workforce, to play a big part in the decision-making process.

  46. I was born and raised in America….and have travelled the world. Yes…we are the dumbest. And our melting pot coastal cities, progressive ideas and technology are all spearheaded by foreigners. Even our outsourced labor is spearheaded by foreigners.

    We can build rocketships and we can make sneakers……high end or low end, we do not have the mental capacity, culture, nor education to create so we import it. To all of u non-Americans…..keep it up. ;-)

  47. America is losing ground to the world because of the same things you see on all of these message boards:
    Inattention to detail.
    Poor communication skiills.
    The desire to be right being more important to us than the desire to solve the problem.
    Building ourselves up by putting others down.
    Being overly sensitive.

    • One eyed fatman you speak the truth, it has taken 250 years for our arrogance to catch us. The sins of the fathers are visited on the third and fourth generation unless the sins are repented of and actions adverted to right behavior. Please pardon any misspelling or misuse, I myself need to repent.

  48. blah blah blah… 80% of this blog is rubbish – lol, I can do this, you can’t do that… So much wasted time. I’m NOT the best of writer or speller. You can always check out the chicago Style Manual online. Trust me, it will give you all some insight. When one is blogging or typing instant messages, most rules are dropped. That’s what they teach you in college. It helps with performance. Focus on the audience All the best!

  49. hello….this is some of the most childish shit that i have ever seen. To thosee of yuo who liek to act like &*cking morons and have the time to spend to correct mistakes in other posting then i just gave you something to do. I am from the caribbean and do not live in american. I have found that americans cannot spell and talk properly some of them anyway. I have an accent , but with or without an accent some ppl won’t take you seriously. Do i lose sleep over it $$@@ no should you perhaps if you have no life and nothing better to do than parade yourselfs like children arguing over candy!! p.s Do children still do that?

  50. Even if you aren’t the sharpest tool in the shed, you can be an asset to your employer if you have a good attitude and are dependable. Employers are more likely to promote those employees than the employees that think they know more than their manager.

    • I agree, managers are not always good or right, but they deserve our respect. Personal responsibility and dependability and willingness to learn or do whatever needs doing will get you far!

    • But you chose to give them, we didn’t solicit for them (not trying to be smart or anything just browsing), so please don’t get upset it’s all in good nature and the just of the what it’s about) we log-in browse, pick and choose and then respond, right? so if I choose to respond to every laughable, crazy, critical, are you out of your mind post for an hour unless a gun was involved I DON’T GET TO ASK EVERYONE BROWSING FOR THE HOUR BACK, AFTER GIVING THE PIECE OF MY MIND TO IT THAT I PROBABLY WILL MISS LATER ON IN THE DAY, MY CHOICE, MY FAULT!! GOTTA LOVE AND LAUGH AT

  51. Everyone has been talking about grammar and mourning the death of the “American Dream”. It is not immigrants who have compromised our great nation, but rather ourselves. Until personal gain is once again put behind love of country and corporations are no longer allowed to pay proportionally fewer dollars in taxes than someone who waits tables in a diner, our nation will continue to decline.


  52. English shmenglish, we’re all going to be speaking Chinese soon anyway. We Americans forget that we are the people who put the lawmakers in their jobs. If we want to improve our own and our childrens education, then we need to start with voting. Get out, vote, then you need to follow up with your elected official. YOU need to make them spend OUR money on OUR problems. If we just sit back, whine and complain, do nothing but tear each other apart for grammatical errors then we DESERVE to remain ignorant, would you not agree?

  53. Well!! ya’ll have got alot to learn about america and people in general!! We are all different and do things in different ways! im originally from Chicago and moved to the other end of the state in southern ill and found culture to be completely different from the ethnic diversity that is in the Chicago area! i have gotten an accent since moving down here and get ridiculed for it myself. but i dont let it bother me! i might not sound the same as everyone else but i put my pants on one leg at a time just like everyone else. life is different here and it is anywhere u should go in life and thats whats great about it… and different things! you all should get off ur soap boxes and enjoy life, family and each other cause when it all boils down….thats all u got in life!
    oh and im sure my spelling and grammar are going to be scrutinized but im fine with that cause i know everyone that read this knows what im saying and still managed to understand and read this.
    everyone have a good new years and remember to love and care about one another cause without each other we would b alone!!!

  54. HAHA, I have never posted on a blog and to make things FUNNIER is I am a bad speller, use bad grammer, I am bad all across the board. The part that I think is funny is how much you guys care about what other people think, act, feel, do…… Life is so much better when you stop worrying about accents, how people spell, how you spell, who arrive first on this continent, whether you care about other countries, whether other countries care about you. just forget about things that dont effect you and have fun. Yes, educate yourself about the world, educate yoursaelf about your past and present, and your oun culture, but dont patronize people for not being as smart at you, or have achieved more/less than you.

    I know I spelled thing wrong in this and used poor grammer but the beauty is I dont care, and I know it will bother some of you a great deal.

    I hope you all can have a nice day, be safe, tell somone around you that they are doing a good job, and most of all…


    P.S. I know none of you care about how educated I am, which can only mean one thing, no one cares how educated you are either.

    • That’s right SHICK86! Communication is the key, not spelling & grammar. If that’s where your gift lies, good for you! If not, communicate anyway. Although we are not professional Chef’s, we still manage to eat, eh?

  55. Okay, I am sorry but this is just slightly rediculous. First of all, to address the reason why this mess of comments began; accents do cause discrimination. It doesn’t matter if you are in America, Germany, Great Britian, Russia, Mexico or any one of the multitudes of countries in the world. There isn’t anything anyone can or will ever be able to do about it and no one should be getting offended about something that is a fact. Now, that’s not to say all employers discriminate on accents, there are plenty that don’t. But for every one employer that doesn’t discriminate on accent there is one somewhere out there that does. So let’s stop getting offended over nonesense that no one can do anything about.

    As for all the American-bashing and Non-American-Bashing. It really needs to stop. There is no legitimate reason for it. To the gentleman from Germany who stated that Americans are ignorant of other countries, I would simply like to point out that your statement is unbearably broad. Then you go on to state that an American’s outburst at your statement is exactly your point. Well sir, let me just say, I believe you might have the same defensive reaction if I were to incorrectly make the broad statement that all Germans believe in the values and punishments of the Third Reich. Let’s refrain, please, from making uneducated and unthoughtful comments about people that we don’t even know.

    Finally, on the same topic, we are all PEOPLE above anything else. There is no point in this nonsensical banter. It isn’t getting us anywhere other than pushing everyone farther apart. It is this ignorant arguing that, along with some political strain, that wars are caused. It creates a bad name for everyone involved, and yes I include myself in this statement. It only makes Americans feel more righteous in their opinions about the opinions of other countries against them and for other countries to continue in their ignorant assumptions about the American people. And to think, this was all started by accents. What has the world come too? Oh, that’s right. Childish banter. My bad.

  56. Please read the Community Promise so the purpose of this blog becomes clear.May “The Work Buzz” use it’s rights and delete the off-topic and inflammatory comments. The page may end up blank.

  57. I find it very par for the course that some of you proud Americans are requesting that Marites go back to where she came from because she’s voicing her opinion of what her perception is regarding her accent. She’s entitled to her own opinion. Who knows, maybe if placed in her position some of you southerners or northerners would feel the same with your accents. I find it comedic that most of the comments were about spelling and grammar mistakes. What’s wrong with you people? Are the thoughts/comments not conveyed enough for you to understand them? I’m sure if she knew she was being graded by so many of you she would have done better grammatically and corrected her spelling errors. I think most Americans can’t see past their own backyards, so that’s all you care about. There’s a big world out there people. A world that has people that are different than you in color, language, culture etc., etc. It’s not all about YOU. If I had any errors in grammar or spelling, honestly I don’t care. I think I made my point just fine.

  58. Wow, I could hardly finish reading the 1st tread. Will read remaining later as I got to go back to work! All I would say is “It’t interesting…”. And yes, I am loving here. I love America though I have only been here for 5 years. I love this country and it’s people. All immigrants thinking they are better than americans, go back to your mother land and don’t show up back.

  59. We haven’t come far from the Old english in 1611:
    KJV – James wrote:
    1:19 Wherefore, my beloved brethren, let every man be swift to hear, slow to speak, slow to wrath:
    1:20 For the wrath of man worketh not the righteousness of God.
    1:21 Wherefore lay apart all filthiness and superfluity of naughtiness, and receive with meekness the engrafted word, which is able to save your souls.
    1:22 But be ye doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving your own selves.
    1:23 For if any be a hearer of the word, and not a doer, he is like unto a man beholding his natural face in a glass:
    1:24 For he beholdeth himself, and goeth his way, and straightway forgetteth what manner of man he was.
    1:25 But whoso looketh into the perfect law of liberty, and continueth therein, he being not a forgetful hearer, but a doer of the work, this man shall be blessed in his deed.
    1:26 If any man among you seem to be religious, and bridleth not his tongue, but deceiveth his own heart, this man’s religion is vain.
    1:27 Pure religion and undefiled before God and the Father is this, To visit the fatherless and widows ( of any nationality) in their affliction, and to keep himself unspotted from the world.

    In God we trust ? America ?
    What example are we American’s setting at work, home, country ?

    The back of my dollar say’s “In God We (?) Trust”.

  60. You all ought to stop bashing on each other. Come on, all of what anyone saying here seems negative. Show some respect, just because you’re an immigrant shouldn’t mean that you can be treated like scum. On the other hand as an American you shouldn’t be bragging that your “all that” and treating others like scum either. I’m American, born and raised and speaking for all of us, by cursing non-natives you’re creating a poor image of us in the eyes of others! You must honor your values as an American citizen. The world already seems to have a poor image of us as it is.

  61. The most difficult task I have encountered in a long time was reading these comments without falling asleep. If you truly wish to make your ‘Home’ a better place, volunteer at a homeless shelter or soup kitchen. A person who goes out of their way to correct a strangers’ spelling or grammar is a pompous and arrogant busybody. This entire listing of comments reeks of “My way or the highway” sentiments.

  62. Education levels! Well It is unfortunate but true. Certain Americans Are just idiots. Most of whom fall under the category Bigots and discriminatory are our idiots! They know who they are! And whats even more unfortunate, is that these traits are Sometimes used to further educate themselves, yet they keep the same trait for their entire life! Perplexing that ones ego/envy of another could be so where without yet have such drive! I believe that it is because of this that we continue to fight our battles! But I also believe it is a waste of time!

  63. I am a proud American. I work in information technologies. When you work in this field you are by default required to work with people from all over the world. The fact that the people that I work with have accents is actually one of the nice things about the job. I read her post, and think that it is not her accent that turns people off from her. I do however think that the way that she looks down on others, and her complete lack of respect for others might have more to do with whatever issues she may be dealing with now or in the future.

  64. Hey Garret and AlaskaGranny,
    I’m blond hair and blue eyed and i’m learning Arabic at my school. I find it hard to believe that you did’t get ANYTHING wrong. Dude, i got a 0/22 on one of my quizzes and i’m proud of it.
    English is a very difficult language. Try to imagaine yourself as a Chinese student trying to memorize all the verbs and thier weird forms and ALL of thier exceptions. Hard, right?

  65. Wow. How did this article incite so much argument about American-ness and God? Why is everyone here so intent on insulting everyone else? One reason many people are poor workers is because they don’t know how to treat other people well. They are so concerned with themselves and with proving themselves to be right that they don’t treat their co-workers with respect. In my opinion, that is a greater threat to the American workforce than spelling and grammar.

  66. It just goes to show you that we are all a bunch of animals running around trying to prove our superiority over one another. But guess what? When it comes to survival, no one will care about your grammar, prepositions, and crap you think you know. It will be survival of the fittest, and most of you will perish, and I can’t wait til that day!

    • leanne, I will bring pop corn and we can watch the purge together! Take all the smart @ss out of this comment string and there isnt much left.

  67. Well after reading this post, and carefully typing my response, my thoughts on the subject are simple.

    After reading all these comments, it is easy to see why America has struggled so much in the past few decades. We are a country that aims to focus only negative attention on everyone but ourselves.

    It fascinates me how much effort we will put into tearing one another down versus building one another up. The greatest generations of Americans sacrificed their lives to save citizens of other countries. They were selfless, they saw the value of human life and were able to recognize that NONE OF US are allowed to choose into what country or culture we are born.

    It’s shameful what we do to one another.

  68. 1:4 And these things write we unto you, that your joy may be full.
    1:5 This then is the message which we have heard of him, and declare unto you, that God is light, and in him is no darkness at all.
    1:6 If we say that we have fellowship with him, and walk in darkness, we lie, and do not the truth:
    1:7 But if we walk in the light, as he is in the light, we have fellowship one with another, and the blood of Jesus Christ his Son cleanseth us from all sin.
    1:8 If we say that we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us.
    1:9 If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.
    1:10 If we say that we have not sinned, we make him a liar, and his word is not in us.

    Sigmund Freud said that all our problems, mental & physical, stem from one common demoninator -


  69. America became the #1 superpower country in the world by working to gether with immigrants like Wernher von Braun, Enistein, and Steven Hawking. We should also try to remember that we are the decendants of people who at one time were also immigrants to this land.

  70. I would like to say that it’s not how you spell the word,but how you say it…
    It’s not how many degree you have, its how much you you have in your bank account or in your pocket( money wise)…
    Its not the word you say, its how you say it….

    Beside the way things are in the America the English is going to be a second language next to Latin…

    And look at Mr. FORD( the first ford), he didnt even made it pass to 5th grade and does that make him stupid? Or Tom Cruise he didnt even graduate from high school, is he a idiot? my point is it doesnt matter if a person dont have a high schooling or college degree its what he/she do with they powerful mind

  71. I was taught by nuns in Catholic school. The nuns were fanatics about spelling and grammar. I am admittedly somewhat of a word snob, but even I can tell the difference between a typo and improper usage of common words (there, their, they’re). I am originally from Boston but have not lived there for over 20 years and my accent has diminished over time. I LOVE accents! I thoroughly enjoy meeting people from other places and learning about them, their customs and their country. How boring would it be to talk only to people who are “just like me”. An accent, in my opinion, does not affent one’s credibility. It’s what a person says and how it’s said that makes one seem stupid or intelligent. People need to stop criticizing others and work on self improvement, as no one is perfect. Sister Elizabeth would be appaled!

  72. As an English teacher, I have found many students graduate from high school lacking basic skills in their native language. As both a math and science teacher, I have noticed a similar weakness in both of these areas. Perhaps this is why the United States is rated 25th in the world in math and 21st in the world in science. Sorry, I have no easy remedy for this malady. CAPS

    • Mr. Sendrey,

      I agree. It is no easy solution but parents in particular and communities in general should realize the value of a good education as a necessity as they do in many other countries and impress upon their children that good college level education is vital for competing in the 21st century. As an immigrant and a traveler I find that people even look down upon those who are educated and it is quite normal in schools for studious kids to be derided as nerds. Unless there is a cultural change at schools and more importantly at home, it will not be possible to improve standards. Getting worked up or calling names with a xenophobic intent is not going to change anything. Poor education is the result of degrading culture and it needs a cultural change. Resisting change by claiming what we do is “the American way” will not lead this country to a better future.

  73. I know I’m “off-topic” here, but with all the references to “learning how to use spell check” I had to put in my two cents. Why is it that, when picking apart people’s spelling, we always say “You need to learn to use spell check” rather than “You need to learn to spell?” This is the equivalent of saying that a child who can’t add two plus two needs to learn to use a calculator, not that he needs to learn basic arithmetic.

    Informal poll: How many of you actually believe that if you put a piece of text through a spell check program, it will come out spelled correctly?

    Also off-topic–@ Lucky: Yes, Tom Cruise is an idiot, and it has nothing to do with his level of education.

    • in reply to the question from tm66 re spellcheckers: I hate them. I am so sick of interpreting words that clearly don’t belong to the text: What word did the author intend to use but misspell? And why does my spellcheck have to mark up my text because it doesn’t recognize names or email addresses or even perfectly good but unusual or technical words? Humbug

  74. I must say, I have been entertained. No one here, reguardless of education, seems to get it. You, as a collective group, are idiots. A physicist (hope I spelled that correctly) understands physics, but he or she might not understand grammar or have a command of superior language skills. Did your Harvard, Yale, Duke, or Rhodes education teach you to be an automotive technician, or do you have to pay someone, like myself, who graduated with a b minus from a hick town high school, to repair it for you..? Maybe everyone here needs to remove their cranium from their rectum..

  75. Really? There has been alot of wasted time discussing grammer and spellllling.(lets see what idiot corrects this.) Do something productive ya’ll. This poor old southern boy would like to think you guys spent your parents money (or my tax money) on an education that would benifit mankind not degrade or belittle people who want to disscuss issues important to them.

  76. How many people from the world does it take to screw in a light bulb? Answer: Can’t be done, they would rather sit in the dark and bicker about the price of tea at the north pole.

  77. Here is the question; If I am a highly skilled automotive technician, and you are a highly skilled technical writer, who is better, more important, have more human value, you or me? In the end, that is the point, we all have our part to play, either as the star or the supporting cast. And we all need to get over our selves..

    • Thank you, Cholme. You do understand. My family emigrated here from Germany.But, the immigrants then and now are different. My family bought land and worked it and fed their families. They didn’t take handouts. They didn’t expect to mooch off entitlements. I could tell you story after story that has made me sick to see our country abused by people who have come here to rape our country.

      I am not saying there aren’t good people who are here from other countries. I am saying that enough is enough. It is common knowledge that our 14th amendment is being abused. It is time to end the entitlements and get our country back on track so our American children can have a future in this job market you are talking about. I value education. I have paid out of pocket for my two children and myself to have an education. Where are the jobs going? To those who are bilingual. This in itself isn’t a bad thing. But when our citizens are losing jobs because we are catering to those who aren’t English speakers, there goes your job.

      Go by your schools. See the portable units sitting around the school. They are brought in to house our foreign children who are born here and those who are here illegally. Take a long hard look.These are the people who will be taking your child’s job.

      I find it amusing that y’all have been nit-picking at each other over petty issues. I guess y’all really don’t have a real clue or grasp regarding what is happening in this country. Are y’all democrats?

    • Cholme: You have a very valid point. We all have our roles to play in a community. One role might get paid more than another, but we all need each other.

      Tim: I agree with you. My family are all military. The returning vets after Viet Nam were not treated well. It was sad to know they were sent to another country in a war and when they returned, were treated with disgust and hatred. It was the climate of the country then. There is a different climate now. At least the government is now acknowledging post traumatic stress disorder and treating for this horrible event. The climate now is being set by the government to have our citizens be more tolerant to those who have killed more than 3000 people at the 911 event. I for one, will never accept what Islam has taught that caused us to lose our citizens and then again, many of our children in a war that will never end. The middle east is a box that should never have been opened.

      I am glad that you are home safe and sound. Thank you for helping to make our coutry safe or at least the appearance of being safe! I wish that our childrlen would all come home fro that hell!!!

  78. I think people who are citizens of this country need to understand that people who are not citizens are working in jobs that Americans need and want to do. Those of you who are praising foreign workers need to get a reality grip and understand that your cousin didn’t get a job because some foreigner had his education paid for by our government who supports diversity. Meanwhile, I’m sitting here with a $30,000 school loan and no job. I am not the only person in this position. I worked in a school district with a Mexican superintendent and Mexican assistant superintendent who fired existing staff and imported teachers from Mexico and South America. Is this fair to the teachers in my community? Try investigating the reality of what is happening in the job market.

    Girl from the West needs to learn Arabic. Perhaps that will be a forgiven quality when there is a radical muslim standing over her with a machete. Perhaps you need to convert while youre at it.

    REALITY is what is needed in this country. Take a long hard look around you. What do you see? It isn’t the America that we all loved and sang about. God is taken out of our language to placate others. Our children are suffereing in the classroom to promote those who are here illegally

    Charles, you forgot to mention how many of those students you are criticizing and those statistics relate to the people who are here from Mexico and other countries and receiving a free education. You didn’t mention the dumbing down of our educational system because of factors such as this.

    How about your medical and dental care? Does someone pay for you? Well, I am here to tell you that those wonderful people with accents do get thiers free. I know. I have had jobs that cater to entitlements that provide free to those who are not our citizens, but foreigners. Meanwhile, you an’t pay your physician bill, your dental bill…but we have a healthy illegal population who are real LUCKY!

  79. In the end, there is substantial truth to what angry is saying. I do not hate immigrants, I am the son of the son of an Irish immigrant. Never the less,,when foreign born people speak of the opportunity in the states, they dont mention that they were able to come here and get free college, or grants to start businesses, or 7 years in the labor market without income tax. But I have been paying payroll tax since I was 14.

  80. Looking at the exchange of comments above makes me crack up a lil bit. It’s just so funny to see Americans argue about their own language. For me, accent isn’t an issue at all. As long you know how to speak and write correct English, that’s what matters most. Isn’t it great if one can still understand English even though a speaker has a different accent (British, Australian, Asian, European, etc.)? It is just a proof of how good your command of the language is.

  81. Making fun of someone with a non-US accent isn’t cool. It means that they have command of another language. Didn’t your mamas raise you right?

  82. Oh my God you People are not very well informed and I served this country for 20 years in the United States Navy. having been in over 45 countries all over the world, I think that some of you should try to remember that we all of us are human and may have many faults. I would like yo know if any of you served this country, you claim to be so proud of but were to busy to defend the freedom that so many have given up thier lives for. As for bashing America, many military members were abused by so called outstanding citizens when they came back from duty in VietNam. Go defend this country and then make your comments. I am a very proud American who leaves that everyone has the right to the freedoms we have here and they dont need to be grammtically correct to have those rights.

    • Thank you Cholme I was really not sure I should say anything but it burns me up that some people are so ready to lash out at others when they cant even take the time to say gee thanks and good day too you to. Instead of my life is not vey good and it is your fault. Wake up and smell the roses life is great and we make it what it is. No body took our jobs. we didnt wnat them and some one else did. Our kids get everything and want more but dont wnat to work to get it hey Mom Dad I need this or that. As to what to say of not to say to a boss. How about I would be happy to do that and let me make sure I understand what it is you want me to do. Not I can’t do that it sounds to much like WORK.

  83. This was quite an interesting reading.
    And all this “grammar & spelling – war” if you will, was trully hilarious.
    In this matter my opinion would be that we should all look forward to improve ourselves in every way, so that we can help others improve theirselves, and so on.
    But never forget, we are all human, no matter where we are from and what language we speak or write. And we can all make mistakes.

  84. This is the most ridiculous group of postings I’ve ever had the displeasure to read. Anyone want a clue as to what’s wrong with society today? Read these postings.

  85. Meh, Sha. Ya’ll are hard like hell to understan. Why don’t Ya’ll com on down to Louisianne an Pass a good time wid us on the bayou. We need some help how to figger out to keep the “WHO DAT’ in the playoffs. And remember, The lonliest place in Louisiana is Bayou Self. I’m serious Ya’ll com on down and have some gumbo wid us.

  86. Hey Tim, you are correct, however, this particular blog has become so lost and the train of thought so derailed that in the end it is garbage and I have decided to join the fray by being as sarcastic, ugly, rude, inconsiderate and petty as most of the other individuals who posted…There have been some truths stated along the way, but when it is lost in personal superiority by people who consider their education to be their only source of self worth or self loathing as the case may be, it becomes a pointless exercise chalked up to a misused and mis-applied constitutional right.

  87. What a bunch of pompous douchebags. You are bad spellers because you text all the time instead of talking on the phone, like it was invented for. There. I said it.

    As far as which state is better, most of you are bastard children anyway, and your parents lied to you about when you were born because they were f**king around and were forced to marry your father, so they lied about the date and lied about the place as well to avoid hurting someone’s feelings. Then they just continued the lie for your sake.

    There. I said that too.

    And you are being treated like children because you still act like children, even though you are in your 20′s. This is because your parents recognized (correctly) that they failed to prepare you for life, so they do things like extending “dependent” healthcare insurance to you throughout your 20′s. They are trying to make it up to you.

    It’s too bad that along with all of that, they also taught you that spelling is not important.


    Suck it.

  88. I agree Tim. You can’t expect someone to be charitable and tolerable of a foreigner if they arent even charitable to their own at home. We have so many other bigger and pressing issues (economy, war, education) to be wasting time doing a spell/grammar check on posts and squabbling over who has the bigger ^ick…

  89. hi being from the south i do have and accent. Does this make me less credible? Would it sound better if i spoke in true “American” that would be Cherokee.

  90. I thought the blog was about jobs and then language. It is all important. You can see a wide array of thoughts and attitudes regarding jobs, immigration, & language. We all haver our points of view. I grew up in poverty and understand the chioices in direction that we all have to make. I didn’t choose entitlements. I chose to put myself and then my children through school so we could contribute to our communities. The face of our country is changing. Not just in employment. Just remember, it is up to us to make changes and the way to do this to vote. It affects everything in this country.

  91. Wow… So online gaming is not the only place I can find funny people =D After scrolling down and reading the massive comments, I forgot what the article was about. This is too funny!

  92. Much ado about nothing. The world is too small for us to toss words here and there over someone’s accent instead of appreciating and accepting each other for the differnces and diversity we bring to the table. Let’s find something more lucrative to do instead of whinning over triviality.

  93. Dear Grammar Nazis,
    People that get caught up with spelling and grammar are always missing the message. Mark Twain once said “I have no respect in a man that can only spell a word one way.” He’s right. The English language is stupid. There’s an exception to every rule, so how is that a rule? Just like we update our language with words we should also update these poor old grammar rules, and original miss-spellings. It’s dum. C no silent b but you still know what I mean. Btw how fast can you text? Like it or not the language is changing. Rules can be bent, broken, and changed. Let go of poor old rules. Not all tradition is good. Let it go and try to listen to the message. Everyone has a message and it doesn’t matter how they spell it. My message is I want my word “gription” to be in the dictionary. You know, it’s the stuff on the bottom of your shoes?
    Crazy But

  94. The number one reason not to say these things is respect. Your boss is your superior and whether or not you agree you should be polite. If you don’t like your boss or your job, find another. You would hope for the same things if you were ever the boss.

    • Truer words have never been spoken. We recently saw a reminder of this when the American public had an election. Now we need to see if Obama got the message, that is, who is his boss.

  95. Wow! I have neither a higher education or an inflated sense of the value of being a Yank. I have lived and worked as a pilot in 6 countries over ten years. If the British were as rude as Americans, they would let you know that what you speak is a bastardised form of English with horrific pronunciation. But unlike us, they consider it too rude to point that out. Living abroad does change one’s perspective on one’s own culture. I now understand why the average American stumbles through other cultures like a bull in a china shop when they do manage to leave their homeland and “do” Europe in two weeks. I enjoyed the comment above which said we will look behind us and see no one there. We are the bully in the neighborhood and expect others to ignore that fact by spreading some money around under the thinlly veiled guise of helping the less fortunate. I agree we need to focus on ourselves as no one out there really wants us focused on them anymore. We are not trusted anywhere and for good reason.

  96. You know, we didn’t have this problems before OBAMA came into office. He’s done nothing but tear us apart, causing us to fight amongst ourselves while he sticks his black nose up in the air.

    He could learn alot from Glenn Beck, the man who proudly wears red, white, and blue, and doesn’t care what anyone thinks about it!

      • So, “tea booger basher”, this is the name you have chosen for yourself?

        You wordsmith, you! But just wait until you get into high school, and start studying history. You will find out what happened to the last dickwad who made fun of grownups in America. I don’t want to spoil the surprise for you.

  97. If you spell more correctly than I, or speak more grammatically than I,,does that mean you are more valuable, or smarter than I…Probably not,,but who is to say,,,I didnt go to college, and yet, my daughter, who has an 3.76 gpa in statistics doesnt know what autonimous or incindiary mean. She can do math that I dont have a clue about, but she isnt and english major…go figure,,some people arent geniuses in language arts, others in math and so on..If I can rebuild your car and you cant, am I smarter than you or more valuable as a person? You tell me..

  98. Wow. Hey there everyone. I read the article above and then proceeded to read the comments. I always find it interesting to see different people’s opinions. Well, the comments underneath this article have absolutely NOTHING to do with the article! It’s hilarious! hahahaha :P
    I think we all need to calm down.
    BUT I can’t resist myself – I want to chime in on the America/Accent thing.
    I didn’t read the article that the first commentor was referring to. It sparked a lot of controversy though.
    To Nancy Harman: I really don’t think that Marites was being an “America-Basher”. Haha that sounds so funny. The truth Nancy, is that all he was trying to express is that when English isn’t your first language, if you’re older than a certain age when you learn it, you’re going to have an accent no matter what. It’s just impossible to get rid of. But that shouldn’t make someone less credible, or make their work ethic less respected. Unfortunately, and as I can see with you, there is still a lot of anti-immigrant discrimination in America. Whether you want to admit it or not, you sound like some of the worst ones I’ve ever met. I wasn’t born in this country, but I came here when I was four years old. I really don’t have an accent. I love living here and I love this country, but I also love being bi-lingual and bi-cultural.
    People like you are so arrogant that they don’t stop to think that the only true blood Americans are the Native Americans. Everyone in this country has ancestors from another country.
    Nancy: The only difference between you and Marites and you and me is that your family probably came here generations ago, and we were the first ones to come here (I came with my parents obviously).
    But that doesn’t make you better than anyone. If Marites is a law-abiding, tax-paying citizen of the US, his accent could be horrible, he has a right to say what he said.

    Before you get so arrogant, just remember that he wasn’t picking on YOU, remember that your ancestors (unless you’re Native American) also immigrated into this country, and remember that he’s bi-lingual and you’re probably not.
    That’s a whole language more than you know.

    I am totally “Americanized.” But I am absolutely appauled by arrogant, racist Americans like you.

    Good Day.

    • Bravo, Naynay! I Like you!:) I don’t understand what many of these comments have to do with the article above, but here’s my take: I am a naturalized citizen and I made the most of my status from the very beginning. I have worked hard and have everything I ever wanted. I love this country because it’s so democratic and diverse. I love the many cultures and I am excited to learn new cultures without leaving the country.

      I hope everyone else will start to realize that America is a melting pot, and that anything is possible. We have a black president, and maybe a female president soon!

  99. To some of the people that went off topic in the first few comments, I just want to say that English is NOT the hardest language to learn by any means! I just want to get that across. Secondly, in my country children start learning english as a second language in the second grade, in the fifth grade they pick out another language to learn (german, italian, spanish, etc.) then in highschool they pick another language. I wish America did this in their schools, for when one day my child is in school. I also want to say when I came to America, I was 10, and I knew a bit of English. (my opinion here) I am a much better speller then many of my friends were in middle/ highschool, and I think that might be because I learned english at an older age and could really focus on the words, better then say first and second graders. I also want to say I have don’t have an accent but I have an unique/foreign name and I’m always judged for it!! lol Anyways, hope the grammar police doesn’t pick on me, cuz nobodys perfect! And I love America and everything this country has done for me, and I’m proud my husband’s fighting for her freedom! Hooah :)

  100. Aoccdrnig to rscheear, it deons’t mttear waht odrer the ltteres in a wrod are as lnog as the frsit and lsat are in the smae pacle we can slitl raed it.

    I’ll let you people figure out the correct usage of the grammar.

  101. I once had a friend who was a Maniac (from Maine) and she was trying to teach me door to door sales. She was always so frustrated with me because I speak slowly with a Georgia southern fried accent..I wonder if it made it hard for her to take me seriously or if she thought me un-intelligent because of it?

  102. I start work early, leave late and often work instead of taking lunch. I am the only non manager in my office and answer to all the managers in the office. The company has had a pay freeze for 4 years. I do everything that is asked of me and more and I will never go up to another level. The only way I can progress is by leaving. It is a sad thing when companies can’t take care of the employees they have. Instead of thinking about what not to say to the boss – why not think about what takes to keep a good employee. Give the employee a raise every year, meet with them to talk about how things are going, encourage more, give bonus days off and give credit where it is due.

  103. ” I am highly educated and received my graduate and undergraduate degree from one of the best college in this country”

    Got your degree from one of the best college in the country? I fin that hard to believe … Ooop, you already did that one too.

  104. Sticking with the article:
    Can you please tell me one or two things I didn’t do as well as you’d hoped in writing this article?
    I don’t quite understand what our goals are here?
    In your opinion, am I on the right path to move up in this conversation?
    I would like to let you know my concerns with this whole project of bashing and correcting.
    All in all this is the “melting pot” we call America. Love it or leave it. I prefer to love it and politlely ask those who don’t… please leave it.

  105. Communication is getting harder and harder in the workplace. I’ve been working for more than 20 years and it is only getting worse. Yes, speaking understandable English is a big part of it. We do need a common language to communicate. It’s only logical after all (Remember the Tower of Babylon?). Anyhow, my current boss, after being here for 30 years, still has a very thick Nigerian accent. But understanding her is not the only problem it’s the fact that she can’t find the right words to express herself or what she wants accomplished. Sometimes we have to find the words for her in order for her to complete her sentence. Or even after offering a suggestion she will reject it because she doesn’t understand it and then five minutes later she’s offering up the same suggestion because she probably put the thought together while she was getting out the words she’s familliar with. It’s frustrating.

  106. It is sad that most Americans lack writing skills. To that I would say, everyone here understood every word written. That is the beauty of the English Language. Get over yourselves.

  107. I am an American but grew up in Europe. It seems that employees here are not treated very well. Their pay is bad, have few paid vacations, expected to work late for no additional pay. What does the Government do? Nothing…. It seems the managers get all the benefits. I have lived half my life in America and half in Europe. I plan to return to Europe one day. I was happier there.

    • I agree; America has become the new Iran to its people. Too much greed; and the same people, who shaft you, smile all the way to the bank.
      Our Number one product is, greed, corruption, arrogance and stupidity.

      Americian Fortune companies, much like politicians are plain worthless.

      The middle class, are getting sucker punched, all teh while, we the people ahev lsot our government into teh hands to big money corporations.

      America sucks big time, it did yesterday, it does today, and it wil tomorrow.
      MAB WI

    • This coming from someone who is online as well. What are you doing here then?
      Ever heard of a lunch break?

      Thanks for a good laugh. Hahaha:P

  108. The successful management I know in the states works on salary, put in 60 plus hours a week, are called at home regularly at all hours of the night and weekends and do not get the benefit of overtime. Lower management they may be, however,,it goes to point out that the idea of bankers hours for management doesnt always exist, if at all. Also,,it is not my governments job to babysit, care for or feed me, it is their job to make sure that the country is secure from within and without.

  109. The entire discussion above is irrelevant and mindless. It has nothing to do with the article content. That being said, if someone is making every effort to speak in English to me when English is not their first language, I make allowances for that just as I would want someone to do for me if the situation was reversed. This is no different from being compassionate towards others who are challenged in other ways, such as mobility or who are developmentally disabled. I do agree that those who can’t communicate clearly enough to be understood by the average American should not be placed in customer service jobs. That is the fault of the employer not the employee. I am sure that it is equally frustrating for them to try to communicate with people who respond to them in an ugly fashion like those respondents above. I imagine this type of stress would make it even more difficult to speak English clearly. Ironically, I bet most of you profess to be Christians. Well, either your churches have been teaching you to be bigoted and prejudiced towards those who are different from you or you are just not listening. Then, again, religions have been the cause of most of the worlds problems since they were first invented by humankind. A poor teacher at that.

  110. Now that I have gotten into trouble with my boss for reading these 69 pages of commets about what not to say to my boss, I think I’ll just ask him. LOL

  111. It really does not matter, what you say, how you say it, or even if you say it; if you do not buy into your bosses goals 100%, they will get rid of you, no matter what you do.
    Companies want team players, even if their business plan is completely wrong; I’ve been arouind the block to know, don’t work for big corporations, ever!
    They stink anyway, but if you show any sign of not liking things, your on the chopping block, even if what you say is 100% better than what they are doing, they wil fire you and take credit for you idea.
    I have a better idea, become an entrepreneur and that way, you don’t have to have a crummy, power hungry, arrogant, bad boss saying one thing, and doing another. After all, most do not care whether you live or die; thats just the way it is these days.
    MAB WI

  112. To “the Patriot:” Leaving aside the fact that you’re a shameless bigot (I’ll actually have much more respect for you if you admit it, unlike the majority of bigots who try to insist that they’re no such thing), your claim that we didn’t have “this problems” (?) before Obama is the most ridiculous and ignorant thing I’ve read on this string, which is saying a lot.

  113. All comments does not have any relationship with this important article. Everybody are arguing what state have more education, who types better?, and finally racism…

    Now that you are pointing out of America as a solely U.S.A. let me share my humble opinion, America is one of the 5 continents, containing seveval countries and island (I am from one of the poorest island of the caribbean) and we have been thought we belong to America’s continent not making any reference to the USA especifically.

    happy new year to all

  114. Again, I ask,,,if I am from the south and speak with a “southern accent” and you are from Philly, will I lose credibillity due to my speach patterns and “accent”?

    • I think people are sticking to the “accent being foreign’ topic is because of the very first commentor, who mentioned that he has been in the United States for about 10 years. He’s kind of the one who sparked this whole conversation. I think that’s why. Just a guess. :S :)

  115. to the lady who wrote the very first comment: Undereducated, ignorant people such as yourself are not ‘American’ Americans, you are a shallow minded Nazi and your comments speak volumes regarding your intellect and your understanding of the free market. Do you even know how this country became the greatest nation on earth?? Go back to school and take a class on ‘understanding economy’. God bless America

  116. Apparently,,the question wasnt about accents at all but hyper-sensitivity brought on by a huge sense of inadequacy due to personal flaws and an inabillity to live up to ones personal expectations of oneself…covered up by a huge amount of narcisism and egocentric arrogance.

  117. I feel that every person in this country (USA) should be required to travel to atleast 3 other counties before graduating High School or College. The lack of education in this country is what is hurting it, not the people coming and going. Some things in life can’t be taught by book or by lecture. Only experiencing it can one truly understand. We should learn to experience new ideas and cultures so that we can step outside the box once in awhile. The attitudes and ideas in this country are getting very stale and it shows. Just my two cents…let the bashing begin.

  118. I was wondering where all these American bashers think the very thing they are using to voice thier opinions came from? I think we invented the Internet, UNIX, the computer, TV(Monitor), mouse and just about every programming language used. Also on the education, YOU come to US for your education most of the time! The United States has more top 10 Colleges than anywhere else in the world!

  119. I dont know whether it is quality of education, or the fact that everyone seems to be programmed to check their common sense at the door. In this never ending stream of we are the world, we all matter, we are all important, and everyone is a winner mumbo jumbo, reality is routinely left behind.

  120. Ok… After completely wasting my time reading all this non-sence I came up with a conclusion about America’s real problem… We waste (including myself) our time with the dumbest and stupidest things that life can offer… a Hindu from godknows where said that he was highly educated and that americans are stupid… and then an american tried to defend us and then of course another american desagreed and then all hell breaks loose… C’mon guys… forget about this… who gives a damn about some stupid dude that can’t speak english makes more money than you or not… he went to school he got a diploma he dont like americans that didnt change my life a bit…. It only motivated me to be better than him… and better than all these people that barely knows where the mississipi is… Education is individual it has nothing to do with wether you’re American or not…

    Peace to the Middle East!!! lol… (idk just felt like saying that…)

  121. Ok Rick, I will give you that,,,but,,sometimes entertainment is where you find it..much like opportunity, love…the things that matter most in our individual lives. He who dies with the most friends wins…

  122. Just remember,,nobody forced you to read it,,,yes it is like watching a train wreck,,hard to take your eyes off of it,,but still,,,it is you choice.

  123. Mr. Sendrey,

    I agree. It is no easy solution but parents in particular and communities in general should realize the value of a good education as a necessity as they do in many other countries and impress upon their children that good college level education is vital for competing in the 21st century. As an immigrant and a traveler I find that people even look down upon those who are educated and it is quite normal in schools for studious kids to be derided as nerds. Unless there is a cultural change at schools and more importantly at home, it will not be possible to improve standards. Getting worked up or calling names with a xenophobic intent is not going to change anything. Poor education is the result of degrading culture and it needs a cultural change. Resisting change by claiming what we do is “the American way” will not lead this country to a better future.

  124. Everyone must acquire excellent communication skills, regardless of profession or vocation. I feel that Marites’ passion about bigotry resulted in a rushed reply with typos. I believe that “Charity begins at home and spreads abroad.”
    I am registered Independent, neutral about immigration, learned other languages, travel and had honest work since age 12. Being retired from academe, with two graduate degrees (at my expense), I still have to work. I cherish lifelong learning, be it from younger, older, near, far, those of any demographic orviewpoint.

    How can I support or oppose you if I do not listen more (two ears-one mouth). To those who touted me as a great teacher or professor, I retorted that, “No, I am good with children. I am considerate of my students and perceive all to be capable of great success – more so than my own, as the true mark of my being a great Mother or teacher. Our first and best teachers are our parents and families, because these are the people who inspire our senses of self-worth, respect for life, learnng and property. A criminal often inspires youth to not take a negative path, with consequennces.

    I am quite bitter from all the skulldugggery and politics than go on in academe to the point that I steer my own child to do well, yet to pursue business, medical, health or legal studies. That is the better path to entrepreneurship, anywhere on earth.

    Being of “free” Black descent and Catholic, I had a father and uncles on both sides that served in a segregated American military, as well as veteran patriots from every American war since the Revolution. Still, they were among the chorus of servicemen that would still tell you that returning to America from duty was the best feeling on earth. I welcome all, yet I can reprove both my pan-Commonwealth family and those who come here from anywhere that so many ask for America’s help, then say, “Yankee, go home!” America often bites off too much of other countries’ troubles to the regret of all sides. This is a melting pot society, worldwide. Let us coexist, if not befriend each other. After all, many of us only find one or a few true friends in life.

  125. A lot of you need to stop being so petty. The location where you are born or the color of your skin is not a skill, is just chance. Less tone down your patriotism, and your love to correct others. This is not a writing class forum, people are here to share their reactions and opinion.

    To nancy harman, are you seriously that stupid?
    The wealth of the America that you love so much is built out of the sweat and exploitation of the poor immigrant people that many rednecks like you hate. Before anyone starts correcting my grammar, think about the point that I am trying to make not how i can deliver. Clearly, you either need to take a history class or pay more attention to detail because every story has to sides and none of them are completely true.
    Take that stick out of your ass.

  126. Oh,I almost forgot, please all you perfect people forgive all my spelling mistakes, english is my third language. I started studying english about seven years ago, my english will never be perfect but I have absolutely no problem posting here. perfect spelling and grammar DOES NOT make you a great citizen.

  127. Interesting conversation…because the truth is being spoken here by everyone! Because here we do not have to identify ourselves, or to be politically correct about our opinions, we may exaggerate a bit….perhaps that too.

    I find it refreshing to read everyone’s postings; bashing or not, the truth is, that is how we feel about each other.

    BUT! Not all Americans are biased against foreigners, and not all foreigners are “not” biased against Americans. It works both ways. Not because some nations are smarter than others as a general rule, but because some individuals are indeed smarter than others.

    Do you know than foreigners also discriminate each other based on their country of origin? That French are better than Italians, Italians are better than Portuguese who are themselves better than Albanians, and so on… all of it based on their country’s economy?

    Perhaps we are confusing intelligence with education. Education indeed makes the difference if everything else is the same.

    But let’s be honest here and consider that all of us have seen and have worked for dumb bosses, and had some dumb employees working for us as well.

    The frustration comes from the truth, but also from our perception of who is worth what.

    While we tend to highly appreciate qualities that we posses, we often tend to minimize the qualities of others. That is how most conflicts are born.

    About writing and grammar – I hired an editor for my upcoming book “Empathic Exit: Physician-Assisted Suicide” and guess what! He makes mistakes too. Have hired a book layout designer – she makes mistakes too. But the three of us together will get the job done. As good as it can be – as god as we (the three of us) are. It will never be free of mistakes, 100% (perfect), because perfection is not a human characteristic – but please feel free to disagree… I only speak for myself.

    I learned English when I came to the US, being 30 years old at that time. It took me years to learn English just to get by. Was I discriminated? Is there any human who was never discriminated, one way or the other? The fat, the short, the bold, the poor – you name it.

    I only wonder, is there anyone out there who never discriminated anybody?

    • omG So funny and true! When I was growing up, some of the Americam kids would tell me to go back to my country and make fun of me for being “foreign” and then when I was older and “Americanized” the folks of the same nationality as me would call me the “Little American.”
      Oh my God it never ends! Hahahahaha. :)
      Too funny!


  128. To anyone that speaks ill of this great country or the good people of usa-shame on you.In the history of mankind nobady has done more good for others than USA.
    I am not an american by birth but i love this country .
    Give me liberty or give me death.


  129. this article assumes that your boss is either a retard or ruled by pure emotions. I think that some bosses are either incapable or unwilling to communicate. I had one like that and when i tried talking to him about it using all these phrases taught by consultants, he agreed with me… but then my life became hell for the next few months as he was punishing me for “exploring communication channels” and asking open-ended questions that dared to imply that his style wasn’t already perfect.

    People NEVER change so you either have to find a way to live with their imperfections or move on. Wording and psychological tricks don’t work.

  130. The only comment I want to make is the remark about being “redneck”. I am, was, and always will be “redneck”. Just as much as someone form New York City will always be a “NewYorker”. It is not indicative of my political views, my education, or my position in life. If you need to use a slang term, might I suggest idiot. Ignorance is a lack of knowledge, but you cannot educate idiocy out of someone. Idiocy is not repairable.

  131. Hey Anthony Balderamma, Its Fags like you that are turning this country into a bunch of Pus Sies with your politically correct B.S.Hit. I really fear for this country’s future because people like you are part of it. Get some military experience, grow some balls, and join us in the REAL world. If your boss cant handle critisism without being sugar coated, he’s a Bit ch to begin with.

  132. All Im saying is that we should just waste our time with something a little bit better and more constructive… like… The environment… let’s fight for a dieing planet or something… The Universse is so vast you know… and yet we find it “so interresting” to come here and look at eachother’s grammar flaws… idk… I know I dont have to read this and waste my time… but I sometimes feel like I have the calling in life to help bring people into a brighter place… (Im kidding) but seriously… I really think that there are so many other subjects that could actually do something…

  133. I feel like I’m stuck in an endless DEW loop, here. An article that was meant to address people’s perceptions of accents in professional life has somehow become an arena for grammar and spelling gladiators and a platform for some frankly distasteful nationalist dogma. I have been reading these comments for much longer than I care to admit, and different people post the same things. Over and over and over again.

    My thoughts are these:

    1. Learning to speak or write any language other than one’s native tongue is difficult. Anyone is admirable who chooses to learn another language and then live in a country in which that language is primary;
    2. Like all countries, America has good and bad points and I don’t see anything wrong with recognizing what we need to improve. If we’re wise, we will look at other countries who are doing certain things better than we are (yes, it does happen) and try to figure out how we can follow their examples; and
    3. Nobody is perfect. I know brilliant people who can barely spell and brilliant people who can barely add. We need to make the effort to appreciate people for what they can do, rather than criticizing them for what they can’t.

    Lecture over. Everyone go about their business.

    • Reading about things you shouldn’t say to your boss has reminded me that I have to go home early since I left my Christmas tree lights on!

  134. It is indeed easy to criticize, however, if no one ever criticizes you or tells you you are wrong, you will not learn the correct answer or understand why your answer was not correct. The problem is being able to find that balance where-by it is done with a desire to educate and not a desire to make you feel denegrated.

  135. I just wanted to read the article about what Not to say to a boss. I thought some of the comments may be related to the article…guess not. I read about half and decided to post a comment. I am disappointed in the comments and discussions. I am at work and thought I might learn something important. instead I got roped in to this crazy mess. Anyone is more than welcome to comment on my comment but I am actually going to get my work done for the day. Good luck

  136. What?
    Some day I will be shocked: the comments following a story will be about the story! Is it possible?
    The secret to relationships in the workplace is to treat your boss and the workers you oversee like people. Hooray to whoever it was that suggested the use of please and thank you and common courtesy. If the boss doesn’t make sense reword the order and phrase it like a question. Should I do it this way?” If you aren’t sure if something is expected or the boss is just musing about possibilities, ASK. Even if we are all native-born and educated here and speak American English as a first language, the psychological and cultural differences from one person to another can lead to humorous or tragic misunderstandings. Jack thinks that unless the boss yells specific instructions the words are just a suggestion. Jill has her feelings hurt unless the boss phrases instructions as a polite request. One guy thinks you are picking on him and quits where another accepts the challenge you put before him without question.

    Accents? Some people stick with them but other people switch like chameleons. Who would question the intelligence of Henry Kissinger? (Not his wisdom or choices, his intelligence) The man sticks to his guns. And we are a nation of accents. Everyone has one or more. Mine is mostly midwest to people from the east coast but definitely eastern to people from west of Cleveland. Except after I have been enjoying Shakespeare, when I speak in iambic pentameter with a bit of Elizabethan intonation. And don’t we all sing Beatles songs with a working-class English accent?
    If you want your children to learn to speak, read, and write correctly you better teach that at home. The teachers can and might give the instruction but they will learn what is correct from you and from good books. When your kids come home and complain about the quality of their classmates or the instruction they receive you know you are doing a good job.
    Some of the smarter people I have known cannot spell worth a darn. Some have atrocious grammar. Some need to speak in a cultural patois that drives me crazy but which gives them credibility with others they need to deal with.

    Our strength as a nation comes from our diversity. But diversity requires not just tolerance but acceptance.

    Peace to all. Find it in yourself and practice it with everyone else.
    And — Happy new year.

  137. The Wisdom (?) of man is foolishness to God.

    You’re only as intelligent as the place where you’re standing at the time.

    A Chief from Brazil while standing in Exon’s penthouse discussing the rightaway for their new pipeline said:
    “words are like birds in the air”

    Wisdom or Intelligence, which one counts?
    Love or Hate, which one is winning?
    Heaven or Hell, where will you be?

    You reap what YOU sow !

  138. I conceive that the great part of the miseries of mankind are brought upon them by false estimates they have made of the value of things.
    Benjamin Franklin

  139. I repeat,,he who dies with the most friends wins. It isnt what you own, it is what others believe of you, that marks you for who you are.

  140. I would really would like to meet the people that come up with this don’t say crap. People are people that have thier own type of speach and are being nice no matter how they anwser the boss as long as it gets done right. By trying to teach a person proper english all over again when thier in thier late 20′s is a lost cause. The people have developed thier own personal way of talking & anwsering. Not all people are perfect in thier english grammer. LOL

  141. John,,it really would make your mouth sore,,there are an awful lot of us in here, and even if you are a fluffer, and well experienced you would eventually get a raw mouth and sore jaws.

  142. Wow. You all are talking about English Grammar, The History of America, and Other things that have absolutely nothing to do with ”what not to say to your boss.” Its amazing how over time, people can change the subject in to the opposite thing we were originally talking about.

  143. As for what to say and not say to your boss, I’ve learned in my 30 plus years of being an electrician that if you take pride in your work and are willing to go the extra mile to make sure you installation will not blow the switch gear off of the wall you can pretty much say what ever you want to your boss.
    I’ve been in construction for over 35 years and it doesn’t take long to figure out who’s a top hand and who’s a drone. Owners and foremen will bend over backwards to keep an employee that they know makes them moneyand makes them look good.
    I had plans one weekend and couldn’t work some unscheduled overtime. The owner told me that if I wanted to keep my job I would be on site Saturday morning. I thought about it for a minute and then told him to go f*ck him self and to stick this job in his ass. Monday morning comes around and guess who’s calling on the phone wondering where I am. You go it.

    • becasue, it looks to me, that any and all of us who are working at this moment should have chosen this “slow” week to take vacation time (earned or not). HAHAH

  144. 5 things you don’t say to your boss

    1. Fuck you

    2.I’m gonna burn this place to the ground.

    3. Fuck you if he didn’t hear you

    4. Fuck you again

    5. Fuck you one more time

  145. …A word to the wise…

    We are US: one click and you’re BOOM

    - I like it, please comment! It is going to be the memoires I write
    that brings me to world fame… constructive criticism only!


  146. Gadon kaka, sak gen la a? Bann sendenden sa yo… tet mato. vole ze. Mimi miaw. Diol boke. Konkon bret. Bouda fobo. Do you understand any of those words? I bet not.

  147. Dr. Cyko

    Not that I agree with what you posted about the 5 things you should never say to your boss, but I do have to give you props for bringing back the subject that everyone was supposed to be debating about in the first place.

    I was reading about “what you should never say to you boss” and all of a sudden subject changed to being an America and first world countries that i even forgot what we were talking about. What happened to everyone? Are we getting back to the MAIN subject or what?

  148. At least some were able to get what they were feeling towards some unkown factor off their should/chest/mind even if just for a few minutes. Thats what getting side tracked does to all of us.

  149. What may be relevant here is that proper written communication, especially in the work place or interpersonally is particularly important… Emails, inter-office memos and general communications can be at the heart of business and industry and so being a deficient communicator can represent a terrific handicap to companies on many levels and expose a personal flaw in maintaining relationships of all kinds. There is in fact a direct correllation to one’s ability to -both- properly- learn a language and then express ideas thru the use of that language. Those people who are the most proficient in language and writing are not only often far more persuasive, but generally regarded as having an overall aptitude for understanding and then expressing complex ideas. Those of us who squander the English language of it’s available diction and value of composition (when we do write), unwittingly expose ourselves to the more talented wordsmiths lurking in American society… Americans who have adopted English as a second language can genuinely face hardships if their diction and composition is lacking especially when others know that at the heart of good communication is a strong and intellectual mind.

  150. My Question is to you do you Considere as American True Blood ? Have you ever Read the History of U.S.A ? you think that Obama is a American True Blood, or Macain who tried to become President of U.S.A ? No they Aren’t. In this Country as a Human Being no Colors, Race or Sex you have the right to speak up, your Rights because in this Country Everyone has an ancestor from another Country. Let’s Stop Hate each other, God Loves Everybody, Because we belong to him, the Lord Jesus. God Bless America and all Over the World.

  151. This was entertaining for a bit but now I go take my daughter to lunch. Thanks for helping me kill an hour. HAHAHA, JAJAJA AND HOHOHO

  152. My coach once said – to be successful… don’t lie, don’t cheat, don’t give excuses, and don’t complain. I’ll bookmark this blog and will check few weeks later to see who get to say the last word.

  153. I for one have found this thread to be very enlightening as it reminds me of how fortunate I am to have experienced various cultures, religions and lived closely with other races of individuals.

    There are many great, good-natured and cultured Americans who have much to offer the world. The sad reality is that they mostly go unnoticed and instead the world has to suffer through the idiocy of the not so smart bunch that never misses a chance to display their ignorance for all to see.

    America is a great country but how would most Americans know for sure since they have never seen anything outside of America except for what they see on Fox News.

    This thread has almost every kind of bigotry one can think of – including racism which is by far the most hateful to me personally. I am second generation French of West African descent and was fortunate enough that my hard-working single mother was able to afford me a great education and most importantly the opportunity to travel the world and discover different cultures from a very young age. I am proud that at 32 years of age I have lived 18 years in France, 2 years in England, 2 years in the US, 2 years in Germany, 2 years in Africa, 3 years in Malaysia, and 3 years in Dubai (UAE) – and never once felt out of place or not accepted. This has a lot to do with my own outlook on life and the way I relate to people but also a great deal to do with how accepting people are becoming all over the globe and learning to embrace differences. I have proved wrong several stereotypes by being a very successful black woman and take personal solace in that knowing each time I come about ignorant comments about black people being poor, uneducated, drug-pushers, single-parents etc.

    My two cents on the issue is that we would all become a lot more accepting of others if given the chance to experience them outside of our own comfort zones. So pack up and travel the world – your life or at least outlook on it will be a whole lot richer and dare I say better for it!

    God bless the good men and women everywhere who selflessly fight to preserve the dignity and rights of others!

  154. In response to the article “Don’t Say That To Your Boss” – I found some very good advice on workplace communication in the book Tame Your Terrible Office Tyrant, by Lynn Taylor. I gave a copy to my boss this Christmas.

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  161. I meet a woman once that just finished 4 years of college for Psychiatry and I was talking about prayer. She said that the Bible, psychologicaly speaking, was perfect.

    Here’s a book 4,000 years old that still hits the nail on the head.

    Look no futher then GOD, He has all the answers to all your problems; after all He created you.

    1 Peter
    3:8 Finally, be ye all of one mind, having compassion one of another, love as brethren, be pitiful, be courteous:
    3:9 Not rendering evil for evil, or railing for railing: but contrariwise blessing; knowing that ye are thereunto called, that ye should inherit a blessing.
    3:10 For he that will love life, and see good days, let him refrain his tongue from evil, and his lips that they speak no guile:
    3:11 Let him eschew evil, and do good; let him seek peace, and ensue it.
    3:12 For the eyes of the Lord are over the righteous, and his ears are open unto their prayers: but the face of the Lord is against them that do evil.

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