8 Ways to Earn Extra Cash

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Note: Some of you might have been misdirected to this article from a link stating “10 Companies Hiring Right Now”. We’re sorry for the mistake. You can read that article here. The below article is also a good resource for anyone looking for freelance or part-time work. – The Work Buzz

According to the late Bureau of Labor Statistics figures, 6.8 million Americans fall into the category of long-term unemployment. Long-term unemployment is identified as looking for work for 27 weeks or longer. When you think about it, that’s a lot of people not earning a paycheck right now.

Plus, if you think about how many people have taken pay cuts or worked fewer hours since the recession began, you have another large group of workers not earning as much as they’d like.

For both groups, earning income in some form is a welcome opportunity. Anyone would probably welcome the chance to earn some extra cash. Finding a traditional full-time or part-time job isn’t the easiest thing to do in this economy, and some people don’t have schedules that would accommodate such jobs anyway. Fortunately, new opportunities are available for workers, and many of them can be done from your home.

Here are eight moneymaking suggestions that you might not have considered before.

1. If you’re crafty – Etsy

Etsy is an online marketplace where creative people can sell their handmade crafts and othter times (think a purse made out of a license plate or a throw pillow for your couch). If you have the knack for handcrafted art, Etsy could be a way for you to get your work seen by thousands and get compensated for it.

Check out: http://www.etsy.com/how_selling_works.php

2. If you’re skilled in a hobby or craft – Bragadoo

Word of mouth is one of the best ways to market yourself, and logging on to Bragadoo and posting information about your area of expertise (cooking, caretaking, personal training, etc.) is a cheaper than making a TV commercial. Anyone who hires you can then post about their experience – brag, if you will – and hopefully lead others to also hire you. It’s a community built on recommendations.

Check out: http://www.bragadoo.com/help/

3. If you want to tap into your inner journalist – Seed

With traditional news outlets now competing with blogs and other websites, opportunities for freelance work are better than ever. If you’re a photographer or writer who wants to get your work published, have a visible online presence and earn money for it, submitting your work to Seed might be the way to go.

Check out: http://www.seed.com/

4. If you like to give your opinion – Free Paid Surveys or Find Focus Groups.

Because consumer data is so valuable to marketers, you can earn money just for answering questions about your purchases and consumer preferences. At either site you can find surveys to answer, which does mean answer many, many questions, but it also means getting paid for it, too.

Check out: http://freepaidsurveys.net, http://findfocusgroups.com

5. If you’re a packrat – Ebay,  Amazon Marketplace

What better way to make money than to sell the stuff you’re not using? People collect, well, everything. Old TV Guides? The fancy (but ugly) dishes your grandmother gave you for your wedding? A pair of designer jeans you bought two sizes too small because you thought you’d one day fit into them?  Someone will buy them! Check out an online market that lets users put their items up for auction. The site might get a small portion of your sale, but you pocket most (or all) of the cash and didn’t have to do much. You could literally be sitting on money right now.

Check out: http://www.ebay.com/, http://www.amazon.com

6. If you’re a born salesperson – Avon

Some people are born for sales; others are not. Those of you with the gift for sales can put your skills to work with a company like Avon. If you are passionate about the company’s products and can convey to customers why they should also give the products a try, then you can probably make a sale.  You make your own hours and aren’t confined to an office, which is perfect for a side job.

Check out: http://www.careerbuilder.com/jobs/company/Avon/?siteid=cbworkbuzz

7. If you like to shop Be a secret shopper

Secret shoppers are hired by a company to go to a store, shop for some items, and then report back on their experience. Their feedback gives the company insight on the customer experience, which might be used to improve that company’s procedures or marketing approach.

Check out: http://www.secretshopper.com/, http://www.secretshoppercompany.com/, http://www.nationalshoppingservice.com/

8. If you like to create multimedia — Sell your photos to stock agencies or license via an online photo sharing site

Although many photographers would love to have their work exhibited at a gallery, those opportunities are hard to come by. While you work toward getting your showing, you can make some money by shooting pictures and selling them to a stock agency. When companies need stock photos for an ad or an online article, they pay you a fee if they use your photograph. You can also have your work licensed through an online photograph-hosting site, such as Flickr.

Check out: http://www.istockphoto.com/sell-stock-photos.php, http://www.flickr.com/account/prefs/gettyimages/

  1. I’m really surprised that you don’t mention any of the freelancing or “virtual work” type sites. I work at vWorker.com (formerly RentaCoder), and there are a huge number of projects for freelancers to bid on. I just found a job description seeking writers to play facebook applications and write reviews of them, for a review site. Definitely great source for extra cash.

  2. Thanks a lot. Who knew I could financially survive the recession by selling off the junk in the garage, marketing my knowledge of antique radios, and knitting sweaters? I’m going to go straight home and tell my wife not to worry, I’ll be able to sell enough pictures on Flickr to feed us this month.

    You forgot to mention garage sales, and how to unsubscribe to this crap.

  3. Don’t waste your time with Avon as they want an investment and sales are down right now, Free paid surveys are the same thing. You have to earn points and if you don’t earn a specific amount of points in a specific amount of time you lose and accumulating points is somewhat difficult unless you choose to spend your time filling out surveys rather than looking for a new job. Some good ideas and some bad ones as well.

    • I do secret shops for restaurants. It’s not a way to make money, but a way to eat out for free. They pay flat rates, so if the pay is $14 for a shop and you spend $12 for food, you make a profit of $2. It’s not a way to earn a living.
      I would also suggest babysitting jobs like sittercity.com

    • I have. It is very time consuming. I have never been paid for it. I decided it wasn’t for me. You can sit at the computer for hours. Now they want you to do surveys and get online points. I don’t want to go shopping online, just give me the cash.

  4. This article is stupid and a total waste of time…none of these suggestions are even remotely helpful except maybe the secret shopper one. Super lame.

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  6. I tried it while looking for a part-time job. The truth of the matter is that you will waste a lot of time taking surveys and being entered into sweepstake after sweepstake. Doing it for about two months earlier this year…I never got any cash…but was entered in plenty of sweepstakes. You need cash…you can make more playing online poker or slots.

  7. I’ve made lots of money selling items on ebay that are no longer of use! Takes a little effort but the rewards are great! I can work at my own pace and in my pajamas if I so choose!

  8. Did u at least try any of the suggestions? Or is your vast knowledge and experience good enough to give such a negative opinion?

  9. I have a friend who has done the secret shopper thing, don’t know who through, but he likes it and does well at it. One exception is McDonalds, guess they contst the shopper’s reports–weaknesses…. so it’s hard to get reimbursed for them.

  10. I have done secret shopper for about 5 years. Some jobs are great-like go out to dinner and have it paid for (2 meals, 2 drinks, appetizer, tip$, and small shopper $). However, most jobs aren’t worth my time anymore-like buy a $100 item, return it 4-6 hours later, write a 20 minute report on your experience for $10. My only advice is NEVER pay money to join a secret shopper website. The legit ones are free – they pay you. NEVER PAY THEM!!!

  11. Wonderful ideas! I been trying Avon and its working for me. I found out that even if you are not born a salesperson you can learn and Avon provides FREE training. And if sales is not your expertise you can also earn money by recruting. Ask me how it works. I am doing both! Loving it!

  12. I will have to agree about how lame these suggestions are. Paid Surveys, you do them for 150 days and you will make $75 at the most. If they going to write something then make it usefull.

  13. I did the survey job before, but I never took the patience to complete it. I am going to definently redo that site and check out the secret shopper site.’Patience is a virtue.’

    (Including my daughter)!

  15. I have done secret shopping, auditing, surveys for many years when I was up to it with time. There are many many companies but the companies that have been around for 10-15 years are the real ones. Nowadays they are trying to get people to accept money orders and such and do Western Union shops. I have yet to recieve even ONE that was not fraudulent. I would take them to my bank and let it send it in for payment. It takes lke 7 days or so for it to make the trip but had I spent one cent of it anytime I would have had to pay it back to my bank. I have tried several different kind of payment also. Thank goodness I checked them out first. What they say if it sounds too good to be true? Have a good day.

  16. Well, I have been with “InboxDollars” for approx. 3years and HAVE Recieved A REAL $Check$!! Granted, it takes A Lot of time and patience, but as long as you NEVER fall for any of the offers, $money is $money these days.
    Also, I’ve been checking out the Ebay thing, and it gets confusing with all the fees, but I Dew have A LOT of Stuff just sittin around….and since I am already losing my house….what could it hurt?? Gotta do something with all of it….

  17. Hey – here’s a thought….

    How about, thank you for putting together this article. Clearly the author has invested some time into getting this information together and it’s certainly useful.

    As the tile implies “extra cash” is a good way to view the content. I didn’t get the sense that I was to abandon a job search or make a career out of these suggestion (although several of them could be quite lucrative).

    It’s easy to point out/find the negatives, I choose to look at the positives.



  18. Some good ideas for earning extra money. I’ve tried secret shopping and it’s time consuming, but it does earn you extra money. If nothing else, it does earn you a meal from anything from fast food to fine dining. There are opportunities from many companies looking to increase their profitablity with customers. Just do your research with the company you choose to work with and beware of any company which asks for money to apply.

    • I’ve been thinking about going into Avon or Mary Kay for a little side job. Which would you make the most money on? Isn’t Mark Kay more expensive for the customer than Avon is? How much money can you actually make selling Mary Kay or Avon? Is it even worth doing or is it just another scam where I’m going to end up doing all of the work and get close to nothing for everything that I sell?

  19. I’m with Randy…”Thanks!” for the article. I teach part-time & am always looking for ideas to make extra money on summer and school year breaks. I have sold on eBay for the past 10 years and it really helps out in my household. I have wondered about “Secret Shoppers” and may check the sites out the author mentioned. Thanks for the info.!

  20. Some of the sites do sound interesting, although as with any job or new endevor, it’s important to research it a bit and see what the pros and cons are. I tend to use caution when starting up with opportunities that require you to spend money, particularly if they are solely on the internet. Lord knows there are so many scams out there, it’s hard to know what is real and what is not.

    I have personally been a secret shopper for a few years now, and from what I’ve experienced, I only make a small profit for my time and energy (I mostly either get reimbursed for a purchase, or I get between $5 and $15 for writing up a report). But I do like to continue being a shopper simply because I do enjoy eating or shopping for free every once in a while, and hey, money is money!

    I have also tried paid surveys and have found that in order to make money, you literally have to spend an entire day (every single day) doing nothing but surveys and hoping that eventually you’ll earn $5 or more. But again, if that’s your hobby then more power to you.

    Just to add my 2 cents, I wouldn’t knock Avon. I’m not personally familiar with many of their products, but I do know that it’s possible to make quite a bit of income selling these types of products. Any of the “party plan” companies (companies in which products are sold when customers hold a party with their friends or families to view and/or experience the products and then buy them) are quite legit, and can be profitable, whether you are with Partylite, MaryKay, Avon, At Home America, Undercover Wear, Slumber Parties, Tupperware, Lia Sophia, or Tastefully Simple (just to name a few). Usually with these types of companies you make a larger income when you share your opportunity with others and create your own team, in addition to doing parties or making sales yourself. This can be LOTS of fun if you do happen to be passionate about the products, and enjoy meeting new people. When you start out you won’t be making thousands, but it’s certainly possible to move up in leadership quickly and earn thousands shortly thereafter. There is usually a start-up investment, as these companies allow you to have your own business and work your own hours, but the investment is usually small and is made back quickly, after just a few sales.

    I haven’t tried any of the other sites, but I’d be willing to have an open mind and see what happens.

    Good luck everyone! : )

  21. Secret shopper is a JOKE!!! Get paid $10.-$15.00 (supposedly) to write a report!! (That pays for your gas.) Then lucky if you ever get your $10.oo bucks!!! Ripoff!

  22. Avon IS the greatest company for home based businesses. If you’d like to have more information, please visit my website and click on the “Become a Representative” Total startup cost is just $10. Please contact me if you have questions. Again, my website is http://www.youravon.com/jpingley.
    Avon is truly the Company for Women!!

  23. Avon’s investment is TEN dollars. My sales are up and the new line of skin care products are awesome.
    I’d be glad to help anyone get started!
    As in anything, do your research and make up your own mind!!

  24. You can earn great money with mystery shopping. I have been a mystery shopper now for 5 years and I average about 500.00- 1000.00 a month extra cash. You could earn more if you become experienced and shop alot. I have a great time and have made alot of friends along the way. Try the site: jobslinger.com; shadowshopper.com(it does have a membership but is worth it) and mysteryshop.org(has certifications of silver-basic and Gold-mastery level for the great paying shops which could include a luxury hotel or cruise). Good Luck!

  25. I tried the survey thing. Spent many hours, over many days. I would spend 10 minutes filling out a survey, then: “sorry, you do not qualify for this survey. Would you like to try another?” I would try another, same thing. Never made a red cent. My inbox sure filled up with spam, though!

  26. I have Secret Shopped.. Getting started is a bit of a pain — Small paying jobs, getting the hang of what is exactly wanted, etc.. After 4 months the bigger, better paying jobs came.. There are a few perks — free lunches and some nice dinners for two — Oil changes, etc.. A lot of driving and meeting the times you had to shop were my biggest pains to deal with..

  27. Good ideas in the list, but don’t forge about other good oportunities such as Multi Level Marketing, where you can build your own monthly income, and with time it can reach the thousands.

    Click on my name for more information.


  28. 9. If you have a website with heavy traffic, contact the above mentioned websites and tell them that you’ll include them and a link in your next “8 Ways to Earn Extra Cash” article for a nominal fee.:)

  29. I’ve done secret shopper. Most of the ones available involve going to the Money Marts and pay about $7-$10 ea. It’s not enough activity to make it work while and certainly not enough to really supplement your income. Sometimes they’ll offer a $10 bonus for doing it, but if there’s any driving involved to do the shop then you’re really not making anything for your time.

    From what I’ve seen with these get paid to do surveys. You get points or are submitting for some drawing to win money. Most of the ones that pay you anything is after you’ve purchased something.

    You can get money for reading emails. MYPOINTS is one of them. You get points for looking at the advertisement and if you make a purchase you get more points and at the end of the year they’ll send you a gift card. I got a $50 gift card without ever purchasing anything but again, it’s not enough to payoff any bill or supplement your income.

  30. The truth of the matter is, if you don’t have a website, hosting, and a merchant account, with a product of your own, you are pretty much screwed.

    Unless, you could pay to have all that done for you…


  31. Has anyone that is a artist made any money with their art work on the net?
    I would like to know how to go about it. I’m new to the computer world been
    paper and pen old school. Now need to make money with the art and it
    seem you reach more on the net. Need so info.

  32. If you own stocks you should be writing calls against them every month. If you’re not then you are leaving money on the table each month. You can easily get 0.5%/month and maybe 1%/month. That’s an extra 6-12% per year from assets you already own.
    covered call investment tools

  33. That’s what I want to know, has anyone heard of any one making money from secrets shoppers and not have to pay any money to start. I have look into this advertisement many times and even called but no one has ever called me back I’m begaining to beleive that it’s a joke. It has been mention on the TODAY’s Show.I will call and apply once again, and give all of the people who is looking for part-time work untill they can find full-time work feed back.

  34. I did secret shopping for a few years. I found it more fun than income to support a household. There is a large range of secret shop opportunities. You can go to a movie, restaurant, grocery store, retail store, hotel, etc. Most of these companies need to see how their employees perform and pay a shopping company to hire people to go perform a specific task on a specific day. Again, pay is not supportive. The restaurants I shopped paid for your meal. The retail shops usually paid 10-15 per shop. Hotels were usually more as they took more time.

  35. I have something that is better than Avon, and you don’t have to keep hounding people every two weeks for new orders, and you don’t do any deliveries either! And the reorder rate is about 95%!

  36. Surveys are okay, but you do not generate enough $ to make up a paycheck you got at a job. You make about $15/hr max. Some surveys go half way and cut you for a predetermined price, usually $0.50. You only complete about 66% of surveys you do ’cause you get cut, so you really make like $10/hr. But few sites give you the actual $, usually you get a gift card or frequently flyer miles. I have never gotten $ via check. Just know what you’re getting into and you’ll be happy.

  37. secret shop? is that work available here in the Philippines? its my first time to hear about it. and what are the other ways that one can still earn? i really want to have a sideline. thank you

  38. Yes, surveys never paid. And if you are in the wrong age bracket or wrong demographic (they search this out at the beginning of each survey), they kick you off the survey and you have wasted your time.

  39. Yeah it really is too, too bad that someone hasn’t invented (several) computer programs that change the sizes of your photos. Bummer!

  40. I have been doing mypoints for about 7 years now. I average about $350 a year and always cash in my points about 6 weeks before christmas to get the gift cards that I want. What I do besides reading emails is plan my purchases. For example, I go to Home Depot, Walmart, Dell (so many stores in mypoints) and check out what I want to buy. Then I go to the mypoints website and order it through the link on their website. I get what I want, I get a certain amount of points per dollar, and usually free shipping right to my door. I recently went shopping for a new fridge and got 3000 points through Home Depot link. I buy my printer ink from the Office Depot link on mypoints and get free shipping right to my door plus points. Check it out–its free to sign up and you never have to buy anything–unless you shop for it.

  41. Donna, It would be nice if after you entice a few of us with curiosity, you would fullfill it by telling us what the site, product, or company name is????

  42. I have done secret shopping before, and here is the key. Get with a company that is reputable. And if you have to PAY the company to work for them? it is a scam. You CAN even consult yourself out as a secret shopper. Places that you go all the time might be willing to give you a LITTLE compensation for being a secret shopper. AGAIN! with any of these… If you have to PAY to WORK WITH/FOR THEM IT IS A SCAM! As for surveys… Yes and Know. I have recently worked for a PRODUCT company, that I called to GIVE store managers a survey. AND a while back they DID used to do compensation for PHONE surveys or Product surveys where you went into the company and sampled products… They used to have these people at the malls in the 80s and 90s. I do not know if these companies are still in business or not.

  43. I tried secret shopping a few years ago to try and make some extra money. It was more of a hassel. The assignments are long and tedious, at least the few that I did. So I don’t really recommend unless you have a lot of free time for it even to be worth it.
    But I started selling Scentsy candles a few months ago for extra cash. I love it! You make your own schedule. And I started it while working a 40 hour a week job. Its also perfect for a stay at home mom. So a direct sales company can work for anyone, just be passionate about the product. I know I am! :)

  44. I don’t see any of these ideas making any sense from any standpoint except possibly ebay. Although if you’re hard up enough you’ve probably already thought of selling whatever you might have that is of value. Why would you waste time with Avon when you could get a commissioned sales job with a real company? If you’re a born salesman go sell cars, houses or stocks. Hell, sell mattresses or refrigerators. Sell hotdogs outside the ballpark. Anything is better than crappy perfume and soap. I consider Avon a step below Amway. If you’re starving quit sitting at the public library on the free computers and go work, or steal. At least make an effort.

  45. Unfortunately society in general to some extent has taught many to be negative. It is easier to find fault with something that ‘doesn’t work’ than to look at ourselves. I thought it was generous of the author to share what they know as a way to help others, thank you. I have worked and taught Network marketing/direct sales for over a decade. Companies like Avon, Amway, etc. have proven track records of success. Like any thing else you get back out what you put in and it’s not for everyone, that’s ok. It is important to have a sponsor that has the knowledge, experience and passion to help others have a better chance at success. My success has been with Dri Wash n’Guard, the original waterless carwash. If I can assist you, regardless of what company you have chosen, feel free to e-mail me at Eggnav@aol.com. If you happen to be (or know someone)looking for another way to make money visit my website, http://www.waterlessjoe.com.
    Thank you for your time. God bless.

  46. That’s it?? These are the 10 companies hiring right now?? I guess my definition of ‘hiring’ doesn’t include plunking down cash to get started. And many of these types of things are well-disguised scams. Forget Avon, it’s like selling jewelry…there are only so many of these ‘parties’ your friends can afford to attend.

  47. I have been unemployed since 4/04/06. NOT degreed. I am an experienced electromechanical technician.Some QA experience, Please advise.

  48. Why does careerbuilder have this article linked to a header advertised as “10 Companies Right Hiring Now”?

    Please tell me this is a mistake. If you want to lose credibility, you’re on the right path.

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  56. can anybody orientate me with an ads that i got yesterday, promising me 8k per months? are they real or what? thanks anyone that can guide me through this. i don’t want to be a prey. good luck to all.

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  58. Im curious if you ever have problems with what people post? The internet never used to be like that, except that recently it seems to have become better. What do you think?

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