10 Companies Hiring for the Holidays

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hiringnowYesterday, Kate gave you the latest outlook out seasonal hiring this coming holiday season. She gave you some great tips and important stats, so I thought I would follow up with some companies where you can actually find a seasonal position.

Many companies, typically retailers, hire an abundance of seasonal workers to prepare for the boost in activity during the holiday season. The National Retail Federation reports that in 2008, the average monthly employment during the holiday season was 15.5 million workers. Retailers hired an additional 231,000 workers for the holiday season last year. Although these numbers are lower than in previous years, companies know that they still will experience increased traffic in the coming months and plan to staff accordingly.

Every year, we publish a list of employers that know they are looking for a few extra hands during the holidays. If you’re looking to bring in a few extra bucks this season, here are 10 companies hiring seasonal workers now:

Industry: Communications
Number of openings: 1000+
Seasonal positions available: Retail sales associates; store managers; and sales support
Location: Nationwide

A Wireless
Number of openings: 250+
Seasonal positions available: Store managers; sales consultants; district managers; information technology; customer service
Location: Nationwide

Industry: Entertainment
Number of openings: 1000+
Seasonal positions available: Retail sales associates; store managers
Location: Nationwide

: Appliance and electronics retail
Number of openings: 800+
Seasonal positions available: Appliance and electronics sales
Location: Indiana; Ohio; Kentucky; Alabama; Georgia; Florida; North Carolina; South Carolina; Tennessee

Hickory Farms
Specialty retail
Number of openings: 4,000
Seasonal positions available: Sales associate
Location: Nationwide, shopping malls

Number of openings: 1,000 +
Seasonal positions available: Part-time season retail help in gift wrap, sales associates, etc.
Location: Nationwide

Olan Mills Studio
Studio photography
Number of openings: 100+
Seasonal positions available: Photographers; portrait sales; customer service
Location: Ala., Ga., Pa., Ky., Tenn., N.C., Ind., Mich.

Electronics sales
Number of openings: 1000
Seasonal positions available: Retail sales associates
Location: 250 cities

Industry: Specialty retail
Number of openings: 35,000
Seasonal positions available: Management positions; sales associates, including cashiers, shelf stockers and customer service roles; and back-of-house stock opportunities
Location: Nationwide

Shipping and distribution
Number of openings: 200+
Seasonal positions available: Package delivery drivers; tractor trailer driver
Location: Nationwide

  1. Rachael, you left out a big one — GameStop. We announced yesterday we are hiring approximately 15,000 seasonal part-time game advisors between now and Dec. 24, 2009, to fill open positions at our 4,300 stores in the United States.

  2. I live in seaford de and currently employed but looking for some pwrt time seasonal employment to help out with the holidays. anyone with any kind of information please feel free to contact me via e-mail.

  3. You say that ten companies are hiring for seasonal jobs but when someone goes to apply they tell them they will get back with them if they are going to hire that person and that is the last time you here from that company.
    If they want people to have these jobs then why not give some people a chance instead of building their hopes up just to get let down.
    I personally have been out of work now for over a year and all the job sites that I go to tell me one thing and then does something all together differant.
    Can you tell me why that is or am I just an out cast!
    Sincerly yours in trust
    Dewey F.Strait

  4. Why does ups and fed ex start people off working part time,think about the companies is not lacking money it’s the people that lack the money, why not hire people full time things would get better if they did.

  5. I just retired and am looking for a temporary position. My main background is in IT. I am team oriented, self motivated, and responsible.

  6. Hi, I was wondering if there are any job openings in Ripley TN or surrounding areas. I am looking for a part time job, due to I teach school in the daytime and need night and weekends…please comply. thanks Cindy

  7. I was wondering the same thing. I have applied at most of the ones listed above and have only heard back from one of them and was told they are unable to give me a position. I have a two year degree and I am not qualified??

  8. I have the same issue, I applied at a store at the mall for holiday help, have a degree, they said they would contact me, I never heard back from them. They are still advertising that they need help too, what’s that all about?

  9. Hi, I am a senior citizen retired office manager who would like to work part-time for awhile. I prefer office duties, but will consider other options. I live in Ashland, VA. I prefer something close to home.

  10. Because when you hire on a pt basis, you really don’t have to offer benefits and things that full-time employees normally recieve. You don’t have to worry about overtime and maybe that particular job just needs people for a few hours a day.

  11. Not only does FedEx start people off part time, they keep them part time for many years. I know someone going on 6 years there – a very good worker and he is still part time. They also penalize their workers for working as little as one minute overtime by not allowing them to apply for full time positions for 1 year.

  12. People! Spelling errors? Looking for work by posting a comment here? Complaining about company policies? Think this will get you a job? Seriously?

  13. If healthy people cannot get a job, what about us who are physically challenged and live on Social Security Limited income? We want to be able to live better and have more income, but cannot work due to physical or mental illness. There is no way to get an increase when on fixed limited income without forfeiting other benefits.

  14. hey dewey strait, perhaps if you learned the difference between here and hear and threw in a few spelling lessons and some grammar, you might hear from those companies again. just a thought.

  15. i am a sixteen year old and i live in indianapolis,indiana i try to find jobs everyday. and nobody seems to hire me i look on career builder allllll the time and i still cant find anything. i dont know why but i need a job quickly. somebody please help me or please contact me what sholud i do people?

  16. Hi, what is gamestop, and any in the raleigh, durham, nc area, and also do you know of anyone where youre at, who buys sports pics, prints, we have all the ACC foot ball and basketball, and all the Baseball, and also all the Baseball Greats on one print?, email, ncsurfergal%@yahoo.com,

  17. WTF? Obviously the “writer” of the above piece as everyone else who “reports on crap”, didn’t check into the reports and merely wrote what he/she heard.
    Hey, responsible author, answer the questions, substantiate the claims. You won’t though, will you? What the hell do you care-you’ve got a job.

  18. I agree with you dewey , its all a lie to get people to think everything is ok and the job market is fine, you hear and read the news and they say its all great – right wrong!! more and more people are losing jobs and when your credit goes bad because your out of a job for so long , trust me it will be worse because to get a job now they look at your credit as well did you know that? its true so fat chance of getting the job now..

  19. I can’t seem to get any of the above listed companies to give me a chance. They say they are hiring but they never call me back.I really need a part-time job!!! I have a 4 year degree and have worked in sales when in college. Is it becuase I am too young?!? Why can’t I get a part-time job with anyone? : (


  21. Hey Dewey. How about taking some language classes at a local community college. While not getting back to you after you have applied for a job is not a good way to do business, perhaps the grammar and spelling that you use on an application could be holding you back from a new job.

  22. I too wonder why they never respond to quailified applicants I’ve applied to all these companies via there websites and have nothing Why?

  23. I have applied to many jobs in Houston/Sugarland area.Going to college parttime, have transportation, worked in many restaurants and manual labor,good work ethic,courteous and ready to start today. Call me, you won’t be disappointed!


  25. Do you really think the unemployment figures will go down. They are not counting all the people who have exhausted their benefits. The Senate is sitting on their thumbs, passing the next Fed Extension. I guess they just do not give a damn about the people who will be homeless. I live in a County in California that has a 21% unemployment rate.

  26. Need more specific location where to apply for Driver, Warehouse or package handler jobs for (today is November 3rd. 2009)UPS. Thanks Emilio

  27. Glad to hear that Blockbuster is on the list since they are in the process of closing three of the stores closest to where I live. I guess they are opening new ones somewhere else in the country.

  28. I applied at Sears for a retail position and they came back to me saying I was not what they are looking for. I have been in construction management for over 30 years and have managed many people. To say I am not what they want? Human Resources needs to be reexamined. They only seem to hire young people and that is discrimination! This way they can boss them around and not know the difference.

  29. I live in the area of Archer and Pulaski. Is there any opportunity to get a job around my area? Need an Answer Thanks Emilio

  30. The problem is you are too experienced and to old according to there standards. That is the impression many people are getting. Even some of the assesment test they want you to take for a retail sales position? No wonder this country is having problems. Good Luck!

  31. I’ve applied to nearly all of these companies on-line and gotten no responses from any of them. If you go into the stores they tell you to go on-line and apply and they’ll get back to you. It’s a Catch-22. And if you are an older worker you can forget about places like Radio Shack. One manager told me off the record that if you’re older the customer perception is that you’re not tech savvy.

  32. I would think that the vast majority of retailers will be hiring seasonal employees, certainly not just the few listed here. Not only do they need extra people running the cash registers and assisting customers in the store, the bigger stores also need extra people to help with the larger truck shipments they get leading up to Christmas.

    I’ve been struggling to find work over the last year, but landed a job working overnights at Target this season. They pay a nice shift differential for working overnight hours (comes out to what I made at my last temp job). I’ll work when most people are sleeping, then take the kids to daycare and sleep when most people are working, and still have the evenings with the kids just like I would with a day shift job, so it works out as far as that goes.

    Jen, while it may just be a problem of the companies having too many applicants to choose from, you may also be running into the “over-qualified” problem. Even though you probably just want a stable job right now, regardless of what it is, they see your education and/or experience and feel that you won’t be satisfied working in a lesser position and won’t stick around for or put decent effort into a position that is lower than what you qualify for. If you’re applying for an entry-level position, try to reassure them that this is not the case. If you’re applying for a higher position, you’ll probably have to sell your education and experience even harder than you normally would because of the sheer number of job-seekers that you have to compete against right now. It’s still pretty rough out there right now, but keep trying.

    Good luck to everyone!

  33. Everyday i sign on too career builder and their is this company radio shack always posted i always apply and havent heard anything yet,they have been on the wanted list since june when i moved into the maryland and now it’s the holiday time and they are still on the wanted list,so my question is are they really hiring or just need to post the sign?

  34. hi.i am writing because i been out of work for three years. i looking for part time and a little disabilty were i cant stay on my feet long.why cant people understand that. just because you have a little dis.we can still work part time.I WANT TO WORK.

  35. I was told by an engineer firend of mine (shes been with her company 20 years) that most firms never look at online applications! Just go in person or mail them the old fashioned way. If you fax them follow up, these companies do not hire staff to review online applications

  36. Please consider there can be dozens if not hundreds of applications being submitted for a few positions. It is impossible to contact everyone with a personal response. I’m not trying to make excuses, just explain things from the retailers point of view.

    Have you been to a career fair/ job fair recently? Each table gets slammed with resumes and applications. Obviously everyone doesnt get hired.

  37. The holiday help has already been hired so the companys can train them before the rush this article is to late. Most people were hired in Oct. now if this article was posted in sept. it may have been helpful.

  38. Yes I know it is the same with several companies, they have jobs posted all the time for the same positions and i apply all the time for the positions, I have 30 yrs exp for this position but never hear anything back and they are always posted. if they are NOT hiring for the position then TAKE IT OFF THE BOARD!!!

  39. I used to work for UPS….they use temp agencies to find workers…you may be full-time temp or part-time temp. When they DO get around to hiring…they go to that temp pool and check performance, etc….and then offer you the opportunity to become a UPS employee. During a hiring freeze, I worked diligently for over six months, and found my current job two weeks before they hired all of my temp co-workers at full benefits, etc! Take your chances and don’t give up, if you a good job, they could hire you in time.

  40. I’ve worked for an attorney for years and lost my job at the end of 2006 I am still out of work today. I have been to so many agencies and have told them that I am qualified to work with any company, I have a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in business administration and have worked with various companies even colleges. So, why do these agencies always keep looking for jobs with attorneys’ I don’t want to work with attorneys’ anymore.

  41. Stores will only hire ppl that do not seem like a flight risk. I read some of the comments on here…ppl are wondering why they are not hired and they have a degree. That’s the issue….retail stores do not want to hire ppl with degrees because once this person gets another position or decides to not work in retail, then the retailer is left to fill the position. Just tell them that you have no prior commitments or say that you attend community college…do not let them know that you have anything higher than a high school diploma

  42. It is sad and strange that people are asking for jobs on this comment page, and with such poorly written comments.

    People, please look up the definitions for:
    * there, they’re, their
    * to, too, two
    * here, hear
    * your, you’re
    These are not interchangeable words. They mean different things.

    Pay attention to your capitalization, punctuation and spacing. Bad writing habits will be noticeable on your job applications, and will make you appear uneducated or unintelligent. They will serve as your professional handicap.

  43. I am a retired nurse looking for a parttime position. I will take a lower salary but because of my age they tell me they will get back with me, but never do I am a nurse for 35 years and am an r.n. I have been retired for one year. with all this experience why would i be over looked. ?

  44. I been out of work since june 28, 2009 I live in the Chicago/ Northwest area I have a Illinois state licence, and a fire arm certicate through school, and I’ve been looking in a newspaper and there are no security jobs at all, or online, there are alot of retail stores hiring for the holidays and I been applying for that and no one has contacted me for employment Target is giving me the run around saying they will call me and they don’t. also there are cleaning services for homes and I was told they will call me in two days will see if it’s true. jobs are very hard to get while my house mortgage is in jeopardy. why is it so hard to get hired…..time is running out, and I have a lawyer fighting my ex-employer for my unemployment benefits and fighting for my backpay that I deserve. Jan

  45. I’ve been out of work for 1 1/2 yrs and am waiting for another extension to kick in. Being in the NYC area isn’t any easier that another out-of-state. I’ve gone to EEOC to file a complaint on age discrimation – I was the only one that got laid off and all my co-workers are still working! I put 7 1/2 yrs into my co. and guess seniority doesn’t count now adays. Been having a hard time getting rehired too – go on interviews but never hear anything either.
    This economy is a big SCAM that big co.CEOs and Wall Street started yrs ago. We may never see the light of day again!!

  46. I know that Bath & Body Works is hiring for seasonal help. They prefer that you can stay till close and/or start early in the a.m.
    Ladies, give it a try. Go in to the store and fill out an application. Then ask to see a manager.

  47. Sorry Dewey and to others in same position. I was recently on the other side. Hired as a seasonal manager and we needed seasonal help. You would be amazed at the number of applicants we got in person and online. It was overwhelming and I was not able to get back to each one of them, nor was I able to take down the Now Hiring sign. To add to the frustration, I was allowed to hire many people but could only give them very limited hours.

  48. I have been unemployed since 12-08. I was layed off after 4 & 1/2 years at a printer and after looking for a good while in shipping/ and warehouse I came up empty handed. My church helped me to get CNA certified and I am still only working part-time and temporary. Indeed.com is a good place to go because you can get good job results because you personalize them. Monster.com SUCKS. Good luck

  49. It’s cheaper for the companies to hire staff part-time instead of full-time because they don’t have to pay them benefits. Benefits are expensive.

  50. Well, according to some of these comments, I have been very fortunate. I have been through several interviews. Now, I have had an interview yesterday and will have an interview tomorrow from the same company. It is a three-interview process, and there is still a slim chance that I will make it. I thought I was eliminated after the first interview because I failed repeatedly to add five plus three in binary even though I am a Computer Science graduate. Nevertheless, my advice to you is to keep pressing on.

    For those that have grammatical and spelling errors, I suggest that you read some books if you aren’t. Go to your library. Also, proofread and allow someone else to read over your writings. Finally, there are some helpful games such as Scrabble, crosswords, Boggle, and the lesser-known Wordox, which can be found at http://www.wordsteal.com.

  51. If you have a college degree and you are applying for any hourly job(unrelated to your study), they won’t hire you! Don’t get suprised. The employer are looking for less qualified worker who has no other alternative but to work there. They know once you get that other job offer that you are qualified for, you’ll leave them. So, they hire people who are “slow”. Happy Job Hinting!

  52. I sympathize with everyone out there looking for employmnent. I have been in HR for over 20 years in management and as a contract recruiter/consultant and fully bilingual (proficient in English & Spanish). Like all of you I am going crazy trying to find work. All these sites post great jobs, however, my resume seems to just go straight into the abyss.I NEVER GET A POSITIVE RESPONSE!! I have NEVER been through such rejection! This is very very frightening, to think our country is in such a state of demise – recession hell, this looks more like a depression back to the days of grapes of wrath! Hold your breath and just keep on trying and don’t give up hope – we can’t stay down forever (easier said than done, I know)..

  53. I’m a 48 yr. old single mom.I have a 2 yr degree and qualified in many areas of careers. I’ve never been one to accept a handout and work very hard to keep my child and I going. Been denied food stamps because a state aid mistake in their office area. Unemployment based on a part time job, and stand every day at 4:45 in the morning in front of A TEMP SERVICE hoping there will be an opening for the day week or etc.I could say I’m ashamed of stooping down to a temporary job, but it IS a job, and I certainly dont witch about it.I’m not going for any 18 an hour job at this point. At most the temp jobs pay about 9 an hour but its worth the paycheck if you are willing to do it, and if you’re hungry enough.
    Sometimes it is an office, sometimes its factory work, heck I’ve even done landscaping.Enough said on the subject, because I want you all out there to ponder on this and then really go after a job, not just out of greed.

  54. Finally a voice of reason! People please whining and crying companies are not calling you back here is not going to get you hired. Call and follow-up on the companies you applied for, take some initiative! Also, if you do not know if a Gamestop is in your area go to their website and look it up. It’s really not that difficult. I was able to obtain a part-time retail job and I work a full-time job also maybe because I took initiative and followed up along with presenting my people skills.

  55. For the most part, these people are anonymous. Anonymous people don’t worry about being hired.

    Hopefully, they had their resumes checked by someone else for spelling & grammatical errors.

  56. No, very few jobs in Florida. Or at least so many applicants that by the time you respond to an opening, it’s filled (literally). Also beware of the impersonal behavioral tests, and don’t expect any feedback after interviews. Between my husband and I, we’ve each had only a handful of interviews in the last year and a half, and only one employer contacted us (my husband) to tell him he didn’t get it (even though we follow up, request hiring status and leave messages). With so little feedback after applying to jobs we’re well qualified for on down to entry level positions (except sales), we’re assuming sometimes we’re overqualified or competing with those with even more experience than required or ourselves. It’s very frustrating, but we continue to try to find work. Good luck out there!

  57. Hey Dewey,

    I feel your pain. I’ve been out of work for over 15 months myself and it’s hard. Based on what you said in your post, I would have to say that you merely got lost in a sea of applicants if you posted your app online, or you spoke to the wrong person when you dropped off your application. I too use to wonder the same thing. Until I realized what my problem was… I was speaking to the wrong people. My suggestion to you is list the companies you’re intested in and go in person to drop off your app if they are local (dressed to interview). When you get there, ask to see the hiring manager or the person interested in filling the position, if possible. Give a quick introduction of yourself and be cheerful. If they are unavailable, ask the receptionist who is the person in charge of filling the position, what their phone number is and when is the best time to reach them. This shows interest in the company. CAUTION: DON’T STALK!If it’s a seasonal job, you might get more information from them if you ask them, if the position you applied for could lead to a more permanent position. If they say yes, take a look at yourself and all of your skills and qualifications. You might be over qualified and that’s why your not getting any call backs. Remember, knowledge is power and the more you know about what the hiring company’s needs are, the more you’ll know if you’ll qualify to be at least a candidate for the interview. Each time I did that, I got to at least interview. What happens after that, you know is all you. Remember, these days, companies have the upper hand to get more for less because many people are out of work. So the pickings are bountiful. However, they also don’t want to hire someone, that will leave when something better comes along. Good Luck, I hope you land that job soon. Adam

  58. My story is identical to Dewey’s, the timeframe, the lack of responses once you apply. So what is it just to see how many or what type of applicants they get knowing that they have no intentions of hiring anybody at this time… It is so frustrating.

  59. The reason retirees do not get hired is because companies see them as someone ready to re-retire at the first opportunity. I would suggest with your RN experience you look into medical temp agencies or start working as a Doula. Neither is ideal when you need a job, but at least you will have a work history establishing as you continue to look for the job you want

  60. I would settle for work associated with the degree I am spending so much time trying to get! But even while I look, everyone wants experience. How do you get experience if you can’t find work in your specialty?

  61. As an HR Specialist, might I suggest that you volunteer somewhere in your line of work. That way you gain experience, it shows that you are passionate about your profession and it shows hiring officials that you are willing to do whatever it takes, even if it is free, to do what you love. Just an idea! Good Luck!

  62. It may help if you all knew a little more about the companies you are looking to work for. Seeing as how you can obviously access this site, try typing in the name of the company … the lady who doesn’t know what Game Stop is… and learning a little about that company. Your prospective employer may be impressed that you did some research on them.

  63. Even good employees turn flaky around the holidays. Employers need backup support for those they actually do hire and then do not show up for work. Around this time they tend to look for employees they can call 30 minutes before a shift and have them start work – no true schedule. If you are hired now, you may start off with a good schedule of 20-25 hrs per week, then watch them decline and possible return to normal closer to Christmas. Additionally, employers now are building their applicant pools just in case sales go up and push them to hire more people or they may forego customer service altogether. Good luck to us all!

  64. Who do you know that can live on what these companies pay for these positions? It would cost more for gas to get there. Is this what America is coming to?
    The homeless could really use a few bucks but would not be allowed to fill these jobs.

  65. I agree with everyone that there is not enough response from the employer. i do agree that you need to follow-up on putting in applications. This response shows your interest and I was told that only 1 in 20 follows up on their application. I think it is important to get the name of the person who will hire you.

  66. A.Smith if you haven`t already done so, check your D.A.C. report, and any other background info. I`ve been unemployed since Feb. My former employer, a very small trucking firm, had placed a termination notice into my background. I did not learn of this until a short while ago. And believe me it makes difference. I`ve 30+ years, and I`m still looking.

  67. Angela,
    You have the best grammar skills amongst all of the comments that I’ve read so far. . . Being able to write good is also crucial if you want to get your foot in the door and/or excel once you do. Please watch out for “to” vs. “too”. It is “too qualified” and “applied to a job. . .”. I wish everyone success in their search!

  68. Dewey and Mark, I agree with you. They keep saying that they’re hiring but they never get back to anybody. They get everyone’s hopes up and then let them down.

  69. I am looking for a temporary job in a warehouse. I have 10 years on the job experience working in a manufactoring warehouse.
    Shipping and recieving, picking products and scanning labels.

  70. I am on Career Builders everyday, applying for different jobs. Never do you hear from anybody and it is very hard not to get discouraged. I agree with some of the comments already made,some of us are not getting hired due to your credit report or because of our age. Now is that fair? no but it is happening,why does it matter so much what’s on your credit report, maybe if we could get jobs we wouldn’t have things popping up on our credit report.This world and employers have become so unfair and it’s sad, because things are not getting any better, maybe for the wealthy. But for most of us we are just hanging by a thread.

  71. Times are tough. I’ve been out of work for about six months. I worked off-the-books for a bustling Nightclub as a Bouncer. I brought in around $850 for a 36-hr work week. It was pretty convenient. But when the economy hit the downturn, I didn’t imagine I would be affected. Then it happened. The location closed down in February due to Liquor license violations. Things hasn’t been the same since then and although, I now have a 4-year University degree, I can’t seem to find suitable employment. However, I can’t give up because holding on to my dreams is the only thing I have left. Surely, I will be able to once again make enough money to go down to Florida to see my daughter.

  72. I have applied for the following positions for over one year. Accounts Payables/Receivables and Receptionist. I have sent out over 100 resume’s.
    They can not say that I am not quailified, because I have over 34 years experience. I feel that it is entirely my age of 64. I love working and hate that my company closed after 34 years service. The same companies advertise for the same jobs over and over. I feel like I have begged for a job. I have even offered to train free and still get no one to respond. Thanks for listening.

  73. Don’t get discouraged, because I know what you mean and I think that all the companies tell you that, then you never hear from them.I have been out of work 1 1/2 years and It’s hard, but we have to keep hope alive. Don’t give up!God has something great for us in store.

  74. For those of you needing a job try Walmart. They hire seasonal every year . We have alot of people that started out seasonal and have been with the company 20 years….Good Luck

  75. Wow, Angela. I’m impressed that there is someone who has a good grasp of the English language and can comment with good typing skills, too. No wonder you have managed to find a work situation that works for you. I commend you. Keep up the good work. If only job applicants would follow your example. I’ll bet you even dress for success at you job interviews.

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  77. Hey PJ – Editor

    I believe the correct English is “Being able to write ‘well’…..not being able to write ‘good’.

    At my company, when so many resumes come in the objective is to eliminate as many as possible. ONE spelling mistake and the resume goes in the garbage. The reality is employers are looking for reasons to throw out your resume so they can narrow down the options. Don’t give them an excuse to throw your resume out.

    I don’t think writing on this site will find anyone work, however, it just may keep everyone going knowing there are others who are struggling with them and willing to listen. The jobs will come back eventually. In the meantime, a few books on business writing, resume writing, interview skills, etc could help.

  78. I’m Network Engineer, & Ms Dynamics NAV operative.
    After leaving my former employer gracefully, I’ve spent the 9 months without a proper fulltime job.
    That’s however a common challenge for a man. However, two months ago, realized that if I stopped focussing on employers, problems, failures …etc; & examined myself (SWOT anlysis), made new friends professionally, prayed more to GOD, offered help to others, … Then I slowly become a jewel, worth finding!

    I got & valued my part-time teaching work; used the other time to learn new & better skills than those of employed guys around.
    In less than 3 months, they are not the ones hunting for me around to assist them where their companies stubbornly denied me a chance. So I earn a living them per job per hour. I’m happy & still optmistic.

    Learn from me, change yourself. Stop blaming employers!

  79. Leave Dewey alone you weird people! Ever think that maybe his typing skills are bad. Maybe if people spent less time on here complaining they WOULD find a job!

  80. Hello,

    Amazon is hiring for seasonal work as well. I live in Phoenix and there is a big push to hire for their warehouse here. They also have warehouses in Indianapolis, Lexington Kentucky, Delaware, Phoenix, Pennsylvania, Las Vegas….sorry don’t know the city in Delaware or Pennsylvania.

    Good Luck

  81. STOP SHOPPING AT WAL-MART! If we start buying products MADE IN THE USA the jobs WILL come back!

    Otherwise its simple Supply and Demand – Too many people, not enough jobs. We had ALL better get used to minimum wage! I used to make $50/hr and I can’t get a call back for $10/ hr jobs.

    Why don’t they call me back?
    1) They would have to hire another person just to call back the people they did not hired.
    2) They want to assemble a list of POSSIBLE employees for when they are READY to hire.
    3) They want a full database to show the employers who PAY to use this service.
    4) They are not hiring at all, they are just scammers looking for your personal information! NEVER include your Social Security Number or give permission for a credit check on a “blind application”.

    Good luck to all! One last note, please stop whinning about your unemployment benefits running out, not getting your food stamps and even your small social security checks and disability checks. Those of us who worked for years and paid for those benefits (and now do not qualify for such ourselves) ARE GETTING PISSED OFF!

  82. Try looking on craigslist.org or local job websites. Go to interviews with temp companies, they will give you the feed back you need. I have been looking for a 2nd part time job for several months since my hours have been cut. But I am looking in my field and do not want to have to drive. So it is slow going but I have had some good leads and some interviews. I am also sending applications to positions that take a lot of time to fill.

  83. I am in the same position you are in. I also have 2 Associates degrees and can not get a full time job, I can not even get a full time job working in an Hospital cleaning toilets how sad is that. Most places want you to have degrees and when you apply you are either over wualified or not enough, what is up with that?

  84. All these employers are a bunch of scumbags. They’re not worth working for. All you’re doing by working for them is making them rich by being their slave. Do not work for them. If people stop acting desperate and refuse to work for them with their crappy wages, high cost or no health insurance, and little to no vacation time, they’ll be forced to start paying better wages and providing better benefits. If they don’t, they’ll just have to hire people who don’t speak English.

    Don’t be desperate–they count on that. Work for yourself. If you have a car, go into business as a courier or delivery person. If you have a bike, you can be a bike courier. You can also be a foot courier. Go online and see what you can do as an independent contractor–if you can type, you might be able to do data entry work. Whatever skill you might have, just go into business for yourself and fuck these douchebags. Let them sit there at Christmastime without any cashiers or whatever it is they need. They’re just going to treat you like crap anyway. To hell with them. Work for yourself, call your own shots, and charge enough to give yourself a decent wage. These employers are only looking for people they think they can push around–they want people who are going to stay on a $7./hr job for life. Don’t give them the satisfaction.

  85. Dear Hiring Manager:

    I was interested to see your job posting on

    and would like to learn more about this opportunity.

    I am a [Master Electrician] with extensive experience [Performing skilled work on the installation, inspection, maintenance and repair of electrical systems and equipment] for [Kosovo Energy Corporation]. I have [13] years of experience [Experience in the use of electrical test equipment, maintaining AC-DC circuits and equipments,maintaining circuits breakers, motor control centres and transformes and PLC familiarization.]. In this role, [Install, examine, replace or repair electrical components, Test equipment and components for current, continuity and voltage, Maintain, repair and test switchgears, transformers and regulators, Maintain, repair and test motors, generators and control systems, Troubleshoot industrial control systems and devices, Interpret electrical code specifications].

    I feel that my Skills [Highly skilled with reading electrical schematics, evaluating panel layouts, and finding root causes for problems while using methodical approaches.]
    would be an asset in this role.

    Thank you for your time and consideration. I hope to have the opportunity to discuss the opening with you in person.


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  87. Hii live in Florida and i dont think there is anyone hiring in Florida ,because i filled out about 100 applications and no one even respond i have over 15years of driving experience with semi trucks and trailer and still cant find a job.What are they going to do about this state its falling apart and the crime rate is going up .The goverment needs to pay attention and fix this sunshine state,because it dont look all that good right now.Help FL is in need.

  88. Dear Hiring Manager,

    Based on my financial management skills, strong accounting background, computer skills, strong interpersonal skills, analytical and team building skills, plus the proven experience I hold, I need a posting on a financial, auditing, and accounting position.

    Communicate to me for any opening then i will send my resume that highlights my ability/knowledge/expertise in financial management and auditing in the areas I have worked.


    John Jakait
    B.COM (Hons) MUK, ACCA (UK).

  89. You should do your homework!

    Blockbuster is going out of business! They have scrapped all their stores in SC so far, I cannot speak to the conditions elsewhere.

    The store 2.5 mi. from my house has been stripped to the paint on the walls.

    Sorry. Nice try. I realize it’s hard to keep up. Who of the others you list is likewise on the verge of death?

  90. There is a growing problem with hundreds out of jobs, companies saying they are hiring, you apply and you never hear anything. People are getting tired of the misleading job postings. If you have no openings don’t post. Seasonal jobs are gone, so why post them? I feel the not taking applications at stores is one of the worst things that could have happened. Many people do not have computers, are not computer smart, or the places where you can get access to being on line are overwhelmed. I feel applications get shoved aside, and those that who would make good, faithful employees are lost in the shuffle. I have fallen into that area as many have, have been looking for over a year, and finally had to move in with my daughter because I cannot afford to live on my own. Even her family has their struggles because only one parent is employed due to job loss. So employers get a heads up!!!! If you have no jobs,say so, if applications come in at least read and reply back. I would rather hear that you aren’t hiring then to hear nothing at all.

  91. Jobs always say that they are hiring, but when somebody takes the time to actually seat down get on the computer in feel out an application in submit it to whatever job they hiring for they expected to get a respond. Not the hiring manager sit the application down in never read it. Take the time to call us and tell us something.
    The goverment needs to pay attention to all the problems that’s going on with people not having jobs that really needs one in fix it.
    Help Louisville its in need. Everybody in the ville need a job.

  92. desperate times call for desperate measures. Fast food anyone? Perhaps this is a test of faith,put away pride and turn it over to God. I struggle with it myself. I start work this week.

  93. I have had more luck walking into a business and actually filling out an application. The key is to call and check on the application after a week or so.

  94. If these companies badly need seasonal workers they can submit their work labor orders to their Local employment development department offices. Not only will it reduce the no. of unemployed stats but they get credit for hiring those who are legitimately looking for jobs.


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  97. I am an American Employer (sic) with a multi-million dollar business and here is what I’m looking for.

    1. Please be an excellent worker between 21 and 39yrs of age (prefer 23 to 35). I need you to be in excellent health because my business can’t afford healthcare anymore than you can (It’s just a fact of life, older workers by virtue of nature, have higher probability for requiring healthcare)

    2. Be educated, but not so educated that you have too many alternatives or the potential of leaving for a better position. I have a business to run and hiring is expensive. I need an excellent, inexpensive, steady worker that will be doing the same job for many years to come.

    3. Please be single and unattached. My business cannot afford the high cost of healthcare for an entire family, nor could I afford for you to get married and be out for parental leave.

    4. Please be affordable ($8-$15 an hour) and have a background corresponding to that range.

    5. You need to be an excellent sales closer with a track record of constantly exceeding sales. This is a business after all.

    6. Please be tall, thin, charming, and physically attractive. Studies have shown the positive effect of those variables on sales.

    7. Be very well dressed on a daily basis in attire that greatly exceeds the $8-$15/hr that I pay you. Studies have shown the positive effects of such attire on sales.

    8. Please have family in the area that ties you to the area, lest you leave the region. After all, you are single and mobile.

    9. Speaking of mobile, your own iPhone, impressive car and watch will be good matching accessories.

    10. Be an eloquent communicator, flawless presenter, with excellent speaking and writing skills.

    11. Please have several to many years of experience in retail. If you’ve never worked in retail or only have 1-2 years of experience, do not apply.

    Ideally, you’ll have 3-5yrs of retail experience which will put you in the mid 20s. More varied retail experience up to 8-10yrs, but no older than 35 would be good too.

    With 15 million plus unemployed, this can’t be too much to ask for can it?

    Those of you with PhDs, MBAs, JDs, RN, and other high level education or college education from Ivy League or prestigious university, need not apply.

    Be an “A” player, but with little to no expectation for advancement.

    Additionally, ability to work evenings, weekends, holidays, and long hours is a must in retail environments.

    If you can do the job of 2-3 sales people, that would be a plus.

    Ability to take on additional duties, inventory and warehouse management, bookkeeping, financial understanding, sales expertise, and marketing acumen would be a strong plus.

    We receive hundreds, if not thousands of resumes each day, if you do not meet the stated requirements in the ad 100%, and the requirements above, please save us both some time and do not apply.

  98. I have found that putting my resume on these sites have resulted in me getting a job. In fact the job I have now had for two years resulted in me posting (I can’t remember if it was career builder or monster I posted on,) and getting my job. The old fashioned way may be best for some companies while technology may be the way for other companies. When you get a response always be sure to follow up on your on line resume, and or in person application, to find out your status. Dress for the job when you get an interview and keep a positive mindset and don’t give up. good luck

  99. Aaron;

    As I read these comments, I thought the same thing. I completely agree! Spelling errors and complaining in a public forum are not what an employer is looking for.

  100. you are definitely not alone in this. i’m through the same thing with these companies giving me the run-a-round. it’s very annoying.

  101. Boysie B,

    Just to respond to your question regarding UPS. UPS offers the perfect solution to anyone who wants to own their own business, go to school or have a flexible schedule because the Teamsters Union has negotiated that all part-timers get free medical, dental and vison benifits! That is unheard of for any part-time employees! Everyone is there for the benefits not the money.

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  103. Go to the actual location of the job that you are inquiring about. It gives them a better impression. Plus, if you keep on applying solely online, employers look at that as laziness, that you can’t get out of your house to go get a job yourself. At the very least, call the company to ask if they are hiring. Be unique.

  104. I’ve worked for UPS for 5 years now, and yes, I’m part time. The reason there are so many part timers is the full time jobs are so lucrative(pays 22.50-37.00/hr), they had to start bidding the jobs out to the highest senority people. As for the part timers, we are well taken care of. Great pay, and UPS PAYS for all of our insurance, medical, dental, vision, prescription, life, disability, etc…and they pay for it for our entire family. It’s hard work, but the benefits make the time waiting for a full time job well worth it, if your situation allows.

  105. never heard of UPS using a temp pool before, but that may just be management in your area. Personally, I had to call every day for 2 months for my interviews. And that was with a referral from another UPS employee.

  106. You MUST be joking. Are you aware that by requiring #1 and #6, you are breaking the law? You have no right to deny a job because of age or appearance ~ this is illegal.

  107. Just because you have a degree does not automatically mean you have a job. I hire people with previous experience. And whats your degree in? Telecommunication degree isnt going to help out in a retail job.

  108. Oh and don’t call the company and find out. At least with retail anyways. Nothing better then being slammed with customers and someone calls and asks if we’re hiring. How about you get off your lazy butt and find out. I never say yes on the phone.

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  116. Holiday Job Hunting: Fact & Fiction

    The Quiz & Answers

    Please indicate “Fact” or “Fiction” for each of the statements below.

    1. There is less competition for jobs in December.

    Fact. Competition for positions is greatly reduced because of the prevailing belief that employers don’t
    hire in December. Most of your competitors will not be looking for a job this month but look out in
    January! Many job seekers get offers they wouldn’t ordinarily get by looking in December.

    2. There are only a few positions open in December.

    Fiction. For most companies, next year’s budget is already approved. Hiring managers either want to
    start the year with full staff or have requisitions for positions that begin immediately after the New
    Year. The Bureau of Labor Statistics surveys show no pattern of a drop-off in permanent hires at year-
    end. In fact, most companies have the same number of openings at year-end as they do the rest of the
    year but they have fewer candidates. There may also be pressure to exhaust this year’s hiring budget.

    3. January is the strongest hiring month of the year.

    Fact. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, January is the strongest hiring month of the year.
    Remember, it’s the legwork done in November and December that puts job seekers in a better position
    to snag the first-of-the-year positions.

    4. Hiring managers are too busy during the holidays to do interviews.

    Fiction. Fewer business trips and daylong meetings take place in December making it easier to reach
    decision makers. Most managers have reached their goals and are at their desks planning for the New
    Year. Managers could also have tips of positions that will open after the first of the year.

    5. Calls to potential employers are not welcome during the holidays.

    Fiction. For most of the year, managers strive to screen the tide of job hunters coming their way. At
    year-end, however, that tide has thinned and hiring managers are in a more giving mood. The best time
    to call is first thing in the morning and late afternoon. By mid-day they are likely to be roaming the
    halls or taking longer lunch breaks.

    6. Holiday parties are great places to get job leads.

    Fact. Of course, you have to have your strategy well planned. Collect your holiday presents early by
    requesting job leads and referrals from your friends. Be company and department specific in your
    request naming your target company and the specific department. Get names, numbers, and permission
    to mention your contact’s name in the initial call. Appearing desperate is a downer for everybody.
    Engage in some relaxed conversation about job openings.

    Make appointments with willing friends and acquaintances for coffee or other short social meetings to
    discuss your search. Have your 90-second commercial ready along with a 60 second description of
    your ideal job. (See the “Tools” handout for more information.)

    7. Sending Holiday greeting cards is a waste of time.

    Fiction. Use your holiday cards to update friends, associates, and family on your current status. An
    upbeat note in the card will start your phone ringing. Expanding your list of card recipients will put
    your name in front of more people, possibly some that you will see at holiday parties.

    8. December is a good month to take time off from a job search.

    Fiction. The prevailing concept is that companies don’t hire during the holidays. Fact: they do!!
    Taking yourself out of the game shrinks the pool of candidates and gives someone else the edge.

    9. Traveling during the holidays stops a job search.

    Fiction. Okay, it’s a trick question. If you are already interviewing with a prospective employer, taking
    a trip is a great reason to call the hiring manager with your contact information. Another possibility is
    that your travels may take you to one of your target locations. How about calling potential employers
    ahead of time to set up visits?

    10. Taking a temporary holiday job is a bad idea.

    Fact & Fiction. Taking a temp job to fill the dwindling coffers could be necessary. Selecting that job is
    important. Many retail jobs will end after the rush and you’ve taken yourself off of the market at a
    critical time. Temp jobs with companies that are on your hit list or if the work closely matches your
    preferences and skills could be a great idea. Companies are hiring “temp to perm” more often these

  117. I have been out of work for so long I seriously cannot remember the last real job I had. the only advice I have is to go to school. even if you have a degree already unless of course you have a masters becaue I’m not sure where you can go from there. If people who have masters degree can’t be hired though gee whiz I don’t think there is any hope for the rest of us. I have read every comment here and I can relate to every single one. however I did read one comment about volunteering in the field to get experience. That doesn’t work so well all the time because it hasn’t worked for me I have so much volunteer experience I need to pages granted there are different areas of work being accounted for. Like childcare, construction, customer service, office coordinator, fund raiser coordinator, painting ( pictures not walls), tutoring in computer programs, software and basic computer knowledge. I think I just need to become a fultime paid volunteer. The job market is crazy where I live and I really just think no one cares that others need a job they just flipp through the resumes. My real problem with that is they will probaly throw away the better candidate for whatever reason they deem fit and then by some stroke of luck these individuals are left with just one resume left, so they hire that person without knowing they are an idiot. yay! I think this process just continues until people give up. It is so frustrating to not be able to find a job when you are really, seriously looking. And when you know people who are seriously unqualified or just plain stupid get jobs its just a slap in the face because you know you were the better applicant. Everyone has that one friend who is just for lack of a better word stupid so lets not get on our high horses. and don’t get your panties twisted about how others type your excellent typing skills don’t seem to have landed you a job and if you have a job then what the hell are you doing here yaking with us GO TO WORK!!! and if you are at work while you are doing this GOD HELP US ALL because if a dipshit like yourself can get a job and abuse it then the rest of us are all seriously screwed
    **that last comment wasn’t aimed at anyone in particuar there are just alot of jackasses who leave comments and don’t seem to think that they could hurt someone’s feelings. I really don’t think anyone asked for your feedback so put a sock in it. even though you guys make a point ya’ll didn’t have to single out and attack the person’s intelligence. it’s about helping others out not taking advantage of their misfortune. and another point most people don’t correct grammatical errors when they are chatting or posting a comment on a freaking website it just ain’t that dang serious! but theie resumes are flawless because I know mine is. It’s been checked rechecked outsourced to others to check given to employers to check and I have been so bold to ask Why? because I know when they say I’ll cal you that means they won’t so I ask WHY? what was wrong and it is NOT my resume so dudes who are leaving hateful comments to others need to get a life**
    I hope everyone is blessed with employment!

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  130. I do love the manner in which you have presented this specific difficulty plus it does indeed present me a lot of fodder for consideration. Nonetheless, because of what precisely I have seen, I really trust when the actual reviews pack on that men and women continue to be on point and not embark upon a tirade involving the news du jour. Anyway, thank you for this outstanding piece and while I do not necessarily agree with the idea in totality, I regard the viewpoint.

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