30 Percent of Layoff Survivors Feel Burned Out

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burnout1At first, workers who survived layoffs within their companies felt relief, grateful and reassured to have their jobs. But, according to a new survey by CareerBuilder, those feelings quickly turned to stress and burn out.

Thirty percent of layoff survivors feel burned out, according to the survey of more than 4,400 workers nationwide. Forty-seven percent of workers reported they have taken on more responsibility because of a layoff within their organization and 37 percent said they are handling the work of two people.

To accommodate growing TO DO lists, 34 percent of workers who kept their jobs after a layoff reported they are spending more time at the office.  Seventeen percent are putting in at least 10 hours per day and  22 percent are working more weekends.

“Companies today are having to do more with less as they contend with shrinking budgets and staff levels,” said Rosemary Haefner, Vice President of Human Resources at CareerBuilder.  “Employees are feeling added pressure as they shoulder heavier workloads and strive to maintain productivity levels.  It’s critical that managers and employees work together to prioritize and set realistic expectations, so work demands feel attainable and less overwhelming.”

Haefner recommends the following tips to keep stress levels in check:


  • Don’t over-promise. If two or more projects come up at the same time, work with your supervisor to identify which takes precedence and establish reasonable time lines.
  • Take time to recharge. Go for a walk on your lunch break.  Take a personal day.  Get eight hours of sleep.  Ultimately, recharging your battery will serve you and the company better.
  • Cut the e-leash. Unless needed, turn off electronic devices at a certain time of the day to designate the end of that workday and avoid getting caught up in discussions that can wait until the morning.


  • Explore flexible work arrangements. Cutting your commute one or two days a week can help shorten your workday.  More employers today are open to offering telecommuting and other options that may help to provide a better work/life balance.
  • Don’t get caught up in the rumor mill. Forty-two percent of workers reported they are fearful of layoffs within their organization.  Ignore speculation and focus on the task at hand.

How are you handling additional workloads and stress in your job?

  1. Taking time to recharge is uber important. One way to do that is by laughing–it can combat some of the negative effects of stress by increasing bloodflow to the heart and brain and relaxing muscles.

    Need a fix of laughter? Check out some office humor.

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