More Companies Hiring for the Holidays

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In the past few weeks, we’ve talked  a lot about seasonal hiring and we got a huge response to the blog where we posted 10 companies hiring for the holidays. Based on all of your comments, it sounds like a few of you are looking for some more options.

Ask and you shall receive, my friends.

Here are six more companies that are hiring seasonal workers. If you’d like even MORE results, please go to and search “seasonal” or “holiday help.” You can search more specifically within your preferred industry.

Durham School Services
Industry: Transportation
Positions hiring: Bus drivers
Number of position: 250

H&R Block Tax Services
Industry: Accounting and finance
Positions hiring: Office manager, client services,
Number of positions: 500+

Industry: Retail
Positions hiring:Various
Number of positions: 25+

Tiffany & Co.
Industry: Jeweler
Positions hiring:Sales associates
Number of positions: 25+

U.S. Cellular
Industry: Wireless
Positions hiring: Cashier, greeters, retail wireless consultants, sales managers, store managers, bilingual (Spanish speaking) retail wireless consultants and cashier greeters, service technicians, customer service representatives, customer service operations , bilingual (Spanish speaking) Customer Service Representatives; marketing, accounting, finance, project management, public affairs, human resources, engineering, IS/IT, sales operations
Number of postions: 550+

Veolia Transportation
Industry: Transit
Positions hiring: Safety managers, maintenance managers, general manager, drivers and mechanics
Number of positions: 150+

  1. How do you get hired with a background. I am having a real problem. One man interviewing me yesterday from the Neshaminy Mall, Bensalem, PA Management office told me I would never be hired with a record. Is that true? I’ve filled out applications for so many stores for holiday help and not hearing any response. I have lots of experience. I’ve done one thing wrong in my life and I’ve paid my dues dearly and I’m getting no chances. Please help..I’m down from my interview yesterday.

  2. Rachel -
    While there are some companies hiring, I know for a fact (working for a major national retailer) that many stores and services are trying to get by with a bare minimum of staff.

    However, I believe my own employer may start to push payroll headcount up early next year as long as holiday sales are solid. I think they’re playing it safe!


  3. ‘You-all’ don’t make it easy for a person to use your NEW search engine?

    I am a Communications College Graduate !

    Got TARGET’ ;
    Tried to apply for MD.State Target Stores;
    Barely found the right icon, link to Target>MD>Balto

    *Outcome: No Jobs at Baltimore Stores (unless I found the wrong

    A Company ICON, link to “Target”-only jobs, preferably linking to specific geo.locations? (If inexpensive)

  4. Josi – I think it depends on what you’ve done. You may have paid your dues, but I’m sorry to say that the record may dissuade anyone from hiring you. If the job position requires cash handling, and you’ve got a record for stealing… It probably would keep you from getting a job, at least where cash handling is concerned. I could be wrong, and this is only my opinion; but, I think it’s necessary to understand what the other side is thinking. There are some places that could help you out: the POWER program at Montgomery County Community College, Gateway and Goodwill (you have to be referred via a therapist or some other professional), PA Careerlink, to name a few. Check them (and others) out; also, you do not have to pay for any of what I listed, so be careful with those that say ‘pay us and we’ll get you a job.’ They are most likely scams. Honestly, Josi, I think it’s wrong for that manager to have said that to you, though at the same time, depending on your record, it just may be a fact of life for you. I hope the best for you, and everyone, now and always. There are other jobs you could do, don’t give up hope! :)

  5. Hi, for the person with a criminal record looking to find employment – ask your local employment office for a list of companies that people with felonies on their records. All employment offices have a list such as this. There ARE companies out there that will hire you. Also, do an internet search on “companies who hire felons” and you will find more – although they may be out of state from you. Hang in there.

  6. Hello Josi,
    Do you believe in the almighty God??? He can do miracles beyond your wildest wish. I mean this because I applied for a sales position at The Sharper Image. Well, I am gray haired and over 50 female, Asian. I do speak English well being born in the U.S. but when I looked around the store, all clerks were young males. Age from 18yrs to 30′s. So I figure why not apply, the Lord can do anything. I prayed about it asking for any forgiveness and than believing for Grace. I did get the job for the holidays and also was asked to be a permanent p/t employee. Amazing God!!!!!!

  7. There are ways of getting hired with a record, for starters you may want to try temp agencies who actually get jobs that don’t require the background check. Also, stay away from financial jobs which normally require background checks due to banking laws. In the interim, go for higher paying full-time retail jobs until you can get your background pardoned. Go to your states local website and find out how you can get those charges dismissed so you can live as a productive citizen, pardons can be granted no matter the charge without an expensive lawyer. If you can’t do it from home, do the research at the library. It may take a 1-2years or less to get it removed but it will be well worth the wait and trouble. Hope this helps and good luck!

  8. I am an oilfield operations engineer specializing in completions and workover with 15 years experience. I was laid off by Occidental last February during a “reduction in force” and have not found work yet. I am getting a little anxious here. Anybody know of an outfit that requires experienced engineering support? Chris

  9. My biggest block in finding employment is that I have not worked for over two years. After my father died in 2007 I was the most reasonable choice to care for my disabled mother. I was a tractor trailer driver and now no one will touch me. I do have an engineering degree but have been out of the industry for almost 20 years. I can not even get a job at a 7-11 because of my qualifications. I wonder what will happen to all these people receiving extended unemployment benefits. Any ideas?

  10. Does anyone have any advice for someone who has had 14 years in law enforcement/ security, 12 years in construction /remodeling, and 12 years in retail including retail management?
    My guess is that anyone looking at my resume would think I’m all over the place, fact is I went where I could find work and more money.
    The end result is that I am in Orlando, FL and finding a rough time to find “quality employment opportunities”. Most of the companies I have worked for were “questionable”
    as a result of internal corruption.

  11. good morning,i know its hard out there in the job market but if you have any exprience working i encourge you to check out veolia transportation,i have been with this company two years and its a great company with great benefits.step out on faith and god will do the rest

  12. I have yet to find a decent job to apply for from this site. And I have tried to 10 yrs. And with the recession its getting even worse. I wish there was a creditable site to locate jobs.

  13. Wow 25 jobs at Target and 25 at Tiffanys? Is that really worth printing, we have 11% unemployment….I know, you needed big names to reference….

  14. Josi I know how you feel my record will be expunged in January and I was told by so many employers that I should go into business for myself due to my record. My ex-wife had me arrested for not paying her divorce attorney and I have our child to care for. I was trying to get cloths and things for my son to be cared for by friends when officers tazered me and arrested me for resisting arrest at 9:30 am and I was to meet them at the station at noon. Now for a year I have been out of work because of this without any child support for over 7 years. I used to work for the Federal Government before this. I hope you find work but if you don’t think about going into business for yourself.

  15. the jobs you say are hiring you do not send them right to the application and the point is to get to the job that is posted so that we can apply right for the job not all the other confusion

  16. Hi Josi…you might want to look up your local State Vocational Rehabilitaton office. They mainly help people with disabilities (physical or mental). These days almost anyone can be diagnosed with some sort of mental disablity. You can also have school paid for if you are eligible. Good luck!

  17. Hi Josi,
    Please don’t give up, that’s the best advice anyone can give you. That jerk that said you’ll never be hired cannot speak for all employers. My fiance has a history, he works full-time with benefits, at a job that he loves. Keep an eye out for general labor positions, they’re usually a little more accepting because they need any man willing to work more than other jobs. If you know ppl with records and they have jobs you can ask that they refer you too. Good luck.

  18. I was recently laid off from a job where I was a Horticulture Manager for Nanak’s Landscaping for over 12 years. One day out of nowhere I was told they sold the horticulture division to TruGreen and I was out of a job. They claimed they had included me as having a comparable job at TruGreen, if I wanted it. I didn’t really “want” it but I took it so I would have a job. My wife is disabled and not able to work so I am the main breadwinner for our family. The job turned out to not even be close to comparable. I went down to the bottom of the “food chain”. The only thing that changed was my salary and my ability to obtain insurance for myself and my spouse. I hated getting up every morning to go to this job but I forced myself every day. I knew that in this business there was a chance I could get laid off. The first week in October, I was called in and told that they had to cut costs and they couldn’t afford the salary. I was there about 7 months. I have 30 years experience and have a valid Florida Pesticide Operator’s license. I have put in close to 60 resume’s and only 1 interview. I spoke with a company that seemed very interested but suddenly dropped the talks. The strange thing is the position I talked to them about is still open. I think maybe my age is a factor. I’m only 49 not 94. What am I doing wrong? This is causing a tremendous problem in my personal life. The place where we were living is too expensive. We finally found a place. My wife and the landlord had an agreement that we would move out by the end of Nov. if he would not file an eviction. When he received the questionaire from the apartment we found, he retaliated by filing an eviction suit. We had to beg to get them to okay our application for the apartment. How can I get out of this hole? I need a job and if the apartment changes their minds, we are going to be on the streets, in our car or in a shelter. If anyone knows what I can do to get out of this hole I seem to be sinking deeper and deeper into, Please let me know. Thanks.

  19. Holiday Job Hunting: Fact & Fiction

    The Quiz & Answers

    Please indicate “Fact” or “Fiction” for each of the statements below.

    1. There is less competition for jobs in December.

    Fact. Competition for positions is greatly reduced because of the prevailing belief that employers don’t
    hire in December. Most of your competitors will not be looking for a job this month but look out in
    January! Many job seekers get offers they wouldn’t ordinarily get by looking in December.

    2. There are only a few positions open in December.

    Fiction. For most companies, next year’s budget is already approved. Hiring managers either want to
    start the year with full staff or have requisitions for positions that begin immediately after the New
    Year. The Bureau of Labor Statistics surveys show no pattern of a drop-off in permanent hires at year-
    end. In fact, most companies have the same number of openings at year-end as they do the rest of the
    year but they have fewer candidates. There may also be pressure to exhaust this year’s hiring budget.

    3. January is the strongest hiring month of the year.

    Fact. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, January is the strongest hiring month of the year.
    Remember, it’s the legwork done in November and December that puts job seekers in a better position
    to snag the first-of-the-year positions.

    4. Hiring managers are too busy during the holidays to do interviews.

    Fiction. Fewer business trips and daylong meetings take place in December making it easier to reach
    decision makers. Most managers have reached their goals and are at their desks planning for the New
    Year. Managers could also have tips of positions that will open after the first of the year.

    5. Calls to potential employers are not welcome during the holidays.

    Fiction. For most of the year, managers strive to screen the tide of job hunters coming their way. At
    year-end, however, that tide has thinned and hiring managers are in a more giving mood. The best time
    to call is first thing in the morning and late afternoon. By mid-day they are likely to be roaming the
    halls or taking longer lunch breaks.

    6. Holiday parties are great places to get job leads.

    Fact. Of course, you have to have your strategy well planned. Collect your holiday presents early by
    requesting job leads and referrals from your friends. Be company and department specific in your
    request naming your target company and the specific department. Get names, numbers, and permission
    to mention your contact’s name in the initial call. Appearing desperate is a downer for everybody.
    Engage in some relaxed conversation about job openings.

    Make appointments with willing friends and acquaintances for coffee or other short social meetings to
    discuss your search. Have your 90-second commercial ready along with a 60 second description of
    your ideal job. (See the “Tools” handout for more information.)

    7. Sending Holiday greeting cards is a waste of time.

    Fiction. Use your holiday cards to update friends, associates, and family on your current status. An
    upbeat note in the card will start your phone ringing. Expanding your list of card recipients will put
    your name in front of more people, possibly some that you will see at holiday parties.

    8. December is a good month to take time off from a job search.

    Fiction. The prevailing concept is that companies don’t hire during the holidays. Fact: they do!!
    Taking yourself out of the game shrinks the pool of candidates and gives someone else the edge.

    9. Traveling during the holidays stops a job search.

    Fiction. Okay, it’s a trick question. If you are already interviewing with a prospective employer, taking
    a trip is a great reason to call the hiring manager with your contact information. Another possibility is
    that your travels may take you to one of your target locations. How about calling potential employers
    ahead of time to set up visits?

    10. Taking a temporary holiday job is a bad idea.

    Fact & Fiction. Taking a temp job to fill the dwindling coffers could be necessary. Selecting that job is
    important. Many retail jobs will end after the rush and you’ve taken yourself off of the market at a
    critical time. Temp jobs with companies that are on your hit list or if the work closely matches your
    preferences and skills could be a great idea. Companies are hiring “temp to perm” more often these

  20. josi, u are correct, i am an ex-convict as well, i have done so many sites that say they hire felons, but it turns out u have to pay for results, another way the government sticks it to us, for something we done when we were young and dumb, i do not believe that we have to suffer for all eternity for something we did. there are lots of theives and killers out there and none of them have felony records but are just as bad to hire then we are.we felons bust our butt harder to prove we are worthy workers. we work harder, but when somethin comes up missin, and its not our fault, we are the first to go, which is not right.!

  21. I had to laugh while reading this. My company 2 weeks for christmas took away all PTO, they made a new policy and stole up to 12 weeks of PTO back, supposedly to start fresh in the new year. Then 1 week before christmas, 51 people were laid off, oh yeah and they no longer had PTO to sell back, crooks. I was among the 51, I am now finding that the only jobs, in IT pay so little it is not worth my time to respond. I refuse to take a 54% pay cut, employers are abusing the market, wanting employees to to back 18 yrs in pay. Way to go Obama, kill the middle class, and give us “Free” healthcare. Sound just like England, they too have no middle class.

  22. Hello, I Jeffrey H. Sams is looking for part-time work involving consumers and/or employees with problem resolutions. I have a Master’s degree in Human Services and I have a Master’s level certification as a Human Services Broad Certified Practitioner. I also have approximately 20 years experience in the assessment of people and problem solving. A resume can be forwarded to anyone of interest. Thank you in advance for your interest.

  23. For all of you “Leagal” American Citizens looking for work and having trouble finding a job. You can thank your government for the situation Our Country is in. Our elected officials both Republican and Democrsat have done noting to protect the citizens of this country. They failed to protect our manufacturing base by allowing the importation of goods made in countries that do not have the same environmental and employee protection regulations and laws that are enforced in the USA. This put our manufacturers and thus workers at a disadvantage to compete. Our governing officials from the presdent on down did nothing to protect the nly things that brought us out of the Great Depression, our manufacturing base and our farms. Our elected officials have failed miserably to represent and protect the citizens of this country, it’s borders from illegal entry, our manufacturers from unfair competition and the jobs for every LEGAL American Citizen, but did pass bills and legislation to protect themselves, with pensions, and health care. The elected officials have made the government a burden for the people and “mr obama” and his band of idiots is just digging the hole deeper and deeper to bury the United States. So I bid you good luck finding a job but unless We The PEOPLE band together to take back OUR COUNTRY ther is a no hope for our future. Good luck.

  24. I have worked several seasonal jobs in the past and will try for another this year my advice for what it’s worth is to dumb down your resume to fit the job your applying for -ie- do not list the fact you hold a Business Degree if you are looking for work stocking shelves. I don’t advocate lying on your resume because you will get found out just leave out advanced Degrees and if you are asked about your education at the interview tell the truth. Personally I’ve never been asked about my Education at an interview unless I listed it on my resume.
    Good luck

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