The future’s 15 most wanted workers

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This spring there seems to have been an explosion of positive employment news that’s left skeptics wondering, “Is this news too good to be true?” and job seekers crying foul.

While we are not out of the woods yet, President Barack Obama was cautiously optimistic in a recent radio address. “Even as we have come a long way, we still have a ways to go,” Obama said.  “No matter what the economic statistics say, I won’t be satisfied until folks who need work can find good jobs.  After a recession that stole 8 million jobs, this is going take some time.”

Considering some of the most recent indicators that the economy and employment are improving, one can’t help but be hopeful:

  • For the third consecutive quarter, more employers are projecting they will increase head count in the next three months while fewer employers are expecting staff cuts, according to CareerBuilder’s Q2 2010 Job Forecast. Twenty-three percent of employers plan to add full-time, permanent employees in the second quarter while 8 percent plan to downsize staffs. Looking at actual hiring for the second quarter in 2009, 18 percent of employers reported they had hired full-time, permanent staff while 17 percent reported they had decreased staff.
  • In its April 2010 Industry Survey, the National Association of Business Economics reported increased job creation for the first time in two years. The share of respondents expecting their firms to add employees over the coming six months rose to 37 percent, from 29 percent in January’s survey. The percentage of firms cutting jobs moved lower, to 13 percent in April from 28 percent in January. “After more than two years of job losses, job creation increased in the first quarter of 2010, suggesting a better outlook for hiring over the next six months,” said William Strauss of the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago.
  • In April, Moody’s reported that, “based on data through February, 205 metro areas nationwide appear to be in recovery, 21 more than in January. By population size, the largest metro areas to move into recovery (January-February) were Santa Ana, Calif., Nassau, N.Y., and San Jose, Calif. Smaller metro areas are more likely to be in recovery at this point than larger ones; although more than half of all U.S. metro areas appear to be recovering, they represent only 41 percent of total metropolitan gross domestic product.”
Jobs of the future
This map from shows states that are moderating and recovering from the recession.

Unfortunately, it’s not expected to be smooth sailing when we come out on the other side of the recession. As difficult as it may be to believe given today’s still shaky employment situation, economists are projecting a labor shortage  soon.

“By 2018, with no change in current labor force participation rates or immigration rates and an expected return to healthy economic growth, we will have more jobs than people to fill them,” wrote Barry Bluestone, dean of the School of Public Policy and Urban Affairs at Northeastern University, and Mark Melnik, deputy director for research at the Boston Redevelopment Authority, in their report “After the Recovery: Help Needed.”

The report, which was sponsored by MetLife Foundation and Civic Ventures, a think tank on baby boomers, work and social purpose, predicts that within the next eight years there could be at least 5 million job vacancies in the United States, nearly half of them (2.4 million) in social sector jobs in education, health care, government and nonprofit organizations.

The report identified 15 jobs expected to provide the largest number of potential new career opportunities in the coming decade.

1. Business operations specialists
Total job openings due to growth and replacement needs: 1.6 million*
Current U.S. salary: $44,522**

2. Child-care workers
Total job openings due to growth and replacement needs: 532,1000
Current U.S. salary: $24,354

3. Clergy
Total job openings due to growth and replacement needs: 217,700
Current U.S. salary: $51,746

4. General and operations managers
Total job openings due to growth and replacement needs: 502,200
Current U.S. salary: $94,706

5. Home health aides
Total job openings due to growth and replacement needs: 552,700
Current U.S. salary: $27,345

6. Licensed practical and vocational nurses
Total job openings due to growth and replacement needs: 391,300
Current U.S. salary: $44,738 for LPNs; $39,272 for vocational nurses

7. Nursing aides, orderlies and attendants
Total job openings due to growth and replacement needs: 4,223,000
Current U.S. salary: $30,494 for nursing aides; $33,822 for orderlies; $24,695 for attendants

8. Medical assistants
Total job openings due to growth and replacement needs: 217,800
Current U.S. salary: $35,986

9. Medical and health service managers
Total job openings due to growth and replacement needs: 99,400
Current U.S. salary: $39,956

10.  Personal and home care aides
Total job openings due to growth and replacement needs: 477,800
Current U.S. salary: $27,345

11.  Receptionists and information clerks
Total job openings due to growth and replacement needs: 480,200
Current U.S. salary: $30,887

12.  Registered nurses
Total job openings due to growth and replacement needs: 1.04 million
Current U.S. salary: $61,423

13.  Social and human service assistants
Total job openings due to growth and replacement needs: 153,900
Current U.S. salary: $34,324

14.  Teachers
Total job openings due to growth and replacement needs:  2.68 million
Current U.S. salary: $54,273 for all; $35,810 for elementary; $47,603 for high school; $68,456 for  post-secondary

15.  Teacher assistants
Total job openings due to growth and replacement needs: 412,700
Current U.S. salary: $24,429

*Total needs over the entire 2008-18 period according to Bureau of Labor Statistics (

**Average annual salary according to

  1. Take careful notice of this study’s assumptions: No change in current labor-force participation or immigration rates. Most people are well aware that both of these have declined significantly since the onset of the recession, and will be pushed sharply upward when full recovery takes hold. I’d love to see a return to the labor market of 1998-99, the last time job-seekers really had the upper hand, but I just don’t see that happening.

  2. If you notice those most expected are moreless service oreintated jobs. Which will not sustain any growth in the over all picture of our economy. As long as manufacturing stays stagnant, at best we will remanin in terrible times. Tell the truth please, would be amazed what people can handle.


  4. Did someone pay for this article? If you want to call it that. There is not one IT position in this list. I refuse to believe it. Our entire economy now revolves around technology. It doesn’t matter which business – technology is a part of it in a big way.

    • Matt, IT is being Off-shored and will continue until our beloved government decides to quit giving tax breaks to Corporations and helping them do it. My company alone has sent thousands and thousands of IT jobs to countries like Brazil, Costa Rica, Mexico, Argentina, Slovakia, India, China, Malaysia, etc. Well you get the picture. Anywhere in the world but the USA. Middle income jobs lost while our working middle class goes the way of the dinosaur.

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  6. Teachers? Teachers????? My district has laid off all the 1st and 2nd year teachers this year, after laying off the majority of 1st year teachers last year, and the district is still in the hole- Unles you are VERY highly specialized, there are no teaching careers in Denver- what an insult to keep seeing teachers as a great growing career- In 2006, I spent $18,000 on my MA ED………….if I like substituting for $10-12 an hour, with no benefits, great career path-

    • Dinster has a good point. Why is it we as a country have devalued education? If each new generation has a lower quality education then our country is doomed. My girlfriend is getting her masters in intergating technology in the classroom and i am amazed at how much I am able to help her with her homework and i am an RN who for the first 30 years of life was a mechanic. It amazes me to watch our politicians keep cutting education funding. To coin an old phrase…. If you think education is expensive, try ignorance.

  7. Well, crudely stated, Dugtrux, but nevertheless true. An economy in which employment growth is largely a product of activities in the personal counseling, education, and healthcare professions is not sustainable. But then, neither are conventional U.S. farming practices. The Moby Dick metaphor still holds.

  8. I keep seeing teachers listed on all these articles. The district I work for is about to lay off over 100 teachers, some with almost ten years experience. For years they have been putting their new people on temporary contracts so they wouldn’t get any tenure. Other districts here in Los Angeles have laid off thousands. There ARE no jobs. I am lucky to be subbing every day with no benefits only because I have been doing it for several years now. They are not even taking applications for teachers or subs. I’m fully credentialed, an experienced former teacher and went back to school to get a master’s degree only to be worrying whether I’ll have even less work next year. I wish someone would tell us where all these teaching jobs are.

    • They are taken by teachers that can not teach or don’t want to. Minimal effort is put forth here in Brighton, Tennessee it is all about who you know, there are several individuals that refuse to do thier job. They cover for one another when ever a mistake is made rather than correcting the mistake and would rather teach our children the important things in life. You know focusing on how people dress, sports, things of that nature. Parents aren’t happy with the public school system and for this reason there will be quite a few openings in the private school system. Teachers in this school system love to criticize rather than help a child. They label them quickly but when it comes to thier child making the same mistakes it is not a bid deal. Didn’t want to move way off the subject but this will be the reson for a large opening in educational employment. It will be much harder for a teacher to achieve and retain employment as well.

    • I’m in L.A. CA. many new schools were built with prop. BB funds. Now their laying off teachers. Why did they build all these schools? My property taxes were adjusted downwards, a large portion pays for education, looks to me that all American workers will need to adjust downward, something were not use to or have done before, this is primarily due to imports, they wont adjust there economy is booming due to our demand. BUY AMERICAN or move to China.

  9. With 78 million Boomers turning 60 and flooding the health care system with their senior care needs over the next 20 years, one has to wonder if compensation for home health aides and many of the other top 15 on this list will increase too. Are any of you young techies caring for your grandparents or parents yet? Trust me, we are in for a shock.

  10. This list of the future 15 most wanted workers lacks one major factor: salaries on which a person can live. Many of the salaries listed aren’t anything for which you can brag. For those of us who are in mid-level career roles or seeking them, the list is less than exciting.

    It also shows how poorly the educators in our country get paid. That’s almost criminal.

  11. I agree with Dinster’s comment above. I am in the Bay Area with a MA and have been in social services/non-profits for way less money these past few years. In addition, working for them has been like being a temp worker. CA Budget crisis ended my 35K a year job in the summer of 2008. In my view, non-profits are FOR PROFIT, thank you George Carlin from book “When will Jesus Bring the Porkchops,” as if their bottom line is not what they would like-they restructure or close and BAM, you’re back looking for a job again. Here in the Bay Area many teachers have been given the pink-slip and with NCLB, getting an appropriate credential is very grueling and expensive. After you do, administrators at my university said you’d still be third in line after pink-slipped teachers etc., for a job. Also, it’s a known statistic that people are retiring later and later due to the economy. Hello? Time to take teachers off the list as a growth category!


    Probably paid for by anyone of a number of Jerry Springer ‘for profit nursing colleges’. I call them Jerry Springer schools because most of the tuition receives goes to sponsor garbage media like JS and Judge Judy. The audience for those shows are generally female, and do not reach very high on the intellect scale. In exchange, the unassuming nursing student gets a less than adaquate education in nursing. Career Builder is getting more and more into selling adds because the revenue from job posting is down.

  13. I, for one, am glad to see LPN’s make this list … this is a first. I’ve been hearing for years now that they’re trying to phase us out. It has been in sinuated that n nurse with an RN or BSN at the end of her/his name was the only credible title. Good to know that perhaps this is not true after all…

  14. I agree with Dinster…telling people they need teachers is a crock. In the early 2000′s there was this huge push for people to go into education, and guess what, everyone went back to become a social studies teacher, or english teacher, or phys ed teacher. There is a such a surplus in education of younger teachers, and nobody wants to retire now because of the economy. Thats why I’m leaving education….

  15. Agreed if we get rid of US manufacturing then we as americans will be reduced to consumers only! In years past the US was a technology and manufacturing force many other countries envied,but not that is not the case! Furtheremore,many people have the wrong impression on manufacturing: within the relm there is product development which include:professional degreed engineers,purchasing professionals,materials mamangement professionals,configuration,quality engineers,management professionals,lawyers,accountants,IT professionals and list goes on and on.Hence, manufacturing includes the blue collar worker and the white collar worker!
    America wake up the coffee pot and the house are in FLAMES! America needs to infuse money into manufacturing,capital equipment and technology development,before we become a third world country!

    • Carleen; I’ve been saying this for years, yet it’s really very simple for anyone to understand. America’s are sending their money out of this country and economy by supporting them buying their products creating a debt. Money is supposed to be backed by gold, no gold = inflation, money devalues, it’s not worth the paper it’s written on, eventually will have no more gold, many will be in the streets, foreign country’s we buy from will own and control the land.

  16. Where do they get these salary figures? I’m an elementary teacher in CA and I make almost $83,000.00 per year. I guess it depends on your experience, mine being 20 years on the job.

  17. I agree with the previous poster. Where are the IT jobs? If you go to the US Department of Labor website and check the Occupational Outlook guide for 2010-2011, the job outlook for just about every computer related profession is good or excellent.

    Lets take number 9 in this article for example. It states there will be an increase of 99,400 Medical and Health Service engineers.

    Yet in the Occupational Outlook handbook, if you look at Software Engineers, there will be 295,200 new jobs in the next 10 years.

    Many of the other computer related careers are also showing increases for the next 10 years. I would say the author of this article didn’t do very good research when they picked these 15 jobs.

  18. This is cruel joke. I speak to my congressman all the time about this issue. The latest immigration bill contains a section on high skilled workers we have shortages of. This includes teachers, I was one, engineers, I am one, IT people, I was also one and nurses. My congressman does not understand. I am a racist. No I am a 60 year old man who worries about my colleagues and my children’s future.

  19. Dinster,finally i here someone writing the truth like yourself.My wife got her MA also,and cant find a single job except for being a sub.luckily she got that,like every other job,its who you know,not what you know.Every week we here how important education is,but yet teachers are being layed off even quicker,if this world depends on our kids,we r truly doomed.

  20. If your looking for many teaching opportunities try these cities: Philadelphia, PA- 600 teacher openings-Baltimore, MD and Washington, DC- 1200 teacher positions available.

  21. I love seeing Registered Nurses on the list. There are thousands of new RN graduates from not only this year but previous years that are begging for jobs. The recession has forced older nurses back into the workplace, retiring nurses are no longer retiring but staying because their 401K don’t exist anymore and stay at moms who left the bedside to take care of their families are back (and working full time or greater) because their husbands lost their jobs and they need income. This leaves no room at the table for new grads who have families and student loans to support. Please don’t tell me to just wait for a couple of years when things will get better and nurses will retire. My student loans can’t wait and neither can I.

  22. Hmmmm….. Whoever made this list must have just did a quick run through of jobs, not bothering to actually look into anything or do any research. My profession is booming at the moment, programmers and software engineers are in great need. Teachers? I am reading in every major paper teachers are loosing their jobs like it is the plague.

  23. I really do not like school. I am 35 year old unemployed mother. I recently decided to fininsh my degree at a local college. I need 14 hours to receive an associate’s degree in liberal arts. I don’t want to go back to get a bachelor’s degree. What can I do with a degree in liberal arts?

  24. this rummors and statistics are in the heads or imagination of a bunch of people to corrupt to think right .when we speak teachers we speak school boards . for years the supper something and their staff,of assistants,secretaries and more skimmed the money destined to the education , tons of money to grease their pockets and put nothing aside for later. but now they fire the teachers the one needed to teach spoilked kids teachers earn $30K they 5 times more.a better solutions would be to fire a couple of them and their staff

  25. WOW….Is what I have to say. In all the comments listed here I hear one thing. GREED!!! Can’t get a job that pays me enough, Can’t live on 35K a year, I don’t want to do that kind of dirty blue collar work. When are the American people going to wake up and smell the truth?? Believe it or not people a family of 3 can live on less than 25K a year and still eat healthy and still go out to a movie every now and then. It’s called living within your means!!!! Just because the Jones’s next door has something you want doesn’t mean you HAVE to have it. It means that if you work hard and save your money a little at time you might be able to get it someday and pay with cash, not a credit card like so many people do. As for the manufacturing jobs being dirty blue collar work (as Dugtrux put it), their is nothing wrong with that kind of work. How do you think America was built? Did everything just appear out of the clear blue…I don’t think so, it was built by those hard working blue collar jobs!! That’s also what’s wrong with people today…everyone wants more money to do less…..(especially the educators)!!! The way they teach today is don’t even have books anymore because the teachers give hand out and say figure it out on your own or use the computer to find the answers. What kind of teaching is that? I believe in working hard for the money I earn and if it means getting my hands dirty then so be it. If people would stop and take a good look at themself for once maybe so many of a jobs wouldn’t be going overseas to people who work for maybe $10 to $30 dollars a week!

    • I agree with you that there is too much GREED but I am not sure exactly where you get your figures. We have several problems and I am not exempt. The cost of living is terribly high due to GREED. You know it starts somewhere – look at these millionaires and billionaires they are the ones that start all this. They have control of all of this. Nothing will ever change as long as we place the importance of education first.. IT IS PEOPLE FIRST! We have been replaced by machinery becasue of GREED. Everything has to do with GREED thats what makes the world go round. Sad very Sad,what is even worse is the fact that I have to admit I am related to one of those people with all that covetousness..

  26. Note these jobs are from a report on encore careers – careers during the second half of life with more socal meaning – in other words for when you decide the rat race takes to much – and become willing to work for less. Or in my case, 30 years environemental and a degree in chemistry – cannot get a job, so back to school I go

  27. The stats here support what many see: well-paying tech and professional jobs replace by low-wage “service jobs” . Oh, and you can’t raise a decent family on those wages or buy cars or houses or
    …just about anything but subsist, if that. The politicians and businessman have sold us out to the lowest cost labor in foreign countries. We need a simple set of laws illegalizing outsourcing
    and H1/2B “insourcing” of foreign labor. It is OBVIOUS – we need MORE jobs and FEWER laborers; a moratorium on immigration of ALL types is necessitated until we get a handle on this insanely short-sighted mess!

  28. It maybe a union job but the utility industry has the majority of their employees in their late forties early fifties. These are skilled jobs 50 to 120 thousand a year with benefits.Get off your but and learn a trade. Better than wiping somebody”s ass for 20 thousand. Sure you might have to work in a thunder storm or work a holiday but it sure beats paying back a 50 thousand dollar school loan.

  29. The statistical data in this article is not sound. The wages are all wrong along with the future 15 jobs.. ridiculous…maybe someone should do their math and region specific specifications first before coming out with something like this.


    Are you kidding me! My district it cutting loads of teachers and have you heard of Cali’s cutbacks?

  31. Where are the Trades in all of this. We our the ones making all this work! and believe it or not most of us are non-union. It’s still a good life and we have a hard time trying to get young poeple in the trades. After 20 years of working manufacturing because no jobs where available and they are even less now.
    I have nieces and nephews starting out now and most of them live at home past 24 and even with degrees are unable to find jobs.
    The trades pay better the most of the jobs listed here.
    (as a side note I have worked with school Custodians making more than 80K per year with overtime. ) 60-80 hour work weeks

  32. Cathy, you are delusional. No way can a family of 3 survive on $25k per year and call it living–unless you are on some sort of govt assistance. A family of that size with that income is considered below the poverty line.

  33. Unless you are certified to teach special education and/or secondary Math or Science, you will have a hard time finding and keeping a teaching job. I went back to college in 2000 to get my elementary school teaching credential and to do the required months of student teaching.
    I taught elementary school from 2000-2004 in California and was RIF’d (reduction in force…i.e. pink slipped) twice in two school districts because of “budget cuts/declining enrollment” even though I had stellar reviews from my supervisors.
    Then we moved to WA State and found there were more qualified teachers than teaching jobs.
    Now we are in Virginia, and I still can’t get a teaching job.
    So now I am working in the service industry for min wage and no benefits (with a B.A. and a teaching credential)




  35. What is meant to actually happen here is to give people a false sense of hope and security. Armed with the hope that the economy is lifting ( i mean look at all those big numbers LOL) you are supposed to go out and spend money to stimulate the economy further. Unfortunately, as cynical investigative Americans we’re a little more than critical of where and when we will spend our money. CATHY- I think you need to read over the posts again. These people weren’t complaining that manufacturing is dirty blue collar work that they wont do. They were complaining that we aren’t listing it here as one of the needed jobs. MAINLY BECAUSE WE’VE OUTSOURCED IT!! Also, if you could please list where a family of 3 can live off of $25k AND enjoy trips to the movies more than once every other leap year I’d greatly appreciate that.

  36. Most of the jobs look like health care assuming that industry does not fall with everything going on. Health care has also lost jobs because of funding, and some of the other jobs seem to depend on those jobs.

    Too many teachers have been laid off because of funding for me to believe those educational openings, and there are more than enough teachers and people with MAs to be assistants, plus possible reorganizations of education in this economy.

    A bailout package can only go so far and where is the funding for that?

  37. I would suggest that your list certainly is not up to date…wherever did you research this information?? Do a better job of research so you are more creditable!!

  38. CATHY….it’s not that people don’t want to get their hands dirty, it’s just that we can’t survive on $30 a wk. in this country like they can in other countries. Yes, a fam. of 3 Can survive on 25K on a tight budget, but saying that teachers aren’t greatful for what they get paid is unfair, they put up with too much & are like babysitters for some, Teachers need to get paid alot more than they get because they’re educating people that in their future careers end up making 3X more then their educators

    I agree this list is from someones behind.

  39. Is anybody who’s reading this tripe tired of being spoon-fed the lies, YET? The absolute LAST thing our economy needs is a Euro-socialist F.D.R. re-tread in the White House, blowing smoke about the “recession that stole 8 million jobs.” Please! There wasn’t ANY recession until the morons in Congress sparked the housing bubble (and its subsequent collapse), went to war on the private sector and started shoveling MORE of our tax money toward organized labor’s salaries and pensions. His whole IDEA is to “steal” jobs. That’s how he gets more people on FOOD STAMPS (ergo FEDERAL CONTROL). Wake up! There won’t BE any spike in “nursing” jobs when we’re forced to ration our government health care . . . and we’re going to see more “receptionists?” Where?? Small businesses are closing, and we’ve already got a glut of “receptionists:” they work at the D.M.V.! And will these “child-care workers” be more public-sector Union (read “S.E.I.U.”) mouth-breathers? Do you really want government-manipulated drones watching YOUR kids? WAKE UP — a country that doesn’t manufacture anything doesn’t profit, and therefore DOESN’T CREATE JOBS. You can thank everybody on this blog who continually throws the lever to the Left at election time, for willfully punishing the rest of us, maybe for years to come.

  40. I agree with Melissa about the nursing shortage too.
    There is supposedly such a huge shortage but there is also not many hospitals hiring, especially grad nurses… this is pathetic, if they would have told the truth before I started the program then I would have went into another field. Now I am left without a job and student loans that have to be payed back.

  41. Hey Redwings19, there are no trades to learn in Detroit anymore… you must be living in a cave to believe other wise. I was in an electrician apprenticeship and tile setter both are no longer available. medical/health, IT, and Green development is what Detroit lives off of now

  42. J What are you talking about? The only union jobs I see there are teachers. What is wrong with union jobs? If you can speak together to get your point across the EMPLOYER tends to listen a little closer.

  43. What about Draftsman? I have been out of work for 3 years, I have 3 degrees and am a certified drafter in Arizona, all of the trade schools claim there is a need for us, but it too is now an over-saturated market. Do not believe the commercials that say construction managers are in demand. none of us are working.

  44. Thanks for the comment Fred Pierce…My son is currently a sophomore studying to become a Mechanical Engineering. Please do not tell me, once he graduates, he will have a difficult time finding a job with student loan debt.


  45. Wow – I am impressed with your salary. I am also an elementary teacher at a rural school in Nebraska. I’ve been teaching 25 years and do not make even close to $50,000. But, I’d be willing to bet our cost of living is way less than yours. However, your salary is certainly one to be envious of!

  46. Teachers? Where? CA has laid off hundreds of teachers. I’m 20K in debt for switching careers to “make a difference” in teaching and I have been laid off. If I go back to being a Legal Secretary, odds are I’ll make more $ and remain employed longer. Where do you get your data?

  47. As far as I know, there are definatly no shortages in Nursing. If anything because of stupid articles like this, everyone is running to nursing for a job and now there are way to many new grads compared to jobs available and many are not able to find jobs for quite a long time.

  48. Nicole B -

    NOTHING. You cannot do anything with an associates in Liberal Arts. Sorry :-( If you want to get a job with an associates you need to have a specialized skill. If you have a general degree, you’re going to need at least a bachelors. Trust me, my husband has a similar problem.

  49. Medical Assistants? I drive by the local Vatterott College here in my home town. The parking lot is FULL of cars, and from what I’ve heard, most are going to school for this job…my question is…There is only 1 hospital and 1 clinic in my town, just how many Med Assistants does this town need? They see what kind of salary they MIGHT earn and they go for that. We need more blue collar, manufacturing jobs here in the U.S. so we can stop buying overseas.
    Create manufacturing + creating jobs = a financially stimulated, successful COUNTRY!!

  50. I totally agree I have had my Master’s Degree for two years now and I still can’t find a job….I have college loans….so where are all these teaching jobs????

  51. I agree with your commentary, except that it does not have to be so! The economy can jump back to the levels you are referring to if idiots such Rush Limbaugh and Mitch McConnell in the US Senate can publicly call off the economic boycott of our country being ordered simply to prevent Barack Obama “from getting reelected.” This President is about to sell his soul in order to save this country, for the benefits of all. But those who control the country’s wealth do not want to see through it. How sad! And even if he does not get reelected, there is not a single guaranty in hell that a republican successor will be able to do any better. Think of eight years of George Bush…

    Ken Etienne

  52. CATHY -

    You are IGNORANT. $25,000 a year is not nearly enough to raise a family in most cities in America. It really does depend on the cost of living in your area though. In Massachusetts your family could not survive on that salary without public assistance. Its not greed that motivates these people, but being able to provide for their families!

    I make about $40,000 a year and I wouldn’t be able to support a family in the Boston Metro area (I thankfully do not have a family yet). I have several student loans, a car payment, high rent, and I am paying out of pocket for my Masters (as to not have more loans). I live within my means.

    These are tough times. Get off your high horse and quit judging everyone!

  53. Most products are manufactured overseas, by cheap labor. Meaning our jobs are eliminated and we produce next to nothing. The trickle down effect from all the profits promised are stashed in tax havens, never to be seen or resurculated in to our economy.

  54. True you if you live in the rural South where an illiterate mother homeschools the kids; dad goes to the field every day to find some veggies and a “fowl.” Remember the trailer is already fully paid for.


  55. Agree that the person writing this article is WAY out of touch with the reality of the economy.Teacher’s assistants are being cut in most school districts along with teachers.

  56. Those wanting tech jobs need to forget about it. Companies only want the top engineers, developers, etc. They do not want the second tier and below. This means you need to have a BS and a MS. You will also need a “distinguished” career that includes being published or giving professional lectures. I do not work in academia either. Being a technologist is like being a doctor or a lawyer. You will need to spend a lot of time on development after a full day or work.

  57. You never see any shortage of ambulance chasers or politicians, that is the root cause for all jobs leaving the country!

  58. Well thank God somebody said it…no tech jobs? I’m mean…come on, that should’ve been in the top five. In fact, take a gander at the department of labor stats and it paints a much differnt picture than the fiction they’ve posted here.

  59. So many comments talking about how teachers shouldn’t be on the list of jobs needing workers in the coming DECADE because they are being laid off right NOW. Does no one see the difference between current observation and future trends? Also, personal experience isn’t telling unless you have been willing to move wherever the jobs are, as immigrants do. In X area where many people go back to get teaching certificates there is an abundance of teachers. But in Y area there is a shortage. Since the kids are everywhere, there can be major teacher shortages nationwide while still being lay-offs in any particular person’s area.

    The one idea I see people getting right in these comments is that manufacturing and tech are not on this list. Again, this is a list of future trends projected. So what I think it is saying is that despite the need for IT workers NOW, there is expected to be sufficient supply to meet that demand in the next DECADE. Likely mostly due to further off-shoring of those jobs.

    Yes indeed, the troubling trend revealed by these projections is that the jobs of the future are the low paying service jobs that are largely financed by government (local, state and federal). That is clearly not sustainable, since the pie keeps getting smaller and smaller if no new production enters the stream anywhere. There are only so many times you can tax and spend the same dollar before it becomes pennies.

    And yet, immigration and H1B proponents (Dems and Repubs, respectively) will argue these projections mean we need to change laws to allow in more workers, so that these shortages won’t occur. Is anyone falling for these lies anymore? But even knowing this, there is no one to vote for. Dems want more immigrants and to give them citizenship so they can vote. Repubs want no citizenship but more guest workers so they can still be paid less than Americans, but have no voting rights. Both kill the American worker who wants to buy a home in a safe neighborhood without graffiti or cars parked on lawns. What to do?

  60. The truth about nursing. In several other states especially in the western U.S., WE ARE SATURATED WITH PEOPLE IN NURSING. If you want to make a decent living, try something else. All this media hype about the medical profession is untrue. WHEN PEOPLE ARE UNEMPLOYED THEY CERTAINLY ARE NOT RUNNING TO HOSPITALS FOR ELECTIVE PROCEDURES. Indeed and in fact, hospitals are cutting back hours. The census goes down and you get sent home. You can’t count on making a living in nursing. In addition, the management in nursing stinks because those in management got there because they couldn’t cut it as staff nurses. Run as fast as you can from any female-dominated job cause there will never be nothing but a bunch of bickeking, cut-throat women poking each others’ eyes out. Nursing doesn’t pay that well when you consider you’re exposed to HIV, Hepatitis B/C, MRSA, VRSA and other junk.

  61. I’m sick and tired of hearing how we need more and more nurses. Fact: In one western state, the average time new grads are taking to find a job is 18 months. That certainly doesn’t indicate a shortage.

  62. Face it folks. We’re now in the lower class scrambling for job scraps. There are two classes in this country, plain and simple.


  64. I am a Mechanical Engineer also, and fortunate to still be working after my company Rif’d 30% of our workforce last year. For those of you who want to blame the current administration or even the last administration for the lack of manufacturing jobs, you have to go back much further and make sure you blame both parties because both are responsible.

    The manufacturing jobs that we so desperately need are never coming back. As I write this my own company is desperately trying to figure out how to offshore my job, which is a product development engineering position. They have already gotten rid of our finance/accounting department and the HR people have one foot out of the door.

    They are also outsourcing as much of our IT as they can. The people that run these corporations don’t give a crap about anybody. We have one factory left in the U.S. The rest are in Mexico and South America. They are also pushing hard into China, specifically for Engineering jobs.

    People in this country need to have a paradigm shift in their thinking. We need to stop looking for jobs, and start looking to start our own businesses that we control. That is where the real power is. Got a product idea? Figure out how to produce it and the start your business around that. Yes, it can be a slow process and there is some risk, but as long the big corporations control everything, we will have nothing. Simple as that.

  65. Yeah a family of of 3 can survive on under 25,000 per year without being on welfare, TJ. First, you all throw away your cell phones, cut off your cable, and eat your meals at home, carry lunch to work etc… What really sickens me however, is the whining of teachers and farmers. Between them and the medical fields, they have the most or at least best lobbyists. Teachers, don’t whine to me with the hours a day, week, month and year you put in, if you owned your own business, you would be bankrupt. Years ago, teachers made a poorer living and many worked summers, construction, coaching whatever. Now, you don’t see that. Farmers get paid whether there is too much sun or not enough sun. Too much rain or not enough rain. Ah the golden goose, government subsidies.
    Yeah, a few people hit it on the head, we need manufacturing! We cannot just keep buying things without producing them. That would be like buying every thing you want without a job. Oh, wait! That’s what all the lazy welfare and supposedly disabled do now!
    I have owned my own restaurant for over 12 years, and yet every day I see people on welfare, food stamps and disability, that own boats, snowmobiles, 4 wheelers, all the toys!
    I should feel ashamed that I can only afford to own is a riding lawnmower! Good luck and may America Bless God!

  66. Time to wake up and stop complaining that you’re coming out of college 100,00 bucks in bebt.Work is not supposed to be fun.It’s about EARING a living to support yourself and your family (If you have one).I’m a Pharmacist who went through 6 years of grueling schooling to earn 140,000 dollars a year.Hopefully,I’l be retired after those 6 years and 14 your days with no break while you generation x,y,z or whatever ENJOY working for 20,000 bucks a year at a low pressure job that pays what it’s worth,SHIT!

  67. Ridiculous. LA Unified has NEVER actually laid off a teacher. They talk about it every year. They send out layoff notices every year (because union contracts demand 6 months notice) but the only people who actually get laid off are janitors. Get the facts right (you won’t find them in the LA Times.)

  68. You’re in the wrong century–Manufacturing jobs are not going to sustain recovery–Take another look at the list–aging population means medical service delivery in all forms will continue to grow, business operations etc. For those complaining about the FACTS of the piece–get a grip–These are numbers reported by each SECTOR, not what the WRITER wants to see happen. (Talk about blaming the messenger!)

  69. I don’t know where YOU are—but nurses can’t be hired fast enough everywhere I know of–from LA to here in MD.

  70. Oh for heaven’s sake ANN–Where on the list do you see landscapers and janitors–Get yourself back to college, get a skill and quit whining about “illegals”.

  71. I agree, there are no teaching jobs out there. The only teaching fields that are in VERY high demand are bilingual education and special education. My district has been laying off for the past 2 years. Although I have the least seniority, I’ve been alright because there are few qualified bilingual teachers. I am a bilingual teacher, not by choice, and can easily pick where I want to work. I am working in one of the best districts in the state and can easily move to the best district. I tried getting out of bilingual. I went as far as to write on my application that I was looking for a general education classroom. Of course, I was called in for 13 different bilingual positions. I gave up and just settled for one. I’m just lucky to have a job.

  72. Good point marylanderm,most value for the buck is an R.N. job that they pay about 50% of your ed, fees and guarantee you a job at a realistic figure of about 60K + OT and weekend/off shift bonuses.

  73. In all the comments about the flagging economy and what’s to blame I haven’t heard anyone mention the Health Care reform.
    As a human resource director, my company has been in a freeze mode mainly because we do not yet know exactly what our costs are going to be for new hires. We pay overtime rather than taking on new employees. I don’t see this changing anytime soon until we can truly evaluate what the new burden will be.

    The voters in the United States need to wake up and realize that growing the government and saddling on debt does not work. Governments don’t create wealth. Innovation from the private sector does. Anyone that truly believes that heading towards Socialism with this administration is a good idea needs to read the book Animal Farm by George Orwell. If ythis isn’t good enough for you and you want a real life version of why this economic system repeatedly fails, you can look at the fall of the Soviet Union. If you want a more current example of Socialism destroying wealth and the lives of the citizens who try to embrace it you can look to the people rioting in Greece as Europe buckles under the pressure of massive government. The days of handouts for those individuals who feel entitled should be over. The days of handouts for the companies that are “too big to fail” are done.
    Vote for someone who advocates for a small government in the next election and stop the insanity. We are a better country than this, and its time we got back to what made us great.

  74. You all have the same idea—finally people are waking up! We need manufacturing here in the USA, and we need to make things, grow things, build things, and then we will be successful. CAPITALISM not socialism is the way to success and employment. We can’t all be employed serving each other and teaching each other, and not make anything or sell anything! I have seen the day we live on $25,000, with kids, but it was years ago. You can do it if you own your house, and not many do. You can do it if you do away with most luxuries and the big house and car you owe for. Your kids will get free or reduced lunch, and you will have to eat some beans and shop at the thrift stores for clothing!
    And the remarks about the present government (Democratically controlled congress since well before Obama), plus Obama’s ill conceived stimulus, have crippled the economy. When we were in business for ourselves, we saw that government regulations were often crippling to expansion of business.
    So many are going to school (some with tuition paid for when the factory is exported to Mexico), but other than the nursing degrees, many will not get jobs with that degree, unless they go on to a higher level than AA. There are also some useless or near useless BA or BS degrees. Nursing may also decline as money to fund the new health plan fails to be there. Education/teaching is getting more difficult to get into, since many states are having to cut funding to schools. Sorry I am getting so chatty—I know I am repeating what almost all of you said already!

  75. To Greg I never said I was from Detroit. They should build a wall around it like in the movie Escape From New York. It’s like a third world country.Totally corrupt government everybody living off the government. If you are there run. I still believe getting people to learn a trade is the way to go. Close the border and quit giving our jobs to China and Mexico.

  76. TO CATHY:
    I think that it is terrible to generalize ALL teachers as being slackers who just give hand-outs and leave the children to fend for themselves. Maybe you live in a bad area but where I live the teachers are well educated, hard working mentors to our children; the worst part is how little they are appreciated for what they do because of people like you. How about you try to teach a class of 20 kids without the resources that you need and see how you feel at the end of the day. I won’t even mention all of the teachers who have to buy their own supplies out of pocket. It is sad that some of the poorer places in the country have to settle for less experienced teachers who don’t care about the children but not all teachers are like that. So to your comment I say How Dare You!

  77. Interesting most of the comments are spot on. This article is not accurate in the least. It does not even take into account the large budget deficit of the federal government. Two comments mentioned with accuracy the problem of progressive, socialist mindset of our federal government for the past 60 plus years. This mind set has led to jobs being sent oversees and an ever increasing welfare state. Hold on the upcoming ride is going to be both rough and ugly. Good luck everyone we will need it!

  78. I agree with you. I’m currently going to school for IT. This article should have had
    at least one IT job in it. Technology is everywhere, like you said.

  79. you are correct! but noone wants to pay what we would here in America. all those jobs you so nicely listed are the reason why. why pay good hard working americans a decent salary while preserving this country’s independence for manufactured goods when you profit more by having your facility overseas? This is how the top dogs think when they go to the bank.

  80. maybe this is what “the president” means about “we all need to tighten our belts & do more to help each other” but i think what it really means, we all need to re-assess what is more important: pay your dues & take what you have & like it, because the future of our country will soon be turned over to our kids. that tells me we all need to suffer now so our kids wont later. once again history continues to reoeat itself!!!

  81. LPN’s are being phased out, I was shocked to see it on the list. LPN’s can not do, by law, the care that needs to be done in hospitals. Sure if you want to give shots at a Dr’s office to kids be an LPN but if you want to be a Nurse, be a Registered Nurse. Not only will you be highly employable, you’ll make twice as much money–it’s a no brainer. Many schools have LPN to RN programs, check them out and GO! Seriously, you’ll double your pay, or more, as soon as you graduate.

  82. I am 20 and going to a community college.I live in Tri-Cities Washington wich has the best economic growth. I want to restore the greatest nation in history and I am willing to fight for her tooth and nail; even with my life if neccesary.

    I have been poor most my life and my mother raised 6 children and herself off of 40k a year. Stop being greedy especialy just because you have a college degree. If you’re earning 83k a year teacher in an elementery school you are extremely overpaid; A lot of college professors don’t get paid that much. Stop bleeding my nation dry – leach.

    My sister just graduated with a registered nursing degree a year ago and she still hasn’t found a job.

    Obama is a tyrant and is going to sell all the U.S. citezen’s souls to the devil before he even cosiders selling his own. You are a complete jakass! America is in danger. Protect her and what she stands for ( FREEDOM & American Dream), she needs your help.

    Give to her what she has given with no ecspectaion of return. Go America!

    Also, these 15 jobs are bullshit.

  83. Where are all of the “green” jobs?
    I noticed that at least 6 of the 15 most
    “wanted” workers are related to health care.
    But are the “average annual salaries” listed
    figures from private sectors jobs or will all of those health care positions be government
    jobs? Half a dozen of the other job titles listed could also potentially be public sector
    government jobs. All unionized of course.
    How much longer before the government and/or
    unions run and/or own everything and everyone?

  84. If those are the salaries that students coming out of college are going to try and start a family on then we’re all in for a rude awakening unless we all plan on shopping at WalMart and Costco for everything. In a sour economy the lack of decent paying jobs is only going to lead to more public assistance and more taxes to pay for it but less people to pay those taxes.

    Where are all those ‘green jobs’? Goes to show that the technology is here, but the manufacturing will probably be done overseas. Tech is the same way, manufacturing heading overseas everyday. If we can’t produce anything here ourselves anymore the US is not going to remain an economic powerhouse. Sustained gas prices over $2 – $2.50 is going to eat into any job and what you’re making also. The future is not looking good unless you are in the repo business.

  85. When will the American people wake up? Crying about all the crap the News and goverment has pushed up your butts is all lies. This is a DEPRESSON.Calling it something less is bull crap. I love this country with all my heart and soul. Recresion sounds so much better than the truth.I lost a great job in 1989. I would be retired now, but bad times in this country took it away. 10 years later and schooling and working in shops. I came to my sences and got a union job. NOT saying union is the only way to go. Because the last 2 + years has been unemployied.Construction is dead.I have worked many nonunion jobs in my life too. There ok if it payes the bills too.At 57 I can t think of retirement. What going to be my next job change is all I see coming up.No new JOBS in this country untill just before the next presidental election. He needs to pull the rabbit out of the hat at that point to get relectied.That is almost 3 years. What will america do till then?How many more home lost to the bankers.And our money pulled them out of the mud.No one keeps them from putting familys with children on the streets.Vote and make the changes we need to clean up and fix our country people.WHO KNOWS WHAT JOBS WILL BE HERE IN the FUTURE? Our goverment opened the door for our manurfacturing jobs to go over the boulders. And ship back to us out of work to buy and build stronger countrys over seas or south of here. Letting us slide into this (recession)I mean depresson.God bless AMERICA not even on the new dollar coins coming out now.China will take us over or someone ouls.Better learn a new language so you can maybe work for them.Its up to the young people of this country to pull us all out of this.Make the changes needed.

  86. This is pathetic, why dont all of you crying because someone want GIVE you a job try using that piece of meat between your ears and create your own living.

  87. In Ontario, Canada, the teaching list has been closed. This means all the new graduates from teacher’s college will not even get put on the list for substitution. The reason this list has been closed is the current teachers are not getting hired? Why? Apparently 80% of them can’t get hired for Long Term Positions because the so-called retired teachers are coming back and getting hired over the newer teachers because the schools know them.

    My sister is on 3 different teaching boards and only works a couple days a week and sometimes none at all. The substitution work is done by a machine that dials randomly, the first person that picks up gets hired for the day. In order to get a Long Term position one has to know someone. My sister said she had principal tell her to her face she is ‘wonderful’ and that ‘children are constantly asking for you – but we went with a teacher with more Long Term experience’. So you need Long Term experience to get Long term experience? At this rate, my sister will be fifty before getting her own classroom.

    As for Nurses, I know a lot of nurses around my mom’s age. They get treated terribly by doctors and patients. I know a couple that were attacked during their job and the hospital barely acknowledged it. My mom and all her friends tell their children and have told me not to be a nurse. My friends who have parents that are nurses said their mothers have told them the same thing.

    My mom is a nursing manager and does overtime every single day because the patients are in need and she has to make sure everyone is taken care of – its her choice but she doesn’t want to leave that poor old, ill woman stuck without care. Nurses do care and the system takes advantage of that. When my mom worked at the hospital sometimes she’d work 16 hours (starting at 8am) then the next day she’d start her shift at 4pm. It would go back and forth and I’ve been told this is very common for nurses which definitely would exhaust them. Since hospitals are understaffed, they are desperate. My friend had on several occasions been told that if she didn’t work a double shift, she could be replaced. It’s so stressful for them I don’t know who would want to be a nurse.

    No respect + low pay = horribly long hours = few people in nursing field for the next generation.

    Some people here are commenting on Obama which I’ll only say this – if he’s the cause then why are people in Canada experiencing the same issues as the U.S.? I think this is about the economy and the times we live in. Some of these jobs are hiring because no one wants to do them anymore.

  88. I don’t know about all these statistics and numbers and immigration and all that, I do know what I see. I know I’ve never had trouble finding work, usually working 2 jobs at a time to support my family and pay for my college education. I know that I’ve been unemployed since October 2009, and for a full year prior to that I was only working sporatically. It is not for a lack of willingness on my part to get my hands dirty, or being inexperienced. I have over 10 years of office and customer service experience, have a two B.S. degrees in Business and Marketing, and am in the process of working on my Masters thesis. I know that I have family members who are working as servers and bartenders because they can’t find a teaching job to be had in the state of California even with Math and Science credentials. I know that my fiance is incredibly lucky and happy that he still has a job as a commercial electrician even though it means he’s gone for weeks at a time. I know that the unemployment rate where I live (Palm Springs CA) is at least 15%, even though every study, survey and government sponsored article you can find is claiming an end is near. I know that if it weren’t for public assistance, I don’t know how I would be supporting my kids right now. Because I’m willing to do the hard, dirty work, but it isn’t there! I have no problem scrubbing toilets or mowing lawns, or whatever… But in this area, if you are not a Spanish speaker, its damn near impossible to get a “labor” job. And the few retail type jobs that are available say I’m over-qualified. Even after dumbing down my resume, and leaving my education out of it unless it applies to the position. What are regular old people supposed to do? I’m young, I’m healthy and at this rate, I’m going to have to move to Mexico to find work, because apparently that’s where its all going.

  89. Are you kidding me? Where are the REALLY important people that make everything happen? That would be all of us in SALES that know what we are doing. Without us NOTHING happens, and we get paid for what we do, no limits, we are the ones that EARN our living. End of story…..

  90. I somehow do not believe these statistics. How can it be when there are no jobs out there that there will soon be any danger of a labor shortage? Ive been looking for a better job for going on 2 years now, It seems that I am stuck at my reduced hour, reduced staff, reduced shift job now indefinitelly. Sure the paper is full of jobs wanting you to work for 90 day probationary periods with crooked staffing agencys that lure poor folk in make em take drug tests online tests etc. and whether they pass or not they never hear from them again. People lining up for them 8.00 hr hard work, mandatory overtime, night shift, heavy lifting, blah blah. Yea right, sign me up……… I cant believe every single McDonalds thinks they are gonna keep their 4 year degree burger flippers once the economy does come arround. If it does

  91. try working over here for 5 dollars an hour, You couldn’t afford a happy meal at reduced cost for being an employee with your 4 year degree sally mae eating into that.

  92. The jobs are in Massachusetts, of course, where there are more teacher jobs than anything else. Know why? Nobody can pass the stupid licensure test. Its a political thing that was sold to the state, not the deptartment of education, and the state bought it because of the money they would receive from the flunkies taking it over, and over, and over again. It actually stops good teachers from being in the classroom because they simply cannot pass the test. And these are people that majored in education!

  93. As a teenager looking into what to possibly do for a career in the long run this list does not give me an sense of encouragement. In our economy, employers are gong to struggle getting employees who have the education but not the work experience. Even McDonalds is starting to fall short on staff, and the McDonalds in my town mainly hires 18 and older! How is the future generation suppose to pull us out of this shit hole of an economy if we have no way of learning how to survive in it!!

  94. 2 out of 3 jobs pay less than $40k with half paying less than $30K. Maybe the reason for the shortage is not job applicants but job pay? I am pretty sure that if those positions payed twice as much there would not be ANY shortage. What would anyone have a stressful job int the medical field or a manager or specialist when they can not lived in with their wages. They will be stress at work because of work and stress at home because they can not pay their bills.

    I am sure that the people working on those fields are looking to get out of them. So even the qualified people that are working right now want out. And no one want in. A family member quit a job in the medical field because she was getting sick because of the stress at work. After years of been treated for stress related symptoms in less than 2 months after she quit the doctor took her of 2 of her medications because of her health improved so much. And the doctor said is likely she will be out of all treatment in a soon if she keeps improving at the same rate. So why kill yourself for a few bucks.

  95. Actually MITmike65 you are the fool with a very low IQ..I really don’t appreciate you speaking of our President in that matter. Yet ever fool has an stupid opinion guess that would include you…If you are lookin for promising thinks to occur get out there and make them happen for yourself….

  96. Well, I’m not surprised they need those workers if the pay is that low! A carer or health aid worker in Australia earns between $45,000 – $65,000. A teachers assistant starts at $48,000.

  97. Agreed. There may be a NEED for nurses but that doesn’t mean employers are looking to fill the vacant positions. They are trying to get by with as little staff as possible to save money.

  98. Dear Personal Manager:How are you?
    I am a man of Hong Kong.Age 50.I have not deagree in this education
    I have only 13 class standar.If your idea now.This is what,s job are mine and
    It is spectapular in need to me.Can you give me a perfect idear?I have a
    Driving permit of Hong kong.I have many year for driving car experience.
    I have many knowlegement for car repearing of experience.Can you found
    a job? How can I will get a job in your country?If I have a green card.Have
    It to use?

  99. No medical doctors in the survey for job openings? Not surprised about engineers but no IT / computers folks jobs opening?

  100. To what extent will the predicted 5 million potential job vacancies be affected if economic growth slows down, or worse, there is another financial crisis?

    It looks like there is no sure way of guessing the actual position of the job market in the immediate future or in the long run.

  101. Teachers should be paid top dollar! No one knows how much work and devotion goes into teaching until they do it! Its a shame that you can make more at McDonalds with no college degree than you can as a teacher!

  102. mnjeff,
    Well said. Been there and done that. Like you I am also self-employed and have been for over 25 years now. We drove cheap paid for cars and paid for EVERYTHING in CASH for many years. We rented for a long time before being able to buy our house and when we did buy, we did not overbuy or buy more than we could afford. (And we paid off that 30 year mortgage in 15 years). We still pay cash when ever possible. A new vehicle for us is one that is usually about 5 years old and one that we can pay cash for. We worked 6 & 7 days a week for years, time off was spent keeping the company equipment maintained so that we could work 6 & 7 days a week. We went for over 16 years without a vacation and then it was a 4 day weekend for just the wife and I on a budget trip to Vegas.
    No, it was not easy or fun. But, it can be done if a person has the personal pride and integrity to do it. Unfortunately, today, most people are not willing to make the real sacrifices necessary to succeed. They simply look to the Government for salvation and keep electing Politicians like the ones currently in power in the hopes of getting something for nothing. I’ll climb off my soapbox now.

  103. the list seams to have forgotten that there are skilled craftsmen jobs that makes literaly everything you see,drink,burn,work in,live in,drive and drive on,and fly in pipe welding or welding of all kinds,electritions,carpenters,steel workers,plumbers,pipefitters and so on.Yea thats right the good old dieing blue collar skilled craftsman, the ones that no young person coming out of school wants to learn or do becouse it’s to much work, or to hard to learn, or better yet those jobs don’t pay that well,these are the dieing arts trades that by the way pay a whole lot better than you think! I’m one of these blue collarpipe welders, and through the last 2 yrs and not working more than 8 to 9 months a year, make 85k to 110k per and with no big student loan debt. they pay that well for highly skilled people becouse it’s getting harder and harder to find good tradesman.Why arn’t these jobs on the list?

  104. Does this mean that America is getting sicker and farther away from God? And does it also mean that the American society is being reduced into a net consuming society? If both are true then this is sad! This is invaluable info but the statistics need to be credible.

  105. Hey Melissa, I agree totally. But on the other end of the nursing spectrum its just as bad. I am a 50 year old male RN with 15 years experience and was last in Executive Nursing Management and can’t even get hired for a regular staff position! There is a lot of competition between as you say all of the new grads, nurses who can’t retire, and, ones returning to the workforce. But one thing you don’t have to consider yet is age discrimination like I’m facing! I even offered to work for LPN pay but no response! Rod

  106. You might be glad you did not get into nursing. After 15 years as a OR nurse, the hours were long, 12 hr rotating shifts, no lunches, no breaks, everyone in the hospital stressed out and angry at each other. The largest expense for a hospital is the nursing staff and the hospital adminstrators hire new grads at half the cost of an experienced one. The hospitals are beginning to “suck the life” out of nurses and the lifestyle is really bad. Take your science degree and go work for a medical supply company like Medtronic, in Boulder, Colorado!


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  108. I agree the outsourcing is killing us. Maybe tax un-ethical corp america until it is no longer profitable to outsource! They need to regulate outsourced jobs and manufacturing now! Also we corp america needs to look into profit sharing to spreed the wealth and to start to motivate and compensate its employees! That is the only way to start to bring the middle class back to this country! God Bless America!

  109. I agree, but unfortunately we are already there. We are no longer producers in our country, and that’s why 20 million Americans continue to be without jobs. Getting a degree is no longer the answer if there are no jobs to fill them.

    We have an opportunity in the next election to try to turn this country around, and it all starts by voting the clowns out of Washington, and starting over. Start educating yourselves people on the candidates. Many of us didn’t do our homework on the clown, which I refer to as Obama. He’s a straight up socialist if anyone hasn’t figured it out yet.

  110. Yes Matt, you are 1000% right, I don’t see any IT openings for the next decade, what will be our economy without IT? Don’t we all rely on Information Technology?

  111. We can argue all day about whether the current president is or is not a “socialist,” but it doesn’t really matter. “Socialists” did not export manufacturing jobs: Free Trade capitalists did, with the voters’ consent. Now we have big government that is unpaid for, wages racing to the bottom, and news commentators and other media piping the message to the American people that the solution is to reduce government spending and increase taxes. As a result, the axe will shortly fall on the middle class by imposing federal universal consumption taxes (VAT or so-called “FairTax”) and reductions to existing entitlement programs already being used by that middle class. Abusive, dysfunctional authoritarianism, whether labeled “socialist” or “fascist,” will then be our fate. U.S. government and huge internationalist financial institutions are morphing into a single-bodied hydra for control. As has been the case throughout the history of modern societies, it is the power struggle between established wealth asserting its interests versus those “outside the circle” who aspire to maintain their families above subsistence levels. It’s really up to us to decide who wins.

  112. Hey ‘redwing19′ and ‘jperrone’,

    I am SPECIFICALLY shouting back at you two(and any other Hooray for union A##H#LES). YOU folks sound like the same characters that have been saying HOORAY for Reagan, Bush, and THAT “ILK” for YEARS. If the union was not so busy playing patronage and politics with it’s “available” slots, and if the white boys weren’t working so hard to keep the ranks “pure and family” and stuffed with ‘honorary’ white people, and if the management of those same unions hadn’t choked YEARS AGO when the FIRST wave of job re-locations and ‘hb1 and hb2 type visas appeared, maybe i could hear your b#llsh#t. I am A Journeyman Welder, Commercial DIVER, hazmat site certified for asbestos, lead & nuclear, i have a CDL, AND i do commercial painting. When you pro union guys were still shouting ‘buy american’ because your daddy reagan said to, you refused to listen to those of us who were asking you “where are YOUR appliances made, you all laughed. And, when we shouted, “that ‘american’ corporation you think reagan is going to help will leave you in the dust as soon as it is no longer PROFITABLE to be ‘american’, IF they do currently, you guys AND girls snorted and boooed. Now that the sssh#t is hitting closer to home, you want to say GO UNION, F#CK the unions, they’ve become just another corporate tool, for the MOST part. Enjoy your comfort boys and girls of the fratenities. It’s time to pay the REAL DUES. America is NOT the home of the BRAVE, OR of the FAIR, OR of the hardest workers. I’ve been catching H#LL from amerikans since before this place was named. And from behind MY EYES, comments like those two are like salt in a wound and full of SH#T.

  113. I’ve served in the US armed forces in the early 1990′s, worked most of my life and paid my taxes. For those who get amnesty, will they pay back the money they received under the table all these years. The middle class has carried this country and is the back bone of this great nation. And it seems the middle class is slowly disappearing. Education is important because it will give the graduates of tomorrow a fighting chance against countries like India and China. We need to bring back off-shored jobs, because I don’t think India and China would think twice about off-shoring their manufacturing or IT jobs to the US. We need to start THINKING outside the box if we are going to stimulate our ecomony and put people back to work. Any ideas???

  114. Broke, not working in america , tired of rejection letters. Fired with 25 other people to sell company. Now they hiring, work for 14 years customer svc billing order entry data entry multi-tasker. Took order from previous President of USA group worked over time called at home, no job now told worthless. Curses to the corportion. Union worker and they did not help curses to them. Go figure……….

  115. I agree where do they get the figures for salary. I teach in SD with 13 years experience and only make 35! I guess the figure they used is an average. And NO our standard of living IS NOT lower here. I taught in Denver 10 years ago and paid the same for an apartment but since the weather was more mild my utilities were lower yet my salary was higher. Had my mother not gotten ill I would be out there apparently pink slipped. But I did take a rather large pay cut to come teach in SD.

  116. What they don’t tell you about all these health care careers is the fact that no one wants to hire someone full-time anymore. Where I live in Central Pa. all the jobs listed (health care & non) are for part-time only, so the employers can get away from not having to pay for benefits. The employers know the job market is bad “out there” and are exploiting people to the best of their ability to be able to pad their bottom line as much as possible. I really think the gov’t needs to step in and make that practice illegal!

  117. About teachers salaries, I know two people who are both teachers in the Central Pa. area and one makes 90k a year due to her having her Masters degree and working w/ special needs children; the other makes 60k right out of college. Both have off the summers and they still piss and moan about not making enough money; I’m sorry but these teacher’s salaries are out of hand! Thanks to greedy unions backing them, our school taxes have gone through the roof! I pay $2,500 a yr for my little ranch house. Sorry, but it has to stop!!

  118. I find some of these comments funny.

    “tenure” – an amusing notion that teachers have – those of us in the real world private sector have no such thing – experience doesn’t protect you, especially if you don’t keep abreast of developments in your field

    “jobs w/ 90 days probation” – pretty much every job has this, not just temp

    Fred – the engineering jobs aren’t gone – the two things working against you are your age and salary level. Taking less will solve the latter; given the years of work and salary you commanded, you should be pretty well lined up financially, so this shouldn’t be much of a problem. Trying to look younger (botox for wrinkles, growing or dying hair) might help, but this will be a tough hurdle. Yes, it’s illegal, but very real; an employer looks at an older worker and sees a huge health insurance premium bill, not your face.

    Cathy – you too dislike the whiners, but I don’t agree – education is an investment like a stock or CD – you put money. An employer doesn’t need to educate or train an educated, experienced person, and wages should be higher for that reason. Tthe unskilled and uneducated are whiners when they complain – they bring nothing to the table, so to speak, so they don’t deserve higher wages.

  119. This entire map is bogus with particular emphasis on California. There is still in excess of 12% unemployment, the State has a defecit that the interest alone will be difficult to pay particularly with next year’s fiscal budget.

    More people filed for unemployment again last month which is a major measure of the economy. Construction starts are off an average of 18% across the Country and you folks try to put a positive spin on reality. It is time to stop this and tell the truth. MSN is not credible and hasn’t been for a long time. Microsoft needs to find someone new to partner with.

  120. This article is not accurate and it seems amazing how much inexperienced writes there seem to be on the internet.

    Ms Kate Lorentz, i am not sure where you got your facts, but please, do some research and to your publishers, you should be ashamed for publishing an
    inaccurate article.

    In case this writer is not aware – teachers are being cut! Technology jobs are not filled and engineers in technology are in short supply. Nurses graduating are not finding jobs like you claim. CNA barely scrape over minimum wages.

    BTW, do you know what is poverty line in America and how much do you make to surivive?

    Please do the world a favour and remove your article, It is outdated!

  121. Nursing is one of the highest stress jobs there is. No room for error-life or death. I have been a nurse 20 years. Staffing in hospitals has been reduced by aprrox. 3/4% with sicker people. It is almost impossible to give good care as some hospitals will penalize you if stay late. So I would clock out & then finish paper work. Every dismissal had to be checked by the clerk with the client’s insurance company to see how long their stay was covered. Dr’s had to write a ‘novel’ to justify extended stay. Not only in hospitals but across the board of nursing we have to work harder,faster. A choice between our license and the job. Most money is in the hospitals, least in Dr’s offices. I burned out and now am considering working again for reform. Be very informed when you go in the hospitals and be sure staff washes their hands before they touch you even if they had to answer their cell phone. Hospital nursing is for young nurses sometimes right out of school without much experience because of the work pace. And ask what everything is going to cost. I’ve worked public health which was almost eliminated by Bush, taught nursing and worked in a Dr’s office. I think nurses really need a union but some hospitals will fight that with all they’ve got. It is an exciting, not boring job, usually rewarding but conditions and pay are something to seriously consider. I’ve heard IT is less stressful and pays much more.

  122. its a national average not just the highest paying teacher or the lowest. Do you teach your students how to find an average? If not you maybe being overpaid.

  123. I’ve been an LPN for 29 years, and I’ve never seen our category listed, either. I hope this means that we are finally getting the respect we deserve.

  124. TEACHERS ALERT: If you want to have a great lifestyle, free house, respect, and a tax-free income, suck it up and go overseas. I got an MA late in life and totally love my overseas life. I get contracts for 1,2, or 3 years at a time, FREE HEALTHCARE, cheap dental, a free ticket home each summer AND I WORK A TINY fraction of the time of American teachers. TRAVEL THE WORLD! It’s more fun than counting pennies in the US.

  125. From Cathy, “WOW… …is what I have to say. In all the comments listed here I hear one thing. GREED!!! Can’t get a job that pays me enough, Can’t live on 35K a year, I don’t want to do that kind of dirty blue collar work, etc. When are the American people going to wake up and smell the truth? Believe it or not people, a family of 3 can live on less than 25K a year and still eat healthy, and go out to a movie every now and then. It’s called living within your means!!!” Also, from Cathy, “If people would stop and take a good look at themself for once maybe so many of a jobs wouldn’t be going overseas to people who work for maybe $10 to $30 dollars a week!”

    Hey Cathy, you should post your comments at one of the many websites for listing jobs with a starting salary over $1,000,000. It’s too bad you didn’t speak at the Goldman Sachs Senate hearings. You could’ve taught those people a thing or two about making a living. Amen!

    Well, 5 out of 9 Supreme Court Justices believe that Americans can figure it out on their own. That’s just crazy!

  126. I will tell you Fred Pierce why you are unemployed. Because you make/made $125K per year. I can do your job for, and will accept $60K per year. I am a Mechanical Engineer. An Indian engineer will do it for $30K per year. A company will lay you off and save 50% or more alone on your salary, not to mention your retirement that they are avoiding and also statistically higher healthcare costs because of your age. The days of life of luxury are over because third world countries provide cheaper cost of employment. You are not entitled because you endured the difficult task of engineering. India and China will eat your lunch. It is a reality and it sucks, but now your are tasked with the difficulty of surviving. We did this to ourselves by being greedy.

  127. Unless you also hold an active LPN license in good standing, you cannot “work as an LPN”. That’s right, even if you ARE an RN. No more than a doctor can be hired for an Respiratory Therapist’s position. State Boards of Nursing have VERY specific practice acts.

  128. Sooner or later the middle class in this country will disappear. They are the back-bone of our society and carry the burden of taxation . The government in power is seeing to it that the middle class disappear, because without a middle class we will just have the very rich and the very poor and those who are in control will be the very rich so that the citizens of this country will experience what “Socialism” is. It will creep upon this country a little at a time as government grows bigger with no checks and balances as a democracy. The” Socialist” talk a lot while they sneakinly pass laws to suit themselves. America watch out! Use the vote to speak loud and clear to those who want to see Amerca “Socialist” All the crap about creating jobs when families are suffering because there is no work, or if there is, its 90% of the time part-time or per diem. As for the healthcare industry, Nurses are afraid to work in the hospitals because all they get is stress and long hours with no appreciation. Whoever made up that list should be ashamed to even compile it. AMERICANS SHOULD DEMONSTATE AND DON’T SIT DOWN AND TAKE THE CRAP FROM THE PRESIDENT AND HIS BAND OF CON MEN.

  129. Believe it or not people a family of 3 can live on less than 25K a year and still eat healthy and still go out to a movie every now and then.

    Do you plan to put your children through college? Buy them their first car? Raise them in a safe neighborhood? Pay for your own retirement? Pay for your own medical expenses? Pay for your own funeral? You may want to look for a better job Cathy….

  130. Are people thinking about Africa where in some countries unemployment is moe than 50%. The pressure will continue to on the US and other developed countries if the issues in Africa is not handled.

  131. Not to be rude, but you are a complete utter moron!!! How old are you anyway? Any country not producing any kind of good for it’s self is going to fail! PERIOD! That kind of “dirty blue collar work” has most likel kept you and your snobby family’s pocket’s full. You want to talk about technology? It is a very great thing. But, even Japan knows that you still need that filthy blue collar work to complete an economy. Who are you trying to fool? You would be better off re-evaluating what you say and do. Next time you decide to talk to ANYONE, YOU should educate yourself, learn the true, cold hard facts, and then speak(or in this case, type)!! Maybe you failed economics in high school and your highly devoted family paid for you to pass. But, therei s one thing you could do, especially with YOUR current state of mind, you could run for congress. Way to go smart one, you just summed up our country’s legislative system.

  132. We need truth teachers of american history,teachers that will teach morality,values,trust,honor.These qualities which made this country great have largely been ignored by teaching gurus.Our founding fathers,the US constitution have mostly been ignored by teachers or greatly distorted with
    propaganda.It is high time to move away from curent trend of liberty bashing to a more conservative path of independence.Any advancement of the US
    economy must come with technology,manufacturing,and small business.We need more vocational training in all phases of manufacturing like machinist,foundry skills,electrical/electronics.Not everyone should attend college but there has to be a path that will train people for the highly skilled jobs.

  133. I’m with e-man. Well, I’m at least with his anger!

    Myth: (The United States of) America is the Land of Opportunity. If you work yourself to near death, you can make a fortune.
    Fact 1 of 2: That hasn’t been true for at least a few decades. If it’s opportunity that you want, go to Brazil, Chile, China, India, etc. And why do American corporations prefer China? That’s easy! Chinese workers have few rights and that isn’t likely to change (It’s more likely to change in pro-democratic countries like Brazil, Chile, etc.), which makes long term investment in China very desirable. If there’s one America against Democracy, it’s Corporate American. Just ask the Mexicans!
    Fact 2 of 2: You probably can’t and most likely won’t make a fortune in American, because since the Great Depression, the wealth of America really hasn’t changed hands all that much. Some would even argue that since the very beginning of America, the wealth of America hasn’t changed all that much. Of course, every now and then, some outsider will get lucky, and give us all hope!

    Myth: (The United States of) America is the Land of the Free.
    Fact: I’ve got rights! And you (we the people) do, but our rights pale in comparison… Hey, what has more freedom and rights (can kill, pollute, void contracts they can no longer afford to pay, etc.), pays (on average) a lower tax rate, etc. than you (we) do? That’s an easy one. It’s the American Corporation!

    If you chose the wrong career or don’t finish school… Can you void your student loans, if you can’t and likely won’t be able to repay them? No, no, no! However, a corporate entity can run itself into the ground, and then, it can file for bankruptcy (or possibly get a free government loan). During bankruptcy proceedings, it can have all of its contracts voided (including the ones with its employees) to make it newly viable. You better believe it! Can you (we the people) do that? Absolutely not! You (we the people) can’t void contracts with corporations like they can void them with us (we the people).
    Lastly, (and) these people call themselves Christians! Oh, let’s not even go there.

  134. I am a Registered Nurse, and I have never had a hard time finding a job. I regularly get phone calls from recruiters looking to hire me away from my current position. I make $80,000 / year without overtime. I love my job, it is interesting, fast paced, and rewarding. I don’t kinow of another job that would allow me to work 3 days a week for that kind of salary. As a single mother, it is good to know I can support my family and still be there for them.

  135. I love how everyone on this site blames Obama for this economic recession this country is in. Wake up people- OBAMA IS NOT THE CAUSE! He is trying to turn this country around, and honestly that will be VERY difficult. He will have my vote for the next election, those of you who voted Bush for 2 terms you should “pat yourself on the back” for contributing to this recession. Anyway, to the article it depends where you live for which jobs to go into. I live in Texas and there are plenty of nursing jobs. I work in the medical field with just an associates degree in Health Information Management and I make 50,000 a year.

  136. It will also depend on the cost of living in the state you reside in, the level of teaching (elementary, middle, high, jr college or college) and of course experience or years of service. Hopefully performance plays a part as well.

  137. Matt,

    I believe that there will be an increased need for IT personnel; however, the current positions are typically held by younger individuals, so there wouldn’t be a need for replacement.

    Many of the careers they have listed have large numbers of workers ready to retire within the next 8 years or so.

  138. OMG! 83 a year?!? I have been teaching for 17 years AND have my masters PLUS 30 grad hours and only make 43 a year….But then again administration doesnt even make the salary you do

  139. what a pack of lies. everywhere I go i see only misery and unemployment. corporate america has sold us down the river for good.

  140. Would just like to add that in the state of North Carolina health care jobs are sinking…our Gov Bev Perdue is decreasing in home care by 75% leaving people helpless in homes and others unemployed…it is hard to understand if you are not in the middle but it effects patient to worker…worker to nurse…nurse to business owner…. then to the public like IT groups…accounting firms…. to real estate and on and on…when does it stop???

  141. Dear Karen Lorenz,

    After reading your article post on Apr 27th, 2010 of the futures 15 most wanted workers, then going back and reading other articles you have written in the past. I have come to a conclussion that you need a career change, might I suggest looking into teaching. I hear that on March 9th there was a sudden 17,000 pink slips handed out to teachers in Illinois alone. I am sure they would love to see this article posted with your resume.


  143. Grocery prices have increased most prices in our area,home values have gone down,but property taxes have not.but wages have decreased for what few jobs that are available.Contractors hired illegal immigrants to even do government contracts.Our stores,schools,hospitals,communities and jails are being overloaded wth illegals.Gangs and drugs rules the streets at night in some areas even the police keep out of.I think it’s time we standup go back to basics and cleanout the do nothing politions from office,enforce our laws,deport ALL illegals with their kids born illegally here and return to a self sustaining INDEPENDANT AMERICA,build it, buy it and produce jobs here.And stop foreign aid to countries that don’t need or appreciate and actually hate and want our down fall….Bring our free military services home to guard our borders,cities and country.We don’t need another attack like New York.Bring back our CIA networks to keep radicals world wide in check and kick butts as needed.

  144. I do not understand me and my wife raised four children on an average yearly wage of $17,000-$25,000 with out any Goverment help. The one time we did ask for help we were told we made $10 to much that month.Never tried again to much negative feelings from the person we were asigned as our worker acted like we were stealing from her.All 4 kids are grown and gone now with families of their own and all are working at dif. jobs none are on welfare or state aid. But if one of them needs help all thay have to do is ask either us or their brother or sisters and we come running. I think this is the way it should be self control on spending was more than likely the biggest lesson my kids learned growing up.Also 3 of the 4 have degrees from collages 4th one is back in collage and going for hers.

  145. I have read the majority of commits here…Teachers have you looked at teaching to adults in the business sector. One individuals post individual had moved to two differenct states. Do you think maybe becuase you moved to states that are coastal states, that this might be the reason? Or living in CA, moving to Washington state and Virginia and I am sure it was not a rural area you moved to. Sorry to say if you want a job it might not be around big cities or coastal. IT and engineer jobs, have you looked on USAJOBS. There are over 800 jobs in computesr in the state of Florida alone working for the government.
    I am a nurse, and the nursing field wil have critical shortages in the very near future. Problem nursing in it’s self is a physically challenging profession. Patients treat you horrabily. Basically, you are seen in the patient’s eyes as a glorified waitress who has to clean of sh&^ and vomit, and they do not even leave you a tip. Guess what just like you I have to get a advance degree to transistion out of the physically demanding nursing job to a more of a management of hospital senior staff. This way I don’t break my back from having to lift patients who don’t know when to push themselves away from the table.
    I have a daughter who is getting ready to graduate from High School and how do I counsel her on where to focus on a job or education…I look to the government and what job they have shortages or position they are creating. There are thousands of job in disaster management and every major city needs people educated in this field.
    So basically if you need to remake yourself.
    And gear your childern down the right path for a carerr.
    Do you know with the New Health Reform Bill the US will have a severe shortage of primary care physicians? Not specialist ie. neuro or surgeons but Primary Care Providers. Yes, these physicians don’t get paid has high as a speciaist but it is a respected profession and paid a more than a livable wage.
    Look to the government what they are doing and how that will translate into jobs.

  146. Instead of sitting here complaining, why don’t you create a job than to be waiting for one to created for you?

  147. Yes, the list is a joke. And we’re all introuble with Obama in office. But I couldn’t help but notice, people complaining about not being able to find employment also lack basic spelling and grammar skills.
    And, yes, I know that these forums are anonymous and you are posting opinions, not your resumes.

  148. I would not recommend teaching if you want any sort of stability or security in a job. Many teachers are finding systems are hiring them just long enough to get tenure then cutting them. This is because new teachers are cheaper. After this happens to you a few times your resume’ looks suspicious, like why did so many schools try this one and reject him/her? They will start to avoid hiring you all together.
    Another thing you will have to face if you choose teaching is burn out. If you get to stay in this high pressure job, expect to be facing a very different world than you think. Administrators are constantly on you because the state is always on them. Standards are always changing, so you are always having to change what you teach, it is almost a yearly change. EVERYTHING in your world will depend on your test scores. It will not matter what children are in your class, what their home life is like, what their mental stability or ability is like, you BETTER make the mark with those kids or you will be gone!
    Some parents you meet will be wonderful. They will value education and try to help their kids at home. A great number are just apathetic and want to be left alone, and then there are the real peaches, the ones that send in the mean letters, harrassing phone calls and even physically threaten you.
    The actual teaching day, IF you are lucky enough to get a job, and WHEN you have spent your own time getting your lessons ready to teach, will consist divided between trying to teach the students who really want to learn and being a jailor to the ones that are disrespectful, disruptive, and sometimes violent. Despite zero tolerance policies, and antibullying policies that are on the news all the time, that is not what is happening in public schools. They are so hard to enforce that they might as well not exist. Teachers and administrators try to do something about it but your hands are tied.
    If you are majoring in Education, , and you feel that you have a CALLING or whatever….do it, but I would double major because you will not last in it and be glad you took my advice. I really do give it out worry for you for you, my young educators. I am retiringm and during my 35 years , I have been a teacer in elementary, middle school and high school, and I have also been a principal at all levels and finally am a superintendent of schools now for a district. I would advise any young man or woman to get out of an education major. I know the profession too well.

  149. Washington has been broken for a long time now and no longer serve the people or have the integrity and morals to do “the right thing”. NAFTA created a “sucking sound” as Ross Perot stated during our decline and the people did nothing about it by keeping George Bush in office. Why doesn’t government or business owners do something about illegals?…because they want them here to force us all to work for less money in order to compete with third world countries shipping their goods to willing consumers eager to buy cheap products. We have all been guilty of living off credit cards and loans while allowing the government to to do the same with increasing the national debt in a joint effort to kill the value of the dollar. The money tree and jobs have dried up and loans will be harder to pay off with shrinking/ no wages and higher taxes produced by a nanny state that is run by incompetent polititions that have lost touch with reality. Socialism will fail from lack of funds/ rebelion and Capitolism will fail because of what our government and big bussiness has been allowd to do with the promotion of a “new world order”. They are tearing down our borders and selling our future and dreams out to countries like China and Mexico of all places, as stated by a previous post.

    As far as the jobs go, construction and manufacturing have died and retirement funds have been lost to the stock market. Our kids can’t find jobs because their desperate parents and illegals have them and educated college graduates have to apply for jobs in a saturated market so young people can also have loans they can’t pay off. There are plenty of unemployed teachers around to teach them not to go into teaching! Is this resession over…not for a long time to come… if ever!!!!!! Future growth will be in American trailer parks and scooter manufacturers in China.

  150. I can’t believe most of the commenters in this section–most can’t use proper grammar to get their point across, little to no punctuation to make sense of their comment, poor spelling, etc. etc. No wonder they can’t find a job–what employer would hire someone with such poor writing skills!!!

  151. You’re out of your mind. Nursing school is very difficult and demands high standards. A ‘C’ is considered failing. Jerry Springer can’t save a life but pal I’ve been able to help save many. Can you say the same dumbass?

  152. You people on here bitchn about teachers are complete and utter douch bags. How dare you say that teacher have it so good. I have worked as a teacher in two states, Arizona and New Hampshire. You want to know the costant between the two states. A-hole’s people like you saying that teachers don’t do anything. This past year the “union” that I have to belong to screwed our district by not providing anyone a cost of living raise. When I worked in Arizona all we go was a little 2% COL raise. I’m sorry, but due to the fact that I have two childern and would like to provide for my family and ask for a little extra. To respond to the people that say you can live on $25k and raise a family of three I say HA! Between the cost of living, health insurances, and loans for going to school most people would not be able to survive. Most of you on here keep believing that this life is possible. As for housing, people are subjects to the area that they live in. In Arizona, my family could buy a house right now for under $30k, but in Mass. where we currently good luck finding a house in a decent neighborhood for less then $300k. I agree with most of you that the manufacturing jobs need to come back, but when other countries will do it cheaper guess what.

  153. I love these furture job lists like “I.T.” I used to be one, a project manager for a bank in NY, making 96K 10 years ago. Then the company outsourced the 90% of the I.T. departments to India. Know a skeleton staf manages 3 Indian employees making half that here, who manage the rest of the staff in India. The best is all the TV ads for Graphic design schools saying there are all these oppurtunities, which is a career that has also been 80% outsourced including companies like Disney. Now I work as a reatail manager making less than half of my top salary and close to what I made in 1990. I have a Masters degree and that means nothing…old story.Beware of salary offers that require some paid training. Its just another sales technique.

  154. What about engineers? My son is going to college this fall to the Milwaukee School of Engineering and has been told numerous times about the plethora of jobs out there for engineers. Being a teacher, all I see are teacher layoffs and pay freezes and decreased benefits. I don’t know how this is a sign of teachers being in demand in the next 10 years. I live in Wisconsin, am in my 9th year of teaching, have my Masters in Special Education, and my gross pay is $48,000 a year. Not a huge amount of money leftover after paying household bills and now paying my son’s college tuition. What will I do next year when my daughter graduates and I have two in college??

  155. I can relate with those struggling to find a job with an Associates degree. But I don’t agree is impossible. First, do not dismiss out of hand a job posting with minimum Bachelor’s degree requirement. Companies almost always put that as a requirement, but some routinely hire below that education level if the person interviews well, has the right traits, etc… Especially if the role is sales or account management related. Apply anyway and see if you can get past the HR interview. Be ready to explain why you feel they should consider you despite the education requirement. Another thing with regards to job hunting- do not submit a resume online without contacting the company directly. Call every week until they tell you not to. These suggestions are probably a no brainer for most folks, but worth mentioning.

    With regards to IT jobs, I work in a very large IT research and consulting firm, we are hiring at target income levels of $50k and way up for inside and outside sales jobs. I know for a fact that although we post a bachelor’s degree requirement, we hire at lower education level if is the right person. Salaries and benefits are very good. So, if you can’t get a job in IT try IT research/consulting companies like Forrester, IDC, Gartner, Frost & Sullivan, etc… I know many people think sales is scary, but all it really requires is great communication skills, the ability to learn and adapt quickly (clockspeed), a sense of purpose. and good time management.

    For those of you with a bachelors and/or experience in your field and the ability to move, or those straight out of college, don’t forget to look at large companies that have large operations in more remote areas. I know everyone thinks the job markets are better in large cities, but you’d be surprised. Check the Fortune 1000 list for companies for opportunities in more remote locations. For example, Gartner has a finance/inside sales facility in a beautiful spot in Fort Myers, Florida. They have a hard time finding qualified people in the area to fill jobs at minimum $40k range. They recruit and hire from colleges or ex-IT folks, folks get 2-5 years experience in with the company and then post out. Many for high paying outside sales positions/IT related jobs in large metro areas. I can’t tell you how many I have seen take this route successfully.

  156. In response to the comment that a family of three can live on $25,000 a year….where is that? It sure isn’t here in new england. The last time I looked at homes in areas that have some kind of economic growth, they cost more than $230,000.00 dollars (1,200 sq ft. home); A car cost around $20,000 dollars; Medical insurance cost $1,200.00 dollars a month for a family; and the groceries aren’t getting any cheaper either. It seems that if your family doesn’t have a combined salary of at least $85,000 your behind the eight ball.
    Education is great….but there has to be jobs when you finish, and I’m not seeing any jobs created here even though they say the unemployment rate went down 0.2 percent. Seems like they are still using that “U2 standard” that makes everything look cheery. Take a look at the “U6 standard”, that’s how many people are really out of work. Looks like the welfare lines are getting bigger. The media and press all give us information that they want us to believe. People, open your eyes and minds and really look for the truth.

  157. I was an LPN for 14 yrs before I became an RN and climbed my way to a Nursing Supervisor of a large Correctional Facility which is a State job currently paying around $26/hr for Supervisors. That should tell you what they pay clinical LPN’s and RN’s. We have not had a raise in 4 years and are not getting one this year either. They will never be able to phase out LPN’s. They are the heart & soul and the bulk of the work force in Nursing. A lot of my nurses are single parents and can not survive on what they make and are working at least 2 jobs. Even though there is an assurance that they will always need nurses it doesn’t mean you can survice on what they pay!

  158. With the exception of #6, none of those jobs makes a good salary. As for those crying about manufacturing jobs, teenagers in Malaysia are willing to make what you do for one tenth the salary. So, get trained in a skill that can’t be outsorced. That seems to be a no-brainer. There are plenty of jobs for engineers for example, check Monster.

  159. PUT VO-TECH CLASS BACK INTO THE HIGH SCHOOLS…..INCREASE MANUFACTURING JOBS…….GO BACK TO EVERYTHING MADE IN THE USA !!!!!!!! Stop filling kids heads with you can be anything you want to be…..NO YOU CAN”T not without a lot of hard work…….get back to the basic reading writing spelling and arithmetic…..back to basics in jobs work work work…..Stop buying crap from China….we don’t need more plastic stuff…..MORE PUBLIC transportation especially in the rural areas……you can’t go anywhere without a car……. and MORE IMPORTANTLY kick admin out of the schools and colleges and government……we are TOP HEAVY with 7 admin to the Principal, 3 admins for every guidance counselor, secretaries and admins for every senator, congressman, and nose blower…… NO MORE FREE RIDES…..HELLO America…… we are working 100 days EVERY year just to pay taxes and it goes where?????????? Just sit there are whine….get off your butts and be heard…….they have their hands in your pockets and are STEALING…… NO MORE Mis-speaking ….they are LYING !!!!!

  160. To the teacher making $83,000 a year…you are part of the problem,I guarantee I can find hundreds of teachers from lets say India or South America that would do a better job educating and at a fraction of that salary.Also I would keep hush about your salary so the school board you work for doesn’t realize their mistake and lay you off this year.

  161. I agree! I don’t see how teaching can be considered a growing job. Like Colorado, Indiana is having to lay off teachers and not fill retirements. I would LOVE to have my own classroom instead of substituting, but it won’t happen in the district where I live.

  162. Kate Lorenz has lost all credentials with me by listing teachers as “fast growing”. M y wife has been a teacher for 7 years, as well as has her masters, with exemplary recommendations and is still finding it hard to land a job.

  163. I live in TX and even the entry level positions are paying less and less. Jobs that use to pay $15-17 per hr are now paying $11-13. Thats barely enough for a single person to have an apartment and car. Much less provide for a family.

    These corporations should be ashamed to mismange their money, then take bail out money and then cut jobs and wages. In addition banks have tighten their business lending standards. Small business is what jump starts the economy. THe USA needs innovators, free thinkers, risk takers.

    As soon as the banks start lending more. The job market might loosen up some.

  164. This list does seem off.

    I am disappointed by the lack of jobs on the list requiring a higher education.

    I graduated law school in 2006 and was unable to find work in a firm (I am in Washington DC). Thankfully, I am doing very well as solo, but it is getting old seeing my friends with Masters/Doctorates/etc. unemployed, while the “growth” areas, at least according to this list, are in fields where you can get a “certificate” from a “school” (I use that term loosely) advertised during Jerry Springer.

    Sad sad sad sad.

  165. All 15 jobs mentioned , do not produce a damn thing that can be sold for a profit. All 15 are blood sucking service oriented and this has been brought about by our own government giving damn near all of our industrial jobs small and large companies to the Chinaese and such. What is it that these idiots don’t understand about , We must have something to f—- SELL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  166. 5/30/2010 First of all we are not ina recession we are and have been in a depression, who is Obama trying to kid. They don’t count the American Citizens who lost there jobs over a year ago and ran out of unemployment and are still out of work. They only count the new Americans who are on unemployment. As for the Banks doing a remod on mortgages forget about it, it’s all BS. The banks want you to default because there are so many investors out there who would pay 20 to $30,000 more for what the bank would do a short sale on you, I’ve tried since 2007 and I keep getting the runaround from my bank, we have never been late but we do without medication so we aren’t late on any of our bills and to top it off many of the banks here in this country have the people you talk to about a modification are in India or some other country. They don’t even know how to do a debt to ratio.. It’s just unreal to me, so I figure the next best thing is to file for Bankruptcy and forget about it, it’s not worth worrying about, life is too short…. Obama needs to go, he’s not protecting our Country and he is and has not been doing his job, how dare he let the Mexican President dictate to the American people, what a shame… Just too bad I guess but I feel sorry for all of our children and grand children..

  167. Why did our jobs go overseas? The American Dream of Consumerism forced manufacturers to cut costs by eliminating highly paid American workers. Congress allowed them to go overseas by not taxing imports accordingly. Remember protective tarriffs? We don’t have any, Wal-mart doesn’t like them.
    This article is shallow and just plain wrong. You want a good job? Learn to speak Chinese. the Chinese are the new Americans. This country is in decline because we left the door open to greed, and are governed by the rich. They have a vested interest in overseas labor, and are not about to let you or anyone else tell them its immoral to watch this country collapse. They can always move to Hong Kong. Can you?

  168. I agree with you! I have a MEd as well — I live in the Cleveland area, which just laid off over 500 teachers. Other districts in this area are laying off as well. School districts seem to pay administration extremely well, not pass levies, get state funding cuts, then lay off teachers as the result. What is wrong with this picture? Needless to say, with all the money I have spend on my teaching education, I might as well have started a small business. All my degree and $4.00 will get me a cup of coffee at Starbucks. I’m on my way there now to apply.

  169. Think it is bad now wait until all the private-sector tax-paying workers have to continue slaving away to pay the taxes to keep those PROTECTED government-union sector non-tax payers who retire w/full pension at age 55 in the lifestyle they stole from free people.

    Government-Union-Teachers, Teamsters and SEIU members, if you think your gluttonous, greedy, selfish thievery is going to last eternally forever in happiness boy are you in for a big surprise.

    Government-Sector if you keep stealing from the Private-Sector then we will stop paying your salaries; meet John Galt.

  170. I have been looking for a Teaching job for two years in Buffalo. I have Special Edu and Elementary Edu along with Behavior Management background and can’t find a job. It’s sad I just want to teach and am working for under than 30 thousand barely making it by now they want me to start paying back loans. All this while prisioners and foreigners get free education and I pay my taxes and volunteer towards society. Thanks Government!!

  171. An A.A. in liberal arts will get you nowhere, especially if you are not interested in education for the sake of it. Look at your community college’s workforce development and vocational education programs; the one to two years you spend on a certificate or vocational degree will at least get you into a job.

  172. p.s. my own two cents… Unions, which some people seem to like in theory, are not what they seem to be. It’s nice to have on rose colored glasses and think of an institution that protects your job from unfair labor practices. Unfortunately, this institution has abused its privileges above and beyond reason. Unions will be the downfall of America. Just in teachers unions alone, documentaries have been made about the abuse of Unions. Check out the trailer for “The Cartel”, a documentary that is being screened now, based on teachers’ unions.

  173. The problem is that in this country we have become a ‘do more for or with less’ environment! Case point.. work hard, if you even have a job, get paid less but don’t forget that reality concept of ‘pay more taxes’. Those jobs that no one will do except for illegal aliens, it’s ok just give them legal status and then it will look like all those new American jobs were created..oh, did I mention they will only pay sub-minimum wages! Oh, I have an even better idea.. let’s just send all of our goods to China and then pay them to take them.. oh, I forgot, we do that now with the mport/ export tariffs!
    I am in health care for 30 years now, I see more nurses being imported from Malaysia and the Philippines than I do from our own USA! I met one yesterday from Camaroon, my pet retriever spoke better English but rest assured she was getting top salary!
    Wake up America, we are losing the very thing our and especially my ancestors fought for since the Revolution, our freedoms and I am afraid to say.. to the highest bidder! I better start learning Chinese!

  174. Obama keeps adding government workers in an effort to pad the jobs loss and all it does for the over all economy is to increase SPENDING. The country has way too many of these highly paid welfare workers already. I would bet my last dollar , we could get rid of at minimum 50% of all government employees and not miss any of them.

  175. I wish someone would be happy and thankful for a job and to be blessed with the activity of your limbs and a right mind to think! We all have family and bills to pay,dont go through this life complaining about jobs and the pay, be thankful for what you do have because it can be taken away tomorrow,I had to learn the hard way when I had to move to Mississippi due to famiy sickness the lowest paid state in the USA, for as nurses some only make 14 a hr LPNs about 11 a hr CNAs or HHAs 7-9$ a hr in a hard back breaking job,where we are exposes to sickness ourselves! ADVICE to the ones that are going into the medical field, IF YOU DONT HAVE A HEART FOR THE SICK YOU WILL NOT MAKE IT! ITS NOT ABOUT THE MONEY IN THIS FIELD PEOPLE ARE DYING EVERYDAY!!! BE THANFUL AND BLESSED

  176. There are no teaching jobs in NJ, either, especially since our illustrious governor, Chris Christie, yanked state aid to schools (my district lost 78% of aid, or over $7 million, and this is happening to EVERY district in NJ), then encouraged voters to vote against school budgets. Less than 41% of school budgets passed and every district has lost multi millions in aid. Teachers are being laid off left and right. In some districts, every nontenured teacher is being laid off. Some districts are now closing their kindergartens completely because kindergarten is not federally mandated and they can no longer afford it. My district’s budget DID pass (with $7.8 million in cuts) and we still have to cut 50 teaching positions.

  177. I see a common theme in responses. Everyone is negative, or damning this study. But this is the same type of study from the good times ten years ago, that predicted growth in manufacturing, ceo mega-saleries, union jobs aplenty, biotech and optics growth. The truth is no one could have predicted where we are in the economy, job unemployment, and world crisis.
    Solution: Make a self pediction on where we will be in ten years and it will be just as true and plausable as this study.

  178. Cathy,
    I am a teacher and do not simply hand out worksheets and say, “Do this!” IN FACT, QUITE THE CONTRARY!! I work very hard and feel very passionate about my job. You need to stop putting everyone in the same category, lumping all teachers as a bunch of lazy bums. With just a few exceptions, all the teachers I work with, are a WONDERFUL, HARDWORKING group of individuals. We take work home daily, give after school time to children, tutor on our own time, and follow a very rigid and very demanding curriculum. Know what you’re talking about before you spout off and say something so ignorant… Also, I invite you to come in and do my job, ANY DAY, and see just how “easy” it really is!

  179. I disagree with this article. I don’t know where your getting your info, but oveer 28 teachers haven gotten laid off in my school district…..

  180. Joseph, not to mention that the dominant population in many areas is Hispanic- and they are the largest welfare recipient population (next to African American and Chinese).

    With all these freeloaders in California (51% is the latest GDP figures for the Budget in the State just to pay the Dole) it is no wonder Cali can’s balance the budget. Nancy, Diane, and Barbara have been chasing business (by request of their Liberal following) out of the State for years. In my own field these ladies motivated the two largest plant nurseries in the world to leave and set up shop in other states. These business took over a BILLION in taxes with them….

    So much for Liberal Politics….it costs you in Cali WAY TOO MUCH!

  181. I am way late in posting this but the pet business is still booming. I don’t ever see it listed in jobs. Our pet grooming business gross over $200,000 last and it’s only 2 years old.. Our groomers makes between $600 and $1300 a week. The industry is in great need of TRAINED groomers.

  182. Childcare? Really? I don’t know about anywhere else, but in our state child care centers are closing left and right. Oh, and speaking as a child care worker of 10+ years, even the workers with ECE degrees, don’t make that much.

  183. You have got to be kidding! Since most of these positions are in service sectors, employers are willing to deal with the inconvenience of hiring part time or shared time employees in exchange for not paying for benefits (health, retirement, vacation, sick leave, social security). In this economy, experienced, educated people face applying for entry level jobs at entry level pay just to get their foot in the career track again. This leaves many recent graduates with derailed career paths in very low service jobs and no career prospects. I agree with the comments above. The decisions we make now will dictate what we will have to deal with later…[ie. The global push for smaller families in the 60's and 70's seemed like a good idea at the time, because the thought was there wouldn't be enough food, resources etc. However, it has now been determined that an economically vibrant country needs a birth rate about 2.1 children per family to carry the expenses of their parents generation.] If you are going to do this kind of reporting, show the whole labor force spectrum. This half picture will skew our country in the wrong direction. A strong nation needs engineers, doctors, IT, researchers, manufacturers too.

  184. All the comments about “blue-collar” jobs are cracking me up. “Blue collar” jobs disappeared from our economy because people decided they wanted cheaper products that meant exporting labor costs. I’d be delighted with the return of manufacturing and paying a higher price for products made here. I don’t buy a lot so it wouldn’t be a hardship on me. Others are addicted to the thrill of aquisition.

    I’m a RN and from my perspective, this career should DEFINITELY be listed everywhere as a growth career BUT one shouldn’t get into it via attending a “private” school with high tuition since many of those are scams designed to help you apply for a federal loan, take your money, and leave you unable to pass the boards. After getting a BA in psych & sociology (waste of money), i attended a community college for nursing. I spent $2000 total (i received a lot of grants and scholarships) to enter a field where i earn enough to be a single parent, buy a home, and save for the future. New nurses need to realize that they’ll probably have to take night-shift (or rotating shift) positions and work their way to days…you have to pay your dues.

  185. I see people talking about capitalism is the way and stop socialism, along with stop sending our jobs overseas to Mexico and China. Isn’t sending our jobs to Mexico and China considered capitalism? They get to earn as much as they want to and if you live on scraps, so be it.

    Sometimes you get what you ask for and find out it isn’t what you thought you were asking for. Everyone yelled about keep the government out of my business and life and we got BP and then the people yell “what is the government doing about it.” Which is it everyone wants, stay out of my business and let capitalism do what they do or please help us government correct what capitalism and businesses did to us?

    Give the tax credits to businesses to the companies that want to help people here and not just their pockets. Why are some politicians actually trying to vote against financial reform and make the greedy business people act right and not just look after themselves? The government is responding to businesses and people that say take it overseas so we can make more. That’s what you should be demanding so we don’t have to keep correcting what happens overseas like China making cheap crap and putting antifreeze in toothpaste and getting people sick, but hey, if all you want is government out of your lives, don’t complain what the results are.

  186. I just changed careers from engineering to secondary education (math and physics). I was employed by a great school district 3 weeks after graduating. Suburban area of Pgh. I think education depends on the field you’re in — in my area of the country, there are just way too many elementary, english, and social studies teaching grads. I’m still getting calls from other districts trying to set up interviews.

  187. This report overtly embodies the kind of unskilled, ill-researched reporting that is all-too common on the internet. Teachers are simply not in demand; states are now and will be through the next years eliminating positions as state and local budgets are slasehd; university tenure is nearly impossible to attain. Just read any MLA report on the subject. Moreover, nursing is not now in a shortage state. There are a dearth of nursing jobs for new grads and that trend is likely to continue. Finally, look at the awful nature of some of these great jobs; to wit, teachers aid? Give me a break. Have you ever tried living on 12 dollars an hour? If this is one of the great opportunities of the future, that future is bleak. Stop pronouncing that the recession/depression will soon be over and that good jobs are again to be in abundance. Good jobs were never in abundance here. College grads since the early nineties have been working at pizza shops. Do you homework and stop acting as the mouthpiece for the Minister of Propoganda.

  188. Greetings,

    I am an Elementary teacher in Oklahoma and there is a misconception about our pay and the availbity of jobs. Right now in Oklahoma we are in a teacher freeze (meaning we are not hiring new teachers), we are closing schools, and we don’t get paid that much! I just finsihed my second year and according to this article I should be making close to 35,000 a year. Actually I am making only the same as a teacher assistant, 24,000 a year. Someone needs to check their facts before posting these jobs with these jobs and dreamy salaries.

  189. how about translators? isn’t that a well requested “talent” if we may say?? please answer back thanx

  190. YOU HIT THE NAIL ON THE HEAD! We need manufacturing jobs. I am a retired Tool and Die maker and previous to retirement I lived and worked thru several Corporate buyouts,name changes,mfg jobs shipped over too China,Taiwan,Mexico all in the name profit enhancement/cost reductions. The CEO’S don’t care about driving up the work force only profits. We are in the middle of a change too a have and have not society just like 17th Century Europe.In the short term you will see fewer mfg jobs,higher inflation,and jobs at min wage levels that all the folks coming up from Mexico will be glad to fill.God help us all.

  191. Someone on the first page asked if any young “techies” were caring for their parents or grandparents yet. I’ve been caring for my mom since I was 13 and now at 26, I’m burned out, haven’t been able to live on my own because of my mom, and I don’t see how I’m going to have any kind of life beyond the work-paying bills cycle.

    So to poster #14, what was the point of your question? That somehow young people are lazy simply because we were brought up in a technology-based society? If that’s the case, you need to consider who is funding and making the technology. Steve Jobs and Bill Gates are both middle aged, as are many of the people working in their companies. Sure, you may have a high number of young people working in tech support and using technology, but that doesn’t mean we’re lazy.

    I’d love to have our society return to the 60′s or the 80′s because maybe then, I could have my own apartment while still caring for my mom. As it stands, I have to wait another 10 years before she can even go in a nursing home. By then, I may not be able to have children, and if I even make it that far without dying myself, then I’ll have a long way to go to catch up.

    So please don’t think everyone under 30 is lazy. A lot of us are having to pick up the slack for our parents… its unfortunately a very silent epidemic, especially among lower income families.

  192. I live in tricities as well your sis graduated from columbia Basin college right? she should be able to get a job no prob as everybody that i know what had graduated the program has.. maybe she has a personality issue like her sister..

  193. Sorry Pat , I’ve been in the pharmacy, I wouldn’t exactly call that a pressure packed job….LOL. You are smart though, for going with a career that is HIGHLY OVERPAID..OK, HOW MANY PILLS DO I NEED TO FILL THIS PRESCIPTION…1,2,3,4,5,6 …LOL

  194. I believe Civil Engineering would be in the top 15. Our infrastructure is falling apart and must be rebuild. This requires civil engineers as well as general construction workers. Either one of these professions have to have a better outlook than teaching. This report is clearly flaud!

  195. AMEN! Skilled Trades should be called “Killed Trades” because it’s a dying ART. Most young people are into pushing buttons and granted, with the advances of industrial technology, we need those people. However, most of the prima donna’s couldn’t align couplings with indicators if the laser unit went down…I doubt that they could even READ the indicators or veriners. It is sad that a country that built it’s niche during the industrial revolution is falling so far behind. Europe still has Journeyman and Master programs…The US does also but in paper only. Maybe one day, when the wheel falls off, they’ll remember us old grease monkeys and gear heads.
    And for you not familiar with Industrial Apprenticeships, Some are 4, some 8 and some 10 years of DOCUMENTED experience PLUS 800-1600 Hours of classroom.

  196. I am amused too at this article, the lucky ones who have “jobs” and “careers” right now be happy- if you can, I know it can it hard, in nursing school they forgot to teach the class “common sense and how to negate the halls of a political bomb field” i.e THE HOSPITAL- right now so many non profit hospitals are losing money- have lost money, and are not getting the funds that they usually see, and just as everything is cylical they are going through their “lets get rid of everyone we really don’t need” cycle- that means bad times at hospitals-lots of nurses scared for there jobs=back stabbing……..less staff and increased patients=burn-out……that in turn leads to…..increase in mistakes being made by the remaining staff. Then the hospitals uppermanagment will be forced to look at what and why is going on and “oh my” “we should hire more help, we could hire new grads cheap and that would count”….. Don’t worry new grads, you will get a job some where, then you too will shown the true story of how nursing works. Nurses love to do their job, if those who “run” the hospital will let them, but they can’t, practice walking on eggshells, stabbing others in the back, and kissing you know what and you will get that job in no time!!!!

  197. I am sorry to hear you cannot find a job. I did travel nursing and still have recruiters calling me. I am no longer working, but have you tried putting your resume out on careerbuilders. com. Just trying to help. Also, it may not be the best job out there, but med/surg hiring on 11-7 in the inner cities are always out there. I know it might not be what you want, but I was a single mom for years and I did whatever job I could find in the early 90′s when everyone was just hiring prn. It does happen in nursing when people don’t believe it. They don’t want to pay benefits and they just hire prn. My 3 kids and I went without benefits for over a year and I held my breath and I worked nights prn until something opened up and then I took a huge pay cut for days prn and was still broke, but kept sending out my resume until I finally got called for a part time with benefit job and worked both the prn job and the part time benefit job unitl the part time job went full time. You have to do what you have to do. Good luck and just try Careerbuilders Melissa. God Bless.

  198. Well unfortunately these service jobs mean nothing without the industry to back them up. We are destroying the last little bits of industry we have left because of the UNIONS. The unions think they are helping the American worker but you have done nothing but destroy the American worker. You have made operational costs so expensive that industries have no choice but to manufacture outside of the US. If we don’t scrap the union crap or at least cut it back drastically, AND get state governments to wake up and give companies tax breaks to make operation easier we are never going to come out of this and our dollar will continue to devalue. We are falling a lot quicker than we came to power…. gee what made that happen again? OH YEAH our huge expanding industry that is nomore…

  199. Wow! $10-$12 for a substitute teacher; that is some money when they are paying only $6-$7 in St. Marys, Ga; and I have a degree!

    I also did not see any mention of HR, which is my concentration for my MBA. I can’t believe there will be no positions in this field. Talk about doom and gloom!

  200. I agree, Iowa has the same situation, do they ever go out and ask the general population? They should! They would get some real facts.My Husband worked at Maytag,He of course lost his job due to it. I picked up 2 extra jobs, on top of the one I already have, (Which by the way is a school and no our teachers are lucky if they make 28,000 a year) making less than minimum wage.

  201. Study is so wrong, if teachers and teachers assist are so needed. Then why is our school dist in NJ laying off. Last year 120 and this year 80.

    I just love these bull crap make ya feel all warm and fuzzy inside stories.

  202. No one is ever happy! I think you should be greatful you have something in todays world. There are jobs out there but not everyone wants to get down and dirty. There so dam picky! The one that have jobs are the jobs people dont want. I work hard everyday and my skills are not appreciated with the little pay I get. Went from losing a decent job to make less then half just to put food on the table. Am I happy NO! So stop and think who are the ones that are really making it now?

  203. I am so glad with the news you featured about this labor statistics i am a teacher in the Philippines for 18 years up to now and presently managing a tutorial center,i would like to inquire on how can i get in touch with the teaching opportunities abroad specially in the U.S. where and what companies i am going to apply..please give me more informations on how to apply teaching abroad do you still offer a fly now pay later ..thanks so much and God bless to all your companies..

  204. @thatma
    Child care workers are not union, never have been. In fact, most companies will lay you off on the spot if you even talk about it. Child care is an “at will” employment field, meaning that you can walk away any time, but they can let you with no notice and for any (or no) reason. People pay out hundreds (some thousands) in child care per month, but it doesn’t go to the workers, it lines corporate pockets. In a good center, the workers are required to develop developmentally appropriate “lesson plans”, track development, and even help to spot delays. Most states require a BA in Early Childhood Education to be the lead in a room and some states are pushing for at least an Associates to assist a lead. But be warned, most companies won’t pay you enough to take care of a family and pay your bills (and no, child care workers do not usually recieve free child care). I recently left my possition with a very large child care company because they took away the little discount we were recieving. For all three of my children to attend care (with two of them being only half day) it was going to cost just over $800 every two weeks. Since I only made just over $600 every two weeks, I was forced to leave my job. Oh, and keep this in mind, the average child under 12 spends MORE time in the care of child care workers and teachers than they do in the care of their parents.

  205. I’m sorry, but this article is just ludicrous. As far as I’ve seen, NURSES (mostly RN’s) in my area can’t find a job to save their lives. Census is down in the hospitals because people can’t afford to pay their medical bills, and older nurses wont retire because they CANT AFFORD IT! I’m graduating next year from nursing school, and am clueless as to where I’ll find a job. Looks like GANNETT who owns career builder was certainly paid off to write this crock.

  206. This list is very weak….reality is we all need to find a business that fits our values and share these new technologies in order to expand our sustainability in the income world. When we retire, we surely do not see us all sitting in a rocking chair aging – still, need to keep active. Our investment vehicles are no good anymore since greed is apparent. Anyone curious about REALITY, pls email me. 401K is dead so do not depend on that as your way of retirement. I was born and raised in SF, CA and experiencing a horrific real estate market so my indulgence in finding a solution is very great.

  207. Teachers are being cut in my state, Georgia, and those who leave are not being replaced. Class sizes are being increased and para professionals are replacing some teaching positions.

  208. I was so surprised to see that daycare/preschool teachers were on your list. I am one, in Northern California. And what we are seeing, not at our center, but from others are cuts. Hours being reduce. We rely on the facts of people working. If our parents are getting their jobs cut, we don’t have children in our schools. Children don’t have to attend preschool, but they do have to attend secondary school.

    As for the pay, you are pretty much on target. Very under paid. Some could live on what we are paid. At my center, we are paid on a scale on our degrees, units of education, permits, and years we have been working in the field. However, many sites do not do this. They just want the amount of units the state requires you to have to be able to for them to certify you as a teacher.

    If the economy picks up, I for see a demand for this job. However, it’s under paid, and many times thankless work.

  209. I agree with you 100%. Can’t imagine that they don’t mention about anything about this. I’m a network specialist and still believe that there is a good demand for us even Police officers were being let go.

  210. you forgot all the obama created jobs like working for the food stamp program, unemployment office, depression psychologist, the new acorn, oil spill clean up, and don’t forget the military.

  211. Katherine….You cannot SPEND your way out of a recession and that is exactly what OBAMA is trying to do. And, we as a nation know it is a mistake. And, we also know he is not doing what he said he would do and you are not living here and see the damage he has done day in and day out. The last straw..not showing up at Arlington on Memorial Day. So, the smoke and mirrors he tries doesn’t cut it.

  212. It’s hard to give you credit for this statement when you chose to type it in all caps. Please remember to turn it off next time.

  213. Every one of these positions, with the exception of a few is WELL BELOW the median livable income for almost all of the US! If only one person was to work and there were no kids, you might make it; otherwise you are screwed!

    Once again, Careerbuilder and its co-horts has shown they have no clue about the true realities of the needs of workers of the US! The website sucks, they post jobs that aren’t truly available and then they try to feed us this tripe excepting that we should accept it hook, line and sinker.

    The author of the article should live on one of those salaries for a year and then come back and write the article!

  214. No one mentioned skilled mortuary technitions, funeral directorsl We’re ALL customers and it looks to me that mortuary science is a pretty recession proof field to be entering.I plan to begin studies in the Fall.

  215. Why isn’t funeral assistants and such on the list, since baby boomers are aging i suspect over the next 20 years more people will than ever before.


    I am totally appalled by the low salaries stated in the article. However, this provides a dosage of TRUE reality.

    Based on my experienced knowledge, all HIGH PAID JOBS have been OUTSOURCED -and- jobs that are not outsources are being worked by NON-AMERICAN contractors working in the United States.

    As a country, we will NEVER get those jobs back. We have totally OUTSOURCED the technical knowledge required to run American companies. Years ago, American executives outsourced the highest paid jobs based upon low costs and higher profits. However, these executives did not properly develop the outsource contracts to ensure that OUTSOURCED companies THOROUGHLY document system code and system knowledge. Are American companies performing compliance checks of OUTSOURCED companies to ensure that the technical knowledge is being documented for future American reference…NO!

    Therefore, the knowledge has left the country. What does this mean, it means that American technical/scientific knowledge and creativity is LOST. Why? We are no longer providing hands-on technical/scientific work. Therefore, we have lost the knowledge to develop more creative and streamlined solutions for our companies.

    FORTUNATELY, President Obama is also against outsourcing jobs. As a country, we MUST SUPPORT his efforts to stop this trend through legislation and bills. We must also recognize that corporate motivation is HIGH PROFITS and REDUCED COST; increased salaries for the top 5 executives.

    Let’s face it, does anyone care (beside your family) if outsourced jobs and reduced salaries, impact every American family and the future of the United States. Let’s face it, if American citizens are not educated (no money to pay for college) and American kids are occupied watching sexually explicit media content and playing fascinated games… we as Americans will not be able to comprehend complex legislative matters so, we will listen and fight for “what we are TOLD”. Yes! What we are TOLD. WE WILL FIGHT with PASSION for matters that hurt us all. WHY? Because, this makes us feel smart and valued. Even if, we do not understand the complex dynamics and impacts of our fight.

    AMERICAN #1 PRIORITY: Call your congressional representatives today! Demand and support bills that increase corporate taxes and cost associated with outsourcing jobs.

    BE PREPARED: When legislation is prepared for the President to sign which states increased costs for companies that outsource American jobs, there will anger against the President.

    WHY? Individuals without extensive education (due to the increased “dumbing down of American” due to our lack of money to pay for college) and individuals without an in-depth understanding of corporate knowledge (due to the decrease in high paid jobs) ….. will align with corporate driven causes to STOP legislation which helps American families.

    HOW CAN HIS HAPPEN: EASY!! If the bill takes more than 5 minutes to read and understand. We as American citizens will not read or understand it. We will just believe what is TOLD to us. We will fight with passion to hurt ourselves. Not because, we want to hurt ourselves. We will do this because, we do not understand the matters and we can not read and comprehend the legislation OURSELVES. Every day, this cycle increases and continues. KNOWLEDGE IS POWER! As we loss KNOWLEDGE and EDUCATION so, we rely on the POWERS that TELL us what to fight for! EVEN if we are fighting to hurt ourselves.

    Now people like myself, that have knowledge will sell our knowledge to companies outside the United States and we will help other countries thrive; while American job loss continues. WHY? We must feed our families. WHY? Everyday, we watch AMERICANS fight to HURT America…when legislation is not understood.

    GOAL #1: Call your congressmen to end the outsourcing of American technical and scientific jobs. Once these jobs are saved, all other salaries will increase; as other resources will be needed to support American growth.

    SEND a RESPONSE; if you are interested in aligning to understand legislation, education Americans, and stop the low paid job trend.

  217. Ok, the map lacks a legend, which states are doing better, orange or blue?

    We need job creation in our land. What to do???

    Get more free trade agreements!!!

    They create jobs for us. Why??? Because we have the largest manufacturing base in the world. We are in a global market, when we lack the free trade agreements we limit our manufacturers ability to seel their goods, thus not creating a demand for more jobs.

    We have only 2 agreements, Chili by comparison has 52!! Why because their manufacturing base is small and they need to buy so the agreements make it easy.

  218. Financial Wealth is not the amount of money that you spend from your earnings; it is the amount of money that you save and that you get to keep and that is available to you if you should ever need it.

    Kate Lorenz (April 27th, 2010 article in Employment trends) offers “REALITY” but this is just a “GUESS”. She points out what can be a possibility to which some will say no and some yes!
    Other things we may need to think about would be:
    1) will my peace of mind be enhanced in this career?
    2) should I relocate to follow a job?
    3) after the probation time if any will I tolerate, like or love what I do?
    4) can my finances be managed so that I can save money?

    Many years ago when I asked myself these questions, I found that taking a job overseas allowed me to:
    1) save half my salary each year,
    2) have a better quality of life
    3) have more enriching personal experiences
    4) travel more
    5) learn about other cultures
    6) learn new languages.

    What has worked for me for about 7 years has been
    ………….. the ADvantage of
    …hitting the ROAD
    and going ABROAD…

    When you consider that “WORK” is just one facet of this multifaceted jewel called life, you may hopefully find a way to put “WORK” in it rightful place or perspective. Sometimes the best place to find yourself is somewhere else and with some luck you’ll enjoy finding yourself there too… Be well.

  219. Wow-you seem really angry. I am not at all happy with our President and how he’s selling/buying /owning for himself and the government ‘the American dream’, however, I get up everyday and still chase my dream. I wont let him take that away from me. Tell your sister that the nurses in MN may be going on strike soon. There may be an opportunity for her.

  220. this list was obviously made up by some progressive liberal who never got their hands dirty or did a hard day’s work in their lives.

  221. Stress at work is self-inflicted. I work in the medical field and am not stressed. I have worked 17 years, pay my bills, put food on the table and have had only a handful of stressful days. Do not blame the job for stress, know how to do your job, then DO IT and no stress should come from that. Not sure if your stress is coming from other areas of your life, but dont just blame a JOB for it. Figure out the source(s) and then deal with them. Maybe you need to quit trying to keep up with the Joneses; or Quit trying to be someone YOU”RE NOT.

  222. I am glad you have a job. I am a spanish teacher and i can’t find a full time job.
    In what district do you work> let me know

  223. No not Springer but close. Have you ever thought that the Colleges and Universities might be doing this to keep the flow of students with…HOPE… going and paying insane prices just to get hypercriticized by a bunch of pot smoking professors with bad attitudes miserable in their own existance.

  224. Have you ever been to the South? Granted, there is poverty down here, but I teach in a very low income area, and I don’t know a single kid whose Dad goes to the field to get “veggies and a fowl.” We DO have grocery stores…and real homes.

  225. Registered Nurse and teacher positions are professional, not service oriented positions. As for the health care assistant positions, these positions will continue to grow in demand as the population ages. The problem is that it is very hard to get by on the salaries the assistant positions offer.

  226. GK

    Listen…The ones with control are the higher up people that make damn sure they get their money for vacations and jewelry and nice homes and cars. The ones to complain to are the ones that make the school budget. Who are they? Well go and find the members of your local school board …if you can find them. They usually own very lucrative bussinesses.

  227. Where have all the jobs gone? China and Illegal Immigrants are the easiest explanations. The politicians sell it, media outlets play it and Americans buy into it. Consumers and voters need not do any individual research or thinking. It’s all provided for us.

    The government sold us out to greedy corporations. The mega wealthy have not been the losers of the last ten years of financial breakdowns. This is the free market we had all hoped for.

  228. I can’t believe how different a teacher’s salary can be in different parts of the country. I live in Lincoln, Nebraska and have I been teaching for six years and I have a Masters – I make $30,000.

  229. These numbers are wrong for current U.S. salaries especially for teachers. Perhaps teachers are making 54,000 in California or New York, but as for the rest of us teachers in the U.S. especially if you are brand new we are barely seeing 25,000 after taxes and 30,000 before taxes!

  230. Nicole,
    I have a liberal arts degree, although a Bachelors degree. Not really sure what an associate degree can do for anyone. My Bachelors in Liberal Arts has landed me a great job in cardiology sales making over 6 figures. So there is hope. It took me a few years to get the sales experience I needed to get in the business, but the Bachelors degree was the ticket. I know school isn’t your thing, really wasn’t mine either; but the road to plenty is never easy. Good Luck!

  231. Those “nursing” schools advertised ondaytime television that you speak of are not actually nursing schools. Registered nurses hold college degrees and must pass their state board exams for licensure. Perhaps you haven’t really payed attention to the role/responsibilities of a registered nurse the last time you were in a hospital. It would appear that you were too busy watching Jerry Springer.

  232. I knew we should have moved to Calif years ago, my wife the teacher has a BA in Special ED and an MA in Elem ED, and curriculum development, has 25 years experience and makes less than $40,000.00 a year. Spends her summers either going to school, writing standards, teaching summer school, or working on lessons for the next year. She works a little or a lot every day all summer long. We can’t even go on vacation that she isn’t reading books or writing something that has something to do with school. This notion that all teachers are bad lazy unionized democrates is a bunch of BS!

    She’d be happy if parents would just take a little interest in their childs education instead of expecting the teachers to feed, clothe, raise and teach their children in a politically correct evironment.

    As a teacher I’ve seen her feed her students, see to it her students had a shower every day, bought them clothes, school supplies, and give them a place where she would lay down her life to protect them. Just because teachers enjoy their profession and feel like they make a difference doesn’t mean they should be given poor pay. With that said Tenure and unions have their place, the teachers unions need to help improve their ranks not protect poor teachers.

    Teaching jobs are not out there, like someone else said spanish speaking and special education, yes. Everything else no. I am basically uneducated and I make more than my wife. Doesn’t make sence does it.

    Those that think it’s easy and pays so well should just jump right in and try it. They will soon find out just how difficult it is to teach todays learners.

  233. Doesn’t see how they put teachers on this list. When nationwide thousands of teachers are being cut! Where did this information come from and what state needs these teachers? Just how far in the future are we looking into?

  234. Salaries for teachers vary in all states. Teachers deserve high salaries, they are the ones teaching, shaping and molding the future of this country! The people in office are the ones damaging the education around here!

  235. Dear Cathy,

    You really want all of the U.S. to reach for the gutter don’t you? You obviously have never had to support a family on the pittance that some of these jobs pay, at least you can eat? That is your take? My family NEVER had a lot of money, NEVER, yet I hold out hope for bettering my life, bettering my earnings, and by all that is holy, it is not greed to strive for the best, to consciously work toward a better lifestyle. There is nothing wrong with living well and within whatever means one is capable of earning, but to settle for that forever is not “the American Way”, not! To be greatful to God, it is good to be that always and to keep a humble attitude, BUT IT IS NOT GREED OR EVIL TO STRIVE FOR BETTER, TO EDUCATE FOR HIGHER WAGES, TO EARN! It is criminal not to view this current economic morass with a critical eye and to suspect all the hands that are busily filling their own pockets, this incudes governmental agencies and individuals. Government is taxing all the capital that builds industry and business out of existence and replacing hard work with socialist pap and creating a menial and subservient workforce. So while I do thank God I keep an eye on the behemoth that would spend all the world’s money to keep it’s power. If you want a good read, read The Road to Serfdom by F. Hayek- it is as relevant as it ever was. Stay humble in spirit but strive for the best!

  236. The top 15 jobs I have been a Medical Assistant/Phelbotomist and almost at the top of my pay field struggling to make ends meet in todays standards. I am going back to college to try to achieve a college degree and to be paid enough where I won’t have to struggle from pay check to pay check. I feel the jobs listed the employers need to do a reality check and up the pay or have them live off that amount, it is tough. As for the teachers in my area, many have been laid off. I thought education was important for the future of America.

  237. To Nicole Blanton – The skills you acquire or use while attending a degree-granting institution will help you in any job. Writing clearly, organizing material and information, meeting deadlines, and networking with fellow-students, all will be “value added”. It’s not what you will do WITH a liberal arts degree, it is what a liberal arts degree will do FOR YOU. You could write a job description of what you do at home, for example — I did that once on a job application. Figure out what you love to do and make yourself a niche. Do you like chocolate? do you like paper? If you hate school, what do you LIKE?

  238. Just shows what a failure Obama and the Democratic Congress is…. Do you notice that there is no growth jobs in those numbers that is actual going to improve the GNP of this country. Come November, we need to stop the train wreck.. Hopefully, it is not too late.

  239. I’m teacher and at the top of our pay scale it isn’t any where near close to the figure that was given as the starting wage for teachers. And that is with having a masters degree. I my salary isn’t even half of what was listed it! Makes me wonder about the other job’s salary. Plus it also makes me wonder if the other jobs listed really wanted, if they are as needed as teachers are then I hope no college kid reads this misguided article.

  240. Have any of you read the article? It is saying that by 2018 there will be workers needed for these jobs, not today. So many comments about how teachers are being laid off and how they shouldn’t be on this list… Just because they are still being laid off today doesn’t mean this article is wrong. It’s referring to 2018. Geez I feel a lot dumber after reading all these comments.

  241. You don’t know what you are talking about. Our country go to where is today by being productive and manufacturing put us in that position.

  242. I realize there are holes in the list. One missing Auto Mechanic try to get your wheels fixed . You stand and beg them to at least look at it. Costs ??? Who cares just get me back on the road folks.

  243. I’m from Ohio, tried to get a teaching job for 4 years there while substitute teaching the whole time, and now I’m a third year teacher in North Carolina. I feel very fortunate to still have my job for next year, but the same can’t be said for many of my colleagues who are losing their job due to lack of funding. I’m pretty sure teaching is a field that does not belong on this list.

  244. You don’t see many IT jobs because the market is glutted with graduates just starting to hunt for them. For years, the word has been”Get a job in IT – keep your hands clean!” Well, thousands upon thousands of people did just that. As for manufacturing, see above- people not wanting to get dirty to make a living. Frankly, I think that heavy equipment operators and, even more likely, equipment mechanics, will have places, too.

  245. BS.. just a ploy to import more cheap labor. We are exporting our jobs and importing people, illegals are running across our borders, they don’t even have a good count on how many illegals are here, and they want us to BELIEVE that we might have a shortage?? lol.. Yeah.. right..

  246. way to go terry i believe 100 percent in what you wrote .We have some good teachers but their are many as you described and people do want to live beyond their means and that is why we are in the mess were in

  247. As for Royce complaining about teacher’s salaries and them being whiners…I teach in a state where there are no unions. My salary of $30,850.00 last year was cut by .5% and I was forced to take 10 hours off of work due to this furlough (in May of ’09) because the state didn’t have enough money to pay its state employees through the month of June. I was told I could take any day off, but because I have a position that would require a susbstitute teacher, I was highly encouraged to take a teacher workday off. We also did not receive our step-up in pay for the following year, which ultimately means we did not get our “raise” that we so desperately depend on. So, I can see your point that some people complain about their salaries that shouldn’t, but please keep in mind that not every state and teacher is like that.

  248. this study is wrong, california has layed off thousands of teaching jobs and planning to lay off more. I also know that other states are doing the same. we want our nation to be a great nation but our whole focus has changed. Statistics show when education goes down crime goes up. So we better put our money to building more prisons. check your stats. and tell us where have all of the Vice-Principles have gone ?

  249. Since when is teaching a growing profession? There are absolutely no jobs for entry year teachers! The best advice I have for someone who would like to go into teaching is unfortunately to find a different career. Sadly, we are not able to hire new teachers due to budgets and lack of availability. The major lack of availability derives from older teachers not being able to retire and be financially solvent. Sad state of affairs and cannot wait to see a change that can be believed…in the next election!

  250. Mr. X, you have the best comment I’ve seen here yet and finally, someone who can spell and knows how express himself properly!! But I will say, I COMPLETELY AGREE WITH YOU!!!

  251. I agree. Thanks to our dishonest & crooked congress. See what
    our brillant people in Washington has done for us. Let us all be
    stupid and send all the crooks back to washington so they can get
    richer and richer while we get poorer and poorer.

    The shape that the country is in is because of our stupid way we
    vote. The Dem. & rep. do not care for us. We ar so stupid.

  252. Hey… In Connecticut just a few miles up from you I paid 3800.00 a year for a home in the bad part of Norwich, CT!! The teachers salaries here in New london county are reprehensible!! Out of a masters program we are lucky if we get 35K!! This place is so filthy rich with the upperclasses but they still do not pay the teachers , whom in fact are so much more eductaed than the wealthy, a living wage.
    About your educators that get over 60-90K? Well one needs to look at how old they are. Usually educators making that kind of money either are relatives of the wealthy folks living there, check it out,! , or they are really pushing the retirement age, I am not speaking about twenty years I am talking about more like 65-70 years old. These folks are just plain greedy! Look at their contract, which by the way is public, and see that they probably have a contract that gives them extra payments if they make more every year after twenty or some BS like that. Probably had a lawyer write it out.

  253. They keep on yelling nurses. whenever the media promote any profession as being high in demand. Its a consumer “Caveat” . Nurses, in Michigan, and Ohio have been having a terrible time trying to find a job. Im a nurse and im about to go to school for something different. I refuse to be done like the teachers in the past or like the american auto workers and end up jobless and screwed. Such a waste of education. someone is being paid but not the ones that put in hard work.

  254. I have to say that e-man has pretty well hit dead-center on his overview of what has happened with the unions. Far too many of them are playing poitics and ignoring the workers who trust them. I’m from coal-mining country,so I have seen firsthand some of what he’s talking about. Of course, in a lot of union mines, the miners’ days were spent arguing about who got to sleep on the power box, since that was the warmest, driest spot underground. That is another problem with unions – some of the workers figured they COULDN’T be fired, and so they stopped putting in an honest days work for the good pay that being union workers secured for them. So, now, they have non-union mines and Massey Energy ignoring not only safety regulations but warnings about safety violations for months on end, until a couple dozen people get killed. Massey figures that it’s cheaper to pay off the families than to fix the problems. And, as long as they are allowed to continue operating in spite of the violations, they will continue to ignore the regulations. One thing the unions would have been good for in this case: the workers would have been able to strike to force Massey to address safety concerns and still retained their jobs.

  255. How about Law enforcement, we are all going to need police around to control all the riots, when the government runs out of money to support everybody thats on it !!

  256. the salary that’s posted for nursing aides is way off…I work in KY and have been working as a nurses’ aide for about 3 years, I have also been certified as a medication aide for 2 years. I made only half of what they posted for yearly salary (and that’s being optimistic). Yes, the nurses’ aide is rewarding in another sense, but there is no way you can live on the salary…my husband is currently laid off (he’s a welder) and we have a 4 month old son, and things are pretty tight!! This is a job that definetly deserves more pay for the job we do!!!

  257. To all of those moaning about teachers and union jobs:
    In Texas, there are no real unions; teachers can pay to join organizations which pretend to fight for rights of teachers, but in actuality, they don’t. Teachers have few rights. Teachers have fewer than two months off in the summer. The state base pay for teachers is mid-20K.
    My husband and I were both teachers for 2 and 3 years, respectively, until we realized how pitiful that kind of working life was. If you think being a teacher is such a sweet deal, then go be a teacher. Until you have actually worked as a teacher, please quit complaining about how good they have it.

  258. These comments are hilarious. The author is writing about PROJECTIONS for 2018, not what the job market looks like today. People are so reactionary it is annoying.



    We no longer mass produce low cost goods because unskilled and semi-skilled manufacturing labor priced itself out of the market. We do however manufacture aircraft, automobiles, medical equipment and farm and construction equipment among other things.

    You people should learn the facts and quit spewing the lies the politicians tell you. In other words start thinking for yourself and quit thinking what you’re told to think.

    Every country including China has lost manufacturing jobs in the past few years because of advances in technology and increases in productivity.

    There is nothing magical or special about manufacturing jobs, after all is that what you want for your children, to grow up and work in a factory?

  260. Nothing will change much until real jobs are created. If you have traveled in Asia you’ll find that to export (leagally) to them the duties will range from 100-300% .Now go to almost any tradeshow (wholesale) and its filled with people from Asia and India. They bring their products in with No Duty sell them and leave with the cash, paying no taxes and employing no people here. Until some kind of Tarrif or Duty on these good goes into effect how can you create jobs here? If you establish a level playing field, whatever you charge us in Dudies is what we charge you, then real jobs will start coming back as our skilled labor is as good as any. Our companies can’t compete when we pay taxes and the imports don’t. As silly as it seems we even import sheetrock for building houses. Hell yes I’m gonna send my labor out of the US if I don’t have to pay taxes on my profit anymore and thats just what we’ve done. Until some type of level playing field is established nothing will change. Its just not the same if your making $20 an hour for skilled labor get fired and have to work for $5/6 an hour at Walmart or Burger King. All the politicians are doing is buying votes when they allow $50 a day unskilled untrained to be hired. How long before we establish Spanish or Chinese speaking schools with English not allowed?

  261. Unions created the middle class but these people were mostly low class.
    Reagan and republicans are dismantling the unions and low class will once again manufacture for the bread they eat and not much more.

    Thank you Republicans

  262. brad, honey – I KNOW what you make! I’ve had to HIRE plumbers, pipefitters and pipe welders during the time I managed a small group of older apartment buildings a few years ago. It’s mostly that young people are averse to getting dirty. As for the plumbing bit – spiders freak me out, and you know as well as I do that the crawlspaces of houses are full of them!

  263. Glad to see an elementary school teacher making $83K annually. Don’t know what school system you work in but, you are blessed. Elementary ed teachers in AZ earn a 1/3 of what you earn with years of experience. Many are being laid off because the state is nearly bankrupt. And AZ isn’t the only state on the verge of collapse. See if you keep your good job with the Obama brand of economic recovery — recovery for the bankers, brokers, and car manufacturers but not the people. There are still no jobs.


    I am totally appalled by the low salaries stated in the article. However, this provides a dosage of TRUE reality. This also explains why big government is NECESSARY! Let’s all remove the ideal blinders and WAKE UP!

    Based on my experienced knowledge, all HIGH PAID JOBS have been OUTSOURCED -and- jobs that are not outsources are being worked by NON-AMERICAN contractors working in the United States.

    As a country, we will NEVER get these jobs back. We have totally OUTSOURCED the technical/scientific knowledge required be creative and run American companies. Years ago, American executives outsourced the highest paid jobs based upon low costs and higher profits. However, these executives did not properly develop the outsource contracts to ensure that OUTSOURCED companies THOROUGHLY document new system code and technical knowledge acquired by the outsources. Are American companies performing compliance checks of OUTSOURCED companies to ensure that the technical knowledge is being documented for future American workers to reference…NO!

    Therefore, the knowledge has LEFT the country. What does this mean, it means that American technical/scientific knowledge and creativity is LOST. It means that our knowledge is gone. It means that we have lost the knowledge to run American companies as in the past.


    Why? We are no longer providing hands-on technical/scientific work. Therefore, we have lost the knowledge to develop more creative and streamlined solutions within American companies.

    FORTUNATELY, President Obama is also against outsourcing jobs. Therefore as a country, we MUST SUPPORT his efforts to stop this trend through legislation and bills. We must also recognize that corporate motivation is HIGH PROFITS and REDUCED COST; increased salaries for the top 5 executives.

    OBAMA and HILLARY are smart and they understand that based on where American is “CURRENTLY” BIG GOVERNMENT is necessary…why…when the high paying jobs were outsourced over the past several years. Let’s face it, who can afford healthcare or anything else on a 40K income? Who can afford to live and educate children on a 70K income? Let’s STOP talking about ideals. Let’s START talking about reality! and where the world is TODAY based upon what happened YESTERDAY.

    OUR KNOWLEDGE left when we OUTSOURCED the high paid creative jobs. It’s time to face reality and DEAL with “WHERE WE ARE TODAY”.

    Let’s face it, does anyone care (beside your family) if outsourced jobs and reduced salaries, impact every American family and the future of the United States. Let’s face it, if American citizens are not educated (no money to pay for college) and American kids are occupied watching sexually explicit media content and playing fascinated games… we as Americans will not be able to comprehend complex legislative matters so, we will listen and fight for “what we are TOLD”. Yes! What we are TOLD. WE WILL FIGHT with PASSION for matters that hurt us all. WHY? Because, this makes us feel smart and valued. Even if, we do not understand the complex dynamics and impacts of our fight.

    AMERICAN #1 PRIORITY: Call your congressional representatives today! Demand and support bills that increase corporate taxes and cost associated with outsourcing jobs.

    BE PREPARED: When legislation is prepared for the President to sign which states increased costs for companies that outsource American jobs, there will anger against the President.

    WHY? Individuals without extensive education (due to the increased “dumbing down of American” , Americans with the lack of money to provide the best college education, and Americans without an in-depth understanding of corporate knowledge (due to the decrease in high paid jobs) ….. will PASSIONATELY STOP legislation which helps American families.

    HOW CAN THIS HAPPEN: EASY!! If the legislative bill takes more than 5 minutes to read and understand. We as American citizens will not read or understand it. We will just believe what is TOLD to us. We will fight with passion to hurt ourselves. Not because, we want to hurt ourselves. We will do this because, we do not understand the legislative matters and their impacts…we can not read and fully comprehend the legislation OURSELVES. When is the last time.. you read and comprehended legislation for YOURSELF?

    Every day, this cycle increases and continues. KNOWLEDGE IS POWER! As we loss KNOWLEDGE and EDUCATION so, we rely on the INDIVIDUALS with FINANCIAL MOTIVES to that TELL us what to fight for! EVEN if we are fighting to hurt ourselves.

    Now the few corporate individuals with high paid skills are also helping non-American companies thrive. WHY? They must feed our families. WHY? They watch AMERICANS fight to HURT America…when legislation is not understood. They watch while Americans making less than $50K per family fight to stop big government offering healthcare benefits to support their families.

    Does this make any sense? If you do not have an in-depth understanding of the “true” impacts of UNDOCUMENTED outsourced technical/scientific jobs…. ASK SOMEBODY! Here is the question? If all the OUTSOURCED undocumented technical/scientific jobs returned to your company tomorrow…would you REALLY be ready to fully support the company’s technical/scientific needs tomorrow…in 3 months.. in 6 months.. in 1 year… 3 years… never? What is required to prepare you? How long will you need to live in the outsourced country to be cross-trained? What will this cost your company? Can 5 technical/scientific people successfully capture all knowledge for your company? Will the outsourced company be able to provide all the knowledge? Are the original technical/scientific resources still working at the outsourced company or did they move to other jobs in the outsourced country? In Summary… WHAT’s the REALITY?

    GOAL #1: Call your congressmen to end the outsourcing of American technical and scientific jobs. Once these jobs are saved, all other salaries will increase; as other resources will be needed to support American growth.

    SEND a RESPONSE; Let me know. Are interested to truly reading and understanding legislation and both sides of legislative impacts for yourself?

  265. I think the comments to the article itself demonstrate the public having a higher-level of intelligence than the media portrays. This article is useless. However, for those who bring partisian politics into the discussion you are way off base. There is no right versus left; red versus blue; or even a liberal versus conservative divide throughout this country. It is us (the public) vesus them (DC/media and their special interests). Once we understand this truth, the spin and the lies coming from our leaders end and we can have a respectful talk about how we fix our economy without the distractors: environment, abortion, religion, policing the world, celebrities, etc.

  266. What this article fails to mention is that the highest paid jobs in this country are Congressmen and Women. Plus Senators and the President. All of them get six-digit salaries, plus numerous perks from lobbyists (such as the pharmaceutical companies who supported the Obama Health Bill), military industrialists, foreign lobbyists wanting foreign aid, and super-rich international bankers. Then, if voted out of office, the politician can retire on a tax-payer funded pension usually that’s also gastronomical. It’s been going on like this throughout much of the twentieth century. The nineteenth century saw some of it, but the totalitarian movements of the twentieth century that seeped into American conscioussness eventually exaserbated it so that now we find that the most important thing for most of us in the next few years will be learning how to speak Chinese (a country that ironically has been going more in the free-market direction over the last two decades since the disasters under Mao Ze Dong).

  267. Well, rub it in everyone’s face. How many people have written that they are highly qualified teachers and no longer have jobs, and here you are gloating that you make almost 6 figures a year. Unions need to start looking hard at the needs of the children and worry less about the pocket of the teacher. I bet your district has laid off from the bottom rings too. Perhaps if they started at the top with people like you, they could afford to keep class sizes small instead of 30+. Public education is depriving our children of quality because of unions and teachers like you.

  268. Nothing. You will have to go back to school. the BA is the new high school diploma in most areas. You could work in early childhood, the pay is terrible and most centers don’t see children as people only numbers to fill their coffers. Social work for any state reqquires a BA at least, Educational assistant in the public schools does not require a BA, bu the pay is extremely low, as seen in the article.

  269. Well I totally agree with you Cathy. Everyday people want more but are not willing to sacrifice to get it. It’s time to throw away that silver spoon and start working for what you want. My husband is a diesel mechanic and works 12 hours a day 6 days a week to give us what we have. We are a family of 5, own 3 nice vehicles which are paid for, a home which is paid for, plus our kids live a good life. He makes 2400 a month! We have no debt whatsoever and we are in our early 30′s. If we can do it anyone can!!

  270. There is only one on the list that pays a good salary and that is the General and Operations Manager that pays about $94K, and somone making that salary is not getting rich in this part of the country. Around here (Eastern VA) new starter homes run about quarter of a million dollars. If you want something in a nice neighborhood in a locality with good schools you are going to have to spend a half million dollars or more. The reason these positions are in demand is because most don’t pay enough to live on… and they can’t fill them!


    CAN ANY OF YOU SAY R-E-V-O-L-U-T-I-O-N ? ? ? ?


  272. Be careful Rich. Not all Registered Nurses have “less than adequate education in nursing.” And to the surprise of many the Emergency Department where I work is mostly staffed with male RN’s. So the days of the female dominated nursing career are coming to a halt. I am excited for this trend to change as most my male nursing friends would not put up the kind of crap that many of us nice little” Nurse Nancy types” have endured for years! I am a RN, and proud of it!

  273. I’m sorry you feel so poorly about educators. Many of us work very hard and even get our hands dirty and a daily basis. I work 10 hours days M-F and work another 10 hours outside of school time. Much of my time outside of school is spent grading papers and lesson planning. I have parents in my classroom all the time to help and often hear them say, “I can’t believe what all you have to do. How can I help?” Education has changed greatly since I was a kid when we did do lots of worksheet and book work. Thankfully many of us are highly qualified and care greatly about our job. Again, I am sorry you have experienced those who don’t do a good job of teaching, but please don’t judge us all on those few.

  274. Where in PA are they paying teachers 90K a year? I have a MS in education and I have NEVER made anything close to $90k…Teachers around here max out at about $50K.

  275. Dinster

    No sweetie we are not teachers, we are
    THEIR DAYTIME PARENTS!! Lets see, educator confidant, psychologist, police person, administrator, babysitter, oh yes and Provider. 90% of the time I buy and give out pencils and paper to those who’s parents do not or refuse to buy the students school neccessities!!

    Oh yeah, I feed them too. Kids come into class hungry all of the time. I ask their parents if I can feed them and they say sure. Then the kid comes in hungry again the next day!

    With all of the psychology and childrens’ care programs we have to take in graduate programs now I feel as if I have become my students new daddy.

    I have kids. I know what it is like. Yes, I do dishes and laundry and take care of children at home, (I am from Europe, we roll like that.)

    This is ridiculuos what the state in CT. is doing. I have taught for over ten years now and am being slowly… methodically…turned into a parent for my students.With out being paid a living wage!!

    Remember everyone reading this, we as educators spend over 80-100 thousand dollars to become educated proffessionals!! Finger printing and background checks are not FREE!

    I know more about them and spend more time with them than their parents do. I do not do their laundry ,but hell they come to school in dirty clothing half the time smelling up the class! I would do their laundry if I could.

    We all as educators know this!! But when we speak with the parents they spew this, “you don’t know my kid” garbage. Really?? The parents of 85% of the kids going to school either don’t want to see or don’t see their kids more than 2-3 hours after school. We are with your kids for over 8-10 hours some days!!
    Do I get to take a tax credit for them on my government income tax now??

  276. Cathy – You’re crazy lady! A family living on $25K a year?! We live within the Bay Area and try getting a 2 bedroom apartment for anything less than $1200/mo, then food, diapers, clothes for your kids, gas. A decent salary is around $70,000/ year and that will never afford one to pay off student loans let alone ever be a homeowner. Get with it, get real and get yourself edu-ma-cated!!!

  277. To Rod, RN- Wow, where are you located? Nursing jobs on the East Coast have remained steady and rising. You are sure to be an asset at any facility here. And Teri, RN-Sounds like you too maybe suffering from nursing burnout. Not all facilities treat their nurses like crap or “suck the life out of you.” I too have 10 yrs experience and still have the same passion as I did as a new grad. It may be a geography related variable as when I worked as a traveling nurse I did notice many different attitudes and perceptions out there! BTW, if your willing to travel as an RN with a reputable agency I made between 75-90,000 yr and am not complaining at all!!!!

  278. 15 yrs in the production business (assembly of industrial cables- -for the automotive business, machinery, etc,,,) Layed of with 10 percent of the workforce. Our positions are now in Korea.

    53 yrs old- no degree- -no time to take 2 yrs for a degree. NJ offers a few thousand for a 3 month course in industies that dont pay – security being the best- but its still sad.

    So my 6 month severance pay ran out with the benifits- which they made sure to tell me -that by law they didnt have to give me a thing. Gee, if thats not a backhanded thanks for the years of loyalty.
    Asked if I was going to be OK- or did I need security to escort me out of the building (after they let me clean out my desk)- I left alone- in friggin shock

    So now its been about a year- – Any takers ,for a 53 yr old production manager in Northern NJ who wants to pay fairly??

    NJ is doomed

  279. I agree with posters below. Teachers are being laid off. I am a first year teacher and my district has laid off all first year teachers and are still lacking money. Someone needs to do their research.

  280. 20 year teachers in VA can only make around $50,000. You have to consider different areas. But our cost of living is probably a lot cheaper.

  281. Stop telling people we need teachers. Teachers are losing their jobs all across America and college students keep going for a teaching degree. There are NO teaching jobs! I have been teaching for 4 years and every year we get letter letting us know they are unsure if they will need to lay teachers off. Unfortunately teachers are just not needed now or in the near future!

  282. I know teachers are getting a bad rep these days. but a lot of those positions they are talking about are in high need areas like math, special education, and foreign languages. there is a need…and its there. im in missouri, and of all of our teacher cuts, not one in our district was special education. That is where I am going, if I decide to stay in education.

  283. Tenure: Very few school district still have ‘tenure’. Maybe they should have a tenure system similar to the university setting where you have to show what you’ve done to assist your department, school, district. What grants did they try for, how many IEPs did they attend, Did they do any home visits, Afterschool tutoring for low preforming students. In the univ system professors have to show, every year, that their activities apply to their jobs. What kind of committee work did you do-how much, grants applied for/recieved, non-funded research, community work. I was a teacher for many years and now am in the university system. Teaching is hard work, but reform is badly needed. Honestly, if you are going to complain, teach for a while. We need teachers who are willing to get out into the community, but we also need to pay them a living wage, not 35,000 a year.

  284. I also agree that the numbers are skewed, at least from what I have experienced in the area I live in. I understand that we do not see everything that takes place in the State that we reside in however, as a general rule, if local markets are down, then it can be assumed the larger markets are down. On a personal note, I was recently laid off due to lack of work, but I found another job in the same day. I am in a field that has run low on people wanting to take on the challenge as well as a lack of students willing to seek education in the auto repair business. I am an ASE Certified Master Technician as well as with two other manufacturers. People need their cars. That may never change, at least not in my lifetime or my children’s lifetime. There is plenty of work and good, skilled technicians are becomming hard to find. With a huge emphasis on electrical and computer knowledge, kids in school are shying away from the automotive fields fearing they may not be able to “cut it”. A Master Tech can easily make $50,000 a year working a regular 40 hour work week depending on the shop and it’s schedule. This was just a thought for motivtion. There is good work out there for skilled tradesmen/women. That type of work will never disappear entirely. My opinion of people today is that they want more oney with less work. I did not grow up with those morals. What you get out of life is proprtionate to what you put in, or it should be at least. Good luck out there!

  285. $83K as an elementary school teacher, are you kidding?? I can’t believe that, what does a high school teacher bring in, 6 figures?

  286. Here on the Central Coast of Calif where cheap rent is seen as $1,000 monthly for a two bedroom apartment…. I don’t see how 25 k yearly is going to do you real well. between the costs of a car and insurance and food/utilities…. paying all of that with your $8k leftover after taxes and rent is going to be tough. This is why you get 10 to 15 people living in many apartments in Calif.
    But yes, many places you can exist well enough on $25 k.

  287. Before you expend $16k in a Mickey Mouse collage, dedicate at least 2 weeks looking for that particular job, an see for your self how many openings are there waiting for You.

  288. I make 60K a year driving a truck and I’m home everyday. I’m surprised most occupations on that list make make less than my dumb A$$

  289. I have been a teacher for 18 years in Georgia. I have a Masters Degree and make around $60,000 a year. My small county laid off 108 teachers -many were special education teachers. There were four special education teachers cut at my school and that is my position. I was nervous for several months even though I have taught there 18 years. They laid off a teacher with 24 years experience. Teaching is extremely stressful due to students lack of respect, parents who do take part in their children’s education, mounds of paperwork, and pressure of test scores. I put in many hours after work-grading papers, attending school athletic events, and coaching our Science Olympiad team (NO EXTRA PAY BUT HOURS OF WORK AND COMPETITIONS!) Teachers deserve respect and if you want to walk in our shoes come spend a week doing our job it will wake you up!

  290. Where is the shortage of CEO’s? They must be very rare or they would not be paying them the equivilent pay of 20,000 teachers.

    Obviously not enough people either want to make that much money OR there is not enough people going into the field.

    There is enough teachers, because they are not paid that well.

  291. This list is not useful. What is useful is a list of projected demand beyond what can be filled. It doesn’t matter whether there are 200k or 200 million jobs for receptionists, it’s an unskilled position and therefore easily filled, therefore no excess demand ever.

    Look for lists with excess demand. Skill level is typically proportional to excess need (but not always).

  292. Everyone needs to sop belly-aching and do something about their situation. As a CPA I decided to start working for myself when the economy slowed. I have been able to find plenty of work doing audit and tax for local businesses and make enough to buy my own health insurance and afford a nice lifestyle.

  293. TEACHERS??? Are you kidding me? I’ve been teaching for eight years and I keep getting a lay off notice every year (due to budget cuts). My district is now laying off teachers with up to 9 years in the district and class sizes continue to increase. New teachers (straight of out college) don’t even have a chance to make it as an educator in the San Bernardino County area (in all of California for that matter).

  294. There is heavy emphasis by our government and in our schools to increase the workforce in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.) Immigration limitations have created a higher demand for people from the US to have this education and skills rather than allowing them in from other countries. Where are these jobs in this report? Very narrow focus!

  295. As an OR nurse for 22 years, I can attest to what I think is becoming a major problem in our profession. All this talk of a shortage and big salaries are causing many to enter the field for the WRONG REASONS. Nursing requires compassion, empathy, fortitude, stamina, and integrity. When we ask student nurses while they are conducting clinicals at our hospital WHY they want to go into nursing many, many times the answer will be: Well, there are a lot of jobs and the pay is good. This is NOT the reason to go into nursing. First and foremost, you must have compassion for patients. We are seeing less and less of this as we see newly graduated nurses enter the field. It seems like they think they are going to make a ton of money right off the bat. This is not the case- you are not going to make $50,000 right away. There also seems to be this shift from the caring and compassionate nurse to one of indifference regarding patient care. If you don’t love caring for people you are not going to last in this occupation. You are going to become depressed, unhappy, and cynical. We see this everday- young nurses just out of school start working with “real” patients in “real” situations and suddenly realize that nursing is “not for them”. The attitude (and I’m not even kidding) is “ew, I don’t want to work with sick people” It’s a tough, demanding field with many ups and downs, but if you have the right makeup it can be very rewarding, financially and spiritually. But PLEASE do some real thinking and research before just blindly deciding you want to be a nurse.

  296. I am 71 retired and should be ok for as long as I live. But I am terrified for my grandchildren and great grandchildren. If this Country doesn’t turn things around and start rebuilding the manufacturing sector thing will just keep getting worse. If you do not have products to export you become totally dependant on other countries to supply the products you consume and we become completely endebted to them.
    I have read stories from teachers, health care workers, engineers and others that are not able to find work. These professions cannot sustain without a demand for their services. Our manufacturing industries have for decades provided that demand but when the demand for our products went down, it affected everyone along the line eventually. Being as how we Americans tend not to recognise hardship unless it hits us personally, most paid no attention as our manufacturing jobs were shipped overseas. Now the word I used above EVENTUALLY is here.
    We need desparately to turn this around. We need strong government officials who are willing to put their Country’s wellfare above their own. We need to run the lobbyist out of Washington along with the implanted Politicians who embrace them. That would be a good start. Then we need to start putting limits on the Politicians, instead of them putting limits on us. ie; term limits, pay limits,
    limits on benefits etc. I promise you that would get rid of many of the freeloading Party Politicing jerks we have now.
    Then people, we need to be more supportive of our own Country and buy it’s products! Every time we buy a product from another counntry, no matter how cheap it is, some of our own wealth leaves the Country. I think we all know this but like I stated before, we don’t recognise a problem until it hits us in the face.
    Just the opinion of an old man who has lived through many ups and downs.

  297. I’ve read many of these posts and the one thing that is encouraging to me about them is that “Most” Posters really realize that things are still “Really Bad”, It’s not just me being negative,and just because the stock market has improved somewhat it really has no effect on how the average American is doing. I also agree that alot of people dont take into consideration “ALL” of the factors that are effecting the unemployed of this country. Myself, as well as many others, of unemployed are in the twilight of our working careers. I am a 50 yr old who has worked in manufacturing all my life and I’ve only had one “VERY GOOD” paying job which I was laid off from back in 1999, after 14 yrs of service, my first of 3 layoffs in the past 10 yrs. The job I just got laid off from was paying me a wage that I was making back in 1995, but it was a “survivable” wage and with overtime i was able to have that occasional night out or baseball game every now and then. I agree, we have to learn to live within our means which has been an ongoing process for me for the last 10 yrs and I would like to think I have a good handle on it now, for the most part. I started this article with one direction in mind but I have decided to finish it in a different direction. I have not been able to find a job that I can “Survive” on so I have taken a part time job and along with my unemployment I am going to “CUT” my expenses even deeper, although I havent figured out how yet, and try to save at least 5 mos worth of expense money and then start my own “Very Small” Business and drop off unemployment. Hopefuly between the part time job and my Business I can make enough to survive and not have to worry about getting laid off anymore. I know it’s scarry, “BELIEVE ME” , I am starting this venture with “Extremely” limited resources, But don’t rely on industry or government to get you through life because “NEITHER ONE OF THEM” cares about you at all! If you need a hand from some programs to help you get where you need to be,TAKE IT!! But then move on… I am no more special then anyone of you out there and I have fought my bouts of depression and anxiety throughout this latest period of unemployment, however, I am too young to retire, not that I ever will be able too, so I have to do something and I don’t trust industry anymore so I’m going to try a different approach! Remember, You will Certainly fail 100% of the chances you never take!! 15,000,000 unemployed, however many illegal immigrants in and coming into this country every day, older folks who are staying in the workforce longer because they cant afford to retire and all the high school and college graduates who are entering the workforce every year, as well as the jobs that will keep getting sent out of this country.How long do you think it will take to create jobs for all of them??? We’ll never know, by that time we will all be gone.

  298. I am a TA at HeadStart. The new HS mandate requires that TA’s have a Associates degree or a CDA(a joke, by the way) and a BA or an AA to be a teacher. MANY peope will lose their jobs next year because current workers will not be renewed without these qualifications. I am oneof those who heeded the warnings and got my degree but others will be SOL. The good news is that degreed teachers will have a new source of employment there.

  299. You are blind and an idiot. Please get educated. Bush told the democrats they need to regulate Fanny and Freddy Mac or we would be in big trouble. The democrats said bull. NOW YOU KISS THE ASS OF DEMOCRATS. Now we know why this country is going down fast. TIME FOR THE INDEPENDENT PARTY TO STEP UP. The fed up Americans are waiting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  300. Whoever wrote this article is not in touch at all with the job market, particularly education. I work in education! I haven’t gotten a pay raise in the last two years and job cuts (especially teachers) are on the rise. Congress is now trying to “decide” if they should pass emergency funding for education and education associations around the country are imploring people to contact their Congressperson. There is a much needed reality check here!

  301. What everyone here is not seeing or is overlooking is population density is slowly shrinking. Don’t be alarmed at what the pontiffs are saying about a population explosion; actually the reverse is now happening. If any of you understand anything about geopolitics, you’ll understand that withing 15-20 years there will not be enough people to cover job openings.

    Mark my words, you heard it here first…

  302. Government Jobs! That’s where the future is! Take a look at the federal jobs register, there are an amazing number of openings. All kinds of different skills needed.

    Go in the military, they take people with degrees is good physical condition as officers. The pay is great. Watch out for the Army though. The level of SUCK is too much for normal humans to handle. If you’re a trigger puller, the SUCK is especially bad right now.

    Capitalist – wants to create wealth.

    Socialist – wants to redistribute wealth, have no interest in creating it. Obama is a socialist on a global scale, as is his administration. They are all worlders, citizens of the world. They have no special allegiance to the USA. Thats all.

    Large corporations – leadership is corrupt.
    Government – leadership is corrupt.

    See there is no special place for the working man any more. You need to be a special class, part of a special group to get your slice of the pie. The people in power, government or private sector, take care of their own. So to be a working man, private sector or government, you must be part of a union. Of course the union leadership is corrupt, they see themselves as management and hang out with management when they bargan for you. But you get your pound of flesh, so to speak.l

    It’s all really messed up, why? Corruption and moral decline. What to do? What do you advise young adults to study and persue for a career?

    I have to believe our county will need people with technical degrees. I encourage my boys to get physics, math, engineering or medical degrees. The ideal would be a technical degree and a law degree. A technical degreee and a masters or phd in that field. Something few can or are willing to do will make you a rare asset to the market place. In the end its all a crap shoot.

    But you have to play the game, make yourself a rare asset in the market place, that’s the key to always having a job. Have a multitude of skills, a good work ethic and always be willing to go the extra mile for your boss or customer.

    Don’t expect it to be easy and don’t expect to work 23 hours a week for 240,000 dollars a year. The honest, big money jobs are usually 60 to 80 hours a week, lots of responsibility and lots of stress. Unless or course you make it to the corrupt political or business class. Then you can vote yourself raises as you serve on multiple corporate boards or in congress.

    Life is very short, how much do you really need to be happy? A big paycheck and no time with your family or work for yourself and limit your own income to provide time for your family. You can do that and be happy, it’s all about having control of your wallet. In the end, it all depends on the individual. Good Luck.

  303. Cathy: I know your comment has already been addressed and it was earlier in the discussion board but I cannot but my tongue. I am so sick of people like you who generalize all teachers as lazy, greedy, and in it for the money not the students. The teachers I am around are the hardest working people I know, arriving hours early, staying hours late, organizing and chaperoning extra-curricular activities at night and on the weekends (for no pay.) Unfortunately in many areas (especially urban areas) teachers are expected to teach classes of 40 students. We do our absolute best but when the student teacher ratio is that high things become A LOT more difficult. Although some people have been commenting on inflated teacher pay those are the exception to the rule. Trust me, if someone wants a job where they can get rich, be lazy, and have a lots of time off, teaching is NOT one of them.

  304. Inhale until fully inflated, stay there, and now exhale slowly. Did you feel it? Love is air and optimism is but a few scrolls up. We will make it out of this quasi recession. Until then, strife in life will only make you better. The problem with the U.S., or rather us, is many people in this great nation haven’t learned enough–a process which starts before birth. It seems like an exorbitant number didn’t even comprehend the article before posting pessimism. Watch less television and read to your children. Give them the opportunity to fix problems rather than merely complain about them. Change is experienced while complaint is merely heard. Be proactive, keep your head up, make an impact, and let’s do life.

  305. Yes that teacher probably is making that much in Cali and is not lying about it. SInce they are public employees most of that info is public. Usually you can go on your local news channel website and they might have a link to salaries of superintendents and maintenance supervisor or transportation supervisor. Sometimes it’s downright sickening and you see why your taxes are so high. Everyone else has been hit so I have no pity for teachers being hit this year. I’m not for layoffs but pay freezes, yes. It’s sad that these jobs listed won’t pay back student loans, they are so low paying. On Career Builder and other websites they are looking for nurses all the time, so you nurses out there are full of it- you are just looking in the wrong area. I got laid off 18 months ago and have been working on call ever since. There was no NJEA (New Jersey Education Association teachers’ union) there to step up for me and whine to the governor so they can pound sand for all I care.

  306. It takes a while for the truth to surface but it is good to see that the internet is revealed for it’s true properties…that being the greatest repository in mankinds history for both truth and LIES…what you have just read is lies period.

  307. Medical Assistants, get real. I have been a Certified Medical Assistant for over year now and I still don’t have a job. I asked my doctor about it and he said that the “for profit schools have flooded the market with CMA’s”. I have chatted with CMA’s on Linkedin and they say the same thing. Every job I apply for wants you to have 2-3 years experience. Funny thing is I need a job to get experience. I wouldn’t recommend Medical Assisting to anyone wanting to go into the medical field. Nursing is the better option.

  308. I don’t believe much of what I read anymore. All media is being used to manipulate the public. I’m a science teacher and lucky to be employed. Arizona laid off many teachers, as did other states across the nation. If we truly want to fix our economy, then we need to produce! We get everything from other countries, mostly China. Even our food is being processed or grown in other countries. We’ve become a nation of slaves. Should these countries decide not to supply to us any longer, then we would be in sad shape. To be strong, we need to produce and process our own food and products. The United States became the nation that it did only because it industrialized. We are so far from that state now that we may collapse before it’s all said and done. As for needing healthcare providers for the baby boomers, what happens to all those healthcare providers in about 20-30 years when all the boomers are gone and there’s an abundance of healthcare providers. Not likely to be a lifetime career. Prepare for a change along the way! I buy US made products and food grown and processed here. I boycott other countries unless it’s the only place to get it. Like bananas are imported and are not grown in the US. Those I will buy, but it if comes from a company who moved out of the US to get cheap labor……no way will I support them any longer! You should all do the same and make this country strong again! And take a good look at China! Melamine in baby formula; cadmium in children’s and adult jewelry; pesticides and antibiotics in fish; lead paint on children’s toys…all from China! Do you really think that China cares about us. They are a communist country, for the love of God, wake up America!!!!! They’re people are still suppressed and the money goes to the buildup of their defenses. And they could care less about the environment. Have you been to China? All their factories are backed up to a river where they dump everything! Wise up people! We lived in this little dream world for a while refusing to see what’s going on all around us! Wake up America!!!!

  309. No, I’m sure she’s telling the truth. She lives in Cali and has put her “time” into the district. But the fundamental problem is that she’s collecting a “really fat” paycheck and is most likely not held accountable for her work. She is heavily protected by her teaching union, too. You can’t tell me (and I’m in my 11th year of teaching) that this is not the fundamental issue with budget problems in the teaching profession. These lazy burned-out teachers collect huge checks b/c they’re tenured into the system. Fortnutately, some districts are moving toward a pay-performance system. In most, if not all districts, 70-80% of their budget is teacher pay.

    Oh, and this article is so full of crap. There is a monstrous surplus of teachers out there and only a handful of jobs here and there. It’s about who you know right now…schools can be extremely selective.

  310. This garbage must have been supplied by the current administration. As a veteran teacher of 20 years there are NO jobs in education. Our powers to be are bankrupting our states so they can no longer staff their schools. Our revenues are going to feed, house, and give welfare to the undocumented masses. My son had a thriving new-home construction business that went bottoms up when the economy went south. He is about to lose his personal home despite working six days a week at whatever he can find to dol. Medical and technology are the only fields with any hopes of finding employment if you don’t lose everything while you spend a few years adding on to your degrees. My daughter runs a surgeons office and advertised for a receptionist. She said you wouldn’t believe the resumes with master’s degrees applying because there are no jobs in their fields.

  311. If anyone actually believes that teachers are overpaid all I can say is IDIOT! Most people would not even be able to survive in a classroom for even one day. Everyone has been educated by a teacher, what other profession can you say that about?

  312. We are just as educated as any other professional with college education. We deserve much better pay!

    With out understanding educators our society will go back to the 1920′s when kids were treated as pests.

    As teachers we advocate for our students and give them the necessary tools to function in our society. We teach the truths about our society and the world.

    So many parents out there opt for information on the TV but we as teachers research and provide new and truthful information to our students.

    Parents that are not college educated see the world in a skewed fashion undermining the students views about society and the world.

    Educators take the time and help students gain KNOWLEGE about the planet they live on.

    Substitute Teachers UnIte!!

    It has been far to long that “SUBS” as we/they are called have received substandard pay for equal job performance!!

    Substitute teachers must demand better pay! $12.00 dollar per hour wages are extraordinarily substandard! College is required to do the work. College costs are skyrocketing.

    Why should the Substitute teachers do the same work for less than half of the dominant wage paid to teachers!!

    Substitute Educators today have no spines. if all of us would stand up and not go in when we are called at 5 AM, the school board would behave more appropriately and give us at least 75% of what the educators in said school systems are paid. We do the same job and deal with the same issues.

    Let’s go people!!

  313. Not sure what is going on. I am acollege student in my 2nd year. The state of Texas is offering $4000 a year if you list your major as teaching and agree to work in a district that is underserved. Not sure what underserved is but I quess it is inner city like Dallas or Houston. I have contacted many school districts and none are hiring except for math and some science teachers. Substitutes make $8 hour. Why are they offering these scholarships if there are no jobs. Teachers in some districts are getting laid off. South Texas only wants bilingual teachers. I am not Hispanic so I cannot be hired. Bilingual is a way of saying Hispanic only. The cirriculum is in English. I am now a nursing major. The person that commented about the “Jerry Springer schools” is correct. Those trade schools are expensive and the credits are not transferable. So go to a one year medical assisting program $30k debt and a $9 hour job.

  314. I had a low position with my 118 hours of graduate work only to get bumped off when a PR for a leading company couldn’t find a job and took a similar lacky position with the group. The group then cut all our positions and readvertised saying they could now get top people for chump change. It’s the trickle down effect, a risidual economic trick from Nixon. I could go teach…well if there were any jobs there. So expect to change elderly folks diapers with your degrees and be told that this is graduate level work. Afterall, you’ll have to know how to operate that electronic wheelchair and lift, read a prescription, and give a sponge bath.

  315. There simply are no openings for teachers. All the local school corporations are trying to slash their budgets because of tax shortfalls coming out of the state. There are several ways they are slashing their budgets: (1) cutting custodial services (my school building is not so clean as it once was); (2) cutting teaching staff; (3) cutting back on supplies. With the economy the way that it is, the teachers who have “safe” jobs (i.e., not likely to be cut) are staying put and putting off retirement for some more years. The author of this article did some shoddy research when it comes to public education. HOWEVER, the local junior college/vocational school has seen a large jump in demand for instructors because many laid-off workers went back to school.

  316. Cleveland, Ohio just laid off 650 teachers, and laid off over 100 principals, assistant principals, and paraprofessionals. With over 300,000 teachers across the nation losing their jobs this year, I don’t see how teaching can be on this list. The only teaching jobs available in Ohio are for Special Education.

  317. This is a joke. The school districts around this area and all over the country are laying off teachers, not hiring them. In addition, very few places still hire LPNs. They are a thing of the past and being phased out. Also, there is essentially no such thing as a “vocational nurse,” or at least one with a job. Everybody keeps saying there’s a a nursing shortage, when in fact, it is getting harder and harder for new nursing grads to get jobs. Most of the hospitals around here are actually in a hiring freeze, and unless you have your BSN, it’s going to be tough. Hospitals are businesses and they are all going for magnet status, which basically means they only want the highest educated nurses. The truth is it’s hard to find a job in pretty much every industry, including healthcare, IT, engineering, etc…and that’s just scary. It’s terrible that MSN would post such a ridiculous article that blatently lies to people in a pathetic attempt to give them false hope. I wonder how much money it took to get this junk posted…

  318. The person that says there are no nursing jobs for new grads is wrong. Not sure where you get that but call around or look in the paper.

  319. I agree with u Cathy, People do need to wake up.What do they think, the world was not build on laziness,STOP it was build with hard work, u also was rigth, quit worrie about how much the neighbor is making ,If they had God in them, they would not even think about what if . People need to think before speaking. You know the problem is this younger group don’t appreciate life, They don’t know how to live. All I learned from this article is complaints, So it tell u this is what the future is about. “Action speak louder than words”

  320. with american jobs going to countries with little or no enviromental or labor standards, our standard of living will continue to drop towards their level. tihs consumer economy will not have enough consumers. take heart though, wall street is doing great with their bailout money, giving themselves bonuses and investing in ways to ship american jobs overseas. lets give them more tax breaks so the wealth wil trickle down to us all…HA HA HA HA. the article is a bunch of crap. we have been bertayed by the greedy corporations who have sucessfully merged with our government, waving the flag as they pliiage the middle class.

  321. There are no teacher jobs. We have always thought teaching was a safe job to take not any more. Teachers are loosing their jobs daily due to budget cuts.

  322. What about agriculture? As many farmers will retire in the next decade someone must come out from hiding behind the computer monitor and go to work. There is way too much emphasis on healthcare jobs ,and parents do the teaching if a child is going to learn anything at all. This is a bullshit list

  323. Its called the land of opportunity for a reason. You get what you put into it, and for those who say they work hard I commend you. But look further, really are you working smarter? No matter the situation working,jobless, going back to school or not. Expect nothing! think outside the box, don’t rely on one particular employer, job, career to be the sole source of income. We have opportunities, we do not have entitlement. Regardless of situations listed above we all have opportunity, choices. What you are today is only a reflection of what you have been, not what you will be. The days of dedicating yourself to a job/career and getting back what you put into it were never real. The company needing to turn a profit real. Make the decision now, control your future or let it control you. Don’t expect because you have a degree or experience that this entitles you. Expect that diversity, you diversifing your education, skills knowledge and sources of income gives you the opportunity to make the decisions. At the pinacle of my career I was replaced for less qualified, less experineced,and therefore cheaper canidates. You get what you pay for. I have and continue to take care of me noone else will. The worst situation has turned in to the best, I am working on my masters and with low expectations regardless of information like this site. When I graduate I will still need to think outside the box for success. No Complaints!!

  324. I am sorry to hear that I have a Specialist Degree and I don’t make anywhere near 60 thousand dollars someone owes me more money for the struggles we deal with on a daily basis. In addition to not making top dollars I have also had 6 furlough days and no raise in three years. I don’t plan to get a raise for the next 2 years and more furlough days added.

  325. I disagree with you! I’m a teacher in Arizona and have worked for 10 years within the same high school district. I’m only making 35K per year and haven’t had a raise for the last three years. My class sizes range from 36 to 45 and next year looks to be worse. I may have the summer off, but I’m getting ready for the next school year or taking classes that are required to keep my certification up-to-date. As a three time cancer survivor, my doctor wants me to quit my job because it’s way too stressful. Examples: Johnny could care less about school so he is disruptive in the classroom everyday. You can give him detention, suspensions, etc. and nothing changes. His parents enable him to fail. In the meantime, you deal with this everyday and your students are sick of it, but it goes on and on. And Johnny is one of many! Ask any teacher about student behavior in the 2000′s. Kids today are not motivated to learn because everything is handed to them. If you have to go to the bathroom, good luck! You have 6 minutes from the end of class to the beginning of the other to run to the bathroom and get back in time to get your students settled and working. God forbid if someone else is using the bathroom and you have to wait! Do you know how many teachers get urinary track infections every year. Or dehydration because you are so caught up in teaching that you forget to drink all day? I take work home with me all the time. I arrive early or stay late many times. If you took the number of hours that I put in each day, you would find out that I don’t even make minimum wage. My sons want me to find a “Real Job” that pays well and allows me some financial security. So don’t tell me about teachers or how much they make! You don’t know the half of what a teacher deals with each and every day! I know many dedicated teachers who live very frugally, but love what they do so much that they stay with the job. I was once told “Think of yourself as a missionary.” Mister, you have no clue what goes on in the life of a teacher each and everyday! Don’t judge us!

  326. My son just graduated from an honors program in computer science and he had summer jobs as a programmer. Half of his class were not hired by the time graduation (past 5yrs 100 per cent had jobs several months before graduation).
    Where/how do they find these jobs if they are out there???

  327. People are just to DAMN scared in Connecticut when they speak up. Here the employment definition is stated as ” Freelance work”. This means an employer may terminate an employee whenever they chose to for what ever reason they wish.

    If the employer finds that they don’t like the way you dress. You just may get fired. I have heard it so many times . People stating that they don’t know why they got fired!

    In Connecticut all of us know someone that is a great worker but got canned for a small infraction like comming in 3-5 minutes late.

    Usually this is because they, the company, have found someone that will work for far less than the worker that was hired.

    I am saying that the new influx of Hispanic workers to the North East has had a large effect on this hypothesis.

    Where there were once caucasion and Afro-americans there are now predominantly Hispanics.

    The phrase that the “Hispanic will do the jobs the whites and black do not want is plain Bulls***”. Whites and blacks are desparate for work and WILL do these jobs. They did them in the past; what makes people think they will not do them now?

    It is the control over the Hispanics the businesses and managers love. Hispanics will work till they drop not knowing what rights they have. Hispanics are generally all Catholics. This plays a huge roll in the hiring of this demographic.

    The church. The biggest gang out there.

    How can a priest go into a gang war area and come out alive? because the control the church has on everyone.

    When the Hispanics and asians start picketing for better wages and better conditions then the hiring of whites and blacks will start.

  328. Well,i understand how you feel for paying what you think is consider high taxes, but where i live i am paying about 5 times that a year, so if anyone should be complaining i think i would have that right, but if we want teachers, then i do believe they deserve to get paid. And you have to think about what they have to deal with on a daily basis. Not only do they have to teach, but counsel, be a disiplinarian, referee, in some cases finacial support. Things that they should be getting from home It is not their responsiblilty to have to play parent at school. I’m sorry but i thought their job description was to teach, it doesn’t say anything on the diploma about dealing with bullshit. So, why understand how you might feel, teachers need to make a living just like the next person.

  329. I’m sorry but I disagree with your comment about having to have manufacturing jobs for the economy to recover.Service jobs are jobs and generate revenue, spending and pay taxes that provide for needed services. Repeat after me: a job is a job is a job. The US economy is at this time and will for the forseeable future be based on a service economy. US Citizen working in service jobs are able to buy goods and services just like any one else. and keep in mind service jobs are for the most part, non-pollluting and dont use natural resources except one owns physical and brain power. So bring on service jobs and more service jobs.

  330. Where do you live that 3 people can make it on $25,000 per yr.?!? It can’t be any kind of city where good paying jobs exist. I’d move there if I could get a job! Where I live the jobs are low pay even with schooling & experience, and rent for my 1 bedroom apt. runs $15,500 per yr., goes up every yr., and that’s low compared to most in the area. When jobs pay as low as these, what would make you want to train or retrain for one of these positions? And does it make you feel good to entrust our children’s education and our health to people who are so poorly paid for the amount of education and responsibility req’d for those jobs? You are very correct about living within our means, but if pay for hard work does not give you any incentive to get ahead and try to do better, what incentive is there to do that hard work? We must bring jobs home again, just for starters. We are to the point where all of us average citizens should get PO’d enough about the ridiculous situation in this country (I’m NOT talking Tea Party) and have a good old-fashioned revolution.

  331. Is it possible? to live on 25k a year for a family of 3 maybe?, but anyone with an education certainly wouldn’t be satisfied living at poverty level.
    25k a year is $480 a week, after taxes maybe $400. My compnay gives us $12 per person per day to cook for ourselves and eat reasonable well on the job. That would be $36/ day times 7 equals $252 a week for food.
    $148 a week fore clothing, rent, utilities doesn’t leave much foreven a junk car and gas let alone insurence. So I guess you willhave to live within walking distance of one of these service industy jobs. Alot of them seem to be wiping kids behinds or old peopls behinds. Personally I’m pushing my kids to get jobs in engineering, at least they can desighn the junk made in China that the people in India answer our questions about.

  332. Truth …Yall know it’s truth… Don’t go getting all mad.
    So then do something usefull.

    Speak to your representatives face to face.

    You have the time.

    We are all on some kind of assistance here in Connecticut. When one lives here eventually you get unemployment or anti-depressants. Then psychtherapy then just plain who really gives a sh** attitude then just lay down and dream.

    A full time job?

    In what country?

    In what state?

    For how much? 9.00 an hour?

    I am going back to sleep.

    Welcome to your future in Connecticut…

  333. Don’t blame the district blame your state. States have required that the districts cut the teaching jobs. Here in Arizona our state has saved money for education because of that people our district has 70 to 100 new teaching jobs as well as openings for teaching assitant jobs, parapros, and other great jobs. Starting salary $35,000 to $50,000. So come on down we would love to have you!

  334. This article is flawed. First, it is a misnomer that teacher’s are underpaid. Read about the post on here from the CA teacher making 83k a year. They are overpaid and underworked, and this is a know fact throughout the country. The reason many teacher’s are being laid off throughout the country is due to their own greed and making. Their pay structure is completely out of line with the new economy, and their cadillac pensions are out of control. Teacher’s made their own mess , now they are paying the price for years of greed. Does anyone in America have a guaranteed job because they are ‘tenured’? No, but teacher’s do. Those of you with kid’s that let the teacher’s use your kid’s as bargaining chips to get thier guaranteed raises,and lifetime employment are partially to blame. Take a close look at your teacher’s salary, which is public information and you will be amazed at how well paid they really are.

  335. The reason there WILL be a teacher shortage is because of how poorly we are listened to. We will all be out looking for something else. Our Union does not listen to us… they negotiated a step freeze, while giving our School Police their raises; our School Police end of calling our Metro for almost every situation anyway. Our District Grounds Sprinkler Men/Women make more money than the teachers. Vegas doesn’t have many fires… hmmm we live in the desert… and their Captains are pulling in 400k- our city is a mess! No worries, though… teaching has been the delight of my life… until I found a way to become debt free with residual income… and can make a difference in the lives of families everyday. I will be J.O.B. free next Spring. This article can have all the jobs, I’m done with working for someone else- and for them to determine my worth. FREEDOM- the American Dream! : )

  336. DU, Did any one really READ this? It says “Future” as US “baby boomers leave the work force, over the next 8 yrs.” Not week or even next yr. It also said the “15 most wanted”. I do think we need to get back to making the things we buy, HERE. TAX the imports so much that we would have to buy here & the U.S. Cos. that went out of the country, so they could have the high profits, would bring jobs back home. That is what many E. countries do.
    It is high time we get our heads out of you know where. MAKE the goverment work for us, not themselves & big business. That is the biggest problem we as a county have.

  337. I’m a teacher in Phoenix, AZ. My district cut nearly 100 teaching positions. All 1st and 2nd year teachers in the district got cut. I don’t know why this article says teaching is a growing profession. Whoever wrote this article clearly didn’t do their homework.

  338. Oh but… wait!! I have an associates degree and a bachelors degree and I am just a few classes away from my masters degree!!

    Superintendant: “Oh well that makes a difference! We can give you as a substitute teacher $11.00 dollars per hour! No benefits and we will call you at 5AM every morning. hey! Now how about it? Are you on Board?

    Prospective Substitute teacher: Uh, no thanks after taxes gas and car insurance, not to mention rent and then food. I will owe 300.00 per week to someone. So just take this job and……….give it to someone with no kids, livingin a F***** cardboard box that gets food stamps and free medical!! Douche…

  339. Matt, in the coming years, IT will be in decline. Yes, the world revovles around technology. However, the trend is leaning away from in-house IT staff. Due to the popluarity of managed services, a company only needs to plug into the internet and all his services are provided to the company (email, word processing, 3rd party apps, etc. you name it.) Of course, you’d need staffing at these managed locations, but now you’ll have even MORE people competing for the same job because companies will eventually move away from in-house it staff. Aside from who’s qualified. If you have 100 very well qualified IT professionals with only 50 positions… guess what.. thats 50 well qualified IT pros, that don’t have a job. Look at the trend.. where, google, microsoft, vmware, and citrix is going. As an IT professional, i’m a bit worried. They’ll come a point where IT operations will run so smoothly, that most of us won’t be needed. EVEN IF you don’t agree with me.. you gotta agree that IT isn’t what it was 10-15 years ago. Both salary and position.

  340. GREED does seem to be the theme of many writers. People want to start careers with the same income and assets held by their parents who worked very hard and for little money in the beginning. No one can start out at the top rank or even middle. One must learn the “ins” and “outs” of any business. POOR ME seems to be the cry of Americans now. The attitude of deserving entitlements needs to cease right now. BTW Some writers might be wise to learn proper English and spelling if they want to get ahead.

  341. I am a child care worker and I think that it’s stupid that the second most in demand job pays only 25000 a year… it’s retarded… is this what we’re willing to pay the people that are our children’s first teachers? Too bad all politicians are making so much… maybe they should spend a day changing diapers and wiping up spit and puke and then see if they think we should be getting paid way more than we do.

  342. FRED PIERCE: My husband is a Degreed Electrical/Mechanical Engineer lucky enough to be employed towards the end of his working career. We feel for the kids paying 50k+ a year for engineering degrees because they hear there is a shortage. We often wonder where this “shortage” is and where they will actually find a job. I went back to school while our younger was in college and became an LPN. I have so much work I am turning down cases – I could work 24/7.

    I know of people that worked as factory workers in this country and retired, built beautiful homes in Florida – living a nice retirement life-style that no worker in this country will ever see again. We are being sold a bill of good and down the river. Good luck to all.

  343. I dont see any high tech careers here. I dont mean IT. Engineering, Computer Science, Physical Science, Bio-Sciences. A company near me has layed off a huge part of their workforce and contracted work to China. — The need for healthcare workers is related to boomers getting older. That need will shrink in about 25 years.– Teachers?? Lets face facts, the strange requirements for someone to teach limits other much more qualified people who must opt for another career in private sector. — Sciences, Engineering, Manufacturing and Doctors are the cream of the crop. There should be incentives for companies to move operations to the US and not offshore. This nation will get nowhere with waiters, custodians, gas station attendants and any other job with similar skills. Like it or not, the rich and well off created the lower level careers for those that need them. We need trickle down wealth, not trickle up poverty. The govt is moving to the latter. I dont need to pay union dues so I can keep a job scrubbing toilets. Wake up. These are the type of mental midgets you have elected.

  344. A lot of people don’t understand what being a teacher is like. Many parents aren’t being responsible and taking care of their kids and teachers are expected to pick up the slack. There are so many students who have behavior and psychological problems that aren’t being addressed by their parents. Teachers are expected to increase student scores each year despite these problems that come from home. So much pressure that teachers will get their pay cut if students scores don’t improve each year. You wouldn’t believe how many children come to school each day and are not being fed by their parents. How can they be expected to Ace tests when they are hungry and abused. I spend a lot of my Own Money on food for the kids in my class whose parents don’t feed them. I have called Child Protect Services so many times and nothing much is being done to stop parents from neglecting their kids. CPS takes them away for a month and then the kids are right back with their neglectful parents again. You have no idea how sad this is.

  345. Agreed. I’m lucky to have gotten a new grad RN job. A couple of years ago, new grads could start in pretty much any specialty they wanted. Now, it’s the med/surg floors that no one wants. I’m not thrilled with the floor I work on, but I’m not going anywhere…I graduated in December ’09 and there are still people who don’t have work. And I live in the Balt-Wash area…LOTS of big hospitals.

  346. HELLO!!! YOU LIVE IN CA! Most of the country dont have the average price of a house at 1.5 million. your salary is relevant to where you live..

  347. We better start manufacturing up again–we’re going to be buying EVERYTHING from China. And let’ s start raising the taxes on those companies who take the jobs out of the US so they can save money. I can’t keep supporting healthcare for immigrants, medicaid for lazy people who don’t want to work even part time, and the taxes keep going up! Let’s fire lobbyists, vote for new senators, congressmen and get the country back on track. How about lowering their salaries for a start? Or doing away with their expense accounts. I can’t afford to buy hamburger much less champagne and fancy cars.

  348. The reason college grads are “whining” is because they have worked their a## es off to get that degree, and also spent a lot of money. Teachers have to work very hard and jump through a lot of hoops to get their teaching certs. After they pay for college they have to pay for all kinds of testing and professional development just to get looked at at many schools.(a lot like other well paid professionals). When they do get those entry level positions, they are abused by parents, students, government officials and all you folks who just think they are whining, while having to buy supplies out of pocket (which mind you is a below poverty level pocket.) Teachers get burned out, they are human, most of them really do want to make a difference, but are having a really hard time doing it.

  349. No kidding! I’m a teacher in Idaho. While I love my job and my students, I can’t afford to support my kids on my low income. I recently separated from my husband and even though I get child support, it’s not enough to meet my frugal expenses. We live in a tiny duplex, I have no car payment, and we don’t take vacations. This afternoon, I’m going for an interview for a second job. Something’s not right here.

  350. It’s amazing how ignorant you sound. Although I agree that there is nothing wrong with getting your hands dirty with “blue collar jobs” I disagree wholeheartedly that educators are “greedy”. Most teachers have to buy there own classroom supplies. When I worked for an insurance company I didn’t have to buy a headset or computer. Teachers are underpaid and overworked. But truth be told most don’t even mind it. My brother works nights at a hotel so that he can make enough to live on. His teaching job doesn’t pay nearly enough. He has an 02 Honda accord and rents a 1 bedroom apartment, and he does not try to live like the Jones. So do your homework before making broad generalizations.

  351. New Orleans needs teachers, even if Denver doesn’t. There are many other places in dire need of teachers. All of these jobs are honorable jobs, low pay or not, and there are plenty of people who need jobs now. This list will change, but for now, a few of ‘em suit me just fine. Better to work than not to work.

  352. All of these jobs are service related. What is needed is manufacturing jobs.
    I see teahing is a “growing” industry. I would like to know where. Cleveland, Akron, and Medina is planning mass layoffs at the end of the current school year. The improved hiring rate is also counting the census workers. I can hardly wait to see the employment numbers once all those teachers and temporary census workers join the ranks of the unemployed.

  353. Teri, you’vde just inspired me to explore your idea about Medtronic/Science degree. Thank you. Have been a nurse (LPN) for 23=years. Your viewpoints were right on the money.

    And oh hell yes,. teachers deserve unbelievably higher salaries…this is the future of our country we’re talking about here. Its a no-brainer.

    Have a great day everyone

  354. So, scott you ask.
    Why don’t you just get out of teaching and do something else? You hunk of burning smartie?

    Wells, I’ll tell ya…

    Because I love what I do. I would do it for free. Oh wait, I have been doing it for free.

    Teachers have been taking care of your children while you are at work.

    Now we get criticised for wanting a raise?

    Do you love your kids?

    Do you want them to be in the hands of caring professionals?
    Granted many of the educators have been in the Connecticut school systems way to long! They are the nasty teachers your child comes home complaining about but you do nothing ABOUT. Talk with your local superintendant about teachers that say strange things to the class or yell at your kids. it WORKS!!

    These are the educators sucking the money out of the school budget. Just go to your local school board and look. See the teachers that have been there over 15-20 years. Look at their salaries. Many of them have crazy sweet deals, making over 80K to 90K and even more per year!!

    Why? Ask, why. For the price of this one disgustingly wierd and usually very arrogant teacher,( most of the time), you could hire three new teachers that want to teach and have a good attitude toward students and make close to a whopping 35K per year, not really great, but they want to teach and have great attitudes.

    I am saying out with the old arrogant student hating hippie group and in with the new good attitude and much better educated teachers!! That actually understand what teaching expects of them.

    Oh, Yeah, here’s another thing.


    If you see an educator on the beach. It is probably because he or she has had 100 to 300 dollars taken out of their paycheck per week in order to get that very necessary 3-4 weeks rest.

    Kids wear us out too. We just have so much more patience than you parents out there. It is genetic and parental. We were either treated very well as students and children or we are just genetically that way.

    So stop bitchin about us!

    Treat us better!!

    We take care of your kids well. We don’t beat them or yell at them like I have witnessed all of my 46 years on this planet like you parents do out there.
    Yeah I’ve seen ya! In the sixties it was o.k. to smack a kid anywhere now …Watchit, DCF-Nazis will be taking you to court.


    Many of my students have asked me to adopt them because of my patience and calm qualities as a parent. I have two teenagers and my fiance’ has five children, Autistic and problematic at times. But they all have one request and that is to live with she and I forever.

    I am not just saying this it’s truth. I love to take care of kids and treat them with the respect they deserve.

    Remember in the future they will be Adults.

  355. Do you really believe these Left Leaning fools would actually listen to your comment? They are too busy destroying this Great Nation.

  356. I am a 21 year old college student who is graduating in a year. My student loans have put me $50,000 in debt. My major: Radio/TV. I know that when I enter the industry that I will be making $20,000, if that. Six months after I am graduated I have to start paying off my loans, interest included. My mother just got her masters in administration in education and has $20,000 in loans to pay off.

    So my question is, why is school so expensive? The reason America is failing is because no one can afford to be educated anymore. If we know that we are spending all this money to get a degree just to get out of college and not have a job, then what is the point? The colleges and universities are raping the future of America. And nowadays everyone is trying to go to college, which is great except no one can find a job. I know students who have been graduated for a year now and are still working at Publix so they have some sort of income. This is crazy!

  357. Take my advise..if at all possible go and get your RN. As much as I want to feel good that LPN’s are on this list…..I feel, from years of experience, that the average LPN will never get the respect they deserve and the salary has hit it’s apex…there’s no job growth here unless you can become highly specialized in areas that are not typical for the average LPN. Yes there has been talk of phasing LPN’s out for years and it hasn’t entirely happened yet…but you don’t want to be caught out there when it finally does.

  358. I see a lot of complaining that there are no manufacturing jobs on here. So long as unions have a stranglehold on factories in the U.S., we will not see anything other than a steady decline of those kinds of jobs. I work for an environmental company and we’ve been doing a lot of factory plant shut downs. Talking with the few employees left to help during the decomissioning process, and I can understand why these operations are being moved overseas. $78.00 an hour with a full benefits package to spraypaint metal all day? Or to sweep the floors? The job isn’t even that difficult! Now, I know unions have a place, especially to defend against unfair labor practices, but when I see and here stuff like that I come to terms with the fact that we have scared manufacturing RIGHT OUT OF THIS COUNTRY. And, it’s gone, and it’s never coming back. The selfish sense of entitlement in this country has killed our ability to keep corporations in the country.

    GM had people putting the glue on windshields earning over $100.00 an hour. The job isn’t THAT hard. I’ve served in the military, worked in far more dangerous and far more difficult environments, and jeepers crawl I earned less than minimum wage. It isn’t a matter of jelousy, it’s a matte of LUNACY for us to expect corporations to maintain that rate.

  359. Prospective Teacher:-) Would it matter if I told you that I am a military Veteran? I received an Honorable Discharge from the United States Coast Guard-Home land Security with a Presidential Unit Citaion from President Reagan.

    Superintendant:-( Wow, that’s great… uh, I could let you give a speech on Veterans Day and the students could use you as a reference when they study History…….?

    Prospective Teacher:-/ Have a great day there Mr.superintendant…

  360. Well, Nicole, you don’t like school. That’s really bad for you because that means you will probably have a crappy, substandard life unless you get really lucky. Or lunless you stop watching TV and believing you need all the garbage they advertise for your haoppiness. You will probably not live in a really nice house or neighborhood because lack of education will keep you captive in the low-rent district. Sorry but that’s the way it is.

  361. This is a joke! To even publish misleading information like this should be criminal. As a Vocatinal Counselor with 35 years in I have never seen such garbage and misinformation. The people who put this crap together don’t have a clue of what their putting out here. A fifth grader could could do 100 x’s better in finding or comming up with real labor industry facts! STAY AWAY FROM THIS WEBSITE CRAP!

  362. Pure idocy… this report and every other employment report I see is just trash.
    The truth about jobs in the US is that we are becoming the equivellent of a third world country but no one has the balls to say it. Life sustaining jobs are becoming more and more scarce and will continue to do so. Teaching jobs will grow as the reports suggest as long as you stay out of a union and make $75 per day with no benefits. The rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer, pure captialism at work. We are going back to the good old days where kids will start working at 10 years of age and people will have to slave their lives away just to survive. I remember FRB Chairman Greenspan saying that it was a good thing that the low skill manufacturing jobs go overseas because they had the comparative advanatge in that area but no he had no explanation on how these life sustaining jobs would be replaced here in the US. Truth is they didn’t care, this is a capitalist country after all with no care or regard for the people who made their living in this area. It is only affecting about 10% of country according to government statistics but I think the truth is much worse and in my opinion will only get worse as the government numbersl hide the truth Especially when it comes to life sustaining work. There will be more employment but at less pay and now instead of dad and mom working to make a living it will be trother and sister.


  363. THis information is not correct for Ca. Bay Area. I’m a manager in an Assisted Living Community and get applicants from Med Asst programs that can’t find jobs and come to us for caregiver positions in senior care. ALSO I have been an LVN in Ca. and an LPN in Oregon for 30 years they are the same nurse, just called something different in some states. Get your facts straight please.

  364. Here in Idaho, teachers who’ve worked worked for 6 years like me earn 30,000 a year. I’m newly single with 3 kids and no car payment. Now, my kids qualify for free and reduced lunches because my income is so low.

    I know that the people you know who earn SO MUCH more than me complain. They’re probably broke at a different level. I’m not complaining, but I am about ready to cry. I need to get a 2nd job (I’m interviewing today) just to make enough to not go backwards anymore.

    Please hear what I’m saying. Teachers work incredibly hard and we’re being pressured to raise test scores of children who are neglected, abused, or homeless. Many of our students have at least one parent in jail at any given time. These kids don’t go to school to learn, they go for free breakfast and lunch so they can survive another day. We, as teachers are supposed to ignore that reality and somehow miraculously motivate these kids to want to learn so our test scores go up. Low test scores = low money.

    Teachers deserve respect and a little empathy right now. Try walking in our moccasins for awhile before hinting that we’re overpaid. Thank you.

  365. Cathy-

    Do you have a clue what we teachers do on a daily basis? I have taught Elementary for 16 years with Detroit Public Schools. Believe it or not I as well as many still love our jobs and work harder than most out there. Give me a BREAK and get your head out of your A_ _!!! Hmmmm? maybe you are one of those LAZY A_ _ Parents who expect teachers to feed your child breakfast (During valuable learning time), teach your child manners and how to behave in public and a place of business, does your child attend school daily? Prepared to do their job? Hmmmmm? According to your tone…you have absolutely NO CLUE what we do on a daily basis. With folks like you…that’s why we can’t teach and have to spend our time doing the things that parents should be doing.

  366. Oh Cathy…these 80K-90K a year teaching jobs are NOWHERE in MIchigan!!! Do a little research on what we teachers in Detroit and Michigan are dealing with. OMG!!!

  367. Jperron, you are correct. Young people believe what they see on TV-go to XYZ University ( and incur $50,000.00 in student loans paid for by ME , your friendly neighborhood taxpayer, on which you can default with little or no repercussion…) and GET A JOB! Not everyone can be a chief. Somebody needs to keep the toilets unplugged for when these overeducated morons throw brown papaer towels in them. Somebody needs to drive the trucks-and stay off drugs while doing so-to get stuff from point A to point B. I AM a union truck driver but there are MANY disadvantages to being one, mainly the truly sucky hours. However, I have been lucky enough to have the seniority to keep working through all this. One of my GF’s is a non-union driver and she has continued to work as well. LEARN SOMETHING USEFUL! A degree in women’s studies or black studies isn’t very useful. Knowing carpentry or plumbing IS.

  368. The fastest “career”, as far as I’m concerned is self-employment. I know a heck of a lot of folks who got laid off and couldn’t find jobs (myself included), who have now started their own consulting businesses, or opened local stores (liquor store, coffee shop, etc).

    Personally I went into consulting in an area that I know is growing and never listed – Web Analytics. These articles are always listing the same careers and I agree teacher shouldn’t be one of them because every school district is cutting their education budgets. I used to be a teacher and right now I am so glad I switched careers when I did!

  369. Unemployed Teacher:-{ So you say my unemployment is running out. But, my food stamps will go up the same amount as my unemployment ended?

    Unemployment Worker:-) Well, Jess Das wa will happeng.

    Unemployed Teacher:-( O.K., where can I get a job like you have?

    Unemployment Worker:-# I don no.

    Unemployed Teacher:-[ May I ask how much you make?

    Unemployment Worker;-( I maka twenty-treea twentyfie an our.

    Unemployed Teacher:-| Do you need college?

    Unemployment Worker:-| I hab assoiciate degree.

    Unemplyed Teacher:-/ So…………………

  370. Yes its quite revealing and hearty that even semi skilled jobs will be among the top twenty. here in Zanzibar our major problem is that those wanting to work abroad do not have the required skills nor qualifications.only a meager % do and so the majority seek unskilled labor or at most semi skilled. Its certainly good news that they will be on demand…even then will immigration scheduling keep their American drem flowing/ i wonder…

  371. Do some math on these numbers. Total jobs = 13,103,000 Total $ = 551,205,562,966.67. So, the average, is $42,067.13. Here’s the scary part: Since 1978, the Consumer Price Index is up 409% (that’s in San Diego, where I live – it’s a little lessr elsewhere, like 360%). (That’s an average of about 4.5% annually. If your pay didn’t go up that much on average, you’re making less than you used to…) Yep, ***prices have quadrupled since 1978!!*** (that’s when Prop 13 went info effect in CA, btw., if you are familiar with that) So, while people *think* $42K ought to be great for these poor people looking for work, because it “sounds” like a lot, it buys about what $10K did in 1978. Per hour, it’s $20.22. In 1978, that would be $4.94. For comparison, in 1978, I made $4.60/hr working at produce warehouse unloading trucks, sweeping the floor, etc. I had walked in off the street, unskilled and with a high school education, to get the job. Across the street was a union place; they made $6.90 for the same work and laughed at me. So, people now have to go to college or similar school, go into debt to get the training, for the privilege of competing for a job that will buy them what an unskilled laborer made over 30 years ago. In the meantime productivity across the country is up since then, but since the trend started in 1960s most of the wealth of the nation is now concentrated in the hands of the top 1%, which is a huge change from 50 years ago (do the reasearch yourself…). Something’s happening here, and it’s exactly clear if take the time to look. You’re being told to work for dirt, and you’re told to scorn other people if they have things like pensions, good healthcare, and can afford to send their kids to college. Instead of asking why people don’t have those things (and why your elected “representatives” aren’t making sure you get them by making sure industry’s playing field is level in that respect) people listen right wing hate radio who tells them that “common sense” says that they should be getting more while others get less. Divide and conquer. Same old story, gone on for centuries. You can have this or that, if you agree that the people who come in after you get less. Climb the ladder, then pull it up after you, that’s the way to do it! Sure we can all compete with the Chinese – as long as we’re willing to do like they do and go without luxuries like indoor plumbing and houses larger than 100sf. Catch a clue. Someone asked why their representative wasn’t listening to them, remember that the average representative has to listen to the people with the money – and that is fewer and fewer people – while doing just enough for everyone else to not get a viral flood of bad publicity that gets him tossed out of office. If he doesn’t listen to the people with the money, then Rush Limbaugh and the others who shill for the money. The papers (all 4 of them) start to find fault with him. If he’s contrary enough, TV is brought to bear. All at just the right time, to be as efficient as possible. Well, enough rant. All I really wanted to bring up was the thing about comparing current wages and prices with those in 1978. Good researching!

  372. I too agree with some previous posts regarding teachers! There is NO WAY teaching should be on this list. The district I work for has also laid off a huge majority of 1st and 2nd year teachers. Nobody seems to value education anymore and it seems that there are a lot of people out there who are oblivious to what’s happening in our educational system!

  373. I was going to go into technology until a person high up in human resources told me that she was only allowed to hire from India. I went to Univ of Maryland for business and am now 40k+ in debt. I work as an emt(emergency medical tech) for 10/hr and no benefits. These so called capitalist who are “patriots” have been selling our country out for a while now.
    We are now feeling the effects. Los Angeles was sustaining itself on government jobs and real estate neither of which produce anything. If people are not working they are not paying taxes which support police, fire and teachers. We have been suffering a long time with illegal immigrants who offer cheap labor because they get great healthcare and can send their many children to school for free but yet they don’t pay taxes that is why the system is broke. I talk to teachers who have 40+ children in their classrooms. Many children will be left behind and we have to live here when these children grow up. I agree with the people who post that America has to become a producer again. But where do we begin? We can’t focus on creation or innovation when we are inundated with low paying jobs and student loans. We need to go back to the patriotism and innovation that made this country great with jobs that offer stability and benefits for old age. We are becoming disposable people like the people in a certain huge country with 1 billion people who sleep in cubby holes and work 17 hours a day for 6 days a week for $20/week. What happened to the American dream? Was that outsourced too?

  374. Lets be realistic

    The whole economy needs in overhaul which means that salaries and the cost of living needs to be changed. The trick here or key factor is the cost of living, this is a chain effect that cause huge flux in everything. From living to spending to stimulate the economy, that’s part of the goal of while Obama is feeding cash into the system. Inflation since the begging has been the root of all the problems, that’s why there is no more industry. Labor is cheaper over seas and so is the cost of living, but as it becomes more Americanize that’s changing as well.

  375. So in short, we will all be in dead end jobs working for the government – paying through the nose for unnecessary, unwanted and harmful “services” from a government that has lost their way. And it ends by having decades of servitude ignored and/or trashed and stolen by our government trained comrades.
    What I would really like to know is how to be a fascist (as these are the only people that are smiling these days) – I would like to start at the top. Please give me the money to corner the gold and the mandated medical trade (protected by the government against risk, of course) and I will be “successful” in the government vision! Is there a vacant top job in the fed, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanlely Smith Barney, or the FDA? I could make up “derivatives” as well as the young people that created this fraud.
    Cheerful article, keep up the good work! And your view of the future is very sustainable (Ha! Ha!). Only eight more years until I’m deemed needed – I can wait without food and shelter for that long, after all, we now have “free” drugs to sustain life! Yes, we no longer have the need of protection of the law, as the government is the law and the tainted milk will never stop flowing.

  376. Well Greg, you can come to Dallas or San Antonio Texas as they are crying for let’s say english speaking help in the commercial electrical fields. Cost of living is good too. But you won’t get the long lay offs in the winter here and the work isn’t union but it pays as well and the you have benefits. We moved from Michigan in ’80′ to Texas.

  377. Now I find the mistakes… meant “If he doesn’t listen to the people with the money, then Rush Limbaugh and the others who shill for the moneyed people are brought to bear.”

  378. Ummm, maybe Cathy remained childless until AFTER she finished school, THEN got married, had a little apartment with her hubby until they saved enough to buy a modest fixer-upper, then learned carpentry, Sheetrock work, minor electrical skills, etc. as homeowners while building equity and NOT incurring massive credit-card debt. Then they were able to move up GRADUALLY to a really nice house in the ‘burbs with a respected school district ( no drive-bys in the school yard…). Children were probably introduced at a sustainable rate-one every 2-3 years-until their reproductive goals were met. This would enable them to buy with a large down-payment and subsequent LOW montly mortgage.

    You can’t have it all, especially all at once, like TV ads claim. An illiterate populace incapable of critical thinking cannot sustain a lavish lifestyle.

  379. I have to say it has been enlightening reading all these comments, especially those pertaining to health-care jobs. Someone on here mentioned that their local school that was running ads for Medical Assisting had its parking lot full and was questioning where are these people gonna get employed when there is only one clinic and hospital in town. I understand what that is like. I live in Tampa, FL and have recently graduated with a diploma in Medical Assisting and just about every job posting I see is asking for “experience”. That salary they list for MA’s is a joke. The only ones who will be making that much have been working for 10 or more years. I have seen an ad where the employer was offering $7.25/hr. That is federal minimum wage. I make more than that working at Jiffy Lube. There are several schools in the Bay area advertising for MA’s and I guarantee this is making it that much more difficult for me. The school I went to has even cancelled it’s evening Surgical Tech class because of the saturated job market, it is only a matter of time before they do the same to the MA class. I was thinking of going back to school for nursing, but with what some of you have said about that field as well, I am not sure.

  380. first of all if a person takes care of their body through walking an hour a day,eating right and add in some light weights a day no one should be needing someone to take care of them when they are only 60 or 80 if they have taken care of their body and far too many people are put on drugs today for every little thing. Another thing these pay scales are way off people with bachelor degrees are not making more than high school graduates and that is wrong. Lesson here stop with the whine and take control of your lives and better your self and keep your body young and take pride in your face also and keep your self young. And if you do not have a college degree get one, if you do you may want to add another degree on, it can be done much quicker today and having an extra degree added on does bring in more income – I have fouind!!!!

  381. Bravo Katie.
    I live in the New York Tri-State area with my two nieces. I also know the high cost of living Mass. I’m at teacher of 15 years and am still paying off my student loans. Factor that in with the high rent, car payments (necessary to get to work), and all the other essentials we are barely making it on my salary. I have worked my ass off my entire life. Worked through high school, three jobs during college and an additional job my fist eight years of teaching. Couple that with my years of experience your damned right I expect to do more than to just get by!
    Cathy, Just curious about your work experience and location?
    Also, to reiterate what many others have said, lay offs are occurring throughout my entire state. My former students, now with teaching degrees, are substituting in hopes of landing a job. The outlook for these kids is grim.

  382. I agree with B.Real…. I am sick of people whining and not taking responsibiltiy for their own actions. Quit pointing your fingers and blaming everyone else. Put those fingers to work building new business and industry. I try to appreciate what we have – without stressing out trying to blame the rest of you for my woes. Leave politics out of it – I don’t really care whose fault it was at this point – let’s get busy find ways to create some jobs. Remember: Everything has a price – there are no guarantees – life is not fair- (all age old truths!) In the past, we have had to work through tough times – so quit whining and get busy! All great companies started with a great idea, hard work and sacrifice. This is how our country started and now is a great time to “innovate”. AND – if you don’t like it here, go live someplace else. My prediction is that you will come running back before too long. (You don’t stop a ball game because someone strikes out because you need to blame someone – you keep playing!) And when you loose a game – the “team” keeps trying to improve and win the next.

  383. As stated in many of the comments, there is no improvemnent in the real world. Unemployment is still right at 10% (if you accept their funny math) and the only jobs out there are entry level or burger flippers…no real long term hope there. They have been talking the talk for a while now but they are not walking the walk…creating the jobs. I have a few nieces who are new teachers and having a really hard time finding work. I don’t know whose computer software they are using for their predictions but it appears flawed.

  384. I think you are making generalizations with no facts behind them. I am a teacher and the ones that I work with do not just hand out a paper and say figure it out. We are doing our best to work with the students and help them improve their skills. It’s ignorant people like you who make our job difficult.

  385. WEll I started out in 1995 as a Medical Assistant worked 5 yrs in a Pediatricain
    office. I then went back for more school got my EMT-P and went and got
    a job at that Ambulance. These two careers have opened doors for me I also
    worked at the ER and CCU unit at an Hosp was a ACP and learned Nursing
    for free at the hosp and they trained me to also be a Monitor Tech at hosp.
    I worked 2 jobs the Hosp and the Ambulance I have 1 daughter single mother
    never stopped trying to continue my education. I also thought to my self
    that what job would be secure in the future. Healthcare would because Unfortunately we are all going to need assistance one day and get sick and old and die. I will tell you honestly I am not rich from these jobs I am employed 12 years now as an EMT-P I work in FL work alot of overtime and Im also trained a s an Emergency dispatcher. I have 4 classes left on my BS in Criminal justice I volunteered at the Probation Office for the last 2 years and I really want to do Probation officer or Corrections field. I am trying to fufill my goals dreamsand now do my other job something in Law Enforcement. What I would suggest is to go into the Med Field I dont know why that least doesnt say EMTs Paramedicsi because my company is always hiring and looking we are always busy and short handed so that list cant be correct and i agree that they are laying off teachers. I had a freind that was hired by a Temp Agency to Sub Teacher she didnt even have a degree in that field it was a AA degree and they still hired her to subsitute teacher. She Made 10-12 hr to do it she did it to get by and make ends meat. I enjoy my job and helping others and my communuity IM not rich Im just an honest hardworking person dedicated to my profession for so long. I have my moments where I wish I could be somewhere else but the reality is this isnt gonna happen and I know what Ive got to do to make it for my family. The bottom line is you have got to enjoy your job and like coming to work and going that extra mile some of us have gotten lazy and want everything given to them. You have to work hard to earn those nice things and my pts and the families I have touched are priceless and their is no amount of money when they have a family member come up to you and say thanks for saving my mother daughter sister etc freinds life or I hold their hand and tell them to hold on or treat them with dignity empathy respect. I do feel this world has lost track of what is important in life. I understand about struggling surviving but i take each day as a gift of life and greatful to have a job be healthy an apt legs and not sick right now Im 40 y/o and still work hard It is the little things around you that you never noticed before that keep you smiling everyone hang in there Hope for a better tomm and take life one day at a time and don’t ever give up. That is my advice good luck I hope you all find jobs. Angelina FL EMT-P CMA EMD.

  386. You want to know why so many of these jobs are in the healthcare field?
    Try reading Obama’s healthcare “reform” bill that he is going to sign in September. Really reading it!
    Home health aids, Licensed Practical nurses, Vocational nurses, nurse’s aids, orderlies and attendants,medical receptionists and information clerks,Medical assistants, RNs, Medical and Health service Managers,Social and Human Servies and assisitants………and don’t forget child care workers for all these jobs in healthcare. These are indeed going to be top jobs in the future.

    Why no doctors on this list? Well, because no one intelligent is going to spend the money and time to go to medical school anymore. The government doesn’t think specialists should make more than a regular general practitioner. In the future if you get sick, you will not see a doctor but one of the many lower level auxillary healthcare workers that will be “trained” in the government paid for schools (taxpayers money) that are provided for in the new legislation. The students, if they are minority and/or “disadvantaged” will get free tuition supplied by the government (us taxpayers again). I wonder when they will have “surgery assistants” who will do all the cardiovascular and neurological surgeries for the unsuspecting public who foolishly allowed Obama and his cronies to take over healthcare.That’s if they don’t die before their name finally comes up on the surgery list. About one half of the pages in the “reform” legislation is all about giving monetary bribes to the states whose Senators dragged their feet in supporting the bill. The insurance industry was made to look like the bad guys but why then have their stock prices soared since the legislation passed. They just got millions more potential customers, that’s why! Because next year the IRS will start taking more money out of everyone’s W-2s to pay for “free” healthcare for everyone. In fact, there’s some job openings at the IRS if anyone is looking. Federal jobs will be the best ones around too.
    All of this was done with back door “deals” that the voters were not privy to. Federal workers and elected officials are not subject to the new healthcare reform rules nor do they have to pay into social security and that’s why they don’t care what happens to the rest of us. They get the best benefits and retirement packages around and are set for life.
    As far as teaching goes, in California my daughter with 8 years experience has trouble finding a position every year. She never gets beyond being a temporary or probationary teacher (union agency shop in California) because she gets a pink slip every March, collects unemployment all summer and then after school starts, gets a job, sometimes in the same district, but often not) and then she’s back to square one on the tenure track. Last year she somehow managed to beat out 850 applicants for the one job opening every year because she is a standout teacher with parents clamoring for her return. She went through 3 telephone interviews and 2 in person interviews, the last one being in front of a panel of teachers. The teacher’s union has hijacked public education in California. Principals cannot hire the best and brightest because seniority is the only way teachers get permanent jobs. The longer a teachers has been a breathing, dues paying member of the union, the more job security (despite poor evaluations or just about anything else) they have. My daughter is finally considering leaving teaching because she is tired of packing up her classroom every year and sweating out whether she will manage to get a position for the next year. Each time leaving her students and knowing she will not see them the next year at that school, leaving the friends she has made with coworkers and being unsure of the future. The district she is in now is going to kindergarten having one teacher responsible for 64 students……32 in the morning and 32 in the afternoon. Extremely difficult as most come in not speaking English at all and these parents are reluctant to volunteer much and when they do, they often have younger siblings with them. It is a shame because she was born to be a teacher and loves it dearly.

    Welcome to the future where the United States is run by the politicians and the unions, where government jobs pay the best, where business is stagnant and there are two classes……. the haves (the government and unions) and the have nots (the rest of us). Those collecting all the freebies from the government will keep voting in their benefactors.
    Then they go on YouTube to thank Obama for all the money he is giving them.

  387. I am a babyboomer that has never, and I mean never, made more than $16,000 per year, even when I was married to my first husband our combined income was approximately $32,000. We raised 3 kids on less than what most people are saying they can’t live on today.

    I am widowed now and will be living on that proverbial $16,000, but, I know that I can pay $450 for rent in TN, and $200 for food, and still be able to afford my medications and an occassional night out at the movies/dinner.

    My point is at 56 I went back to college and got a degree in Medical Office Management, but could not find any position in the town where I live. So, I decided to take those classes and combine them with a degree in Business Education, which I will receive in 2012 at the age of 63. I may not be able to stay in TN but there are plenty of other states (where the weather may not be quite so hospitable) that are looking for teachers. I intend to work for at least another 10 years after graduation, providing my health holds up.

    SO, all I can say is quit your bellyaching, adjust your way of thinking and living to a more manageable standard of living. It’s the high wages being paid that has run the cost of everything to the sky. The sky is no longer the limit, BE REALISTIC PEOPLE!!!

  388. With thousands of teachers loosing thier jobs across the country, I DOUBT that education is a good job choice. In fact, I am a teacher and can’t even get a job within 50 miles of my city. AND, I’ve just moved to a new state across the country from another state with the same problem. Maybe more research should have gone into this article.

  389. Mississippi stays in a recession, if not depression. when all the other states are declining, we remain constant. when all other states are advancing, we remain constant.

  390. It’s not the current presiden’t fault. I don’t know why people are expecting a miracle. These are global problems. Do you think that if Bush were in office right now, the economy would be thriving already? Give me a break! And I’m not saying that Bush isn’t capable. I’m saying that this is more like a Depression because nobody really has a clear answer about how we will get out of this trouble. There is no clear path. Everybody is only able to give opinions, but who knows what will work. You have experts in the field who have different ideas about how to go about it. All we can do is hope and pray that our President Obama is able to make the right choices, but it’s anybody’s guess. It’s not so easy to just start creating jobs. I believe that there are deeper problems that have to be dealt with. There was a lot of crookedness at government level, so how do you repair that? You almost have to start over and restructure. I believe jobs will be lost, but new jobs will come back. People should be preparing themselves for better times. Like Obama said, get more education and more training. Don’t be lackadaisical. Get classes online if you can. Just try to go forward. Hopefully, the economy will come around in about 5 years and you will be ready for it.

  391. The reason there are no IT jobs is because 90% will be done in mumbai and variou other countries. Same goes with accounting etc. The thing is if these jobs are in demand then programs similar to the H1-B will be put in place to bring people in to do these jobs. Welcome to America !!! America – Where people can’t do the just they want.

  392. You know I’m tired of all the gripping, yes Our nation has been hit hard and yes we need more IT jobs and labor jobs, etc. because jobs are going over seas. I agree teacher need to be paid more, but there are a lot of teachers not doing their jobs they just sit there and let the handouts do the work for them… I hated that in school not all of them, but the ones that do need a wake up call.
    What I keep hearing most in what everyone is saying is that they don’t pay enough, Well people wake up you can’t have what your parents have right when you walk out that door sometimes you have to live off of spaghetti for what seems like a life time before you can drive that car you love or live in that house you dream of. You might have to even for go the new electronics or back off on eating out over other day… And before you start telling me I don’t know what i’m talking about I know I supported my family on min. wage. because my husband got fired. Yes we had to cut back a lot. like no cable, no eating out all the time, no just getting into the car and driving to nowhere or to the conventient store, but we are making it and we can be happy because even though we were and still are tight, very tight. We don’t complain, we do what we can, while we can… all we can do is try. so stop gripping already and start cutting back.

  393. It is obvious to me that the comment you made about Obama, definitely shows that your IQ is MUCH LESS THAN YOUR SHOE SIZE. You are probably one of those rednecks who can’t except that America voted in its first minority president, whom by the way, IQ far exceeds that dummy Bush, who led this country to disaster, with his “good ole boy mentality”. YOU ARE DEFINITELY FOS. You need to find a long, sharp, vertical object, sit on it, & ROTATE ACCORDINGLY.

  394. TEACHERS: If you noticed, most of education jobs being lost are in the traditional “public education” arena where there are unions and state sponsored pensions. I believe education jobs are still out there and will be on the increase because life goes on . . . people are still getting married, people ane still having babies. If you want a job in education, you may have to seek employment at places that don’t offer those “comfort” items: tenure, pensions, unions. Children are still learning, but families have more choice now as to where that learning takes place, i.e. home schooling, virtual class rooms, charter schools and private schools. Most of the big urban areas like Philly, D.C and Baltimore are always going to need teachers because of socio-economics. I am a former financial analyst, who is in college working towards a K-8 elementary education degree in mathematics—my background enabled a smooth transition. I am currently working a FT job in one of those low paying service jobs; worked as a state/public employee for a while and boy was that a joke! I gave up my $40K a year job to something MEANINGFUL. I changed me and my family’s life style. The last car I bought was over 10 yrs ago—it’s a Honda. I own a home WITH members of immediate family in which we all live in—share the wealth, share the expense! Life is simple. Life is good. Times have changed, and we Americans need to learn to adapt.

  395. im an unemployed registered nurse. NURSING HAS NO SHORTAGE. all over the country even in the crappy jobs there is nothing.

  396. Listen to this whole video and you will see why this country is in a mess!
    This lady thinks our country is full of “greedy” taxpayers and they should not be making “so much money”. She herself is being paid welfare that “Obama is paying for out of his own stash” and that America doesn’t need borders. She doesn’t need a job, she needs a brain! This is perhaps the dumbest woman in America. I don’t always like Michael Savage but he is right on this one.

  397. As an experianced teacher in Texas, I can say teaching jobs are not avialble and aides are not being hired–and classes are NEVER less than 30 students. (I teach 6 classes a day-over 180 students and make 45,000 a year)

    For the record: all the years I have been teaching I have NEVER had a summer “off”. Teachers are required–without pay–to take classes to learn new methods, further educate themselves, and update certifications in my state.

    Also without well trained aides, students with special needs will not get the help they need for success and this adds stress on the child and teacher.

    I love being an educator, but I feel that there needs to be a major education overhall. Children need good teachers and unfortunatly, you have to PAY good teachers.

  398. It’s also interesting that some teachers in this country in areas make figures such as 83 K when I’ve been teaching the better part of ten years and make 34 K. And I’m supposed to consider myself lucky to work in conditions where ther are no unions, increased demands on paperwork and IEP meetings after school, and bathroom breaks maybe four out of five days per week if we’re lucky. What the hech is the deal?

  399. Beantown,
    I noticed alot of banter about nurses and the health care system. Well, I work
    for a major fail safe hospital here in the Boston area and I can tell you they
    are laying off so many people in this field. I happen to be a Medicaid billing
    specialist for better than 20 years now. This hospital has with in itself 3 major
    hospitals and 26 off site clinics which serve the poor and indigent population of
    roughly 6 cities. The new health care design is killing us. I can tell who is
    entering the country just by the names that are popping up in great numbers.
    The newest members on the system are of Arabic descent and naturally as you
    would expect Spanish decent as well as African (new comers). Indian (not American). All with either Medicaid or Free Care which we are told will come
    to an end in 2011(free care). I can tell you that there are literally thousands
    per week who are seen and cared for in a 7 day period. And you wonder why
    we can not sustain our hospitals!!! Does this shed any light on the subject for
    you? I am part of the baby boomer era. When you enter a hospital here you
    actually have to look signs in English. I stopped by the IRS office this year for
    some forms to fill out and notice Spanish signs and a sign in several languages
    stating “WE SPEAK YOUR LANGUAGE.” I get it money is involved and they want
    it. But, really what the heck? Boston is not my America and I doubt I will see
    my America again in my life time. Sad really. God bless you all and pray for
    your country.

  400. I have no idea where they get the salaries from. I am a teacher. I teach middle school in a Title 1 school. I make no where near what those listed salaries state teachers earn. If that is the “average” of the country as a whole, I want to know where teachers are making close to 6figures.

    I too was laid off (I’ve been teaching for 10+ years but only 3 in this district) pending the outcome of a special election to raise taxes.

  401. I’m just wondering where they get the statistics on teacher salaries. I’ve been a high school teacher for 12 years and I make nothing close to the stated $54,000 current US salary or even the $47,000 mentioned for high school teachers. I’ve taught in public schools in more than one state and never have I heard of elementary teachers making any less than high school teachers if the certification, education and experience are comparable. It’s all based on these factors and not what grade level is taught. I’ve seen these types of inaccuracies in other articles concerning careers in education as well.

  402. Teachers’ salaries vary widely across the nation. I would love to make what you do in California. I’m in Texas making about half what you are with over 35 years experience and a Master’s degree.

  403. As an unemployed, college educated, single mother of 2 (who has a BS but must remain in college until she finds a job due to student loans) I find the disparaging comments about wage complainers being greedy very offensive. It seems that those who have never been in a position to complain have the least tolerence for those who have had the hardest times. We can never know what cirrcumstances have led a person to the point in their lives that they are now experiencing so it is unfair to assume that these people are greedy, uneducated, unwilling to work, etc… You have failed to see the big picture: not everyone has the opportunity to obtain a college education; not everyone has the option to relocate to where these supposed job openings are; not everyone who has job training is trained in one of these specific careers; that many college graduates who are willing to work for less (ie. McDonald’s, Walmart…) are concidered “overqualified” for the jobs that are actually available; that most of the lowest paying jobs are in predominantly female oriented careers (education and healthcare); that most college grads need the higher wages so that they can survive the time it takes to pay off student loans; that many older workers are overlooked for employment due to the fear that they will want more money or might be in poorer health than a younger worker; that the cost of living in one region of the country may be markedly different from another region;…..and so on. Its always easier to blame the victim for their predicament than to redefine the problem so as to address it true origin. The problem here isn’t greed or laziness on the part of the individual, it is a lack of economic resources. Namely the lack of jobs that offer wages which will keep us above the poverty line.

  404. Also, there is NOT a shortage of nurses, only TEACHERS to teach theses new students. There are tons new graduates of nursing programs still not finding jobs. This article is needs to be more specific!!!

  405. Listen people… There are lots of jobs available out there, and more are opening daily… Americans these days seem to have a great missunderstanding of the word “Pride.” It is’nt something you can always hold high. Sometimes in your life you hit a low spot. Its times like this that you have to swallow that “Pride” and do whatever it takes to survive, and in some instances provide for your family. If you are making $50k per year and you lose your job, what do you do? Do you sit around being unemployed for 3 months, writing on blogs and searching the net for another job making equally what you were before? Or do you beat the streets and find something that you might not WANT to do for a while until another opprotunity comes along? Alot of the countries Economic Crisis and High Unemployment Rates Arent Governments fault at all. Forget the “Rat Race” America… Flip those burgers, sweep those floors, change that oil… Do whatever it might be to provide your needs, and keep your head up. “Pride” isnt getting what you want, its making the best of what you’ve got. No im not a College Graduate, nor am I a trust fund baby, or a legacy. I have a good paying job because I paid my dues for years working to get here. I work in a very unstable market. (Oil and Gas Production) But if something happens to me here, I have mouths at home to feed. All the while I may feel too good to work for less money, I know im not too good to pay the rent. Not many people in the WORLD want to be in the position im in. Its hard, dirty, very demanding, and Extremely Dangerous. My Jeans might be faded, My boots might be dirty and worn. But my son is clean, happy, and healthy. And no matter how bad I wanted to be a teacher and a coach. I’ll wear my hard hat and farmers tan daily with my head held high, because dreams dont always come true. Life isnt easy, and the world is sometimes unfair… But we determine the order of our priorities in life… What are yours?

  406. A growing health care field in Respiratory Therapy is in HIGH DEMAND people! Our hospital in AZ depend on them, and they are always short staffed, but very smart, dependable and a well educated department. WE NEED MORE RESPIRATORY THERAPY SPECIALIST!!!

  407. Cathy,
    I don’t know where you live but in most places there is NO WAY a family of 3 can live on $25,000! Clearly you didn’t even consider the ridiculous childcare expenses which are the only way we can work to earn money if we are a family of 3. By the way, I make nothing close to the averages stated in this article and I have over 12 years of experience and an advanced specialized degree. I currently teach high school English and I DO work very hard! Every year more and more responsibilities are added to my job requirements without added pay. I have HUGE student loan debts to cover as well which are never ending considering the fact that I have to return to school nearly every summer to keep my certificate. I also teach summer school to make ends meet and I bring work home with me nights and weekends on a very regular basis. I don’t know any teacher who just hands out worksheets and says “Figure it out yourself.” If we don’t use books it is because our districts won’t or claim that they cannot afford these materials. Please spend some time with an actual educator and consider all the factors before making such baseless claims. I’m not saying any of this to complain about my chosen profession but rather simply to counter the uninformed people like you who make massive generalizations and pass judgment without merit!

  408. Cathy-

    Your comment about how teachers want more money to do less is DISGUSTING! Seriously, shame on you… SHAME on you. First of all, do you actually know anything about education or what is involved in teacher training? Obviously not because then you would know that someone who just dishes out handouts to students and uses “technology” to replace ALL old school methods of teaching is NOT A TEACHER. It is people with attitudes like yours who assume that everyone who becomes a teacher is in it just to get summers off or whatever (or people who consider teaching glorified babysitting) that truly show their ignorance of the teaching profession. I say profession because that is EXACTLY what it is.

    There is an INCREDIBLE amount of training that goes into it; you have to know your content area and be extremely gifted/skilled in that area to be able to teach it (elementary teachers have know ALL of them i.e., math, English, art, science…etc.), then you have to know methods in which to TEACH your content (every student is different and does NOT learn the same–this includes becoming familiar with teaching special needs students), you have to know child psychology, learn ways in which you can inspire students to succeed in their studies and in life in general (remember Cathy, not every child in the classroom HAS a family at home to help them out in this area), look out for the wellfare of your students i.e., recognize signs of abuse, neglect…etc. (because Cathy, some kids’ families don’t nurture and guide them, they HURT them).

    I hope you can see this list of a teacher’s duties is quite extensive and that’s only the beginning. If you ever make a comment like the one you just made, I hope you realize that the person you are bashing is the person that spent 7-8 hours a day, 5 days a week, for 10 or so months of the year caring for your children and their peers and educating them in areas that YOU would never have been able to teach them. Are you an expert in chemistry? No? Well, how’s your Shakespeare?

    One last thing… teachers do all of this for pennies not to mention poor job stability. If you have fallen victim to the sad misconception that teachers are teachers so they can have summers off and be lazy, think again. Teachers have families, loans to pay off, houses and vehicles to maintain…etc. News flash: teachers have summer jobs too.

  409. All the whiners about not being able to get a job need to find a hustle whether it be working harder or smarter than the next guy. I often find too many people not willing to work as hard as those that do or plain can’t figure out that they need to get off their lazy bum and find a more meaningful purpose in life.

    Work harder than the next. Be smarter than the next. Hustle.

    If you don’t want to be told what to do, find a way to tell others what to do. Manufacturing leaving the states? Become the project managers that drive those off-shore facilities. Look into process improvement, six sigma, etc.

    I know we’re not all created equal, but we all have brains. Find your will power to succeed and do something about it. No more ramblling people, get out there and make that money! Hustle!!!

  410. This list doesn’t reflect the Bureau of Labor and Statistics outlook. Accoring to all other predictions I’ve seen, health technicians and computer analysts have the best outlook with some of the highest pay, followed by jobs in enineering, physical therapy, and finance. I don’t know where this list came from.

  411. This is such complete BULLSHIT that MSN put out. The whole Economy is completely F’ed up and NOT getting better!

  412. There isn’t a shortage of nurses! All RN new grads will learn this soon. LVN new grads already figured that out! The economy waits for no one. Better transition into another field soon! Good luck!
    -2008 LVN grad

  413. Well, it’s good to see (from this posting) that people are starting to see what is going on in this country. Matt on 5/11 asked where all the IT jobs are. He said “our entire economy revolves around Technology/Manufacturing jobs” Unfortunately, all of the CEO’s and Politicians have sold off those jobs to Asian countries. The rest of the jobs are given to illegas. Wether it’s outsourcing, or Insourcing (H1B visas undercutting the pay of U.S. citizens), those jobs are long gone. And you can’t really blame it all on Obama. This happens under both Democrats and Republicans. A lot of it happened under the Bush admin. The result is lower wages, and less benefits for Americans. Until U.S. citizens start to get angry, this will continue. I say if the CEO’s want to outsource jobs to 3rd world countries, that use slave labor, they need to go live in those countries as well. The politicans and CEO’s that are doing this need to be run out of the U.S. naked. Get mad everybody!

  414. Idaho is cutting teacher’s salary 14% with five to ten days less of school for the students. When I relocated late last year…started subbing & was finally able to work at least three days a week for no benefits. With school out now…am working about 20 hours a week on the loading dock of a major department store to pay my rent & bills. Thank God for my church helping me out with my rent earlier this year & the part-time job on the dock…along with being smart enough to build a motorized bicycle (no tags/license/insurance & 100-150 MPH). Am very thankful & smart I didn’t go back to college for the MA Ed…since there are so many teachers out of work with no prospects for many years to come. Education…is certainly the way to go for the future…if you’re an administrator making $100K a year. This is the ONLY growth part of the industry.

  415. To Royce. Try working in Az. as a teacher. If you can get a job you might make $35K a year with 6 years experience and a M.A. $2500 in taxes(ha Ha) try living in Chicago area or Wis. and see how much you pay in taxes.

  416. Not to take anything away from teachers, but there appears to be a conceptual misunderstanding about the listed salaries. First of all, the listed salaries appear to be averages. Of course, there are other factors that impact the pay, such as years of service, levels of credits or steps accomplished, degree held, etc. And, don’t forget to annualized the salary, if you are going to compare against other professions, since the pay represents about 9 months of the year.

  417. Yes…lets stop educating the kids. Is that what you want? What do you think teachers should get paid? Most new teachers would have to have their kids on free or reduced lunches because of their salaries. They do more than 8 hours a day and the do not get the whole summer off. They get on average 6 weeks off and are usually doing some planning in that time. My brother who works for an airline( not a pilot) gets more vacation time plus three times the wages. Lets protest that and sports players millions that You pay for in taxes too. No you would rather leave our kids uneducated. You are a moron!

  418. No jobs-Why ??? We will never have jobs until we start making things again. I grew up in Rockford, Il. and at one time it was one of the largest manufactiring cities in the world. Why has this changed. Say wanted to start a factury making xxxxyyyyy. I need to hire 100 people, why would I do it in the USA. Before I ever make anything it would cost me $30,000 to $50,000 a month in health cost. It would cost me another 10-15% in salary for medicare, s.s., and any other tax. license to government might want to add on. Why wouldn’t I open that factury in a country where I would pay no heath cost, s.s., or other forms of tax??? I know if our country paid for our health out taxes would go up. Well I pay $1350 a month for my wife and I. I would bge happy to pay that in taxes if I knew my health cost are covered. Now I can’t even go to the doctor to see if I’m still alive–at $1350 a month that isn’t covered. When I go to the doctor and need something done, your right he doesn’t ask the government, he calls a $10 hr. secretary at Blue cross, to see if they will cover it or how much of it they will cover. I know–get a different insurance company. Guess what I have two artifical hips and I can never get insurance anywhere else. Want jobs -tax care of health and taxes. I know it’s all Obama’s fault. He is the one who stole the money from S.S. to pay for the Vietnam war, which really made our country safer. P.S. I spent 13 monts in Vietnam as a marine , who signed up, not drafted, to save to world (Ha Ha).

  419. The only way we’re going to get jobs back in America is to stop all the corporate welfare that’s going on. Corporations get big tax breaks and incentives to open offices and plants overseas, instead of here in the US…….yet the politicians continue to allow it. GE did not pay taxes last year thanks in large part to the present corporate welfare system.

    STOP the tax breaks and incentives now and you will see jobs returning to the US where they belong. Contact your senators and congressmen and the president NOW and DEMAND the end of this. OR learn Chinese because they will surely own us if we continue to allow big biz to run the show.

  420. No wonder this great country is in the mess she is in right now; because of the hatery and negativity of some people. Where is your faith? All you negative people out there will continued to be jobless unless your change your attitude and behavior. Be thankful that you have a meal everyday and a roof over your heads. There are people out who wish they were in your position and here are complaining of petty stuff. Be thankful you are alive and breathing.

  421. Proper Education is the starting point for our young people to be trained. When I was in school 40 years ago we had Home Economics mainly for the girls where they learned how to cook and keep house. For the boys there was Wood Shop, Metal Shop, Welding, and Auto Mechanics. These were classes that taught SKILLS.

    Today these type of classes no longer exist. A young person is lucky if they learn keyboarding skills so they can input something into a computer and be able to text their friends on their cell phones. Never mind their spelling as they all use abbreviations to text their friends.

    I am not taking this out on Educators as this is also very much a FAMILY problem with the youth AT HOME.

    When I grew up I did not get an allowance so I had to earn money for things that I wanted. I shoveled snow in winter, mowed lawns in summer, delivered handbills 3 or 4 times a summer, and hoe’d sugar beets in early summer AND got jobs at the drive-in theater and at the local radio station.

    As a kid most of us made our own clubhouses and treehouses and played in the dirt making small roads and such with our Tonka toys and we built houses with our Lincoln Logs and all kinds of gadgets with our Erector Sets. As we got older our clamp-on skates became the wheels to our basic skateboards and then our skooters made out of 2 by 4 boards. The old lawnmower engines became the motors of our homemade Go Carts with wheels from our old red wagons and old baby carriages.

    We were proud as kids with all of our accomplishments and we had fun building them and playing with them.. key words there.. BUILDING THEM.

    We also were very lucky to be allowed to watch a couple hours of Cartoons on a saturday morning or to be allowed to go to a movie at the local theater.

    As we got older we found old cars for cheap or nothing at all and we spent many many evenings and weekends working on them fixing them up and maybe even painting them so we had something to drive to school once we were old enough and had gotten our drivers license. It also meant we could get better jobs now that we had transportation to get to and from work.

    Kids these days are put in front of Sponge Bob Square Pants from infancy as their mothers are way too busy to care for them. No wonder there is such rampant ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) amongst young prople.. to be a teacher these days you have to run around and make noises and talk funny just to keep their attention. Parents buy them small electronic games and MP3 players so they are constantly entertained and if they throw a tantrum they buy them another toy which might keep them entertained for another day or two. Then the parents buy them a Play Station or Wii or maybe even get them a computer. Then they get bigger and they buy them a bicycle or a small dirt bike or 4 wheeler so they can play with all their friends who also have one. And if they break it then Mommy and Daddy will have it fixed or buy them a new one.

    Then the big day comes when they are old enough to drive.. do they want the old family car .. OHH NOOOOOOOO they have to have a BRAND NEW $20,000.00 plus car to drive to high school.

    DO YOU SEE THE TREND HERE… Our current generation of youth has grown up as Consumers with their parents as Spenders. NO ONE knows any work ethic and they CANNOT THINK FOR THEMSELVES or DO FOR THEMSELVES.


    We invented Television here in the US.. NOT A SINGLE FLAT SCREEN IS MADE HERE IN THE US TODAY !!

    We invented the Microwave Oven here in the US.. NOT A SINGLE MICROWAVE OVEN IS MADE HERE IN THE US TODAY !!


    We invented the Transistor, Integrated Circuit Chip and Computer here in the US.. NEARLY ALL INTEGRATED CIRCUIT CHIPS AND CIRCUIT BOARDS AND COMPUTERS ARE NOT MADE HERE IN THE US TODAY !!

    We used to have many large shipbuilding and boat building operations.. AND NOW THEY ARE NEARLY GONE !!


    How did it get there?? Well lets just take a look ==>> lets say you work for a living in the teaching or medical profession..and that I work at a fast food establishment.. .. my taxes that I pay and the medical insurance premiums I pay – in turn pay for your salaries.. you are making good money. You decide to buy a new 50 inch flat screen TV and a new Foreign Made car.. most of that money goes overseas.. you also pay taxes and your medical insurance.. and you eat a few lunches at the fast food place where I work. What I make would hardly pay for your monthly cable bill and put gas in your car.. and the money for your gas also goes overseas.

    The more money you pay to overseas countries means that much less spent here in the US to keep the money circle going. If you buy fewer lunches from the fast food place where I work – I might eventually get laid off and then I won’t be paying taxes or insurance premiums which in turn pay your salaries. Essentially what goes around – comes around, and if we do not have any goods or services which the overseas countries want to buy from us and bring that money back to the US – then they do what they are doing now => THEY LOAN IT BACK TO US and guess what.. with interest they are TAKING MORE MONEY FROM US.

    So keep living your lifestyle as you know it now and enjoy it while you can.. because you or your children may soon be working for someone else BECAUSE THEY WILL OWN ALL OF US and they won’t have to pay you a good salary.. you won’t be able to afford a nice house or apartment or condo.. you won’t be able to afford a car to drive.. you won’t be able to afford afford electricity, heat, cable or satellite, internet OR your cell phone. We will become a Third World Country slaving away at making the food and luxury items for the soon to be First World Countries.

    We will be living according to the GOLDEN RULE. “HE WHO HAS THE GOLD MAKES THE RULES”

    We have been warned many times and yet we continue on this destructive path because we are not correctly educating ourselves and our children and we have grown so accustomed to this life of luxury that we are lackadaisical to what is going on in the ‘real world’.

    WAKE UP PEOPLE !!! Life as we know it is getting shortened minute by minute and dollar by dollar as our country’s deficit continues to climb.

  422. I’ve been a Democrat all my voting life, but I will support any political party that can assure the people of the U.S. that they will do everything in their power to bring back manufacturing and technology jobs. If you think American people won’t work manufacturing jobs for $14.00 an hour, put them out there and see. Get rid of the 492,000 H1B visas in this country and you create that amount of jobs for US citizens. It is so disgraceful to publich a list of sorry jobs such as those listed above. Washington needs to get their heads out of their sorry behinds and find out what’s really going on. They are the ones that yell the loudest and longest about the future of their grandchildren, well…

  423. The concept of monies as we currently see it, a system of debt into more debt until the countries of the world borrow themselves into a sink hole is no longer sustainable on earth and for mankind to survive you will all have to sacrifice to understand the value of the world you live in.

    We are no longer a manufacturing country, the sooner we face this the faster we can move on, let’s face it! Our leaders are bent on war as a sole means of income and innovation, WHICH is not what our constitution stands for and worse yet people actually believe there is a real reason for us to be outside our boundaries. Do we have control over anything, really??

    The service industry is as much of an innovative gateway as any “industry” and if we could stop our full focus on the conquest for money “BP” for just one second we might actually have a moment to sit back and look at ourselves, the health of our nation, our structure. PULL THE BLINDERS OFF America! We have fallen; we have lost sight of the real world in conquest for false illusions and worse yet our brother’s fall in the name of a concept as imaginary as Dora the Explorer. Wake up America and open your eyes to the reality of where you live.

    Education needs reformation and we have a direction. Let us lead by example and show the world that America does not need oil to survive before we lose it all. Cap immigration by helping those countries build their countries with services that we create through education. Let us turn NASA’s research over the last 30 years to the public, create jobs in America to fiz our railway system – IE Electric! Our Dams need a new design IE mobile dams and we could use a swift lesson in renewable technologies to the full benefit that it would bring our nation and the wealth of jobs it would create over the oil industry. PEOPLE FEAR CHANGE, so let us propose it in a way they can undertand!

  424. Hi,
    Are you area bound ?
    If not, cast your net a little wider …
    Moving home is daunting, but can be rewarding.
    Over here in South Africa the picture is much the same…
    Living in a small town is only difficult for the first ten years or so…

  425. I can’t agree with you more because if you live on Long Island, NY you know how unlikely no matter how qualified you are that you will even have the slightest chance of landing a teaching job. The public schools receive over ten thousand applications a month from qualified applicants and the average district only hires two to four teachers a year. These college graduates are left to fill jobs such as teacher assistants and substitute teachers that pay ten to twelve dollars an hour. Considering the average one bedroom apartment is about 1,500 dollars a month that doesn’t seem a realistic job choice.

  426. Ms, Kate Lorenz:
    You stated in your article that teachers positions are available due to “growth and replacement”. Indeed, this profession has the lowest retention by teachers due to burn out. The reason: many people entered the profession without qualifications as out of fields. Unfortunately, many “real” teachers, by means with bachelors and master even doctorate degree in Education are being cut off due to shortage or budget cuts. That is my case, I don’t have a job in the field! with two doctoral degrees in education and 20 years of experience, I have a second degree job in a charter school, handling three positions for less than 40k. School districts are not willing to pay for my knowledge instead they reclute new graduates or out of field teachers which only earn the minimum salary of 22k. This is all about budget, simple administration…

    Dr. Lydia escobar

  427. I am an LPN and work for an extended care facility. We used to have a treatment nurse, a ward clerk and an admissions nurse. Now thet pulled all three and we have do all the work. There isnt time and you cant work over time nor can you work off the clcocl. Its a no win situation. Its all about the money. I do not recommend nursing to anyone. The stress gave me esohogeal cancer. Long hours, stressful work, low pay and that is the thanks we get.

  428. Allow me to introduce a thought that hasn’t been commented on yet. Look at the recent past and how many people have lost their homes whatever the circumstances, as I did. Most companies perform background checks. Taking a massive hit to personal credit ratings prevents good, hardworking people from landing a job. When this happens to preferred companies, banks, etc., they automatically get to hit the reset button and are back on their feet again with the same salaries, perks and bonuses. This doesn’t happen to the rest of us. I would like to ask those who make these decisions: Why???

    I, personally cannot take a position for less than $120k a year. A few examples as to why this much money. I have a 10 y/o child with an incurable, fatal disease of which has historically been my biggest write off come tax time. Biggest write off thanks to our insurance industry. So what are my options with a very poor credit score (foreclosure), fear of background checks, daughter who needs expensive medications to sustain her life of which maybe 20% use to be covered by insurance?

    Options: cut down on all expenses, take a lower paying job where the employer doesn’t look at financial histories, stop buying her medications and allow her life to diminish, get hospitalized and pass the bill to those who are working via taxes paid to the State and Fed, or I could simply start sending all bills to my elected officials each month or those seeking election. They have the money and they want my vote. My vote comes with a cost each and every month because my debtors won’t wait and I cannot be a productive member of society as much as I want and need to be.

    Articles like this simply eat my shorts as does the media/government hype. Could this be our governments way towards social genocide in America? Insanity is in our faces every single moment of every single day. We do need to wakeup and take notice.

    A quick snapshot of recent events, the President stated not only would he kick Tony Hayward’s arse but would fire him. Why is the Secretary of the Interior still working, can’t point fingers at past administrations. His watch should equal his arse. Chrysler received bailouts and now 600k vehicles are being recalled. Will the CEO be fired or get more money to remedy the issues/. The congressional hearings for Goldman Sachs and others. They’re still employed. And now I see two CEO’s running for office in California. You’ve got to be kidding me.

    Do you see the insanity yet? Even though these people have ruined our once great nation they would like to make us believe they care. They care only during elections and they want you to believe that they care while ruining our chances to be employed with fair wages. Case in point, Senator Benett from my State of Colorado had an ongoing TV add stating he wanted to freeze congressional pay until healthcare, jobs bill and more were passed. I really didn’t think that my fellow Coloradan’s were that ignorant but apparently we are. I wonder if he has more than $200 in his bank account, that’s about what is in mine.

    As for the comments to start your own businesses so as not to rely on anyone else; I would absolutely love to, but I wasn’t given a reset button.

    Good luck out there, help one another out and be very careful who you vote for no matter how angry and desperate you may be.

  429. I’m an insurance agent for ohio. It looks like everyone makes more than me. How sad. I guess that is what happens when you age. Your salary goes backwards. Prior to my current job at another insurance agecy, I made $15k more than I do now. I think, I qualify for poverty level.

  430. In 2008, I went to school to pursue a degree in Paralegal because at the time it was supposedly one of the fastest growing fields for the “next decade.” It’s 2010 and I don’t see it on the list, so it just goes to show that you shouldn’t read too much into these types of lists.

  431. I’m making roughly 8 dollars per hour to be a TA in Arkansas while minimum wage goes up every year and each year I get no increases because of cuts. Every year we are told our jobs may or may or may not be there. Kids curse us out, hit us, kick us and throw things at our heads. I love teaching and feel that I am doing something important most days. Other days I think I must be crazy! Seeing those few children who strive is not the greatest reward. My main satisfaction comes from seeing those kickers and biters years later after they have learned how to behave! Everybody’s got to start somewhere. I know if they start out from my teaching, then they will know patience and caring. How could someone like me walk away because of money? They have us over a barrell of our own design. Nurses and caregivers as wll.

  432. I have to agree. Everyone wants everything now now now.The Banks and corporate monguls are well are of this and take full advantage of it. The generation is controlled by impluse and quick gratification. That is why they control us. In their eyes we are just consumers that keep them in control. We should really reevaluate our spending and priorites. We should research the products we consume and purchase..what is wrong with shopping at costco or your local market…I bet people buying the name brand products are unaware of the genetically modified crops they consume. This is off the subject but I thought it was important to mention. Dont trust the corporate companies or our government completely… some are trying to change it and some have alterior motives(mostly racist views). Everyone should just have a few back up plans because life has ups and downs, along with twist and turns. Save for rainy days and stop being so materialistic is one way. stop complaining and start being part of the solution and really paying attention to what our politicians are doing and what their beliefs are. Be understanding as well Change takes time…our problems didnt happen over night, it was process. There are alot of people that have personal interest or expecting certain promises to be fullfilled by the politician they sponsored…so that politician is being pulled in 20 directions and possibly their own intentions….Thats my opinion thanks for reading

  433. I don’t believe that a family can survive on $25,000 dollars, but I do take offense to the South-bashing. The uneducated and ignorant are not region-specific. They spread out, and infiltrate.

  434. The solution seems simple to me. Impose a HUGE tariff (probably a percentage of sales prices just to make it easer) on anything (product or service) purchased in this country that is not made in this country. Use the money to pay down the deficit and ONLY for that purpose. Watch how quickly the deficit will go down and the dollar will regain it’s international power. Watch how consumers will begin to look for products manufactured in the U.S. Then watch how quickly the companies who have outsorced the positions will be opening new plants in the U.S. because the extra dollars they have to pay for health insurance will be minimal compared to the loss they will take if their products aren’t manufactured here. Then, when the deficit is gone (should be quick by my calculations), pour the excess dollars into real health care reform and subsidizing health care/insurance costs of companies who have produced products in the U.S. for the last say 25 years. Let’s turn the idea of supply and demand in our favor. Let’s put these greedy companies on their ears!

  435. Jes nails it above on the immigration issue – that anyone in our government would label us racist because we wish to protect jobs for AMERICANS who depend on AMERICAN jobs to support themselves and their families is a GIANT CROCK of political stew, spoiled and stinking. WHat is up with that racism accusation anyway – seems to me ithat those in our government who wish to enable rampant and uncontrolled immigration are striving to simply enable mass cheap non-union labor as a tax base (hey, a huge wave of baby boomers are soon to drop out of the tax base, right???!!!). The rich will continue tol benefit in escalating ways – the ever growing divide between rich and poor in this country and the ultimate extinction of the middle class. Puke….this country is hellbound and anyone who cannot see that is blind. Get out while the gettin’s good!!!! I mean, get out and make room for the newest third world country, America!! However, it may be too late for the millions of long term unemployed who cannot even afford to leave the country now….America is becoming one big leper colony. Thanks alot all of you self serving empty suits in Washington.

  436. I live in Morgantown, WV and moved here fifteen years ago, when I began living at, Marjorie Gardens, Dorsey Lane, Morgantown, WV 26505. I very frustrated with having to live in West Virginia, following my birth in July 1963. I grew up in Fairmont, WV not being able to work because of a unknown disability, when I moved out on my own in 1983. Then I worked full time five weekdays on Governor Rockefellers job program as a orderly at a nursing home type hospital in Fairmont. By August 1983, I had no job until May 1991 as a county janitor of Marion County, which was only two weekday mornings of about two hours. I moved too Morgantown, WV July 1994 for better job/career daily opportunity, and haven’t gotten anywhere, because of the economy, and moreso the WV public official beleif and rediculous practice of god & jesus christ.

  437. Very sensible comment. I agree with you. It is the corporations, not the President calling the shots. We the people have to come up with our own solution because things will get worse, not better.

  438. Not sure about all the other companies out there, but i work in an office for a manufacturing company and we are producing and selling more products than ever before… We are hiring many people now and business is booming.

  439. This does not seem true–at least not in my area. Teaching jobs are extreamly hard to find, since they keep cutting education spending. =(

  440. How many of you readers see this as a wake-up call? Today we are constantly told that we live in a “global” economy. That means imports and exports. Where in this list of 15 jobs do we manufacturer exportable products? Our jobs in manufacturing have all gone overseas, and this article is living proof. Our balance of trade has been negative for years and is only getting worse. So what happens? As we create more healthcare related and teaching jobs, we will depend more on imported products but with nothing to export from the US. So where do you think the wealth is going? Hint: you won’t find it in America. But stupid people will dog along, taking it all in, buying foreign cars, foreign clothes, foreign foods, foreign anything while struggling to find a $10 service job. Wake up, America!

  441. She lives in California and has been teaching for 20+ years is why she makes 83K. Why do you think Calif is in such dire financial straits? I think teachers should be paid around 50k , they have summers off for Gods sake and every holiday sometimes weeks off during the year. but we need to pay them decently to get good ones.

  442. What planet is this statement – “This spring there seems to have been an explosion of positive employment news that’s left skeptics wondering, “Is this news too good to be true?” – from?

  443. Dear Mechanical Engineer:
    I am a mechanical Engineer also. What happened to you is what happened to me. We got old and companies no longer want to hire older workers due to company medical insurance costs. You can always start your own company.

  444. There are more government jobs now than manufacturing and construction combined!! The government jobs pay 25%+ more than the private sector and have pensions and cadillac health care! The unions have bought favortism from politicans and it’s ruined this country!!
    I’m moving to another country as are most wealthy folks who pay nearly all the taxes and you guys can fight over who’ll get the last of the government money! 25% work for government, 25% retired from government and 25% living off government!! I call that one big fat conflict of interest when these folks vote for more government!! Nice goin-socialism has never worked & will never work!! You have to reward desired behavior and punish undesireable and the US is doing just the opposite!! Good luck with your change and your marxist progressives in congress and leader!! Note: Bush balanced the budget untill the war and the bank bailout which we all voted for!! Bush tax cuts expire this year-the wealthy will leave, taxes will sky rocket and social ills will spike through the roof!!

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  450. Ken Eteinne,
    You are an absolute uninformed bafoon. Your Obama has done everything in his power to destroy this economy and hurt the US. His marxist plays are working. It’s people like you who had good intentions but did not do any homework and continue to allow yourselves to remain confused. You are following the social class warfare propaganda of the leftists. People of wealth are wealthy from hard work, NOT handouts. They are the ones paying an unfair proportion of taxes. If you are not paying around $5500 per individual, then you are not paying your part of the cost of doing business in America. That is the cost to maintain us. And that figure is from the Bush days; it’s probably double that now. Bush increased our national defecit about 4 trillion dollars which was outragious. obama has increased our debt an additional 3.8 trillion dollars…in less than 2yrs!! That is at the crux of our problem with this economy. Too much spending. I encourage you to read Wayne Allen Roots blog on Roots4america dotcom. He was a Liberterian candidate who went to school with Obama at Columbia with a key insight and VERY telling agenda.

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  459. Someone should develop a list of manufacturers in this state that fired their long term moderately paid employees and replaced with workers who will take five or six dollars an hour less than I was making… no wonder employees go postal!

    • i agree with the comment made about taking a layoff to pay a temporary 5 dollars less than what i was making what a shame. the comment was this ” Someone should develop a list of manufacturers in this state that fired their long term moderately paid employees and replaced with workers who will take five or six dollars an hour less than I was making… no wonder employees go postal!”

      tt i was making. what a shame

  460. now im only twenty years old and i can tell that we to get more middle class jobs, its sad that in all reality theres the poor and the rich in american, it has turned into a communist country. why dont we just completely legalize maryjuana and tax it like colorado. they made 21 million just off taxing this last year mutiply that by every state in america and thats a lot of damn money to help us get back on our feet as a country. screw our selfish communist for making this mess

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  468. “IT’S TO YOUR DISADVANTAGE THAT YOU HAVE LEFT THE COUNTRY AS A US CITIZEN TO STUDY MEDICINE ABROAD” said one hospital program director, when I applied for the residency program. 25% of doctors accepted to US hospital residency programs are not US citizens! “We need foreign PhD s”- says Romney. Bottom line: “we need cheap foreign labor” by either exporting manufacturing or importing labor -that’s unlikely to change.

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