Looking to staffing firms for jobs … and 10 companies hiring now

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ryan the temp from the officeWhen the October job loss numbers came out earlier this month, there was one particular change that interested us here at The Work Buzz more than any other: Temporary employment services, a sector that had steadily lost jobs in the beginning of the year, added 34,000 jobs. That’s more jobs than even health care added, which has remained strong and added jobs throughout the recession.

You might be thinking, “Why is this a good sign? I need permanent work!” or “Temping is for students and recent grads.” Yet, an upturn in temporary hiring is an indicator that other jobs may be soon to follow.

Coming out of an economic downturn, companies that are skittish to hire full-time workers for budget reasons but need additional hands for business purposes often start by bringing on temporary workers first.

While you can search online using keywords like “part-time” and “temporary,” you should also consider registering with any or all staffing firms that search for candidates with your expertise. Here are some reasons why:

  1. They’re free. Staffing firms make their money from the employers not the candidates. You shouldn’t have to plunk down a dime.
  2. Temp work is growing. 34,000 jobs were added in this sector last month which means staffing firm activity will be picking up and they’ll have more jobs to fill.
  3. The positions can be long-term. A common misconception job seekers have about staffing firms and the jobs they fill is that the positions last only a few weeks. Not so, many projects can last several months or even a year. 
  4. The work can lead to a full-time position. We’ve told you that a holiday position can lead to a full-time job; the same is true for work via a staffing firm. For example, if a company’s finances are more stable at the end of your contract or you prove too valuable to lose that temporary position could become permanent. 
  5. Staffing firms span multiple industries. Another misconception about staffing firms is that they only hire for administrative positions. Not so, they hire in all industries including health care, finance, marketing, IT, law and manufacturing.

Now you’re interested, aren’t you? Here is a list of just a few staffing firms looking for candidates and some of the hundreds of temporary, temp-to-hire and full-time job openings they have now.

Aegis Therapies
Specializes in:
Rehabilitation therapies
Sample of current openings:
Physical therapist, rehab program manager and coordinator, occupational therapist, speech language pathologist

Ajilon Professional Staffing
Specializes in:
Accounting, finance, bookkeeping, corporate management, office support, law and legal support
Sample of current openings:
Staffing manager, staff accountant, account manager, project assistant

The Creative Group
Specializes in:
Creative, advertising, marketing, web and public relations
Sample of current openings:
Communications coordinator, web developer, social network manager, director of marketing, art director

Kelly Services
Specializes in:
Office services, accounting, engineering, information technology, law, science, marketing, creative services, light industrial, education and health care
Sample of current openings:
Staffing supervisor, substitute teacher, outbound sales, sales representative, customer service and call center representative

Medical Staffing Network
Specializes in:
Nursing and allied health professions
Sample of current openings:
Registered nurse, licensed practical nurse, pharmacist, licensed vocational nurse, respiratory therapist, certified nursing assistant

Office Team
Specializes in:
Administrative positions including administrative assistance, data entry, office management, reception staff and customer service
Sample of current openings:
Staffing manager, administrative assistant, receptionist, customer service representative

PDS Technical Services
Specializes in:
Aerospace, automotive, civil/architectural, defense/military, electronics, energy, government, medical, software and telecommunications
Sample of current openings: Technical writer, data analyst, product design engineer, retail sales consultant, systems engineer

Robert Half Finance & Accounting
Specializes in:
Accounting, finance, credit and collections, bookkeeping, payroll and taxation
Sample of current openings:
Staff accountants (various levels and specialties), tax and audit staff, controller, collections specialist

Spherion Staffing Services
Specializes in:
Technology, finance, accounting, marketing, law, engineering, manufacturing, sales, human resources and administrative
Sample of current openings: Business development manager, customer service representative, forklift operator, draftsman, assembly worker, sorting clerk

Specializes in:
IT, engineering, accounting, administrative, call center, human resources, technical and creative Communication, and manufacturing
Sample of current openings:
Business analyst, senior systems engineer, software design, help desk analyst, network support engineer

  1. Looking for assistance in job search, many opportunities have come about , however, the right match hasn’t surfaced. Unemployed and looking for some valued assistance,

    Thank you

  2. In regards to this article stating 10 agencies hiring, perhaps further investigating is necessary on these companies and their track records. I have been searching for a job for over a year now and have been registered with at least 3 of these, however, none of them have even gotten me an interview despite stellar education & experience. Although they have recognizable names and are big in the industry, this doesn’t mean they are good in business. So, before anyone chooses to use these companies, ask THEM for references as they do us. In my opinion, they are ONLY good for temp work and not direct hire. Thank you.

  3. Wow, this article would have been remotely relevant if any of these jobs were even in the same state as me. There are NO jobs in Florida. Maybe someone should post an article about companies in Florida that are hiring.

  4. I have been hired 3 times from temp assignments, only one of which was a designated temp-to-hire position. My biggest shock with this layoff has been the lack of temp work because I have ‘always’ had temp work when between jobs whether by my or my employer’s choice. I am extremely heartened to hear that temp work is picking up again. That is a good sign for me!

  5. Let the TRUTH!, be told nationally there are jobs available but those of us in the State of Michigan are competing for 1 job 1 position per 10,000 applicants. Only one person will get the position unless the contractor rescinds the offer for employment or the employer within the next 2 to 5 days after the position has been posted. This really does not matter whether the applicant experienced or simply certified to work within the confines of that position. Unfortunately, we have many sources for which we can apply for contract/temp positions that have no greater influence at securing your prospect for obtaining the position. I am thoroughly tired of submitting for employment through temporary agencies that network with other temporary agencies to find work. By the time, a good job comes along where it may post out initially at $30/hour for 6 months after being trafficked by so many recruiters through multiple agencies the same position may post out for as little as 2/3 or 1/2 the original stated rate.

    Using a contractor to find temporary or short-term work may not be worth your interest because most temp/contractors tag your billable rate to make their commissions and bonus overrides. So for every dollar you earn the contractor/head hunter will make from your money about 25 to 30 cents. So let us say you contracted and agreed to receive $20 dollars an hour at a rate of 30 cents per dollar ($20/hr x 0.30), if you are lucky, then the amount paid to the recruiter for each billable hour is $6.00. Therefore, if you earn $20/hour for an 8-hour day then they are to be paid $48 from the money you have earned money. That is why the billable rates in Michigan as so low for contract work particularly for IT/Computer jobs. So truthfully we should be earning $26/hour instead of $20/hour, we should be earning $20/hour instead $14 or $13 dollars per hour and so on.

    Therefore, no matter how many contract sites and temporary agencies there are the contract / temporary worker will never get what the job is worth or what you are worth out of that job. So with the latest schemes come the scams. Watch out for contractors that ask you a lot of personal information and swear that by giving them your social security number is necessary to check your status for working at a particular jobsite. It is not true. How can they do this ahead of offering you employment particularly if you have not completed a W-2 or 1099-tax form?

    Think about it and good luck.

  6. This is very true. My past 2 jobs (including my current one), were found through temp agencies. In both cases, they found me a job very quickly, and I was hired on after my temp contract was up.

    It’s very smart for companies to connect with staffing agencies. They can “test drive” the temps, and then see if they want to have the temp for a longer period of time or not.

    That being said, I’ve seen temps let go within a matter of days, just because they didn’t fit what the company wanted in an employee. They don’t need much of a notice, and it’s easy for the company, because they just need to call the staffing agency, and let them do the dirty work of calling the employee and telling them they’re not working anymore.

    So, my bottom line: it’s a good idea to apply at a temp agency, but make sure to have a backup plan in case it doesn’t pan out!

  7. Why are these all consulting companies? They are a waste of time and effort. If you land a job with them, expect lower than average pay rates as well as paying at least 20% of the income created by the job to one of these consulting firms for at least 6 months.

  8. I interviewed with the Creative Group a year ago this month. Since that time I have never received a phone call, a lead, or even a follow-up to see whether I’m available to work. (I’m still unemployed.) I have inquired about positions on their website, only to be told that I’m not the right candidate for that job, even though I feel I’m qualified. I was told that they “have something else in mind for me.”

    I was also told that even though the Creative Group may post an ad for a position, there may be no job to go with it. The postings are for hypothetical jobs that may eventually become available.

    Several acquaintances also are registered with Creative Group. They’re not working, either.

  9. I am looking for a job in the Chicago area and would love to find a staffing agency to help with my job search. I have a BS in Education and am currently working on a certificate as an Event Planner. Would love to receive some information to help me with my search. I have also owned and operated my own catering company. Thank you.

  10. CORE Staffing Services is a boutique TriState Area recruiting firm. We cover anywhere from basic filing and mailing clerks, receptionists, administrative assistants, executive assistants, and HR and Marketing candidates at all levels, from one day assignments to permanent positions. Our clients range in industry from finance, legal, fashion, cosmetics, media publishing, entertainment, and consulting firms, and everything in between. Feel free to send over your resume – temp@employcore.com

  11. Oh, come on now! These recruiters are all clients who support you, and the only positions they have are predominantly fraudulant job postings. Makes me wonder how much longer “Careerbuilder” is going to survive…

  12. Ive tried the temp services in the past. I am a skilled trademan. Not many of them have a clue as to what I do, and too much of my time is spent on the phone educating their recruiters about what I do. There is a big differance between a machinist and a machine operator and most temp services don’t have a clue as to what the differance is.

    Sorry, but that and the fact that once you work for a temp service your unemployment benifits are at severe risk, equals a no go plan for most people.

    A friend of mine lost his unemployment benifits because the temp service offered him a job 80 miles away one way, at 9 an hour. The job wouldn’t even pay his gas bill. Because he refused it, he lost his unemployment. Lots of such stories are around.

  13. Part-Time and Temporary work is just another way to avoid paying the American worker what he’s worth.Seems like the illegal alien idea is not working for the penny pinching industries so let’s knock down the working man to fill their needs.They can cut down their payroll.Part-time and Temporary workers do not get Health Insurance,Overtime,Holiday Pay,or Vacation.Searching the job sites for a year I see a trend of the same jobs from the same companies posted many times.Think of this,you get a 90 day trial period ,they say your not what their looking for,they get 3 months of work never having to give you Benifits,your gone and they bring in the next temporary worker.Can you prove this is really happening?Can you prove Age Discrimination? If people can’t afford to run a company they should close it and they should get a Temporary job.

  14. I feel that I am discriminated against because of my age. I’m 62. I plan on working at least 10 more years. I have a multitude of skills, partly due to my years in the workplace. I am a licensed private investigator in Oregon and want employment in either that field or one that is compatible. For example, Robert Half’s collections specialist position posted on your current list of opportunities would be right up my alley. I am excellent with people with diverse backgrounds. I can talk with anyone. How do I present myself on paper and in person so that these skills are highlighted and my age is lowlighted? Thank you for your suggestions and great information.

  15. In response to D. Allen…where did you get your numbers from? WOW..I live in Michigan and I have been a recruiter in Michigan (in staffing and corporate recruiting) for more than 9 years and I must say those numbers are so very inflated and made up. Please tell me the names of these companies that pay their recruiters these types of commissions and bonuses as I would be very happy to make that type of money. Did you consider the break down for the billable rates and what that actually covers? Workman’s comp, unemployment insurance, operating costs, job board advertising, man hours spent sourcing and interviewing, etc. How do you expect a staffing company to make money? You can thank outsourcing and the economy for the lower pay rates. Don’t blame the staffing companies.

  16. I lost my job on August 1, 2008 and have had no luck with Michigan Works or all of the many temp services out there and websites, so can you please help me!!!!!!

  17. You’re dreaming! This is a new age and the employers have the edge. Because they, also, took a hit in this recession, they are re-thinking (or removing) the perks they used to provide to attract and retain talent. More and more of the largest employers will go with the concept of the perpetual contractor. It is cheaper to pay the worker a few more dollars an hour than to provide a benefit package that cost the company $30k or so, per employee, per year to maintain.

  18. Interesting, since I have submitted my resume at least 3 times to Core in Charlotte NC, even after meeting someone from that firm at a job fair, and as yet, no one has dained to try to reach me about a position. So, either your email blocker is one or, you’re inundated with resumes. Either way, it doesn’t help the millions of us who are out of a job by giving us false hope. Like the fellow from MI said 1 job to every 10,000 applicants, why waste your time? Odds at better at playing the Lottery!

  19. I’m 56 and I feel your pain. I can’t seem to get past the 24-year-old HR generalists, who serve as gatekeepers to the execs who need my talent. I have often found during the phone interviews, these young new-grads don’t have a clue about the technological skills that are required per the job announcements. So as I expound how my skills and qualifications mirror the posting, it is as if I am talking to a box of rocks.

  20. Objective:
    To obtain permanent full-time employment with a growing company in a position comparable with my work background and education that is satisfying and rewarding.

    Dear Hiring Manager:

    I am a [Master Electrician] with extensive experience [Performing skilled work on the installation, inspection, maintenance and repair of electrical systems and equipment] for [Kosovo Energy Corporation]. I have [13] years of experience [Working in “Thyssenkrupp" Coal Mine Kosovo Excavatory work and installation and maintianing electrical supply and equipment]. In this role, [Install, examine, replace or repair electrical components, Test equipment and components for current, continuity and voltage, Maintain, repair and test switchgears, transformers and regulators, Maintain, repair and test motors, generators and control systems, Troubleshoot industrial control systems and devices, Interpret electrical code specifications].

    I feel that my Skills [Highly skilled with reading electrical schematics, evaluating panel layouts, and finding root causes for problems while using methodical approaches.]
    would be an asset in this role.

    Thank you for your time and consideration. I hope to have the opportunity to discuss the opening with you in person.


  21. I feel the same way Susan does. I think there is discrimination to the older people even though it is said that these ages are supposed to be a better worker because of age and experience. I had an interview for a job, well within my qualifications, and all they could do after the interview was ask if the drive of 40 minutes was too long for me. I had just lost a job that was an hour drive, so why would 40 min. bother me. I had only lost 2 days of work on the hour drive job in the winter, so I doubt if I would lose more than that in the other job. I think that was more an issue to them, but to me, I think it was my age = 60. The agency was helpful in getting me interviews, but the company is the one with the discrimination problems.

  22. i have been unemployed since march. i have had contact with numerous of these agencies and they have done nothing for me–they are not finding us jobs!!!

  23. I also have applied for jobs when they are posted. I have submitted my resume and I too have not received any job offers, temp or full time. I still get e-mails stating that the job that I applyed for is still opened. Because I filled out the application I can not reapply for 90 days. I am beginning to think that these jobs are bogus and no one is really wanting to hire anyone. In my neighborhood all the Mexicans have jobs and the Whites are not working. I have even lowered my expectations to try dish washing and still can’t get work.

  24. Daniel, I could not agree with you more. I too, have been looking for full time work and have signed with 2 of the 10 agencies listed as hiring right now and I have experienced the same thing. They advise in the preliminary interview they have many fulltime positions but I was never contacted once. They instruct all candidates to call in at least once a week to confirm availability but upon my weekly call I was always advised nothing was available.

  25. One of these firms, which will remain nameless, seems to bend over backwards for attorneys or other higher paid employees, but are less enthusiastic about lower paid workers. Maybe because they make more money from the hiring firms for higher paid employees? This firm spent more time picking apart my resume, which if I had done what they said, would have stripped it down discounting my qualifications for the jobs I was seeking. It was a total waste of my time. I sent my own resumes and had success.

  26. Lazy and/or inexperienced recruiters generally use temporary staffing agencies.
    These agencies have little interest in placing employees in “regular positions”. Employers can subscribe to reasonable electronic verification and background check services at a much lower cost than say paying a billed amount of $65/hr for a file clerk, who receives $16/hr.
    Employers can also stipulate a short-term position, and update their hiring policy to a longer “probationary period” if they lack the confidence in there own hiring abilities. And practically every state in the US is “employment at will”.
    Further more temporary employees are generally paid relatively little.
    1) Approximately 35% of the billed amount – so yes, the staffing agency IS making money off the employee, with every hour worked.
    2) Temp workers slowing sink into poverty, need to utilize more public assistance programs and housing shelters, thereby reduce the state net tax revenue.
    3) That “temp” status negative impacts credit ratings. Making that temporary worker a “higher risk” and “qualified” for even LOWER paying jobs.
    4) Temp agencies are using credit checks more frequently to assess candidates ‘decision making abilities’, regardless of how little the staffing firm has been paying them. And lower credit ratings result in lower paying jobs (since now your obviously desperate), particularly affecting lower paid, and protected classes.
    6) The foreseeable outcome is a cycle of; lower wages, lower credit scores, reduced consumer spending, fewer businesses, fewer jobs, and still lower wages, etc, etc.

  27. December,2.2009



    To obtain permanent full-time empolyment with the company in a position comparable with my background and educational that is satifying and rewarding.

    Base on my qualification that i am architectural graduate with licences and experience in operations,estimating,designing and project managment knowledge too.

    I am looking forward for your call and acknowledgement.

    Truly yours,


  28. This is in response to Christine’s comments. It looks like you need to promote your other interests such as your catering business and as an event planner. If you ever need a copywriter to help write your promotion and help you with the marketing plan of your business, let me know. Maybe I can help. Email me at TPQ52@aol.com if you are interested.

  29. I’m been looking for the last two months for a 3rd shift job in or near Chicago. Every temp service I went to only have 1st or 2nd shifts available.

  30. I worked Temp services for four years, I worked through K.M.Temp (No longer in business) Volt, Hire Source, Personal Source, and Kelly services.
    Most of them could not find me assignments due to the fact I don’t drive for medical reasons, but those that could had me working for a few years, I am looking at going back to Volt and Hire Source because I had better luck at getting job assignments for a few weeks to two months.

  31. Things are worse if you are over 50 and have been forced out of a job due to “disability” – in my case, a stroke with such minor deficits that the hospital staff didn’t realize I had lost any function [I couldn't remember any small words for a couple of months, but I would use the correct anatomical designation, or similar terms...] I have 2 years of looking: apply to 5 or 10 jobs per day, 7 days per week…and all the stress that goes with it. I really hate the 22 year old HR folks who discount me because I have to start over. Can’t wait until THEY hit 40 or 50 and can’t get a job!


  33. I have had the same experience as Daniel H. Great education, work experience, background, and I am registered with most of these and others. But still no action.

  34. I have applied to so many jobs thru careerbuilder.com and I have not have any luck on finding any job,and those jobs that I have applied they still showed up as open,I really do not understand, even my resume war written by a professional advisor.

  35. hi i am looking since past 7 months a job please help me out. i am looking for the full time position like customer service,or receptionist or any kind

    Thank you for your time and consideration. I hope to have the opportunity to discuss the opening with you in person.

  36. It doesn’t appear that many of the temp. services deal with administrative or managerial positions.
    I have a Master’s degree in administration and over 20 years in management. Although most of my work experience is in health care, I’ve accumulated significant levels of transferable skills that I could apply to a variety of career opportunities.
    I’m currently a job seeker in the northern Indiana-southern Michigan area.

  37. I would like to submit a eesume with your organization.Please direct me to the steps to achive my request.Thank you for your time.

  38. I also feel I am discriminated against because of my age. I am a very good secretary/bookkeeper and also am excellent at data entry work. I am losing my job on 12/3 and don’t even know why–no reason has been given. This is a sweet job that should have lasted me for the next 5 years and all of a sudden, I am being let go. I really enjoyed the job and thought I was doing quite well in my performance of duties regardless of the minimal training I received. I have never had any luck with a staffing agency in my area and I have registered with all four of them. I have received one phone call to see if I was still available for work in the past 8 years–not a good track record in my book. All of these agencies you have listed are probably based in big cities and that does not help people like me who live in very small cities, under 12,000 population. Check around and find something in the smaller cities of Wisconsin and then maybe I will be more amenable to trying a staffing agency. Thank you.


  40. I have more than 12 years customer services experience and much more experience in different area. I know that I can be a very good assets to your company. Therefore, I am awaiting for a positive response.



  41. This job market is so twisted now. 20 years ago (and I’m only 45!) I got hired permanently with Abbott as soon as my 90-day contract was up, and mind you – my contract was directly with the Abbott (no staffing/hiring company). I’m back again as a temporary (through Manpower now, since Abbott has farmed it out!) and have been here about 1-1/2 years… and I still can’t get hired permanently. There are so few perm jobs avail, and so many contract employees here competing for them – it’s crazy! And there is a 2-year limit for all contracts… so if I don’t get hired permanently by next June, I’ll be out of luck… and out of work. Who can really help?

  42. Lets face it even these staffing companies are overwhelmed with applicants and not enough openings to accomodate most. It is like Mi stated over 10000 applicants for 1 position. Good luck ! Hope your savings and unemployment dont run out !

  43. Sir
    i have completed an Electrical Engineering(comm) from NWFP UET Peshawar during 2005-2009.
    sir i need a job so that i can use my knowledge in practical field and give developement to the humanity
    c/o m.amin shop #1 aslam market baghdada mardan nwfp Pakistan

  44. I have been signed up with a Temp Agency for one year now and not even one job has come out of this. I have worked with them in the past 3 years and always within a week I was placed in a job and the assigments lasted from a few weeks to one year. The work was steady..Now… Nothing…nothing…nothing..And a whole year has gone by…The so called Temp Agencies that are hiring, I see do not have any Insurance jobs for Claim Reps. Thanks for getting peoples hopes up but…it didn’t work for us that have been dealing with Temp Agencies..

  45. I work for a temp service called Allied Personell. I work for Lutron making light dimming switches. After 3 months I can put in an application for permanent hire. It might take a few months for the hiring process, but totally worth it as Lutron has not layed off one single permanent employee this whole recession……. enough reason for me to become a full time hire!

  46. Wow, your facts are just wrong. Nobody, I mean nobody will pay $65 for a file clerk making $16. The highest possible rate for this would be $32/33 and hour. The spread and difference b/t pay and bill rates are for the overhead of the recruiters, the unemployment insurance, etc. Of course temp agencies make money on each hire per hour worked. How else do you expect them to survive as a business?

    As a recruiter, I saw on average of 40-50 applicants/week for an average of 4-5 jobs that came in. Do the math, just because a firm hasn’t found an opportunity for you doesn’t mean that they aren’t doing their jobs.

  47. I have been disabled for over 4 years now. I remember how hard it was being home bound and not being productive for my family any more.

    I started reviewing and learning about Work at Home opportunities that were out there. There were not very many that were legitimate. I did work at some for a while but they never panned out as permanent or profitable.

    I was lucky enough to find J. Lodge Corporation (www.jlodge.com). They specialize in working with Disabled Americans and the Ticket to Work Program (www.yourtickettowork.com) with the Social Security Administration. They have openings that provide a inexpensive way for companies to fill there needs for workers and provide a valuable service to the disabled by helping they find work that they can do and stay within parameters of Social Security Administration rules.

    J. Lodge currently has some great positions open right now. It is easy to apply at http://www.jlodge.com/careers. If you are unsure if you qualify for a Ticket to Work – check out http://www.yourtickettowork.com first to get all the particulars of that program. J. Lodge is now able to assist blind applicants find work with this program as well.

  48. I agree with Disgusted, and with Susan. I too feel that if people cannot afford to run a company, then they should go out of business, and get a temp job. I’ve been out of work for a year now since my lay-off, and the company I worked for laid off several hundred people just so they could continue to operate. I realize that’s business and all, and it’s always been that way, but where do these hundreds of people go? How about thousands? The companies continue to operate, but all these people have lost their jobs, and then the companies eventually begin to hire new employees at lower rates of pay, and reduced hours. They don’t even recall anymore unless you’re lucky enough to belong to a strong union.

    On age discrimination, yeah it does happen, we just can’t prove it. I’m 54 with a lifetime of skills and experience, and I applied at a Target store for a seasonal position for which I was clearly qualified. I made the second interview, and by the time I was done, I had the distinct impression that the young man just didn’t like me, even though the interview went well. Sure enough, I got the dreaded letter of rejection in the mail a few days later… from Target!!! Pretty bad if ya can’t land even a seasonal job at Target, right? Well, my wife and I were in a Target store soon after that, and I asked her to look around and see if she could see any employee who looked older, with graying hair, just more mature. There wasn’t one single one. All of them were young adults or kids. Was this manager discriminatory, or was I just an idiot for applying at Target? You make the call.

  49. It is true that the current state of the economy offers a challenge to most staffing firms and employers. The bottom line is that we must all work aggressively to combat the biggest issue in this country today (Unemployment). I went to a staffing firm seeking temporary work but was offered a position with the firm as a business developer instead.What a great opportunity it is for me. Though I am up to the task,it has proven to be a huge challenge. Many employers that I have contacted do not have a budget that will even allow them to entertain the idea of hiring a temp, but I will continue to offer hope to the hundreds of quailty applicatants that are on file with Head 2 Head Staffing & Consulting and I will continue to seek out businessess that are willing to take the chance. Let us form a partnership that will allow these families that are affected, some relief. Employers visit us on line at http://www.head2headstaff.com
    or email me at bizdev@head2headstaff.com

  50. Mary Kraft Staffing and HR Solutions is hiring, too! We are currently looking to fill positions such as Gift Processor, Senior Medical Secretary, Project Director, Office Assistant, and many others in the administrative, medical, legal and other areas.

    For a full list of our open positions, go to: http://www.careerbuilder.com/Jobs/Company/C8B8FB716LXBZ4LVYG9/Mary-Kraft-Jobs/

    To visit our website, go to: http://www.marykraft.com

    Find us on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/MaryKraftHROrg

    New positions are available daily! Please call our office or email Emily Waranch or Joanne Armstrong for immediate consideration at:

  51. The comments on not getting responses, or any kind of communication from staffing agencies are right on. Not even employers who receive your resume will give you the “kindness of a response” – not even an AUTOMATED reply that they received your application. The paragraphs below are my comments to you.
    1) I have been registered with numerous staffing agencies and recruiters for nearly a year. I have not received one interview with anyone. This may not be the fault of the agencies, but of the economy and the fact that they do not have jobs available ! ! !
    2) I am also registered with numerous job boards, but no real job has come along. What has been offered are commission only positions, franchises to buy, educational opportunities (schools that want YOUR money) and scams. See more comments on that below. I have only been on a handful of interviews, but no offers. I am over-qualified for most jobs, and don’t have the specific experience for some others.
    3) Employers won’t consider me when they can get a “just-out-of-school” kid for next to nothing, part time, and no benefits. I am not a young kid any more, but I do need money for survival. I have no parents or relatives to help me. I MUST pay my own way. I had other setbacks this year as well: my husband passed away unexpectedly and now my home is in foreclosure. My credit is so bad at this point that I couldn’t even rent an apartment once I haved moved out!
    4) Most of the so-called jobs in my “Alerts” are commission only! Try to pay the bills with that! I did – I worked three months last summer and didn’t make one dime. I only spent my time, gasoline and lunch money for someone else. Employers are not dumb. They want everyone to work for free. They will pay – if and when – you bring them a deal.
    5) Some jobs that could fit my profile are out of my area or even out of state. Why do some companies think everyone can relocate?
    6) Finally, I receive as many emails for “scam” jobs as legitimate job postings. Many of these ask you to give them your bank account information (in order to pay you of course!), or receive and repackage parcels. I just wonder what laundered money or illegal merchandise are part of these jobs. If you experience the same thing, here is a website where you can complain.


    The company is the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3). It is a partnership between the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the National White Collar Crime Center (NW3C), and the Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA). It does take a while to complete their application (you need proof of your complaint) and send in a copy of your scam/spam email, but they do look into it, and you can check on their progress. Hopefully one day we can get rid of these criminals. CareerBuilder is also looking into these scams.
    Additionally, to learn more about Internet schemes and ways to protect yourself, please visit http://www.lookstoogoodtobetrue.com.

    I hope this helps.

  52. I’ve registered with more than 20 employment agencies. Not one have offered me a position in my local area. At least to have told me point blank that I am “unemployable” because I’ve been out of work so long (due to medical problems AND school).

    The only time I’ve ever gotten a temp job was 15 years ago, and that was only for a five day project.

    You’re better off trying to get a job directly through the company.

  53. Mac, your friend should not have had to lose his benefits for refusing an offer under those circumstances. $9/hr with 800 miles/week of driving isn’t really gainful and should be considered a justifiable refusal.
    If you are on unemployment for a prolonged period, the Dept of Labor does expect you to cast a wider net in terms of settling for lower wages or a different career field, however.

  54. I agree with you. I have been out of work for over a year now and have been registered with a couple of the agencies listed above and other recruiting agencies.

    I got all the way through the assessment and all I needed was an interview and the application with Citi financial. The agency being used did not know how to direct me and has not contacted me since. I don’t understand it?

  55. I, too, am very frustrated about finding full-time employment – being out of work for more than a year. My resume has been posted on many websites. I receive responses from the companies’ HR Department responses that the position has been withdrawn. As of 11/23, I no longer receive unemployment compensation and I have no other income coming in. The American companies, who send our jobs overseas or hire non-Americans living in the US, have destroyed the American dream for many households. Up until the 1960′s, we were a strong industrial country. Now we make other countries strong and powerful, who we owe billions of dollars too. That is now our American Drean to make other countries wealthy. It’s a miracle China has not taken over the US since they pratically own us. If China did do a takeover, all industry would fall under Chinese control and top executives and board of directors of the American companies would be out on the street, too. What a joke!

  56. been out of work since march ’09… registered with every temp agency under the sun – and nada. moved from CA to NY in august in hopes that the market would be better on the east coast than the west coast. NOTHING!!! print industry for 10 years. Estimating, sales, project manager and purchasing. Any help in NYC area would be greatly appreciated!

  57. I tend to agree to a certain extent. I also agree that staffing agencies should NOT have access to our credit reports unless they are hiring us to work in a position handling money. Even then, I question their need to know our credit rating. Moreover, I do not supply social security number on any job applications. If the company wants to hire me, I will provide the SS#.

    Unfortunately, it’s an employers’ market and they take advantage of us, paying us low wages and putting us in positions no one else wants. We do have the choice of turning down such work, but there will be 10,000 people in line behind us who will accept the poverty wages and lack of benefits to just have a job.

  58. Hello Mary,

    My fiance and I are looking to relocate to a warmer climate such as yours. We both work for a water company in the Northeast. He is a service manager and I am in inside sales. Do you know of any jobs or companies in your area that might be hiring? We are willing to pursue any options. You mentioned health field jobs in your email.

    Thank you~

  59. I have had some success with these temp. companies finding me tech. jobs in the past. They do make it easy because they find the job for you and pretty much sell you to the company that is hiring,


    You will definitely be making a lot less than if you were directly hired. It’s a trade-off, and for a temp job in this economy it might be worth it.

    Also… a word of advice when dealing with these temp companies: DON’T SELL YOURSELF SHORT! If they list the job as $15/hr ask for $17 or $18/hr, and be willing to negotiate. They are making money off your skills, they will usually pay you more if you make it clear that you’re worth it. If you don’t feel like it’s enough pay for what you are worth, then politely tell them where they can go. They may just call you back an hour later with an offer. After all, if you don’t get hired they have to spend more time finding someone else.

    A lot of these agencies are competing with other temp agencies, be sure to look around some, I’ve seen 3 different temp agencies trying to hire people for the same job posting with starting wages that were all different. Find the one that pays the most.

    Good luck.

  60. Those should know BEFORE going to Kelly Services and filling out their 5 page nonsense application that they WILL turn you down if you don’t have a vehicle. I’ve been there 5 times, and every time (throughout the year) they tell me that there is NOTHING for me unless I have a car. Now, how the hell can I GET a car without a job? I ever told this one of the office admin’s and they didn’t have an answer for me. Also, Spherion (for the Washington/Seattle area only hires for jobs in Bellevue. I currently don’t live in that area and it’s a hour and a half commute by bus. not to mention they aren’t very reliable on getting a job for anyone (myself included) since the job recruiters have switched on me 7 times in a 3 month basis. Really not that credible in my opinion. Get some credible temp agency’s that HELP get JOBS instead of simply wasting everyones time and efforts!!!!!!!!!!!!

  61. I would say it is discriminatory. The only reason I can think that an older aged person is less likely to file discriminatory charges against a company is because it isn’t a life-time of being older, whereby discrimination for color or race is. Also, an older person without money isn’t the same as a younger person without money – there is bias everywhere one goes in general, across the board. It is frustrating!

  62. And against the law, but I truly wonder if an attorney would take a case of age discrimination as easily as one would for color or religion? (Quite frankly – I don’t think so!)

  63. Staffing Agencies- I have been out of work so long it doesn’t matter anymore. I have applied for(and can prove)over 3000 jobs. Have used a job board I’ve paid for.
    Requiters are the biggest snobs I’ve ever had to deal with. Two have set-up phone interviews at specific times and did’nt call, nor would they answer e-mails after.

    I am 59 years old, and have work experience that 90% of the people in my field do not. One HR Child said, as a response to an interview, that she didn’t feel she would be setting me up for success if offered the position. They needed FP&A Experience, 25 years worth wasn’t enough.

    I have interviewed with the Twenty Somethings who could not answer my questions about the position.

    If you are over 50, its going to take the right fit for the right job with a company that understands the value of what you bring to the table, trouble is the requiters are not going to bother selling you since they are into the quick buck, and the HR people are not old enough to be working in the first place.

    JOB REQUIREMENTS – Another insane example of incompetence.
    This generation goes by letters after their name. If they are there you know what you’re doing, and if you don’t, you certainly will not hire anyone who knows more than you do-

    Most postings are not real, data bases are being built.

    And I agree with several of the posters- Life can change in the blink of an eye, so to you twenty somethings out there that know everything, you also will be 50.

  64. I’m a former recruiter and what most of you don’t know is that alot of agencies have no intention of offering you a job when they ask you to come to their office and apply. They have mandated quotas to meet so they have to have so many bodies in the office to complete applications per week. In addition, they intend to use your references to solicit new business. Yes, they plan on calling and emailing your past supervisors to try to solicit business. They aren’t interested in finding employment for you at all. Sad..but true.

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  69. Anonymous – you confirmed what I’ve known to be true over the last few years re: recruiters – they are simply counting the bodies coming across the threshhold. I once had an “appointment” on the Thursday before 4th of July weekend, when I continually questioned “Sally” whether she was going to be in that day, she assured me that she was just so excited to meet so we could discuss how much she could help me. I called ahead before wasting my carfare and of course you know she wasn’t there that day and neither was I! I heard from her about 2 weeks later when she got back from vacation, with an attitude that I didn’t come in for a face-to-face. “You could have met with anyone” she told me. Just be honest about what you can or can’t do for me – lying seems to be a required and valuable skill for many recruiters.

  70. Unfortunately, that scenario makes all too much sense. I frequently find that search firms do not clearly understand their clients’ needs with regard to the specific job duties the employee is to hold — thus sending in mis-matched employees to apply for the positions and/or overselling the clients on “skilled” emmployees who in essence really are not skilled at all in the required areas. I have never had luck using a search firm — either as an employee or as an employer. Best of luck in your search.

  71. I am saddened by your lack of work. I lost my internship last year. I am working part-time at a restaurant in the retail department. I am in sales.I graduated last year in August. Nine years ago when I entered college, I ask a sociology instructor about the economy. He told me that we are not longer an industrial economy, rather a service economy. I then asked when the rest of the country (blue collar workers) were going to be informed? He said, they will either get re-educated or become poor. In our area in Ohio, President Bush Jr. came to a community college five times to speak about re-education.

    I realized that I was not making enough money to live on, as I was working over 48 hrs. per week, making minimum wage. I entered college to get a skill. One of my low wage employers asked me if I had a college degree. I said no. He let me know that he did not have to pay me more money and released me from his employ. (I was self-employed at the time).

    The American people allowed this to happen to themselves. They were so busy living the lifestyles of the rich and famous, that they did not pay attention to what was happening around them. Union shops allowed their workers to buildup inventory prior to contract renewals. Thus, long union strikes did not hurt the company.

    The propaganda to Buy American Cars, was propelled when the auto company was setting up factories in China, to sell to the new middle class.

    Over consumption of Americans caused a need to find a new customer base. Rather than staying awake to the global economy, the average american was busy going on vacations, shopping, but not organizing themselves and their personal affairs.

    Now it is nine years later, and the industries have left the United States. The (blue collar workers) are out of work permanently because unlike the eighties, the factory no longer exist. There is not recall back to work.

    It is so sad to watch.

    I am not employed in my new career yet. I am working freelance to provide and hope to become self-employed again, as age discrimination is now a factor in my search for employment. But, I knew this would be an issue when I entered school nine years ago. The need for design and print will always be although the industry will slow down during economic downturns. Keep up the search, and if you can take advantage of the TIME to re-educate or add to your education during this depression, keep your chin up. Do not give up.

  72. This book is very useful in searching for top corporations and get you hired:
    When your working at one of the top corporations, you are assured of a stable job and great benefits.

  73. Insurance positions. Need an insurance company background. We pride ourselves in offering regular jobs, not temporary. We cover the US. You may e-mail your resume to jobs@ godfreypersonnel.com Please use code 4GP when you e-mail us. If you don’t have an insurance company background, feel free to refer friends or colleagues.
    Thanks and Happy Holidays,
    Godfrey Personnel

  74. Youre way of prestation is beyond anytyhing I have ever seen before and real as a conversation with a best friend, my dream has come true !!! I felt something like I never felt before I just want to be a part of youre company.

  75. To the people on the blog, I join in your suffering. I have been out of work exactly one year. I worked for various temp agencies ranging from General Office and Data Entry to other jobs like Product Filler, Accounts Receiveable, Image Scanner, Database Admin, Mailroom Clerk, and even Order Entry. It has been a waste of time for the last 6 years. I was working for Kelly Services on assignment at Allstate. I enjoyed it there for 5-6 months. I was told that I would have to wait for 1-2 yrs before being considered for permanent employment. I was never given heads up about the assignment ending all of a sudden. I was told that it was because of cut-backs. (I still have the text message.) And to make matters worse, I been told that if you contact anybody from a completed assignment, they terminated your file because it is considered a violation of one of the agency’s policies. This is rediculious. I need references. How else am I going to try and find a good job without references. And don’t rely on the Agencies to provide a good reference. They will not disclose any information to your potential employer. I have registered with other agencies and they can’t talk to other rival agency. I hate the stupid of formalities. And lot of you have said the temp agencies are no good. Here is another reason why. They will not review their policies or change them because they want you to still keep working and make them money. There is one thing that hasn’t been stated here. The companies won’t hire temp because they still have to buy out the contract that was started by said agency. And even if the company wants to hire you, they won’t because they won’t consider you valuable unless you prove to them that you are a great asset. Aside from everything, I can’t afford to be re-educated because college is expensive. Even if I fill the paperwork out, I would be considered because the government says I have money and could afford it. It’s complete bullshit.
    I blame Bush for putting us in this situation. I blame Repubicans in our current government that don’t want to lift a finger to help Obama. And this whole thing started with raise of gas prices 2 yrs ago. And some companies have left the states because some state governments raised taxes. And yes, the downturn of the ecomony has closed business. But you have to look what caused the snowball.
    It’s not Obama’s fault. He is trying to help the people but we are suffering because of dirty political bullshit. Personally, I don’t care if my grandchildren will wind up paying for it in the future. We just won’t have a future if the mess is going to be fixed in time. If we could see free health care, I want to see free college in the future. That would be a great dream come true.
    Good luck to you all on your survival of this dreadful fuckery.

    • i am saddened by your lack of carrying on an intelligent conversation, but then what would you expect from a brain washed liberal

    • I agree with you. Repugs just care about big oil and tax cut for the rich. They said cutting taxes for the rich would create jobs. But so far, where are the jobs?

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  83. looking for guitar manufacturing job at the entry level, particularly working on a machine in the assembly line process. Does anyone know of any manufacturers of guitars in the Chicagoland area or of music equipment in general? Desire is to be trained as a Luthier and eventually design, build, and sell my own guitars. Can someone help me with my dream?

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  98. I am looking to work serveral days a weekI am a retired Allstate Insurance with loads of customer service experience, have acounting back groud, real estate and misc. experience.Where do I go from here?

  99. Temping is great! Make sure to do your research to find the best staffing agencies in your area, but they can lead you to some good opportunities. A lot of the jobs you work won’t be great, but stick in there and prove you are a good worker, and you’ll find a more permanent position.

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  102. Maybe it will help me to tell my sorry ass tale of woe.  I live in Seattle, land of rain, rain, and more rain.  Because the mind-crushing amount of people and the horrifici traffic (think 45 minutes to go 8 minutes on eastside 405), I quit my accounting job in March.  Yes, I quit.  I worked for a company that didn’ hire more help, they just loaded you down so that you worked 50-60 hour weeks.  After numerous talks with my spineless bosses and HR (which is only there for the company) my mental health and such was that I had to take major drugs and antidepressants just to walk in the place.  I applied for unemployment through the State and was turned down because I had not presented a doctor’s letter BEFORE I quit.  I had been on disability the year before so I screwed up.  I took a couple months off and figured piece of cake, I’ll find another job.  Well, after registering with 10 count em employment agencies I have garnered one 3 week position, one two week position and three days of a job for which I was totally unqualified.  Seattle is an expensive place to live and I basically have depleted my savings.  I have submitted job applications for literally hundreds of jobs and are are told well you don’t have an accounting degree.  WTF?  Doesn’t 30 years of accounting experience count. Also they are really big in Seattle on hiring minorities (primarily Asians) straight out of college and then lowballing on wages so it’s like a sweatshop mentality.  I am 57 years old and that doesn’t help.  The guy they hired to replace me was a young Asian guy with THREE college degrees.  Come on.  I totally agree.  The temp agencies just want to get you in there to meet their quota and I finally figured that out.  They aren’t there to find you a job.  They’re there to make a buck.  Now when I get emails from agencies wanting me to come in…..DELETE.  I totally want to leave this area as it is one of the most depressing places I have ever lived (I don’t care what anybody says) but even happy hour drinks are $10.  Not everyb ody works for Microsoft, Amazon, Expedia, etc. here.  I realize at this point my chances of getting a decent job are slim and none and these agencies forget about you as soon as you walk out the door.  So if you want to pay me $12 an hour then I want to live in a warmer place with less rain where I can live on that.  I have never regretted quitting that other job but this is a whole new world and the 20-30 year olds that I have interviewed with willl discover that sooner than they think.

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