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The Best Alcohol Based Markers in 2023

best alcohol based markers

Does a quality marker free of stinky smell, drawing vivid colors, and blending well, sound too good to be true? Actually, alcohol-based markers have all that and more, as their pigment is suspended in alcohol.

These drawing products have taken the world by storm as designers, graphic artists, and illustrators love their shades and blends. Nevertheless, you should note that several brands of alcohol-based markers are out there, claiming they have the best in store. Therefore, finding the perfect one for your artistic needs is not an easy task.

Let’s save you some time; check out this list of some of the best alcohol-based markers loved by most artists. See if any of them suit your preference. If not, there’s a buying guide for you to pick your own.

Alcohol Based Markers Reviews

1. Copic Marker SB12 Sketch Basic Set

copic marker sb12 sketch basic set

If you intend to do professional artwork, I highly suggest that you get the Copic marker sketch basic set. Being among the best reputed and well-known brands in the market, this set of markers are the highest quality alcohol markers in the world. Thus, they are worth investing in if you are a serious artist looking to achieve great results.

If quality, consistency, and precision matter most to you, then these markers are right for you. It uses high-quality ink and does a great job of presenting the ink with precision and consistency on paper.

The ink dries quickly and gets absorbed well on a piece of sheet, avoiding the possibility of smears and smudges. The tip is top-notch and it can draw thin lines as well as thicker lines when slanted.

One thing I like about these markers is that the alcohol-based ink that is not only permanent but also non-toxic. The ink is very consistent and performs extremely well on paper. What is even better is that you can easily refill the ink without replacing the entire alcohol based pens.

I find this feature very useful because I don’t need to purchase a whole new pack to get the color that is out of stock.

The set includes a flexible brush which makes the application of ink flawless. Besides, I highly recommend this set if you are after quality alcohol based brush markers for paint-like applications.

Plus, unlike most brands, the nibs of Copic markers offer replaceable and refillable nib options. It is no surprise that marker nibs can wear out when subjected to heavy use. Luckily, the nibs of these markers can be replaced so that you will get back to your work in no time.

When it comes to colors, Copic markers blend well to help you create stunning artwork. I especially find the watercolor effect very impressive. The colors dry out very fast, leaving no room for smears or smudges.

However, with just 12 shades of colors, I dislike the fact that the Copic marker set may not be ideal for those who intend to achieve perfect shading. You should also note that these markers are more expensive compared to other brands in the market.

What We Liked
  • Consistent performance
  • Colors blend very well
  • Allows for nib replacement
  • Comfortable to grab in hand
  • Ink is quick-drying
  • A high-quality tip that performs well when slanted
What We Didn't Like
  • On the expensive side
  • 12 colors range may be limiting for professional use
  • Not dual tip

Overall, the Copic marker SB12 set is a great choice for those who want to take their art to the next level. Although these markers come at a higher price, they are guaranteed to provide you with quality and consistent performance that is not seen in most alcohol-based markers in the market.

2. Darice Studio 71 Alcohol-Based Markers


Another popular and reliable brand of alcohol-based markers is Darice Studio. For years now, this manufacturer has been known to produce high-end markers and the Darice Studio 71 is no exception. Most users agree that this marker set is a great alternative to the more expensive brands.

What I like most about these markers is that they are dual tipped, making it a great choice for doing different types of projects. Each marker comes with a pointed brush tip as well as a chisel edged tip.

The fine tip is great for creating fluid thin lines while the chisel edged tip works great for creating wider strokes as well as fill up larger areas. They offer a consistent, smooth line that dries up pretty fast.

Unlike other Darice Studio markers, this marker is specially designed for skin-tone colored hues. With the colors provided, getting accurate skin tones has never been easier. The colors are consistent and don’t leave any kind of smudging or bleeding on the paper.

Do you find it annoying and time-consuming to pick one marker after another when looking for a particular color? Well, you don’t have to worry about this anymore when you have the Darice Studio markers.

These markers feature color-coded tops which aid in effortless identification of the markers. Another unique spec is the no-roll barrel design which ensures that you enjoy a controlled grip at all times. The no-roll barrel design also helps to keep the markers steady on the table.

However, the one downside of these markers is that the brush tips’ tendency to fray after several uses which may affect the quality of your artwork.

What We Liked
  • Features a dual design for versatility
  • A great alternative to high-end brands
  • Comfortable and easy to grip
  • Excellent skin tone colors
  • Blends easily
  • Suitable for all level artists
  • Colored cap for easy identification
What We Didn't Like
  • Brush tips frays after several uses

Whether you are a beginner or a professional artist looking for cheap alcohol markers that blend seamlessly, this set is what you need.

3. Bianyo Alcohol-Based Art Markers


With the Bianyo Classic Series set, you get dual-tip markers that offer an incredible variety in the artwork. Artists can choose from the chisel tip that measures 7mm in size or the fine tip with 1mm of size. The chisel tip comes in handy when you want to achieve perfect shading while the fine tip can be used to outline drawings.

This makes it one of the best markers for architectural rendering, design, landscaping, underlining, and highlighting. If you are in the industry of architecture, look no further than this architecture marker.

You will also get a choice of 72 color markers that will last you for years. This makes it an astonishing gift idea or a great way to stock up your art collection. The package comes with a unique selection of beige colors, which makes for unique flesh tones.

I am also impressed by the colorless blender marker included, which helps to distribute the colors to get an in-depth look.

Another exceptional feature of these markers is that they have good bleandability. I find it outstanding these markers allow you adequate time to smudge the colors well to get the perfect hue balance. The ink quality is great and it easily absorbs into the paper without causing any streaks or smudges.

Designed with comfort in mind, these markers feature a square penholder. This spec enables users to use the marker with ease and comfort. If you have kids, you will be glad to know that it is non-toxic and has low odor.

Interestingly, this set comes in a beautiful case that helps me to store my markers in an upright position and helps me to keep them safe at all times.

I like that the body of the markers has a barcode for easy identification of the colors. This feature will help you identify the color name of the marker even without the caps.

I, however, dislike the fact that the color of the caps doesn’t match the color of the ink. This, therefore, means that you will have to test the markers on the paper to identify their real colors.

What We Liked
  • Extensive color options
  • Dual tips
  • Feature barcode with the color name
  • Low price
  • Quality and easy-to-blend ink
  • Features a neat carrying case
What We Didn't Like
  • Gradation may be tricky since colors are apart from each other
  • Cap color doesn’t match the real color of the markers

When contemplating whether to pick the Bianyo markers or not, take into consideration the fact that they feature a dual-tip design and come in 72 colored markers. This set is a must-have for artists who are after high-quality alcohol-based and permanent markers.

4. Caliart Alcohol Based Art Markers


This list of the best alcohol markers would be incomplete with these dual-tip markers from Caliart. Featuring 40 different colors, this set is a must-have collection for artists who want to upgrade their art collection. The colors are vibrant and include the shadow of nude colors that are almost similar. This is a good feature if you want to shade skin.

These markers are easy to grip thanks to their design. They have the right thickness that enables users to grip them with ease and draw intricate designs effortlessly. Something else that I appreciate about these markers is color-coded caps that aids with color identification.

Plus, a form-fitting carrying case is included that makes traveling and storage very convenient.

Are you are looking for versatility and flexibility in art-making? Well, with these dual-tipped markers, creating an intricate thin line or thicker lines will not be a problem. Most users find this very useful especially when creating different lines for different drawings.

Furthermore, these markers are quick drying and you don’t have to fan certain sections of the paper before you can continue with your project. Also, when the ink dries quickly, you can say goodbye to ink wastage.

Just like most alcohol-based markers, the Caliart 40 colors dual tip art markers tend to bleed when used on regular coloring paper. To solve this issue, I usually use a marker paper or any other thick paper where the ink will not bleed through. Alternatively, you can fold a printer paper into fourths and place it below your regular coloring paper to prevent bleeding.

What We Liked
  • Ergonomic design
  • Ink dries up quickly
  • Exceptional value for money
  • Dual-sided design
  • Comes with color-coded caps
  • Smudge-proof
  • Carrying case for easy storage and transportation
  • Comfortable to grip
What We Didn't Like
  • Ink tends to bleed
  • Color-coded caps may be misleading

Caliart dual tip art markers are suitable for highlighting, undermining, landscape, architectural design, and many more. If you already have an existing collection, these markers can be a great compliment. They are also a suitable selection for art enthusiasts who want to build their art collection.

5. Shuttle Art Alcohol Based Art Markers


The Shuttle Art 51 marker set is yet another set of high-quality alcohol-based markers on the market. This marker set provides you with not only 50 different colored markers, but also one blender permanent marker pen highlighter. With the blender, you can effortlessly blend the colors and create amazing effects like an overlay.

Also, if you are like me and prefer to arrange your alcohol based markers neatly, then you will appreciate the black zippered case. With this case, you can keep your markers organized at all times and carry them with ease as you head out.

Another reason why you should buy these markers is that they come with color-coded caps for identifying the color number of the markers. Better yet, they are rated to allow you to draw at least 300 meters, so you can use it continuously to create different artworks.

I love that this marker set is made with a lot of versatility and flexibility in mind. Each marker features two tip choices; a 7mm broad tip and 1mm pointed bullet tip. The bullet tip is perfect for general writing, highlights, bullet points, shadows, and sketching. The broad tip allows for quick coverage of art projects. For this reason, this set is what you need to create different artworks.

Some alcohol based markers in the market don’t layer up well, leaving behind streaks and smudges. However, these markers from Shuttle Art are an exception as the ink blends with ease and takes few seconds to dry up. You can bring out your creativity without worrying about causing a mess.

Shuttle Art is known to produce affordable but quality and safe markers and this set is no exception. The ink is formulated using acid-free and non-toxic ingredients, which makes them safe to use for kids. Additionally, it doesn’t emit a strong odor like most alcohol based markers.

However, I find this set a good choice for those who only want dark colors. The set contains few light colors and a tone of dark colors like gray and brown. The set is, therefore, a perfect choice if skin tones matter to you.

What We Liked
  • Odor-free and acid-free
  • Vibrant color choices
  • Durable
  • Ink doesn’t bleed
  • Lightweight carrying case
  • Quite affordable
  • Includes blender
What We Didn't Like
  • Features very dark colors

This markers set is a great set for artists who want something easy to work with. The set will enable you to stay on top of your art projects and help you unleash your creativity.

6. Artify Artist Alcohol Based Art Markers


Get the Artify artist markers if what you need is more unique colors in your alcohol marker art. With 40 vibrant colors, you can be assured that you will get the perfect shade for achieving a professional look.

It has all the primary colors that can be used to write, draw, sketch, shade, design, and illustrate. What’s more, the colors blend incredibly well, providing an avenue for you to be creative.

Something that stands out about the artify artist alcohol based art marker set is the unique white pen. This white pen has helped me to create interesting artwork on colorful paper.

Furthermore, the white pen can be used with other colors to create incredible blends and gradients. You can take your creativity to the next level by blending the white color with other dark colors.

Designed with a dual-sided tip, these markers can be used to undertake any project with no difficulty. Whether you want to draw, write, design, illustrate, or shade, this alcohol based art maker set is an astonishing set for you. Better yet, the tips are very durable and will serve you for years without requiring replacement.

I like the smooth ink flow of these markers, as they ensure a continuous application of ink whether you are drawing at a slow or fast pace. Apart from allowing you to draw at your own pace, the consistent ink flow also enables you to use the pen without smearing or fading. Because of this, you can create smooth, flowing, and uninterrupted lines.

If comfort matters to you, then you are most likely going to love the triangle design. The triangle shape makes it more comfortable to grip the marker. After use, simply store the markers in their convenient plastic carrying case that comes with a folding handle for easy transportation.

Although the ink dries quickly without smearing or smudging, I don’t like the fact that it tends to bleed. This is especially true if you use thinner papers to draw or paint.

What We Liked
  • Triangular shape for a comfortable grip
  • Includes unique white color
  • Dual tip for versatility
  • Great choice of colors
  • Flowing lines are blendable
  • A useful case for organization
What We Didn't Like
  • Tends to be bleed on thin papers

Even though the ink tends to bleed a little bit, I still believe that these markers make a good alcohol based markers collection for both newbies and experts. This set is useful if you intend to do a lot of blending as it has nice colors to do that.

7. Arteza Everblend Art Markers


Arteza is another brand that has made a name for itself when it comes to providing high-quality alcohol based markers. Their products have been tested in the market and most users believe that they are very reliable.

One thing that sets their markers apart is the vibrant and highly pigmented colors. These markers have an extensive selection of colors that are to find in other alcohol marker brands.

Most marker brand sin the market just includes the number of the color on the cap. However, Arteza has gone beyond that by including the name of the color to enable users to place the correct cap to the marker.

Additionally, the set comes with a blender that works well to blend shade and layer out artwork. These markers are a great choice for novice artists since they blend with ease. I also find it great that the ink can be used to create beautiful designs on various surfaces such as paper, plastic, wood, and glass.

Again, just like most high-quality markers, these alcohol marker set has dual tips. The fine tip can be used to make intricate details as well as lettering. They also write in broader and thicker lines, thanks to the chiseled tip.

Moreover, the tips of these markers are replaceable and this helps to prolong their life. Replacing a new tip is very easy as you just need to remove the old one and put a new one.

I also find it quite exceptional that the Arteza markers come with a portable carrying case. The case stores up to 72 markers so that you can take your work everywhere you go. Something else that I love is the triangular shape of these markers. Not only does this make them comfortable to hold but it also prevents it from rolling off the table.

While I would recommend this marker set for those who want to do a lot of shading, I don’t think it is a good choice for those who want to shade skin tones. This is because it doesn’t have a lot of skin tones.

What We Liked
  • Blends well and effortlessly
  • Great for beginners
  • Easy to use
  • The triangular shape offers a nice grip
  • Comes with storage case
  • Unique color options
  • Replaceable tip
  • Do not bleed
What We Didn't Like
  • Colors tend to fade quickly
  • Doesn’t contain enough skin tones

Overall, the Arteza Everblend Art Markers is a perfect choice for artists of all skill levels. Not only is it easy to use, but also comes in a huge selection of 60 colors.

8. Ohuhu Alcohol Based Markers


Countless professional artists prefer to use the Ohuhu alcohol based markers and it is no secret why. Ohuhu markers are more affordable than other high-end brands and they come in a large assortment of colors. The colors are vibrant and unique and are designed to last for a long time without fading.

Besides, if blending is your thing, you will love how beautifully these colors blend. This is made possible by the colorless blender that is included in the set.

When selecting the perfect alcohol-based markers for my artwork, I always consider how fast the markers dry. If you are like me, I recommend Ohuhu markers since they dry very fast even after mixing and layering different colors. You can, therefore, continue with your project without worrying about blotches or smudges.

As of the tips, these markers feature both fine and chisel ends. What this means is that you can draw both thick and thin lines as well as create a variety of styles and patterns without much difficulty. Interestingly, these markers will allow you to draw at least 984 feet, so you can work on various art projects.

The other reason why you should purchase the Ohuhu markers is that the pen tops of these markers are color-coded. This makes grabbing what you need very swift and easy. The set also comes with a beautiful carrying case to help you stay organized at all times.

What We Liked
  • Features highly pigmented colors
  • Long-lasting
  • Convenient carrying case
  • Dries quickly
  • Affordable
  • Effortless blending
What We Didn't Like
  • Caps color don’t match the real color

If you are in the market for an affordable marker set that blends well, look no further than the Ohuhu alcohol art markers. With this product, you will get a lot of skin tones so that you can build the tones that you want.

9. Prismacolor 3620 Art Markers


Prismacolor, without a doubt, remains one of the leading brands when it comes to artist supplies and this marker set is no exception. The Prismacolor premier markers set is designed for artists who want to do simple alcohol based markers drawings and sketches. It is a cost-effective option with 12 hues for both novice and expert artists.

As the name suggests, this set is of markers is double-ended, meaning that you get two options of tips. It offers the option of a chisel tip with a brush or a fine tip. Both tips are durable even with constant use.

What I find great is the consistency of the ink, something that you don’t see in most markers. This is made possible by the single ink source that ensures the ink flows smoothly and consistently.

The set offers rich and vibrant colors that create smooth lines and contrast well on paper. Uniquely, the brand uses ink blending which does a good job of resisting fade.

At its price point, these marker set offers value that you can usually get with expensive brands. The colors blend very nicely and aren’t prone to streaking. I found it very easy to color without streaking as is the case with other markers.

For this reason, novice users will find it easy to blend and come up with a professional look. Moreover, these markers have great compatibility and can be used together with other alcohol-based markers like Copic.

When you choose the Prismacolor markers, you should note that the colors may be a bit dry. According to customer reviews, some of the colors may appear dry, but this can be remedied by applying isopropyl alcohol on the tips and allow it to sit for 24 hours with the cap on. Also, users noted that they tend to bleed, especially when used on thin paper.

What We Liked
  • Impressive ink consistency
  • Vibrant colors
  • Compatible with other alcohol-based markers
  • Great value for money
  • A dual tip that applies smoothly
  • Blends effortlessly
  • Streak-free
What We Didn't Like
  • Bleeds on thin paper
  • Colors may be dry

The Prismacolor 3620 Premier markers set is an outstanding choice for artists who need cheap alcohol based markers without compromising on quality and durability. The colors come out nicely and consistently and the tips hold very well even with heavy use.

10. Keebor Alcohol Art Markers


Another brand on our list is Keebor, which provides 50 different color markers to help you with your crafts and art projects. Each marker is dual-tipped; with a chisel and fine bullet-point tip. These tips provide you with everything you need to create clean and accurate thin, thick, and brush lines.

If you are in the market for a multipurpose alcohol based markers, I highly recommend the Keebor Advanced 50+ 1 markers. These permanent markers are designed to be used on a variety of surfaces including wood, plastic, metal, glass, and textiles. Hence, you are not just limited to use it on paper.

Because of its highly pigmented and vibrant colors, cartooning, manga, and comics artists will find this set very useful. The colors can also do well in sketching, shading, illustrating designing, and many more. They are also among the best rendering markers in the market.

The markers use superior quality ink that is fast drying and resistant to fading and smudging. After using the markers, I can say that the rich colors lay down smooth and clean colors with exceptional blending capabilities. Both beginner and expert artists can use the blender marker included to create darker shades.

A unique spec of this product is its ergonomic design on the barrel. This offers a comfortable grip when working on your projects. Besides, the caps of the markers are color-coded for easy identification and retrieval. They also come with ridges that help to prevent the markers from falling off the table.

Judging from customer reviews including firefly alcohol marker reviews, it is evident that most alcohol-based markers bleed when used on the wrong paper. Unfortunately, these markers are no exception. There is, therefore, a need to use thicker paper.

What We Liked
  • Vibrant color selection
  • Blends extremely well
  • Ergonomic but simple design
  • Double-ended tip
  • Color-coded caps with ridges
  • Great price
  • Includes carrying case
What We Didn't Like
  • Bleeds through with the wrong paper

Get your creativity to the next level with these affordable markers from Keebor. Featuring an ergonomic design, these markers use quality waterproof ink and vibrant colors to use on both hobby and artistic projects.

11. Amazla Alcohol Based Markers


Gift your artist friends and family with these markers from Amazla that contain 80 permanent primary and secondary colors. The set provides the widest color range that you will need for shading, sketching, writing, illustrating, and more.

Furthermore, each marker in the set is designed with two tips that enable you to create various variations of styles in a single piece.

What I love most about these alcohol ink markers is that they have a wide application and can be used on surfaces like wood, plastic, metal, textile, and glass. The quality of ink is quite impressive and performs remarkably well on a piece of paper. Plus, the colors dry out quickly leaving no room for smudging.

If you intend to customize the colors, you can easily blend with no streaks left behind. With the color depth, you can also make multiple layers to create unique shaded effects.

When you have these alcohol based markers amazon, drying out will be an issue of the past. This is because the color-coded caps are designed in such a way to keep the markers from drying out.

You will also enjoy using the markers for a long time because of their uniquely high ink volume. This makes this set a brilliant choice for those looking for a durable arsenal.

Organizing your markers and carrying them with you everywhere you go can be daunting if you don’t have a reliable carrying case. Fortunately, the Amazia permanent markers come with a form-fitting carrying case for easy storage. The case features a zip-up design as well as a handle to make retrieval and transportation a breeze.

However, I do not recommend using these markers on thin paper as there is a high possibility of bleeding. It is best to use a special marker bleed proof paper or a thin paper to prevent the ink from bleeding through. Some users also noted that the carrying case and handle are poorly constructed.

What We Liked
  • Colors are vibrant and highly pigmented
  • Great value for money
  • Includes carrying case
  • Superior quality ink
  • Innovative cap design to prevent drying out
What We Didn't Like
  • Case and holder are poor quality
  • Bleeds when used on thin paper

Amazla alcohol based markers make an incredible gift for your friends and family who want to have fun and get creative. The markers are durable and provide professional results at all times.

12. Parateck Alcohol Based Art Markers


The Parateck alcohol art marker is yet another color marker that both kids and adults can consider for their art projects. These dual-sided markers come with 60 vibrant colors together with 4 fine point pens and highlighters. These are perfect for different types of sketches, letters and for making exact markings with precision.

With the dual-sided design, you get to enjoy the fine point tip for making details and precise lines while the chisel tip is perfect for creating thicker lines and filling up larger spaces. This is also great for allowing you to bring out your creativity while having fun.

If durability is an important factor to you, then you will be glad to know that Parateck markers feature durable tips that don’t break, fade or fray. Artists, students, and children can use the markers for various projects and for an extended time.

Alcohol-based markers are known for their great blend-ability, and the Parateck 60 Colors Alcohol Art Markers are no exception. When creating art, you blend various colors without experiencing any smudging or difficulty. Also, the ink flows smoothly and consistently throughout the application process.

The quality of the alcohol, dye-based ink is what I like the most about these markers. This yields a rich and smooth color that will help you create stunning illustrations and artwork.

The markers are designed to dry pretty fast to prevent the chances of smudging. Apart from that, each marker features a specialized color card that gives you an idea of how the color will appear on paper once dry.

Additionally, carrying your marker set will be hassle-free thanks to the portable carrying case. Similarly, the color-coded caps allow you to organize the markers and identify them when you want to draw.

What We Liked
  • Fast-drying markers
  • Durable marker tips
  • Features customized color card
  • Portable storage and traveling case
  • Ideal for kids, students, and artists
  • Alcohol, dye-based ink produces a rich color
What We Didn't Like
  • Bleeds through the regular paper with ease

In general, these alcohol art markers are great for allowing fun and creativity to come to life when making artwork. For artists who are serious about their art, a wider set of colors is always helpful and these markers don’t disappoint.

13. Lineon Alcohol Based Art Markers


Bring your artwork to life to these lively and highly pigmented markers from Lineon. Featuring dual tips, these markers are multipurpose and come in handy when you want to draw, color, shade, and sketch effortlessly.

One side features a broad 4mm chisel tip that is ideal for making quick coverage. The other side features 1mm fine bullet tip that can help you create intricately detailed line highlights.

The markers in this set are available in 30 colors that pop when placed on paper. What I love most about these colors is that they are long-lasting and don’t fade as easily as other alcohol-based markers in the markers. Also, these colors blend well so you can have unique shades for your piece.

Lineon markers have caps that are color-coded to enable you to pick the marker that you want without wasting time. As if that is not enough, the caps that designed with ridges that stop the markers from rolling away. They also feature a round barrel that is easy and comfortable to grip.

If you plan to share your marker set with your kids, you want to ensure that it is safe to use. These art markers are non-toxic and acid-free, making them a great choice for your kids to have fun and let loose their creativity.

What I dislike about this set of markers is that they tend to bleed when placed on paper for a long time. The only solution to this is not letting the tip of the marker to rest on the paper for an extended time.

What We Liked
  • Easy to use
  • Multiple uses
  • Top-notch quality
  • Durable, waterproof and fade-resistant
  • Extremely safe
  • Multiple vibrant colors
  • Ideal for beginners
  • Fade-resistant
  • Leaves no smear or coloring lines
What We Didn't Like
  • Awful odor
  • Bleeds through

Create stunning and accomplished artwork with this alcohol based marker set from Lineon. These sets will bring your imagination into reality by requiring much effort. You, however, need to note that the markers may emit an awful smell.

14. Aton Dual Tips Alcohol Markers


Last but not least, we have this set of dual-ended makers from Aton. This set offers an incredible amount of colors that every professional artist will find useful. The color shade tones included can be used for sketching, drawing, manga, anime, and adult coloring books. What’s more, they are among the best architecture rendering markers in the market today.

Being dual tipped, these markers feature a fine twin tip on one end and broad tip on the other. Because of this, it is very easy to move from drawing thin lines to precise underlining and highlighting.

These permanent art markers are fade resistant and will last you for a very long time. The ink quality is incredible as it dries very fast and blends well with no streak.

Furthermore, I like how the ink provides a rich color saturation that enables me to lay them smooth and evenly. The ink flows from a single source of ink and this helps to maintain its consistency from both sides of the pen.

Do you always have a hard time finding the right color marker for your project? Well, Aton alcohol markers won’t waste your time anymore as the caps are color-coded for easy retrieval. If you want to take your art supplies on the go, the sturdy carrying bag will make that possible for you.

What We Liked
  • Fade-resistant
  • An impressive amount of colors
  • Dual tipped
  • Good performance
  • Fast drying
  • Perfect for use on several surfaces
  • Durable
  • Comes with portable carrying case
What We Didn't Like
  • Bleeds through
  • Cap colors aren’t true to markers

Despite this, I still believe that this marker set is highly regarded for its quality as well as the number of colors it offers. Unlike most markers, it guarantees color consistency from both sides owing to the single ink source.

How To Choose Alcohol Based Markers?

alcohol based markers reviews

With so many brands of alcohol-based markers to consider, finding the most suitable for your project can be overwhelming. Here are some factors to keep in mind when you head out shopping for one.


One of the key aspects to keep in mind when evaluating the different kinds of markers is color. The color range is a vital aspect for professional and serious artists as it enables them to mix different colors. Besides, different brands of alcohol-based markers offer different colors, with some being broader than others.

To choose the right color of markers, you need to keep in mind the brightness, blend, and consistency. Bright markers are a good choice since they pop in most paper and work well with various types of surfaces.

Alcohol markers that blend well allow you to be creative and enable you to create artwork that is both stunning and professional. Otherwise, markers that don’t blend well can greatly limit your creativity and experimentation.

Thirdly, you should ensure that the colors are consistent for blends and for producing the right results when you draw singular lines.


One thing that makes alcohol based markers stand out is their blending ability. These markers can blend well with other colors to create a gradient between the shades. The artist can use alcohol marker tips to blend both darker and lighter shades. This helps to produce high-quality images.

However, it is paramount to know that not all alcohol markers have a good blending ability. For this reason, you need to choose those with whose ink formulation is easier to blend. You might also want to consider those that come with a free-blending marker that comes in handy in achieving a smooth color gradation.


Generally, alcohol based markers Walmart is made from two ingredients: isopropyl alcohol and dye. Unlike alcohol, the dye used will greatly impact how the marker performs. For this reason, it is advisable to use markers that have superior dye as these tend to have a brighter appearance as well as better blend and color saturation.

Additionally, there are also markers known as blending pen that typically contains only alcohol. Such pens can be used to smoothen out gradients without requiring additional color. For most people, it is quite impossible to get to determine the type of dyes used in marker brands. However, choosing brands that have a good reputation will give you peace of mind knowing that only the right ingredients are used.


Judging the tip of the markers is extremely helpful if you want to have a hassle-free session. Depending on the pictures and coloring, there is a need to ensure that you can achieve the right lines. To help you with this, you first need to check the design of the tip.

If you intend to draw thicker lines, a chisel tip marker would be a great choice. However, high-end tips come in handy if want to create fine points as well as create thicker lines.

Furthermore, you should consider the durability of the tip as this will determine how many times you can use it for your artworks or sessions. High-end tips do not break or fray and can work for several hours without producing inconsistent shades of colors.

It is also a good choice to choose tips that are replaceable since they may wear out eventually. This is especially handy for professional artists or colorists who do a lot of artwork and want their marker set to last long.


A good alcohol based marker should be fast drying to prevent smears and smudges on the paper. Smears and smudges will not only make your workplace messy but also ruin a masterpiece artwork. To avoid this, always check the product’s drying time before making your purchase.

Ink Flow

The marker you choose ought to have a good ink flow; otherwise, it will spew out a lot of ink which can be messy. See to it that the ink flow is smooth and consistent and doesn’t dry up quickly.

How to get alcohol based markers off wood

Do not panic if you accidentally get alcohol-based markers on your wooden table or frame, as with several household items; the stains will be gone. You can choose one or multiple methods listed below:

Baking soda

Baking soda is a popular home remedy to remove stains, even stubborn ones. So, if you have baking soda in your kitchen, make a cleaning paste by mixing it with clean water. Now, use a piece of cloth to rub the marker stains off the spot; just do not use too much pressure.

Rubbing alcohol (Isopropyl alcohol)

Bring out your bottle of rubbing alcohol and a piece of cotton or microfiber cloth. Pour some of the alcohol onto the cloth and dab onto the marker stains. You can apply some pressure to rub some more until the marks disappear.

Hand sanitizer

Most hand sanitizers are in gel form, and not many know they are usable to remove permanent or alcohol-based markers. Just drip the gel onto the stain and rub it with a piece of cotton cloth.

Nail polish remover

If you have a bottle of nail polish remover, it can be a real life-saver. This solution is applicable on various surfaces, including wood, removing all types of dirt and not just markers.

Hair spray

Yes, hair spray can also do magic to stains, especially on fabrics. Indeed, it can work to remove alcohol-based markers from wooden surfaces. Just spray the agent onto the dirt and rub a bit with a piece of cloth.


You would be surprised that toothpaste can clean markers well without leaving residue. If you have a whitening toothpaste with baking soda as the main ingredient, it will work wonders.

Magic eraser

If you are an artist, you are indeed familiar with magic erasers. It can be used to remove alcohol-based markers. Just make sure you do not rub too harshly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

how to choose alcohol based markers

Who is This for?

Alcohol-based markers are designed for those who are looking for quality permanent markers to do coloring and blending without leaving streak or smudges. They are mostly used by novice and professional artists in drawing, sketching, shading, illustrating, anime, manga, and more.

What are The Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Alcohol Based Markers?

Some pros and cons can be accrued from using alcohol based markers. They include:


  • Large color range: When compared to water-based markers, most brands of alcohol based markers offer a huge range of colors. This allows for complex and unique shading and gradient.
  • Colors can be blended: Alcohol-based ink is perfect for blending since it doesn’t soak on the paper. Hence, it is easy to spread the pigment dye across the paper to achieve the shades that you like.
  • Dries Faster: These markers contain isopropyl alcohol that is quick to evaporate and makes the ink too dry quickly.
  • Multiple uses: Apart from drawing on paper, alcohol-based markers are usually permanent and can be used on various surfaces like glass, plastic, metal, and many more.
  • Most are refillable: Most alcohol-based brands like Copic, Chameleon pens and Touch Makers offer refillable nibs. These refillable alcohol markers allow you to refill the ink which is cost-effective in the long run. You can as well replace the damaged nibs to save money and prolong their life.


  • Expensive: Truth be told, alcohol based markers are on the higher side because of their top-notch quality. Nonetheless, for the high price you get exceptional quality, a wide range of colors, and smoother blending. Besides, those that are refillable and have interchangeable nibs can be cost-effective in the long run.
  • Harmful when used in confined spaces: as they tend to emit fumes.
  • Bleeds through paper: The majority of these markers tend to bleed through regular papers because of their intense pigment. For this reason, it is advisable not to use them on double-sided papers.

How to Use it?

Using alcohol based markers is the same as using regular markers. To use, you simply need to choose the tip that works best for your needs. In most cases, these markers come with dual tips; the chisel tip for shading and making coverage and the fine bulleted tip for creating details, sketches, and drawings.

If the ink has dried up, dip the tips in alcohol and let it sit for 24 hours with the cap placed on. This will help to reactivate the ink.

If you want to blend the colors, use the blending marker, and rub it on the covered area where you intend to blend. Most brands include a blending marker with the set.

Where to Buy?

Alcohol-based markers can be purchased from local stores as well as from online vendors like Amazon, Walmart, Home Depot, and Lowes. These retailers have a good reputation for selling quality alcohol markers from reliable manufacturers.

How to Care?

After investing in a set of your favorite markers, it is only right that you take care of them. Proper care and maintenance will prolong their lifespan so that they serve you longer. To do this, use a clean cloth to wipe off any traces of ink that may have smeared on the marker’s body.

Then place the cap immediately after each use to prevent drying and store your alcohol markers in a horizontal position. This ensures even distribution of ink. Also, store your markers in a cool, dry place and never leave them in direct sunlight. Exposure to direct sunlight can cause the ink color to change and the plastic may degrade.


Whether you are a beginner or a professional artist, the market is flooded with a set of markers that will make your work stand out. I hope that this comprehensive list of best alcohol based markers will help you identify the most suitable one for your needs.

Keep in mind the important factors like blendability, color range, ink flow, and tip design to enable you to make an informed buying decision. You can as well use alcohol markers comparison chart to aid in your decision making.

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