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The Best Carpet Chair Mats for 2023

best carpet chair mats

Carpet chair mats can be of huge help if we want to move back and forth easily on our chair. Besides, they are a life-saver for our floor, especially wooden ones, saving it from ugly scratches all over. So, either at the workplace or our home office, a good carpet chair mat is a necessary item.

Due to the variety of attractive chair mats made of quality materials, it can be tricky to choose just the right piece. Worry not as we gather a list of the best products widely loved by office workers. Read on to pick yours.

Carpet Chair Mats Reviews

1. Double Check Crystal Carpet Chair Mats

double check crystal carpet chair mats

The most important element that decides your chair mat will be a good one or not is about the weight capacity of it and I think Double Check Products Chair Mat can be considered as the best office chair mat for carpet.

It is indeed “Heavy-duty, Sturdy and Thick” with the thickness up to 1/8 inches. The sizes of the chair flooring cover are 36×48 inches and weight capacity approx 200 lbs.

The chair mat is designed from premium polycarbonate that is the best material unbeatable durability and guaranteed not to break, crack, scratch or curl; hence, customers can comfortably sit on the recliner or roll it smoothly.

Thanks to the material, the product has a firm and sturdy surface to guarantee the wheel casters will not leave indentations. Additionally, the studs keep the chair mat firmly in place created for use on medium-pile or low carpets.

With the flat carpets, the studs couldn’t latch on them so we shouldn’t use this product on flat floorings. The product is still combined with stiff material to keep the corners of the mat won’t be bunched up.

The product is designed with highly transparent to allow the wonderful beauty of our carpet to shine through. The chair mat doesn’t contain any phthalate and volatile toxic.

The manufacturer has provided two different shapes including the original rectangle and rectangle with lip. The rectangle with the lip will support customers to protect the carpet under the desk.

What We Liked
  • Heavy-duty and thick chair mat
  • It is made from premium polycarbonate
  • The mat surface is robust and durable to prevent indentations
  • Provided highly transparent to shine through
What We Didn't Like
  • It can move all the flat carpet easily

Double Check Products brand will be one of the most popular products nowadays that provide an excellent chair covering for carpet.

2. MuArts Crystal Carpet Chair Mats

muarts crystal carpet chair mats

If you are seeking a carpet covering that suitable for hefty people, you couldn’t overlook MuArts product. This product has offered as the best chair mats for carpet with the heaviest and thickest materials compared to others.

The product has been designed as three different sizes including 30x47x1/5 inches, 35x47x1/5 inches, 40x47x1/5 inches and the weight capacity up to 1200 lbs. Therefore, it can lift burly users efficiently to maintain the beauty of the carpet.

I can see that this chair mat is made from hard material with a completely flat shape. Although it is similar to a glass carpet covering, it contains superior durability and robustness more than original glass carpet. With heavy-duty material, the product couldn’t be curled or folded and not be cracked easily by the sitter’s pressure.

Compared to other office chair mats for carpet, this one is more transparent and brighter as clear as crystal. With a transparent surface, the chair mat can not only protect the floor covering perfectly but it also maintains the natural beauty of the carpet optimally.

Moreover, the weight of this chair mat is 14lbs so that customers can keep it on the carpet permanently and it’s never moved out of the original position. Besides that, with a perfectly flat surface will support wheel casters that can roll on the chair mat smoothly. As a result of special material, it can be cleaned up effortlessly to maintain a glossy surface.

What We Liked
  • It is a hard heavy-duty chair mat
  • A highly transparent carpet as clear as crystal
  • It is kept on the carpet tightly
  • Offering unlimited size and weight capacity
What We Didn't Like
  • It’s hard to use on medium or low-pile carpet

MuArts will be the wisest selection for you if you are seeking a perfectly transparent chair mat. It will protect original fibers of your floor covering and save your time when you have to roll the office chair on the carpet directly. Nonetheless, this product is less suitable to use for medium or low-pile flooring due to the flat surface of it.

3. OFM ESS-8800C Transparent Carpet Chair Mats

ofm ess-8800c transparent carpet chair mats

One of the most popular materials used to produce a good desk chair mat for the carpet is premium PVC plastic and OFM will be the great choice for users. The sizes of this product are 36x48x1/4 inches, so you can have enough space to roll the office recliner comfortably.

The product is made from sturdy and thick plastic so it is difficult to be cracked or shattered. With flexible PVC material, the chair mat can be curled or folded easily to save unnecessary space. So the edges can be rolled up easily if we put pressure on the product.

The manufacturer has integrated the molded cleats and studs to support the chair mat that can cling to the floor covering securely. These studs are produced with flexible and durable material to not only prevent skid of the product but also maintain the carpet’s original textures correctly.

Moreover, the chair mat is designed as ergonomics to decrease leg muscle fatigue. The surface allows the office recliner to move smoothly and never leave scratches on it.

Last but not least, this product has a rectangle shape with the lip to protect even space under the desk. Additionally, the transparent plastic covering can keep the beauty of the carpet to be outstanding every time.

What We Liked
  • The product is made from premium PVC plastic
  • Molded cleats and studs to keep the chair mat cling to the carpet
  • Offer ergonomics to support leg muscle
  • The transparent plastic keeps the natural beauty of the floor covering
  • It has a flat surface for easy rolling, anti-slipping
What We Didn't Like
  • The edges can be rolled up unexpectedly

If you love enjoying softness as well as want to have a good quality product made from plastic, OFM chair mat will be the first option for you. Because OFM chair mat is designed from premium PVC plastic, the edges can be rolled up easily. Therefore, clients ought to warm the chair mat up before spreading up on the carpet so that the edges will be sticking up all over and hard to be rolled in.

4. Starcounters Office Carpet Chair Mats

starcounters office carpet chair mats

If you enjoy using the plastic chair mat for medium-pile carpet, Starcounters will be your perfect partner. This chair mat contains not only high-quality materials but it also has superior characteristics to protect both your health and working environments.

The dimensions of the product are 36x48x1/8 inches that are suitable for a variety of office chair shapes. It is made from durable, heavy-duty 100% polycarbonate for not leaving any indentations or scratches on its surface.

Although this product is designed from hard and thick plastic, it’s not only hard to be cracked by strong impacts but also protects the carpet optimally.

Additionally, these materials are environmentally friendly, 100% recyclable, phthalate-free and without harmful toxins so that clients can maintain a healthy indoor environment. This product is suitable to use for petite people to take advantage of the characteristics of it optimally.

With the thickness and durable plastic, you can layout the chair mat bluntly and the edges of it will not be rolled. So you can put the pressure on every position on the mat without worries about curved edges.

Furthermore, to increase sticking between the carpet and chair mat, the manufacturer has integrated 4mm flexible studs underside and these studs will not break fibers anyway.

Besides that, this product is created with a highly transparent surface to keep the original beauty of the carpet. Not only that, it can also remove dust from your floor covering and easy to clean up with water. As a result of the flat surface, the wheel casters of the office recliner can roll efficiently.

What We Liked
  • Unbreakable – non toxic odor and lasts for years
  • No more slipping, sliding, and frustration
  • It is made of high-quality material
  • Provided a thick and durable transparent surface
  • Environmental friendly – 100% Recyclable –No phthalate
What We Didn't Like
  • It is more suitable to use for petite people

If you are seeking a plastic chair mat designed from premium quality material, Starcounters will be the wisest selection for you. It contains a variety of features that create a good chair mat from shape to function.

5. Dimex C532003G Office Carpet Chair Mats

dimex c532003g office carpet chair mats

If you are finding the product used for low-pile carpet, you couldn’t overlook this chair mats review about the Dimex brand. This chair mat has provided bigger dimensions than others including 46×60 inches, 45×53 inches and 36×48 inches to increase more space for rolling the office chair.

To create the low pile carpet, the chair mat should be designed with thin height to grip on the floor covering surely.

Luckily, this product is produced from flexible plastic so that customers can curl it effortlessly. Moreover, plastic material can be warmed up optimally to increase the sticking of the mat’s edges on the carpet.

Not only that, the manufacturer has integrated the durable stud to prevent slipping of the chair mat. To keep the natural beauty of the carpet, the product contains a transparent surface for being more outstanding.

Nonetheless, the chair mat still has a little bit of odor of new product, clients ought to put it under strong shine to remove the uncomfortable smell.

What We Liked
  • It is appropriate to use for low-pile carpets
  • Has bigger dimensions than other products for large space
  • Designed with thin height to warm up easily
  • Provided highly transparent to maintain the natural beauty of the carpet
What We Didn't Like
  • It has a little bit of odor from new materials

If you are seeking a big chair mat that is suitable for your large working space, the Dimex product will be the best choice for you. It consists of not only optimal dimensions but also superior features. A good office chair covering should lift sitters efficiently and not leave any cracks or scratches on it and Dimex has done it with absolutely wonderful results

6. Lorell Tempered Glass Chair Mats

lorell tempered glass chair mats

Having a variety of exclusive features, the tempered glass chair floor mats for carpet seem more popular than plastic ones. Therefore, I want to introduce a famous brand that offers the premium tempered glass chair covering is Lorell.

This brand has provided three different sizes of products which are 36, 50 and 60 inches to be suitable for every working space.

The most outstanding element of this product is weight capacity. Its weight capacity is up to 1000 lbs so you can absolutely believe in the quality of it. With thick and heavy glass mat, it will be sticking on the carpet and hardly slipping out.

The glass is designed from durable materials, so it couldn’t be cracked or scratched effortlessly. Besides that, this chair mat can be used on any carpet and floor type conveniently.

Due to the heaviness of the glass, the product can be spread out on the carpet easily without support from studs like a plastic mat. On the other hand, the shiny glass surface will not only protect the carpet’s fibers from the pressure of the office chair optimally but also help the floor covering’s beauty can shine through the transparent glass.

With a glossy surface, the office recliner can move on the mat smoothly. Although the product can last for a long time than plastic ones and it’s easy to clean up, users ought to be careful in using this product as a result of glass material.

What We Liked
  • It is made from tempered glass that is safe for users
  • It has a weight capacity up to 1000 lbs
  • It can be used for any floor and carpet type
  • A transparent surface to keep the natural beauty of floor covering
  • Supporting the office chair can roll smoothly
What We Didn't Like
  • Customers should use the chair mat carefully

Lorell will be the best chair mat for clients if they are seeking a perfect glass recliner mat for their office. It can not only save your time from rolling on the carpet directly but also maintain the beauty of it optimally with a transparent surface.

7. Gorilla Grip Polycarbonate Carpet Chair Mats

gorilla grip polycarbonate carpet chair mats

Polycarbonate becomes the main material that is often used to produce the transparent chair mat for carpeted floors. It’s harder and thicker than PVC plastic so that the polycarbonate products are more suitable with short fibers of the flooring covers than another.

And the chair mat for low-pile carpet coming from Gorilla brand which is the one that made 100% of polycarbonate, is another product I want to mention in this article.

The manufacturer has produced 2 different sizes of this product including 29×47 inches and 36×48 inches. With the thickness being over 3mm, this product is absolutely durable, super touch to lift users easily even if they are hefty people.

As a result of a robust surface, the product is harder to be curled or broken than the PVC one. Hence, it is kept as a flat shape without any effort when you spread out the chair covering on the carpet.

Additionally, customers will never see ugly indentations or scratches on the mat’s surface because the polycarbonate component won’t allow these things to appear.

With a durable material and appropriate thickness, this chair mat can be sticking on the low-pile carpets easily. An additional, to increase the grip between the chair covering and both low or high carpets, the manufacturer has integrated flexible spikes underside of the product. These studs will keep the mat at a fixed position to not slip out the working space, but they never break the textures of carpet fibers.

Besides that, this brand has created a premium transparent plastic to keep the beauty of floor covering. Because of the glossy and flat surface, users can roll their office chair comfortably on the mat without any effort.

Furthermore, this product has an extended lip to keep the space under the office desk clean.

What We Liked
  • It is made 100% from polycarbonate
  • It’s durable and thick to prevent indentations or cracks caused by an office chair
  • The mat is kept as flat shape to spread out on the carpet effortlessly
  • It’s integrated flexible spikes to increase sticking
  • Provided premium transparent surface
What We Didn't Like
  • The top surface hasn’t a little bit of friction

Gorilla becomes your favorite brand for you if you are seeking a great chair mat for your office. It has wonderful features and a glossy surface so that customers can roll the office chair easily.

8. Mushyn Cushioned Foam Office Chair Mats

mushyn cushioned foam office chair mats

Another outstanding chair mats that I want to introduce to you. It is an exclusive product because it contains an anti-fatigue footrest with 3 square ft to support your muscles.

The manufacturer has designed this product with dimensions of 36x48x0.08 inches; and is made from a high-quality PVC material which is durable and not breaking or compressing over time. It can protect hard floorings, low-pile carpets (up to 1/5 inches) or other hard surfaces including wood, concrete, tile, vinyl, etc optimally.

Furthermore, the anti-fatigue area has been designed especially with three supported layers to create the most comfortable footrest for users. A top layer is a flexible PVC surface with 0.08 inches helping the office chair can roll on the mat smoothly.

A second cover is a core made from NBR premium-quality support foam. It is the thickest layer with 0.5 inches to lift a customer’s legs softly. With this thick cushioned foam, users can remove legs fatigue caused when their legs don’t curve as 90 degrees during sitting to work.

A bottom layer is a tear-resistant and anti-slip surface to not only protect carpet’s fibers but also keep the mat securely in one position.

This chair mat contains thin edges to maintain the flat surface supporting the chair rolling easily. Different from other products, this chair covering is designed with a black surface to hide dirt easily and making your work environment becomes more luxurious. Besides that, the indentations will not appear explicitly.

Last but not least, a top surface is water-proof and scratch-resistant, so people can clean up the mat effortlessly and hard to see the marks.

What We Liked
  • It is made from premium quality PVC plastic
  • Provided anti-fatigue areas to increase comfort for users
  • An anti-fatigue contains three soft layers
  • Provided the bottom mesh cover for anti-slipping
  • Water-proof, scratch-resistant, phthalate-free, heavy metals free
What We Didn't Like
  • The product has a little bit of odor

Mushyn is a special chair mat which not only is produced as an exclusive design but also contains premium quality cushioned foam to protect the user’s health. Nonetheless, the chair mat still has a little bit of odor as a result of new materials.

9. AmazonBasics Polycarbonate Office Carpet Chair Mats

amazonbasics polycarbonate office carpet chair mats

Another product that we couldn’t overlook in this chair mat for carpet reviews is AmazonBasics polycarbonate chair mat. Although the product has a similar design to a traditional chair covering, it still offers wonderful features to protect the user’s carpet and health.

The brand has provided three different sizes of products to suit with most working desks including 35×47 inches, 47×53 inches, and 47×59 inches.

With the thickness up to 0.1 inches, the chair mat is appropriate for both low-pile and thick floor coverings. As a result of thick height, AmazonBasics products always are kept as flat shape and the edges won’t be curled to support customers in rolling the chair comfortably.

This product is made from polycarbonate, it is super-touch and durable to lift sitters effortlessly and never leaving indentations, cracks or scratches on its surface. Additionally, the mat doesn’t consist of phthalates or toxic, so it’s totally safe for children and adults.

Moreover, to increase sticking and keep the chair mat at the fixed position, it is integrated flexible spikes spreading out the product which can prevent slipping.

Like other products, this brand has designed the mat with transparent plastic to maintain the beauty of carpet. In addition, the manufacturer has produced a glossy surface to help the office chair roll smoothly.

What We Liked
  • Made from high-quality polycarbonate material
  • Provided thick height to keep the mat as a flat shape
  • It contains flexible studs to suit both low-pile or high carpets
  • It has ergonomic benefits to protect the user’s health
  • Provided highly transparent plastic to keep the natural beauty of the carpet
What We Didn't Like
  • The mat surface has more friction

A high-quality chair mat coming from AmazonBasics brand will protect your low-pile carpet optimally. It provides ergonomic benefits to remove leg fatigue when rolling the office chair. However, the mat surface contains a little bit of friction so that people can feel difficult to move their recliners in the first use.

10. Marvelux Polycarbonate Office Carpet Chair Mats

marvelux polycarbonate office carpet chair mats

The last chair mat I would like to introduce is Marvelux. This brand is a perfect combination of modern design and superior features.

It is made of premium quality material which contains 100% pure polycarbonate that keep the product can use for a long time. With touch and durable components, it can be equipped for low, standard and medium-pile carpets.

The manufacturer has offered five different sizes of the mats to suit every working space including 30×48, 36×48, 47×53, 48×51 and 48×60 inches.

With the thickness is approx. 0.1 inches that thicker than other supplies, this chair mat can be kept as flat shape effortlessly and the edges won’t be curled. Moreover, the thick height will prevent slipping.

To increase the sticking between Marvelux mat and other mats, it has designed flexible studs underside of the top surface. These studs can not only protect our carpet optimally but also keep our chair covering as a fixed position.

This product contains a highly transparent surface to maintain the natural beauty of the carpet. With a glossy surface, the office recliner can move on the mat smoothly so that it reduces leg fatigue for office workers wonderfully.

Because of thick height and rigid polycarbonate material, the impacts of the chair will never leave indentations, scratches, cracks, discolor, etc on mat’s top surface uncomfortably.

Last but not least, this product has been embossed lightly to control the movement of the recliner and prevent it from skidding out of the mat.

What We Liked
  • It is made 100% from pure polycarbonate
  • Provided ergonomic benefits to reduce leg fatigue
  • It can be used for a variety of carpets
  • Provided durable surface and flexible studs
  • It contains a highly transparent surface
What We Didn't Like
  • The mat causes grinding-sand sound

Marvelux will be the wisest selection for you if you are seeking a good polycarbonate chair mat for your office. It is made from high-quality material and provided a variety of selections for you to choose. As a result of lightly embossed, the product can cause some grinding-sand sound when rolling the office chair.

How To Choose Carpet Chair Mats?

carpet chair mats reviews

On the market nowadays, suppliers offer a variety of chair mats for carpet with different materials, features, surfaces, colors. Each carpet will be suitable with certain chair covering due to the textures of fibers.

The good chair mat will not only protect your carpet from breaking but also support your health optimally and remove leg fatigue caused by rolling the recliner. Therefore, users should be careful in choosing the most appropriate product to use.

Classifying The Type of Your Carpet

The most important thing that you should do before buying a mat is classifying the type of your carpet. Practically, the floor coverings are divided into 4 basic types including low pile, short pile, medium pile, and thick pile. You should equip the appropriate product to prevent slipping and protect their health optimally.

In this article, I will introduce the best way to measure and classify the type of your carpet:

Firstly, fold open a paperclip and show the small metal bar.

Secondly, push the paperclip through the carpet and padding until it meets the subfloor.

Thirdly, measure the distance on the paperclip from the subfloor to the top of the carpet pile.

Lastly, select a chair mat that is designed to suit a carpet of at least the depth measured. After measuring the depth of your carpet, you have to choose the material of the chair mat you want.

Types of The Chair Mats

If you often put a lot of pressure on the chair mat, they should choose the glass surfaces because the products often provide the weight capacity up to 1000 lbs. Otherwise, if you enjoy endurance or easy use, you can choose the plastic surfaces providing the weight capacity from 200 lbs to 250 lbs.

Moreover, the chair mat has cushioned foam and anti-fatigue are will be the perfect selection for customers who have symptoms of arthritis. Because it has created thick paddings to support blood circulation and reduce muscle fatigue.

The Dimensions of The Chair Mats

The dimensions of the chair mat contribute an important role in promoting your working environment to become more outstanding. If your working space is large, you ought to choose the mat with a big size because it will create more place for you to roll the recliner comfortably.

Besides that, medium size with an extended lip will protect your carpet both working environment and space under the desk. When you have finished choosing the size of your chair mat, you should care about the brands to note that the materials of their products are suitable for you or not?

In conclusion, selecting a perfect chair mat for carpet will take a little bit of difficulty, so you need to equip some pieces of knowledge for achieving wanted results.

How often do you change the carpet chair mat?

It depends on different carpet materials and the sharpness of your chair legs that the mat is good for a certain period. Normally, it can last more than 6 months and up to 1 year if you do not use it that often.

You can replace the piece every 3 – 6 months to ensure that it still works just fine. However, since there is no set rule, let’s look at some signs that might tell you it’s time to purchase a new carpet chair mat.

The edges curls

When frayed too much, the chair mat or any type of carpet will curl onto itself. It indicates you have abused the mat long enough.

Visible and multiple fading spots

As you press your chair onto the mat, sliding and moving repeatedly, there will be faded spots where the mat no longer has its original color. Once it loses huge parts of its protective fabric on its surface, you should replace it right away.

Its traction is gone

You can actually feel the slippery mat losing its traction after a long time of use. Normally, mats have a rubber backing, especially slip-resistant designs. Therefore, if you find out its backing is chipped, it’s time to let the old mat go.

Built-up dirt are hard to cleaned

Indeed, not only our chairs and our feet are the main reason why carpet chair mat degrades. We drop our food and drink, or place dirty shoes on them, etc. And when it’s hard for us to remove the dirt due to multiple scraping and cleaning, the mat needs replacement.

How to stop chair mats moving on carpet?

There are several things you should take note of to make sure your chair mat is not dragged along the carpet when you move your chair.

Pick a chair mat with a rubber backing

An anti-slip rubber backing mat would be perfect if you want it to stay put even when you slide your chair back and forth. Besides, when it is secured nicely, it can serve the purpose of protecting your floor and carpet from being scratched by the chair legs.

Make sure you find a quality product, preferably with a backing made of real rubber that can naturally grip the carpet underneath. Indeed, this type of chair mat works well with pile carpets and hard floors.

Go with a mat with a gripper or claw

Instead of going for the anti-slip rubber type, you can always have alternatives featuring either cleats, claws, or grippers as the backing. They all work well for pile carpets.

Just be careful when you pick the type of backings among those mentioned above. It is to avoid pressing too hard on the carpet.

Purchase an underlay

Suppose you already have a good chair mat in the color and material you like, but without non-slip backing. Worry not; just pick out an underlay made of anti-slip material.

You do not have to cover the entire dimension of the chair mat, just cut it into a piece of 2/3 of the mat area.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

how to choose carpet chair mats

What are The Most Trusted Carpet Chair Mat Brands?

Currently, the manufacturers come from reputable brands that always offer products with the highest quality and ergonomic benefits to give excellent comfort for their customers.

If you enjoy using soft plastic and flexible surface, PVC material will be the most suitable for you; so you can refer to OFM, Mushyn, etc. These brands provide highly transparent with smooth surfaces for easy rolling the office chair. Moreover, you can curl the chair mat effortlessly when you want to clean up the carpet.

Otherwise, a lot of office workers prefer polycarbonate material or plastic surface, so they can refer to Double Check Products, Starcounters, Gorilla, AmazonBasics Marvelux, etc. These famous brands have provided durable surface and flexible studs to grip on the carpet surely. Almost all the polycarbonate and plastic products still have a lip to protect even space under the desk conveniently.

Different from other brands, MuArts has provided an exclusive chair mat with cushioned foam to create comfortable footrest for customers. Not only that, its product is designed as a black surface to be more attractive.

To increase luxurious and glossy for your working environment, the glass chair mats from MuArts, Lorell, etc will support you to solve this problem. MuArts and Lorell brands have offered the highest quality of tempered glass surface which cannot be cracked easily and won’t hurt people due to the edges.

What are The Different Types of Carpet Chair Mats?

The carpet will help users in protecting their floorings from cracks or scratches caused by furniture. However, the carpet will be the biggest worry of the working environment because the fibers can prevent movement of the office chair. Additionally, when the recliner rolls on the floor covering the surface, it can break the textures and make the carpet become ugly and dirty.

Not only that, rolling directly on the mat can increase leg fatigue. Hence, people should equip an appropriate chair mat for the carpet to remove these problems.

On the markets today, they have offered a variety of exclusive chair mats used for many kinds of carpets. To provide some pieces of knowledge to customers, I’m very pleased to introduce a lot of popular types of carpet chair mats as below:

Tempered Glass Chair Mat

Tempered glass is a safety glass and it’s toughened during manufacturing, so the chair mat has strength and can endurance up to five times than normal glass. The tempered glass products contain the weight capacity up to 1000 lbs and suit to use for various carpeted floors. With hard material, its surface will never slip or bend and prevent any kind of scratches or cracks.

As a result of the weight of glass chair mats more than other materials, the products can protect flooring from tear and wear without moving or shifting around during use. With a glossy and flat surface, the office recliners can roll on its surface smoothly and comfortably.

Some benefits of tempered glass chair mat are:

  • Provided crystal clear, fantastically strong, smooth and flat surface
  • Difficult to slip, bend or curl
  • It contains a weight capacity up to 1000 lbs
  • It’s suitable for both hard floors and carpet

Polycarbonate Chair Mat

Polycarbonate material is a synthetic resin that is super-strong, clear and durable. It is absolutely strong because it is used to produce aircraft windscreens or bulletproof glass.

Therefore, polycarbonate will be the best material for chair mats. When clients roll the office chair on this surface, it won’t leave any indentations or scratches. Furthermore, each product will be integrated with flexible studs to increase sticking between the chair mat and carpet.

Benefits of polycarbonate chair mats:

  • The products are very strong and durable
  • It will not discolor, crack or buckle
  • Polycarbonate is made from fully recyclable
  • It can take heavier weights and color options available

PVC Chair Mat

PVC is an exclusive formula that is free from phthalates and toxins like cadmium, lead or metals. Phthalates have been banned from children’s toys so that PVC chair mats still are safe for children. This material has the cheapest price than others but it still contains superior features about toughness and endurance.

These chair mats are often integrated flexible spikes to grip on the carpets surely. Moreover, to increase sticking between PVC chair mat and the carpet, people can warm up the products by hair dryer effortlessly.

Benefits of PVC chair mats:

  • It’s made from recyclable material
  • Anti-microbial options, anti-slip, anti-static
  • Without phthalates and other toxins

Cushioned Foam Chair Mat

This chair mat is still designed from PVC material, but it has cushioned foam to increase softness and comfort for customers. Not only that, some famous manufacturers can integrate the footrest to remove the fatigue of legs, muscle for office workers when they have to sit too long on the office chair.

Different from other products, the cushioned foam chair mat has a black surface so that it is more attractive and outstanding. Benefits of cushioned foam chair mats:

  • It is made from premium quality PVC plastic
  • Provided anti-fatigue areas to increase comfort for users
  • An anti-fatigue contains soft layers
  • Provided the bottom mesh cover for anti-slipping
  • Water-proof, scratch-resistant, phthalate-free, heavy metals free

In conclusion, these types are the most popular types of chair mats for carpet that everyone can refer to.

Why do You Need a Carpet Chair Mat?

best office chair mat for carpet

The chair mats nowadays are designed with wonderful features that suit a variety of working environments. However, we use the chair coverings not only for floorings but also for the carpets.

Firstly, we need special products for floor coverings because the fibers of them can be broken easily by the office chairs.

Secondly, the chair mats can support people in rolling the recliners easier than on the carpets. With flat and transparent surfaces, the chair can not only roll on the carpets effortlessly but the beauty of them can also shine through.

Last but not least, the ergonomic benefits are often integrated into the chair mats for reducing fatigue about legs, muscle of users. Therefore, to create a wonderful space for working, customers should equip the luxurious floor covering to warm up that place. And they should buy the most suitable chair mat to protect the natural beauty of the carpet and their health.

How to Use It?

The chair mat is easy to use because customers just need to spread out the product on the carpet and start to use it immediately. However, different types of chair mats will have different notices that you ought to note. With polycarbonate and cushioned foam products, clients can use it directly when the product is shipped to your house.

With a tempered glass surface, people can use the chair mat immediately after taking the product from the box. Nonetheless, to increase glossy and luxurious glass surface, people can use damp cloths to clean it carefully before putting on the carpet. Otherwise, if you buy a PVC chair mat, you need to spend a lot of time spreading out the mat on the floor covering.

Some brands will ship the product as rolled shape to save space-delivery, so people ought to use the hairdryer to warm up the chair mat. After that, the edges will be straightened quickly and stuck on the carpet surely.

How to Clean and Care?

Based on materials of chain mats, we can divide them into 3 basic types including glass, polycarbonate, and PVC. With glass chair mats, we can wash them with soap or water easily. But remember that, we couldn’t use chemical cleaners to wipe the glass surfaces because they will be abraded by those chemicals. When the tempered glasses become weaker, they will crack and break easily.

With polycarbonate and PVC chair mats, we should use the damp clothes to wipe their surfaces gently. Moreover, they shouldn’t wash these chair mats directly underwater because they will steam accumulation and reduce the glossy of transparent surfaces.

Certainly, we couldn’t wipe these surfaces by chemical cleaners because they will be corroded. Although entire products are designed to stay at the fixed position, customers should adjust your chair mat position to remove build-up of dust and moisture which can create in certain environments.

Where to Buy?

Nowadays, customers can buy various chair mats for carpets at supermarkets or furniture stores easily. Nonetheless, if you are confused to choose which one is the most suitable for your office or working environment, you can find more information on the online store and certainly, buying online is a not-bad selection for busy people.

What is The Warranty?

With each type of chair mat, people ought to equip knowledge to achieve the best results in using. If you use the glass chair mats, you should be careful in delivering or spreading out on the carpet to prevent cracks unexpectedly. Wiping the chair mat surfaces carefully and preventing the chemical cleaners can impact the products and it will be the easiest way to keep your supplies last for a long time.


The best carpet chair mats will not only protect the carpets from breaking but also maintain good health for users. Customers should choose the most suitable product for their working environment to achieve the best results.

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