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The Best Copic Marker Alternatives in 2023

best copic marker alternatives

Markers often come in vivid colors, creating vibrant and highly-pigmental visual effects for artworks. However, not everyone can afford an extensive collection of Copic markers. Are there other choices that are up to par with the ink quality of Copic markers?

Indeed, many reasonably-priced alternatives give artists a great creating experience comparable to using Copic markers.

Have you tried different types of markers? Listed in this article are some of the best Copic marker alternatives that will surely not compromise the beauty of your projects. Read on and see that there are excellent top markers for you to start drawing!

Best Copic Marker Alternative Reviews

1. Ohuhu Alcohol Art Markers

ohuhu alcohol art markers

Who does not love a wide color selection? This set of markers is packed with 120 varied colors and it is the best thing about it! With plenty of various tones and shades that this set has, you can never go wrong in purchasing it. The color selection truly is this set’s edge among the other sets on this list

I love the design of these markers because they look clean and professional. The caps are color-coded and they have a numbering system for each specific shade that is available in the kit and this feature is great for artists because it allows for easy access to the specific color that we want to use.

After trying out this set, I realized that these markers from Ohuhu are extremely easy to blend and manipulate. Although they tend to dry fast, it is a great feature because it allows layering to be an easy process.

Just like other alcohol-based ink markers, this one from Ohuhu is designed with two tips. It has a thin tip and a tip with chisel ends on one end. This allows the artist to be more productive and cost-efficient because it is a two-in-one product. The other side is for outlining and detailing and the other side to fill in some colors!

Considering the number of markers that I got, this set is reasonably priced. It is a cheap copic marker alternative with a great color selection and exquisite design that feels professional and sleek.

The markers from this set really are great markers similar to copic but cheaper. I enjoyed using it and I created some amazing artworks with this set.

However, the number of markers in the set could be overwhelming for beginners because of the huge color selection, but it still isn’t that big of a deal.

What We Liked
  • 120 different color options to choose from
  • Dries fast which aids for better color layering
  • Double-ended tip with a finer and a chisel end
  • Extremely cheap
What We Didn't Like
  • Beginners may be overwhelmed with the number of markers included in the set

This set of markers is really a clutch! It is a great investment for artists who are looking for a wide color selection. If you want a reasonably priced, good quality, and a vast color selection then get this amazing marker set!

2. Shuttle Art Alcohol Art Markers

shuttle art alcohol art markers

One of the things that I initially liked about this marker set is that it also includes one colorless blender. It is a great tool that aids in mixing two colors, and it is of great help for a beautiful color transition and blending.

This set of alcohol-based art markers also provide high quality glide and a smooth application without tugging on your canvas or paper. It is also easy to layer colors on top of one another because this set of copic marker dupes allow the artist to have vast options of a color palette.

With 51 vibrant permanent marker colors, this Shuttle Art 51 Colors Dual Tip Alcohol Based Art Markers also provides two different tips: a broader tip on one side and a pointed bullet tip on the other. This marker is great for multitasking and it is a great way for the artist to have a more cost-efficient material.

Using this, I started noticing that this alcohol-based marker set is equipped with an amazing set of different colors. The color options really brighten up any artwork and it makes it more alive and festive. The ink in these markers is of high quality and it is honestly one of the best alternatives to copic markers.

Lastly, I appreciate how the markers are uniquely shaped – they have a triangular body. I find it easy to use and the shape of the markers makes it extra comfortable to grip and manipulate. It also includes a case holder for your markers which is of good quality.

However, the markers tend to bleed quite easily on thinner papers. Artists must be cautious in using this when their medium is on the thinner side.

What We Liked
  • Nice color selection and has replaceable nibs
  • Layers pretty well on top of each other
What We Didn't Like
  • It has the tendency to bleed on thin papers

As I use it more and more, I can say that these markers are pretty great for beginners who are still learning. If you are a beginner, get this now because this is the perfect set of markers for you!

3. Keebor Alcohol Art Markers

keebor alcohol art markers

What I love the most about these cheap copic competitors is that they are really helpful in outlining and shading my projects. Thanks to the dual-ended feature of these markers, I am finally able to create a more detailed and more realistic artworks with its pointed tip feature.

Other markers bleed and release too much ink but with these markers, I noticed that these alcohol markers always provide a smooth and consistent application. The ink flow is really efficient and smooth. This helped me in producing greatly detailed and sharp portraits.

The narrow tip bullet point part of the marker is extremely helpful in terms of creating tiny details that add life to my projects! It also has a feature that helps the artists in getting replaceable nibs for specific colors that they use the most.

This set of markers really provides users with the best experience. For the past few weeks that I have been using these touch markers, I noticed that even if I layer the same color on top of each other, the payoff does not get darker. The color stays the same and this really enticed my interest!

Another thing to love about this copic markers alternative set is that it comes with a free blender marker! It has a thick packing and it is perfect for mixing together two colors and blending them to make it appear as seamless and as cohesive as possible.
This is really helpful in shading and creating great depth and tone to any artwork. It is such a simple addition to the set but it really gave this marker similar to copic but cheaper and more user-friendly.

The company shows that it really cares for its users – the dual-ended tips, the free blender, and the amazing quality that this set of copic markers alternatives are probably enough of a testament for their commitment to amazing customer experience.

After using these markers for quite some time, it is evident that the application is always smooth, the color payoff is vibrant yet not too strong, and the quality of this set is top-notch! I really enjoy the wide variety of color selection in this set because there are different tones of colors that are essential in making beautiful artworks.

What We Liked
  • Dual-ended tips create better details
  • Free blender marker makes each shading more seamless
  • Rigged caps prevent them from rolling off tables
What We Didn't Like
  • Tends to dry off if the cap is not placed immediately after use

Overall, I would recommend this product to all artists and even to those whose hobby revolves around coloring and creating artworks for leisure.

4. Prismacolor 1759444 Double-Ended Art Markers

prismacolor 1759444 double-ended art markers

The colors are aimed towards artists who create manga and comics drawings. These copic marker dupes are perfect for anime sketches because of the realistic yet vibrant colors.

Just like other alcohol-based markers, these come with two sides – one with a fine tip end and one with a chisels end. So far, these markers work pretty well especially for beginner artists or anyone who prefers markers with extremely fine lines for better definition of details.

I love these markers because they are extremely pigmented while still producing a smooth distribution of the ink. It does not bleed through the paper which is amazing, and the tips of these markers are nicely varied so each marker could be utilized for various applications and shadings.

Markers usually come in many color selections per set but this one from Prismacolor only consists of 12 shades. However, the markers are still worth every single buck because of the advanced dye-based ink formulation of the products. This feature enables the artists to create a well-saturated and well-shaded design.

Even with a limited color selection, I was still able to create drawings that are beautifully colored. The feel of these markers are very similar to those of copic markers, so I believe that this set is one of the best copic markers dupe.

They glide like a dream, the ink is released with consistency thanks to the single source of ink, and they have chisel tips with multiple variations of line widths. As an artist, I find the varied forms of chisel tip quite helpful because I can use a specific shade for a specific coloring technique.

Lastly, I find it interesting how these markers do not dry easily. I accidentally forgot to put the cap back on for almost an hour, but the marker still works pretty well. However, an addition of a marker blender would have made this set impeccable.

What We Liked
  • Perfect for anime artists
  • Consistent ink dispersion all throughout the whole process
  • High quality pigmentation
  • Superior blend-ability and layering capacity
  • Does not dry up easily
What We Didn't Like
  • Has a limited color selection of only 12 shades
  • Does not have a marker blender

These dual-ended markers set really surpassed my expectations. The pros really outweigh the con, and the quality of these markers is almost the same as the quality of copic markers – it really is one of the best copic competitors.

5. Tombow 56187 Dual Brush Pen Art Markers

tombow 56187 dual brush pen art markers

It is quite uncommon for markers to be pastel, but given the revolutionary set-up of the world of art, it is not something that we were not expecting. This set from Tombow has 10 markers – 9 colored markers and 1 colorless blender pen.

As cheap comic alternatives, these markers from Tombow really encapsulated the beautiful application that a copic marker has. It glides on smoothly and it offers a different texture – felt tip brushes.

Other than that, these markers also come with a colorless marker. It really is helpful to have an extra blender marker because it helps in blending two colors together. It is a great tool for making sure that the transition is seamless and well-blended.

These markers are popular and for a really nice reason – their markers have high quality application and pigmentation. Even though the shades are light, the colors still show up pretty well.

Even though these markers are marketed as pastels, I think that some of the colors are too vibrant to be considered as pastels. But still, the colors that come in the set are pretty and the color payoff is great.

Just like other markers, these have dual-ended tips. A flexible brush tip and a thin tip end are on opposite sides of the pens. These markers are great for doodling, hand lettering, and calligraphy as well as coloring and shading drawings. As I used this set more and more, I grew fond of the brush-like fiber tip side of the pens.
It can cover a wide area but still able to provide the artist with detailed work. I find that it makes an artwork more light and dreamy because of the beautiful light shades. The smaller fiber tip however was kind of tricky to get used to because it is hard to align the tip with the area that I wanted to fill up.

The beauty of these markers is that you can layer them on top of each other without having to fear that the tips will get stained. Some markers are sensitive to layering but these markers are capable of self-cleaning, so staining is not something to be worried about.

To my surprise, this set is water-based and not alcohol-based. Because it is water-based, the markers are more prone to bleeding. But the great thing is that these pens are odorless.

These pens are multifunctional because they could be used for your artworks as well as for journal writing and illustrative projects. This set is great for beginners and artists who are interested in trying out a pastel set.

What We Liked
  • Pastel shades could add lightness to your artwork
  • High quality application and pigmentation
  • Odorless; does not have a chemical smell
  • Flexible brush tip applicator
  • Does not easily stain when layered on top of another color
What We Didn't Like
  • It bleeds easily on thin papers because it is water-based

The Tombow Dual Brush Pen Art Markers are beautiful and worth the money. These markers are great both for artists and people who enjoy writing and illustrating their journals. These are good copic alternatives for people who are on a budget.

6. Caliart Dual Tip Alcohol Art Markers

caliart dual tip alcohol art markers

What I love the most about these markers is that these are cheap copic marker alternatives. For a very affordable price, I got 40 colors and a free carrying case as well! The quality is nice and the colors are pretty pigmented and consistent.

I used these markers and I immediately fell in love! The colors are beautiful and the application process is a breeze. I did not have a hard time in using them as I did my projects and I think that this set is probably one of my favorites out of the sets in this entire list.

I love that these markers come in dual-ended sides. The chisel end can cover a wide area and the finer tip end is great for detailed and intrinsic inputs as well as for outlining and emphasizing certain areas.

The caps of these markers are color-coded which is a big help for artists. This will help artists in easily getting the specific color that they want to use out of the 40 different shades of markers in the kit.

These markers are vibrant and they made my drawings more realistic and lively. They are really easy to use. They glide on easily on my canvas and even on paper. It is pigmented without being too aggressive on ink production.

With 40 colors to choose from, this marker set is a nice alternative to copic markers. All of the markers blend easily with each other and this creates an unlimited option for color selection.

With the price that I paid and for the number of markers that I got, I can say that this set of markers is worth it! I believe that aspiring artists should not have to purchase expensive art materials such as copic markers just to be great at illustrating.

This set is impressive because it is affordable and it has a premium quality. Beginners will surely have a great experience with these markers because these mediums will help them in getting used to using markers and it will enhance their skills in shading.

However, what I do not like about this set is that most of the colors are solid and dark. I would have appreciated it more if there were more light shades because it will help in balancing out an artwork.

What We Liked
  • Budget-friendly
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Pigmented and nice color payoff
  • premium quality for its affordable price
What We Didn't Like
  • Lacks a few lighter shades

Overall, this set from Caliart is a nice alternative to copic markers. It is extremely budget-friendly and beginners will enjoy using these. I believe that they would be able to create wonderful artworks with these copic markers alternative.

7. Bianyo Classic Alcohol-Based Art Markers

bianyo classic alcohol-based art markers

What I love about this set of markers is that these are toxic-free and the odor is almost unnoticeable. We all know that alcohol-based markers tend to have a strong smell but these markers do not smell that strong. This is a great feature because some artists find strong odors sensitizing and it compromises their ability to focus on their project.

I also appreciate that this set of markers comparable to copic is designed with multi-ended tips. It has a broad chisel end and a fine point nib. Both of these features enable the artist to appropriately create the details and designs that they want to incorporate into their project.

The color variety of this marker set is excellent. With 72 colors to choose from, the artist will really have a wonderful time playing with these markers. The chisel ends and the pointed tip is of high quality and the colors are really vibrant and pigmented.

Just like the other sets, this one comes with a carrying case as well. The carrying case is quite sturdy and the markers fit perfectly well inside it. I like how the company thinks of the artists’ convenience as they use their markers.

I love the quality of these markers because they are extremely easy to use. They do not bleed as much as a normal alcohol-based marker which leads to a better output. This set comes with 72 pieces of markers which are then converted into 142 due to its two-ended tips, so it is super worth the price.

This set of markers is great because it is cheaper and it performs quite well. Although not exactly the same as a copic pens, alcohol-based inks are still good copic markers dupe.

However, I find that it blends pretty fast so if you are going to blend, do it as soon as you can. But still, the quality is all too good so this part is easy to overlook.

What We Liked
  • Toxic-free and minimal odor
  • Top quality chisel ends and thin tips
  • Wide color selection
  • Great pigmentation
What We Didn't Like
  • Fast setting time

With the amazing color payoff, toxic-free formulation, and very good quality of the dual-ended tips, this set is really worth it. If you want a cheap yet high caliber copic markers dupe, get this set now!

8. Memoffice Dual Tips Alcohol Markers

memoffice dual tips alcohol markers

While using these markers, it was such a breeze. I had an amazing time drawing and coloring, especially while using the narrow tip side of the markers. I was able to create beautifully accurate details of the project I was making and it resulted in a more pleasing portrait.

These also come with two sides – a broad side and a narrow side. This is really helpful in terms of properly creating a more detailed project. However, the main star of this set of markers is the big color selection.

With 80 different colors to choose from, any artist would be thrilled to have these markers! The markers in this set come in double-ended tips with color-coded caps for easy identification. The colors are extremely vibrant but still smooth. This set of markers really has the perfect blend of intensity and consistency.

For how much they worth, the quality is really nice. Even though these are off brand alcohol markers, the application process is smooth and it does not tug on the paper as I glide it across. The colors also show up pretty well and the color selection is pretty solid.

You get a nice number of browns, greys, peachy shades, and other colors of the rainbow. The color selection is varied and I had a great time using these markers. I appreciate the fact that there are quite a few skin shades that are included in this set.

My projects turned out great, the colors and tones are accurate but I did experience a little bit of leaking.

This set of beautifully pigmented markers also comes with one colorless blender marker. This helped me a lot during the blending process because I was able to fuse two colors together. With the help of this blender marker, my artwork came out seamless and well-put-together.

As an artist, I find this set calming and nostalgic. It brings me back to the days when I was just starting and finding my art style. These markers make me feel comfortable and using these as my main art material was a great experience.

What We Liked
  • The fine tip portion is great for detailing
  • Smooth and pigmented ink
  • Varied color selection with different skin shades
  • Easy to blend thanks to the colorless blender marker
What We Didn't Like
  • Has the tendency to leak if left without a cap for too long

I am pretty sure that both beginners and those with advanced skill sets will appreciate this set of markers. The quality is amazing, and I think that they are good copic marker alternatives.

9. Artsy Magic Alcohol Permanent Art Markers

artsy magic alcohol permanent art markers

Let’s be honest – copics are one of the best materials to use for coloring your artworks. However, copic pens are overly expensive, so we must find markers that are similar to copic but cheaper.

As artists, it is essential for us to find the perfect materials that will provide us with great consistency and application. Now, as I ventured into this specific set of markers, I was taken aback.

This set from Artsy Magic is filled with 80 pieces of markers with double-ended features. It has a fine tip side and a chisel point side. This provides artists a more versatile art material, because the artist will already have the same color for different types of finishes.

After using these markers for a while, I realized that they still bleed if used on regular paper. As a tip, I believe that if you are going to use an alcohol-based marker, opt for a thicker paper or canvas.

My experience with this set of markers is that they are really easy to blend. Even though there is no free blender marker, I was still able to blend two colors perfectly. There were no blotches and streaks all throughout my whole experience.

In the past, I have used some markers that are a little bit on the dry side but these are not like those. I really like these markers because they are extremely juicy but the ink disposal is still consistent and not too intense.

Based on my usage of these markers, I think that they are almost just as good as copics! The blend almost the exact same way and I only paid for a fraction of the price of a copic set. The quality of these markers is really top-notch!

The quality of these markers is great but what makes it even better is the price point. With such an affordable price, I did not expect to get such excellent quality copic markers alternative. But the pouch that it came with is actually low quality, but I could not complain because the products are too good!

What We Liked
  • Affordable and cost-efficient
  • Multifunctional
  • High quality ink disposal
  • Beautiful layering
What We Didn't Like
  • The carrying case that it came with broke immediately within just a week

These markers are cheap copic marker alternative! These are cost-efficient, practical, and the quality of the markers is great. I enjoyed my experience while using the Artsy Magic markers, so get yours now and try it for yourself.

10. Smart Color Art Markers

smart color art markers

What I love the most about this set is the long life span of the inks. These could be applied to clothes, glass, and other forms of canvases that any artist would like to use. I find this really interesting because this feature allows artists to express their art in the way that they really want to!

Honestly, I was so thrilled to try these markers out because I am still looking for the best copic marker alternatives. As I used this set of markers, I immediately liked them! As an artist, I am quite picky when it comes to what materials I use, and I believe that this set is worth the try.

With 66 different colors, this set did not disappoint. These have dual-ended tips as well. A broad tip for filling in colors and a fine tip for intrinsic detailing. While using these markers, I immediately noticed how easily they blend. They rarely bleed – they perform just the same as copics!

To my surprise, these markers glide so beautifully. I find it hard to believe that these are not real copic markers! I had a blast in using these to create beautiful projects. I also love the packaging because it is sleek and professional looking. There is also a color on the cap as well as a number that corresponds to the specific color that it represents.

Just like the other sets, this one also contains a colorless blender marker for easier blending. But based on my experience, I rarely had to reach for this one! The colors already work their magic because they immediately blend with each other.

As for the packaging, I appreciate the round and flexible barrels. It is comfortable to use and I find it easier to grip because of the flexibility of the barrels. I appreciate the design because it shows that the company really cares for the comfort of the artists that will be using their markers!

What We Liked
  • Long life span of inks
  • Can be used on different canvases such as glass and clothes
  • Flexible barrels for the artist’s comfort
  • They blend beautifully well
What We Didn't Like
  • None

I guess it is safe to say that this is an amazing set of markers! I would recommend these as one of the best and cheap markers like copic. This set is perfect for beginners and professional artists because it provides amazing consistency and intensity!

11. Art-n-Fly Brush Markers

art-n-fly brush markers

This set of markers come in 48 pieces and while they are obviously a little bit more pricey as compared to the other sets on this list, the great thing is that these have replaceable nibs of up to 15 times! This means that you do not have to purchase the whole set again just to get the specific colors that you have already emptied.

The design of these markers is also note-worthy. It is shaped like a hexagon and I find it comfortable to use and grip. I did not have a hard time in manipulating it; my hand and wrist did not feel any complications.

The packaging is a simple white with the color of the marker on the caps. I find it helpful because as an artist, it would easier for me to know which marker I should grab based on the specific color that I want to use.

I also appreciate that these markers have two different ends. It has a brush marker on the other side and a wide chisel tip on the other. I like this feature because it feels like I got two markers for each one!

However, what I love the most about these copic markers dupe is that the tips are real Japanese brush tips! I find that every detail I put into my projects are constructed with purity and accuracy. While using these markers, I also saw how greatly they layer. There are no harsh lines and I did not experience any form of streaking.

These markers are remarkably outstanding quality and I experienced such a smooth application during my art process. I genuinely enjoyed using these and I probably will continue to use these markers in the future.

Another thing that I like is that the free pouch includes dividers for each pen! I find this really helpful because, with this, the markers will stay upright and not fall. This makes it easier for me to see and locate the next marker that I would like to use.

The only thing I did not like is the color selection – there are some colors that are extremely similar with each other. There could have been other colors but since there are too many of the same shades, some markers are kind of irrelevant to the set.

What We Liked
  • Genuine Japanese brush tips
  • Amazing pigmentation and layering
  • Pouch has dividers
  • Replaceable nibs
What We Didn't Like
  • Many repeating colors

I would use this marker again! This set is probably one of the best alternatives to copic markers. If you want an easy and smooth application with premium pigmentation, get this set now.

12. US Art Supply Super Markers

us art supply super markers

What I like about these cheap copic marker alternatives is the pretty basic color selection but still a strong foundation for a nice artwork. I believe that having a nice base of colors will help any artist in creating their projects.

The color selection is a great feature because there are varied tones and shades for each color. They blend pretty well and the color payoff is great. The ink flow disposal is consistent and it glides on nicely. However, the bleeding is quite noticeable.

These markers are also double-ended, meaning there are broad chisel tips end and a smaller tip on the other side. The smaller side is not a fine tip, so I had a hard time creating a more detailed work. It is more of a rounded tip and I noticed that these markers tend to bleed easier than some markers I have tried in the past. They look just like normal copic markers.

I love how these markers do not have a strong alcohol or faux smell! It does not smell overwhelming at all. I also appreciate that the colors are not dried out when they arrived and the box container that it came with is pretty solid. It is fully capable of holding my markers well and it keeps them intact.

I also like how each marker is labeled with the specific name but the caps are not exactly the same shade as the markers. I advise swatching every marker on a sheet of paper in order to know their true color payoff first before using it and just basing on the color of the caps.

What We Liked
  • Sturdy and nice box holder
  • Great pigmentation
  • Nice color selection
What We Didn't Like
  • Bleeding
  • Misleading cap color

13. Faber-Castell DuoTip Washable Markers

faber-castell duotip washable markers

In this set of markers similar to copic, there are a total of 24 pieces of markers. At first, I thought that these would be the typical two-ended markers with the same color for two different sides but I was wrong. I discovered that for each marker, there are two different colors!

First of all, I really enjoyed the duality of the markers. It is my first time using a double-ended marker such as this and I really had a great time! As an artist, I was really excited to try it out.
These really are high quality markers. As I used them, I noticed that they do not bleed as much as I thought they would.

They layer amazingly on top of each other and their colors could be intensified by adding another layer.

Honestly, while using these I felt as if they were premium quality markers. The vibrant colors are intense without being too much. I was able to create various artworks with great color payoff.

The tips of these markers are also nice. It has a pointed tip but it could be slanted and the brush will be able to cover a wider area – just like a chisel tip end. I find it convenient because it means that I could just use one marker for both detailing and filling in colors.

Another thing that I really love about these markers is their ability to be rehydrated. If you feel like your markers are starting to get a bit dry, you can just dip the tips on water and that will instantly rehydrate your pens.

Lastly, these markers are extremely affordable! For beginners who would like to practice but do not want to invest in expensive markers, these are the perfect cheap copic alternatives!

What We Liked
  • 2 colors in 1 marker
  • Multifunctional tips
  • Can be rehydrated
  • Really affordable
What We Didn't Like
  • None

So far, I like these markers a lot! I would recommend these to anyone – beginners, advanced artists, and even professional artists. These are a bang for your buck and it will be a great addition to your collection of art materials. Many people will really love this set!

14. MinCHI257 Alcohol Markers

minchi257 alcohol markers

The shape of these copic marker dupes is in a square form and this helps artists in having a better grip on them. It also prevents the markers from rolling off the table while they are not being used by the artists.

With the markers came a pouch that held the markers in place. It is quite sturdy and it is able to contain the markers without breaking. I appreciate this pouch because it has a nice quality to it.
With 80 pigmented and vibrant colors, these markers are note-worthy.

Each marker has a double-ended tip. On one side is a broad chisel and on the other side in a fine point nib. With these, I am able to fill in colors accurately and create details that are more life-like and beautiful.

As for the color selection, I really enjoyed mixing and matching them. I had a great time in using them for my sample projects. They blend exceptionally well and the bleeding is not that noticeable!

However, the only thing I noticed is that these markers have the tendency to dry out pretty quickly. But for the price, it could be easily overlooked.
These markers are perfect for those who are starting their journey on alcohol-based ink markers. It could be an amazing alternative to copic markers because its quality is could be a match for expensive ones.

What We Liked
  • Nice shape for perfect grip
  • Sturdy pouch
  • Vibrant and pigmented colors
  • Great color selection
What We Didn't Like
  • Tends to dry out easily

For the price, this set of markers is really great. I would recommend this to beginners and those whose hobby is illustrative art. With the supreme pigmentation and amazing layering of these markers, I think they are good copic marker alternatives.

How To Choose Copic Marker Alternatives?

how to choose copic marker alternative


There are a lot of substitute for copic sketch markers and the prices differ drastically. It is always safe to choose something that is not too cheap but not too expensive as well. The cheaper ones are probably low quality and that means that it will streak easily and leak.

While the expensive ones are almost as expensive as copics so it is more practical to just purchase an actual copic marker than an alternative if you are going to spend the same amount of money.

Choose a set of markers that are appropriately priced. Make sure that they are cost-efficient and worth it.

It Should be Versatile

All markers could be applied on paper but it is hard to find a formulation that can adhere to ink-resistant surfaces. As an artist, it is essential for you to pick a set that could be used on glass, clothes, and other forms of surfaces.

Other than that, it should have a double-ended side for a chisel end and a pointe tip end. This will ensure that you will have more choices on the design and detail that you would like to incorporate into your project.

Excellent Quality Nibs

Make sure that the markers that you are planning to get posses high quality nibs. This will ensure that the application process will be streak-free and blotch-free. There is nothing worse than a beautiful artwork that is ruined by poor ink quality of the markers.

Easily Blended and Consistent Ink

The quality of your copic marker alternative solely relies on how consistent the ink disposal is and how easy it is to blend. Why should you invest in a marker that has an inconsistent application? It is important to do proper testing and swatches of the markers first before making your final decision.

Choose What Feels the Most Comfortable

After all, it is you who will be using the markers so it is important that you feel comfortable with them. Keep in mind that it is you who will be manipulating them during your creative sessions so choose the markers that you like the most.

Is Ohuhu cheaper than Copic?

Yes, it is. Ohuhu’s collection of markers is much more affordable than Copic products. A quick visit through Copic markers, you can see the price tag as high as $400 for a set of 72-color sketch markers.

However, you can find a set of 216 colors of alcohol markers along with water-based brush pens at a price lower than $200.
Also, a collection of 100 colors in a dual-tip coloring brush of Ohuhu is available on various platforms at below $50. I notice that the brand gives buyers a sketchbook along with their marker set, too.

Artists can also purchase a set of dual-tip watercolor markers featuring both a brush tip and a fine tip at as low as $25, depending on the distribution websites.

That’s to say, there’s a huge difference between Copic and Ohuhu products’ pricing.

However, we have to consider the ink quality and designs of these brands to see if the price reflects their value. Some will still consider an investment in Copic markers worth it for their arts. Others with a lower budget are satisfied with the vivid colors of Ohuhu pens.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

best copic marker alternative reviews

Who is This For?

These are perfect not only for professional artists but for normal people as well. Those who find peace and enjoy playing with colors – coloring books, drawing illustrations, and filling out manga comic books will surely appreciate this set of markers because of its amazing quality. These products are for everyone who enjoys art even if it is just a hobby and not professionally.

What are The Advantages of Using Copic Markers Alternative?

These sets of beautifully arranged pens are efficient and perform almost just the same as a regular copic marker. So why should you spend tons of money for a copic marker when you can avail a set of cheap copic marker alternatives for a very reasonable price?

What are The Disadvantages of Using Copic Markers Alternative?

Even though some copic alternatives are of high quality, there is still nothing else that can beat copic as a whole. There are a lot of differences such as bleeding, the alcohol smell, as well as the way that alternative markers glide onto the paper.

What is The Best Brand of Copic Marker Alternative?

Prismacolor is the best alternative brand and it is dedicated in providing amazing products for their customers. It has a lot of substitutes for copic sketch markers, and at a cheaper price, you will be able to get the same quality. Their copic markers alternative are really efficient and get the job done.

What Markers are Comparable to Copic?

Some alcohol-based ink markers from Prismacolor, Kuretake, Touch Twin, Ohuhu, and Winsor & Newton Promarker are very similar to copic markers. Out of the brands that were mentioned, I recommend Prismacolor markers as the most comparable marker to copic.

Are Ohuhu Markers as Good as Copic Markers?

The two types of markers are almost the same – their grips are amazing, they both have a nice quality of application, the ink on both markers do not bleed, and the colors that they produce are always consistent and seamless. However, the brush tips of ohuhu markers tend to fray.

Why are Copic Markers Expensive?

They are often more expensive than other alcohol-based markers because they are the most versatile marker that an artist could use. However, off brand copic markers are always just as good as copics and they are more affordable too.


As artists, it is essential for us to find the perfect art materials for our craft. However, we should not spend a lot of money just to produce beautiful projects. However, many people other than artists also seek out for copic alternatives.

There are a lot of materials that we could use, and I believe that the ones on this list are the best copic marker alternatives that are currently available now on the market. So what are you waiting for? Get a copic marker alternative now!

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