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The Best Glitter Gel Pens in 2024

glitter gel pens

Would we use regular pens for our DIY projects of handcrafted cards, letters, and artworks that need a dash of embellishments? Well, of course, not.
Indeed, we need the best glitter gel pens to create stunning shimmers and vibrant colors. But which pen set should we use for our projects? Selection can be tricky since every brand offers a big lineup of glitter gel pens.

To make things a lot easier for you, I’ve compiled a roundup of the best picks in the market, along with a buying guide for you to get the right ones.

Glitter Gel Pen Reviews

1. REAEON Glitter Gel Markers

reaeon glitter gel markers

The staggering number of pens in this collection truly is a delight. REAEON knocks it out of the park with this 200-piece set; it is a pack of 100 gel pens and 100 free refills. Artists, hobbyists, and everyone who loves to play with shimmery shades for coloring books will find this pen kit a sweet treat.

Besides the aesthetically pleasing range of colors, the manufacturer takes it up a notch with excellent ink flow. Each pigmented shade lends a smooth application, making it much easier to write and fill in sections or shapes.

What I also love about it is the quality of ink. It does not bleed through the paper or easily smear, thereby keeping the artwork neat and free from ugly blotches. Plus, the ink is acid-free, lead-free, and non-toxic. With such a formula, these glitter gel ink pens are very safe for everyone to use, particularly kids.

When it comes to its packaging, I must say I’m very impressed with the neat organization and compilation of the colors. It comes with a clear case where each pen is intact and hence, prevents it from falling out. They are very accessible and putting them back is hassle-free.

However, it seems that the pens consume a lot of ink every time I use it. But thanks to the refills, I’ll have a backup in case the ink runs out.

What We Liked
  • A 200-piece set; 100 gel pens and 100 refills
  • It has a smooth ink flow
  • It doesn’t bleed and doesn’t smudge easily
  • Acid-free, lead-free, and non-toxic ink
  • Able to deliver vibrant and shimmery shades
What We Didn't Like
  • The ink seems to run out fast

Despite this slight issue, this glitter gel pens set is a great value for money. It offers an extensive selection of colors that can flourish your art with beautiful glitters and shades.

2. Eye Art Glitter Gel Pens

aen art glitter gel pen

If you’ve just started a career or hobby in drawing and decorating cards and invitations, this 30-piece glitter pen kit might just be the ideal pick for you. Aen Art offers a nice collection of colored gel markers that can spruce up your work in every detail.

It has 30 different unique colors that can create artistic effects on your work. Apart from the 18 standard colors, it includes 12 neon glitter gel pens. Whether you’re scrapbooking or just doodling, it’s fascinating to see that every shade is very vibrant.

This set also comes with the basic colors that are ideal for vivid definitions. I can use the black glitter pen for outlining letters and drawings while the gold glitter pen gives a sophisticated touch.

I like how it refines the details of your art with a pop of color without worrying about the smudges. Surprisingly, it doesn’t bleed, especially when used on cards and great quality papers.

Moreover, the tips aren’t sharp nor dull. The writing transition of the pens is smooth, leaving you with no trouble when coloring the corners of your art. I also like using them in adding lively deets and shades on my calligraphy work.

Another feature I like about these pens is the non-toxic ink. This ensures safety, more importantly as a lot of children also engage in coloring and drawing using glitter pens. The ink is long-lasting and acid-free which means that it won’t fade easily over time without damaging or weakening the paper structure.

I don’t have any problems with the pens themselves except for the packaging. It feels a bit flimsy, though.

What We Liked
  • A set of 30 glittered gel pens
  • Includes 18 standard colors and 12 neon colors
  • Adds a pop of color on your art with the vibrant shades
  • Acid-free and non-toxic ink; safe for everyone to use
  • Able to deliver smooth writing
What We Didn't Like
  • The packaging feels flimsy

Anyhow, the combination of standard glittered pens and neon pens is a superb treat for art aficionados. It has sufficient color count to elevate your art with bright and vivid hues.

3. TANMIT 33 Colors Glitter Gel Pens

tanmit 33 colors glitter gel pens

This Tanmit 33-piece set stands out with its high-precision pens. Not only do they promote effortless writing and coloring but they also give off beautiful sparkles on your craft.

The manufacturer boasts its long-lasting ink that contains more gel ink than other standard gel pens. This improves the quality and flow of ink while keeping the vibrancy of colors on point. With its high-quality ink, the pens deliver exceptional smoothness as they glide on paper.

Other than that, the 1.0 mm fine tip makes a significant difference in its performance. It can create fine and precise lines while decorating each stroke with stunning shimmers. Therefore, if you’re up for creative projects such as DIY decors and letters, greeting cards, or invitations, these glitter pens will do the trick!

Similar to the previous glitter pens, this brand also uses acid-free and non-toxic ink to make sure that adults, aspiring artists, and young kids can safely use them. Even children around 3 years old and above can use these pens without worrying about any toxic elements.

I also like how every pen feels good in the hand because of the rubber grips. While this design keeps the pen from falling or slipping, it also makes writing and drawing more comfortable.

The slight pitfall I found is the consistency of ink flow. Sometimes, there’s too much ink but at times, it seems that there isn’t enough.

What We Liked
  • A set of neon and glitter gel pens
  • Provides smooth application
  • A set of high-precision pens for exceptional smoothness
  • Ideal for young and adult art lovers
  • It has rubber grips for added comfort
What We Didn't Like
  • Some pens have inconsistent ink flow

These glitter pens are a nice addition to your art arsenal, nonetheless. Apart from the delightful glimmers, these colorful pens can provide precise lines and illustrations that both young and adults can enjoy.

4. DasKid Color Artist Gel Pens

daskid color artist gel pens

The first thing I loved about this gel pen set is the sturdy travel case. Every artist would want to keep its essentials neat and organized to prevent any leakage or messy spills. DasKid does a great job on this.

Besides the packaging, I find the range of colors quite impressive. Everything’s piled up in order – from the metallics to neon and pastel gel pens. Plus, it comes with 48 refills that come in very handy in case the ink runs out.

When it comes to their performance, the pens glide well on paper without a gritty feel. The pens are designed with fine ballpoint tips for smooth and precise application. Each pen also has rubber grips for comfortable drawing and coloring. They are easy to hold and use.

The shades, on the other hand, are pigmented and every stroke is a wonderful surprise. The sheerness of colors is impeccably beautiful. This pen kit is a blend of neon gel pens, pastel gel pens, and metallic gel pens and hence, you’ll have a lot of options to mix and play when you’re making projects or just doodling your scrapbook.

The ink also flows smoothly and won’t bleed whether I use them for coloring and notetaking. You just have to make sure that the ink dries before you write or layer another color as it can easily smear.

What We Liked
  • A 96-piece set of glitter gel pens; 48 gel pens and 48 refills
  • Offers very pigmented shades
  • Glides smoothly on surface or paper
  • It is comfortable to hold due to its rubber grip
  • It does not bleed
  • It comes in a sturdy and organized pen case
What We Didn't Like
  • Some pens seem to be very inky

Overall, these glitter ink pens are quite a steal for its pricing mark. This 96-piece set showcases a remarkable color collection that can definitely spur fun and creativity between young ones and the young at heart!

5. TANMIT 80 Colors Glitter Gel Markers

tanmit 80 colors glitter gel markers

The sparkles are on point with this 80-piece set. And when Tanmit says they’re all glitters, it isn’t kidding. With just a couple of strokes, I can tell that this brand doesn’t skimp on the quality. The colors amazingly pop because of its vibrant and bright hues without minimizing the opacity and sheerness.

The smoothness of these pens is like butter. I didn’t experience any rough or scratchy feel as I used it. The pens have 0.8 fine tips, which I think makes a significant effect on its performance. Besides that, the ink flow is seamless, thereby preventing any blobs and smears.

I also have to highlight its fast-drying ink, allowing it to settle right on the dot. At the same time, it keeps the ink from smudging. You can even add layers of colors without worrying about any messy splashes of colors.

With such a formula, I find it an advantage when coloring adult coloring books that typically have very intricate details and spaces to fill in. Plus, the ink is acid-free, non-toxic, and water-based.

When it comes to the longevity of ink, I can see that it doesn’t easily wear out or fade over time. If you take a closer look, each ink tube is full so it won’t run empty with just a couple of uses. And when it does eventually, it’s very convenient to have a complete pack of refills. This saves time, money, and effort to purchase a separate set of refills.

Moreover, the pens are crafted with rubber grips. With this design, it lends a comfy feel in the hand and this makes drawing and coloring a lot easier. However, I noticed that it writes better after shaking the pen a few times.

What We Liked
  • An 80-piece set of sparkly gel pens
  • Features vibrant and bright hues with high-quality shimmers
  • It uses non-toxic, acid-free, and water-based ink
  • Excellent ink flow
  • Fast-drying ink; does not cause blotches or smudges
  • Long-lasting colors that don’t fade quickly
What We Didn't Like
  • You may have to shake the pen a few times for better performance

These gel glitter pens don’t disappoint in terms of quality and performance. The fast-drying ink, vibrant shades, and seamless application make this set a topnotch choice for beginners and gel pen connoisseurs alike!

6. ColorIt 48 Glitter Gel Pens

colorit 48 glitter gel pens

Whether it’s a gift for a loved one or just another addition on your stash of shimmery gel pens, Colorit backs you up with its 96-piece set. First of all, the glittery zippered case is eye-candy and it surprises you with a magical array of gel pens that are carefully named and coded!

While this adds a nice detail, the codes and names are a clever way to let you identify which ink refill matches each pen! Just so you know, this set is a combination of 48 glitter pens and 48 refills; you won’t have a hard time finding the perfect ink cartridges when the inks run empty.

Back to its features, these color-coded ballpoint pens are designed with 1.0mm tips that render effortless writing. They give off a smooth application in every stroke, allowing you to create artistic illustrations and a refined range of colors. Whether you use it for coloring or simply just coloring, it’ll do the job!

Aside from its fine tip, the smooth flowing ink adds to its performance. Although the ink is rich, I’m surprised that it does not bleed through the paper. The ink is also acid-free which makes the pens very forgiving when it comes to the paper type. As it also uses water-based ink, it’s free from any harsh chemicals and ingredients; it’s safe for everyone to use.

Crafted with ergonomic grips, the pens lend a long-lasting and comfortable feel even when you use it for doodling or writing for hours.

What I’m missing in this set is a true black color that I can use for rendering dark outlines. It only has a silver glitter pen that’s a bit grayish. But it isn’t a big deal, though.

What We Liked
  • A set of 96 gel pens; 48 glitter pens and 48 refills
  • Designed with 1.0mm tips for fine writing
  • It lends an effortless performance in every glide
  • Acid-free and water-based ink
  • Vibrant and super shimmery colored pens
  • Comes in a compact and travel-friendly glitter case
What We Didn't Like
  • It doesn’t include a true black glitter gel pen

Needless to say, this gel pen set offers an array of pleasant glittery colors that can ramp up your art. It also stands out with its travel-friendly design and compact case that lets you work anywhere while keeping your pens from awful mess!

7. VaOlA ART Glitter Gel Pens

vaola art glitter gel pens

If you’re practicing your skills and techniques in drawing and coloring, you can start with the basics using the 24-piece glitter gel pens from VaOIA. The additional 24-piece gel pen refills are convenient extras to keep your ink running!

Before I get into the rest of the colors, I want to highlight the inclusion of black, brown, and silver pens. I think these colors are mandatory, particularly for a beginner set. Not only do they balance out the selection of colors but they also produce solid outlines that can define the details of your art.

Other than that, the set even has a white glitter pen that works great against a black or dark paper. You can also use it to accentuate the details with shimmering highlights.

In terms of performance, the pens glide seamlessly in every stroke and transition. Because of this, the colors give off exceptionally vibrant hues while keeping the glitters shiny and sparkly at all times. I also have used it for coloring patterns and mandalas and it lends a magical touch every time.

The art pens also have thicker ink rods and hence, the inks don’t run empty with a few uses. The ink, moreover, flows well and essentially lubricates the tips for effortless application. Aside from that, it’s also non-toxic so if you have kids who’d love to play with these gel pens, they can do so. These pens are safe to use.

I find this an excellent starter kit for those who want to get into coloring and decorating creative projects. I just wish that the pens had rubber grips for additional comfort.

What We Liked
  • A 48-piece set that contains ink refills and gel pens
  • Includes basic gel pen colors
  • Gives off very sparkly textures and vivid colors
  • Easy to hold and use
  • It has long-lasting ink
  • Non-toxic ink
What We Didn't Like
  • The pens don’t have rubber grips

Still, you’ll have the essentials in this glitter pen kit to improve your craft. You can unleash your creativity with gel pens without spending a costly outlay on a beginner set.

8. Arteza Glitter Gel Pens

arteza glitter gel pens

When your art calls for versatile glitter pens, you can let this Arteza gel pen set take over the job. It comprises 14 unique colors that are ideal for adult coloring, scrapbooking, journaling, and even notetaking. I also find the ink quality and richness quite impressive, especially when supplementing decorative details on cards and invitations.

The variety of colors is limited to the basic shades, which is just perfect for beginners who want to practice their coloring techniques. Perhaps, those who love to doodle and take notes with colorful hues without spending a lot of money can find this set quite a steal.

Each pen exhibits sturdy and long-lasting 0.8 to 1.0mm metal tips. I’m amazed by its performance along with the steady ink flow. This spruces up the glide, thereby keeping it smooth and easy without a skippy feel. Moreover, the ink is acid-free and non-toxic. It doesn’t bleed or smear.

The glitters are superb with this set. Even with just a few strokes and light pressures, you can build the color right on the dot. The clarity and opacity are on point. And because a little goes a long way with these pens, the ink doesn’t run out easily even after using it for a few months.

Although I’m missing a rubber grip in this design, this brand boasts its triangular grip that features etched grooves on its structure. With such a design, this ensures solid and more comfortable writing and coloring experience. You can also get into the details of your work with precise and intricate strokes.

But in case you want to know how much ink you’ve already used, it has a visible ink level because of its transparent plastic material. My only problem is that the caps don’t seem to fit very well.

What We Liked
  • A 14-piece set of premium quality gel pens
  • It uses acid-free and non-toxic ink
  • Offers continuous ink flow for seamless performance
  • Produces highly pigmented and shiny colors
  • It has a triangular grip for a comfortable feel in the hand
  • Allows you to check the ink level
What We Didn't Like
  • The caps fall off sometimes

Anyhow, these pens fall under an affordable pricing mark without compromising its quality. They’ve got a bright and glittery range of colors that can give your work an awesome revamp.

9. Color Technik Glitter Gel Pens

color technik glitter gel pens

When it comes to quality and performance, Color Technik does not fall behind with its lineup of art materials such as this 12-piece glitter pen set. Surely, they’ve retained only the basic shades in this kit but every pen is an outstanding piece that defines understated sparkles.

Unlike most gel pens, this brand focuses on the sheen and not the large speckles of glitters. The dainty bits of glitters lends a smooth and even textures and consistencies. I like how it delivers the sparks and beautifies my art with subtle glittery deets.

Aside from that, the ink flow doesn’t get stuck in the way. That’s why the tips expel ink right on the dot, thereby allowing the pen to go on with its performance without any scratchy feel and skippy lines.

With its high-quality non-toxic and acid-free ink, this wonderful set is reliable for various art projects and crafts such as coloring books, journals, scrapbooks, DIY decors and letters, and a lot more.

I also like how the rubber grips feel in my hand. It provides a snug fit which elevates the comfort of writing, coloring, and drawing. This lets you take on your creative works with ease.

However, I noticed that some of these pens don’t work well on dark or black paper.

What We Liked
  • It consists of 12 unique colors
  • It gives off a subtle sheen in every stroke
  • Offers effortless application with its precise tips
  • Versatile pens that can be used for various art projects
  • It has comfy grips to let you work at ease
What We Didn't Like
  • Some of the pens are not very visible on a black or dark paper

Overall, the brand is true to what it claims it to be; it’s among the best gel pens that you can find in the market. It offers a promising quality that can brighten up your art with subtle glimmers in every detail.

10. Taotree Glitter Gel Pens Markers

taotree glitter gel pens markers

If you wish to expand your palette with a dash of neon colors, you don’t want to miss this 32-piece glitter pen set from Taotree. The standard colors are present but what caught my eye is the selection of neon glitter colors. Both groups of colors are bright and vivid, though.

Upon application, the ink flow is smooth as silk. I’m surprised how there aren’t any skips or pooling despite the hefty amount of glitters. They are incredibly sparkly but the glitters don’t overwhelm the vibrancy of colors.

It’s safe to say that they’re well-balanced which is perfect for various forms of arts and crafts such as coloring books, card marking, or even just doodling.

Even when the ink is super pigmented and juicy, I find it pretty amazing how it doesn’t smear or bleed through paper even if it’s just a cheap type of paper.

While it can work well with different paper qualities, the smoothness of ink also relies on its durable fine tips. It comes with a fine point tip of 0.8mm to 1.0mm that can create precise and even fine lines.

What I also like about it is the fast-drying ink. I think it’s one of its focal features that prevent the ink from smearing and getting through the paper. As it also dries quickly, I can add layers or enhance the depth of colors without worrying about ugly smudges.

On the other hand, the drawback falls on the longevity of the ink. It’s a shame that the ink seems to run out quickly after just a few uses.

What We Liked
  • It has very glittery ink but doesn’t skip
  • Offers smooth flowing ink for continuous application
  • It is designed with fine tips for precise lines
  • It has fast-drying ink
  • Able to deliver deep streaks of colors
What We Didn't Like
  • The ink seems to run empty too quickly

Overall, this is a decent pen set that’s worth a try if you’re after workable glitter colors and fast-drying ink that you can use for assorted art projects.

11. Shuttle Art Glitter Gel Pens

shuttle art glitter gel pens

If you think a hundred isn’t enough, then this 240-piece pack of glitter pens might be more than what you need. It’s a massive collection of glitter gel pens for coloring, card marking, making illustrations, decorating cards and invitations, and all sorts of DIY and creative projects you could think of.

This set contains 120 glitter gel pens to let you enhance the features and details of your work. It also has 120 refills to make sure your inks won’t run out while you’re in the middle of an art session. Besides that, the ink is long-lasting, non-toxic, and acid-free.

In addition to that, the excellent ink flow jives with the sturdy fine tip and hence, the pen renders convenient and smooth writing. Plus, the pens are comfortable to hold, allowing you to draw, write, or color with ease.

As you take delight in its performance, the pens also burst out in colors and glitters. If you look a lot closer to the swatches of shades, the glitters are small specks that provide shiny streaks. The colors are rich but they don’t smear or bleed through.

Truly, with its affordable price tag, you’ll have a lot in your art stash without breaking your bank. But here’s a caveat: the refills and pens are not coded which I find quite tough to match with one another.

What We Liked
  • Offers a vast array of glitter gel pens
  • It uses long-lasting, acid-free, and non-toxic ink
  • Smooth flowing ink for effortless coloring, writing, or drawing
  • Produces colorful and very shimmery hues
  • It does not smear or bleed through
What We Didn't Like
  • The refills and gel pens are not number-coded or name-coded

Still, it is a decent purchase in exchange for a low-cost outlay. Artists of all ages will surely enjoy the lovely sparkles of glitter inks and its convenient design.

12. Feela Glitter Gel Pens

feela glitter gel pens

For another glitter pen set that will satisfy your craving for colors and glitters, this Feela 200-piece set is probably the next on your shopping list.

It is a spectrum of unique colors that you can mix and play whenever you decorate cards and invitations, make illustrations, or just want to add a nice pop of colors on your artwork and coloring books.

The ink is long-lasting. As it flows continuously to let the tips glide on smoothly, it can tolerate any quality of the paper and won’t cause smearing or bleeding. The shades are incredibly vibrant while the glitters give off artistic effects to your artwork.

The tips, on the other hand, don’t have that rough feel. Besides the consistent ink flow, the quality of the tips also makes a lot of difference in its performance. Therefore, it can create precise lines and intricate notes on your craft. It can also produce highlights and defined outlines, especially when you’re using black and silver pens.

In terms of body design, it still lends a nice feel in the hand despite not having any rubber grips. It’s still easy and comfortable to hold.

The only letdown on this set is the presentation. Everything’s great except for the flimsy plastic packaging.

What We Liked
  • A 200-piece set; 100 glitter pens and 100 ink refills
  • It has fine tips for precise strokes
  • Comfortable pen body for ease of use
  • Offers great ink flow
  • It does not cause bleeding or smearing
What We Didn't Like
  • The packaging looks cheap

Despite that slight issue, this set is one of the affordable sets you can find out there. It offers a colorful array of glitter pens that are a perfect treat for those who wish to play with colors.

How To Choose Glitter Gel Pens

how to choose glitter gel pens

Color Options

These pens are all about mesmerizing and vibrant colors. That’s why the first thing you’d probably check is the selection of colors. You’d be happy to know that these pens are typically available in sets.

In this way, you won’t have a tough time purchasing the pens by piece to come up with a complete palette. Many gel pen kits offer standard glitter colors but you may also find many sets that include neon and metallic shades.

The least count would usually be around 10 pens but you can find massive collections of 100 to 200 glitter pens. However, this hefty count is typically inclusive of ink refills.

Other than that, another way to choose your ideal range of colors is to consider your skills, preferences, and techniques. If you are a beginner, you may start with the basic shades or sets with lower counts so you can easily play and match the colors.

If your favorite pastime is adult coloring, extensive collections of glitter gel pens are definitely a color feast and would probably be an ideal option for your creative projects. You may also consider this option if you often make illustrations or decorate handcrafted cards or invitations.

Glitter Finish and Opacity

The best glitter pens are all about those sparkly particles that refurbish your work with a splendid sheen. Considering this, there are glitter pens that give off different glitter finishes. Most glitter inks have larger specks and glitter flakes that are clearly visible when applied on a paper.

This renders a sleek and reflective gleam that looks very magical under a bright light. As glitter pens highlight the elegance of glitters, this doesn’t overwhelm the vibrancy and brightness of their colors.

Some pens, on the other hand, have metallic inks that give off a different kind of sheen. Although impeccably lavish and stunning, a metallic finish exhibits dainty and very fine specks of glitters that are not clearly seen with the naked eye. However, it produces a smooth and even shimmer.

Ink Refills

A lot of manufacturers include ink refills in their glitter pen sets. Not only does it minimize the hassle of purchasing them separately but it also assures you that the ink cartridges or refills are compatible with your pens. This is another essential factor to consider, particularly when you frequently use these pens and eventually need refills in case the ink runs out. There are a lot of sets that offer half of the count as ink refills.

Ink Flow and Application

For an artist who loves to express its creativity through coloring, doodling, and drawing, nothing feels better than to have a pen that delivers smooth and sleek strokes.

Truly, ink flow can make or break your pen. While this allows the pen to glide effortlessly on the surface or drawing material, an excellent ink flow provides solid layers of colors and pigmented shades. This also wards off any leaks that can cause messy blotches on your work.

Besides the flow, you should also determine what type of ink your pen has. It’s very important to know whether the ink is non-toxic or not, especially if you’re letting young children or students use the gel pens. Luckily, most of the glitter pens on the market have non-toxic inks for safety use.

You may also come across manufacturer labels that highlight acid-free ink. This emphasizes the longevity of the ink that doesn’t easily fade or wear out over time. It also makes the pen more forgiving when it comes to the type of paper being used and hence, it preserves the quality and structure of the paper.

Furthermore, the smooth application also depends on the size and quality of tips. Most of these pens feature very fine tips for precise and effortless application. Make sure that the tip dispenses ink continuously. Otherwise, the tip would feel a little bit gritty and scratchy which may damage or chafe the surface of the paper.

Comfort and Grip

Apart from their familiar feel and design, most of these gel pens are crafted with rubber grips so they feel nice in the hand. With a more snug fit, this allows the user to write, color, or draw comfortably. These grips also keep the pen from slipping while working on your art projects.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

glitter gel pens reviews

How long do glitter glue pens take to dry?

Here’s the average drying time for different glitter glue pens. Please know that it will take longer or shorter depending on the surface and atmospheric conditions.

  • Water-based Mod Podge Mega Glitter takes about 25 – 40 minutes.
  • Elmers Glitter Glue can take as long as a day if humid weather. The fastest it can dry is 30 minutes.
  • Art Glitter glue only takes 10 minutes to dry if the application is thin.
  • Crayola glitter glues that are water-based require from 45 – 24 hours to dry.

Generally, most glue will take an hour to dry between layers. So if you want to reapply, you might want to wait 30 – 60 minutes.

Some glitter glue pens, in a condition with high humidity, might take up to 24 hours to completely dry. Therefore, if you want to be on the safe side, wait for a day to proceed with your project.

Are glitter gel pens toxic?

Far gone are the day gel pens with glitters are toxic to use or must be kept away from children’s hands. You can now shop for non-toxic glitter color gel pens for your kids without worrying about them inhaling or tasting the hazardous chemicals.

Just make sure to find reliable brands that sell quality ink. It’s best to search for products with a “non-toxic” tag.

Many gel pen brands submit their products to testing and receive ASTM D-4236 certification for art materials. You can check on the package for this certification that indicates the pens or crayons have already been approved by the American Society for Testing and Materials.

What are The Most Trusted Brands of Glitter Gel Pens?

Colorit, Arteza, Color Technik, and Shuttle Art are some of the most trusted and popular brands of glitter gel pens that you can try. Besides the high-quality glitter gel inks, these brands also offer lineups of extensive color options that can cater to your obsession with sparkly gel pens! They also offer some of the best glitter markers, coloring materials, and art supplies such as coloring books, acrylic paints, and more.

Whether you want to add more colors in your art arsenal or just need to replace your old ones, you can take note of these brands the next time you go art shopping. But you won’t have to shy away from other unfamiliar brands that you may find on the market such as Tanmit, Reaeon, TaoTree, and a lot more.

They can also provide premium quality glitter gel pens without breaking your budget. You may consider the reviews to know more about their features and how they work.

Who is Glitter Gel Pens for?

If you’re an aspiring artist, a hobbyist, or someone who loves to play with colorful gel pens and gorgeous sparkles, these glitter gels pens are for you. It’s also for everyone who often uses their creativity in coloring books and making illustrations, especially with vivid hues and glimmering effects.

These are perfect pens for those artists who fancy neon, pastel, and other flashy colors to decorate details in their scrapbooks or perhaps, for those who simply love doodling and notetaking. You don’t have to be an expert to use these pens; they’re easy to use!

What are The Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Glitter Gel Pens?

First of all, these glitter gel pens are easy to use. They feel and look like regular pens, thereby making them a lot more comfortable to hold and use whether you’re writing or drawing.

Other than that, probably one of the major advantages of these pens is the ink quality. Typically, gel pens use non-toxic and acid-free inks. These factors emphasize the safety of pens, ink longevity, and how the ink works in different types of paper without damaging its structure.

If you want to add some sparkles in your work, you won’t have to worry about any glitter fallouts. They’re naturally shimmery. You can flourish and adorn your artwork effortlessly while taking delight in the vast range of bright and vibrant colors.

While they can revamp your art and make it bright and beautiful, some glitter pens tend to smear or bleed through the paper when applied with excessive layers. That’s why some brands recommend letting them dry before building the colors.

As they are glittery, you might not be able to use it for everyday writing unless you prefer to write your school or work notes with a bit of glam. Their primary use is for art embellishments such as drawing, decorative writing, adult coloring, scrapbooking, or journaling.

Another downside is the ink flow. They can also be a bit skippy and might sometimes need a little shaking before using as the particles may clog the tips.

How to Use a Glitter Gel Pen?

There aren’t any strict guidelines when using a glitter gel pen. You can go ahead and use it like you would with your typical pen or color pen. But if you’re trying it out for the first time and you want to keep your work neat at all times, here are some tips you can take note of:

  • Use your dominant hand to hold the pen. Before using it on your art or coloring book, you may try the pen first on a scrap paper. In this way, you can check the ink flow and the swatch of colors.
  • Apply it on your paper gently. If you’re going to fill in the images in a coloring book, produce strokes carefully to keep the colors in the outlines. Remember to go in a single direction to build a solid layer of color. You might want to be careful about this because you can clearly tell when the lines are messy.
  • If you want to add another layer of color to deepen the shade, don’t do it right away. Some gel inks smudge easily. To avoid this, you may let the ink dry first before you put another layer.
  • When you’re done, it is important to put the cap back on to prevent the ink from drying out. Keep them in an upright position whether in a case or holder so the ink won’t leak or spill.

Where to Buy Glitter Gel Pens?

These glitter gel pens are very accessible and typically available in your local arts and crafts shop. You may also find them in popular retail stores such as Walmart, Home Depot, Michaels, and Lowes.

But if it’s not possible for you to check out these physical stores, manufacturers also make these glitter pens widely available through their online shopping platforms such as Amazon and eBay. You can browse a vast variety of gel pen sets along with their comprehensive features.

The customer reviews are also helpful when deciding on a purchase.
These online shopping stores also offer seasonal deals and discounted prices that would be a great advantage if you’re on a tight budget.

How to Care and Clean Glitter Gel Pens?

Glitter gel pens are easy to care for. One of the most important things to remember is to always keep them in an upright position. This prevents any leaks or messy ink clutter. If you have a pen case, you can use it to put them away for safe and secure storage. After using your pens, don’t forget to put the cap back on to save the ink from drying out.


In a nutshell, the best glitter gel pens aren’t just about the striking sheerness but also about the quality of ink and richness of colors. Improving your craft and artistic techniques doesn’t mean purchasing expensive or branded materials. You can find great quality glitter pen sets without breaking your bank.

Although it’s up to your preferences and needs, you have to make sure you’re investing in topnotch glitter gel pens that won’t wear out easily over time. And if you’re having a hard time finding the perfect pick, you can always refer to our in-depth guide and roundup for the best-selling options.

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