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The Best Highlighter Pens for 2024

highlighter pens

Post-its, colored pencils, or pens to highlight books and journals might be appropriate for some. Just wait until you discover the best highlighter pen – the perfect tool to help make your favorite lines or important lessons stand on paper.

The secret behind its function is the translucent colors, whether vibrant and flashy or subtle and pastel, produce distinct markings on selected passages while keeping the words legible and neat.

But how do you choose the best highlighters? In this article, you will be shown widely-loved picks and in-depth guidelines to help you find the ultimate highlighter pen!

Highlighter Pen Reviews

1. Sharpie 27145 Pocket Highlighters

sharpie 27145 pocket highlighters

These pocket highlighters from Sharpie are definitely a favorite when it comes to ink quality, vibrancy, and portability. The variety of colors is already a treat but what stands out in this highlighter set is the Smear Guard Ink technology.

It seems that smudging has been a common concern when highlighting over pens and markers. Thus, it’s good to know that they are formulated with this type of ink that ensures clean and clear work.

Since they’re also quick-drying, you’ll have highlighters that don’t bleed that will keep your textbook or journal neat and free from ink blotches. This is exactly what I need whenever I have to work on some important documents.

I’m quite impressed with its ink quality and performance which is why I consider this the best highlighter marker, especially at times when I need to be extra careful and prevent any messy errors.

But of course, the vivid fluorescent colors take these highlighters up a notch and therefore, allow you to select and underline sections of words and phrases without concealing your notes. The bright colors pop but they keep the texts readable, clear, and neat.

What I also like about these markers are the easy-glide narrow chisel tips that deliver smooth and straight strokes for precise highlighting. With this type of tip design, I’m able to produce broad and solid lines as well as fine and intricate lines.

The markers also feature pen bodies that are similar to regular pens which lend a familiar feel to the hand. Thus, they are a lot easier to use and control.

It’s also nice to have them in a portable design and hence, you can just pull them out from your pocket or bag whenever you need them.

However, I noticed that the ink quickly dries out, especially when left uncapped. I just wish that the ink would last longer.

What We Liked
  • A set of 12 highlighters in assorted colors
  • Vibrant fluorescent highlighters
  • Has chisel tips for precise highlighting and varied line widths
  • Comfortable to use and easy to control
What We Didn't Like
  • Not long-lasting ink

Although that’s a slight issue, these highlighters get the job done while keeping your textbooks and notes messy-free. If you’re after smudge-proof and bleedproof fluorescent highlighters, you shouldn’t miss out on this.

2. BIC Brite Liner Highlighters

bic brite liner highlighters

If you’re on the hunt for the longest lasting highlighters, you’ll probably find your ideal pick with this BIC Brite Liner Highlighter set in 5 different colors.

It won’t dry out easily even if you leave the cap off for up to 8 hours! The ink quality is superb and I find it very convenient, especially for someone like me who frequently forgets to put the caps back on!

Aside from the long-lasting ink, these highlighters boast their super-bright fluorescent colors that provide distinct colorful shades without obscuring the selected words and phrases.

The yellow and orange colors are some of the brightest highlighters I’ve used in this set. But I love how subtle the green, pink, and blue colors are and not as awfully dark as other highlighters are in these colors. They aren’t as reflective as yellow and orange but rather look a bit more like pastel colors.

I like using these highlighters on my notes but I also let the kids use them without worries since the ink is non-toxic. It’s good to know they’re safe to use. Plus, they don’t leave messy smudges even when I highlight over markers or gel pens.

The tip design, on the other hand, is a firm chisel that I find versatile that allows you to form broad highlighting or accurate and fine underlining.

It also feels comfortable to use because it comes with a pen-shaped design that delivers smooth application. Besides that, it lends an easy grip that promotes better control and precise highlighting.

The portable size has always been my preferred option as it allows me to bring the highlighters wherever I go. They’re also easy to put away in a pen case, pocket, or bag.

My only concern with these highlighters is that they tend to bleed through on thin papers. But I guess it won’t be a problem as long as you don’t apply it on multiple layers.

What We Liked
  • Long-lasting ink quality
  • Can stay up to 8 hours without drying even when left uncapped
  • Portable design and easy grip
  • Offers seamless application without leaving any smudges
What We Didn't Like
  • Tends to bleed through thin papers

Needless to say, this highlighter set could be your best option for versatile performance and excellent ink quality.

3. PILOT FriXion Light Pastel Erasable Highlighters

pilot frixion light pastel erasable highlighters

It’s an awful thing to see those ugly smudges and marks on your journal, favorite book, or important documents when you make mistakes with your highlighters. With this in mind, wouldn’t it better if you have an erasable highlighter?

You won’t have to worry about making messy errors ever again with these Pilot FriXion Pastel Highlighters. Formulated with thermo-sensitive ink, it’s easier to erase and re-highlight texts or passages without leaving any marks or ink blotches.

I find this a clever and convenient formula, especially if the document or textbook requires careful and precise highlighting. It looks like any regular pen but crafted with an eraser at the other end.

Since it erases the highlights smoothly and cleanly, it prevents any damages and thus, preserves the quality of the books or documents.

The colors are far from vivid hues but rather soft pastels that give off subtle highlights. They don’t bleed and smudge and are suitable for various paper types.

However, I prefer this over brighter or darker ones every time I work on thin pages like the ones in the Bible. I like how it renders a sophisticated and neat appearance without the overwhelming flashy colors.

Because they can also keep the words clear and readable with a nice pop of color, I consider these the best highlighters for school textbooks and journals, particularly when I need to highlight chapters or passages.

The chisel tips are firm but deliver soft pastel markers that glide smoothly like butter. As the tip is versatile, I can choose between broad and solid highlighting and fine underlines.

It’s also nice to have 5 different colors which I think is just enough for daily use. Plus, the pen-shaped bodies lend a comfortable feel in the hand, allowing you to control the highlighter a lot easier.

The only downside with these highlighters is the ink. It isn’t long-lasting.

What We Liked
  • Erasable highlighters
  • Features thermo-sensitive ink formula for error-free highlighting
  • Delivers subtle pastel colors
  • Suitable for all paper types
What We Didn't Like
  • Ink doesn’t last long

Other than that, these pastel highlighters are perfect for mistake-free highlighting and underlining without leaving heavy and flashy colors.

4. Avery 23585 Hi-Liter Pen-Style Highlighters

avery 23585 hi-liter pen-style highlighters

These Avery pen style highlighters are among my favorite picks when it comes to durability, hassle-free application, and ink longevity. The flashy packaging is already eye candy but the non-smearing bright colored ink is what makes it quite a steal for its affordable price.

It is a set of 6 highlighters that come in different fluorescent colors. Each shade is bright enough to highlight the essential words and passages without leaving them illegible.

Also, the non-smearing ink gets the highlighting job done while keeping my notes neat and messy-free, especially when applied over markers, inkjet inks, and ballpoint pens.

Since I sometimes forget to put the caps back on, I find the enhanced ink formula an advantage as it does not easily dry out.

The highlighters stay vibrant even when left uncapped for hours or even for days! Plus, the ink is non-toxic, making it very safe to use even for kids.

Like most highlighters, this one also comes with a chisel tip that provides dual widths – broad and fine. It allows you to produce broad and solid colors or fine and intricate strokes for underlining.

I also like the durable quality of the tip that does not fray too easily.

Other than that, the convenient pen-style design provides better grip, allowing you to hold and use it with ease. Aside from its compact and portable size, each highlighter has pocket clips that you can attach to your organizer, book, or journal.

Everything seems to be on point with these highlighters but falls short when it comes to gel pens. They tend to smear a little unless you let them dry first.

What We Liked
  • Formulate with non-smearing ink
  • Works great on markers, inkjet inks, and pens
  • Durable and versatile chisel tip
  • Offers a comfortable grip with its pen-style design
What We Didn't Like
  • Tends to smear over gel pens

Despite that, these highlighters are all about long-lasting ink, convenient grip, and versatile application. It delivers flawless highlighting work without breaking your bank.

5. Zebra WKS22-5C Mojiniline Highlighers

zebra wks22-5c mojiniline highlighers

There are pens that don’t smear with highlighter but there are ones that do like gel pens. Since these pens sometimes take long before they completely dry, I always make sure to be extra careful when using highlighters with them; otherwise, they’ll smudge horribly.

That’s why when working with gel pens, these Zebra Just Fit Mojiniline highlighters are perfect for the job. Plus, it comes in 5 different colors to categorize your highlights.

What’s great about these highlighters is you don’t need to wait for gel pens to dry completely. Whenever I highlight my handwritten notes immediately after using the pens, I don’t notice any smudges with it.

It is also bleedproof. Therefore, this is the reason why I opt to use these highlighters for marking important documents and delicate papers like Bible pages.

As the chisel tip is sturdy, it delivers seamless application and glides smoothly across the paper. It offers versatile applications that can produce broad highlights and fine underlines.

The colors, on the other hand, look soft and subtle but not dull, especially the orange and yellow colors. Even when I use blue or pink, they give off muted colors that do not compromise the visibility of texts.

It’s also great that the highlighters aren’t too bulky and slim enough to be put away in pockets or bags. I can take them out and use the highlighters wherever and whenever.

However, I just wish that the ink lasted a bit longer. I noticed that it easily runs out in moderate use.

What We Liked
  • Smudge proof and bleedproof
  • Works great on gel pens
  • Designed with chisel tips for versatile application
  • Delivers bright but muted colors that keep texts legible
What We Didn't Like
  • Low ink longevity

Even though it is an issue, these colorful highlighters are your best bet when it comes to gel pens. It prevents smudges and keeps your handwritten notes neat and readable.

6. Crayola Take Note Erasable Highlighters

crayola take note erasable highlighters

These Crayola Take Note erasable highlighters are truly a lifesaver for messy errors and accidental highlights!

These highlighters feature an innovative ink formulation so you don’t need to worry about making mistakes when you work on important documents or precious books and novels.

The other end of the pen is crafted with a tip that dispenses clear ink that serves as an eraser. I like how it doesn’t appear wet or runny and you can just run through the colored highlighters without leaving any smudges or stains.

As for the highlighters, the colors are beautiful and vibrant. They aren’t too flashy but rather give off a colorful but soft and subtle look on selected texts.

I’ve always fancied muted or pastel tones because they can lend clean and clear but colorful shades to your book or journal. That’s why I find each shade a sophisticated highlight color for studying, reading, and working on documents.

The ink is smudge-proof even when I use it on handwritten notes. Aside from that, it’s a relief to know that the ink is non-toxic which makes it very safe to use, especially for kids.

The highlighters, moreover, feature chisel tips that can create broad colors and fine underlines. The same with the eraser tip and hence, both tips glide smoothly on the paper, making highlighting and erasing a lot easier.

In terms of the design, these pen-style highlighters have slim bodies that lend a comfortable grip. And to prevent the ink from drying out, the snap-on caps form a tight seal.

However, my only issue is the chisel tip on some colors. They aren’t perfectly flat but it’s not a big deal, though.

What We Liked
  • Erasable highlighters
  • Designed with chisel tips for dual line widths
  • Gives off subtle and soft colors
  • Non-toxic ink and smudge-proof
What We Didn't Like
  • Some tips aren’t completely flat

Truly, these highlighters are an exceptional innovation that makes highlighting easy and error-free while keeping your notes and books neat and readable.

7. JAVAPEN Rainbow Pastel Highlighters

javapen rainbow pastel highlighters

If you’re looking for great quality pastel highlighters, make sure to add this 6-piece JAVAPEN Rainbow coloured highlighter pen set to your collection.

This Korean brand boasts the Smearguard ink technology that makes highlights quick-drying and free from smearing. I find this an advantage when working on gel pens and inkjet inks as they tend to smear when layered with highlighters.

Another feature that stands out in this set is the vibrant fluorescent colors that lend understated shades to keep the words and phrases clear and readable.

The colors are soft and pleasing in the eyes, making these highlighters a perfect option if you want to keep your notes organized and neat while showcasing warm tones and mild pop of colors.

The tips have a width of 4mm which I find relatively smaller or thinner than other highlighters. However, such a tip size renders precise highlighting and intricate underlining, especially if you need to be careful with delicate or thin pages.

Aside from that, I can use it to decorate handcrafted cards or create doodles and illustrations with it. Even with multiple layers, they don’t bleed or smudge.

The pen body, on the other hand, exhibits a slim and compact design that makes it very portable. This allows me to slip the pens into my pocket or bag easily. Each of them also has clips that I can use to attach to my notebook, book, or journal.

The downside, on the other hand, is the longevity of ink. I noticed that they ran out quickly.

What We Liked
  • Features Smearguard ink technology to prevent smudges
  • Lends mild fluorescent colors
  • Able to deliver an accurate application on various paper types
  • Smudge-proof and bleedproof
What We Didn't Like
  • The ink runs out quickly

Although that’s a slight issue, these pastel highlighter pens are your best bet for beautiful warm tones. They offer precise and clean highlighting whether on handwritten notes or inkjet inks.

8. TWOHANDS 20079 Highlighters

twohands 20079 highlighters

The flat and wide body feels reminiscent of Stabilo highlighters; only these TWOHANDS highlighter pens look more stylish and modern. But besides the packaging, this set is all about versatility and an excellent ink supply and quality.

The vibrant pastel colors are definitely eye candy but these highlighters are your ideal pick if you’re after long-lasting ink.

It isn’t as slim and sleek as the other highlighters I’ve mentioned on this list. However, it features a unique shape that also provides a large reservoir for the highlighter ink, thus allowing you to use it for long periods.

This could be your best option if you need to use your highlighters regularly or on a daily basis. The ink won’t run out quickly.

Like most highlighters, each pen features a chisel tip that delivers dual widths. You can either create solid colors and broad lines or fine lines for accurate underlining.

Besides that, the pastel hues render a soft and sophisticated look on your handwritten notes or inkjet printouts. I love how the colors aren’t glaring but rather cool in the eyes.

No need to worry about smudges or any messy ink spots because the ink is quick-drying; these are non bleed through highlighters. The colors are subtle and not too inky, making them suitable for various paper types.

The clip-on caps tightly close the highlighters, keeping the ink from drying out or leaking. The clips are also a convenient feature that you can use to attach the highlighters on your book, notebook, or even in your pocket.

There’s just a slight drawback in terms of its size. I find it clunky and bulky but it is still easy and comfortable to hold, though.

What We Liked
  • Quick-drying
  • Long-lasting ink
  • Smudge-proof and bleedproof
  • Able to create dual line widths
  • Renders soft pastel colors for a readable and neat appearance
What We Didn't Like
  • Looks a bit bulky

Other than that, I find this highlighter set an excellent choice for long-lasting ink, versatile highlighting, and a great selection of subtle and soft pastel colors.

9. Zebra Pen Mildliner Double Ended Highlighters

zebra pen mildliner double ended highlighters

When you think you’ll need more than five colors to organize your favorite points and notes, you’ll probably have more than enough with this 15-piece Zebra Pen Midliners.

While the color choices are truly fascinating, the pens take it up a notch with its double ended design. You can switch between a chisel tip for bold colors or thick strokes and a fine tip for thin and more consistent lines.

But of course, I still want to take note of the variety of colors that also include brown, gray, teal, and red instead of the usual color palette. This gives me a lot of options whenever I need to sort out some notes, especially when studying.

With such an innovative design, it lets you work on your highlighting tasks and creative projects at the same time. The precision and versatility can get the job done both with bullet journaling and highlighting passages and texts.

Since the highlighters come in pastel colors, they give off vibrant yet understated shades that keep the words readable and neat even when you layer it multiple times!

If you’re also after highlighters that don’t smear, need not worry about messy pen marks and smudges with its water-resistant ink. This also allows blending if ever you want to use the highlighters for arts and crafts besides highlighting.

My only concern is that some of the colors look slightly identical like the teal and blue.

What We Liked
  • Double ended highlighters for multiple widths
  • Offers a wide selection of colors
  • Comes in soft pastel shades that don’t obscure texts
  • Water-resistant ink that prevents smudges and bleeding
What We Didn't Like
  • Some colors look similar

Needless to say, this set is quite a steal for an amazing collection of colored highlighters. The versatility, ink formulation, and vibrancy of colors deliver superb quality that preserves the readability and neatness of your material.

10. ZEYAR Highlighters

zeyar highlighters

When it comes to delicate papers such as Bible pages and other documents, finding the perfect highlighting tool gets a little tricky at times. That’s when this colorful highlighter collection from Zeyar.

The range of colors is truly a delight but what stands out in this set is the smudge proof water-based ink. It doesn’t cause any messy smears nor bleed through paper.

I can even layer the colors to achieve a darker shade and it won’t smudge. Thus, it’s what I use when I need to deal with various paper types, particularly the thin ones.

These fluorescent highlighters come in soft and subtle pastel shades that maintain the clarity of the words and passages.

They aren’t too flashy but not very dull. The colors are vibrant enough to give your book or journal beautiful and neat.

Since it isn’t inky, it dries quickly as you apply it over the material. This also makes it suitable for highlighting over handwritten notes using regular pens or gel pens.

When it comes to the tip type, it uses a chisel tip that delivers fine and wide lines, making it flexible for drawing various line widths. I also like how it glides on smoothly which makes the highlighting job easier and faster.

Another thing I look for in highlighters is the longevity of the ink. I’m impressed with how long-lasting the ink is and I’ve been using them for a couple of months now. Plus, the ink is non-toxic.

In terms of appearance, the packaging colors are true to what the shades of highlighters are. Each pen highlighter also comes in a flat ergonomic shape for convenient use and good grip. Aside from that, the caps come with clips so I can attach them to my pocket or pages of a book or notebook.

However, while the features seem quite impressive, these highlighters fall short a bit on the caps. Some of them feel a little loose.

What We Liked
  • Smudge proof and bleedproof
  • Suitable for all types of papers
  • Gives off bright and colorful pastel colors
  • Long-lasting non-toxic ink
What We Didn't Like
  • Some caps have a loose fit

Even though that’s a minor issue, I still find these highlighter pens reliable on various types of papers, especially if you’re working on delicate types. It’s a great find for long-lasting ink and vibrant pastel colors.

11. US Office Supply Bible Gel Highlighters

us office supply bible gel highlighters

There are three things I love about gel highlighters – smudge proof, smooth texture, and long-lasting. Contrary to conventional ink highlighters, these U.S Office Supply are no-bleed-through highlighters. They also don’t fade or even smear. Since it doesn’t utilize ink, you won’t have to worry when you forget to put the caps back on; it won’t dry.

A little goes a long way with these highlighters. Therefore, putting on light pressure will do the job.

There is some learning curve when I tried it the first time but I’ve gotten a hang of it in a short time. It has become one of my favorites when it comes to hassle-free applications.

One of its primary features is the twist-up mechanism. This convenient design allows you to adjust and get more gel as you use it up.

And because it comes in a slim pen body, it lends a comfortable grip that makes it a lot easier to use. Besides that, the gel itself has a smooth texture that gives off a flawless feel every time I highlight over passages.

The colors, on the other hand, are exceptionally vivid. These neon colors deliver distinct highlighting marks without covering the words.

Although I use it on thin types of paper, the neon colors emphasize the texts without bleeding through. That’s why I consider it the best highlighter pen color for studying or reading the Bible.

It doesn’t compromise the vividness of the colors but at the same time, keeps the texts readable and neat. The caps, moreover, stays on and hence, seals the highlighters tightly.

But here’s a caveat: these gel pen highlighters don’t use chisel tips or pointed tips. The tips are rounded and flat which might make highlighting a bit challenging.

There’s no variety when it comes to line widths but only broad lines and solid colors most of the time. I don’t find this a big deal, though. What I do is use the edges until I form an angle or a pointed tip.

What We Liked
  • Does not smear, fade, smudge, and bleed through
  • Suitable for all paper types particularly thin papers
  • Delivers exceptionally smooth finish and feel as you highlight
  • Gives off vivid neon colors
  • Keeps the texts readable and tidy
What We Didn't Like
  • Challenging highlighting due to flat and rounded tips

Nonetheless, this set is your ultimate solution for vibrant and smudge-free highlighting. It also doesn’t bleed through and won’t dry out even if you leave the cap off.

12. AmazonBasics Fluorescent Ink Highlighters

amazonbasics fluorescent ink highlighters

If you fancy bright colors and versatile line widths, you’ll probably find your perfect pick with these AmazonBasics fluorescent ink highlighters.

This set comes in 12 fascinating colors that give off high-quality vivid shades to mark your important notes and favorite quotes in your books.

The colors are incredibly bright but not too blinding. The dark ones also render decent shades that maintain the clarity of texts. And aside from emphasizing words, I can also use these colors for decorative details on my hand lettering and bullet journal.

What I also like about it is the molded chisel tip that can create varied line widths whether broad or fine. I use the other pointed tip to underline important texts while I lay the flat side on the surface for solid colors and broad lines.

I also notice that the finer width is thinner than other typical highlighters I used. Hence, it’s great to use on producing intricate strokes and very fine line widths.

With light pressure and single layers, it goes pretty well on various types of papers although I use it on thicker pages most of the time.

The slim pen body, moreover, lends a familiar feel of a regular pen. This makes it a lot comfortable in the hand when highlighting. I can also put it in my pocket or slip it in my bag because it’s compact and portable.

However, these highlighters have their share of drawbacks. Unfortunately, they tend to bleed through thin pages. I also think the packaging could’ve been improved. It just comes in a small cardboard box where you can’t see the colors unless you open it.

What We Liked
  • Delivers bright and vivid fluorescent colors
  • Emphasizes the texts without obscuring them
  • Offers dual widths with its molded chisel tip
  • Portable and easy to use
What We Didn't Like
  • Bleeds through thin pages
  • Poor packaging

Despite these issues, you can give this a shot if you’re after versatility, bright colors, and decent ink quality. They are very easy to use and you’ll have more than enough with this amazing color selection.

13. Stabilo BOSS Original Highlighters

stabilo boss original highlighters

In the world of highlighters, Stabilo BOSS never fails to maintain its reputable name in the market. Not only is it popular with its timeless classic design but also because of its long-lasting ink, excellent quality, and a wide selection of vibrant colors.

While I’ve always loved the original fluorescent colors, this brand offers another great lineup of colors that definitely didn’t miss a spot here on my top-notch picks.

This set offers 6-piece highlighters in soft pastels. As usual, this popular brand never fails to impress with its quality and performance. These lovely shades preserve the clarity of texts and phrases, making them readable at all times.

Besides the preppy and pleasing burst of subtle colors, the manufacturer takes the ink quality up a notch with its Anti-Dry-Out Technology. It prevents the highlighter inks from drying out for up to 4 hours, especially if you’re like who often forgets to put the cap back on!

Aside from that, the chisel tip offers optimum performance with its flexibility, allowing you to produce dual line widths. It lets you create a 5mm line width for solid and wide highlights and a 2mm line width for intricate and fine underlining.

While you can primarily use it as a book highlighter or to organize your notes in your journal, the quality and vibrancy of pastel colors can also be used for adding colorful accents and decorative details to your hand lettering.

I also want to point out the water-based ink that makes these highlighters safe to use.

My only concern with these highlighters is the minimal bleeding. They’re reliable in terms of bright and smudge proof highlighting but the ink tends to bleed through the paper at times and hence, not suitable for thin pages.

What We Liked
  • Has Anti-Dry-Out Technology for long-lasting ink
  • Delivers soft pastel colors for a stylish and colorful look
  • Keeps the texts clear and readable
  • Designed with chisel tips for varied line widths
What We Didn't Like
  • Bleeds through thin pages

Anyhow, these pastel colors leave a stylish and colorful look on your notes. Aside from its smudge proof and long-lasting ink, these highlighters feature an innovative technology that keeps the ink from drying out too quickly.

14. Mr. Pen No Bleed Gel Highlighters

mr. pen no bleed gel highlighters

For a neat and clear highlighting job, these Mr. Pen non-bleeding highlighters should be a great addition to your collection. Unlike typical highlighters, it doesn’t use ink to deliver vibrant colors.

Since it is made of gel, it doesn’t bleed through pages and leave messy ink blotches and smears on your book or journal. This is why I often use it on delicate papers such as Bible pages and other documents that require careful highlighting.

Although gel sometimes tends to leave residues or particles as you use it, these highlighters do not. I find it impressive how they don’t leave any flakes even when I highlight over texts and put on multiple layers. It is smooth as butter and glides on seamlessly on the surface.

The colors, moreover, are impeccably vivid but not too flashy. They’re bright enough to emphasize texts and passages without obscuring the words underneath.

It’s nice how these highlighters keep everything neat and legible. The yellow highlighter is my favorite because of its smooth texture and brightness.

All the colors in the set work perfectly, though, and even the shades that would seem dark like violet and blue aren’t dark at all. These fluorescent colors give off subtle tones that are cool in the eyes.

What’s also special about these gel pen highlighters is the tip. Contrary to other brands, this one doesn’t come in round and flat tips. They feature pointed tips although not as sharp as ink highlighters.

But here’s what I love about it: the shape of the tips is customizable. You can sharpen them to achieve a pointed or a fine tip, especially when you use it regularly and the tip gets deformed.

It’s a twist-up design. Therefore, when you use the gel up, you can just get more by twisting the bottom part. The caps, on the other hand, lend a secure and tight seal to protect the gel.

The slim and sleek pen body also provides excellent grip, making highlighting fast and convenient.

The only downside is durability. It tends to break easily, especially when all the gel is out. Therefore, make sure to adjust the gel only when you’ve used up the top layer.

What We Liked
  • Does not smudge, smear, fade and bleed through
  • Does not leave flakes or crumbles
  • Glides on smoothly like butter
  • Tips can be sharpened for a custom angle or width
What We Didn't Like
  • None

These gel highlighters are still worth a try. If you’re after messy-free highlights, bright colors, and readable texts, you can’t go wrong with this set.

How To Choose Highlighter Pens

how to choose highlighter pens

Color Selection

Highlighters come in a wide range of colors. They are typically available in yellow, green, orange, blue, violet, and pink. The least count for a set is usually five colors although some brands may offer more selection.

When it comes to vibrancy and quality of colors, you can keep your highlights flashy and vivid with fluorescent highlighters or keep them soft and subtle with pastel colors. It’s all up to your preferences as long as these highlighters can provide a clear and neat application.

Tip Width

For versatility and hassle-free application, most highlighters feature chisel tips that can provide dual widths. This type of tip design allows you to produce broad highlights to select larger groups of words in solid colors. It can also create bullet tips or underline texts with fine and precise lines.

Ink Quality and Formula

To find the best highlighters, it is imperative to consider the ink quality and formula. Every brand boasts unique and innovative technologies to prevent the ink from drying out too quickly. Some highlighters offer long-lasting ink even when left uncapped for up to 8 hours.

For error-free application, you should check out thermo-sensitive inks that are typically found in erasable highlighters. This type of ink allows you to remove the highlights without leaving any messy ink blotches, smudges, or ugly marks.

It is also important to determine the materials you usually work on. For instance, you want to highlight gel pens or markers that tend to bleed or smudge. Therefore, you have to make sure you’re using smudge proof highlighters to keep the texts neat and legible.

Consider the Brand

When the selection seems to be overwhelming, an easy and effective way to find the perfect pick is to consider the brand. Stabilo, Sharpie, BIC, Zebra, Javapen, and Pilot are some of the popular brands that offer a vast lineup of high-quality highlighters and other art supplies.

While this allows you to sort out the most trustworthy brands in the market, it also narrows down your options according to type, color selection, ink formula, and price.

How to get Highlighter Pen out of Clothes

There are various methods that you can use to remove highlighter marks from your cloth without damaging the fabric. They are all familiar home remedies.

Lemon juice

You read that right, just squeeze some juice from the lemon and mix it with water. You can soak the fabric with highlighter marks in the cleaner for 20 minutes. Rinse with water and repeat if necessary.

Baking soda

Get the baking soda out of your kitchen cupboard, it’s a fantastic cleaner for all kinds of stains caused by pens. Just spray some of it to cover the highlighter stains. Then leave it there to dry for 10 minutes. Then, wash the cloth with clean water using detergent to remove all the residues.

Rubbing alcohol

Just like baking soda, rubbing alcohol is pretty much like a magical household remedy for oily dirt. You can apply the alcohol onto the affected areas and wait for 10 minutes before scrubbing it a bit. Then, wash the cloth using hot water and mild detergent.

Vinegar and salt

You can create a rather potent cleaner by mixing some salt, and white vinegar, then apply onto the stains. If those are some old and stubborn marks, leave the mixture there for a day or two, and wash it.

Other than that, you can use toothpaste, dish soap, goo gone gel, or even bleach if you really want to get rid of the marks completely on your white shirt. As long as you act immediately right after the highlighter marks get on your cloth, cleaning will be much easier.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

highlighter pens reviews

Who is Highlighter Pens for?

Highlighter pens are for students, teachers, and for everyone who wants to emphasize important words or passages in their books, journals, or planners. Artists of all ages can also use these highlighters to spruce up their creativity in various art projects.

Whether it is to underline or highlight the selected words in bright and bold colors, these highlighters are designed for everyone who needs to keep their notes organized with a nice pop of colors!

What are The Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Highlighter Pens?

With the use of a highlighter pen, it becomes a lot easier to find important notes or passages in your book, journal, or notebooks.

The translucent shades whether they’re vibrant or pastel, provide distinct marks on selected texts without obscuring the words underneath. This also enables you to organize your notes by color, leaving them neat, clear, and legible.

However, they also share a few pitfalls. Highlighters tend to bleed or smudge depending on the quality of paper, application, and type of ink. Some colors are not very translucent, leaving the selected texts or words unclear and unreadable.

What is The Best Brand of Highlighter Pens?

Stabilo has always been among the best and popular brands for its excellent lineup of highlighters, not to mention its vast availability of sets and color options.

Although it’s been one of the reputable brands out there, a lot of brands have also established a trustworthy reputation throughout the years such as Sharpie, BIC, JAVAPEN, TWOHANDS, and Pilot. They offer a vast range of high-quality highlighters that come in a wide selection of colors and different types of ink formulas.

How Long do Highlighter Pens Last?

It’s quite tough to determine how long highlighters would last before they run out of ink. I’ve had my Sharpie and Stabilo highlighters for up to 2 years although I don’t use them on a daily basis.

The shelf life actually depends on several factors such as the number of times you use it, ink quality, brand, and proper storage or care maintenance.

Some highlighters may last for years while some only for months. If you use your highlighter daily, the ink may last after a couple of months. However, the ink might dry too quickly if you don’t store them properly or you tend to leave the caps off after you use the highlighters.

How to Use Highlighters?

It’s like using your typical highlighter. The design and structure may also be similar to regular pens. Hence, you can hold it the way you hold a pen. To use it efficiently, here are some steps to take note of:

  • Take the cap off. For a chisel tip, you can choose between broad width and thin lines
  • If you want to make wide and solid highlights, lay the tip flat on the surface. For thin underlines or strokes, hold the tip in a horizontal position and go for a straight stroke
  • Choose which words or phrases you want to emphasize. Press the highlighter gently onto the paper and highlight the selected texts. Let it glide smoothly
  • Don’t forget to put the cap back on to prevent the ink from drying
  • Whether the colors are pastel or vibrant, try them first on a piece of paper or a small part of your book or notebook to check if it smudges or bleeds through


In a nutshell, the best highlighter pen should be translucent and bright enough to emphasize the selected words and passages no matter what the color is. Make sure you choose a highlighter that will keep the words clear, neat, and readable without bleeding or leaving any messy ink blotches and smudges.

While there is a vast option for highlighter sets and colors, it isn’t just about the brand or quantity but rather the ink quality. Truly, it can be tricky to find your ultimate pick but the detailed guidelines and reviews will help you find the best highlighter that will fit your needs. Hope this helps!

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