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The Best Markers for Autographs in 2023

markers for autographs

We shouldn’t be using just anything for autographs. It should show our unique trademarks, either subtle or eye-catching. Autograph pens are the right tool to use as they are permanent markers with varying points of thickness.

Furthermore, the ideal ink type for autographs should resist fading, as we want our trademark to stay as long as our vibrant art.

Stationery enthusiasts, artists, and craftsmen may already have the best marker for autographs. But, if you are still weighing your options, below are our honest reviews and buying guide for you.

Marker for Autograph Reviews

We have products listed not according to customer feedback or quality, but at random. However, each permanent marker on this list performs with top quality and creates crisp lines that will make any autograph pop from wherever it was written.

1. Sharpie 32724PP Retractable Markers

sharpie 32724pp retractable markers

Sharpie has been a household name for permanent markers for decades, and this is one of their bestsellers. Their retractable markers come with a resilient jet black ink that marks almost any dry surface permanently, and a tip that can be drawn back in, so the ink doesn’t dry immediately.

You won’t even have to worry about keeping the cap close by to refrain from misplacing it. In just a click, you can start making your mark.

It was as well conveniently designed for an easy grip and one-hand operation and writing. These retractable pens also come with a safety seal valve to prevent the ink from fully drying out.

These Retractable Sharpie permanent markers have been one of our favorite markers ever since we used this pen to sign baseball and other sports merchandise.

We particularly like the precision of the marker’s felt tip, making it great for both slow outlines and quick sketches or autographing. This pen’s bold lines is gratifying to work with and satisfying to look at, and you can expect it to last as well. Basically, anything from the brand can be expected to deliver great results.

What We Liked
  • The pen ink dries quickly upon application, so it doesn’t smudge easily after marking on a surface. This can offer much consolation to people with sweaty hands
  • The ink is virtually resistant to water and fading, so you can’t count on it to outlast time and even outdoor conditions
  • The vivid and high-contrast pigment is unrivaled in the market, making the brand a term synonymous to a permanent marker itself
  • You can rely on the versatility of these pens when it comes to a visual form of self-expression, and it has a considerably longer life span when used regularly
What We Didn't Like
  • You can’t expect it to have the same effect on non-porous surfaces compared to porous surfaces
  • If the tip is left exposed, the ink may easily dry up and won’t mark anymore. However, you can revive the dried pen by soaking the tip on alcohol for about 30 seconds
  • Compared to other brands, this pen can be quite expensive, but this will surely give you the bang for your buck

It can be concluded that products like these can easily be considered as little investments, especially when you’re looking forward to leaving an important permanent mark. This can easily be the best autograph Sharpie available in the market since it is easy to use and designed for efficiency and convenience.

2. Frienda Metallic Marker Pens


Here’s the answer to all your metallic marking needs. The Gold and Silver permanent markers can bring the much-needed shimmer on every mark you leave, whether it be on a simple greeting card or for a book signing.

They can create lustrous smudge-free fine lines that keep the mark clean, striking, and vivid even in dark areas, easily making it one of the most reliable and best autographing pens in the market. If you’re delving into calligraphy, these pens have can make your handwriting practice quite pleasant.

What we love about these markers is how the felt tip hits the paper, it feels different and quite gratifying. The writing flow is smooth, as though the felt tips glide over the surface, giving you a satisfying experience.

Another thing that makes these Gold and Silver permanent markers a distinctly remarkable product is the quality of the ink. It has a rich pigment with a base made of an organic solvent mixed with enamel paint. This easily catches the attention with a metallic shimmer that has the right amount of luster to bring life to any project and any marking. We’ve made this a staple consideration whenever we went to the supply store to prepare for anything art-related.

What We Liked
  • The brush of these fine point felt tip pens are aesthetically precise, making it great for signing autographs and lettering for craft projects
  • The opaque metallic ink of these pens leave permanent marks and offer great coverage on a number of surfaces, including cardboard, cloth, wood, glass, metals, and plastic – even rocks
  • The fine print is also durable and doesn’t wear off or away after continuous usage on a variety of surfaces, so you can depend on it to work through a handful of projects
  • It gives off an aesthetic touch, especially when used as an outline of dark-colored markings
What We Didn't Like
  • In spite of its thick coverage, the pigment may leave distinguishable marks on lighter and porous surfaces, so if you’re looking for a pen to sign baseball caps of a lighter color, a black pen may do the trick
  • Since the base solvent easily dries off, writing with this pen will require a faster application
  • If the surface written on already has an existing solution or paint, the metallic ink of this pen may start to discolor over time

Not a lot of metallic permanent markers come with a durable felt tip and an ink solution with great coverage, so these pens are sure to give you the value for your money. Also, you can count on it to last a long while once marked on a surface.

3. SHARPIE Fine Tip Permanent Markers


Another metallic permanent marker you can rely on to deliver great results for your signing and lettering requirements is from the Sharpie. Again, it’s hailed the best pen for autographs because of its rich shimmering pigment that appears luminous on top of dark-colored surfaces, and the precise marking of its fine point felt tip.

The writing experience is also up to par because of its smooth ink flow, non – blotting and smudge-free ink, and dependable felt tips. The fade-resistant marks left by these permanent Sharpie pens come in the vivid metallic – hued colors of gold, silver, and bronze, and they all have this matte undertone distinct from the effect from other pens.

We highly recommend these for the fact that these are the pens that can make any art project stand-out, especially when you use it for some dainty calligraphy or aesthetic outlining or borders.

We’ve had these tried and tested as autographing pens for an event, and these lasted the duration without fail. Given the good reputation of the brand and the undeniable good performance of these metallic markers, we recommend this set if you are preparing for an autograph signing affair anytime soon.

What We Liked
  • The luster of the ink is not only thick, rich, and eye-catching; it is as well fast – drying and smudge – resistant, thus paving the way for faster work and progress
  • The pen is designed with optimal pen tip precision in mind, so the lines are cleaner and crisper to the eye, without it blotting as it is applied on a surface
  • The permanence of the metallic marking lasts a long while even written on a variety of surfaces, including paper, cloth, wood, glass, plastic, or metals
  • It can be expected that the ink easily lifts especially when marked on a dark surface, making it more distinct with increased shimmer and visibility
What We Didn't Like
  • You will need the cap on it immediately after use since the ink dries easily, but this won’t be much of a concern since you need only to dip the tip on some alcohol before using it again
  • It is more costly than other brands, but it proves to be more cost-efficient, given the results it can give you for both simple and complex markings alike

These metallic permanent pens leave marks that are aesthetically pleasing and visibly crisp to the eye, and they can easily be revived whenever they dry out, so these give you give the value for your money. Considerably a good investment for a writing instrument, these markers made by Sharpie are ones you can depend on.

4. AmazonBasics Fine Point Tip Markers


Amazon has been the go-to by many when looking for reliable school supplies and writing instruments, and when it comes to providing their own version of an autograph sharpie, they’re also making their mark.

An offshoot brand of theirs, AmazonBasics, had manufactured a line of fine point permanent markers that are great for making sharp and crisp outlines.

We’ve had these tried and tested for some labeling and calligraphy works on a number of materials, both porous and non-porous, and the good quality is commendable.

Its ink is a rich and solid black that is clear and legible when placed on light surfaces, while its fine point is a durably made felt tip that makes for great outlines, detailing, and even doodling projects. The other colors share these same attributes, with just a variety of assorted colors.

We like how these are markers that can be used similarly to pens are easy on the grip, so working with these can be a breeze. If you’re still learning how to work with markers or if you’re doing some art projects or product labeling, you can order these up for yourself since they can perform the job as required. Although not as prominent as Sharpie in branding, these pens from Amazon are made with superior quality and perform well as writing and signing instruments. This is a guaranteed staple in our list of good markers available in the market.

What We Liked
  • The package of the permanent pens offers a good set of 24 assorted colors that are vibrant and crisp, creating lines that make signatures and labels more distinct and readable
  • It’s an affordable product set and is more reliable than other cheaper brands with weak felt tips and diluted ink
  • It offers a great deal for the cost, and it can last you a good while after being used continuously and on different surfaces
What We Didn't Like
  • These markers are not alcohol – resistant, so the ink can blot and run when in contact with an alcohol-based solution. However, this is the same with almost every other permanent marker
  • They don’t work well on clothing as well as Sharpies and immediately bleeds through and on the thread

These permanent markers from AmazonBasics can easily be considered as a generic writing product and may not be the best pen for baseball autographs, but that doesn’t mean it’s not unable to do the job. In fact, for something affordable, it can give you results that can improve whatever you’re working on.

5. Sharpie 32707 Retractable Markers


Make a great impression with the most vividly colorful, assorted set of retractable markers accessible in almost any supply store and writing instrument outlet. It comes in packs of 8 and 12 ink hues with bold and solid colors that are as well resistant to smearing and fading.

Aside from the intense permanent marks it leaves on almost any surface, it is most loved for its retractable fine point design and easy grip. One-hand operation has never been this convenient, and this can only lead to a boost of creativity and aesthetics.

We’ve used these on a multitude of projects, both personal and for creative business, and it worked well for us, making our outputs more presentable and neat. If you prefer a variety of colors for your signing and autographing pens, this will make a great choice for you.

These sets are also recommended staples for those who like to do marker sketches and outlining, especially for designers and graphic artists. Truly, Sharpie has delivered reliable writing markers, if not the best, into the periphery, and the brand has remained an iconic manufacturer for years, so it can be a considerable investment for the artist in you.

What We Liked
  • Sharpie’s retractable sets have always been convenient to use and comfortable to work with, even after long hours of usage
  • The ink also retains its eye-catching intensity after multiple uses and is easy to revive once the tip is left exposed and the ink on the outer parts has dried up
  • These can easily be considered a decent autograph Sharpie because of its unwaveringly precise felt tips and crisp solid lines
  • The assortment can be used on a variety of purposes, whether it be for art, calligraphy, labeling, or just for mere marking on any kind of surface, both porous and non-porous
What We Didn't Like
  • The cost may discourage most from trying it especially on their first time; but, most customers who got to use it had stuck to the brand, thus proving these markers’ good performance
  • Once it is dried up, it cannot be refilled. This has been a concern for those who are particularly keen on sustainability. However, these pens can last for a good while after the first use

Versatility can be expected from this set of markers, and it comes with the freedom to choose from a number of striking colors for your markings. If you’re looking to leave a clean mark that remains legible no matter the surface, like an important note, a signature, an autograph, or a page marker, this product set just might do the trick for you.

6. PuTwo Metallic Markers Pens


This set of 10 permanent markers of assorted colors come with a distinct luster that can bring the necessary shimmer to complete any art project. The variety of hues also gives you the guarantee that there’s a match for surfaces of different types and colors.

Each of these pens comes with a gloss that can make any signature clearly visible from where it was written. The ink’s efficiency to adhere to a surface permanently with little to minimal fading makes it a good pen to sign baseball merchandise and memorabilia.

These economical sets are the go-to pens of many creatives and designers because of their retractable cap design and versatility on a variety of stationery materials. You won’t even have to worry about losing any caps and covers if you’re collecting autographs or going out and about for signatures.

We, as well, recommend it since it also boosts artistry and resourcefulness, while helping you go through your work faster and with fewer delays due to repetition. You can expect these markers to produce detailed, bold, and crisp lines that are legible in both casual and cursive handwriting.

What We Liked
  • The pen boasts smooth workability and a relatively soft felt tip that releases ink gradually while making the writing experience easier on the wrists even after long periods of time
  • These markers also have a considerably long shelf-life with AP certified ink that is resistant to fading, smearing, and water, and dries immediately, allowing for speedier work progress
  • One-hand operation is made more efficient and basically possible because of their retractable cap and easy grip
  • Ink permanence has almost no odor and has high reliability even when applied to different surfaces, including paper, cloth, wood, glass, and stone
What We Didn't Like
  • The features that the product offers come at a cost that can be a considerable investment if you prefer working with only the best writing instruments on hand
  • The fine point tip doesn’t retain its crispness after being used repeatedly for a number of times and it can make the lines thicker

Having this many options when it comes to signing and marking won’t have you worrying if it will match the materials it will be written on. These markers are dependable as per a designer’s standard, and these pens can, without a doubt, easily enhance the quality of any project. Also, these ink colors are a Sharpie trademark for quality, so you can almost never go wrong with these metallic beauties.

7. BIC Intensity Metallic Markers


BIC is one of those practical brands of writing instruments that make underrated products, and we’re lifting these markers out of the woodwork. Here’s another set of permanent metallic markers that come in a range of vivid and rich colors to suit any creative endeavor. Whether it be used to outlining, writing, signing, labeling, marking, or lettering, these pens can handle the job.

It is designed with a durable fine point felt tip that makes the lines precise, and it as well includes a rubberized coating to make the grip more comfortable and easier. It also has a bright exterior design that makes it clearly visible when mixed in together with other pens and markers.

With the product’s great workability and simple snap-cap mechanism, it has become a recommended economic choice for autographing pens.

We appreciated it even more because of its lengthen shelf life due to the vapor seal that prevents the ink from drying out inside the pen. This has even been suggested for adult coloring books because of its precision point tips and brilliant shimmer. This is a product you should definitely try.

What We Liked
  • Its versatility allows it to work on a variety of surfaces, both porous and non-porous while retaining its rich colors, vibrance, and luster
  • One of these pens’ defining feature is the acid-free ink that is guaranteed to keep your archival stationery safe from rot or stains, and also qualifies it as a reliable autograph marker
  • These markers can bring life to any project you have on hand, and the assortment of colors also means it can outline anything and enhance it entirely
  • This is a considerably affordable option if you are not confident in investing as much on Sharpie sets
What We Didn't Like
  • These are alcohol-based markers, so leaving them exposed to the air without their cap on for quite some time will eventually lead to ink drying up
  • The colors are not as distinct from each other, so this may mean that they will easily blend into each other as in a gradient

These pens are prized for offering good value for its price, and they remain a good option for arts and crafts enthusiasts all over the world. Aside from its smooth ink flow and commendable workability, another good thing about this marker is that it can be used on ceramic prior to baking without the smudging while retaining its shimmer – that just might be an art project you might want to try.

8. Sakura 44181 Identi-Pen Blister Card Markers


Smooth workability and versatility are only a few things that most customers say when they speak highly of these permanent markers.

These durable water-resistant pens come with a dual point design to suit your writing needs, without releasing the undesirable odors most markers emit. Nothing writes quite as well as this pen given its practical cost, comfortable grip, and effectiveness on non-porous materials, like glass, metal, and plastics.

What we appreciate the most about it is the long shelf life and its heavy-duty performance, as it never easily wears out even when used for hours on end. The strong solid pigment of the ink flows well without being diluted, and the fine tip can be depended on when it comes to detailing and outlining. It can bring the necessary boost for the borders or focal points of your art projects or stationery pieces.

These Sakura permanent markers were even put side by side with the more costly brands of writing materials, and in terms of quality and application, it fairs very well.

What We Liked
  • The product offers you a band for your buck, given that it makes your work efficient and fast while maintaining the crisp cleanliness of your output
  • The two varying point tips of this pen allows you to continue working on your project or signing memorabilia without having to put one pen to use another for thicker line work
  • Another good thing about the markers from this brand is that the ink doesn’t leak from the pen and doesn’t stutter or blob out of the tip when used
  • It may not be as precise as other more prominent brands, the Sakura Identi-pens can be considered the best pen for autographs because of its high-quality appearance on glossy surfaces like photo paper and hard plastics
What We Didn't Like
  • Since these are alcohol-based markers, the ink can easily be smudged or smeared by liquids of the same base, even after it has dried
  • Although labeled as permanent, the pen ink may fade and disintegrate over time, especially when it is subjected to impact or natural elements. It may also eventually wash off if written on fabric, fur, or upholstery

This is one of the brands that you should ultimately try if you’re looking for other products to consider using for your projects. These can be extremely reliable especially when you’re tasked to do a lot of signing and marking for a long while. Truly, these are the pens you can count on without costing you too much.

9. Dyvicl Metallic Markers Pens


All for the love of aesthetics and accessibility, grab a hold of these high-quality pens from Dyvicl. Not only will these make your creative outputs and sketches for lively and vibrant, but it will also help draw the eyes to specific focal points of interest.

The shimmer of these metallic markers brings high contrast and vivid result when written on a dark-colored surface, making it great for labels, signages, and autographs. Catch your readers’ eyes with the rich and lustrous ink colors and the crisp and bold line work.

We absolutely loved how the medium point tip works on a variety of surfaces, and how the ink easily dries and adheres to materials like ceramic, glass, metal, paper, wood, and even fabric! Its resistance to fading and smearing makes it a great, if not the best pen for baseball autographs, basically any sports signing for that matter.

The assortment of the metallic palette means more options for the materials to be written on, and also means more embellishments on your art and stationery outputs. A lot of creatives had grown to love the underrated brand for the smooth application of these markers, and their ability to adjust the thickness depending on the weightiness of the handwriting.

What We Liked
  • The rich opaque ink comes with an incredible shine that lifts the lines without reflecting too much light, so it remains legible and readable even at a distance
  • The flexibility of these markers performance comes with a range, whether it be used for something leisurely like arts and crafts or for formal and more serious events like signing books, memorabilia, or merchandise
  • One underappreciated thing about these pens is that the ink flows seamlessly and without blobs, so there is no need to shake the pen to get rid of any curds or viscous portions
What We Didn't Like
  • It may not work as well on fabrics, upholstery, or porous surfaces as it would on non-porous materials. The ink is also more likely to fade and the shimmer to dull if used on fabrics
  • Even with the bold lines these markers create, they don’t appear as legible or visible if written on white paper or other bright surfaces

These are reliable pens that can boost your creativity and give the necessary aesthetic for a writing instrument. Something to keep in mind though is that these markers should be used on dark surfaces for maximum visibility. With all that out of the way, we have to say that these markers are up to par when you’re looking to do some decent glittering line work.

10. Shuttle Art Permanent Markers


Try out these high-quality pens from Fine Point Permanent Markers in Assorted Colors by Shuttle Art. these make your creative outputs and sketches for lively and vibrant.

These markers bring a high contrast and vivid result when used on a dark-colored surface, making it great for any material.

The medium point tip works on a variety of surfaces, and how the ink easily dries and adheres to materials like ceramic, glass, metal, paper, wood, and even fabric!

What’s even more interesting is that this marker is resistant to fading and smearing A lot of people loves these markers and their ability to adjust thickness.

What We Liked
  • The rich and dark ink comes remains legible and readable even at a distance
  • These markers can be used for something leisurely like arts and crafts or other writing projects you have
  • These pens’ ink flows seamlessly and without blobs, no need to shake the pen to get rid of any viscous portions or curds
What We Didn't Like
  • It may not work well on porous surfaces or fabrics as it would on non-porous materials. The ink is more likely to fade and dull if used on fabrics
  • They don’t appear as legible or visible if written on white paper or other bright surfaces

These markers can boost your creativity for your writing task or project. These markers are best used on dark surfaces, making them more readable and visible. Therefore, it is safe to say that these markers give good value for your money as they give you high-quality output that you need.

11. Crayola Take Note Permanent Markers


These Crayola Take Note Permanent Markers in Assorted Colors have all the colors that you love but this time in a permanent marker.

This marker is perfect for your DIY art projects, labels, and so much more. This set includes 12 different colors to choose from. This autographing pen has a fine tip that allows you to create smooth and fine lines.

What I like about these markers is that it can permanently leave a colorful mark to almost any kind of surface, be it pages, posters, etc.

I also love that it leaves a dark imprint yet feels smooth in the hand. But, what makes me more interested in this product is that it is safe and non-toxic, which can be used by teens, kids, and even younger children with parental supervision.

What We Liked
  • It has a range of vivid and beautiful colors to choose from, making your artwork more colorful and appealing to look at
  • It doesn’t have a strong smell, unlike other markers that give off an overpowering scent
  • These permanent markers don’t show signs of fading or wearing off which is good if you want to leave a colorful mark or label permanently
  • It is safe and non-toxic to use, which basically means that kids of all ages can use it with supervision
  • It can be used for any craft projects, artworks, or DIYs as it can work on a range of surfaces like coloring pages, foam core, posters, metals, plastic, and so much more
What We Didn't Like
  • It doesn’t well with fabrics or other porous surfaces. When used on fabrics, it is more likely to fade after frequent washing

These colorful pens just bring out the best in your artwork. They are colorful, free-staining, vivid, and beautiful. Plus, it doesn’t come with a strong smell like other permanent markers. The best thing about this marker is that it is safe and non-toxic.

12. Keebor Permanent Markers


The Keebor Fine Point Permanent Markers have a simple design yet the superb quality that can match up with all the markers on this list. This marker is specifically formulated to work on a wide range of materials such as paper, metal, plastic, and other surfaces.

This high-quality autographing marker has a quick-drying feature, which means once used, it will not create a blot or smear on your work. Also, this marker is waterproof and fade-resistant. This means that this will leave a permanent imprint on your project, without fading or wearing off.

This fine-point marker has countless uses in the office, home, classroom, and beyond. The manufacturer gives a 100% satisfaction guarantee, which means they will handle all the problems regarding the product as soon as possible. Plus, they will also give a full refund in case if damage occurs during the shipment.

What I like most about these markers is that they have low prices. This makes it easily accessible to students, teachers, workers, or other low-income employees. And even with its low-price, you are still guaranteed to get high-quality results that will not fade or smudge. This is probably one of the most affordable pens out of the bunch yet is at par with all the other markers in the list.

What We Liked
  • The vivid black ink that comes with this fine pen marker is waterproof and fade-resistant, so it remains legible and readable even for a long time
  • These markers are flexible and can be used for arts and crafts, labeling, signing, or writing in the classroom, office, home, or wherever it is
  • The quick-drying feature of this product prevents smudges and blotches on your project. So, you get to have a neat and legible mark that doesn’t have signs of fading or wearing off
What We Didn't Like
  • This may not work as well on upholstery, fabrics, or porous surfaces as it would on non-porous materials. It will most likely fade and dull if used on fabrics

These markers are available at a low-cost price, making it popular for students, teachers, office workers, and others. And even though it has a low-cost price, it lasts a good while and gives neat and visible results. Thus, this marker works as good as other high-priced markers in the market.

How To Choose Markers for Autographs

how to choose markers for autographs

The market has a lot to offer when it comes to reliable writing instruments, but we’re here to look for the best pen for baseball autographs and signing events. It’s precisely because of this that we came up with this guide to give you an across the board list of things you should take into consideration before adding something to your cart.

We summed up the features to look out for in four key attributes that make a particular permanent marker stand out from all the other products. This will ultimately give you an idea of the pens that can make your art, lettering, calligraphy, and signing projects look more chic and professional. This way, you know what you’re getting with your money’s worth. Lastly, it can also give you a run-through on what an actual good product has to offer.

A Look of Precision

One thing that can make your marker lines look more refined and crisp is the compactness of the felt tip. This affects the precision of the lines and how it settles on the surface. Not every permanent marker has this quality, even when it is expensive or it is tagged as a fine point. A weak felt tip can blot the ink and make the lines thicker and a bit faded on the edges, which don’t look good for an autograph.

This is an attribute you must have an eye for when you’re checking out permanent markers, especially ones with assorted colors. The expensive brands usually have reliable felt tips that are durable and can handle continual usage on different surfaces, but the same cannot be said on cheaper products.

If you’re planning to make a particular mark last a long time, as in the case with signatures and autographs, going for optimal precision pens will give you what you need.

Rich Pigments

Permanent markers do not only vary in the thickness of their felt tips, but also on the darkness of their ink color. A rich pigment is solid, if not entirely opaque, and is incredibly vibrant if placed on a complementary color. This can give your lines a kind of clear visibility that can make signatures stand out even at a distance. Rich pigments are also less prone to fading and blotting on the edges.

Although diluted inks can do the trick for simple labeling, marking, and visual aids, it won’t make signatures, autographs, calligraphy, and typography look their best. Also, going for cheap writing instruments can result in heavy blotting when applied to porous surfaces, and smearing on non-porous surfaces. A seemingly way to save money just might ruin your project and cost you more.

Fast-drying and Smudge-free Ink

Nothing grinds our gears like completing good calligraphy set only to accidentally brush against it and have the ink smear all over the page. Talk about frustration! Then again, there are great permanent markers with lines that dry upon application. They are also resistant to fading and smudging, even you have sweaty palms.

This quality of ink will result in faster progress and less mess on the workspace. That also means fewer repetitions and overlays to cover up for the blotting and the smudges. This specific attribute makes a permanent marker a practical and feasible choice for autographic, and can easily qualify it as the best pen for autographs. Although, not all good markers with great crisp lines resist the smudging, so don’t forget to always check the labels.

Good for the Grip

One thing that remains underappreciated is how the pen’s exterior is designed. Usually, permanent markers come with a simple and almost typical outer appearance, but once it is ergonomically made, it can bring so much comfort when you’re using it for extended periods of time.

Using cheap and oddly formed markers won’t feel painful to use during the beginning, but it will eventually cramp up your wrists, especially when signing numerous autographs.

Another thing to consider is the retractable features since they add convenience to a considerable degree. Permanent markers most typically are made to have removable caps, but you can consider the caps that have ridges so they don’t easily roll off the table. Such a small detail can make work easier for you without you even noticing it.

You can make sure that you’re getting a good one by bringing a sample of a material to the supply store then trying the marker on it to see the effect of the ink. This way, you can be sure that you’re getting your money’s worth.

Are Sharpies good for autographs?

Sharpie pens are among the best choices for autographs, especially their permanent markers with shimmering pigment. If you love the contrast effect of your trademark signature and the painting, their pens are a reliable pick. Among the brand’s products, the fine tip marker is always my favorite.

However, many might be a tad disappointed that it has limited color choices for autographing and is not as versatile as other brands’ markers.

If you use a sharpie on surfaces like baseball or bats, its colors will quickly lose their vibrancy and leave blurred lines. So, to not pick the wrong Sharpies for autograph, you can check the recommendations we provide above.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

markers for autographs reviews

Are Sharpies Refillable?

The current models sold by Sharpie are non-refillable, while their old sharpie pens of the stainless steel refillable models were discontinued. However, if the ink dries up because the felt tip was exposed for too long or if the pen itself was not used for quite some time, it can still be revived.

It is recommended that you soak the felt tips in a bowl of alcohol for at least half a minute in order to soften any ink that has hardened and interrupts the flow. Many Sharpie users have incorporated this technique effectively and had kept doing so until the ink had run out entirely.

If you specifically prefer a product that is more sustainable and refillable, there are other brands that you can consider and try out for yourself.

Which Marker Type or Color Should I Use?

Considering contrast is important when picking which ink color or type you should use. A rule of thumb would be to use a dark-colored ink on a light-colored surface, then a bright opaque colored ink on a dark-colored surface. Metallic pens work well on darker backgrounds since it lifts the luster, making it more visible, unlike when placed on a plain white canvas.

Rich pigments and ink work better on pretty much any material, especially non-porous ones, and they have a brilliant effect on a surface. Always check if the pen has a diluted ink pigment by test-writing the pen when you’re at the supply store. In contrary to diluted inks, ones with rich pigments can be expected to last longer and be more resistant to fading.

Who is This for?

These markers are intended for all, whether you are a writer, artist, student, teacher, office staff, a DIY-mom, or other people who are into arts and crafts. This can also be used by kids; however, you may want to opt for a washable marker in case they use it on your furniture or wall.

What are The Advantages and Disadvantages of Using a Marker for Autographs?

Markers used for autograph dries up easily, so they don’t smudge or easily wear off. Markers also create a deeper and darker color on paper, which means that it is visible and readable, Plus, these markers also give a consistent stroke, making your work look neat and clean. Some markers, though, leave a permanent mark, which means you can’t erase them at all.

Where to Buy Markers for Autographs?

You can easily buy these markers from bookstores or through online sites such as Amazon, Lowes, Walmart, Home Depot, and so much more.

How to Care for Your Markers for Autographs?

To assure that your markers will last long, you must do the following:

  • Cover them whenever not in use.
  • Avoid placing them on direct heat or sunlight, especially with the cap off.
  • Store them properly.
  • Make sure that you place them with the capped tip facing down.


We have already come to the end of our article. We have highlighted some of the best markers for you to help you narrow down your choices. Also, just follow the guide we have in this article to help you in choosing the best marker that would match up to what you need in a marker.

To ensure that your markers work for a long time, make sure that you follow our tips on how to care for your markers. Leave your artsy imprint permanently behind with these best markers for an autograph.

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