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The Best Markers for Glass On The Market 2023

markers for glass

The exciting yet challenging part of a party planner’s job is to create a dynamic and fun party for our clients. One of our favorite tricks is adding people’s names on the glasses so they can comfortably play drinking games and have fun without mixing up their beverages.

As you imagine, if the old glasses or plates still have leftovers, they will be poured away, which is a lavish action that we couldn’t praise. So, writing names or nicknames for everyone is also a smart move and money-saving idea.

And, just like that, I find a glass marker necessary in any party we organize. We can use this marker to write the name of customers on the servings or decorate the glasses.

To choose the best marker for glass, we should care about many issues like colors, ease of wiping, and ink pigments. We are glad to review a dozen products for customers to compare strengths and weaknesses and find the best one to suit your party.

Marker for Glass Reviews

1. The Original Wine Glass Marker

the original wine glass markers

The lightly launch before we start a party can make entire clients became more dynamic. Finding the right wine glass with the customer’s name which had written previously, who is the fastest in this game will receive a small gift from the organizer.

The question is how we can write the name on the wine glass? The answer is by using glass markers, especially, I honestly recommend the original wine glass marker which is the best chosen for all outdoor meetings.

With small parties in the family, the members will feel happy and exciting when they are served with glass has their name. Moreover, they can find the used thing easier and never leave the leftovers. Besides that, with proms or luxurious meetings, clients often take a wine glass and go around the hall to pal up new friends. This is the chance for each person to maybe decorate the glass with their personality.

In addition to writing on a wine glass, the product can be used for leaving messages on other things like mirrors, picture frames or windows. With this function, you can give notes for relatives anywhere conveniently. Don’t worry about the ink because it is safe and not disappearance by holding all the time during the celebration.

Although the ink of the marker does not fade effortlessly, it still is erasable by water and safe with a dishwasher. The manufacturer provides 5 different colors including gold, purple, green, silver, and red.

What We Liked
  • Creating unforgettable memories between relatives.
  • Increasing dynamic style for parties.
  • Easy to use and wipe off.
  • Providing 5 metallic colors in one packaging.
  • Great for many different uses.
What We Didn't Like
  • Easy to erase with any moisture

This is a unique gifting idea for wine connoisseurs, as they can use these pens to leave the wishes to direct a bottle of wine without complex charms. To keep the colors cannot be erased easily with moisture, customers need to be careful when using with cold beverages. It is no matter with small disadvantages, the glass marker still is the hottest gift nowadays.

2. Reload Joy Rich Metallic Markers

reload joy rich metallic markers

I am also very pleased to include the Rich Metallic Marker in my review because it is exactly what we need for a good glass marker. Writing or drawing on glasses is a strong point in parties, as usual, many people often use normal markers which use to write on the whiteboard. However, it is not a wise selection due to the differences between paint markers and others.

The first discrepancy I will tell you honestly is about the ink. The Rich Metallic Marker is dubbed the best marker to write on glass because it is made from high-quality and special non-toxic ink. If you try to write or decorate on glasses with the whiteboard marker, it will leave the smudges on your fingers. That is the reason why I have changed to use a paint marker that resists the entire blemishes above.

In important parties like birthdays or weddings, maybe the groom and bride or your friends don’t want to see basic glasses or plates having one color. It is because they are not outstanding and expressing their personality. So that they often write names of the customers on servings to consider gratitude for participants.

Secondly, this paint marker can write on not only the glass but also other glassy surfaces including plastic, metal, chalkboard, and whiteboard. Nowadays, a lot of restaurants often design banner, best-seller menu, discount on glass-board because when they turn on the light, the board will be more sparkling to attract clients.

Furthermore, the marker is easy to wipe cleanly with the microfiber cloth provided by the manufacturer.

Last but not least, the manufacturer offers 5 unique metallic colors for customers to draw and write comfortably. The vibrant colors are metallic gold, metallic aquamarine, metallic silver, metallic black, and pure white.

What We Liked
  • Do not leave any smudges or ink on the fingers.
  • Having vibrant and beautiful colors.
  • Writing and drawing on many glass surfaces.
What We Didn't Like
  • The markers can’t be wiped off on porous surfaces.

I can guarantee that this product is one of the best markers to write on wine glasses. It can promote all effects and highlight non-porous surfaces by vibrant colors. The time of waiting for the dry text is shorter than others.

3. Vino Marker Metallic Wine Glass

vino marker metallic wine glass washable pens

Giving a bottle of wine as a gift at housewarming parties, anniversaries, birthdays, weddings are not only a great idea but also an increasing love of people.

However, have you ever forgotten the charms on a bottle of wine so that the owner couldn’t know which one is your present? That is the reason why you ought to try the marker that writes on glass and wipe off easily. The next product that is deserving to be in this article is Vino Marker Metallic Wine Glass.

With this product, you don’t need to spend much time on choosing the best suitable charms for a gift. I think that Vino markers can help us in decorating the bottle of wine impressively. Unlimited the space to write wishes for your friends or relatives, you can unleash to draw, take a note on an empty area of the bottle.

To make the parties more perfect, sign the names of customers on the wine glasses will deliver respect to the participants. In addition to glass decoration, we can design special patterns on the white plates by these paint markers effectively. Nonetheless, many people worry about the ink of pain marker is not good and it leaves smudges on fingers.

Understanding the perturbations of clients, the manufacturer of paint marker always produces non-toxic, food-grade ink. Moreover, after writing it on the glass, waiting for 3-5 minutes, the ink will never fade and imprint on the fingers anymore. Thus, people can believe in the quality of Vino markers.

What We Liked
  • Always include an extra gold pen for each pack
  • Long-lasting of keeping colors on the wine glass
  • Label not only glass but also on porcelain, glazed or ceramic dinner plate
  • Never be smeared with red wine glass
What We Didn't Like
  • Have to wait more time from 3-5 minutes to let it dry
  • Do not have a good result with cold drinks

Although the colors can be smeared when contacting moisture things or cold beverages, the markers still keep the smudges not to spread out and imprint on fingers. The special difference between Vino Marker and other products is it can color upon the ceramic plates. Therefore, with just one purchase, customers can have more advantages.

4. GAINWELL Wine Glass Markers

gainwell wine glass markers

For the parties that are full of energy, we should decorate the space as peculiar as possible and increase vibrant colors on the easiest seeing details. With intimate meetings between generations in a family, I often see that the wine glasses are designed meticulously to express family loves.

To write the names or notes on glass surfaces, I have reviewed a lot of markers above from functions to textures of them. However, we couldn’t forget to mention a product which is one of the best pens for writing on glass is GainWell Marker.

The manufacturer provides a set of eight different colors including gold, red, green, purple, silver, blue, pink and dark silver. These colors are not too sheeny to help your arts more outstanding, but they are basic ones for customers can create and combine them perfectly.

Losing beverages is an inevitable issue after cheerful times in dancing, and using charms on the glasses is a usual way to solve the problem. Nevertheless, it will cause an uncomfortable feeling when the charms got wet. That is the reason why the glass markers become a trend in decoration with no smudges, no fade. This product still has functions like other markers as dry fast, difficulty drifting color, easy to clean.

Not only used to write on wine glasses, the housewives often take the pens to note on the jars. The paper stickers frequently peel off after a long time and leave dirt on the bottle. Replacing this old way by writing directly on the pot is an extremely effective one.

What We Liked
  • Helping to distinguish each customer’s wine glass
  • The great alternative gift for your friends
  • Affordable price with a pack of 6 or 8 markers
  • Keeping good colors even though hot or cold drinks
What We Didn't Like
  • The colors are not vibrant and garish.

This is not a disadvantage with a person who loves warm colors. Moreover, with the low price for each pack, customers can own many markers than other brands. The colors are produced from food-grade ink so that it is safe for people when setting foods on it. Not only that, the pens will never leave the smudges on a wine glass or your fingers.

5. ORIGINAL Glass Artist Wine Glass Markers

original glass artist wine glass markers

With the round shape of the pen driver, the basic packagings with vibrant colors, effective functions that markers from Glass Artis brand are deserved to appear in this article.

They are the most popular pens to write on glass and a perfect gift for any occasion for wine collectors. Not only a present for adults, but the markers can also be given for children to draw on any glass surfaces.

I often use this product in my working to create featured artworks, and besides that, a small gift for my grandchildren can make them happy all day. I see that the pens are produced from non-toxic ink, and they are difficult to fade colors unless we wipe off them by special cleaning cloth.

Entire artworks of your children will be saved on endless glasses since they are free to draw on 2 faces of glass, so parents can save much money from buying papers and crayons. With this action, every family can reduce trash and preserve many trees for our environment.

Different from other products, the manufacturer of Glass Artis Markers has designed a beautiful box so clients can take it as a unique present for who is specialize in wine. The pens have 8 different metallic colors including black, gold, purple, blue, green, silver, red, and pink.

What We Liked
  • Supporting for your children to develop creation
  • Designed in a beautiful box to become a wonderful gift
  • Have unique metallic colors
  • Attached with holiday’s stencil and cleaning cloth
What We Didn't Like
  • Difficult to see in the dark environment

With stickers produced by the manufacturer, clients will don’t waste much time drawing symbols. People always have 8 markers for 1 pack at affordable prices. The product can be written on any glass surfaces including bottles of wine, beers, car windows, and mirror. Those are the reasons why you couldn’t pass Original Glass Artist supplies.

6. Rainbow Chalk Glass Pen Markers

glass pen markers white

Nowadays, to save money and living space of the house, shop, school, etc., I saw many people had leveraged the glass surfaces to perform decorated activities. Not only an intelligently creative idea, but it is also an assistant for people to economize on expenses of buying materials.

In this article, I have recommended a variety of wine glass markers and Glass Pen Marker is the first product used for working glass. Because I am an event organizer, I have to lead the trend to attract more customers or organizers. Now, I guarantee that the trend of decorating is by designing on glass surfaces.

The markers for writing on the glass are different from whiteboard ones, as they are not easy to wipe off by hand or dry fabric. However, due to this function, you can write or draw anything else with your endless imagination and unlimited space. I usually see that these markers use for decorating on the glass board of weddings or glasses of kindergartens.

With the white pen, it creates a courteous style and amiability for watchers. The yellow one will increase luxurious and impressive for the parties. These two colors are often used to design the glass board at weddings because they are vibrant colors and can attract more visions of customers.

The other colors including black, blue, brown, green, orange, red, pink and purple, are combined to design wonderful pictures on glass. Moreover, you can use the pen marker to leave the messages for your colleagues, relatives or maybe your husband on the bathroom mirror.

What We Liked
  • Display vibrant colors well on glass and windows
  • The ink resists water 100%
  • Wiping off easily with a damp cloth
  • Have two options of tip size and 10 different colors
What We Didn't Like
  • Can not contact to food

This marker will be the best selection for people who want to decorate the artworks on glass surfaces. With 10 vibrant colors, people can expand their imagination to design pictures comfortably. However, the product of the Glass Pen brand is made to write on working glasses; thus, customers couldn’t use it on things that contain foods or drinks.

7. Crafty Croc Liquid Chalk Markers

crafty croc liquid chalk markers

It is a significant omission when we do not mention the hottest marker using to write on glass is Crafty Croc Liquid Chalk Markers.

On the markets nowadays, they offer a lot of colorful chalks for people to design the creative artworks on a chalkboard. But do you feel uncomfortable when the chalk dust frequently sticks on your face or fingers? Moreover, clouds of dust are not good for health and eyes when contacting.

Leveraging that disadvantages, the Crafty Croc brand released a product that can write on the glass markers and have double qualities than normal chalks. I have tried this marker once time with my team to decor a wood restaurant.

Normally, wood is a difficult material for writing or drawing because the wood texture couldn’t save the colors on it. Nevertheless, I was unexpected with the color grip-ability of the product on the most difficult surfaces like wood, glass, stone, and rock.

I was pleased when using this product as a result of dust-free and non – toxic of the ink. These markers are not only easy for drawing but also effortless to wipe off effortlessly. An important thing of outstanding artworks is a perfect combination and the alternation between dark and bright different colors. That is the reason why I chose Crafty Croc markers because they have a variety of harmonic neon colors.

The supplies are lightly and hard to break than chalks so that I can bring them anytime and anywhere. Not only that, the liquid chalk markers are produced with a double amount of ink, so we can save our money and contribute an important part to keep the environment greenly.

What We Liked
  • Double amount of ink than other chalk pens
  • Providing 2 options with reversible tip
  • Using for a variety of surfaces
  • Keeping our environment greenly
  • The outstanding neon colors with 10 pack
What We Didn't Like
  • A few colors are not colored up like advertisement

Maybe just an orange marker is not colored up exactly, but the remain markers are wonderful to use. Crafty Croc is a famous brand for not only the high-quality markers but also meaningful volunteer programs. For each purchase, the customer will contribute a toothbrush for poor children in the world.

8. MoodClue Liquid Chalk Markers

12 bright liquid chalk markers

Mentioning to the chalk markers, we couldn’t pass the product which is the most convenient for offices, home or school from the MoodClue brand. Currently, at schools or companies, they still use the whiteboard or chalkboard for writing lessons or noting important things. To write on different surfaces, I think we should have special tools like normal markers, chalks.

With those implements, they not only cost a little bit of money from customers but also are not well-being for health due to the dust. They are the reasons why I highly recommend the pens for writing on glass or any surfaces.

With MoodClue Liquid Chalk Markers, clients can set brush strokes on a variety of materials including whiteboards, glass boards, bistro boards, stainless steel, slate, Plexi, and most of the chalkboards, etc.

The markers are made from premium-quality ink with dustless, odorless, and non-toxic, the colors color up rightly that go on smudge less, smoothly, and dry quickly. Besides that, the pens are erased effortlessly by both dry and wet. Furthermore, one of the best things about these markers is by using either a thick tip or a thin tip.

You can design the bolder lines without repeatedly drawing, as customers just need to change the tip into bevel shape, it is more convenient than other markers. The manufacturer offers 12 bright colors in one packaging so that you are unlimited to create the artworks.

What We Liked
  • The markers can be used on all non-porous surfaces
  • The ink is dustless, odorless, non-toxic, eco-friendly and easy for cleaning
  • Providing reversible 6mm tip with thick tip and thin tip
  • Have up to 12 bright liquid chalk markers
What We Didn't Like
  • The ink is easy to dry after use

If you like number twelve, you can choose the MoodClue brand which provides a dozen markers for you. Like other liquid chalk pens, this product can be used to design on many non-porous surfaces. The special different is the tip of it has 2 shapes that are round and thin beveled so that clients can use it to design the most difficult details. With those functions, MoodClue Markers are not to be missed when selecting a tool for creating your artworks.

9. ChalkTastic Professional Liquid Chalk Markers

chalk markers by fantastic chalktastic

This next chalk marker, which does play an important role in kid artworks or craft supplies also worthwhile to mention in this article is ChalkTastic Markers. This product is produced from a trusted brand so that its texture and functions are wonderful to use.

Firstly, these markers can write all on all non-porous surfaces like glass, mirrors, plastics, whiteboards, windows, vinyl, ceramics and chalkboards. With other normal pens, customers have to prepare specific surfaces for writing, and they are limited space due to their width and length. However, with ChalkTastic Markers, people have endless space to create artworks and easy wipe off cleanly.

Secondly, the product is created from high-quality ink which is imported from Japan. The Japanese chalk ink can not only color up clearly, rightly but also long-lasting pictures, dry fastly, no fading, smudges less, and no smearing. It doesn’t have any bad odor to make us feel uncomfortable when using it.

Moreover, the markers are designed with reversible nib so that we have 2 options are round or chisel tip to draw different brush strokes. The 6mm tip gives you the ability to decorate the smallest details.

Last but not least, the product has a variety of vibrant colors to draw outstanding pictures. These markers can be used with children to develop their imagination.

What We Liked
  • An amazing gift for kids 3+
  • Great for creating on banners, menus, signs, mirrors, etc.
  • Water-based, non-toxic, no odors
What We Didn't Like
  • Do not work in warm weather

To conclude, ChalkTastic Professional is exactly a nice addition to your paint marker collection.

10. Paint Mark Quick-Dry Paint Pens

paint mark quick dry paint pens

If you are finding pens for writing on glass, I highly recommend the markers from the PainMark brand. It will be the wisest selection from you of owning the entire 15 vibrant paint colors because of their excellent uses.

With those products above, you can just write on certain 2 surfaces are glass or wood. However, with PainMark markers, they can be written on any surfaces if you want including ceramic, wood, glass, canvas, plastic and more.

I am amazed by the unexpected abilities of the pens since they are necessary elements in creating colorful designs on the crafts. Moreover, the product is used to make artworks on the most difficult surfaces like wood or fabric, and all the colors color up beautifully. Not only used in arts, but the markers can also making tools, parts and other industrial works.

The main texture of the liquid is oil-based permanent ink so that it can resist strongly with fading, physical wear, smearing, and water. Because of producing from high-quality material, the paintbrush can last as long as possible despite any weather conditions.

I love the pictures which are designed on crafts because they make me feel more harmony with nature. When I knew about these markers, I had a habit of decorating the furniture by myself.

The marker has a round shape and a small pen driver so that we can draw tiny details easily. The manufacturer provides a variety of vibrant colors for a perfect combination to create the most beautiful artworks.

What We Liked
  • Super-versatile paint markers for a variety of use
  • Working on any surfaces
  • Premium no-fade paint markers
  • Providing up to 15 or 20 vibrant colors
What We Didn't Like
  • The ink is oil-based so that it is difficult to wipe off

Paint markers are permanent pens so that the ink can be kept a long time than other products. However, this product is the best choice for designing handmade things.

How To Choose Markers for Glass?

markers for glass reviews

As I have reviewed a dozen markers above, customers will have a variety of choices to select the best markers for writing on glass. With the high development of the current technology era, clients can buy products in many ways, like going to the markets or online shopping.

Before any purchase, you should care about some elements which decide that markers are good enough to buy? After using a lot of supplies, I can conclude the aspects which you have to note when purchasing the pens:

The Quality of Ink

Ink is the most important element to decide that a marker is good or not? If you want to keep your artworks in a temporary time, you should buy the water-based markers which can be erased efficiently just by water or damp cloth. I often use this ink to write the names of customers on the glasses in parties.

To be more comfortable when using, I think that clients should purchase non-toxic and food-grade ink to create good results. As no-fading, no-smearing, no-imprint on fingers and safe for contact food.

Otherwise, the permanent pens contain oil-based ink which can keep your pictures last long time. With this function, the markers are used to draw on woods, ceramics, metal, stones, for decorating your garden, menus, banners, etc. Therefore, I recommend that you should have a specific purpose to choose the right ink you want for your crafts.

The vibrant colors

Another implement that is essential for the paint pens in different colors. Normally, the manufacturers regularly offer for customers upon 2 products of each pack so that we can have a variety of choices to design anything we want. We have a connection between the ink and colors, the higher the quality of paint, the more beautiful coloring up on your artworks with any surfaces.

Although I really enjoy some brands with endless abilities, I usually select other brands because they offer me more different colors of markers. When I need to decorate wine glasses, I will choose the pens with gold colors and priority the suppliers which provide more gold markers than others. It is because gold is the best-loved color to design on glasses.

Otherwise, I always take a dozen or 15 markers to not only save my money but also long-term in using and keep the environment greenly.

Do you need Special Markers to Write on Glass?

Indeed, nearly all types of markers can be used to write on glass if you want the writing to stay temporarily. It would be tricky for some, but we can leave some marks on the glasses with almost any marker.

However, if you want the right type of marker that shows clear lines yet is easy to wipe off afterward without leaving residue, you need a dry-erase marker. In other words, you need special markers to write clearly on glasses, which are your whiteboard marker, window crayon, or wine glass marker.

If you want to leave permanent writings on glass surfaces, use oil-based paint markers or Acrylic paint markers.

What is a Glass Marker?

Glass marker is a new implementation that can replace normal supplies for writing on whiteboards or chalkboards. When using the previous products, the chalk dust or toxic materials in ink will affect the health of users in a bad way. In order to reduce harmful disadvantages, many manufacturers leveraged them to produce a clean marker with special ink and can be written on many surfaces.

This advanced product has many different uses like writing, drawing or decorating on the glass. Moreover, with higher quality markers, they can use on all non-porous surfaces including wood, metal, ceramics, stone, plastics.

The main formula of the ink is water-based with temporary pen and oil-based with a permanent one, they are safe for using and coloring up on surfaces perfectly.

These markers are most outstanding than others because they can resist water, smudges on fingers, smearing or fading effectively. This is not only an innovative product but also keeping the environment greenly.

How does Glass Marker Work?

Before using these makers, people should determine the purpose and the material to choose a suitable product.

Like the pens for writing in works, they should contain functions as dry fastly, wiping off easily, neutral colors. Besides that, the markers for decorating in the parties ought to be special things written on any surfaces. They have high resistance from water and couldn’t be faded, smeared the colors on the customer’s fingers.

Although the markers can be dry faster than painting colors, they still need time from 1 to 3 minutes for the ink can completely arid. The manufacturers have recommended that the users have to shake the pens steadily before using, to increase coloring up ability on the surfaces.

To keep the artworks last long time, clients restrict in contacting the pictures with moisture things as a result of fading easily.

What are The Different Types of Glass Markers?

On the markets currently, they have a variety of glass markers with different functions, formulas, and colors. However, we still can divide the supplies into a small group depending on the demand of customers, and the trend of using these pens are by decorating on wine glasses or crafts.

The most important things you should care about the glass markers when designing are colors and ink formulas.

In the intimate parties, the owners often write the names of entire participants on glasses to express gratefulness. In this situation, the markers with water-based texture and bright colors are the best selection because they are dry fastly, no fading, and effortlessly washable.

On the other hand, you can use permanent ink, when decorating on surfaces which the customers want to keep them a long time.

Currently, you can buy any colors of markers including bold colors, white ink, neons, and metallic colors. To save money and keep clean for our environment, clients can try the markers to have a reversible tip. They provide 2 options for supporting people to draw full brush strokes.

Why Do You Need a Marker for Glass?

Glass is a special material that you couldn’t use regular pens or chalks to write on it. Normally, we usually use colorful chalks to write on the chalkboards and the regular markers on whiteboards.

Nonetheless, with other surfaces like glass, wood, metal, ceramics, etc., we definitely cannot write or draw by them. Besides that, the artworks are designed on those dissimilar surfaces is a new trend of arts. That is a reason why you have to use a marker for glass.

Because those are non-porous materials, the paint strokes from the chalks will do not leave the colors, but also make those surfaces be scratched. Otherwise, the regular pens don’t have vibrant colors and they are easy for wiping off. These things are so inconvenient to use them for decorating parties.

Nowadays, everybody enjoys drawing the names or jaunty symbols in meetings to create exciting and express intimacy. Furthermore, the event organizers generally design the introduction banner at a wedding on glass because it is a small secret for stretching space.

With those issues, the markers for glass are the best selection for people. They are produced by endurable ink which is different from other pens. Because it can keep the colors on the glass when writing, drawing and it is never faded while using or contacting water. Entire paint strokes will be colored up clearly and smooth.

Not only using on glass but also writing on other surfaces that are fastidious about letting the colors on them. However, with a soft tip, premium-quality of ink, and vibrant colors, they are a perfect combination to defeat the chalks and normal markers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

how to choose markers for glass

What are The Most Popular Glass Marker Brands?

The manufacturers always provide customers the high-quality products from inside to outside. Nonetheless, depending on the user demand of customers, they can find themselves trustworthy brands to use.

Who enjoyed on the markers for writing on wine glasses, could refer to some brands like The Wine Glass Marker, Rich Metallic Markers, Vino, GainWell, Glass Artist. For more remarkable pens to write on all non-porous surfaces, Crafty Croc, MoodClue, ChalkTastic, and Paint Mark will be the most popular selections.

How to Install and Use Markers for Glass?

The wine glass markers have a lot of creative ways to use and they are not difficult in preparation steps. If you have a plan of decorating on glasses or plates in parties, you should choose the markers with non-toxic and food-grade ink to remove the harms of chemical components.

The first step of preparing is cleaning the glass surface carefully to clear away any oil on your hand. Secondly, you have to shake the marker regularly to mix the color materials for the best colored upon the glass. Thirdly, starting to write or draw anything else you want on that surface, but remember that after finishing design, you have to wait from 1 to 5 minutes to let the colors are dry. Last but not least, enjoy the party and witness excited of your friends.

Those are the steps from start to the end of how to use the wine glass marker. Besides that, if you want to design your artworks on other surfaces (like wood, ceramics, metal, plastic, etc.), you should take serious ways of how to use the paint markers without mistakes about fade, smudges, imprints, or smears. The most popular products used for the best results are liquid chalk markers.

These are brief introductions of steps which you can refer to follow:

  • Step 1: Determine the material which is used to express your artworks on it, a few papers and damp cloth to delete dirt, redundant colors. However, with any surfaces you choose, you ought to brush off all grime, and stuff which can cause the patchy spots on our creatures.
  • Step 2: Shaking the markers for 1 or 2 minutes and pressing the pen’s tip on papers that you have prepared until the color starts to flow.
  • Step 3: Finally, you can start to decorate your art perfectly. Nonetheless, if you feel your color is steadily faded, please repeat step 2 to guarantee the marker can be used long-term.
  • Step 4: The last step you should remember during the process of drawing is waiting for each coat of color is fully dry. Unless the new and old coats will be mixed and pulling off whatever you are designing on.

How to Clean and Care Markers for Glass?

The glass markers are wonderful products because they are easy not only in use but also cleaning and caring. After happy parties, we should wipe off the smudges to reuse the next time. With the pens for writing on the wine glass, you just need a damp cloth to clean the letters or symbols efficiently.

To be more precise, you can wash the glass by soap or in a dish machine. Nevertheless, this way is used for water-based ink markers because the color components can be cleaned in a short time.

With the permanent ink, it will take a lot of time from you to erase the old artworks. Because oil-based ink couldn’t be removed by soap or just water, you need to buy the right chemicals for cleaning.

  • Step 1: Buying a suitable cleaning agent for your markers. Also keeping your hands by wearing rubber gloves. Moreover, if you want to clean a lot of details of your artworks, you ought to buy some cotton balls or swabs. Otherwise, you just need to prepare the pieces of cloth for wiping all things.
  • Step 2: Spraying the chemical directly on the smudges or absorb it by swabs and starting to clean the surface. If the artworks have been designed nearly, the color coats will come off easily. Contrariwise, you need to apply many solvents until the smudges are erased absolutely.
  • Step 3: Re-washing the surfaces with warm soapy water.

Those are the introduction of cleaning artworks drawn by glass markers. For caring, you should keep the pens far away from fire or ice. Remember to close the pen’s cap after using for guaranteeing the ink isn’t dry and the tip doesn’t spread out. Moreover, you can arrange the markers into the box carefully for not losing any colors.

Where to Buy Markers for Glass?

The glass markers can be found in many places like supermarkets, grocery stores, souvenir stores. Nevertheless, if you want to have more time for selecting, comparing the products from different brands, online shopping will be the widest chosen.


Although just small markers, they still contribute an important role in raising the happiness for entire parties. Not only that, they are the main elements to create the perfect artworks on many surfaces. Customers should choose the best markers for glass to design the right colors, high-quality ink you want.

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