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The Best Metallic Markers for 2024

metallic markers

If you are a pen-and-paper enthusiast like myself, the best metallic markers are a must-have. They are excellent tools for just any materials, including wood, paper, fabric, glass, and even ceramic.

Metallic glitter gel pens and markers, with their textures, can be a good decoration and writing tool for versatile purposes. They can improve the clarity of our notes, making memorizing things a little easier.

So, with many available brands and designs, which one should we choose? Fret not. I’ll show you where to find the best metallic pens and markers, so read on!

Metallic Marker Reviews

Among the many brand names and metallic marker types out there, which are the absolute best to invest in? These are my 12 choices, whether you’re looking for metallic calligraphy pens or coloring markers:

1. Morfone Metallic Marker Pens

morfone metallic marker pens

I love the Morfone Metallic Marker Pens due to its complete set of ten markers, including pretty colors such as silver, gold, and even pink!

These vibrant colors are beautiful, with the white color made to write on black paper or cardboard. I’m amazed with the vivid and bold output all the marker colors create, which match its metallic sheen. All the marker colors show well on any light or dark surface, so you can use it for all types of artworks and projects.

The markers have the medium tip, offering the right balance of firmness and smoothness. You are promised an excellent flow when designing with such a perfect-size tip. It is also made with water-based ink, looking opaque and dries quickly.

It has constant ink coverage, making it great for most art projects, whether you’re using it for cards, black paper, customized glasses, or for painting rocks. The medium tip is also great for writing calligraphy, as it isn’t too thick to look drowned out. The ink doesn’t smudge easily, and it has a high pigment, coloring surfaces without looking faded.

As I used these markers, there is no problem in terms of smudging or gaps. It is comfortable to hold on to these markers due to their ideal thickness. Since it’s made of water-based material without any chemicals, expect NO smell, making it comfortable to use and safe for children.

The only downfall is that they may not be as bright as you expect, but they definitely aren’t dull or grayish.

What We Liked
  • No smell and made with water-based material without harsh chemicals
  • All the colors included work well and look vibrant on most surfaces
  • Comfortable to hold with an ergonomic grip and thick handle
  • Strong metallic sheen that can be used for paper and other surfaces
What We Didn't Like
  • Some of the markers may arrive dried out, you need to have them replaced
  • It may not be as bright as some people would expect, particularly the gold brush pen

Despite the cons, I believe that these are a good set of metallic markers that look vibrant and unique as it does in the photos. I can see them lasting for a few weeks, making it worth the investment for most applications.

2. Sharpie Metallic Permanent Marker Pens

sharpie metallic permanent marker pens

You probably already know how popular Sharpie is, and for good reasons! The brand is known for its high-quality permanent markers featuring different colors and styles. Their permanent metallic markers are a popular choice of artists and children, as they offer the beautiful glimmer and shimmer on many surfaces.

The metallic sheen shows best on dark surfaces, though you can also appreciate its vivid looks on light paper, ceramics, rocks, and other areas. They are versatile and can be used for calligraphy, writing, doodling, drawing, and other design forms.

The brand does an excellent job of applying a formulated ink that promises permanent marks. It lasts long and sticks to the surface no matter how many times you try to wipe it off. Plus, the beautiful colors pop out and show boldness regardless of where you apply it.

With the fine point tip provided, users can create thin lines or bold marks, depending on the angle and pressure while writing. The versatile points make it suitable for calligraphy and large lettering. Besides its versatile points, it’s easier to write because of the ergonomic design.

The only issue with these markers is that they do take time to break-in. They aren’t dried out but require a bit of shaking or wiping before the pigment comes out and is ready for use!

What We Liked
  • High-quality permanent markers that do not smear or smudge, they stick to the surface
  • Beautiful sheen that looks very noticeable on all types of surfaces
  • Lasts longer than other markers and products bold and vivid colors
  • Beautiful and ergonomic design that’s comfortable to hold and display
  • Great for both children and professional artists to use for many projects
What We Didn't Like
  • Takes time before the pigment and ink starts to show and write properly
  • The tip may get too fat quickly, so it’s hard to make smaller letter sizes at first

For those who want something longer-lasting and suitable for art projects, you will love these genuinely permanent markers.

3. Dyvicl Metallic Paint Markers

dyvicl metallic paint markers

The Dyvicl Metallic Warriors are perfect for both children and professional artists! I love them for designing mugs and wine glasses because of their fine tips and beautiful colors with metallic sheens.

The set comes in ten different and vivid colors that leave a glimmering on the surface. People use them on paper, ceramics, glass, rocks, among other signs and boards. Notably, the ink won’t smudge even after washing, and it will remain shiny.

These markers have medium bullet tips more suitable for writing larger letters and details. Still, you can use it for slightly thinner handwriting and calligraphy projects, making them versatile and worth the price.

Using these markers is easy, as their caps stay put. And there’s no need to shake them to put ink out. They have ergonomic grip with the rubber material to prevent slight burns and discomfort as you write or draw for hours on end.

Children can use these markers as well since they are made with non-toxic and acid-free materials. It emits no odor at all and is environment-friendly, with the water-based ink being chemically stable. Plus, its formula makes the ink fade-resistant and less prone to smearing.

The only drawbacks are that these pieces aren’t really permanent markers and some shades may not be opaque.

What We Liked
  • Products the vibrant and shiny metallic colors that don’t fade or smear easily
  • It’s made of a non-toxic and acid-free formula that emits no odor and is safe to use
  • Ergonomic grip to keep your hands comfortable and well-designed cap to prevent rolling
  • Medium bullet tip for versatility in what you write or draw, working on most surfaces
What We Didn't Like
  • They aren’t permanent markers and would fade without added coating on the surface
  • Some of the colors have similar shades and may not be as opaque as others

Despite the minor issues, they are amazing markers for its price. They have the beautiful quality made for calligraphy hobbyists and professional doodlers.

4. Crayola Metallic Markers

crayola metallic markers

We’re all probably familiar with Crayola, one of the most popular brands worldwide for their crayons! To my surprise, they release other writing materials like these well-made metallic markers! These are perfect not only for children but for adults who want to show their artsy side as well.

I was surprised that the markers performed consistently, just like their crayons! Furthermore, the collection comes with eight metallic markers in different colors, which are similar to their crayons. These metallic markers offer the shine you would expect from premium brands. Besides, the ink can last very long no matter where you apply it on.

But manage your expectations with the metallic sheen, as it isn’t as noticeable compared to other brands. The colors may look a bit darker and pearlized than metallic, though there is still some glimmer.

Like all Crayola products, this marker collection is completely safe and non-toxic, making them suitable for school projects and craftwork. Furthermore, they produce rich and radiant colors on paper, ceramics, or even glass and wood!

However, you have to be wary when children use them because, with too much force, the tip can be softened and mushed down.

What We Liked
  • It’s safe and non-toxic for children to use for school and art projects
  • Comes in the basic colors you can use in most surfaces, having smooth lines
  • Smooth texture and doesn’t feel chalky while you write or once applied on the surface
  • It emits no odor at all and can be used by both children and adults
What We Didn't Like
  • The marker tips are fragile, especially if people apply too much pressure
  • Colors look darker and leave not as much shimmer as expected

While these aren’t the ultimate markers for artists, nor do they give the most shimmer, but children will surely love them.

5. Lineon Metallic Marker Pens

lineon metallic marker pens

If you’re looking for the full pack of metallic marker pens, the Lineon set is for you. This ultimate artist pen set presents a total of 24 colors and 6 stencils for versatile use.

The 24 metallic pens are attractive and made for most writing and drawing applications. Meanwhile, the 6 free stencils can make your art project or calligraphy look more refined.

Regarding those metallic pens, they boast attractive colors, which are suitable for writing, doodling, drawing, or for decorating and design. Not to mention, their durable and smooth fine tip can flow very well on most surfaces.

You can use these markers on black paper, scrapbooks, ceramics, rocks and cards. You will notice those bold and vivid colors with a glimmer metallic finish that accents your artwork. Plus, the ink is both waterproof and ink-drying, therefore preventing ugly smudges that might ruin your incomplete tasks.

The markers are made with acid-free and non-toxic material that’s environment-friendly. Because of that, it’s safe for children to use.

As for the stencils, they have a sharp and fine tip, perfect for outlining your lettering after you used the markers. They still create consistent and bold colors, just like the markers it comes with. Both marker and stencil can write smooth lines without having to apply too much pressure.

While the markers aren’t as durable and long-lasting compared to other brands, you get your money’s worth at its price range.

What We Liked
  • It comes in a complete set of 24 colors and 6 free stencils for improved arts
  • Beautiful colors that produce shine and glimmer without risk of smearing
  • Smooth lines without the need to apply a lot of pressure as you write
  • Suitable for most surfaces and many applications for its fine tip
What We Didn't Like
  • The markers don’t have as much ink compared to others and aren’t as longer-lasting
  • Packaging doesn’t look as attractive as the markers and stencils themselves

Overall, I think that this pack gives your money’s worth, with artists and children loving the complete set of colors and fine quality the markers provide for artworks.

6. BIC Intensity Metallic Markers

bic intensity metallic markers

BIC is a trusted brand best known for their writing materials, and the Intensity Metallic Marker is no exception. This set of eight colors is great for arts, and signing in notebooks and guest books.

It also has the cool design unique to BIC markers. It has a thicker body, which makes it easier to grip while you write. These markers are big enough for children to hold and grip well, too.

The comfort is a huge advantage to these markers, as they have the rubber grip and the well-designed cover that stops the markers from rolling off the table. Plus, they look great to display in a cute casing on shelves, with its size and colors easy to spot.

The markers are safe to use by children, as they are ACMI-approved and use non-toxic materials without any odor or acid. They are also made in the USA for quality, with its ink having the bold and distinctive colors that don’t fade easily.

These markers are comparable to other premium and popular ones out there. I believe BIC is superior in terms of its constant flow of ink. It stays consistent and no gaps are made, with the ink lasting for months despite daily use.

The only con to these markers is how the tip can get too soft or mushy right away, especially when you add too much pressure on it. But as long as you store it in a cool area and avoid overusing it, you won’t have to worry about its lifespan.

There are only two minor cons to these markers.

First, the tip can get too soft or mushy right away, especially when you add too much pressure on it. Second, the markers tend to write too boldly, making it better for larger letters and/or calligraphy. However, these aren’t major concerns, as long as you avoid adding too much pressure as you write.

What We Liked
  • They can write well in both light and dark surfaces, using many writing styles
  • Cool and simple design with a comfortable grip that doesn’t slip easily
  • The markers leave a shimmery finish with the bold, long-lasting colors
  • They come from a reputable company and complete set of consistent colors
What We Didn't Like
  • Marker tip starts to get mushy quickly when you apply too much pressure
  • The markers write very boldly, made better for larger letterings and calligraphy

Overall, I trust BIC with their great-looking markers and how high-quality their ink is since they can last for a long time.

7. PuTwo Metallic Markers

putwo metallic markers

The PuTwo Metallic Markers have the minimalistic and simple body design that makes it suitable for artists and minimalists. The set comes with ten glittering metallic colors, all of which have bold and vivid colors with a metallic finish.

These are fine tip metallic pens, which are made with non-toxic and fade-resistant ink that looks beautiful in both light and black paper. It also works well on other surfaces, like ceramic mugs, rocks, or even billboard signs.

Besides that, they are versatile in other ways, as you can use its glossy ink for graffiti, calligraphy, autographs, posters, lettering, doodling, card making, and more!

I would use these (especially the gold calligraphy pen) for guest book signing, as it has a nice design. They also look great when displayed in your personal library.

When you write on black paper, take note that it can take about three seconds before the ink reveals its color. It will then become opaque after drying, so don’t worry when using it on darker surfaces.

You are ensured smooth and consistent writing, with ink that also dries quickly after a few seconds. Additionally, it comes at such an affordable price, which is what I love the most about these markers.

Due to its unique tip, I recommend this collection for those who write and do art on lighter surfaces, especially since it may lose its brightness after months of use. However, the pink, white, and gold ink pen does look great on black paper after a few seconds of application.

What We Liked
  • They come at a more affordable price for its complete set and quality
  • The markers work on most surfaces with a versatile tip for different writing styles
  • Has smooth writing with waterproof and quick-drying ink that stays consistent
  • It has a metallic glossy finish that doesn’t lose its spark even after a few days
What We Didn't Like
  • Some colors won’t look great on black paper and other dark-colored surfaces
  • The ink dries out quickly and may not look bright after a few months of using them

While it isn’t the best on dark surfaces, these well-made makers dry quickly, don’t smudge, and are useful for many artists.

8. Guangna Metallic Marker Pens

guangna metallic marker pens

The Guangna Metallic Marker Pens contains 18 different colors designed for all calligraphists, artists, marker collectors, and children! All these offer the shining metallic sheen with glitters, looking cute and beautiful for children to admire.

What makes these sets of marker pens unique is that they have the dual-purpose pen tip! You can use them as a 0.7mm extra fine tip on delicate paintings, or up to a 2mm medium-fine point for thicker coverages. There are various sizes to apply for diversity in application.

Another fantastic feature is its ink, which stays consistent and creates smoother lines. It is also waterproof, so it doesn’t smear or bleed through any surface you use it on. The permanent and waterproof ink ensures that it stays on for longer compared to other metallic pens.

After testing the markers, I find out that their ink never did smudge even after it got a bit wet. Furthermore, they can last for a long time without the ink drying out. I used to paint designs on glass, and as long as you dry it well, it won’t smudge or smear when in contact with water.

It was fairly easy to use besides the cap, which needs some effort in opening and closing. But I like the good grip due to the ergonomic design. Also, it was easier to identify the colors because of its well-designed caps and labels, so children or adults will immediately know what color to grab as they work on their arts and crafts!

Due to these markers’ tips, they are not suitable for professional use.

What We Liked
  • Permanent and waterproof ink that doesn’t smudge when wet
  • Longer-lasting pens that can be used for most applications no matter the color
  • Gives out the fantastic metallic shimmer with extra glitter for arts
  • It has a double-purpose tip to use for fine or medium lone coverage
What We Didn't Like
  • They are not suitable for professionals
  • The cap may not open or close properly, affecting its ease of use

Considering all pros and cons, I believe that these markers are best made for children. It has smooth writing and safe ink, best used as metallic coloring pens and other arts and crafts projects.

9. XSG Metallic Marker Pens

xsg metallic marker pens

If you’re looking for something with a beautiful shine and good grip, you’ll love the XSG Metallic Marker Pens. These are suitable for children and those on the artistic side, who are keen on coloring or writing and drawing with thick makers.

The markers have medium tip styles for a firm and smooth flow as you use them to write or color your art projects. They also have consistent ink coverage, preventing any smearing or smudging while still staying opaque. And of course, these metallic markers show bold and vivid colors with a shiny metallic finish, looking attractive on any surface!

Furthermore, the ink is made of chemically-stable and quick-dry material that is non-toxic, acid, and xylene-free, as well as environmentally-friendly. Because of its non-toxic formula, it’s completely safe for children to use, as long as they don’t ingest any of the ink!

I like the fact that they are versatile and can be used on most surfaces such as paper, stone, plastics, glass, metals, ceramics, and wood. They provide a good thickness so the colors and sheen are noticeable.

Furthermore, I appreciate how easy it is to use these markers. It does not smear as you write, nor will you need to shake the markers for better ink consistency.

However, I prefer hexagonal shapes or at least bodies with rubber grips for firmer and better control. With that said, it still feels comfortable enough to use for long hours of writing and drawing.

What We Liked
  • Comes with the metallic and vivid sheen with some glitter for more sparkle
  • Many beautiful colors that stay true as advertised, works well in light and dark surfaces
  • More control and feels smooth as you write, as if it glides on paper
  • There’s no need for shaking before drawing, can color well and last long
What We Didn't Like
  • They are too thick for some calligraphy projects or regular note-taking
  • Round does that may fall and roll off the table when not in use

For its environment-friendly and safe ink, these markers are suitable for children and adults who prefer thicker markers for coloring and art projects.

10. Sunshilor Metallic Markers

sunshilor metallic markers

The Sunshilor Metallic Markers are suitable for just about anyone, coming in different sets with different colors and tip styles. However, most of the different tip styles are on the thicker side, making it more suitable for thicker lettering.

For this product, I chose the fine drill point with 12 colors, including white, silver, and gold. All the colors are suitable for most light and dark-colored surfaces, ranging from paper, glass, ceramics, or even rocks and other canvasses. My favorite is their metallic gold ink pen, which offers sparkling sheen for both dark and light paper.

It provides a smooth and consistent color, looking shiny and shimmery with sparkly embellishment to enhance any artwork. Furthermore, you can have the shine look on various surfaces without any smudging or fading.

These markers are made with acid-free and safe materials, ensuring that children can use it without worry. There are no smells and they are comfortable to use with its hexagonal body. Those pieces don’t roll off from the table and still offer a slightly more comfortable and firmer grip compared to round marker bodies.

Their water-based ink and opaque metallic material are environment-friendly. They can mark well on most surfaces and can be used in many applications, making them it suitable for an artist or child without a hefty price tag.

I wish that they had smaller tip options for those who need versatility for their calligraphy and handwriting. While they smear when placing a paint sealer, this can be solved by waiting for a few extra minutes before placing any sealants.

What We Liked
  • Long-lasting ink made with non-toxic materials and more opaque material
  • Has a hexagon body for an ergonomic grip and won’t roll off the table
  • It has a soft tip for a broad line and more control and precision
  • Beautiful shine that can show on most surfaces with minimal smudging
  • Markers best for coloring and calligraphists who want a thicker base
What We Didn't Like
  • Has a thicker tip, not the best for smaller or thinner lettering and calligraphy
  • The markers’ colors smear while applying paint sealer

I highly recommend these metallic permanent markers due to their long-lasting ink, as well as pretty colors and packaging. Many calligraphists and children will appreciate their finger tip and extra precision.

11. TUYOART Metallic Marker Pens

tuyoart metallic marker pens

The TUYOART premium Metallic Marker Pens are versatile and suitable for most applications. This makes it suitable for both children and adults, especially those interested in calligraphy for its fine tips.

Parents will love this collection for children due to its water-based and acid-free materials, and bright metallic finish. Its ink is shiny and sparkling, marking both light and dark surfaces well with bright colors.

They come in a set of 12 vivid metallic colors made for opaque writing. Hence, you can use them on just about anything, whether it’s for arts and crafts, DIY projects and cards, scrapbooks, or for bullet journaling. They can be used on other surfaces like cards, metals, wood, glass, and ceramics.

As for the marker body itself, it is thick enough to hold comfortably, promoting the ease of holding and control. I love its fine tip, which is more suitable for writing and highlighting words on reports. However, they are still suitable for coloring and have enough ink to last for at least a few weeks.

Beyond that, the ink is permanent and won’t fade or smudge when applied to rocks or glass.

While some colors may look dirty or similar to the other, they still give off the metallic sheen I like and are still worth the price.

What We Liked
  • Has the beautiful metallic sheen that shines on most surfaces
  • Various colors to use for writing, drawing, or coloring well
  • Made without acid or harsh chemicals but with good ink consistency
  • High-quality pens that can be used by children and adults, especially for calligraphy
What We Didn't Like
  • A few colors may look similar to one another or look darker than expected
  • Some issues with shipping and may come with broken caps

Overall, these are great fine tip permanent markers that can last longer and are comfortable to use. They are great for writing, whether you want to make a card or jot down notes for school and work.

12. Attom Tech Office Metallic Marker Pens

attom tech office metallic marker pens

Last but not least, I want to recommend the Attom Tech Office Metallic Marker Pens for its excellent shine at a reasonable price! These are highly versatile metallic marker pens that can be used on many surfaces and situations.

The markers are made with a formulated water-based and non-toxic ink, which is opaque and permanent. There’s no need to shake or pump the marker, as the ink comes out smoothly and consistently. Furthermore, there are minimal smudges no matter where you write on.

Whether you love calligraphy, want to color with your kids, or simply highlight and take down notes creatively, the markers perform well. It has the 1mm soft brush tip to offer sensitive control over various strokes. I can make delicate and broad lines with better precision, which allows me to write beautifully for cards and notes.

The control and precision allow me to achieve any level of brush stroke with a change of pressure. Such a function is ideal for writing fine letters, coloring large areas or highlighting words. I love to use it when drawing and practicing calligraphy because of how versatile it is.

While I do wish it had better consistency and left NO gaps at all, the gaps don’t show THAT much and are easy to fix. I believe that the marker simply needs a little more pressure when this happens, which is rarely.

What We Liked
  • Fine 1mm tip suitable for most applications such as calligraphy and coloring
  • Looks bold and vibrant on white or dark paper and other surfaces
  • Has metallic sheen without the need to shake the pen and makes no smudges
  • Smooth and offers better control and precision over what you write or draw
What We Didn't Like
  • Sometimes, the ink is inconsistent and would sometimes have gaps
  • It’s not the best for very large letter work because of its finer tip

I love how easy it is to customize the thickness of the tip with just a bit of pressure. Whether you’re into calligraphy, love arts and crafts, or want to gift it to children, these markers are an excellent choice.

How To Choose Metallic Markers

how to choose metallic markers

Besides knowing about the top metallic pens and markers, what else should you consider when selecting a good marker? These are the crucial factors you need to consider:

Type of Metallic Marker

There are different types of metallic markers and pens to choose from, such as:

  • Standard metallic markers use water-based and acid-free ink, which you can use on various surfaces. It’s easy to use and doesn’t require shaking
  • Gel-type metallic markers have more viscous and thicker ink, having longer staying power and more vivid results

There are metallic markers with refillable inks to save money for new pens. You can also choose markers based on their cap design. They can come with caps to take off, or with retractable designs and a button to press for the tip to come out.

What Colors Do You Like?

Do you want silver metallic pens or a red metallic pen? You can select your markers and pens in sets of three or more colors, or you can invest in single colors, depending on the colors you see yourself using a lot.

Some of the more popular colors are gold and silver pens, which are better for special projects and designs like writing on glass, metal, or wood. There are also other metallic markers for black paper or other mediums to shine in certain artworks. Consider colors and designs you’ll use more!

Ink Consistency and Metallic Sheen

The main reason why you’re investing in metallic markers is for the shine! Note that not all metallic markers offer genuine metallic colors. Some may not have the visible metallic sheen or only show the shine on certain surfaces.

There are also metallic pens for black paper only, looking washed out when used on lighter surfaces. So make sure you select metallic markers with the sheen showing regardless of the medium used. Furthermore, they should have proper ink consistency without any gaps. They should also be leak-proof and with a secure cap to prevent them from drying up.

Easy to Use and Hold

You need metallic calligraphy pens that are easy to hold.

They have hexagonal shapes that prevent pens from rolling off your table and allowing easier grip for those with poor hand dexterity. Others have rubber grips for firmer grips for clammy and/or sweaty hands. You can even find glitter and metallic gel pens in different thicknesses and lengths that accommodate your hand size and personal writing preferences.

Brand and Price

Lastly, the brand name and price are two important factors to ensure you have high-quality markers without wasting money.

Some of the most trusted metallic marker brands include Crayola, Faber Castell, Sharpie, Staedler, Sunshilor, and more.

To get your money’s worth, get markers in sets, and consider getting a money-back warranty. Most reputable brands will offer 24/7 customer services and 30-day warranties to get your money’s worth.

You don’t need to spend a lot on high-quality sets of metallic markers. You can set a budget between $5 to $20 at most, depending on the number of available colors and the ink quality.

How to Remove Metallic Markers

If you accidentally get metallic markers on your cloth, you can use the following materials to remove the stains:

  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Hot water
  • Laundry detergent
  • Color-safe bleach
  • Paper towels and cotton balls
  • An old toothbrush

Here’re the steps you can follow to make sure no metallic marker clings onto the cloth anymore:

  1. Put the back of the stain fabric area onto three paper towels. Then, use another piece of cotton ball to dab rubbing alcohol onto the marker stains.
  2. Make sure you apply a generous amount of rubbing alcohol to saturate the ink.
  3. Next, mix a bit of water and laundry detergent to make your soapy cleaner. Use the toothbrush to rub the mixture onto the stains, moving in circles to work it.
  4. Then, rinse with water to see if the ink is removed completely.
  5. If there are still stubborn marks, it’s time to mix some drops of color-safe bleach with a bit of detergent and lots of hot water in a sink. Dip your cloth in there and wait for some minutes.

Now, wash the cloth with warm water and air dry the piece. You surely get all the stains out by now.
If you want to remove metallic markers from the plastic or wooden surfaces, some rubbing alcohol and soap, with a brush should suffice.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

metallic markers reviews

There is more to learn about metallic markers and pens besides my reviews and how to buy one! Here are frequently asked questions to give you an idea of how metallic markers work and their importance:

Who are Metallic Markers and Pens for?

Metallic markers are markers that produce metallic colors, having a beautiful sheen you would see from metal surfaces. The shine comes out due to various materials, either showing a full sheen, or just a few specks of glitter.

These markers and pens are usually bolder and slightly thicker compared to regular markers. This is because of the added materials, having a more viscous ink consistency compared to the solid-colored pens and markers, which look flat as you apply it on paper or other surfaces.

Metallic markers and pens are made for anyone! If you need markers to write and draw, then this is for you, especially if you want a bit more flair and shine to design your handwriting.

Students can use this to brighten up their notes to highlight words. Professionals can also use this to make reports look interesting and to emphasize certain notes.

Artists benefit from metallic markers, whether you are doing signages, designing items made of various materials, or to create art on stone and metal. One can also label their glasses and jars to organize them beautifully.

You can use metallic markers in many ways, making them versatile and functional for anyone, whether children or seniors.

What are The Pros and Cons of Using Metallic Markers?

Metallic markers are similar to the typical pen and marker, having the same use and functionality. Simply remove its cap and begin writing or drawing on various surfaces, and the ink dispenses as you write.

These metallic pens would have a water-based ink consistency, making it easier and smoother for the ink to flow out of your marker or pen as you write.

What makes them beneficial is their beautiful shine and glossy appearance as you write or design your paper or other surfaces. They are versatile and give a creative touch to any of your writings and drawings. Children and adults will enjoy the beauty and thick gloss these metallic markers produce!

However, they do have a disadvantage. They aren’t as professional-looking compared to solid-colored pens. After all, would you want to use a metallic gold pen to write your complete report to submit to the big bosses?

These metallic pens are best used for personal notes for work and school, or when designing and creating art on paper.

But when you’re creating reports or prefer slightly thinner ink consistency, you’re better off with “regular” markers and pens.

How can I use Metallic Markers Properly?

Once you receive your markers and have unboxed them, they are ready to use once you remove its caps! Though this isn’t required, you can give it a soft shake before removing the cap to write. Once you are done using it, place the cap back on properly.

Or if you get retractable markers or pens, press their top button to reveal their tip. Don’t forget to press the button to retract the tip when you’re done.

Make sure that the cap is on securely to prevent the ink from drying out quickly. When you are done writing, wait for a few seconds for the marker ink to dry completely before touching the surface.

If you’re wondering how to start calligraphy or learn about designing your glasses or labels, there are many online tutorials and videos to show you more tips and lessons. Metallic markers and pens are a great way to begin your journey to calligraphy and design, especially for children.

Where can I buy Metallic Markers?

You’ll be surprised that you can find these metallic pens and markers in most stores!

Whether you want the best gold pen or metallic calligraphy pens, you can find them in the following areas:

  • Online stores such as Amazon
  • Bookstores with art supplies such as Barnes and Nobles
  • Big stores such as Walmart, Lowes, and Home Depot

I recommend that you get them from bookstores or online stores, as they carry more reputable brands, and online stores give you the ease of purchasing in the comforts of your home.

How can I Care for My Metallic Markers?

Caring for your metallic markers is easy. All you need to do is to wipe the streaks of the marker’s cap or barrel after using it. You may also use Q-tips when cleaning your marker cap’s insides to ensure no stains or the like, which can alter the marker’s lifespan.

It would help if you also stored it properly, placing it in an upright position with the tip facing downwards. This keeps your marker nubs moist with its ink.

I highly recommend that you keep your markers in a bow or casing to prevent them from getting squished or lost in bags and rooms with many other small items. This makes it easier to find the colors you need when using them, and it makes your room display look pretty and organized.

People can also keep their metallic markers away from direct sunlight. They need to make sure that all the markers’ caps are correctly placed when not in use to prevent its tips from drying out.

With proper care and high-quality markers, you can expect them to last for at least a few months. However, this depends on how much you use them.

When using them daily, they would last for a month or two. If you use it only for letterings or underlining words, they can last for much longer.

How can I Prevent Smearing when Using Metallic Markers?

To prevent your marker ink from smearing, I recommend that you blot out the marker on scrap paper pieces first. Such a simple act allows you to receive an even ink supply for your notebooks or to color something.

Also, make sure that you give the ink ample time to dry out properly. Please do NOT touch the written surface right after using your marker on it, as fingerprints will smudge the ink, ruining your work.

To prevent further smearing, try to apply a clear coating, especially when using it on materials like stone and glass. This will help set the design, and nothing can wash it off.

Fortunately, these markers do wear on non-porous surfaces as long as you get permanent metallic markers. If it is not stable, it tends to wash off easily. So make sure that you check the marker specifications before getting one.


There is no shortage of amazing metallic pens and markers out there for writing and display! With the right set, you can enjoy writing and practicing your calligraphy and showing it to your loved ones.

Hopefully, my purchasing guide and reviews on the best metallic markers gave you an idea of what to buy! Now that you know about the top markers consider getting any of my recommendations and let me know what you think.

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