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The Best Office Chairs for Short People in 2023

office chairs for short people

Most office chairs are not really designed for short people. Thus we can have a hard time adjusting to the available chairs in our office.

With a small frame, as we remain in an unsuited chair for long periods, it risks damaging our circulatory systems. Prolonged comfort can lead to joint pain illnesses, as one of the common symptoms of impaired blood circulation.

Therefore, we need the best office chairs for short people so we can maintain comfort and health despite a prolonged work routine. A wide selection of stylish and unique office chairs are available on the market nowadays.

In this article, I am happy to introduce many well-known brands to help you select the perfect product for your needs.

Office Chairs for Short People Reviews

1. Boss Office Deluxe Fabric Task Chairs

boss office deluxe fabric task chairs

If you are finding the perfect ergonomic chair for short people, Boss Office Fabric products will make you feel completely satisfied. This brand has been famous for premium quality materials with a lot of integrated functions to give the most comfortable feel for customers.

Moreover, the capacity of this recliner is 250 pounds with compact design and easy assembly, so it becomes the most suitable office chair for short people.

I really like the way the seat cushion and back frame are covered with durable fabric to increase softness and comfort. Although these fibers have a robust structure, they can absorb sweat efficiently to remove humidity on clothes.

In my opinion, the manufacturer ought to design extra pads of the front edge to increase softness. This product is also designed with lumbar that supports the spine, lower-back for users, and waterfall seat shape to not prevent blood circulation on the customer’s legs.

According to your height and the depth of the chair you prefer to, you can adjust the back frame easily by putting pressure on it. The manufacturer has provided two adjustable knobs if you want to change the height of the chair or armrests.

Last but not least, the entire weight of the chair and customers will be held up nylon 5-star base durably. The office recliner can move smoothly based on double wheel casters, and it can be used on many surfaces without leaving scratches.

Not only that, the manufacturer still releases some different designs to make it appropriate for little stout and short height people with loop arms or no arms chairs. A variety of colors is also a great thing that the chair offers, so we can choose the colors we want including black, blue, burgundy, camo and gray.

What We Liked
  • The seat and back are padded with thick cushions
  • Providing lumbar support and waterfall seats to protect customer’s health
  • The chair is designed with durable tweed fabric
  • Providing fully flexible options to create the most comfort
  • Efficient movement with 5-star nylon base and double wheel casters
What We Didn't Like
  • The front edge of the seat has less material filled in

In my opinion, the Boss Office has satisfied many customers with its premium quality products.

2. AmazonBasics Leather Mid-Back Office Chairs

amazonbasics leather mid-back office chairs

A leather chair will blow up a luxurious fire for your office and increase excitement in your work. If you are seeking a computer chair for a short person that is covered by bonded leather, you couldn’t pass out AmazonBasics products due to its premium quality functions.

The office recliner is designed with explicit structure at the back frame and seat cushions. They are divided into square-shaped to support customers in finding the right sitting position easily.

In Particular, the entire solid squares are contoured padded gently and covered with glossy leather to promote the chair to the next level of relaxation. I think one positive point is that the manufacturer has created the back frame as mid-back to help the user’s back always be straight.

Furthermore, the armrests are produced by nylon material and padded medium-thick cushions to increase more comfort.

Not only that, they are designed as curved shape downstream according to the way of putting the user’s arms to remove pains of shoulders.

The brand has provided fully adjustable knobs to support clients in setting a comfortable position. We are allowed to modify the height of the chair to suit the height of the computer table.

If you want to take a nap on this office recliner comfortably, you are provided tilt tension knobs to adjust the angle as lean-back that makes you satisfied to have a break.

Unfortunately, we can adjust the recliner in two positions: straight back and lean-back. We couldn’t lock the chair at any different angles. To translocate from your working table to other places, you can slip on the chair fastly as a result of durable dual-wheel casters.

The capacity of the chair is 275 pounds so that it is totally suitable for a petite person. To remove the boring working environment of the office, users can choose the exclusive colors of the chair including brown and white.

What We Liked
  • Luxurious office chair with bonded leather
  • It is designed with mid-back to support the customer’s spine
  • Providing fully adjustable knobs
  • Moving effortlessly with dual-wheel casters
  • It has brighter colors that are brown and white
What We Didn't Like
  • It couldn’t lock the angle of the chair when using a tilt tension knob

From my personal perspective, a luxurious leather office chair with wonderful functions will belong to the AmazonBasics product this year. This product has not only a beautiful design but also great adjustments. Moreover, although it only prefers users with 3 basic locked positions, which are flat back, lose and lean back; It still brings comfort to users.

3. HON HVL210 ValuTask Low Back Office Chairs

Another popular quality brand offering office chairs for petite persons is Hon. To increase working productivity for customers, Hon has covered the back frame and seat cushion as the sandwich mesh paddings to promote cool air circulation and remove sweat.

Not only that, the cushions have padded with two layers to keep the client’s body feel softer although they have to sit for a long time. But the more pads the manufacturer adds into the seat cushion, the more difficult we have to clean.

You can use the vacuum to remove dust on it effortlessly. This chair will be your wise selection if you want to protect the lower-back from pains.

Furthermore, this is an ergonomic chair because it provides many adjustments to help people in finding the fittest position.

Firstly, customers can use the pneumatic lift to change the height of the chair efficiently. The suitable height of the chair will decide whether your knees are comfortable or not.

Secondly, it still has a tilt tension knob on the right side of the product for adjusting the tilt angle. This function is beneficial because it creates an ideal position for office workers to take a break effortlessly.

Thirdly, the recliner can swivel 360 degrees smoothly.

To upgrade excellent comfort and airy space in the working environment, the manufacturer has produced this recliner without armrests to achieve the best results. Also, people have two different choices about the body’s recliner: a normal task chair and a task stool.

With task chair design, customers can put their legs on the floor directly and move the product smoother. Otherwise, a stool design will help users decrease pressure on their knees.

What We Liked
  • Breathable mesh computer chair with two paddings
  • Provided ergonomic adjustments
  • Supporting lower-back for customers
  • Offering tilt lock for a fully upright position
What We Didn't Like
  • The chair is hard to clean

This product contains entire functions and exclusive designs to remove your office’s boredom. Hence, it will be the perfect selection for you.

4. Hbada Office Task Desk Chairs

hbada office task desk chairs

If you idolize minimalism, exclusive black-white style, Hbada will be your wisest selection when seeking the top office chair for a petite person.

This chair has been famous for a long time as a result of its advanced product development and research, excellent materials quality and environment-friendly. Moreover, this product is created with a unique design but still contains amazing functions for users.

To reduce pressure on the customer’s back and increase cool air circulation, the manufacturer has created the back frame as high-density mesh back. It is made from flexible and elastic material to provide the fittest position for customers.

Furthermore, due to the coolness of the seat cushion, customers can also enjoy the softness. It is thick padding made from high-density foam to give the most comfortable feeling and release the pressure on the user’s hip.

Additionally, the seat cushion is covered by the flexible mesh to protect the padding inside, remove slipperiness and will not hurt the skin.

The recliner has an “S” shaped backrest curve to protect the spine far away from the hunchback. Furthermore, the most impressive points of this chair are the flip-up armrests and tilt angles.

Different from other products, the armrests of this one can be flipped up to 90-degree smoothly for space-saving. Besides that, customers can use the tilt tension knob to adjust the angles comfortably between 90 and 120 degrees.

With petite design and outstanding options, the product is extremely suitable for small people approx 250lbs. You can change the height of the chair from 17.7 inches to 21.2 inches smoothly and move the recliner effortlessly with heavy-duty base, quality rolling casters.

What We Liked
  • Provided high-density foam and thick padding of the seat cushion
  • Provided high-density and flexible mesh back
  • Flip-up armrests to 90-degree
  • Adjustable rocking function from 90 to 120 degrees
  • S shape backrest curve to protect the customer’s spine
What We Didn't Like
  • The armrests have no paddings

An exclusive design with black-white colors from the Hbada office chair will blow up fresh feeling for your office. It contains entire options that create extreme comfort for customers. Although this chair doesn’t have the paddings on armrests, they are still soft and durable with premium quality material.

5. Smugdesk Mid-Back Ergonomic Mesh Office Chairs

smugdesk mid-back ergonomic mesh office chairs

A perfect office chair for the company should contain a variety of outstanding functions to create a comfortable working environment as well as protect workers’ health.

With the Smugdesk brand, it guarantees that entire the products of its are integrated critical features including a backrest supports the natural curve of the spine, waist pillow at the mid-back, suit for entire dynamic requirements, ergonomic adjustments, etc.

Moreover, the manufacturer has provided the product with a bigger size of the backrest but the height of it is suitable for petite people, so this product will be a wise selection for a perfect office chair for short legs users. It has a bigger backrest than others to support customers in having more space activities.

Additionally, the backrest is covered by the big breathable mesh back to promote fresh-air circulation effectively and create comfort, airy for users. To protect and relieve the pressure of the lumbar spine, the chair has been integrated into a durable waist pillow at the mid-back.

To maintain softness and comfort for clients, the seat cushion has been designed with quality padding and two robust cotton layers. The seat edge has a waterfall shape to reduce pressure on the legs optimally. The product is an ergonomic chair so it contains many adjustments to support you in setting the right position. You can use pneumatic control to adjust the height of the chair easily.

Additionally, you can use the rocking option to enjoy wonderful relaxation after hard-working. Pulling out the handle to recline the chair and pulling it when you want to stop. Because of the premium quality of the PU casters, the office recliner can move smoothly without causing any noises, scratches on the carpet floor, hard floor and more.

What We Liked
  • Provided a bigger mesh back chair than other products
  • It contains ergonomic adjustments
  • Provided waist pillow to support the mid-back of customers
  • A padded high-density sponge of seat cushion
  • Flexible, safe and durable chair wheels
What We Didn't Like
  • The armrests have no paddings

If you are seeking a bigger size office chair than regular products but still suitable for petite people, Smugdesk will be the right decision for you. It consists of wonderful backrest design and optimal functions. Although the armrests don’t have a soft padding, they still create comfort with unique structures.

6. OFM ESS-6000 Executive Leather Office Chairs

ofm ess-6000 executive leather office chairs

Another famous brand offers the most suitable chair for short adults belonging to the OFM brand.

Looking at the overall product, you will be impressed immediately with the luxurious and upscale beauty as a result of pliable, glossy leather. It is made from high-quality material to upgrade the sleekness of the chair’s surface and prevent ugly wrinkles when you sit on it.

With these crucial features and impressive design, the recliner can be used for many places including working rooms, meeting rooms, etc.

To maintain comfort and softness, the manufacturer has designed the backrest, the seat cushion with thick paddings and with many protective layers.

Moreover, the seat edge has a waterfall shape to reduce pressure on the customer’s knees. When users must sit for a long time on the recliner, it may cause blood interruption. Therefore, the producer has integrated a lot of adjustable functions to support users in preventing problems above.

Certainly, you can adjust the height effectively by pneumatic control. Not only that, clients can stretch their body directly on the chair to remove back pains by the tilt tension knob.

Although we can use the tilt adjustment to recline the chair, you couldn’t lock it as specific angles you want. The armrests are padded with thin paddings and designed with a curved shape according to hand-putting in order to make the user feel more comfortable and softer. Hence, you will have an ideal place to take a nap quickly and comfortably.

What We Liked
  • It is made from high-quality thread leather
  • Provided ergonomic adjustments
  • It is suitable for many places
  • It contains padding at the backrest, seat cushion, and armrests
What We Didn't Like
  • Customers cannot lock the angles of tilt tension.

This product will be your wisest decision to buy a luxurious office chair for your company.

7. HON HVST305 Sadie Leather Office Chairs

hon hvst305 sadie leather office chairs

Another wonderful desk chair for a short person which will create distinctive differences for the company is the Sadie Leather Office Chair. With leather chair design, it will honor the beauty of the strongness, independence, and personality of users.

Not only that, leather material will make petite customers looking a little bit taller to be able to resolve entire severe problems and guarantee definitely about their jobs.

First of all, the entire chair’s frame is covered with bonded leather to create a glossy feeling for the working environment. It is made from pliable, smooth Softhread material and stitched unique detail.

Not only the premium quality leather, but this product also has soft paddings on backrest and seat cushion to give the best comfort for users. Additionally, the chair has integrated the headrest with thick padding to protect the head and neck of users.

Secondly, the manufacturer has designed the loop armrests with durably foam paddings on two sides. The armrest frames have a curved shape to prevent the user’s body far away from slipping out of the seat.

Entire the chair is put on endurable chair’s legs and they have a weight capacity approx. 250 pounds for long-lasting use. Moreover, the seat edge is created as a waterfall shape to remove pressure and increase blood circulation on the customer’s knees. Hence, people can sit on the chair as long as possible without pain worries.

Last but not least, this product is an ergonomic design so that it contains a variety of adjustments to support you in finding the fittest position. You can use the pneumatic knob to change the height of the chair efficiently. Besides that, the tilt knob will allow you to recline the office chair easily for a short break.

Like other products, the chair can swivel 360 degrees to support its clients in increasing relationships.

What We Liked
  • It is made from premium quality bonded leather
  • Provided headrest and armrests with thick paddings
  • Provided ergonomic adjustments
  • The seat edge has a waterfall shape to remove pressure on the knees
What We Didn't Like
  • The seat edge is higher and thicker than the seat cushion

A high-quality leather chair from Sadie will warm up customers in cold winter and it can create luxury, robustness for its owners efficiently. Because the seat edge is thicker than the seat cushion, customers should add a pillow against compressing their um parts.

8. Modway Edge Drafting Chairs

modway edge drafting chairs

If you are seeking a dynamic office chair with optimal features, Modway will be the perfect choice for you.

With a dynamic working environment, we can stand at work or sit down any time we want, the normal office recliners couldn’t respond to these demands completely. Therefore, this product has been manufactured for a small person as an exclusive design that suits both standing and sitting activities.

Customers will be collapsed in front of this chair due to breathable mesh back, lumbar support, seat cushions, etc. The backrest is designed as a flexible mesh to increase cool air circulation and remove sweat on customer’s clothes.

This chair is integrated with lumbar support and curved three degrees to protect the lower back and mid-back for customers. Besides that, the entire seat cushion is covered by vinyl foam for more durable and long-lasting use.

Because this product can be used for a high table, it provides a chrome-plated adjustable foot ring to reduce pressure on the customer’s knees.

Modway products contain not only modern beauty but it also has optimal technologies to support people’s health efficiently. It offers a pneumatic control for changing the height of the chair from 20.5” to 29”. Customers can use this function smoothly as a result of a tall pneumatic gas cylinder, it is created durably on the chrome-plated foot ring. Furthermore, users can modify the tilt angle based on the tilt tension knob.

Entire the chair’s parts are put on premium quality two-ton base and easy-glide dual-wheel casters for more robust. The armrests are designed with vinyl padding and flipped-up to 90 degrees to create the most comfort when putting hands on them.

What We Liked
  • It is suitable for a standing desk companion
  • Provided breathable mesh back and vinyl covered foam seat
  • The armrests can be flipped up to 90 degrees for space-saving
  • Provided chrome-plated adjustable foot ring
  • It is an ergonomic chair with a variety of adjustable knobs
What We Didn't Like
  • Customers should preserve the mesh backrest carefully for long-lasting

This product will be the newest thing for your company with modern and impressive design. It is suitable for meetings at the standing desks. However, you need to preserve the mesh of the backrest carefully to don’t make it ripping off.

9. Smugdesk Ergonomic High Back Mesh Office Chairs

smugdesk ergonomic high back mesh office chairs

When talking about the best ergonomic office chair for a short person, we can’t overlook the Smugdesk brand which always provides the highest quality product.

This product high-back chair is absolutely suitable for summer days as a result of breathable mesh material. It is made from an elastic and durable mesh fabric to increase cool air circulation and remove humidity on your body.

When you have to sit on the office chair for a long time, the spine, back, and neck are the most focus parts affected by bad factors.

Understanding that this brand has integrated the lumbar support as thick padding to protect the customer’s spine and lower back. The added pillow is produced from high-density foam and covered by flexible mesh for effective results.

Not only that, the seat cushion is padded memory foam reducing pain, pressure and offering greater comfort. Furthermore, this chair is produced with an adjustable headrest giving satisfaction for the user’s head and neck. You can change the height and angle of it to seek the fittest position.

The armrests of this recliner are designed as curved shapes to remove pressure on the arms and shoulders. They are made from thick padding and soft material to maintain a stable user’s upper spine, shoulders or the back.

Moreover, this product contains a variety of adjustable functions. You can adjust the height of the office recliner lightly, fastly and accurately. It can recline between 90 and 120 degrees to create an ideal place for both work and rest. Different from other products, Smugdesk has provided clothes hangers to keep your coat or suit far away from dirty and wrinkling.

What We Liked
  • Provided a soft pillow to support the customer’s spine and back
  • Made from high-quality breathable mesh fabric
  • The headrest can be adjusted up and down
  • The seat cushion is designed from memory foam
  • It can recline from 90 to 120 degrees
What We Didn't Like
  • The armrests are lower than expected

This chair will be a perfect office recliner with amazing assistance coming from an added pillow or adjustable headrest. Moreover, it has different adjustable knobs to support customers in setting the fittest position.

10. AmazonBasics Mid-Back Mesh Office Chairs

amazonbasics mid-back mesh office chairs

The last comfortable chair for short people in this article is the AmazonBasics product. Although it has a traditional design, it still provides superior features to support users in the best way.

This chair is used for a petite person with a maximum of 225 pounds and the height of the chair can be adjusted from 35.6” to 40.3”. An entire product is covered by a breathable mesh with moderately large mesh holes that look like a massage pad. Hence, you can feel comfortable on their back whether sitting for hours.

The chair is produced as a mid-back design to keep the user’s spine always straight. Secondly, the seat cushion is made from high-quality padding to upgrade comfort and softness for users. It is still covered by flexible mesh to prevent sweat from the body efficiently.

The seat edge has a waterfall shape to prevent blood interruption and remove pressure on the user’s knees. The armrests are designed as “T” shape to increase more sitting space. Their material is premium quality nylon for more durable and long-lasting use.

Last but not least, this brand has provided full adjustments to support clients in setting the right position. They can change the height of the chair conveniently by pneumatic control. With this knob, you still can recline the chair or remain sitting up straight firmly.

Entire the chair is put on a robust base with 5 chair’s legs. Moreover, you can move from their working desk to another smoothly by durable dual-wheel casters.

What We Liked
  • Designed as a breathable mesh to increase cool air circulation
  • Provided mid-back support to protect the user’s spine
  • Provided thick padding of the seat cushion
  • It contains a variety of full adjustments
What We Didn't Like
  • The armrests don’t have paddings

AmazonBasics will be the perfect choice for you when choosing a modern office recliner. It has exclusive designs and superior features to give this chair to the next level. However, the armrests of this product don’t have thin paddings so that they can cause imprints on your arms.

How To Choose Office Chairs for Short People?

chairs for short people reviews

Before buying any office chairs for your company, we should equip pieces of knowledge about their characteristics to select the best one. On the markets nowadays, the manufacturers have provided a variety of office recliners with various designs, brands, shapes, colors, materials, etc.

Hence, to choose the most suitable chair for you, you should know some information as below:

The Size of The Office Chair

Each office chair will suit each stature, hence, remember measuring your height and weight to choose the appropriate product. You can filter various supplies with different width of the seat cushions that you want. A perfect product will not only protect your spine, but also increase comfort in working.

When you finish to select the suitable size of the office recliner, you should observe other elements about main materials, adjustable options, structure of frame or seat cushions.

The Materials of Chair’s Frame

The most enjoyable material of the chair’s frame that the manufacturers often used to produce their products is premium quality plastic. This material is durable and robust for long-lasting use.

Besides that, you are provided another component of the chair’s frame is wood. It will create luxury and modern style for your working environment.
Moreover, the materials of seat cushions are very important for users. So to remove fatigue or pains as a result of sitting for hours on the chair, you ought to select soft pads that absorb sweat.

The Structure of Backrest

The structure of the backrest is another element that you should care about. The modern manufacturers have provided two popular selections including leather backrest and breathable mesh backrest.

If you love dynamic style and comfort in working, you can choose the mesh products. Because they are designed as attractive patterns and can promote cool air circulation in the best way. These meshes are produced with highly elastic that looks like the massage pads to give the most comfortable feeling for users.

Additionally, because of flexible fabrics, you can put a lot of pressure on the backrest effortlessly.

Otherwise, if you enjoy luxury and classic style, the leather chair will be a wonderful decision for you. With glossy and soft material, the product can upscale your working environment and create a comfortable position for users to finish their jobs.

The Adjustable Knobs

Besides the high-quality materials of the office chairs, they need to consist of adjustable options to bring softness and comfort for users.

Most of the products on the markets have high adjustable knobs to modify the height of the chair. With more modern supplies, they are integrated other adjustments including tilt tension, the armrests or headrests. So you should read the instruction of the product carefully to choose the best one for you.

What is a Good seat Height for Short People?

The chair height and seat depth are both important features to pay attention to if you have a height below average.

Typically, a standard office chair’s depth is 17–18 inches, which is excessively deep for shorter workers. Furthermore, the average chair height ranges from 16 – 21 inches from the floor.

For shorter people, these measurements should be:

  • If you are under 5 feet 10 inches, go for a chair that has a seat height adjustment of at least 18 inches or lower.
  • Look for chairs with a depth of 16 inches or less if you are 5 feet 6 inches or shorter.
  • Chairs with a depth adjustment down to 15 inches are recommended for shorter individuals.

Make sure you can comfortably lay your feet flat on the floor. That’s how you know the chair fits just right.

Frequently Asked Questions

how to choose office chairs for short people

What are The Most Trusted Office Chairs for Short People Brands?

Currently, many manufacturers come from reputable brands that often produce products with premium quality and integrated adjustable options to give complete comfort to their clients. If you are seeking some believed brands, you can refer to Hon, AmazonBasics, Boss, Hbada, Smugdesk, Modway, etc.

If you want your lower back to be supported efficiently by a soft pillow, Smugdesk will not disappoint you. Hbada and Modway are those brands that offer you flip-up armrests for space-saving. Moreover, these brands consist of the optimal knobs to adjust the height of the chair smoothly. Entire the products can swivel 360 degrees effortlessly with a durable base and robust chair’s legs.

Besides that, if you like leather material with luxury and modern for your office, you are offered some brands including AmazonBasics, OFM, Sadie, etc. They contain not only the high-quality leather materials, but also soft paddings at the backrest, seat cushions to increase superior comfort for people.

What are The Different Types of Office Chairs for Short People?

With development of technologies, the manufacturers have produced a variety of products with wonderful functions to response demands of users. Hence, on the markets today, they have many types of office chairs are conference chairs, armless chairs, ergonomic chairs, standing chairs, etc.

Certainly, each kind of chair will contain specific characteristics to create its uniqueness. In this article, I’m glad to introduce the most popular supplies that can remove diseases above are ergonomics, conference chairs, standing chairs.

Ergonomic Chair

The ergonomic chairs are created to fully support the customer’s body including standards of posture, lumbar support, comfort, and health. They are researched carefully from health professionals so that users can believe in the quality of products.

Currently, some famous brands have integrated some outstanding elements of ergonomics in their chairs to increase comfort for us. I’m glad to share a lot of beneficial information about choosing the best ergonomic elements for short people in this article as below:

Seat Height

According to the height of petite people, the manufacturers have provided the high ranges of the office chair for them are between 20” and 40”.

Seat tilt

The health professionals said that office workers should protect their pelvis because it is the most affected part on bodies. Hence, we need to equip ergonomic chairs that have the tilt tension to support us can recline the product and prevent diseases of our spine.

Lumbar Support

“S” shape of the backrest will be the perfect design that supports our back and spine optimally. Some brands has integrated soft pillow in the backrest to prevent fatigue or slumping on the pelvis and spine.

Conference Chair

To be suitable for offices and meetings, we should equip conference chairs produced with formal designs and had quality functions including lumbar support, soft cushions, armrests and swivel ability.

Standing Chair

This chair is used for high tables or dynamic meetings. It is designed with a higher cylinder to lift the user’s body off the ground. Hence, the standing chair has been integrated into a foot ring to create a place for customers putting their foot comfortably.

Low-Back, Mid-Back, High-Back Chair

These types of the chair will support different positions of the user’s spine. The low-back office chair will protect the lower back of us and prevent pelvic diseases. Moreover, if we want to protect our spine efficiently, the mid-back product will be the perfect decision for us. Otherwise, the high-back recliner will keep our spine straight the entire time of working.

Why do You Need an Office Chair for Short People?

computer chair for short person

With a short person or petite user, the normal office chairs will cause some inconveniences because they aren’t fit with their stature.

Firstly, the standard chairs will contain bigger seat cushions or the height is taller so that they can’t support short people effortlessly. When the user’s legs can’t touch the floor, they can face a lot of problems with interrupting blood flow and waist fatigue.

Secondly, users can feel uncomfortable when sitting on unsuitable products. Because the functions of the chair will not support them in the best way. Hence, their bodies can cause some fatigue.

Last but not least, a good office recliner should maintain comfort and softness during working for hours. With petite people, they need both advanced adjustable options and durable paddings. Therefore, the chairs are promoted in covered layers and produced from the highest quality materials.

How to Use it?

Before using the office chair, we should assemble the product in the appropriate way. In this article, I’m glad to share experience on how to assemble the office recliner:

  • Step 1: Unloading entire elements of the office chair that you have bought from store. Reading instructions carefully and checking items to determine the next step.
  • Step 2: The casters are the easiest way to assemble so we should start from them. You take entire the wheels outside from new packaging and put them into the base.
  • Step 3: You take the gas strut cover and put them into the fittest position of the gas strut.
  • Step 4: Then, you put the gas strut in the base of the chair. If we couldn’t tighten the gas strut into the base, don’t worry, it will be tighter when you sit on the recliner.
  • Step 5: Using the bolt provided in the packaging and bolt that mechanism easily.
  • Step 6: Then, you put the chair’s back on the mechanism that you have already assembled. Aligning the 4 bolt holes and bolt them tightly.
  • Step 7: The next step you start to attach the armrests and use the hand screw to tighten them up.
  • Step 8: When you finish assembling other elements, you can put the chair onto the gas strut carefully.
  • Step 9: The last step is attaching the headrest.

How to Clean and Care?

We have divided the office chairs into 2 popular kinds are mesh and leather products. With each type of chair, we have different ways to clean and take care of them.

If you are using the leather recliner, you can use damp clothes and wipe the chair’s surface gently to remove dirt on frames or cushions. As a result of leather material, you couldn’t use too much pressure to avoid sloughing.

Washing the mesh office chair is easier than the other because we can disassemble each part effortlessly. The most important parts that we should clean carefully are headrests, armrests, seat cushions, etc.

Different from leather product, you can wash the mesh chair with water or soapy solution to remove odors comfortably. You ought to sunbathe the chair’s parts in the sun to prevent bacterial proliferation and remove water completely.

Where to Buy?

The office chairs are easy to find at the stores or supermarkets. If you want to find more shapes of the products, office supplies stores are the best places for you. Besides that, the online store will provide us some recliners with modern style, exclusive pattern and wonderful functions. A lot of online stores that clients can refer to including,,, etc.

What is The Warranty?

Depending on the materials of the office chairs, we should take care of them carefully to use for a long time. When you assemble the products, you ought to observe tiny items, especially the bolts for not missing or losing anything.


The best office chair for short people should support your work efficiently as a result of its optimal features. It not only protects your health perfectly but also promotes your working environment to become more outstanding and exclusive than normal.

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