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The Best Paint Pens And Markers For Wood in 2024

paint pens and markers for wood

As a wood decorator for many years, styling many artworks on wooden surfaces necessitates the use of appropriate markers with compatible pigments that appear vividly while remaining permanent.

Depending on the job characteristics, I’ve concluded that the most important rule for painters like me is that in order to create a variety of unique graphics, we should use the best paint pens and markers for wood.

But what makes some markers such good tools for creating artwork on wooden surfaces? The answer lies in the ink’s formula and colors, as long as the durable tips and long-lasting pigments are used.

Many manufacturers are currently offering a wide range of high-quality products for a variety of applications on the market. As a result, buyers may be perplexed as to which ones are best suited for their tasks.

Understanding every consumer’s dilemma, I’m delighted to share my experience in selecting the appropriate markers to use on your artworks:

Paint Pens And Markers For Wood Reviews

1. Niutop Acrylic Paint Marker Pens

Niutop Acrylic Paint Marker Pens

Many consumers enjoy this first product as a result of its premium-quality structures – the Niutop Paint Marker Pens.

These pens are excellent combinations among water-based ink, the nylon tip, and vibrant pigments. I’ve been surprised with smooth color up ability and long-lasting colors even up to now.

At that time, I used this product to design vibrant artworks on small wood banners. Niuton provided a marvelous ink which can color up on rough surfaces like wood easily.

Not only wood, but it is also used for rock painting, stone, fabric, metal, glass, ceramic, and more. With water-based ink, your graphics can be saved as long as possible, and the ink resists many environmental harms like weather, water, etc to keep the pigments always new.

Another indispensable element to create useful paint markers is the tip. The tip of the Niuton product is designed with nylon material so that it can withstand pressure from pen holders better than other suppliers. With this function, the nip doesn’t break and leave the smudges on your pictures after many uses.

Additionally, the pen offers a lot of vibrant pigments with three types, including 12 basic ink colors, 4 pastel ink colors, and 8 metal ones for adding the most delightful patterns on any surfaces you want.

Lastly, all the pens are easy to use, and the ink is flowing regularly during the design process, so customers don’t feel uncomfortable as a result of ink interruption.

For advice, it would be better to wait for 2-3 minutes to let the pigments dry before adding new color coats.

What We Liked
  • The paint pens can be used on many surfaces like wood, fabric, ceramic, metal, etc
  • The tip is durable and robust for creating fine lines easily
  • The colors can be kept for a long time
  • 24 vibrant colors with 3 different types of pigments
What We Didn't Like
  • Some colors need more time to dry than others

With those excellent benefits above, I think Niuton marker will be a suitable choice for painters who love designing the animated pictures on different surfaces

2. Paint Mark Paint Marker Pens

Paint Mark Paint Marker Pens

If you are seeking the most suitable paint pens for wood, I highly recommend the product from the Paint Mark brand. It will be the wisest selection from you to own the excellent and flexible markers for your artworks.

As Niuton brand, Paint Mark pens can be drawn on a variety of surfaces you want, including ceramic, wood, glass, canvas, plastic, rubber and more.

We can be absolutely satisfied with the amazing abilities of the markers from ink components to colorful pigments. The main texture of the ink is oil-based so that it can not only keep the colors always outstanding on surfaces, but also resist actively with fading, physical wear, smearing, and water.

As usual, customers have to prepare glossy surfaces for applying color coats easily. However, paint markers keep more advantages because they can be used on industrial tools ideally.

The tip of the product is created with moderate size to support painters creating the fine lines conveniently. If clients want to design the bold lines, they just need to put a lot of pressure on the tip without worries about breaking.

An important element that decides your graphics are attractive or not is pigment. Understanding this essential point of paint markers, the manufacturer offers 15 colorful pigments with 2 metallic colors for helping consumers to draw any things they want.

Nonetheless, customers have to recap the markers after using to preserve the ink will not be evaporated. If you forget to do that, you ought to spend a little bit of time adjusting ink flow by pressing the tip on paper.

What We Liked
  • Super-versatile paint markers for a variety of use
  • The pens are used on many surfaces like wood, glass, canvas, plastic, rubber, etc
  • The ink is premium-quality without fading, quick-drying and odorless
  • The manufacturer provides up to 15-20 different colors
What We Didn't Like
  • Remember to recap after using to prevent ink volatilization

This pen will be the top selection for the painters to use them on the artworks. They can color up on many surfaces smoothly and never leave smudges or smears.

3. Alerie Acrylic Paint Marker Pens

Alerie Acrylic Paint Marker Pens

As usual, people often care about ink components and vibrant colors than other elements when choosing paint pens.

Besides that, an essential aspect is often overlooked, that determines line textures in the shape of the tip. Hence, if you are seeking the best pens for writing on wood with flexible tips, you couldn’t fail to notice Alerie Acrylic Paint Markers.

Firstly, Alerie brand provides up to 3 different tips from shapes to sizes in one packaging – this will be cheerful information for art believers. They will have more choices to create distinctive brush strokes efficiently and don’t need to spend much time on adjusting suitable pen holding.

Three particular tips are available with this including 0,7mm fine tip for designing thin lines with 12 markers, 2-6mm reversible tips with chisel and bullet shapes. When you want to use the reversible tips, you can pull out and turn around those effortlessly and continue to decorate your pictures.

Secondly, Alerie brand isn’t famous for flexible nips, but it is also high-quality markers with premium acrylic ink. The central material ink of these paint pens is water-based to increase the association of chemical molecules for pigments stable, quick-dry, lightfast, and it doesn’t consist of any toxic, odors, xylene, acid.

Hence, the markers are totally safe to use by children, students, and adults. With the marvelous design of the ink, the product can be used on many surfaces like fabric, canvas, pottery, plastic, terra-cotta, rock, metal, treated wood, stone, and more.

Last but not least, entire your artworks can be kept for a long time because the ink will resist fading, water and abrasion.

The manufacturer offers up to 12 vibrant colors, in that customers have 10 basic pigments and 2 outstanding metallic ones like gold and silver. The information about how to use these markers are written on the barrel clearly to help clients can know details about the product.

But when using these pens to draw the mandala pictures, a lot of clients can face the trouble of ink flow, try to adjust the amount of ink carefully before using them.

What We Liked
  • Three different tip precision, including chisel, fine and bullet
  • To use on many surfaces like rock, metal, treated wood, stone, and more.
  • Premium-quality ink resists fading, smudges, water
  • Safe for all-aged
  • It has 12 vibrant colors of each packaging
What We Didn't Like
  • The markers are quite tricky to use for designing mandala artworks

To be honest, this pen from Alerie has responded to full requirements from customers about fantastic markers for wood.

4. Morfone Metallic Marker Pens

Morfone Metallic Marker Pens

If you are confused with different dozens of gifts on nearly Christmas day and New Year, I will help you to handle that problem easily with a fantastic idea.

The easiest and faithfully way are DIY products such as wood banners, and it also saves your time and money. You just need to prepare a wooden board and the most preferred markers for wood. The most popular product which I highly recommend to you is Morfone Metallic Paint Pens.

You can use these paint markers to draw your designs not only on wood surfaces but also on others like paper, plastic, ceramic, stone, glass, metal and more.

The ink is produced as water-based to increase the smooth and glossy of each line; moreover, this component can support painters in mixing a variety of pigments efficiently.

Besides that, the color fatness of these pens is highly to keep your pictures last a long time, and we don’t need to worry about dreadful elements from the environment.

The tip has produced as a bullet shape and medium size so that customers can design moderate lines easily. The amount of ink frequently flows to create regular lines with harmony among patterns.

Additionally, the manufacturer provides 10 vibrant metallic pigments, that are enjoyed by many artists like gold, silver, white, olive, burgundy red, etc.

Furthermore, the Morfone paint markers become an ideal gift on important occasions because the outside designs of them are luxury and durable. Two dominant colors are black and gold, bringing exclusive, polite feeling for users.

To keep the pens can be used for a long time, we should recap after use.

What We Liked
  • Premium-quality ink
  • A medium tip size to create both thin lines and bold lines efficiently
  • A set of 10 vibrant metallic pigments
  • An ideal gift with luxury design
What We Didn't Like
  • The white color can turn opaque when it dries

Morfone will help you reduce worries about selecting exclusive gifts because it becomes a fantastic present for your family or friends.

5. Artistro Acrylic Paint Marker Pens

Artistro Acrylic Paint Marker Pens

Another product which we shouldn’t overlook in this article is Artistro Paint Marker Pen. It contains entire exclusive elements to become valuable present from quality components to unique pigments.

Artistro is not only the most beneficial paint marker for wood but it is also a wise selection to use on other surfaces, including glass, metal, ceramic, plastic, porcelain, stone, paper, canvas, and more.

These markers are extremely suitable for professional artists as a result of advanced tip design.

Firstly, the product is made with approx. 0.7mm extra fine nip to support painters in creating thin brush strokes efficiently. Moreover, with this delicate and tiny tip, people can produce DIY projects or fine line work on diminutive things perfectly.

Secondly, Artistro guarantees that it always produces the markers with the highest quality; hence, customers can believe in ink components and exclusive vibrant pigments.

These markers are created as acrylic ink without toxic, or odors to give the most comfortable feeling when using for both adults and children. The color coats can dry quickly as a result of highly pigmented ink, which will leave durable glossy and opaque paints on different surfaces.

Additionally, the ink is extremely robust to prevent awful factors like water, fading, lightfast, etc.

Last but not least, the manufacturer offers 28 vibrant colors for supporting painters to create any artworks they want.

Moreover, the product still has extra black and white that are the perfect tools to polish graphics perfectly. Therefore, Artistro pens are absolutely great for designing mandala pictures.

Because the pens are made from acrylic ink, clients need to shake them regularly and press the tip gently before using to take the ink flow.

What We Liked
  • The markers are used on many surfaces, including treated wood, plastic, canvas, card stock, etc
  • The ink is premium-quality without toxic or odors and it can resist water
  • 0,7mm fine tip for easily decorating tiny patterns
  • 28 vibrant colors with extra black and white
What We Didn't Like
  • Customers should prepare the ink flow carefully before using it

With those excellent functions above, we can conclude that Artistro is a perfect brand for choosing the best paint markers.

6. Penguin Art Supplies Acrylic Paint Marker Pens

Penguin Art Supplies Acrylic Paint Marker Pens

If you are looking for pens that write on wood that can be colored up vibrant and durable, Penguin Acrylic Paint Pens should be on your list. I got it on my 15th birthday, and it is still my favorite product until now.

These markers are produced from permanent ink for making long-lasting artworks, and they can be used on other surfaces, including ceramic, rocks, canvas, paper, glass, stone, metal and more. As a result of premium-quality ink, it can resist water and UV light, which other supplies couldn’t do as well.

Furthermore, each paint pen is created with reversible tips, one is the medium 5mm bullet tip to design bold lines, and the other is 3mm chisel nip to draw fine strokes. Hence, I can have more choices to create any crafts I want without worries about causing smudges or smears.

Notably, the manufacturer offers up to 28 vibrant pigments, and all of them are stored into a nice black zipper pouch. Therefore, I can bring those markers everywhere to find new ideas effortlessly.

Different from other products, these markers can be wiped off easily with damp clothes, whether the smudges are on clothing or skin. Last but not least, the most impressive point of Penguin paint pens is a beautiful design with a penguin logo on the barrel.

Nonetheless, to change the reversible tips from a bullet to chisel or vice versa, customers need to pull out the nip and take the right tip they want.

Hence, people can feel confused or uncomfortable to do that as a result of smudges, which will stick to the artworks or their hands.

What We Liked
  • Reversible tips with bullet and chisel shapes
  • Premium-quality ink can resist water, UV light
  • Easy to clean up by warm water, damp clothes or soap
  • 28 different colorful pigments
What We Didn't Like
  • The paint pens cause a little bit of difficulty when we want to use reversible tips

Personally, Penguin always is one of my favorite brands when deciding to buy the paint markers for wood.

7. Asani Acrylic Paint Marker Pens

Asani Acrylic Paint Marker Pens

To create fantastic artworks on treated wood surfaces, people need to prepare a variety of specialized tools to receive positive results.

To let the pictures more outstanding on the covers, painters often use different contrast colors like black, gold, silver, and white.

To take advantage of this characteristic, I usually design my graphics on black covers by white paint pens for wood, and I always receive satisfying results.

The most outstanding point of Asani Premium Markers is vibrant colors. They have produced 12 different pigments, including white, blue, red, pink, gold, brown, violet, yellow, green, pink, silver and orange.

I have great faith in the quality of this brand as a result of exclusive ink, it is produced from premium Italian ink to keep our artworks last for longer. With this ability, the color coats can dry quickly, resist harmful elements like water, fade, smudges, etc.

Moreover, the tip is designed as a 0.7mm bullet shape so that users can draw fine brush strokes or bold lines efficiently. Besides that, the primary material of nip is nylon, which can keep your tool always as an original shape after many uses.

With distinctive designs of the tip and premium-quality ink, Asani markers can be drawn on a variety of surfaces like porcelain, glass, leather, fabric, plastic, ceramic, leather, canvas, etc.

If you want to keep the pictures become a reality and durable on surfaces, you can roast them under high-temperature approx 180 Celsius degrees to receive completely waterproof products.

Nevertheless, to use these paint pens comfortably during the design process, painters should press the tip gently to take regular ink flow. Hence, people often lose focus on what they are drawing or writing.

What We Liked
  • 12 eye-catching colors to match any project
  • Water-resistant and fade-resistant to create a durable finish
  • Each marker is filled with 3ml of Italian ink
  • Odorless, non-toxic, conforms to international safety standards
  • Consistent flow ensures a uniform look from start to finish
What We Didn't Like
  • The markers ought to be used on projects with less precision

Asani markers will be the finest selection for you to design the beautiful artworks on a variety of surfaces.

8. Ekkong Acrylic Paint Marker Pens

Ekkong Acrylic Paint Marker Pens

In the wood banners and signs creation, to receive positive results, we have used the most trustworthy paint pens for wood signs from the most trusted brand. And the ideal one you can refer to is Ekkong Paint Markers.

All the markers can not only color up on wood covers harmonically but also on different surfaces like rocks, stones, glass, metal, ceramic, glass, paper, leather, etc.

Firstly, the product is produced from oil-based so that your graphics will be more outstanding than other pens.

The ink contains abilities of quick-drying, water and fade-resistant; hence, it can be used to design the graphics both indoors and outdoors conveniently. As a result of premium-quality of ink, these paint markers are extremely safe for kids and adults.

Furthermore, users can take ink flow smoothly and frequently with every stroke.

Secondly, the product has an extra-fine tip that supports artists who can decorate intricate ideas in real life. To create attractive wood signs for all events, I need to use a variety of vibrant colors for exclusive harmony. Understanding that demand of customers, Ekkong brand provides 15 colorful markers to help clients in handling this problem.

Additionally, customers should remember to recap after using to remove ink leak on your hands, the pencil case or maybe your pictures.

What We Liked
  • Can work on almost all surfaces, including rock, wood, canvas, plastic, glass, metal, ceramic, etc
  • A fine tip to decorate any pattern details
  • The ink can resist many bad elements to use both indoors and outdoors
  • 15 vibrant colors
What We Didn't Like
  • Customers have to recap carefully to prevent ink leak

If you are finding the markers which can help your graphics become more outstanding, Ekkong will be the best selection to be a perfect companion.

9. Artistro Oil Based Paint Marker Pens

Artistro Oil Based Paint Marker Pens

Many people enjoy painting the graphics on original or treated wood surfaces which still contain roughness and dark colors. Therefore, they need to prepare some specialized markers to help the pictures be more outstanding and attractive on those covers.

For this reason, another product which I really want to introduce to customers in this marker collection is Artistro Oil-based paint pens. The markers are created from oil-based ink for keeping the artworks last long time on wood surfaces.

Additionally, the manufacturer has innovated the pens for using on other covers like rock painting, ceramic, metal, paper, stone, glass, plastic, and more. To be used on above different covers, Artistro has formulated the ink to be high-quality and never gets drying, flooding or jamming on the tip.

The product has a fine tip to support painters creating many different strokes even in one pen. When you need to design bold lines for your wood crafts, you can emphasize the patterns by applying some color coats. Besides that, these markers can remove your worries of smears or smudges which can be stuck on your pictures, your clothes. The problem is handled thoroughly because of quick-drying ink.

The outside design is basic with a black barrel, orange and white letters to create luxury and robustness for users. The manufacturer provides a variety of vibrant colors, including yellow, brilliant blue, green, hot pink, orange, red, glowing green, etc.

Furthermore, entire pens are stored in nice packaging with flexible flower patterns; hence, it can become a wonderful gift for your friends or children.

What We Liked
  • Oil-based ink to keep the graphics for a long time
  • The markers can be used on many surfaces
  • A 1mm fine tip to create a variety of different strokes perfectly
  • They are easy to use without leaving jamming, flooding or drying at the tip
What We Didn't Like
  • The pigments are not wiped off efficiently

With those outstanding elements above, I hope Artistro Paint Markers will be one of the most trusted brands of you when choosing the great paint pens.

10. Tooli-Art Acrylic Paint Marker Pens

Tooli-Art Acrylic Paint Marker Pens

The last product which we couldn’t overlook in this article is Tooli-Art Acrylic Paint Pen, it is one of the most famous markers on the markets currently. It is illustrious with premium-quality materials from inside formula to the outside design.

Hence, if you want to find the perfect paint pens for wood crafts, I highly recommend Tooli-Art with following reasons:

First of all, these markers are produced from highly pigmented ink with the origin from Japan; hence, customers can believe in the quality of the pens.

The ink is water-based with acid-free, non-toxic so that it can be colored up perfectly and quick-drying for easily adding more color coats. With this wonderful combination, these markers become judicious selection to use not only for wood crafts but also other craft surfaces like stone, metal, porcelain, plastic, cardboard, glass, fabric, canvas, etc.

Secondly, the product will satisfy you absolutely with impressive tip design. It is made from 0.7mm nylon tip and useful for creating any lines customers want. With the fine lines, clients can draw them easily with smooth and regular ink flow; moreover, the paint strokes aren’t faded or interrupted during the time.

Besides that, painters can create bold lines by repeating the strokes on patterns without worrying about the smears. The most impressive point of the tip is it doesn’t fray after a lot of uses as a result of highly nylon protective cover.

Last but not least, the brand provides a lot of vibrant pigments with differently bright levels, including primary colors (blue, red, yellow), secondary colors (purple, green, orange), pastel pigments (light turquoise, baby blue, pastel violet, pale pink, etc), metallics (silver, gold), black and white. All the paint pens are effortless to use and they can be outstanding on any pigment surfaces.

What We Liked
  • The markers are made from premium quality ink without acid and toxic
  • An extra 0.7mm nylon fine tip to create different lines
  • The product can be used on a variety of surfaces
  • 30 vivid colors with distinct types
What We Didn't Like
  • Customers should shake the pens rightly for not creating bubbles in the ink

If you need the markers with a premium-quality formula for right pigments, vivid colors and the ability to use on different surfaces, Tooli-Art will be the most suitable product for you.

How To Choose Paint Pens And Markers For Wood?

paint pens and markers for wood reviews

Nowadays, many event organizers enjoy designing the artworks or banners on treated wood surfaces even if they are hardcovers to draw. Wood is a difficult material to apply the pigments because it still contains rough details, and the normal crayon components aren’t suitable to use on it.

That is a reason why painters should prepare the specialized tools as paint markers for wood.

Additionally, to select the most suitable products for your designs, you should know some important knowledge about the ink components or different pigments.

The Ink

The first essential element which clients should distinguish thoroughly is the ink. On the markets nowadays, the manufacturers often provide two main types of ink are water-based and oil-based.

The water-based markers are just a combination form of water and colors, and the pigments are dissolved in water molecules meticulously by modern mixed technology. Therefore, the ink can flow regularly with smooth ink, precisely colors, and it is easy to combine different pigments.

Another effective element from water-based ink is it can be wiped off effortlessly by warm water or damp clothes. Besides, it still has a disadvantage when used on paper, fabric surfaces, which is bleeding if customers keep the pens on these covers for a long time.

Moreover, if you want to preserve your artworks as long as possible, the oil-based ink will be the best choice for you than the other. It is famous for coloring ability brilliantly, and easy to use without leaving the smudges or smears on pictures or hands.

Because these markers can dry expeditiously and less be faded than water-based. However, the oil-based paint pens aren’t enjoyed to use for children as a result of odors, bleeding on the skin. But people don’t need to worry too much, with highly technological development currently, some famous brands will have different solutions to remove the entire disadvantages above and give the perfect products to customers.

With this brief introduction and depending on your demand, you can choose the most suitable ink to use for wood crafts.

Types of Tips

To use on wood surfaces, the manufacturers often produce the fine tip with approx from 0.7mm to 1mm to create different brush strokes efficiently. A similar point among marker brands is the tips are usually created as bullet shape to support painters in sketching or painting is fine.

According to my standpoint, I love designing wood banners by these fine tips because they are the most versatile to draw complex lines. They can use not only to draw the thin strokes in sketchy work precisely but also help to bold the lines to increase outstanding artworks.

Furthermore, many tip markers are produced from nylon material to remove frays by using a long time.

The Color Options

When you have finished selecting the most suitable ink and the tip for your crafts, the next step which will evaluate the quality of results is finding the right pigments. Currently, the markers are used on many surfaces, including rocks, mugs, stone, metal, fabric, wood, plastic, glass, porcelain, pottery, paper, and more.

To increase outstanding ability on each cover, suggesting artists should use specialized pigments and now, they are particularly divided into four main types. They include primary colors, secondary colors, pastel colors and metallics.

Can you Draw on Wood?

Of course you can, but only if you have the right drawing tools. Because wood has a porous surface, you can draw on it with specific pens and markers to achieve the desired effect:

Colored pencils can be used on wood, preferably with a smooth surface to avoid indentations. When creating small-scale art pieces, colored pencils are preferable because they run out quickly when used on wooden surfaces. Bring several pencils and a sharpener with you for a smooth drawing session.

To many people’s surprise, gel pens also work well on wooden pieces. The only thing you should know is to wait 2 to 3 minutes for the ink to dry before continuing to write or draw.

Permanent markers, such as Sharpie, can be used on wood. They are incredibly versatile drawing and writing tools with long-lasting vividness. Because their pigments penetrate the wooden textures, they may be difficult to remove later.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

how to choose paint pens and markers for wood

What are The Most Trusted Paint Pens for Wood Brands?

If you enjoy using water-based ink that can keep your artworks long-lasting, a lot of famous brands that you can refer to including Niutop, Alerie, Morfone, Artistro, Penguin, Asani, etc. Besides that, a variety of quality manufacturers that provide oil-based ink are PainMark, Ekkong, Artistro.

Moreover, a lot of clients love drawing the fine tip of markers that can be used to create tiny details. Hence, they can buy the premium quality markers for wood from manufacturers including PaintMarker, Morfone, Artistro, etc. In this article, we are glad to introduce a reversible paint pens that come from the Penguin brand.

What are The Different Types of Paint Pens and Markers for Wood?

Currently, the products for wood crafts are very diverse with components of ink, sizes or shapes of the tip, different colors, etc. Before deciding to buy a set of markers to use for your designs, you should determine the main purpose to find the most suitable results.

If you want to keep your artworks as long as possible, you can refer to oil-based paint pens with precisely coloring up. But you can face the problem of wiping off the smudges on your hands or skin hardly.

Otherwise, if you enjoy mixing different pigments to create exclusive colors, water-based ink will be a great choice for you. After finishing to select the most suitable ink for your graphics, artists should choose the right pigments to use on the surface they want.

Why Do You Need a Paint Pen for Wood?

Wood surfaces become more popular in the arts because they will create beauties of unique, beautiful, strange. However, wood is a hardcover to color up by normal crayons as a result if roughness and structures. Hence, painters or event organizers have to use the paint pens or markers for wood; with these specialized tools, the pictures can be more outstanding, attractive and kept for a long time.

Different from other products used on paper, the paint pens for wood will be created from exclusive ink and pigments so that customers should read the introduction carefully to select suitable products.

Moreover, the markers for wood are divided into a variety of pigments depending on the texture of surfaces. So, if you use normal products, the vibrant colors couldn’t be colored up on covers perfectly.

If you want to save your money, you have more choices about selecting different tips or colors in just one packaging.

How to Use It?

You should follow the instructions below to get the positive results:

Shake: Before opening the cap of marker to draw the first line, clients should shake the pen with a cap on regularly. This action will mix the pigments well to give the smooth ink flow and prevent bubbles.

Burp: With the pen upright, you ought to press the tip once to remove air from the paint pen.

Prime: Even if the pen is oil-based or water-based, you should press the tip down a lot of times on paper or soft surfaces to take the ink flow. If you forget to do that, the ink can drip and leave the smudges on your pictures.

Cap: Remember to recap after use to preserve the ink.

How to Clean and Care?

If you use the oil-based markers, they will be a little bit difficult to wipe off. However, it still has a way to remove the smudges by using specialized chemical cleaners according to the introduction of each product.

Additionally, customers should use suitable detergents on those surfaces for not breaking the texture. Because the pigments can contrast with those chemical cleaners and couldn’t be colored on.

Besides, with water-based pens from famous brands, they can be wiped off efficiently with warm water, damp clothes with soap. After using the paint pens, customers should recap to prevent ink evaporation.

Where to Buy?

Nowadays, with highly technological development, artists can find paint markers for wood at supermarkets or small stores. Moreover, you can find any brands you want in those places.

Nonetheless, if you want to compare the functions of products from different brands, online shopping will be the best way for you including Amazon,,,, etc.

What is The Warranty?

If adults want to give these markers to children, please read the introduction carefully because some pens are not good for children. They can contain odors or a lot of toxic substances which will cause some bad problems for eyes, respiration. Hence, besides reading the ink components and warranties on the barrel, adults should observe kids thoroughly when giving these products to them.

Furthermore, with the permanent ink, please be prudent in using the pens to not let the ink stuck on clothes.


Wood becomes the most popular material to use for exclusive designs on it. Because it is a difficult cover to color up, painters should use the best paint pens and markers for wood to receive positive results.

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