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The Best Pens for Bible Journaling in 2023

top pens for bible journaling

Have you ever recognized that a pressing situation necessitates a change in your behavior and attitude? Have you ever felt like you needed inspiration and guidance to deal with your life difficulties? If you are a Christian, the answers can be found in the Bible.

When opening the Bible, a proper note pen should assist a believer in identifying the important message and words from which to draw inspiration.

When you decide to take down notes based on what applies to your current situation, it will be more organized if you use the best pens for Bible journaling.

Many may be unaware that we can write in the Bible so long as it is in our possession. Your interpretation and expression of your comprehension of the Bible’s pages are not frowned upon so long as they are good, honest and meaningful words from our hearts.

Top 12 Pen for Bible Journaling Reviews

To help you in your spiritual quest, here are some of the best bible pens available in the market today.

1. Mr Pen Bible Journal Pens

mr pen bible journal pens

Mr. Pen is a humble, office and school supplies company that advocates practical solutions. Since it is founded by business-minded teachers, the products are definitely inspired by the founders’ experiences. One of these products is their Bible pens.

Mr. Pen’s Bible pens can be available in a pack of different colors. There are six pens to choose from; each pen has a tip of 0.7 mm, which I think is just enough for normal writing usage. I can describe the pen as similar to that of the consistency of the gel pen but with ballpoint ink.

You can absolutely draw smoothly on any paper without skipping. You won’t also be worried about tainting the back portion of the page you have just scribbled on since the ink can’t bleed through. There is also no issue for blotted drawings and handwriting since the pen cause no smears.

With these pens, I think I will be having an outburst of inspiration since I have now a set of tools that enables me to express my understanding of Bible passages through creative liberty. I can do from meaningful note-taking to artistic doodles and even personalization with a sentimental mixture of colors. Not only it is for Bible journaling, but it can also be used for many purposes.

However, there is a limitation to their usage because of the size of the tips. Shading and in-depth coloring might be possible, but they are definitely impractical since the tips cover a small area, and the tasks consumed a lot of ink.

What We Liked
  • Has a tip with a thickness of 0.7 mm, ideal for all-around usage
  • Ink causes no smudges and cannot bleed through thin pages
  • Ink can dry fast when drawn to the paper
  • The tip has no problem on ink-flow, ensuring smooth scribbling
  • Applies to organizer’s label-making and other document highlighting
  • Applies to regular artworks and technical drawings
  • Has a clip-on attachment for easy placement on pockets and hardcovers
  • Works with push mechanism so the annoyance of having caps is non-existent
What We Didn't Like
  • Cannot be practically used for shading and heavy coloring
  • No indication of the tip’s durability

This type of pen may seem so simple and can be used in most regular writing needs. With its versatility and performance, I believe it can be a hit beyond Bible journaling use.

2. Faber-Castell Bible Journaling Kit


Faber-Castell is a world-renowned brand and caters to a lot of age groups and skill levels. Their Bible journaling kit, similar to the set of Bible journaling pens Hobby Lobby is offering, contains a wide range of writing materials. If this was given to me as a gift, I can consider it as one of the best gifts ever.

To start with, let us uncover each type of material inside the kit. The product contains a number of die cuts and stickers with inspiring designs. They are made from lightweight paper, so they cannot add significant bulk to the Bible pages; with the additional sheets of Mache paper, you can integrate more designs.

For your highlighting and coloring needs, the kit contains crayons with 4 different Gelatos colors, which is perfect for that translucent and vibrant hues. Their pigment is acid-free and dries permanently, making them non-bleed-through.

Aside from the creamy coloring materials, there are also 2 Pitt Artist pens. Containing premium India ink, you will surely enjoy underlining, note-taking, and doodling without ink odor and worry that it might bleed through the back page.

From one goody to another, it won’t be a complete journaling experience without stencils. They come in two sets— one contains Bible themes and one is with an assortment of designs. This can be a perfect way to start learning artistic lettering and shape drawings without the risk of mistakes.

If you think you are not that creative yet have a lot of tools with you, then don’t worry. Included in this kit is a 46-page illustrated design guide. You will be starting from simple works and explore your way to more creative opportunities.

I can’t think of any negative things about this product. This is perfect for any art lover at a non-professional level. If I have to scrutinize it more, I think the material for stencils can be improved to be more non-stainable.

What We Liked
  • Contains a wide range of writing material types
  • Offers highlighters with vibrant Gelato colors that are acid-free and non-bleed-through
  • Offers Pitt Artist pens that are perfect for writing notes eligibly and doodling in detail
  • Includes plenty of accessories to personalize Bible pages
  • Has beginner-friendly materials such as stencils and a design booklet guide
  • Can be a great option as a gift
What We Didn't Like
  • Can improve materials used for making the stencils

If you are looking to give a gift to a person inclined to both arts and the Bible, then this kit is just a perfect fit. With so many contents, it may take time to utilize fully them all.

3. GTL Pigma Micron Bible Study Kit


G.T. Luscombe specializes in book accessories and that includes the Bible. One of their best sellers is the micron Bible pens because of their output. Even I like to be able to create small details, but the size of the pens will always be one of the main limiting factors.

This certain Bible study kit contains two types of pens: five pens with a tip of 0.45 mm and one pen with 0.25 mm. Both are ideally used for fine drawing and writing. Beyond the use of Bible journaling, they can be very much applicable to technical drawing.

The product has all the qualities of Bible journaling pens. The pigmented inks are non-bleed-through, non-smearing, and fade-proof. Also, the pens provide such smoothness that you can expect there will be no skip lines formed.

Having such fine pens can encourage you to write legibly. As you construct those lines, you begin to understand that you can be able to create images with such intricacy. It will be no surprise if you can come up with unique designs of your own through exploring the limits of your imagination using doodles.

With such capability, that can too be of a disadvantage. In terms of underlining large texts from large books, the lines will appear insignificant and even distracting. Aside from that, your artworks might be limited on drawing borders and outlines only while also worrying that the tip can get easily damaged if dropped vertically.

What We Liked
  • Has two types of the pen: one with 0.25 mm and the other with 0.4 mm, which are both ideal for fine printing and drawing
  • Can be applied to other aspects requiring attention to detail such as technical drawing
  • Ink cause no smears and won’t penetrate to the other side of the page
  • The tip can produce smooth ink flow without any skipping
  • Can be utilized well on smaller books with small writings or texts
What We Didn't Like
  • Lines created on larger books can become insignificant due to its thinness
  • Shading and coloring are impractical
  • The tip might get bent when dropped in a vertical manner

So far, these types of pens can be better used for specialized purposes. In the hands of a great draftsman or a creative artist, they can be really powerful tools.

4. SHARPIE 1982057 Air Pens


The brand Sharpie is known for producing excellent markers. As a large company specializing in crafts, there is no need to be shocked that there will be Sharpie pens for Bible journaling. After all, if their markers sell so well, then they can be very much capable of doing that too on Bible journaling pens.

These Sharpie pens come in a set of different colors, each with a fine point. From black to the rainbow colors, you can very much avail of your coloring needs. The color-matching cap can obviously help you identify what pen to use for a certain shading, coloring, or underlining.

In terms of ink, I can assure you that it passes the requirements for being a Bible pen. The ink cannot bleed through pages and is resistant to water, smear, and fade. Aside from its precision tip, the ink flown can dry quickly and is acid-free.

As you use these pens, I can say that they can also be pretty much utilized for shading a bit large spaces without any blots from re-application. The tip is not that thin so as to encourage only fine printing. They can also be used for organizing needs such as file labeling.

Whatever set you choose, the casing will always look great. Not only it is made of hard plastic, but it also has an opening that lets it transform into a vertical stand. Personally, I find that really cool and encouraging to reuse the case for other pens that can fit there.

Quality-wise, there is no doubt about this brand. I can only find negative about it once it is purchased. I believe other people with sensitive noses can agree with me that there is a bit of an unusual smell coming from the pens as you open the cap and possibly the chemicals used for the ink might be the cause.

What We Liked
  • Has fine tip that is applicable to drawing in details yet also convenient for shading
  • Can be resistant to water, smear, and fade
  • Ink has acid-free components
  • Ink flown can dry up quickly, avoiding any blotting
  • Has cool packaging feature, letting it display closely vertical
  • Can be available in different sizes of sets with varied colors
What We Didn't Like
  • May have an unusual smell that irritates those who have a sensitive nose

All I can say is that the Sharpie pens are really made with quality and not just for a singular purpose. Even with fine points, they can be very well used for coloring large spaces.

5. Sakura Pigma Line Drawing Pens


Sakura is a Japanese company known for its Micron liners. So, there is definitely no question if they can produce quality Bible journaling pens. As a testament, here is their set of Pigma Line Color Pens.

This water-based type of pens has a tip with 0.25 mm of thickness. They are great for note-taking since they are also the type of pens that won’t bleed through Bible pages. The ink dries quickly, so it doesn’t cause smears.

Aside from those characteristics, the ink has achieved archival quality, meaning it is resistant to water, chemicals, and fading and can last a long time. Having those properties of an ink sounds great, but it feels even better when you know that it contains components that passed ACMI-AP certification for its toxicity.

The pens are so versatile that they can be used conveniently for sketching, doodling, light coloring, and cartoonish shading, aside from underlining important texts. As expected with any Japanese products, you are assured of such high quality.

Aside from the obvious hazard that all fine-pointed pens face – a vertical drop—, if the metal is made from durable material, then there seems to be nothing else wrong. I can only have slight comments on their pen’s packaging where the caps only indicate the color of the ink. It might be not much of significance, but it can at least affect your convenience.

What We Liked
  • Has a tip with a thickness of 0.25 mm, great for fine printing yet also can be applied to various styles of sketching and light shading
  • Can be resistant to water, chemicals, smear, and fade, which makes it perfect for archiving quality
  • Ink has ACMI-AP certification for its toxicity
  • Ink flown can dry up quickly, avoiding any blotting
  • The metal holding the tip is made of rigid quality
What We Didn't Like
  • Color indications are not represented in an obvious manner on the pen’s packaging
  • The tip might be prone to slight bending if dropped vertically

I find this product perfect for persons who have outstanding writing ability and great vision for drawing. Though there may be similar products out there, maybe only a handful can equate its ink quality.

6. Mr Pen Bible Journaling Highlighters


Mr. Pen’s Bible pens can certainly be ranked as one of the best writing tools for Bible journaling. However, they have another product that can also be included in the same conversation – their Bible journaling highlighters.

This type of highlighters has gel inks. The best thing about it is that they can be sharpened to a finer point, and therefore can now be used as a pen. It has a twist-up mechanism, which adjusts the tip’s height.

The gel inks are acid-free, so it is safe to use. Another good thing about the gel ink is that it won’t get dried out if the tip is left uncapped. It just keeps on coming, one worry-free quality after another.

When used for highlighting, it does not bleed through the pages and no smears can be formed no matter how thin or glossy the Bible pages are. It can be a great substitute for bright colored crayons with more ease in handling. Not only it is applicable for highlighting, but it is also effective in organizing.

The product promotes a certain color-coding scheme: Yellow for points that need to be remembered, Pink for things that needs prohibition, Orange for encouragement, Blue for complicated points, Green for the sake of balance and Purple for priorities and utmost importance.

While these highlighters are designed for optimal convenience, there seems to be a natural enemy. The gel inks can be more susceptible to heat and will eventually melt. Although this can be easily observed and prevented, and any deformation can be readily solved through a sharpener, it may cause stain to other surfaces being melted on.

What We Liked
  • Has gel inks which have tips easily sharpened to function as a pen
  • Has a twist-up mechanism to adjust the tip’s height
  • Provides bright colors suitable for highlighting purposes
  • Ink has acid-free components
  • Remains usable even left uncapped since it will not dry up
  • Ink cannot bleed through pages and won’t cause smearing
  • Promotes color-coding scheme for note-taking
What We Didn't Like
  • Can easily melt because it is susceptible to heat

The brightness of the highlighters is enough that you often don’t need to reapply the stroke. I think these highlighters might be one of the most user-friendly due to safe and convenient usage.

7. Peter Pauper Press Bible Micro-Line Pens


The company Peter Pauper Press has been open for business since 1928. With such a long history, you will be assured that they produce one of the best writing materials out there. One of their great products is the Bible Micro-Line color pens.

If you are used to drawing or writing using pens with fine points, then this product offers more than what you need. With a 0.25-millimeter tip, you can create accurately draw lines even on Bibles meant for pocket sizes. Such precision looks everything so organized.

The non-toxic color pens come with eight different colors, which grant you plenty of choices for your line artworks. The ink flow is so consistent that there is no skipping at all. What I like the most is that aside from being waterproof and fade-proof, the micro-pigmented ink is non-bleed-through even as you exert a certain amount of unnecessary pressure.

Being as great writing materials for Bible journaling, these pens can also be applied to artworks that require scrutiny on the tiny aspects. I find it fascinating to be able to draw the smallest detail with such color emphasis and consistency. With these pens, you will surely be able to create intricate designs with a smooth transition.

I love how they add suggestions at the back of the 5.325-by-7 square inches of plastic casing about what colors to utilize on certain themes of a certain Bible book. The suggested color-coding scheme goes like this: Yellow – God, Purple – prayer, Orange – grace, Pink – laws, Green – growth, Red – Sabbath, Blue – evil, and Black – personal.

Like all micron pens, there is a great need to exercise more caution. I recommend keeping these pens from falling on the ground with the tip exposed since its thin frame can be bent and will have reduced performance.

What We Liked
  • Has a tip with a thickness of 0.25 mm, ideal for creating very fine lines
  • Can be used for pocket-size Bibles and other books
  • Micro-pigment ink is water-proof and fade-proof
  • Ink cannot bleed through the Bible pages and is non-toxic
  • Provides the user capabilities to draw very fine details for artworks
  • With decent penmanship, the user can achieve archival-quality of note-taking
  • Offers suggestions on color-coding schemes for making Bible journaling organized
What We Didn't Like
  • Pen tip can be subject to bending once it falls vertically
  • Not applicable to large scale drawings and highlighting

If I am that detail-oriented, then these Micro-line pens are perfect for my artistic and handwriting needs along with the application of the suggested color-coding scheme.

8. COOL BANK Fineliner Pens


Cool Bank is widely known for its color pencils that cater to both amateur and professional artists. However, they also produce Bible art journaling supplies. Their premium set-of-72 fineliner 0.4 mm pens are definitely the best they can offer.

For a person who has careful consideration of colors and shading, this set is what I will gladly recommend. There are 72 hues to choose from including off-white and gray and each colored pen is numbered for easy identification. It is clearly meant for artistic freedom with such a varied choice of colors.

The ink of these fineliner pens is water-based; therefore, there can be no ink flow issues such as skipping and can be easily maneuvered without any exerting more pressure. It conforms to the standard ASTM D-4236, which means that the ink is non-toxic.

The tip with a thickness of 0.4 mm is ideal for balance in creating both finer and larger prints. There won’t be a problem with performance if the pen falls on the ground since the tip is made strong and durable.

Aside from the wide range of colored pens inside a gift-ready portable tin box, what I am excited most of the product is that it also includes 20 different stencils. Be it a regular-shaped polygon, a standard lettering, emoji-like shapes, or elegant banner design, this product proves it can be one of the best Bible journaling supplies for beginners.

The product may give you limitless options, but it has also its downsides. The main issue is since the ink is water-based, there might be discomfort on each subsequent use. There is definitely a need to shake the pen in order to loosen the ink and any undesired room temperature and humidity can definitely affect the tip’s output.

What We Liked
  • Has a tip with a thickness of 0.4 mm, perfect for balance between fine and large prints
  • Offers a wide variety of colors and shades for that artistic liberty
  • Ink is water-based and can have an acceptable amount of ink penetration
  • Ink conforms to the standard ASTM D-4236, which is for non-toxicity
  • The tip is made durable and strong, enough to withstand falls
  • Includes 20 different stencils with numerous designs for amateurs’ convenience
  • Enclosed in a portable tin box, making it ready for gift-giving
What We Didn't Like
  • The tip can get dry under slightly unfavorable room conditions or left open for some time
  • The pen needs hard shaking in each subsequent use if the ink has ‘clogged’ on the tip

If you are able to do more than just highlighting and doodling on Bible pages, then I highly recommend this product to exercise your borderless creative gifts.

9. GTL Inductive Bible Study Pens


This might be different from the usual writing sets for Bible journaling, but they are no less effective. The product contains three different types of pens: a mechanical pencil used for temporary marking, a set of note-taking pens, and another set of underliner pens.

The mechanical pencil can be easily differentiated from other pens due to the packaging designs. It has a sufficient amount of eraser. There seem to be no extra pencil leads, but I think it is enough since it is mainly used for temporary marking.

The note-taking pens have tips with a 0.7-mm thickness while the underliner pens have tips with a thickness of 1.0 mm. For sophistication, the former ones are recommended to be used while for all-around usage, the latter ones are applicable. The inks of these pens cannot bleed through pages and will not create smears.

I find their ballpoint action very interesting. The brand integrates the ‘iTouch universal touch screen stylus’, which enables the extension of the ballpoint by locating the pen clip with a ‘cross’ design and perform a pulling-down action with the thumb. For the retraction, repeat the same action again.

Innovative they may be, however, there is a possibility it might get jammed. Since the majority of the pens can be used for all-purpose, specifically those with 1.0-mm tips, casual users tend to be not careful of their mechanisms. That can be an unexpected problem as you are about to get ready to write something hastily.

What We Liked
  • Offers three types of pens for different usages: one is for marking temporarily, another is for note-taking, and the last is for underlining
  • Ink is guaranteed not to bleed through pages and cause smearing
  • Tips are applicable for all-around usages such as sketching, coloring, shading, and more
  • Has the iTouch universal touch screen stylus for extension and retraction of ballpoint
What We Didn't Like
  • The iTouch universal touch screen stylus can be prone to jamming due to mannerisms and range of actions

The product may seem a bit fascinating, but it lacks quite an impact, especially on the side of artistry. The innovative ballpoint action seems positive but can be a liability too. Overall, the three-in-one package is the main point why this product is considered among the best Bible pens.

10. TANMIT Dual Tip Brush Marker Pens


Little is known publicly about Tanmit, but they are building their reputation as great producers of high-quality materials for drawing, calligraphy, and coloring. Now, they tend to make their way as one with those having the best markers for Bible journaling.

The uniqueness of these Tanmit markers is that both ends are functioning. One end has a brush tip that is perfect for highlighting and shading, while the other one has a 0.4-mm fine tip, which is applicable for fine drawing and underlining.

With over 36 different colors, you will have such creative liberty. You can draw, perform lettering and calligraphy, highlight texts, sketch, take notes, and write a label, all with convenience.

The ink flows well on either tip, which has no issues of skipping lines and smudging. It also dries fast, so your drawings will look neat. It has also safety features such as being acid-free, non-toxic, and odorless.

Imagine being able to receive the product as a gift. Such joy can be expected, having two needed materials for Bible journaling combined in one material. The transition between different artistic needs has never been anymore easier than that.

With all the great qualities it has, I find a certain disadvantage to it – the duality itself. Since the tips are on each end, therefore the ink is either share or divided accordingly. However, that construction limits the possibility of having the pen positioned vertically since there is an outlet on either side.

What We Liked
  • Has a dual purpose: one end for fine printing and the other for shading and highlighting
  • Ink cannot bleed through pages and cause smearing
  • Ink dries fast, which prevent smudges
  • Ink passes safety standards due to being acid-free, non-toxic, and odorless
  • Contains a wide range of different colors
  • Enables the user to exercise versatility in handling art materials
  • Provides the user with so much creative liberty
  • Gives an appeal for being gift-ready
What We Didn't Like
  • Might cause ink shifting problems due to having an outlet at each end of the pen
  • Has to prevent having in a vertical position for a long time

The product is enabling you to be more versatile on your usage of art materials. There is no denying that it has a gift-worthy appeal and allows you to exercise your creative instincts without delay.

11. GTL Accu-Gel Bible Marking Study Kit


This G.T. Luscombe Kit is a package of one black Pigma Micron Underliner and four different ACCU-gel highlighters. I find the kit simple but really practical to use. It may seem you have limited options, but that is all you will be needing the most on your Bible journaling.

The underliner pen has a thickness of 0.25 mm, making it suitable for drawing fine lines and even ideal for small doodles. The highlighters have a pointed tip that is designed for precision. It uses solid gel ink to make highlighting a smooth task.

Both types of pens have standard qualities for bible study pens; they are non-smearing, no bleed-through, fade-proof, and no skipping. The highlighters have a twisting base, making it easy to adjust if the tips are consumed.

Aside from all the features, another aspect I find it helpful is their color-coding scheme. It comprises 5 colors: Black, the underliner pen – for overall note-taking, Pink – for salvation themes, Blue – for inspirations by the Holy Spirit, Green – for passages indicating growth and new life, and Yellow – for messages about blessings.

If I am just a casual Bible reader, I am opting to purchase this kit since it only contains what I need. This is also a great option for those who only wanted to take notes and are not that artistically inclined. If you are running out of ink from one or two colors, it wouldn’t hurt a lot to buy another set since they are affordable.

With its simplicity, I think the only great disadvantage will be its transition for creativity. Since the options are limited to only the tools you need, you will be not able to make drawings that demand a wide range of colors.

What We Liked
  • Comprises pens for specific use: 1 for note-taking and 4 for highlighting
  • Inks of both types of pens are non-bleed-through, non-smearing, and fade-proof
  • Has a note-taking pen with 0.25-mm thickness that is ideal for fine drawing and underlining
  • Has highlighters with different translucent colors, making the highlighted texts easily readable
  • Has twistable action for highlighters to adjust the size of the tip
  • Promotes simple color-coding scheme for Bible journaling
What We Didn't Like
  • Limits creative liberty due to few coloring options
  • No indication for the ink’s toxicity

I love this kit since it is not bulky and can even be used conveniently for other academic activities. If you are a minimalist type of person, then I recommend you purchase this product.

12. Peter Pauper Press Bible Highlighters


From a company that started almost a century ago, you will be surely expecting time-tested quality products. The bible highlighters of Peter Pauper Press can be on par with the quality of Crayola Twistables Bible journaling crayons.

This set of highlighters had six different colors, with flat and waxy tips that can be used smoothly and without worries since they won’t bleed through the thin pages of the Bible. The pigments are acid-free, and they won’t cause smudges to the pages. To adjust the tip, a twist-up mechanism is integrated with the highlighter.

The length of each highlighter is about 5 and 3/16 inches long. I like how the casing makes it easier to carry on and be stored securely since it is made from durable hard plastic with a snap-top opening. There will be no extra caution needed if they fall hard on any surface.

Like all other Bible journaling tools of Peter Pauper Press, it promotes color-code for a specific Bible theme. I find the translucent colors much appealing for coloring artworks rather than the regular crayons.

Although there is a limitation for artwork usage since there are no dark shades available and the tips are not ideal for fine details, I think it seems great. There might be a chance that the colors seem a bit light for you, and you will be enticed to reapply the highlights.

What We Liked
  • Has flat and waxy tips, making it smooth to use for highlighting the complete height of each line of text
  • Ink causes no smudge and won’t bleed through the pages
  • Ink is made from acid-free components
  • Has twistable action for highlighters to adjust the size of the tip
  • Has a durable plastic cover with an easy opening
  • Promotes simple color-coding scheme for Bible journaling
  • Can be seen as a safer substitute to regular crayons with lighter hues
What We Didn't Like
  • Cannot be used for detailed drawing or any construction of fine lines
  • The translucence of colors may a bit light that needs a couple of re-highlighting

If all you need is just highlighting, then I recommend this product. It is compact, and it only contains what you need.

How to Choose Pens for Bible Journaling

how to choose pens for bible journaling

In order to guide you in purchasing the best Pens for Bible Journaling, here are the criteria you have to consider:

Tip Size

One of the vital factors in determining the ideal pen for Bible journaling is the head tip. This certain part indicates the main usage and purpose of the pen. An example that proves the previously mentioned statement is that people often use pens with large tips in highlighting lines and filling in gaps of drawings, whereas pens with small tips are used for letters and detailed drawings.

Pens for Bible journaling promoted in this article have tips sized 0.25 mm as the minimum and 0.7 mm as the maximum. As mentioned above, the purpose of the pen depends on its tip size, so it’s important that you should choose a pen with a tip that suits your Bible journaling needs.

Tip Type

Bible journaling pens have two types of tips, Metal gel and Wax-based. The description of the two are as follows:

Metal Gel tips

Pens for Bible journaling are often manufactured with strong metal tips. These tips are known to endure extensive usage without breaking.

This type of tip is slender and is highly precise and detailed in calligraphy and drawing. Its common size is at most 0.5 mm, and it is made with water-based ink for smoother lines.

Wax-based tips

Pens with this kind of tip are comparable to a Crayola Twistable. This tip is usually large and is commonly used in filling in big gaps on surfaces of papers and highlight important statements on the Bible. This tip can be sharpened, but they are very prone to melting and breaking.

Bleeding Concerns

Choosing a pen that does not bleed through the paper is a must when buying one for Bible journaling. Pens that possess this quality are only those that are specialized. Bible pens that don’t bleed prevent you from the horrors of defiled pages.

An immediate indication that a Bible journaling pen bleeds is the visibility of areas that are underlined or highlighted on the next page. In order to test if a pen bleeds, use it on a thin paper for qualitative assessment.

Storage Case

Possession of various Bible journaling supplies, especially pens, requires you to consider buying a reliable storage case. The storage case to be bought should not only allow you to organize your pens, but it should also allow you to carry it everywhere with ease.

There are two kinds of pen storage cases currently available and popular in the market: plastic pouches and hard cases. Most hard cases can be easily turned into an easel. Both cases can have either snap buttons or soft clips as a locking device.

These are some of the concerns that one should ponder before buying pens to be used on Bible journaling. Choosing the proper ones is important, for it will greatly affect the output and your experience in this pursuit.

It is also important to decide on buying one based on your personal preferences, since you will be the one using it. Moreover, pens are not the only supplies to be considered in this activity. Bible journaling markers and other Bible journaling accessories should be of the best choices too.

Should I journal with a pen or pencil?

use journal with pen or pencil

Since many wish to err on the side of caution when journaling in the Bible, they use pencils. Nonetheless, selecting a suitable journaling pen that does not bleed will aid in jotting down notes that will last the test of time.

If you insist on using a pencil, colored ones are recommended as long as they can dry quickly and do not smear on the paper surface. Make sure you do not press too hard, as you risk scratching the paper and even tearing it.

As for journaling pens, they always come in various colors, dark and bright, suitable for writing clear lines without bleeding through the Bible paper. Be careful not to make a mess in the book by using too many colors at the same time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

pens for bible journaling reviews

Who are These Pens Intended for?

The users of these pens are for religious people who engage in recording a Bible Journal. They are the ones who consistently take notes on what they have learned from the Bible and also record things happening in their lives every day alongside it.

With their constant study and analysis of the Bible, they were able to apply their learning from this collection of books to their lives, thus allowing them to outbrave predicaments with preparation.

Bible journalists are people who constantly use the Bible as a medium of guidance in understanding why certain things become chaotic. Bible journaling also allows them to ponder on Bible passages better than Bible study. Writing allows them to slow the pace of their reading and focus more on the meaning of passages.

These people aim to unify their lives with their faith. By maintaining a Bible journal, they are able to create a connection between their lives and the Holy Scriptures. Doing so also helps them to realize what they really want out of life, and what they really aim to be during their lifetime.

Bible journalists may present many reasons on why they do what they do, but surely, the main reason for this is that they want to maintain and improve their faith. The wonders and promises recorded on this collection of books remind them of the reasons why they chose to believe that someone omniscient and omnipotent exists and is the reason why everything else exists.

How do You Use These Pens?

With its tip having a size of 0.7 mm, Bible journaling pens can be effortlessly used on delicate Bible pages and other drawing materials. It only requires the user to press its tip onto paper surfaces and smooth ink will automatically be produced and create writings. It is important to replace the Bible pen’s cap as soon as you are done using it, in order to avoid drying out its ink.

For a pen having a tip larger than 0.7 mm, it is typically a highlighter rather than a Bible study pen. Its width is ideal for shading a group of text or a particular verse in order to emphasize its effect on you. Some products have suggestions on how to use particular colors so that it will be easy for you to identify their representations with just a glance.

It seems the materials for Bible pages has become a gateway for a great improvement in writing materials. These products are not limited and can be used for other artistic and literary means. More than note-taking and highlighting, these products encourage you to express your ideas creatively, even having them on the pages of the Bible.

Where do You Buy These Pens?

You can buy these pens nowadays anywhere you like. With the use of modern technology and the internet, you can order one and have it delivered right at your doorsteps. The following are online stores that offer Bible journaling pens and the brands of such pens that they are offering:

  • Amazon
  • STA Pigment Liner
  • Faber Castell
  • Hobby Lobby
  • Bible Highlighter
  • Archival Pens
  • Kaiser Colour
  • Gelly Roll
  • eBay
  • American Crafts
  • Hi-glider
  • Dickinson
  • Pen
  • Pigma Micron
  • Verse Finder

Aside from these online stores, you can also check for other brands in your local stores like Inspire Bible pens. These stores may not only offer Bible journaling pens but also some of the best Bible journaling supplies you could find.

Other great sources for Bible journaling materials are bookstores and craft stores. A Christian store may offer some products that are up to the sale, but it is more of a dedicated shop and might be a few found in the nearby commercial areas. Another option, which might not need cash, is through old school trading via social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter.

How Will You Take Care of These Pens?

As mentioned earlier in this article, in order to organize and maintain the best quality of your Bible journaling pens and other bible journaling supplies and accessories, you must consider buying a durable storage case to keep them in.

Another way to preserve the pen in its best quality is to always replace the cap after using it. This avoids the ink from drying out and its tip from exposure and to external dirt.

It is also advisable to wipe Bible journaling pens with ink stains on with alcohol. This will help the pens retain their best appearance. Furthermore, in order to avoid too much dust accumulation in your Bible journaling pens, it is necessary to keep them away from deep corners.

In the absence of Bible journaling pens, you might want to try other options. You can substitute other accessories while your pens are in maintenance or replacement. Some of the examples are Bible journaling paint, markers, crayons, and even coloring pencils.


The Bible has been a sacred object to all Christians. However, due to such lax behavior and loose enforcement of the laws of God, the majority of the people neglect the Bible’s significance and only turn to religion for receiving graces only.

Most of the learning we have to apply in life as Christians can be found in the Bible. It may be tasked to open up a single page, but if you immerse yourself, there is a great possibility you will be enlightened. To make your journey relatable and expressive, try to use the best pens for Bible journaling.

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