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The Best Permanent Markers for Golf Balls in 2024

top permanent markers for golf balls

It is common for most golfers to lose track of their golf balls while playing. There must be a way to distinguish their golf balls from others so that the game does not become confusing in the middle.

This is why golf ball marking is a necessity. Therefore, any player on the course should have a functional marker. With this in mind, using the best permanent marker for golf balls to identify the balls would be ideal.

It may appear that any marker or pen will suffice, but the ideal marking tool should have the best and longest-lasting ink quality. In this article, I’ve included the best golf ball pens and markers, as well as buying guides and reviews. Take a look!

Top 7 Permanent Marker for Golf Ball Reviews

1. Greenkeepers Line M Up Golf Ball Markers

greenkeepers line m up golf ball markersWhen I mark my golf balls, I always make sure that I neatly and precisely position the lines or dots. But without an alignment tool, it sometimes ends up with smudges and messy blotches.

This is the reason why I found this set from Greenkeepers quite a steal for multiple marking options. It saves a lot of hassle since I won’t have to purchase the accessories separately.

Besides the useful alignment tool, the Sharpie permanent golf ball identification marker is definitely my ultimate favorite in this Line M Up Pro set.

It may seem like any regular marker but this one’s got very pigmented black ink. I was able to draw some nice lines on my golf balls without leaving any ugly specks. Plus, the alignment tool allows me to create multiple straight identification lines.

All I need is to let the ink sit for just a few minutes and it’ll completely dry. It won’t smear even if I make thick lines. It’s just so easy to use and gets the job done in no time.

I really love this set although I wish there were at least an extra pen in case the other one runs out of ink.

What We Liked
  • Highly pigmented black ink
  • Dries quickly
  • No smudging and easy to use
  • Includes an alignment tool for precise marking
What We Didn't Like
  • Includes only one permanent marker

Nonetheless, this set is still a great value for the money. It is one of the ideal options for marking golf balls, especially if you want to achieve precise lines without smudging and fading too easily.

2. Tatuo Golf Ball Marker Pens

tatuo golf ball marker pens

If black seems plain and mundane to mark your golf ball, you’ll have color options with this Tatuo marker set. Black is definitely classic but having the ability to choose among red, blue, and green is a superb treat.

I’ve got golf balls from different brands and it would be great to give each of them a unique identification mark using a particular color. But aside from the variety of shades, the ink quality is what makes the permanent markers a worthwhile purchase.

The first time I’ve used the markers, each one offers consistent colors that do not skip or fade too easily. I’ve had them for quite a while and they still work great.

The ink is incredibly long-lasting and has very pigmented shade that will definitely make your markings stand out. Other than that, these marking pens are odorless and non-toxic, making them very safe to use.

While I’m after the assortment of colors and a high-quality golf ball marker tool, this set surprises me with its additional alignment marking tongs. Each clip features a detailed stencil that allows you to draw precise markings on the ball.

However, I noticed a few minor issues. Because the ink viscosity isn’t as thick as I need it to be, it tends to bleed a little.

What We Liked
  • Offers 4 different colors of permanent markers
  • Odorless and non-toxic
  • Lends a sharp and precise drawing
  • Very portable
What We Didn't Like
  • Bleeds a little at times

Needless to say, this set is an excellent pick for flexible color options that you can either use for distinctive golf ball markings or give away to your friends so you won’t argue whose golf ball is which!

3. Golf-EZ TRI-LINE Golf Ball Alignment Kit

golf-ez tri-line golf ball alignment kit

My next favorite set is this one from Golf-EZ Store. Although the first one on my list lacks in terms of quantity, this set is generous with its 4 pieces of markers! I also love the variation of colors and didn’t stick with just plain black ink.

It allows me to mark each golf ball with a particular color so it will stand out even when it winds up with another ball.

The clip-on golf ball alignment markers are a major bonus, especially if you’re struggling to draw perfectly straight lines. The assortment of patterns in each clip also works incredibly with the markers, allowing you to draw colorful dots and lines for a more unique identification marking!

When it comes to its ink, the longevity of the markers is pretty impressive. It won’t easily run out and even stay intact despite wet conditions.

There’s also no hassle in using the colorful markers and they get the job done in no time. The fine tips are also on point and hence, it allows me to draw varied line widths and lengths with ease.

Because it’s inevitable to move from one place to another, the portability of the pens is a sweet treat. They fit right into my pocket and I can just take them out every time I need to use them.

Moreover, they’ve got these small rings that I can attach to my keys or bag. But since it comes with a carry case, putting these accessories andmarkers for storage is no trouble.

The only drawback I notice is its tendency to smear a little when I draw very thick lines.

What We Liked
  • A set of 4 markers of different colors
  • Long-lasting ink
  • Can be used for varied line widths and lengths
  • Very portable
  • Comes with alignment clips and a carry case
What We Didn't Like
  • Tends to smear a little sometimes

Other than that, this set is among the best deals for colorful and high-quality ball marking.

4. Parsaver PARTEE Mini Golf Ball Markers

parsaver partee mini golf ball markers

I was actually skeptical at first when I came across this set of mini permanent markers. Because they look like dainty toy pens, they seem flimsy and something that I might end up throwing in the bin. Surprisingly, it was the other way around.

These cute and petite permanent pens are all about accurate and tidy markings. Contrary to other brands, these markers have very fine and narrow tips that you can use to produce crisp and clean lines or dots, especially if you’re using a stencil.

Whether you keep them all or give them away to your friends, it’s nice to have a wide range of colors to choose from. This allows me to draw unique markings with different combinations of colors. Plus, the variety of colors is truly pleasing to look at.

Aside from that, I find the color assortment an advantage because I often use different bags each time I play. I get to keep one pen for each bag and just use the marker every time I need it. I also gave some of the colors away to friends so we won’t get confused about which balls have the longest drive!

Thanks to their compact sizes, there’s no trouble carrying these markers around. I can just slip it into my pocket or attach it to my keys or keychains.

Although the fine tip is one of its highlighted features, it also has a disadvantage in terms of building solid and thick colors. You can’t easily achieve such consistency with just a single application. You may need to do it multiple times to build the colors.

What We Liked
  • Features ultra-fine tip for sharp and precise lines
  • Very compact and portable
  • Comes in 6 different colors
  • Lends neat and crisp markings
What We Didn't Like
  • Requires multiple applications to build colors and consistencies

Despite this slight issue, this Partee mini marker set could be your best pick for ultimate precision. Each marker has an ultra-fine tip that renders sleek and crisp lines without leaving any messy smudges.

5. Line M Up Golf Ball Alignment Identification Tools

line m up golf ball alignment identification tools

I remember picking out my first ever golf permanent marker and getting a little confused about whether regular markers or pens would work. I had a tough time until I found an effective way to find the perfect purchase: to consider the brand.

There’s no doubt that Sharpie is one of the top and popular brands for markers whether for arts or golf ball pen markers.

With this in mind, this ball lining set from Greenkeepers is among the topnotch finds. Although it highlights its ball alignment tool, the mini Sharpie is truly a special treat for pigmented and smudge-free ball marking.

This permanent golf ball marker delivers high-quality ink that doesn’t easily wear off. I remember marking my golf ball with it and using that ball on a damp course. It’s pretty amazing how the lines didn’t smear and weren’t washed off.

Although the marker is inevitably compact, the ink is long-lasting. I’ve had for quite a while and you won’t believe the ink hasn’t run out yet. It works great even with an alignment tool. The tip isn’t too narrow but just enough to fit into the template. I was able to draw parallel lines easily.

This mini Sharpie also comes with a metal ring that I can attach to the alignment tool or my bag. It has a portable size that I can definitely carry around even while playing a game.

Everything’s great about this set, even its affordable price. I just noticed that it would take a few strokes to build a solid line.

What We Liked
  • Excellent and long-lasting ink
  • Doesn’t wear off easily
  • Has a fine tip that draws lines effortlessly
  • Very portable and compact
  • Easy to use
What We Didn't Like
  • May sometimes need multiple applications for solid lines

Overall, it’s a straightforward set that includes the essentials for alignment and ball marking. It is one of the ideal options for golfers who prefer classic black marks over fancy colors.

6. Sharpie Mini Permanent Markers

sharpie mini permanent markers

If one black Sharpie doesn’t seem enough, you’ll probably have more than you need with these 4 mini markers. As usual, this brand doesn’t fall short on its high-quality ink and smooth application.

Apart from looking very cute with its compact size, this permanent marker delivers a deep black color with every stroke. It has a stiff tip that renders smooth writing, especially when I want to draw thick and bold parallel lines.

Like the previous Sharpie pens that I’ve tried, this marker doesn’t easily wash or wear off whenever I use my golf balls on damp courses. Surprisingly, there weren’t any smears and specks of ink. The ink is remarkably quick-drying and resistant to water and fading.

I also tend to forget my markers when I’m out for a game, so those tiny metal rings are useful extras on the markers. I can just hook them on my bag or keys and carry them around wherever I go. Plus, they are very lightweight.

I don’t have any issues with the ink quality except for a minor problem with the small rings. Some of them feel a little flimsy but it’s no big deal, though.

What We Liked
  • Delivers deep black colors
  • Smear-resistant and fade-resistant ink
  • Lends smooth application
  • Excellent tip quality for effortless drawing
What We Didn't Like
  • The rings seem a bit flimsy

Overall, this set of 4 is a sweet deal for its price. Its resistance to smear and fading is an exceptional option for golfers who usually play on damp or wet courses.

7. Sharpie Mini Fine Point Markers

sharpie mini fine point markers

For an eye-popping vibrant paint pen on golf balls, you can’t go wrong with these mini red Sharpies! Besides the remarkable water and fade-resistant ink, the red shade gives off a rich color that gives your golf balls striking marks.

Although this works well alone for solid streaks of lines, I like using it together with other colors, usually black and blue inks. Similar to other pens of the same brand, this one has a fine and rigid tip that renders effortless application.

I also found it thick enough for alignment stencils or templates, allowing me to create straight lines without smudging and bleeding. In addition to that, it’s also quick-drying so you won’t really have to worry about messy specks of ink.

When it comes to the cap, it fits very well, and hence, it secures the pen so it won’t dry out when not in use. The pens also have small rings that you can attach to key chains or golf bags.

Although this may not be a huge deal, I think this set of twelve is too much for me. I guess it would be better if there was a variation in colors. I don’t think I’ll need this much for my golf balls unless I’ll give them away to my friends.

What We Liked
  • Delivers rich red color for a striking ball marking
  • Fade-resistant and smear-resistant
  • Produces solid and thick lines
  • Has small metal rings for portability
What We Didn't Like
  • No color variation

Despite this slight downside, these markers are still an excellent buy for high-quality and long-lasting ink.

How to Choose Permanent Marker for Golf Balls

how to choose permanent markers for golf balls

Ink Quality and Color

If you want to draw solid lines, dots, letters, or any of your signature marks on the golf ball, you can get the job done using a marker with a highly pigmented ink. This allows you to create parallel lines or any combination of distinctive marks on your golf ball without leaving any ink blotches and smudges.

The best golf ball line marker will have the ability to provide effortless writing, especially if you want to produce bold and vibrant marks. With or without an alignment tool, permanent markers work like golf ball stamp markers but with deeper shades.

If you want to make sure the ink won’t easily wear out even when the courses are wet or damp, you should go for markers that utilize waterproof or water-resistant ink.

Meanwhile, these markers are also available in a wide range of colors besides the classic black ink. You may find this among golf marker sets that offer two or more colors. Golfers may consider a colorful palette if they want to create unique markings and make their golf balls more recognizable with different color combinations.


Another feature to consider is the tip of a marker. You may notice that markers typically have stiff felt tips that don’t deform easily. I actually found it much easier to control and draw with, especially when I want to work on rigid or tough surfaces such as golf balls.

With such a fine tip quality and size, producing solid colors and heavier consistencies. It also lends a standard size that fits perfectly in alignment stencils and templates.

Although felt tips are pretty common among markers, some manufacturers crafted their pens with ultra-fine tips to provide sharp and precise application. An example of this is the PARTEE Mini Permanent Marker set.

Brand Reputation

One effective way to choose the best product among the overwhelming options on the market is to consider the brand. There are a lot of trustworthy and popular brands for permanent golf ball markers such as Sharpie. It’s one of my favorite brands that I also use alternately with a Marki permanent golf ball marker pen, another popular brand for golf ball pens.

Besides its exceptional reputation in the art industry, Sharpie offers great quality art supplies including permanent markers. But of course, you don’t need to shy away from other brands such as the ones I mentioned on the list. They can also provide a vast array of high-quality and durable markers that are worth your money.


Apart from their compact sizes, some mini markers you’ll find typically have small rings that you can attach to your keys or bag for enhanced portability. You can also take note of this feature if you want to carry your markers around without any hassle.


Prices usually vary according to brand and quantity. Markers are typically affordable and are highly accessible for everyone. But the prices may increase if you prefer to buy them in sets like the products I’ve jotted down in my list. You can purchase a permanent marker alone or together with other golf tools such as alignment tools or position ball markers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

permanent markers for golf balls reviews

Who is This For?

It is for golfers who need to give their golf balls a distinctive mark or drawing whether it is to conform to USGA rules or just to keep their golf balls recognizable out in the putting green. Using a permanent marker will also help amateur or professional golfers to keep their golf balls organized.

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Using a Permanent Marker for Golf Balls?

In accordance with USGA (United States FootGolf Association) rules, it is mandatory and a player’s responsibility to put an identification mark on its golf ball. Thus, purchasing a permanent golf ball marker or pen is imperative.

While marking your golf ball shows compliance with the USGA rules, it can also make some significant changes. Using a golf marker pen has its shares of pitfalls and advantages.

Take a look at the following notes:


  • It’s a lot easier to recognize your golf ball even if it winds up with an opponent’s ball.
  • If you are using multiple golf balls, you can mark each and one of them with unique markings and easily identify which among them you often use and which you don’t.
  • It serves as a golf ball putting line marker that helps you align your shot or identify whether your putt is rolling on a straight path.
  • Therefore, it can elevate your performance and increase your chances of getting the ball into the hole.


  • Not all permanent markers are waterproof or water-resistant. Thus, markings may fade or easily wear out on damp or wet conditions.
  • Some marking pens tend to smudge or bleed, which may leave ugly ink blotches or streaks on the golf ball.
  • Because it is permanent, you can’t sometimes wash the lines or markings right away, especially if you made any errors or messy marks on your golf ball.

Does Sharpie Affect Golf Balls?

Sharpie doesn’t affect golf balls in terms of the impact on their flight. Marking the balls with lines or dots is only for identification purposes and in any way won’t have any effect on its performance.

How do You Get Permanent Markers Off a Golf Ball?

permanent marker for golf balls

You may use a nail polish remover or acetone-based cleaner to remove permanent markers. Dishwashing soap and water can also work along with thorough and careful brushing.

How to Use It?

You can just simply use a permanent marker like a regular marker or pen to draw lines, dots, or any distinctive marks on the ball. But if you want to create straight lines or unique patterns, there are alignment tools or templates that are available for purchase.

Where to Buy?

You may check any local sports store for the availability of this item, especially if you’re looking for permanent markers with golf ball alignment tools. Some specialty stores for golf accessories and other products also offer a vast array of ball lining markers and alignment stencils that you can check, depending on your needs and preferences.

For convenient shopping, online platforms such as Amazon and eBay also offer a wide range of options that you can browse according to sets, prices, colors, variants, brands, and a lot more. With just a few clicks, you’ll be able to find the perfect purchase based on what you really need.

Apart from hassle-free shopping, these e-commerce websites offer bargain deals and discounts from time to time. Thereby, this saves you not only time and effort but also money.

How to Care?

Permanent markers for golf balls don’t require any extensive care of maintenance. To keep them in their top condition and prolong its usage, you should always make sure to put the cap back on every after you use it. In this way, you’ll prevent the ink from drying out.

Aside from that, you should also remember to keep the pens away from sunlight exposure. Sharpies and other markers tend to easily fade and dry out in the sun. If you have a storage case, make sure to put them away properly in it when you’re not using your markers.


To wrap it up, the best permanent marker for golf balls should be able to deliver solid streaks of lines or markings without smudging or bleeding too easily. In this way, you can mark your balls with precise and neat signature markings or symbols.

At the same time, you and your opponents won’t have to argue about which golf ball is ahead of the other. Just remember that the best marker is all about long-lasting and high-quality ink whether it is from a popular brand or not.

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