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The Best Whiteboard Markers for 2024

top whiteboard markers

No matter where we go or what we do, writing is a part of our lives in more ways than we can imagine. Organizing your weekly schedule, working on your kids’ school projects, and creating visual aid on projector films require only the best whiteboard markers.

These markers are used for writing on non-absorbent surfaces such as whiteboards, glass, projector films, and more. Today, they come in various colors and tips that help make writing and drawing more engaging.

With hundreds of these on the market, how can you possibly tell which one is right for you? To help you out, here’s a list of the best whiteboard markers in 2020. Read on and meet the brands that we recommend and why we do.

Top 14 Whiteboard Marker Reviews

1. Expo 86603 Dry Erase Markers

expo 86603 dry erase markers

Considered as the #1 dry-erase brand on the market, the EXPO Dry-Erase Markers are the go-to markers for people of all ages and professions. It offers a variety of colors and custom tips to suit your writing needs.

A pack of this marker consists of 12 pens in playful and vibrant colors. These colors stick out of a whiteboard and make it possible for letterings, drawings, and diagrams to be legible and more distinct.

With four types of tips to choose from, you and your family can work on almost any creative project with ease. The fine tip variation is the common preference as it is the most useful and flexible. It can deliver precise and refined results in various artistic and educational tasks.

This product is a non-toxic, low-odor ink. In contrast, some markers carry a strong chemical smell that children don’t usually like, this product from Expo is safe for kids regularly exposed to art materials as such.

I like that these markers have quick-dry and smearproof ink as well. When writing on whiteboards and projector films, you do not have to worry about obscure words and smudged illustrations anymore.

Should you forget to cover the marker, or if the cap accidentally falls off, it will dry out. But, if you put the lid back on for 24 hours, the ink can be used again as normal.

Although this marker has been a trusted brand for years, some of the previously manufactured batches that may have been sitting on shops for more extended periods may exhibit lighter colors than usual.

What We Liked
  • Comes with 12-color variations and 4-tip types to choose from
  • Do not give off a strong chemical smell
  • Quick-dry and smudge-proof
  • Dried out ink will recover after 24 hours with cap back on
What We Didn't Like
  • Older batches may give off a relatively lighter color

If you are searching for a durable dry-erase marker that creates legible writing, the EXPO Low Odor Dry-Erase Marker is an excellent choice.

2. U Brands Magnetic Dry Erase Markers

u brands magnetic dry erase markers

The U Brand dry erase markers are perfect for anyone looking for a pack of multi-colored dry erase markers. It comes in sets of 6 (2-in-1) individual pieces with 12 color variants that make room for versatility.

The 12 different colors make it easy to draw a colorful image on your whiteboard for your family. They also don’t have the toxic smell usually associated with makers making them environment-friendly and safe for children.

Each of these markers boasts of sharp colors that make every letter vibrant. They also have a bullet tip for free flow in writing and an eraser and magnet on both ends for support and a neater job.
The magnet on both caps makes it easier to attach it to your board anytime. Its eraser makes cleaning mistakes less of a hassle between work because it is located at both ends.

One feature I love about the marker is that it is fast drying, which makes it easy for me to make my whiteboard a canvas and doodle all day without ugly smudging. Though ideal for whiteboards and glass boards, they can write faintly on blackboards.

All the colors may not be very vibrant on a glass surface, but writing is quite fluid thanks to the bullet tip.
These magnetic whiteboard markers can last over a long period. The red is especially long-wearing that it may take a while to clean off entirely, or it will leave a stain on your whiteboard.

What We Liked
  • Offer a variety of 12 colors
  • Vibrant and bright colors
  • Dry very fast with no risk of smearing
  • Environmentally friendly
What We Didn't Like
  • Color red may stain your board
  • Colors are not very vibrant on blackboards and glass surfaces

For the most part, I recommend this marker because of its vibrancy and smudge-free nature.

3. Quartet Whiteboard Markers

quartet whiteboard markers

The Quartet Dry-Erase Marker set is the quintessential choice for someone who wants to get things done efficiently and neatly. The set carries 12 bold-colored markers, each with a versatile chisel tip.

All of the markers have a 3-chamber liquid ink system. These chambers ensure that each of the colors is rich and striking, and the ink writes without blotches. It makes writings and drawings noticeable and comprehensible even from afar.

If you enjoy writing at a faster pace, the signature chisel tip will work well for you. You can quickly shift from thin to thicker lines and finish a whole project using just one marker.

These markers are hassle-free to erase because of its smooth ink. It will leave your whiteboard clean and streak-free. It also boasts a transparent barrel, which helps you see how much ink you have used. Just check the barrel and see if your ink is running low and determine if it is time to change it.

The Quartet Dry-Erase Marker comes in 12 different colors including, Lime Green, Orange, Purple, Neon Blue, Pink, Green, Red, Blue, and Black. With all these colors, writing and drawing on whiteboards will be not only fun but also visible and dynamic.

These markers have a non-toxic and low odor ink, which makes it perfect to use in any environment like your home, office, classrooms, and even inside your bedroom.

If the ink accidentally writes on your clothing, though, stains are a little bit difficult to remove.

What We Liked
  • Come with a 3-chamber liquid ink system that produces bold colors
  • Multipurpose chiseled tip creates thin and thick lines
  • Come in 12 different colors.
  • Non-toxic and low-odor ink
What We Didn't Like
  • Do not work on dry erase blackboards
  • May stain quickly on clothing

Nevertheless, my main takeaways are the signature chisel tip and smooth ink. It is favorable for those that are very particular with the visual quality of their outputs.

4. BIC Intensity Dry Erase Markers

bic intensity dry erase markers

The BIC Intensity Advanced Dry Erase Marker is best used for detail work on dry erase boards, glass, and most fine-grained surfaces because of its fine bullet tip.

This product features 12 low-odor, non-toxic, and bold colored markers. It makes working at home, or the office feels like playing because of the vibrant colors. Your work and messages will be noticed even from afar, at home, in the office, and the classroom.

The liquid ink level is seen in each marker’s barrel, so you always know how much ink you still have left. The BIC Intensity Advanced Dry Erase Marker has a long-lasting ink supply which you will be able to use in many presentations and projects.

These ACMI-approved markers provide fluid, uniform, and continuous ink flow on non-porous surfaces and erase effortlessly for easy cleanup. You can use any type of eraser, like paper towels, felt, or wipes, to wipe off the marker.

Another great thing about these markers is that writing on glass surfaces is possible. Since the colors are so bold, you will see what is written on the glass board. It also helps to know that these markers have an easy-to-remove cap.

When writing on any surface, you may need to check if the ink is completely dry before putting your arm and other objects over it as it may smear or smudge easily.

What We Liked
  • Have 12 vibrant colors
  • Easy to erase.
  • Visible on any flat surface
  • Visible barrel helps keep track of how much ink is left
What We Didn't Like
  • Do not dry as fast
  • Not smear-proof

All in all, I would recommend these multi-purpose markers because they are also known as one of the longest-lasting dry erase markers you could find today.

5. Expo 80078 Dry Erase Markers

expo 80078 dry erase markers

The EXPO 80078 Low Odor Dry Erase Markers come in an all-around chisel tip, which aids in both broad and thin writing. This product has eight airy colors that are relaxing to the eyes, and perform consistently without skipping.

The ink on these whiteboard markers are rich, but not too flashy, which makes it the perfect material to use for semi-formal activities such as office presentations, meetings, and school reports. Surprisingly, it can also be used to decorate your car and house windows as it is legible even on a glass surface.

Some people like myself experience headaches when exposed to unpleasant synthetic odors that can get in the way of focusing on a project. Which is why I like that these markers have low-odor ink formula. The almost nonexistent chemical smell helps keep enclosed areas comfortable and conducive for learning and working.

The fast-dry, quick-erase ink also promotes efficiency and neatness in each task. Easily wipe off ink from surfaces with the use of typical whiteboard marker erasers or cloth while leaving no mark behind.

However, if you plan on using these markers for a whiteboard in front of a huge audience, the colors may appear faint from afar and might not be able to clearly depict what you have drawn or written.

What We Liked
  • Come in eight delicate colors
  • Affordable and efficient
  • Compatible with whiteboard and glass
  • Low odor, fast-drying, quick-erase ink
What We Didn't Like
  • Colors may not be very visible from afar

Still, the EXPO 80078 Dry-Erase Markers are worth it. They are less expensive than the others, but are just as effective in producing neat and legible results.

6. ARTEZA Dry Erase Markers

arteza dry erase markers

If you are looking for a bulk set of reliable markers for heavy-duty tasks, or simply want to stock up on backup art and writing materials, the Arteza Dry-Erase Markers offer a set of 52 pens. It gives you five markers each for the primary colors and four for each additional color.

The low odor ink is 100% non-toxic, making it safe for both children and adults, especially for those who regularly work in an enclosed space for extended periods. The specially-formulated quick-dry ink is rub-resistant to produce neat and distinct writings on whiteboard and glass surfaces.

Working on projects with different demands for writing and drawing styles will also be more comfortable with the brand’s chisel tip. Its durability and versatility can support complex tasks and save you time, all by using just one marker.

Another thing I like about the product is that if a specific color runs out of ink, you can replace it with the same variation from the set and resume work hassle-free. It is very convenient for more substantial tasks and projects with time constraints.

Some of the colors, though, like the yellow and brown, may be lighter than expected, as the ink leans more toward a pastel vibe.

What We Liked
  • 52-marker set gives plenty of back-ups
  • Quick-dry and rub-resistant ink
  • Chisel tip to achieve different writing textures and strokes
  • Uses 100% non-toxic ink
What We Didn't Like
  • Some colors are more pastel than bright

The stability, reliability, and convenience you can get from this huge set of cool whiteboard markers make it an excellent addition to your writing materials.

7. Crayola Dry Erase Markers

crayola dry erase markers

The Low Odor Dry-Erase Markers are manufactured by Crayola, the famous brand that both kids and parents trust. It is a multi-colored marker set with fun and unique names for each color variation, made for kids to find school time more enjoyable.

The marker features a chisel tip to make it easier for children to complete projects that require both thick and thin lines. It will also help make kids’ handwriting more legible.

An ink level indicator on the side of the marker is one thing I also liked about the product. Since kids don’t usually notice that their pens are about to run out of ink, the indicator makes it possible for parents and teachers to know when the children need a brand new set.

And because kids are always so excited for art time, most often than not, their output can be a little smudged, scribbled, and unreadable. Crayola’s quick-dry ink will take care of just that.

Unlike other dependable dry-erase marker brands, these markers may appear to have less and inconsistent ink levels. Still, it can last your kids a reasonable amount of time.

What We Liked
  • Come in 12 vibrant colors
  • Come with an ink level indicator
  • Featured chisel tip for thin and thick lines
  • Quick-dry and smudge-proof ink
What We Didn't Like
  • Appear to have less ink compared to other brands

Overall, this set of 12 cool dry-erase markers is an excellent starter pack for kids that enjoy work and play.

8. AmazonBasics White Board Markers

amazonbasics white board markers

If you are searching for a whiteboard marker that is simple, yet straightforward, the AmazonBasics Dry-Erase Whiteboard Markers is a set to consider. It carries 12 color variations, each equipped with a chisel tip for flexible writing.

The low odor ink is safe for kids and adults alike. Working in smaller, enclosed, and air-conditioned spaces will not be a problem as the markers do not give off an irritating chemical smell. The ink is also easy to erase with an ordinary eraser or a damp cloth.

If you need to write or illustrate various angles and widths, the chisel tip will help produce sharp and vivid results on all non-porous surfaces.

Moreover, the markers can be left uncapped for up to two days, and still normally function. I find sustainable products more competitive and reliable.

Just watch out for a few little things. The ink may sometimes be too thick to the point that it does not dry out quickly. Some of the colors, like yellow and green, can also be lighter than expected.

What We Liked
  • With 12 color variations
  • Come with a chisel tip for flexible writing
  • Will function as normal after two days of being uncapped
  • Low odor, easy-to-erase ink
What We Didn't Like
  • Ink not as quick-dry as others
  • Yellow and green may be lighter than expected

For the most part, this marker set is a good find. It is affordable, yet it can go for two days without the tip covered. A long-lasting marker that can produce quality output is worth your every penny.

9. Linkbro Magnetic Dry Erase Markers

linkbro magnetic dry erase markers

The Linkbro Magnetic Dry-Erase Markers are handy for people who are always on-the-go. The set carries eight striking colors with a fine tip, each encapsulated in a magnetic, pen-sized tube.

Aside from the ability to write on whiteboards, films, and glass-type surfaces, these fine tip dry-erase markers come in magnetic tubes that will allow you to stick them up beside a whiteboard on your refrigerator door.

With a marker that is always within reach, appointments and other daily reminders can easily be written down and crossed out from your fridge list.

I recommend this product because of its slimmer structure. While most whiteboard markers are bulky in size, the Linkbro Magnetic Dry-Erase Markers will make you feel like you’re writing with an ordinary pen. It will allow you to write more extended content with ease and at a faster pace.

The low odor ink is easy-to-wipe off with an ordinary eraser, cloth, or your hands. Also, the ink will not leave stains on your palms and darker garments. On lighter clothing, however, the ink may leave minimal smears.

What We Liked
  • Come in 8 vivid colors
  • Markers in pen-form
  • Fine tip for more refined writing
  • Magnetic body
  • Low odor, easy-to-erase ink
What We Didn't Like
  • Ink may leave smears on light clothing

All in all, I think that this brand offers more than just the ability to write decently on a whiteboard. It provides comfort and efficiency for people working on longer tasks, and for those who follow a hectic schedule.

10. Artellius Dry Erase Markers

artellius dry erase markers

With the manufacturer’s word of a money-back guarantee, the Artellius Dry-Erase Markers are among the most attested whiteboard marker brands on the market. This is a marker pack with 12 varying colors of low odor and non-toxic ink.

Since the ink is non-toxic, it is safe for children who enjoy playing and working with art materials daily. It can also be of regular use in classrooms, offices, and in the home without the fear of the ink’s smell covering the whole place.

The markers are equipped with a bullet tip that gives drawing and writing a more relaxed feel. Additionally, writing with a bullet tip produces a more pronounced output that is visible and understandable even from a distance.

In my opinion, this brand has got to be worth your money as it can effectively write on all non-absorbent surfaces, including mirrors and plastics. These are also known as functional dry-erase markers for glass, windows, and the like.

Some of the colors, the orange, in particular, may leave stains on your whiteboard when left on for an extended period.

What We Liked
  • Offers 12 colors
  • Non-toxic, safe for children, low odor ink
  • With a bullet tip for bold writings
  • Compatible with all non-absorbent surfaces
What We Didn't Like
  • Brighter colors may leave stains on the whiteboard

In totality, I consider these markers a good buy because of its functionality and equal performance on any non-porous surface. More importantly, they are safe for the little ones.

11. June Gold Whiteboard Markers

june gold whiteboard markers

The June Gold Dry-Erase Whiteboard Markers Set carries 39 markers in 13 assorted colors. These are guaranteed to write well on most non-absorbent surfaces, and can quickly be wiped off without leaving stains.

To start, I am drawn to the unique body type of the marker. Its curved form is specifically designed to give both children and adults a more comfortable and stable grip while writing. A good grip will lead to more legible and better outputs.

The marker’s ink quality has minimal odor, non-toxic, is well-sealed to prevent the ink from drying, and contains more ink in each pen than other brands. They wipe very quickly without smearing or smudging.

Another great thing about these markers is that you won’t have to buy them as often. Every marker is completely packed with ink that does not run out quickly. You can compare the weight of the product against other brands to see how much more ink these markers carry.

In addition, you can easily erase the markings from whiteboards, glass and most non-porous surfaces with ordinary cloth or an eraser. The ink won’t leave stains and will keep your whiteboards squeaky clean after a day of continual use.

What We Liked
  • Chiseled tip suitable for writing thick or thin lines
  • Come in 13 assorted colors
  • Relatively more ink than its competitors
  • Non-toxic, low odor, fast-erase ink
  • Comfortable and stable grip
What We Didn't Like
  • Ink will dry up quickly if stored improperly

Overall, the June Gold Dry-Erase Whiteboard Markers Set seals your every task. The wide array of bold colors, plus the most stable and pleasant grip to keep you confident while writing are the most commendable features.

12. Volcanics Whiteboard Markers

volcanics whiteboard markers

The Volcanics Dry Erase Markers are fine tip whiteboard markers in a 12-pack value set. These black dry erase markers work smoothly on flat surfaces, including whiteboards, mirrors, glass, paper cards, ceramic tiles, and windows.

These are perfect for everyday use in the classrooms while teaching and in the office during presentations. You can even use it inside your homes for labeling and also to help remind you to schedule your chores.

The vibrant and vivid color is highly visible from afar. It is ideal to use during class lectures and corporate meetings, where there’s a large audience. This product is safe to use indoors as it is non-toxic, and uses a special low-odor formula.

The markers are quick to dry and leave zero streaks. The design also ensures that there will be no ink-leakage. Since the ink is water-based, it is easy to wipe off by using a standard cloth. It is smear and smudge-proof, which will leave no shadows on the surface you are writing on.

Always check the tip before writing or drawing something on your whiteboard because some fibers occasionally get loose and might make some letters illegible.

What We Liked
  • Fine tip excellent for writing cursive
  • Writes smoothly on most non-porous surfaces
  • Ink doesn’t smear easily
  • Odorless, fast-erase, long-lasting ink
  • Come in bold, dark colors
What We Didn't Like
  • Worn-out fibers may affect legibility
  • Not washable

Overall, the Volcanics Dry Erase Markers are great for everyday use. If you are looking for pens that are non-toxic, odorless, and will keep you company for a long time, this one is the marker I recommend.

13. Shuttle Art Magnetic Whiteboard Markers

shuttle art magnetic whiteboard markers

The Shuttle Art 15 colors Magnetic Dry-Erase Markers come in 15 different colors, with a fine tip and a whiteboard eraser attached to each marker cap. These eraser tips can help make quick and easy corrections while you are in the zone.

The magnetic built-in felt erasers on the markers’ cap can be placed on any magnetic surface, making it easier to take out when you need to write something urgently. And since it is already set on your board, you won’t have to worry about losing another marker again. This is especially helpful in making sure the little ones do not misplace the pens.

These dry-erase markers and erasers work smoothly on any flat surface. The tips are made durable to support heavier tasks, and the colors made vivid to enhance readability.

Moreover, with its washable ink, you can easily wipe the ink marks off your whiteboards, glass, mirrors, windows, and most non-porous surfaces with just a standard cloth or eraser.

Lastly, other than these markers being non-toxic and low odor, I am glad that they are eco friendly. Not only will you and your children be safe while utilizing these pens, but also, many of the materials used to manufacture the product are ecological.

If you happen to like the quality of these markers and want to be able to use them on all of your projects, you may want to consider buying two sets of these as they run out of ink quickly than most brands.

What We Liked
  • Come in 15 colors
  • Magnetic markers with built-in eraser caps
  • Easy-to-erase
  • Non-toxic and eco friendly
What We Didn't Like
  • May run out of ink after several usage

I highly recommend this set for parents and other adults that have kids at home. This 2-in-1 marker and eraser will be handy for both the artistic children and the always on-the-go grown-ups.

14. Inamio Dry Erase Markers

inamio dry erase markers

The Inamio Dry Erase Markers for Whiteboard comes in 12 bright and vivid colors. The colors include Black, Brown, Maroon, Forest Green, Light Green, Ocean Blue, Light Blue, Orange, Yellow, Red, Purple, and Pink, to help you create any vision you would like to achieve.

These markers have dual tips perfect for any type of situation. Each marker has a thin and medium tip. The fine or skinny tip is excellent for drawing detail and precise writing, while the medium tip is made for illustrations and drawing in large rooms.

These whiteboard markers are made to last a very long time. They have consistent ink flow and won’t dry out quickly. The charming and comfortable design is durable, lasting, and some would call it, kid-proof.

The ink pigment is easy to wipe off, and will leave any surface you write on, looking as good as new. In addition, these markers use non-toxic ink which makes it safe to use by both children and adults.

You may notice a slight difficulty in capping and uncapping the markers after a few good runs. Double-checking if the markers are capped properly will help prevent the ink from drying out quickly.

What We Liked
  • With dual tips
  • Long-lasting ink
  • Durable design
  • Safe for children, non-toxic
  • Offer 12 different vibrant colors
What We Didn't Like
  • Ink may dry out quickly if improperly capped

Overall, if you are looking for markers suitable for drawing, the Inamio Dry Erase Markers for Whiteboards is perfect for you. Take advantage of the dual tip and the vibrant ink and make your illustrations come to life.

How to Choose Whiteboard Markers

how to choose whiteboard markers

Whiteboard markers come in different variations. Sometimes, you can’t tell which is which, and you end up buying the first marker you see on the shelves. When you fail to recognize the specific features you want in a writing tool, you also fail to maximize its potential to ramp up your work.

To address this, go through this simple buying guide we have prepared for you and quickly figure out which whiteboard marker fits your needs.

Tip Style

When choosing a whiteboard marker, one of the first things you need to determine is the kind of tip that will suit your writing or drawing needs. The correct marker tip makes a lot of difference. There are several variations to choose from – the bullet, chisel, and fine tips.

Bullet tips are rounded and thicker than most. This is ideal for drawing graphs, banner-making, and other similar writing styles. This is also the usual preference of parents for their children as bullet tips are relatively more durable than the rest, and can endure the pressure and longevity of a kid’s regular artsy time.

On the other hand, the chisel tip is best used while giving lectures because it produces a combination of thin and thick lines. While fine tip markers are used when writing or drawing something detailed.

Marker Body

Choosing a marker according to the body structure is more relevant than it seems. The size of your marker affects your comfortability and productivity. Thus, creating a huge impact on the visual output and quality of your content.

There are markers that are big and bulgy. Products that take this form, like the Pilot Board Master Whiteboard Markers are often used for tasks that require bigger strokes such as banner and poster-making, decorating, and writing reports on classroom whiteboards.

Often, parents would also choose to buy their kids markers in this size because of the thickness that gives them a more durable look. However, some people find bulgy markers uncomfortable on the hand and difficult to steer after a while.

On the other hand, the slimmer markers are used for smaller and more elaborate writing and sketching. They work best on small-scale surfaces such as mini whiteboards and projector films. If you are more interested in markers this size, you might also want to check the Arteza Dry-Erase Marker review online to get an overview of its features.

Ink Type and Amount

You have got to agree with me that the ink is the most crucial feature of any marker. Old-school whiteboard markers have a certain smell that is not easy on the nose, and eventually the eyes once it circulates around an enclosed and air conditioned space.

Today, marker inks have evolved from having strong chemical composition to low odor and odorless ink. Low odor and odorless ink are way safer, especially for those with breathing problems, allergies, and of course, for children at a very young age.

You might want to consider doing a test run on several markers before buying one. Some markers have overly rich ink that tends to look watery when applied. Juicy ink may be okay for classroom whiteboards and glass, but not on projector films. Some markers also have dry and faint ink. The secret? Determine the texture of the surface you are going to write on.

When it comes to the amount of ink a marker holds, there may be a slight difference between these whiteboard markers. You can compare those that have transparent ink barrels with one another.

If you can’t seem to tell which holds the most ink, don’t sweat. There are a lot of brands that offer refillable whiteboard markers anyway. Refillable dry-erase markers, though, can sometimes be a little more expensive than the typical ones.

Wet-Erase or Dry-Erase?

When using a whiteboard marker, your ink should last long enough to serve its purpose and easily erase it. The best dry-erase markers are solvent-based and will wipe off without water. For planning and conceptualizing, dry-erase pens will work just fine.

On the other hand, for signages, wet-erase markers are the more appropriate choice.
The best wet-erase markers have a semi-permanent paste that needs water to successfully wipe off. Alcohol and any household cleaner will easily remove difficult to wipe off wet-erase markings left on your whiteboard.

Market Price

The market price of whiteboard markers ranges from $5 for a box of six to $30 for a 52-piece set. Depending on how you are going to use it, there is a set in the market for you. If you are going to use the markers just for labeling at home, the multi-colored box of six is the best choice.

Meanwhile, if your job consists of writing on whiteboards all day long, then the 52-piece set is a better option. It is convenient to know you won’t have to keep ordering every time you run out.

Maximum Functionality

When you’re out to buy a whiteboard marker, consider the flexibility of each product. There are markers intended for whiteboards only, some are for whiteboards and films, a few are for glass, while a lot of the brands today manufacture markers for all these non-porous surfaces.

It wouldn’t hurt to look at the other aspects a certain product can cater to. More importantly, you can save money and time with multi-purpose markers.

Is a Whiteboard Marker Bad for Your Skin?

Because of the dangerous components, it is not recommended to use any form of marker on your skin. Toluene, resin, and especially xylene should not be exposed to our skin on a regular basis.

Similarly, white board markers contain xylene, which can irritate our skin if left on for an extended period of time. Worse, if it is absorbed through our skin into our bloodstream or inhaled, we may experience dizziness. Some people who are allergic to this chemical may experience nausea.

What is the Difference between Dry erase Markers and Whiteboard Markers?

The main elements in both of these markers are very similar, including a chemical solvent, color pigment, and a polymer. The final material distinguishes them, as the dry-erase markers contain silicone polymer and the whiteboard markers contain oily silicone polymer.

Both dry-erase markers and whiteboard markers can write well on a whiteboard. While dry-erase markers can work well for other non-porous surfaces, including metal, glass, and mirror, the latter write best on whiteboards only.

These markers stand out because they are simple to write and remove, making them ideal for quick and easy use. You can see them in classroom, restaurant and office settings. However, dry-erase markers are incredibly versatile as they can be used to create artworks.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

whiteboard markers reviews

Did you find our comprehensive list of whiteboard markers helpful? Well, we’re not done yet. In this FAQ section, we hope to answer the questions you may still have in mind before picking a whiteboard marker.

Who is This for?

Whiteboard markers are widely used around the world. It is a universal writing tool that benefits everybody no matter the age or the profession.

It is best for curious children that are starting to learn how to write and draw at home, for kids and young adults who love being creative with their schoolwork and for parents and other hard-working adults who enjoy organizing and decorating their calendars, to-do lists, even car windows, and many others.

What are The Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Whiteboard Markers?


Unlike chalks, whiteboard markers are not messy to use, and they do not produce harmful dust particles that cause allergies. This is best for people who have dust allergies and have problems breathing.

Markers do not leave dust on clothing, and marks can be easily cleaned and wiped off. Whiteboard marks do not produce powder, so you can also use it around pieces of equipment that are sensitive to dust.

Another advantage is markers are much easier to handle compared to chalks, and people with limited mobility can use markers easily. It takes less pressure, energy, stress, and time when writing while using a whiteboard marker.


Not all whiteboard markers have the same brightness and vividness, which makes it a bit troublesome for those with vision impairment issues. Left-handed people also have problems writing on whiteboards because they tend to smear the ink while writing on the board.

Another disadvantage is that it’s more challenging to distinguish light and more massive lines when drawing on a whiteboard than doing it on a blackboard using chalk.

How to Use a Whiteboard Marker?

There are many ways you can use your whiteboard markers. The first and most obvious way is to write on your whiteboard. You can track your work by setting a small whiteboard next to you and your workstation and input the time you spend working on each task or the amount of work you have done during the day.

You can use your markers to make a grocery list. You can use permanent markers to write down your list of items you use the most and use the dry-erase pen to tick the item as they run out. You can use tape to make the tick-boxes.

Did you know that you can remove permanent markers using dry-erase markers? The solution in dry-erase markers will help dissolve permanent marker inks. Just write over the permanent mark and then wipe away with standard cloth or eraser. You can do this more than once if the mark is not removed completely.

You can use your markers to label file drawers or shelves. You can easily label drawers and cupboards with metal and smooth finishes.

Where to Buy?

Nowadays, anything you can buy at a mall, you can already get online. You can purchase whiteboard markers just by going on the internet and visiting websites such as Amazon, Aliexpress, and other virtual bookstores. All of the products we have reviewed above are just one click away.

But, if you’d rather check the products in person, you can still find them at department stores like Walmart, Lowes, and Home Depot.

How to Care for Your Whiteboard Marker?

Remember to store your whiteboard markers properly by putting on the cap first and storing them horizontally to prevent the ink from either leaking or drying out.

If your marker does end up drying, you can try reviving them by simply bathing them. Soak the marker tip first in a bowl with hot water for five minutes. Remove your marker and place them on a dry towel for 24 hours uncapped. This should help revive it in no time.

You can also try to take apart the marker barrel and remove its ink cartridge. You can use a tweezer to remove the tip out of the marker. Flip the tip and reinsert to the head and reassemble the whole pen.

Are these The Only Whiteboard Markers that Are Good?

The list of the whiteboard markers we have provided above are the ones we recommend the most. But, there are other brands that you can check if you want to explore some more.

You might want to check out Zenzoi Dry-Erase Markers, Neuland Whiteboard Markers, and Juicy Whiteboard Markers to widen your options. At the end of the day, we just want you to find the perfect whiteboard marker to fit your needs.


To sum it all up, the demand for the best whiteboard markers influences the growing number of competing brands and their products.

And while there are a lot of excellent choices, every person’s writing need is unique. Pick a marker suited for you and the kind of work you do. As for us, we hope that you find your perfect whiteboard marker in our recommendations. Till next time!

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