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Can You Print on Watercolor Paper?

can you print on watercolor paper

Can you print on watercolor paper?

That’s a question that many print professionals have heard more and more often. And, the answer is YES! You can print on watercolor paper, but this paper is a thin and delicate material that can be difficult to print on.

Printing successfully on watercolor paper requires special printers, print settings, and print materials. This blog post will answer all of your questions about printing on this type of surface.

Print on Watercolor Paper

The key is to use a high-quality printer and select the correct settings. You may also need to experiment with different types of paper to find the one that gives you the best results.

Some papers are heavier than others and absorb more ink from your print head, resulting in lighter or patchy areas that show through after you print your image.

So give it a try and see what you can create!

Watercolor paper is made specifically for watercolors, so it usually has a very porous surface. This feature makes it ideal for absorbing color and creating those lovely painterly effects. However, watercolor paper can be a little trickier to print on because of its porous surface.

What you Should Remember when Printing on Watercolor Paper:

  • When selecting print quality settings for the watercolor paper, choose the “photo paper”
  • However, it’s important not to select “best photo”. Such a setting will cause light colors and pale gradients (like skies) to become even paler due to over-saturation by the printer driver software
  • Instead, choose either high or standard quality depending upon how much detail you want to print and how much ink your printer is willing to use
  • If you are looking for a professional way to print your watercolor artwork, we recommend using archival inks
  • These high-performance ink solutions will work on the delicate surface of the watercolor paper without compromising its integrity and can withstand long-term storage with minor fading or discoloration. The best part is that they’re compatible with most printers
  • Make sure to avoid the porous side of the paper. Instead, you should print on the smooth side of the watercolor for the best result
  • If you’re not happy with the results, try a different type of watercolor paper. Not all papers are created equal, thinner ones will give you better results than others

How to Print on Watercolor Paper?

print on watercolor paper

There are a few ways to print on watercolor paper. You can print with an inkjet printer, you can print with a laser printer, or you can print by hand.

Inkjet Printer

If you’re printing with an inkjet printer, ensure that your settings are correct.

The best way to do this is to print out a test sheet and see how it looks when printed. If the colors are too light or dark, adjust until they look right.

Also, if you’re using an inkjet printer, there could be issues with color fading over time. So, watch for prints going darker as opposed to lighter in their displayed time.

Laser Printer

If you’re printing with a laser printer, print on the low heat setting and let the toner dry before printing begins to avoid smudging. You’ll need to make sure that the toner is dry before you start printing. Otherwise, the water will smudge the ink and ruin the print.

Print by Hand

Finally, you’ll need to use water-resistant ink if you print by hand. It won’t smudge and ruin your print if the paper gets wet.

Each of these methods has its benefits and drawbacks. It’s up to you to decide which one will work best for your project. But no matter which way you choose, be sure to consider the unique properties of watercolor paper.


To sum up, watercolor paper can be printed on! However, it takes more work and experimentation to get the best results.

With enough time and patience, you will have beautiful prints perfect for framing or using as art in your home. We hope this article was helpful to you today.

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