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Easy and Efficient Ways to Get Pen Off Paper

how to erase ink from paper

It can be difficult to remove ink from the paper once a pen has been applied since the ink is often formulated to be permanent. Therefore, more often than once, you find yourself in a situation where your perfectly good paper is ruined with stubborn pen marks.

Still, there are ways to fix that. It is important how quickly you react to the situations. This article will provide easy ways to get the pen off the paper.

What to Know Before you Remove Pen Ink from Paper?

Instant response with the right methods and tools will grant that your paper is spotless for use afterward.

For instance, if there are multiple papers, remove them so the ink won’t damage more of them.

If the paper is wet and has ink stains on it, place a clean sheet of paper over the wet paper and use a hair dryer or iron set at low heat first to remove the ink from one side.

Different types of inks require different tools to get rid of them. For instance, you can apply the usual erasing tools to remove ink from fountain pens, standard pens, or printers.

Meanwhile, other tough inks require special tools discussed below.

How to Erase Ink from Paper?

Method 1: Wet Paper Towel

If the pen is on a dry piece of paper, you can:

  • Wet a paper towel and place it over the ink
  • Then, use your hand to gently rub the paper towel back and forth until the ink comes off

This method may take some time and effort, but eventually, the ink will come off.

Method 2: Toothpaste

Another way to remove the pen from paper is by using toothpaste.

  • Rub toothpaste over the ink stains and let it sit for about five minutes
  • Then use a damp cloth to wipe away the toothpaste, and the ink will come with it!

Method 3: Alcohol or Vinegar

what to know before you remove pen ink from paper

If neither of those methods worked, try using alcohol or vinegar.

  • Soak a cotton ball in either alcohol or vinegar
  • Then, rub the dampened cotton ball gently to remove the ink

The paper may become rougher after using this method. But eventually, the paper will return to its normal state, and you can continue writing on paper without any problems!

Method 4: Baking Soda and Water

If all else fails, try baking soda and water to create a potent cleaning agent.

  • Mix a teaspoon of baking soda with two teaspoons of warm water until you get a paste-like consistency
  • Use a cotton ball to apply it over the pen stains on paper
  • Let it sit for about five minutes
  • Then, you should gently wipe it away with a cloth or paper towel

Method 5: Rubbing Alcohol

If you have to rub alcohol on hand, you can use it to get the pen off the paper.

  • Simply soak a cloth in the alcohol and then rub it over the pen ink
  • The alcohol will help dissolve the ink and make it easier to remove
  • Then, use a cotton ball to absorb the dissolved ink and let the paper dry

Method 6: Eraser

This method is simple, and it works for the usual ink.

All you have to do is rub the eraser over the ink until it is removed. This may take some time and effort, but eventually, the ink will come off.

Just make sure not to damage the paper while doing this!

Method 7: Wite-Out

If you do not want to damage your paper but feel fine with a white mark, then using a correction fluid is recommended.

  • Make sure the wite-out is not clogged or dry when applying it to your paper. It is best to test the agent first
  • Put a small amount of correction fluid on the marks and move gently to cover them entirely
  • Wait for it to dry before you write on its surface

Method 8: A Razor Blade

If you are out of all other options, try using a razor blade.

Be careful not to damage the paper in the process. This method is effective but can be dangerous if done incorrectly. So, think of this as a last resort.


Paper with a pen on it is never fun, but hopefully, one of these methods will help you get rid of those pesky stains! No matter what method you choose, remember to be patient and careful. You don’t want to damage the paper or make the ink stains worse! Try to use erasable pens if you can.

With a little effort, you will be able to get pen off paper in no time. Try out these methods and see which one works best for you!

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