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How to Get Into Art School

how to get into art school

Education opens many doors for the pursuit of your dream. Art schools offer more than just an education in the arts; students can study design, communications, business administration, and even engineering at some programs.

If you want to get into art school, there are a few things that you can do to increase your chances of being accepted. This article will discuss steps to help you get into art school and become an aspiring artist!

Do Thorough Research on Available Programs and Application Process

Most Information is Available Online

The first step is to research art schools and find the best one for you. Art School applications open throughout the year, so it’s best to check their websites for more information on how to apply.

  • Find one with a program that interests you. Take some time to learn about the programs they offer
  • Pay attention to the financial aid and scholarships offered and their requirements
  • Check out their school galleries and student artworks to see if they match your learning desires
  • Pay attention to an early decision or rolling admissions. Since most art schools require an art portfolio submission on a specific date, you should be aware of the deadline to prepare your letter of application and portfolio

Contact with School Administration and Alumni

You can ask for help directly from the college if you want precise information. They might open consulting events to introduce the campus and education curriculums, keep an eye on such things, too.

You can also ask alumni of the school to have a better idea of learning and teaching there. Make sure to be precise with your questions.

Establish a Good Portfolio

It is also important that your art portfolio represents you and showcases your talent as an artist. There are several things you should keep in mind:

  • Sometimes, being well-rounded is necessarily an advantage for you compared to other applicants. You must highlight your uniqueness in creative work and skills
  • A portfolio should include your best artwork from high school and any other work you have done. Make sure to organize all the artwork and make a good narrative out of your collection
  • If possible, try to get feedback on your work from art teachers or professionals in the art world. It is better to show acknowledgment of your skills as an artist

Make an Impressive College Application

do thorough research on available programs and application process

Other than the portfolio, which is the essential part of your application, several things differentiate you from others.

Personal Statements

Dedicate your time and effort to write your statement. Highlight your knowledge about art, purposes when creating artwork, and your ability. There are various ways to write a good personal statement, depending on your approach:

  • A story about your hardship when pursuing art
  • Your achievements in art make you proud and happy
  • Why do you choose and want to attend this art school or program?
  • How do you use art to influence yourself and others?

A Letter of Recommendation

It will also be great if you have a letter of recommendation from a professional artist, a mentor of yours, or your teacher at school, someone who really knows you and your journey.

Grades and Extracurriculars

Of course, you should also gather good grades, test scores and join extracurriculars that benefit yourself and your communities.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Is it Difficult to get into Art School?

Schools with the best programs for studying arts will be hard to get in. They require outstanding skills that stand out from numerous applicants. Therefore, you must create a strong portfolio in order to get into a good school.

What GPA do you need to get into Art School?

Most high-ranking art schools accept a GPA of 3.2 to 4.0 on a 4.0 scale. So, a good GPA does matter a lot when you apply to an art school. But if you do not have good grades, you have to highlight your potential and talents in the application.

What is art School Like?

As art school is an art and design course, it entails a lot of creativity. Art schools teach students how to be creative in their work and projects.

The main goal for art school is the student’s ability to improve themselves through different mediums such as art or video games. The curriculum typically teaches everything about art from start to finish.

It can begin with essential skills then go into specific art parts like painting or sculpting. It also covers other related things that go hand-in-hand with these skills, such as the history and theory behind what makes good artwork.

Art schools also teach you about business aspects that will help artists later in life when attempting to sell their works at galleries or art shows.

Should I Enroll in an Art School?

Art schools are a great way to gain knowledge and experience in art while also building relationships with mentors who will guide you through your art career. These types of classes can help students get the jumpstart they need for a successful art career, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy by any means!

The number one thing people should know about art school before attending is how much work is actually required of them. Art school is intense, and it’s not for the faint at heart. They expect a lot from their students.


Now that you know how to get into art school and what is required, you must start preparing! You should do thorough research for art schools, find the right one for you, and begin to prepare your art portfolio with your best artwork.

But, the most important thing is you, your skills and love for art. Do not stop practicing and enjoy the creative process. Good luck!

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