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How to Hang Canvas Board

how to hang canvas board

Canvas boards are a great way to hang artwork and pictures on the wall. They are lightweight, easy to use, and provide an attractive border around your favorite images. This post will give you step-by-step directions on how to hang canvas boards in three different ways: with nails, without nails, or with wire.

Things you Need for this Tutorial

Make sure to buy suitable items after measuring your canvas. These pieces are helpful for most of the methods, so make sure to lay them all on the table before starting the task.

  • A canvas board
  • A pencil
  • A hammer, wrench, or a plier
  • Nails or screws, and bits
  • Level
  • A drill

Method #1: How to Hang a Canvas Board with Nails

  • Find the studs on your wall and mark their location on the wall with a pencil
  • Drill pilot holes where you marked the studs. The diameter of the drill bit should be just smaller than the width of your nails
  • Hammer your nails into the drilled holes, ensuring they are secure in the wall
  • Finally, hang your canvas board on the nails

Method #2: How to Hang a Canvas Board with Screws

  • First, find two screws that are long enough to go through your canvas board and into your wall, but not so long that they protrude out the other side. Preferably, use screws that have a flat head so that you can fit a wrench or pliers onto the head to tighten them
  • Drill pilot holes where you want your screws to go through on each side of your canvas board. Make sure they are level with one another. The diameter of the drill bit should be just smaller than the width of your screws
  • Then, put a drop cloth down below for any falling debris and hang up some heavy-duty gloves before handling either screwdriver or power drill if necessary. Insert both screws into their respective drilled holes, tightening as needed with appropriate tools (wrench/plier)
  • Make sure that there is enough room between these two screw heads so that they can fit inside of one another when hanging your canvas board against it later on
  • Hang your canvas board on the screws

Method #3: How to Hang a Canvas Board with Wire

how to hang a canvas board with nails

  • Using pliers, cut enough picture hanging wire (or similar) for your canvas board and wall space combined
  • Then, drill two new holes on either side of your canvas board where you want the wires attached
  • The diameter of the drill bit should be just smaller than the width of your wire pieces. Make sure that these drilled holes are level with one another and clear from any other objects such as nails or knobs. With that, you can hand the canvas securely against your wall later on
  • Feed one end through each hole and twist together tightly at least three times before cutting off excess material using appropriate tools (writers). You can also place a small nail or screw in the twisted-together wire for extra security
  • Finally, hang your canvas board on the wire by slipping each end over a corresponding screw head located on the back of the board (or use nails if you drilled those earlier). If needed, give it a gentle tug to make sure it’s secure

Method #4: How to Hang a Canvas Without Board and Nails

What if you do not have any nails and screws or simply do not want to damage your canvas by making a hole inside it?

There is also an easy method that allows you to put on your beautiful canvas without drilling, wrenching or anything you are unwilling to do to your walls.

  • Prepare an industrial-grade tape with double-sided adhesives
  • Then, peel one side of the tape and stick it on four corners of your canvas. Make sure to cover the edge of all sides
  • Then, use your pencil to mark the spots on the wall where you intend to hang your canvas. Make sure to measure the artwork before that
  • Now, peel the other side of the adhesive tape off, then stick the corner of the canvas on the marked spots, one by one. Make sure to step back and check if the canvas is leveled before youpress harder onto the adhesive tapes to secure it there


That’s how you hang a canvas board! No matter what method you choose, make sure to follow these key safety steps. Always drill pilot holes before hammering nails into walls and avoid overloading screws with too much weight.

With these simple directions, you can hang your favorite artwork in no time! Feel free to share the article with anyone seeking ways to hang their beautiful artwork. Thank you!

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