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How To Laminate Paper With Tape

can you laminate paper with tape on it

Do you have a laminated paper that is starting to peel? Are you tired of having to have it done over and over again?

There is a solution. The laminate paper with tape technique is easy to do on any paper, even if you don’t have a laminator.

Whether you are laminating your documents or laminating papers printed off the internet, this article will show you how to laminate paper with tape in three easy steps!

How to Laminate Paper With Self-Adhesive Tape

There are a few ways to laminate paper with tape. One way is to use clear packing tape.

Step 1: Buy the Tapes with Backing Grids

When you buy the laminating sheets with adhesive, make sure to take ones with grids on their backings. Such a design makes it easier to align and cut the tape to fit your paper neatly.

Step 2: Place the Tape on your Paper

Now, please peel the backing of the laminating sheet gently to expose its adhesive side. Make sure you do not leave oily fingerprints or any marks on the adhesive in the process.

Next, place the tape down the clean table, make sure the adhesive side is up.

Step 3: Place your Paper on the Tape

If there are grids on the backing, it is a breeze to properly place your paper sheets onto the laminating tape.

Make sure to gently press all corners of your paper when it is placed down on the adhesive tape.

Step 4: Place Another Adhesive Tape on Top

After making sure the paper sticks well to the tape underneath it, it’s time you peel another laminating tape.

Then, place that tape on top to sandwich in the printed page between two layers of laminated paper.

Step 5: Finally, Cut off Excess Laminate

Finish laminating your paper by cutting it with a scissor blade to ensure edges.

Now your paper is protected! Laminating paper with tape is a quick and easy way to keep it safe from harm.

How to Laminate Paper With Packing Tape

how to laminate paper with packing tape

If you do not intend to purchase laminating tape, you can use transparent package tape at home to do this task. Packing tape can also be used to seal envelopes or packages, so it’s a great multi-purpose tool to have around.

The steps to complete this is basically the same:

  • Peel the tape and place it on the table. After measuring your paper, cut the tape in two strips 1 or 2 inches longer than the paper width
  • Place one tape down, put the paper on top, and smooth the paper. Then, sandwich the paper with the other tape
  • Then, you can use sharp scissors or a trimmer to cut the edges of the completed laminated piece

Some Laminating Paper with Packing Tape Tips are:

  • It should take about five minutes to laminate a piece of paper using packing tape.
  • Make sure that you use good quality packing tape, as this will ensure that your laminate is secure.
  • If you want to laminate a large piece of paper, place the cut tape neatly to align them and avoid leaving fingerprints on there.

Can you Laminate Paper with Tape on it?

Yes, you can laminate paper with tape on it. However, the tape may not stick as well to the laminate and could come off over time.

Additionally, suppose there is a lot of text or graphics on the taped-on paper. In that case, it may not be easy to read once laminated.

So, if you’re looking for a long-term solution, it’s best to avoid using tape when laminating paper.

Instead, try using a heavy-duty adhesive or spray adhesive to attach the paper to the laminate surface. This method will help ensure that your laminated document remains intact for years to come!


I hope this article has helped you learn how to laminate paper with tape. It is essential to take the time and care in laminating your documents, as it will help them last much longer.

When you are finished applying all of these steps, remember that if desired, you can print out a certificate or other type of document onto regular paper. Then, you can place it into a clear plastic cover for protection against wear and tear.

Lamination not only keeps things safe but also makes them look nicer!

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